maxbJesdisciple: erm, what? I'm afraid you really haven't clearly explained what your problem is at all.00:11
maxbJesdisciple: To try to clear up some confusion - Launchpad's public SSH key is not published anywhere other than its SSH service itself, because it doesn't need to be00:15
maxbJesdisciple: Whilst it's true that you'd need to independently verify the key if you were concerned about the possibility of DNS poisoning or traffic interception, people in general simply *aren't* sufficently concerned about those eventualities for a mechanism of independent verification to exist.00:17
maxbJesdisciple: And given that Launchpad primarly deals in open source software anyway, it's hard to see why concern over those kinds of attacks should be warranted.00:18
maxbJesdisciple: So, in conclusion, your trust in Launchpad's keys is a separate issue to any connectivity issues you may be having. Be sure to clearly separate the two as you ask for further assistance, for best chance of clear replies00:20
Jesdisciplemaxb: Sorry, was reading.  I was concerned with this message which had bin pastebin'd by another user:00:51
JesdiscipleWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.00:51
maxbJesdisciple: ok... why are you concerned by it?00:51
JesdiscipleI now think the issue was simply my misunderstanding of the warning...  I thought warning meant "bad, please fix"...  Apparently proceeding despite the warning results in the proper action (installing the public key)00:52
Jesdisciplecorrection: the warning that came before the prompt to which I answered yes, thus triggering that one00:53
maxbJesdisciple: It's more of an "hey, if you're paranoid or working in a high-security environment, you may care about this"00:53
JesdiscipleI always try to clean warnings out of my compiler output, and the warning really wasn't very descriptive.00:54
JesdiscipleI was quite flabbergasted why none of the rest of the Internet had that problem.00:55
JesdiscipleIn hindsight I should have realized that the warning coming after "yes" referred to a new key.00:56
Jesdisciplebut the message I took away was "bad, please fix"00:56
Jesdisciplelol... s/bin/been00:58
JesdiscipleJesdisciple@world:~$ sudo apt-get install english-alpha-ipa01:00
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rick_hadeuring: taking irc13:34
adeuringrick_h: thanks13:34
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mdeslaurCould someone please take a look at OOPS-32cbca4d1b6c1e5444444084f2a7c23d15:12
mdeslaurIt's a simple bug, but I can't close it, or make it public or anything without getting a timeout15:12
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rick_hmdeslaur: looking15:51
mdeslaurrick_h: thanks15:51
rick_hmdeslaur: I'm not able to pull up that bug at all: 927032 ?15:59
mdeslaurrick_h: it's a private bug that I would like to make public16:00
mdeslaurrick_h: and mark as invalid, but I can't16:00
rick_hmdeslaur: ok, thanks. That helps16:00
lifelessmdeslaur: the oops is a heat timeout16:03
lifelessUPDATE Distribution SET max_bug_heat=(SELECT COALESCE(MAX(heat), 0) FROM ((SELECT Bug.heat\n                      FROM16:03
niemeyerFolks, where has the "Active reviews" link for the project gone?16:03
mdeslaurlifeless: it's a private bug with a single reporter that nobody can view...how is there a heat timeout on it?16:04
lifelessthe heat UI changes have been activated, but we haven't disabled the plumbing (its a little more intrusive, will be going this week I hope)16:04
lifelessmdeslaur: because it writes to Ubuntu16:04
mdeslaurlifeless: oh! I see16:04
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lifelessmdeslaur: this is *why* we're doing the heat changes, because as it stands it has huge contention16:04
mdeslaurlifeless: ok, so if I wait a week or two, the problem will go away by itself?16:04
lifelessmdeslaur: for now, just keep trying16:04
lifelessmdeslaur: or wait for a week or so yeah16:05
mdeslaurlifeless: awesome, thanks!16:05
mdeslaurthanks rick_h16:05
lifelessniemeyer: what page is it missing from ?16:05
niemeyerlifeless: launchpad.net/project16:05
lifelessniemeyer: thats a disabled project.16:05
lifelessniemeyer: you shouldn't be able to see it at all16:05
niemeyerlifeless: Sorry, I mean it should be in the main project page16:06
niemeyerlifeless: https://launchpad.net/goamz16:06
lifelessniemeyer: on https://code.launchpad.net/goamz - 'Launchpad does not know where goamz hosts its code.16:07
lifelessniemeyer: IIRC this disables merge proposal features and so on16:07
niemeyerlifeless: Apparently it does.. https://code.launchpad.net/goamz/+activereviews16:07
lifelessniemeyer: try toggling it to 'hosted on launchpad'16:08
lifelessniemeyer: there should be a control on the https://launchpad.net/goamz page, right hand side 'project configuration'16:08
niemeyerlifeless: Nope.. it asks me to link a branch16:09
niemeyerlifeless: this project uses series only16:09
lifelessyou can rename trunk to something else16:10
lifelessI don't think having trunk mapped to a branch is needed, there is a different setting16:11
niemeyerOk, Launchpad must be getting lost with series.. we're going to get rid of series usage in this project anyway, since it's getting too messy, so that's fine16:13
lifelessI suspect something is contingent on either the default series having a branch (which is totally compatible with only using series - just rename trunk to one of your series')16:14
lifelessor it is contingent on the main 'hosted on lp' setting, which *should* be settable without setting a branch for the default series16:14
niemeyerlifeless: That'd mean one of the series is more special.. that's not the case16:15
niemeyerlifeless: They're all in development16:15
lifelessthats a separate flag for LP16:15
lifelessproject has a pointer to default series, each series has a status development/obsolete etc.16:16
lifelessthis is baked in the model16:16
niemeyerlifeless: Yeah.. it's just that project default series doesn't make sense in this case16:17
niemeyerlifeless: It's fine.. we'll stop using series16:17
lifelessif that works for you, cool. OTOH that may not be enough to get the link back.16:18
niemeyerlifeless: Don't see why.. we'll simply use a main branch with the project16:19
lifelessthat works by having a default series16:19
lifelessLP won't let you have no series at all16:19
niemeyerlifeless: That's fine.. whatever makes it happy16:19
lifelessheh, ok :)16:20
lifelessyou'll also get faster pushes that way16:20
deryckrick_h, I've got IRC now.  Sorry I didn't take it earlier.16:31
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rick_hderyck: thanks, let me know when you get a chance to chat JS16:31
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nand_nanda_21_hi. i am not able to import my pgp key to launchpad.17:52
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nand_nanda_21_once i import my key in launchpad, i got a mail from launchpad asking me to decrypt the pgp message.. when i do gpg < message> i am not able to decrypt my message.17:53
nand_nanda_21_could someone advice my on how to upload pgp key on launchpad?17:53
* mgedmin did that a long time ago and didn't remember having trouble17:54
mgedminthen again I use Mutt for reading mail, and Mutt supports pgp/mime very nicely17:55
mgedmincould it be some sort of mime-encoding of the message is interfering with gpg's ability yo decrypt it, if you just paste it raw?17:55
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Enlikhi, is there any known issue about inability to login? I can't (I get error with error code), also I am unable to search bugs - I get an error too and get address ending with null/?<etc.>. If it helps, UI language is Polish.18:22
Enlikof course I'm talking about Launchpad18:23
Enlikoh, bug searching worked this time, but login still not (and it's since a few days, at least)18:25
rick_hEnlik: what browser are you on for the second issue?18:25
Enlikrick_h: Opera (hm, seems to work in Firefox, but login doesn't in any of the two)18:27
rick_hEnlik: ok, so the second issue is a known bug with opera.18:27
EnlikI see18:27
Enlikwill be fixed or is it said to be an "Opera should do something" one?18:28
rick_hfor the login, do you get to the login page and then some error code? what's the url/error?18:28
rick_hEnlik: it's opera not suporting html5 history and we've got a todo to work on making it work on it, but it's not super high priority18:28
Enlik(just asking, don't intend to be mean)18:28
Enlikso it means it won't work in majority of browsers, if I'm not mistaken. Interesting. About the login issue, I'm redirected to https://login.launchpad.net/+login and the error is: 2228carambolalaunchpad81018:29
Enlik(also, if it helps, I'm not sure I type the right password - been some time since I needed to type it last timeā€¦)18:30
rick_hderyck: what's the sso irc channel?18:30
deryckrick_h, maybe #ubuntu-sso ?  I'm not sure actually.  let me look and see...18:31
rick_hderyck: tried that and canonical-sso without luck, searching18:31
Enliktry /query alis18:31
deryckmaybe it's just the public is channel.18:32
Enlik(works for non-hidden channels)18:32
dobeyrick_h, deryck: i don't think there's an sso-specific channel.18:32
rick_hsorry, my mistake then. Thought I saw one during idle at some point. oops18:33
deryckrick_h, so there are a couple options, see this link:  https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad/IRCSupport18:34
rick_hderyck: ah, that's what I saw. The form there.18:35
rick_hEnlik: so give this a shot for the login trouble. https://forms.canonical.com/lp-login-support/18:36
cjohnstonIs one project able to be under 2 project groups?18:39
sinzuicjohnston, no18:40
cjohnstonok. thanks18:40
sinzuicjohnston, project groups are about control, not affiliation18:40
TEttingerI'm getting an error: Permission Denied (publickey).18:40
TEttingerI'm not sure why, or what is causing it, but I am trying to create a project18:41
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TEttinger(I am new to bazaar in general, but reasonably experienced with git)18:41
TEttingerI get the error when I try to push to my project's trunk on LP18:42
cjohnstonsinzui: we have a "Community Web Projects" which is a project group.. We have all of the communtiy projects in that project.. There are also multiple Summit projects, which very well would fit under a "Summit Project" project group due to their relation, but also fit inside of Community Web Projects... I'm also assuming it isnt possible for a project group to be nested18:42
sinzuiproject groups are broken by design18:43
sinzuiorganisations need nested projects, communities need tags. We did not build either18:44
Enlikrick_h: done18:47
Enlikrick_h: thanks for your input18:48
Enlik(I'm still wondering why using a simple GET searching wasn't enough, but :))18:48
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rick_hEnlik: the new buglisting stuff does some tricks that involve updating the url and in opera it's not supporting part of that machinery which gets undefined/null values into the url that it then chokes on18:50
abentleyderyck: I relieve you.18:50
TEttingerabentley, does Help contact mean you help with noob problems like mine?18:51
abentleyTEttinger: That means that none of the SSH public keys you have registered with LP could be used for your push.18:52
Enlikrick_h: hm, okay18:52
TEttingerabentley, I saw something about ssh-add18:52
TEttingerbut it wasn't a link, so I wasn't sure where to look it up18:53
abentleyTEttinger: what OS are you using?18:53
TEttingerXubuntu 64-bit (in a VM)18:54
abentleyTEttinger: If you type "man ssh-add" in a terminal, that should give you information about the command.18:55
TEttingerabentley, heh true...18:55
abentleyTEttinger: If you're ~marek-tettinger, it appears that you haven't registered any SSH keys with Launchpad, so that would be one problem.18:56
TEttingerabentley, I am thomas-ettinger on launchpad18:57
TEttingerthe command I am using:18:57
TEttingerbzr push lp:~thomas-ettinger/salmon-contrib/trunk18:58
abentleyTEttinger: You do have a key, so it sounds like you need to make SSH aware of it before pushing.18:59
abentleyTEttinger: e.g. with ssh-add, though there are other ways configuring SSH to use a given key.19:00
TEttingerhmm, I should be using my public key, right?19:01
abentleyTEttinger: No, you should be using your private key, typically ~/.ssh/id_rsa19:01
TEttingerabentley, I should give my private key to LP?19:02
mgedminTEttinger, no!19:03
EvilResistanceTEttinger, for SSH, you give the public:19:03
abentleyTEttinger: No, you should use your private key with SSH, so that Launchpad can use your public key to authenticate you.19:03
mgedminyou never give your private key to anyone19:03
EvilResistanceabentley, you give LP the public key19:03
EvilResistanceTEttinger, ^19:03
TEttingeryeah, i was wondering...19:03
EvilResistanceTEttinger, you keep the private key private and you provide the public key19:03
TEttingeryeah, that seemed wrong19:04
TEttingerhuh, I might have had the wrong key on LP -- I removed the old one and re-added id_rsa.pub, now it seems to work19:16
abentleyTEttinger: Great.19:16
abentleyTEttinger: Perhaps the old one was from a previous VM.19:17
TEttingerabentley, yeah that is likely too19:19
TEttingerI reinstalled ssh recently19:19
abentleyTEttinger: Installation by itself wouldn't have replaced an existing key.  But maybe you also ran ssh-keygen after that.19:20
buzz_there have been large wait times for launchpad builders over the last days, and many occasions in the last weeks/months where there have been large queues. Are queue times of a few hours to be considered "the norm" now, or have I somehow just been incredibly unlucky when uploading19:45
lifelesswe've had a significant increase in usage and haven't [yet] compensated for that19:46
lifelesswe're doing what we can with the resouces on hand19:46
buzz_are manual submissions prioritised over auto builds or ?19:47
buzz_im sure there used to be more builders than are on now though right ?19:48
buzz_also your machines are all internal / run by you ? i assume it isn't currently possible for users to contribute some cpu cycles etc ?19:57
mgedminI suppose there are trust issues that make this complicated19:57
buzz_hmm yeh, i guess19:59
buzz_would it be a trust issue if people could submit prebuilt packages directly? as of course, anyone could already submit bad code to be built already.20:15
buzz_just ideas.20:15
TEttingerbuzz_, have you looked at the OpenSUSE Build Service?  I think they can build .deb packages as well, and maybe it can interact with Launchpad as an external service?20:26
dobeyobs doesn't put built packages into launchpad ppas. i guess perhaps they provide their own archives setup, but it doesn't interact with launchpad in that sense20:29
buzz_well, i can of course just stick my packages on my own server anyway. just seemed nice to have em on lp anyway and easy for ubuntu users to find, and use21:14
buzz_lp is nice and convenient21:14
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dobeybuzz_: well i wouldn't worry about the seemingly long waits for builds. it's not always that bad. and it is a free service. though commercial options are also available. :)22:20
buzz_well, it can be slightly annoying to wait 3 hours to find the build failed. heh. I appreciate the server is free. as is my work supporting ubuntu users and fixing ubuntu bugs that ubuntu doesnt get around to fixing :)22:22
tumbleweedbuzz_: if you're doing a fair number of builds, it's worth the effort of setting up pbuilder / sbuild locally. There are times when LP has > 24hr build queues22:24
tumbleweed(plus, you can debug builds locally. Remote builds you just have a log to stare at)22:25
wgrantLP isn't a build testing service.22:28
wgrantIt's a package publishing service.22:28
dobeybuzz_: like tumbleweed said; you probably want to setup pbuilder to test the builds locally with.22:31
buzz_when did i say i was using it to test. sometimes things get overlooked.22:33
tumbleweedmost developers test-build locally, then upload to LP (at least most sensible ones do)22:34
buzz_i have had pbuilder set up before. I may well just use that solely in the future and host the files as I want to target debian also22:34
buzz_i do test build locally, albeit not in pbuilder right now.22:34
tumbleweedok, then you shouldn't run into problems that often, just missing dependency type issues22:34
buzz_which is the most common issue when i bump into an issue22:35
tumbleweedright, I try and match my test-build environment to the target22:36
buzz_especially with some packages that have 30+ dependencies22:36
buzz_yeh. as do i. but its not always possible to cover everything. i am as human as the next person22:36
buzz_why has this gone from launchpad queues to somehow finger pointing at my abilities..22:37
lifelessconfusion I think22:37
buzz_long waits for builds can be an issue if also for example, an issue in the package arises and you want to push out a fix22:38
lifelesswe don't /want/ long waits.22:38
tumbleweedlong waits are certainly a pain. All I was trying to do was offer advice (and yes, we all screw up some uploads :P )22:38
buzz_yep. well i hope it improves. im sure if there was a way for users to contribute resources, they would..22:39
lifelessbuzz_: the issue with other builders is indeed one of trust22:39
lifelessbad code -> there is an audit trail with the code visible22:39
lifelessbad builder -> no audit trail, and the code runs as root on the machine22:39
buzz_i see22:39
lifelessif I ran a builder as a VM, I can in principle pause the vm, edit the code being built in-place, unpause, let it finish, edit the code back, and let it calculate the source package.22:40
lifeless-no- way to prove I have/haven't done that.22:40
lifeless(short of forensic analysis...)22:40
buzz_how does debian manage that for the buildd stuff? or they just dont? I'm sure in the past I was running a build machine for pa-risc arch on debian22:48
buzz_(was a long time ago, memory has faded)22:52
tumbleweedbuzz_: debian has a bunch of buildds http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi (also, each maintainer uploads the binaries that they built themselves. There's talk of finally fixing that soon...)22:57
stgraberDebian is scary ;)22:58
tumbleweedwe all trust DDs, right? :)22:59
stgraberif you run Debian, you don't quite have a choice do you? :)22:59
stgraberat least in Ubuntu all these binary uploads get rebuilt, that's where you discover some issues (had to fix a bunch of FTBFS because our builds don't seem to match the DD's machine ;))23:00
tumbleweedits true. But we also screw up a bit. (build in stale / dirty environments, or the wrong environment)23:00
buzz_ubuntu screwups from my experience involve changing a working debian package by adding lots of ubuntu customisations and then realising or not that is is broken23:01
buzz_hence having to maintain my own mdadm for 2+ years before it was finally fixed up somewhat in ubuntu23:01

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