freeroutethat would seriously make the life a lot less hellish00:00
phillwfreeroute: what size is the USB stick?00:00
freeroutephillw: 16gb00:00
phillwfreeroute: how much of that can you spare for the system?00:00
freeroutephillw: you mean installing lubuntu on my USB stick? It's an option, but as of now I can choose between a few distro's which I've loaded using YUMI00:02
phillwwhat are you using for the Live system's persistance?00:02
freeroutephillw: oh YUMI doesn't do persistence (yet) :(00:02
phillwfreeroute: now you have lost me. On what system are using live lubuntu?00:03
freeroutephillw: I'm using it basically like a liveCD, but I've booted it from a USBstick00:04
freerouteand I've loaded the image onto the stick using YUMI00:04
phillwI've never heard of YUMI, sorry. Is that from pendrivelinux people?00:05
freeroutephillw: yup, SARDU is another one, and it does handle persistence iirc00:07
freeroutealso, I think I discovered that htop (or top) doesn't have the function like the Lubuntu Task Manager to "Show memory used by cache as free"00:08
phillwfreeroute: I've never set a pen drive up as multi-boot. The guys at pendrivelinux are pretty darn good. I'm sure if you post a question there they will answer. I can get instructions as to how to copy the existing casper onto a hard drive, make a larger one and then copy it back. But that is about it.00:08
freeroutephillw: cool, I think SARDU wanted to support that somewhere in the future (long time since I tried to use it), so I might also look there first.00:10
phillwfreeroute: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7203866&postcount=200:10
freeroutephillw: oooh yeah I remember reading this one time00:11
freeroutethanks for bringing this up, I remember thinking that I was too noob to pull something off because at that time I was a windows-only user hehe00:12
phillwwell, you may like to read the entire thread, as it also says about copying to hard-drive as a backup.00:12
freerouteand in windows at that time there was no option to make the casper-rw file larger00:13
gordon1234Hi, just downgrades from Ubuntu 11.10 to lubuntu 11.10 ... trying to use Sylpheed instead of Thurderbird ... can it use Google Contact and Google Calendar?05:02
Silverlionhey phillw12:30
phillwhi Silverlion12:30
Silverlionmay i have your attention?12:30
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giuseppe60it is true that to improve navigation on the Internet, you must disable IPV 6?13:16
head_victimNot in all cases.13:16
giuseppe60I recently installed Lubuntu on a PC Pentium 4 CPU, 1500 Mgh, 1GB RAM13:18
giuseppe60I installed chromium, korqueror, operates, but the openings of the web pages are not fast13:20
head_victimIt could be related to ipv6 but unless you know what you're doing troubleshooting that can be difficult.13:21
head_victimI'd also be looking at running the command "top" in a terminal when you're opening these pages to see if it's maxing out your hardware. Some pages have lots of extra stuff on it which can chug down slower CPUs.13:21
giuseppe60can to try?13:23
giuseppe60Ubuntu was a little heavy for my pc13:24
head_victimI can imagine it would be a little heavy. Those specs are very basic.13:24
giuseppe60head_victim,  Then you say you better leave it like?13:31
head_victimgiuseppe60: I guess I'm saying I personally don't know enough to assist troubleshooting via IRC. You might have some luck with google.13:32
giuseppe60head_victim,   forget it: Thanks, I'm not lucky in google13:35
head_victimgiuseppe60: ah well hopefully someone who knows ipv6 better will be along13:36
head_victimPersonally I'd still be checking out the command "top" to make sure it's nto a hardware bottleneck as well thouh13:36
giuseppe60head_victim,       Since you are an expert deduce something?                                                                http://paste.ubuntu.com/831365/13:43
phillwgiuseppe60: thanks, got that one. Now can you launch Chromium and open up a few pages, then report the output of top so we can see the difference.13:55
giuseppe60phillw,    chromium     http://paste.ubuntu.com/831391/14:02
phillwgiuseppe60: okay, you're approaching your maximum in built RAM now. If you open more pages, launch other programmes you will start using swap area which is a lot slower.14:03
phillwthe CPU usage (how hard the computer is working) is still quite good. I'd recommend saving up & treating the machine to an extra 1GB of RAM. It's worth it as the CPU can handle the workload.14:04
giuseppe60phillw,   I then add 1 gb of ram?14:06
phillwgiuseppe60:  you'd have to check what is already installed. If it 2 X 512 MB RAM - then you will need 2 X 1 GB RAM. If you're lucky, as I was - it will have 1 X 1GB RAM installed and a spare slot for another one.14:08
Sentynel1GB of RAM ought to be plenty, really; I have a system with 512MB that runs lubuntu fine14:10
SentynelI do see that you have a whole bunch of KDE processes running14:10
Sentyneldo you actually use KDE software? if not, get rid of them14:10
phillwSentynel: good point :)14:12
giuseppe60the problem is that I only open  x-chat  chromium14:12
phillwgiuseppe60: did you install lubuntu onto of kubuntu?14:13
phillwpuzzled as to why you have kubuntu stuff running.14:13
giuseppe60I'm told that kubuntu was heavy14:13
phillwgiuseppe60: you must have installed some kde programmes then.14:16
giuseppe60I installed and LibreOffice korqueror14:17
phillwgiuseppe60: you can get rid of them and get back to pure lubuntu by following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/UpgradeToLubuntu (The removing section).14:17
Sentynelkonqueror would be the one, yes14:17
phillwI think konqueror has invited half of kde in with it!14:18
phillwwe see it also when people add certain Gnome programmes - they have many dependencies that are added, then wonder why everything has gone slow!14:19
giuseppe60Sentynel,   korqueror    http://paste.ubuntu.com/831365/14:19
giuseppe60phillw,   true14:20
phillwgiuseppe60: you can see a lot of tasks running that begin with k :/14:21
giuseppe60phillw,     because I tried different browsers: midori, epiphany, opera, chromium, and it seemed faster korqueror14:21
phillwahh, for lubuntu the two to choose from would be midori or Chromium that I of hear people running. Knonqueror has certainly brought a lot of extra stuff with it that eating your precious RAM.14:23
SentynelKDE runs a whole pile of support processes and the like14:23
Sentynelwhich is reasonably efficient for a pure KDE system, but kinda wasteful for a single piece of software14:23
giuseppe60phillw,  midori no translator web pages14:24
giuseppe60I also tried safari14:25
phillwgiuseppe60: Then you'll have to get used to Chromium.14:25
giuseppe60and already14:25
phillwIf you have been installing all sorts of stuff to try them out - It will be much easier to just re-install lubuntu :)14:26
giuseppe60it takes 2 hours of installation of Lubuntu14:27
giuseppe60wait for the 12.0414:27
giuseppe60wait for the 12.0414:27
giuseppe60if you take away korqueror, I will remove kde ???14:28
phillwgiuseppe60: no, you'd need to run the 'pure lxde' command in the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/UpgradeToLubuntu area to remove all the extras that came with it.14:29
Sentynelhttp://psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde the 'remove kubuntu' command on this page should do it14:30
Sentynelyou'll probably get a pile of "not installed, so not removed" messages 'cos konq won't have pulled in the entire kubuntu set, but it should get rid of the rest14:31
phillwgiuseppe60: just make sure you use the correct version number. you need the page that says 11.10 :)14:32
giuseppe60wait for April with the new system, then format14:35
giuseppe60for the string to put my case would be14:37
giuseppe60sudo apt-get install desktop-Lubuntu14:37
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faLUCEhi. how can I add a "custom application launcher" (similar to the ubuntu one) to the lxde panel ?15:11
valdur55Right click on panel -> Add/remove panel items -> Add -> Launcher15:11
holsteinfaLUCE: you can just pick one, and install it... and configure to your needs15:11
holsteini like how xubuntu uses a panel to look like a dock15:12
valdur55Does lubuntu support two panels?15:12
giuseppe60phillw,   Sentynel     http://paste.ubuntu.com/831452/15:12
holsteinvaldur55: its just openbox with panels added... just add as many as you like15:13
Sentynelgiuseppe60: what about it?15:13
faLUCEholstein: can you suggest me one to install ?15:13
faLUCEvaldur55: it doesn't work for custom applications15:14
holsteinfaLUCE: sure.. i *really* like the idea of just using a panel, since you dont have to add more applications15:14
holsteinavant is one lots of folks use... wbar is a simple one that i like to set up for folks sometimes15:14
giuseppe60Sentynel,   I deleted konquerorm and KDE libraries15:14
Sentynelgiuseppe60: you've still got kde processes running, so apparently you didn't15:14
holsteinfaLUCE: they are all so different, its really up to you what works for you and what you are looking for15:15
Sentynelgiuseppe60: although, you might need to reboot, if they were already running and you haven't done that15:15
faLUCEno, no, no... I'm searching for a SIMPLE application launcher that can be added to the lxde panel.15:16
faLUCEI don't want extra stuff. I only want to have a launcher on the lxde panel15:16
giuseppe60Sentynel,   I have not restarted your PC15:17
valdur55faLUCE, search custom launcher maybe :)15:17
Sentynelgiuseppe60: well, restart and then check if there's any processes beginning with k listed in top15:17
valdur55faLUCE, in add list15:17
faLUCEvaldur55: it allows me to choose only an application listed in the menu15:18
holsteinfaLUCE: right... you can set up a row of launchers in a panel you create15:18
valdur55faLUCE, wait.. i will boot to lxde :)15:18
faLUCEvaldur55: thanks. holstein, you did not understand my question15:19
holsteinfaLUCE: i have seen the unity launcher though, and if i make a new panel, and line up launchers in it, that'll look and feel a lot like that "dock"15:20
holsteinfaLUCE: i think you are still looking for a "unity launcher" button... and there is not one... you'll need to either install a dock-type app, or create one with a panel15:21
faLUCEholstein: read better what I asked...15:22
holsteinfaLUCE: nah, i'll just wait for you to elaborate :) but thanks for the command15:23
faLUCEholstein: there's already an application launcher. but it doesn't allow to launch programs that are not listed in the menu.15:23
holsteinfaLUCE: you can create a custom one...15:24
faLUCEholstein: I don't want to create a new launcher.15:25
holsteinfaLUCE: ?... in order to have a lanucher for something that doesnt have one... youd need to create one15:25
faLUCEholstein: I want to configure, not to create15:25
faLUCEholstein: that's not a good solution.15:26
faLUCEit's nonsense.15:26
holsteinfaLUCE: OK.. configure a custom one15:26
holsteinfaLUCE: im not following... you seem quite upset by this, and i think im misunderstanding you15:26
valdur55Damn... i can't do that with lxde15:26
faLUCEholstein: in fact you did not understand my question. valdur55 understood it15:27
valdur55but... i did it somehow :) lol15:27
holsteinOK... enjoy guys, and good luck  :)15:27
faLUCEvaldur55: in which way?15:27
faLUCEwhich file did you change?15:27
valdur55i maked new desktop file and puted it to one folder15:28
Sentynelsurely the easiest way of doing this is just to create a .desktop file for the program in question, thus adding it to the applications available from the launcher15:29
holsteinyeah, thats what i was meaning by "create"15:30
faLUCEholstein: "create" can mean all and nothing15:30
valdur55But.. i wanted to make it with GUI :)15:30
valdur55http://algorithmicmadness.blogspot.com/2011/12/lubuntu-custom-application-launcher.html :P15:31
SentynelI'm not aware of there being an option to do this in lxde. desktop files aren't very complicated; kde has a gui tool to create one but it's basically just a list of the fields in the file15:32
faLUCEvaldur55: Sentynel, thanks.15:32
valdur55Yea :) But some pepole don't know desktop file trick15:33
giuseppe60Sentynel,   still there?              http://paste.ubuntu.com/831509/15:51
Sentynelyou still seem to have kde stuff running15:52
phillwSentynel: lubuntu does use some kde stuff.15:56
giuseppe60I removed everything about KDE package manager15:57
giuseppe60now look Lubuntu 12.04     in April15:58
phillwkworker/0:0 , kthreadd  , ksoftirqd/0 , ksoftirqd/1 , khelper  are all active on mine - but I'm running a non-standard install.15:58
Sentynelyeah I don't have a pure lubuntu machine handy to check15:59
Sentynelthey might not actually be kde components, just confusingly named15:59
giuseppe60phillw,   uses too lubutnu15:59
phillwSentynel: As it happens, I'm actually installing a pure lubuntu 11.10 right now - although with all the updates and my slow b/band speed the update is taking a while!16:00
giuseppe60I also did cleaning of orphaned libraries16:01
Sentynelphillw: the pids of the k* in that top list are too low for them to be kde components; must be kernel stuff16:03
Sentynelwell, not kernel, but base system16:03
phillwall those processes listed above with the exception of khelper are running on the virgin machine.16:03
giuseppe60Sentynel,    I read "To increase performance by zRam", what do you think?16:16
Sentynelno idea16:17
giuseppe60I give up16:18
faLUCEvaldur55: Sentynelwhere should I place the custom .desktop file ?16:22
valdur55http://algorithmicmadness.blogspot.com/2011/12/lubuntu-custom-application-launcher.html :P16:22
faLUCEvaldur55: thanks ;-)16:23
phillwfaLUCE: a really handy place to head for help on such things is the FAQ section of the wiki. http://tinyurl.com/LubuntuFAQ16:26
EvilResistancehey phillw, whats the package name of the runtime environment for LXDE?  i like trying various DEs, which explains why i have GNOME and KDE on the same machine xD16:26
phillwAFAIK, it is LXDE - But will be changing to LightDM16:27
EvilResistancei'm still on 11.04, and plan to clean-install when 12.04 comes out...16:28
EvilResistanceupgraded installations suck :P16:28
phillwEvilResistance: I also prefer to fresh install. having a /home partition makes sense :P16:28
EvilResistancephillw, having a clone of the old hard drive makes more sense... :P16:29
* EvilResistance routinely clones his hard drive as a backup method16:29
phillwEvilResistance: this laptop has 2 X 500GB drives - I keep a clone and a backup on an external 500GB in case my laptop got stolen!16:30
EvilResistancethis system's a 3 year old laptop, but can still run KDE effectively *shrugs*16:30
EvilResistancei fully expect it to not be able to run KDE in 12.04 though...16:30
phillwIf I had decent b/band speed I'd back upto the server.16:30
EvilResistanceas i said its a 3 year old laptop16:30
Sentynelkde's system requirements haven't really increased in the last year16:33
phillwSentynel: they run a tight ship on that team :)16:34
Sentynelmy netbook runs kde tolerably, even, it's just a little laggy16:34
EvilResistancehell, 95% of what I do is done via the command line anyways :P16:34
phillwEvilResistance: I draw the line at mysql stuff, except for dumping and importing dbases :)16:35
EvilResistancei draw the line at "Anything short of using VirtualBox"16:35
Sentynel(note: I'm an Amarok dev, so I might be a slightly biased source here =)16:36
phillwEvilResistance: I'm just learning KVM16:36
phillwbut, we digress... I'll have to tell myself off for not using #lubuntu-offtopic (it's not logged :P)16:36
downbeammy lubuntu wont recognize my cd-r drive17:41
downbeammy lubuntu wont recognize my cd-r drive17:42
downbeamis anyone there?17:43
wxldownbeam: i'm pretty sure that repeating yourself isn't going to help you any17:46
wxlthat being said, are you sure it works? have you checked with any other operating system?17:46
downbeamyes i have a burner17:46
wxlthat's not what i asked17:46
wxlbut i have to go17:46
wxlbe back when i can17:46
downbeambut it lubuntu wont recognize it17:46
downbeamcan you help17:48
bkmnot likely17:50
wxldownbeam: last chance here-- have you made sure, with any other operating system, that it does indeed function correctly?17:50
bkmthe only hope is if you have access to multiple machines. if the cd works nowhere, suspect the cd17:51
wxlok so that's step one17:51
wxlso how do you know that the drive isn't recognized?17:51
downbeamwhen i try to burn a cd the drive doesnt come up as an option17:52
wxlwhat are you using to burn?17:52
downbeammy laptop17:54
wxlopen up disk utility17:54
wxlclick on the cd drive17:55
wxlclick unmount17:55
wxltry again17:55
wxlif the cd drive doesn't show up there then there is a problem17:55
downbeamwont that ultimately fuck me???17:55
wxlcomputers usually aren't equipped for that17:56
downbeami'm trying disk utility but it wont run17:56
downbeamIT'S smart status says unsupported17:57
downbeamshould i format it????18:00
downbeamit won't format are you there?18:01
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downbeamit won't format are you there?18:02
downbeamit won't format are you there?18:02
downbeamit says it's not partitioned18:02
downbeamwx1 your a dick18:04
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wxlsheesh sorry i have a job ;/18:09
Tm_Toh, right18:11
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xhhi! excuse me, but how the .. can i disable auto-maximize in lubuntu lxde? i find it inhuman..19:44
wxlxh: what version are you on?19:55
pangolinhello ubot5 :)21:00
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )21:02
Unit193bug 88941421:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889414 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Run dialog opens up in the background" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88941421:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 889414 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Run dialog opens up in the background" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88941421:03
wxloh good that's not annoying21:03
Unit193wxl: All fixed now21:06
jskelingtonhey folks21:21
jskelingtonI am having a problem with my ubuntu installations. They are all automatically taking screenshots21:21
MrChrisDruifjskelington; what? How can that be and is it normal Ubuntu or Lubuntu (LXDE)?21:22
rossballjskelington: have you checked that the PrtSc button is not 'sticky'?21:23
MrChrisDruifThat would be my next question indeed ^_^21:23
MrChrisDruifOr is it periodically taking screenshots?21:24
jskelingtonnot physically...21:24
MrChrisDruifLike every hour, every five minutes..?21:24
jskelingtonnope... constantly21:24
MrChrisDruifMost likely it seems to be a stuck key <_<"21:25
Unit193We can tell you that's not the normal outcome21:25
jskelingtonit's not physcially stuck.. maybe I should take it off... if I am in xorg it stalls out my system it takes the scrots so rapidly21:25
jskelingtonand how do I change windows in irssi ?21:26
jskelington...damned xorg problems21:26
wxl^X i think jskelington21:26
holsteinjskelington: alt + the #21:26
jskelingtonwell done21:26
wxli've tweaked my irssi so much i don't even freaking remember :D21:26
holsteinor /win #21:27
wxlor /win next21:27
jskelingtonOkay, I'm gonna have to play with irssi more...21:27
wxloh man you better take the week off then21:27
MrChrisDruifBtw "<jskelington> happens with both, unfortunately. I'm wondering if there is something going n with my keyboard, as this is a fresh install, but I don't know how I could check that"21:27
wxl^^ use a different keyboard? ;)21:27
wxloh heh21:28
jskelingtonis there any way to read the output from the keyboard?21:28
MrChrisDruifYou don't need to /msg me that. It's more useful to say it in channel, that way other can benefit from that info21:28
jskelingtonsomeone showed me how to do it with my monitor once (trying to install a touchscreen)21:28
jskelingtonMrChrisDruif: yea... I was trying to figure out this irssi21:28
MrChrisDruifirssi? Ghe ^_^21:29
MrChrisDruifGood luck with that21:29
wxlso you could load up the virtual keyboard21:29
* MrChrisDruif uses xchat21:29
jskelingtonI could basically open a device into a document it, concatonate it, and see output as it happened21:29
wxlwait, is there a virtual keyboard?21:29
jskelingtonnot sure... i pried th prt scrn key off, and it's still doing it21:30
jskelingtonI hope it's not a bad cable or board :(21:30
pcroquejskelington: I think the command-line program xev will show you what your keyboard is outputting.21:30
jskelingtonI'm a couple months from a new computer21:30
jskelingtonpcroque: I'll checkthat21:31
MrChrisDruifjskelington; buying or getting a new puter?21:31
wxlxvkbd is a virtual keyboard; you could install it, disable your keyboard, and see what happens21:31
jskelingtonI wish I could just disable my printscreen key21:32
jskelingtonpcroque: it seems I can't run that in tty sessions21:32
jskelingtonthe moment I open up xorg it starts going nuts21:33
MrChrisDruifpcroque; apt-cache search xev doesn't find anything21:33
wxlyou should ssh to the machine21:33
wxldisable the keyboard21:33
wxlthere you go21:33
Unit193You could just unplug the keyboard and see if it still does it...21:33
wxlUnit193: laptop21:33
Unit193That'd be harder then, I missed that part21:34
jskelingtonthe nipple under the key is not stuck21:34
pcroqueMrChrisDruif: I think xev is part of some other package....but as jskelington mentioned, it needs X to work, so it's not going to help him.21:34
jskelingtoni had this problem with regular ubuntu, which is why I reinstalled21:35
jskelingtonwith minimal ubuntu and LXDE over it21:35
jskelingtonis there a way to disable a single key?21:35
wxlso do you have another machine to ssh into it? cuz i can tell you how to disable your keyboard21:36
jskelingtonI found something21:37
jskelingtonI may be able to disable the key by the keycode21:37
wxlwell if you want to ssh in, here's how to disable/enable: http://wpkg.org/Disable_/_enable_keyboard_and_mouse_in_Linux21:38
wxljskelington: you found xmodmap?21:39
jskelingtonwxl: yes, unfortunatelyit also uses xorg, fortunately, I found the code online21:40
wxlwell xmodmap will run on the commandline21:42
jskelingtoni tried, it said it can't open display ''21:42
wxltry "export DISPLAY=:0"21:43
jskelingtonexecuted without returning21:43
wxlwell now go back to your gui and see how it works21:44
jskelingtonfrozen, but i as able to specify display with xmodmap -display=0 and it's printing stuff... weird tha I have to specify that, no?21:45
jskelingtonf I suk21:49
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Guest34128anyone can help me with a little problem with the mouse? or say me where are docs about it?22:29
phillwGuest34128: ask away, if some one can help - they will :)22:29
MrChrisDruifGuest34128; what do you wanna know about it?22:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:29
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto22:29
MrChrisDruifO_O that DOESN't call the ops does it? O_O22:30
MrChrisDruifphillw; ^22:30
Guest34128Thx, my old notebook (this) is running lubuntu 11.10. If i plug a mouse when this pc is on, mouse works, but if the mouse is plugged before start does not work (sorry my english sucks)22:31
Unit193MrChrisDruif: You'd know if it did22:32
MrChrisDruifProlly Unit19322:32
phillwMrChrisDruif: nope :)22:32
Unit193Pluging in a mouse when before it's on, does the trackpad react still?22:33
Guest34128mmm, touchpad works ever22:34
Guest34128i am using it now22:34
Unit193I'd check BIOS settings22:35
Guest34128if i unplug mouse now, and plug again, mouse begin works22:35
Guest34128i did, but and old notebook has not setting about it22:35
Guest34128and=an sorry22:35
Unit193Can you give us the model number and brand?22:36
Guest34128Acer Aspirte 131022:36
Guest34128everythings work fine22:37
MrChrisDruifGuest34128; http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11166959&postcount=8 <= maybe this could work for you?22:38
Guest34128Thx guys, reading :)22:39
Unit193Seems a couple problems with that one22:41
Guest34128well, link of the author of post is broke. Need reboot for look the bios again but i think i have not that option, and the bios is updated. BRB22:42
philipballewDoes anyone have any ofline Lubuntu documentation or a good way to make spme?22:47
phillwphilipballew: I know there had been some discussion on the docs area as to how to 'export' wiki pages in a readable format.22:49
guest9292929292nothing to do, my netbook bios is as simple as homer simpson brains22:51
philipballewphilw yeah, Im making a Lubuntu immage to send to missionaries in aferica and I am thinking that maybe they might not always have internet22:51
philipballewthey let me play with ubuntu at work this month!22:51
philipballewphillw, whats the rule with copying the lubuntu/ubuntu documentation? is that CC?22:52
phillwphilipballew: good question ... there were some changes made to copyright.22:53
phillwphilipballew: http://popey.com/blog/2011/03/08/ubuntu-wiki-relicensing-request-for-comments/22:54
phillwso it now CC by SA22:56
philipballewMaybe I can just copy and paste some of this stuff onto a fancy looking doccument or something22:59
kaspihey guys23:01
phillwphilipballew: under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ yes you are free.23:01
philipballewthank you phillw. If you ever hear anything in the next few weeks you have my email or find me in here. your pretty awesome23:01
kaspihow to switch chats in irssi?23:02
phillwkaspi: I'm just getting someone who uses it, please be patient :)23:05
philipballewDo you know who made the screencasts ?23:06
philipballewI could just download them and put them on a file on the desktop if thats okay maybe23:07
Unit193/win #23:07
guest92929292well, i found a solution for the mouse problem, plug it in a pcmcia usb card23:09
phillwphilipballew: that would be the rather wonderful Lezek Lesner23:10
Unit193guest92929292: Heh, that's weird!23:11
AlanBellkaspi: escape then left or right23:11
AlanBellkaspi: or /window 3 or whatever23:11
Unit193Alt works too23:12
guest92929292yes unit193, but seems a bios problem as u said and nothing to configure in this old bios23:12
Unit193You could check their site for an update for the BIOS23:13
guest92929292done, no more update availables :( what no problem, mouse is working now with the pcmcia card23:14
guest92929292what = but23:14
guest92929292only the cord around the notebook xD23:15
Unit193Yeah, works and that's what counts23:15
kaspiAlanBell: nice :) thanks23:19
labimhello, I am looking for a way of installing barebone lubuntu version using the mini.iso CD. But I can only find Ubuntu 11.10 mini.iso, and only instructions for lubuntu 11.04. I just want to install lubuntu with the LXDE desktop and then choose which apps I install.23:44
avelldirolllabim: there is only one mini.iso, and it let's you choose to install any profile available via tasksel23:50
avelldirollincluding lubuntu23:50
avelldirollyou just hev to check the "lxde desktop" box at the end of the installing process via the mini.iso23:51
avelldirollyou mai also install a minimal install and do a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" afterward23:52
MrChrisDruiflabim; use said mini-ISO and install lubuntu-core23:54
MrChrisDruiflabim; the mini-ISO installs a command-line interface only, afterwards you can install anything you'd like, e.g. lubuntu-core or lubuntu-desktop, or even something like kubuntu-desktop23:56

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