krosswindzI am trying to build a new kerne04:39
krosswindzI am surprised that when I run debian/rules editconfigs it picksup armel as well when I am running armhf04:40
twbAll I know is I get the upstream kernel and run "make deb-pkg"04:50
krosswindztwb: I am not sure if upstream has all the omap changes05:03
krosswindzthat ubuntu has05:03
krosswindzIs anyone using any method to cool the pandaboard05:59
krosswindzI am building the kernel natively and dmesg is full of thermal messages06:01
twbkrosswindz: have you got yours inside a case at all?06:07
twbDoes the panda's power brick have active cooling?06:07
twb(I don't have one)06:07
krosswindztwb: i dont have the panda in a case06:29
krosswindztwb: the power brick doesnt have active cooling06:30
twbWhat's the ambient temperature?06:30
twbIf it's like 40\degC, that wouldn't be so suprising06:31
krosswindzroom temp is much lower06:32
krosswindzI guess I might have to move the board from its current location so that it gets more free air06:32
krosswindzroom temp is probably in the 20s06:33
twbAlso worth checking if throttling governor &c are on06:33
krosswindzi think throttling governor is on which is what is switching the frequency06:35
krosswindzthe omap_thermal_step_freq_down06:35
twbThat's OK then06:40
twbI dunno what else to check06:40
krosswindztwb: not a problem06:46
krosswindzI was just wondering06:46
twbFWIW native compiles on TF101 don't overheat that06:47
dougmmm, nice.08:28
dougi'm trying to find ARM benchmarks...08:28
douga passmark would work pretty well08:29
dougor some other general all-around benchmark that has a baseline on a VAX08:29
dougor, barring that, some way to get onto an ARM box to run a benchmark08:29
doughosting service that'll take cash, or ARM enthusiast that'll take beer08:29
twbdoug: dmips is easy enough08:31
twbOther (non-synthetic) benchmarks usually involve compiling GCC &c, but they cost money08:32
twbThe third run in "sh dry.c" output for me, on a dual-core A9, is Microseconds for one run through Dhrystone: 0.4; Dhrystones per Second: 260281108:33
twbWith -O3 I get down to 0.3us / 3003003 DMIPS08:36
twbEr, 3003 DMIPS, since M is million08:36
scientesinfinity, can you post that "magic chroot" code again?08:37
infinityscientes: As in, copy /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static to chroot/usr/bin?08:37
scientesyes, i remember08:37
scientesthat is so slick08:38
twbNote that prior to 1.x qemu-arm-static had some bugs08:38
twbMost obviously triggered when using hard float08:38
scientesthing with --no-install-recommends, is that emdebian grip actually changes the apt default to that, so i got lazy08:38
scientesim using 11.1008:38
twbfortunately it's static so you can simply build qemu-arm-static and copy the binary wherever you want08:39
scientestwb, indeed08:39
scientesor copy the binary/install the .deb anywhere08:39
twbThe .deb is marked as belonging the the host arch, though, so you can't sensibly install it inside the chroot08:41
twbyou only need it inside the chroot, you understand, the only thing the host part cares about is the binfmt-support hooks08:41
scienteswell, ar x and tar works file too08:44
scienteshow do you extract only one file from a tar on the command line?08:44
scientes(however many probably dont know you can do that with .deb files)08:45
twbscientes: if you're not going to dpkg -i it there is no point carrying around more than the single qemu-static-arm binary08:45
twbscientes: dpkg -x, rather.08:45
twb*That is, dpkg -x rather than ar+tar.08:45
scientesof course, but im talking about the something you generally are doing one-off08:45
scientestwb, ahh that would probably be cleaner than using ar+tar, thx08:46
twbYou can't extract a single file unless using ar+tar AFAIK, in which case you just do it the tar way08:46
carli2i have a beagleboard and I want to install the sgx drivers09:00
carli2the software renderer is slow09:00
carli2i'd like to provide a SD image with preinstalled omapfb drivers, is that possible? is there a toolchain to build custom ubuntu installation images?09:03
ndeccarli2: what do you mean exactly?09:03
ndeccarli2: is this what you are looking after http://omappedia.org/wiki/Add_Packages_To_Ubuntu_Preinstalled_Images09:05
carli2ndec: ah thanks :)09:07
carli2but isn't chroot architecture specific?09:07
carli2i should run chroot on a arm system09:07
ndecyou can cross chroot09:08
carli2or does it include a qemu-call?09:08
ndecwith qemu09:08
ndecok... it seems that the wiki only explains the native chroot.09:08
ndecbut it would work with cross chroot too.09:08
carli2how can I delete all users created at installation time and turn the system back into OEM status?09:10
ndecyou basically need to install qemu-user-static, and then sudo cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /<your chroot>/usr/bin/, then you can cross chroot from x86 into the ubuntu arm rootfs09:10
ndeci don't think you can. or at least i don't know. perhaps infinity would know that... but I still think it's best to start with the preinstalled image before doing the installation.09:11
ndecas per the wiki i gave09:11
carli2configure a preinstalled ext2/3 system image "jasper"09:15
carli2how much faster would the hardfloat image be?09:17
carli2and no libreoffice09:23
carli2but it's installable :)09:23
carli2after installing the sgx drivers, the monitor stays black11:01
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micadeyeye_I can't login to Ubuntu on my Pandoboard18:31
micadeyeye_Login timed out after 60 seconds.18:31
micadeyeye_                                                                                18:31
micadeyeye_Ubuntu 11.10 localhost.localdomain ttyO218:31
micadeyeye_                                                                                18:31
micadeyeye_localhost.localdomain login: root18:31
micadeyeye_kindly help!!18:31
GrueMastermicadeyeye_: Did you run through the oem-config installer?  It sets up a default account and hostname.18:33
GrueMasterWhich image are you using?18:33
micadeyeye_GrueMaster, ubuntu 11.04 from here http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/OMAP_Ubuntu_Core18:35
micadeyeye_I didn't run the oem-config.18:36
infinityYou also didn't read the instructions there that point out that you need to either remove or set root's password.18:37
micadeyeye_i didn't see that.18:37
infinityThe page recommends just making root passwordless.  I'd recommend setting a password or adding a user, but whatever works better for your use-case.18:38
GrueMasterThis is not an "Ubuntu supported" installation method.  My best suggestion is to either use one of the preinstalled images from cdimage.ubuntu.com or follow those instructions carefully and ask the author for support.18:38
dougwhat's the quickest(/best?) way for me to get an account on an ARM box?18:39
GrueMasterBuy an arm box and install Ubuntu on it?18:40
micadeyeye_I thought it wasn't using a password. I followed the instructions and did this "edit the file /etc/shadow and remove the '*' character in between the semi-colons. You"18:40
micadeyeye_I am running ubuntu on pandaboard18:40
doughm, what's the cheapest arm box that i can buy (today)?18:41
micadeyeye_I got the rootfs from - http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/11.10/release/ubuntu-core-11.10-core-armel.tar.gz18:42
GrueMasterdoug: It really depends on your needs.  I think the beaglebone (http://beagleboard.org) is probably the cheapest that we can support in Ubuntu, but there are better depending on hw needs.18:42
infinitymicadeyeye_: GrueMaster is right, we don't support core as a bootable/installable OS.  It's meant for people to build on top of.18:42
infinitymicadeyeye_: If that's not really working out for you, you might want to try a more full-featured installer, like ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-server.18:43
micadeyeye_infinity, am not sure they would run on my omap4 device.18:43
dougmy need is certainly to find something dirt cheap18:44
suihkulokkidoug: Some board from Arduino family18:44
dougubuntu on arduino?18:44
infinitymicadeyeye_: You're using a non-standard kernel?18:44
suihkulokkidoug: no ubuntu, but dirst cheap18:44
micadeyeye_I think so.18:44
dougyeah, need something that'll run a linux, something with an MMU18:45
micadeyeye_wget http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/precise/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap4/netboot/MLO18:45
micadeyeye_wget http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/precise/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap4/netboot/u-boot.bin18:45
micadeyeye_wget http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/precise/main/installer-armel/current18:45
GrueMasterWell, the "cheapest" is certainly less than that (raspberry PI comes to mind), but we only support hardware that has ARMv7 technology.18:45
dougpi isn't armv7?18:45
micadeyeye_doug, try Pandaboard18:45
infinitymicadeyeye_: Right, well, if you need to build something from scratch, just chroot into your ubuntu-core system on another box and "passwrd root" before you boot it.18:45
micadeyeye_they now have pandaboard es18:45
infinitymicadeyeye_: Err, that's the standard Ubuntu omap4 kernel.18:45
GrueMasterdoug: If you go with something less, you can always run debian.  And no, Raspberry Pi is Armv6.18:45
suihkulokkiI don't know that would be the cheapest, but beaglebone at 89$ is probably closest18:45
infinitymicadeyeye_: If you use one of our full-featured images, it'll be exactly the same kernel.18:45
micadeyeye_but it's requesting a pwd.18:45
suihkulokkicheapest to run ubuntu, that is18:46
GrueMastermicadeyeye_: What platform are you running on?18:46
dougyeah, beagleboard is what, $89?  3 times the advertised price of the (low-end) pi18:46
micadeyeye_pandaboard (omap4)18:46
infinitymicadeyeye_: Please, just use an image with an installer.18:46
micadeyeye_Ubuntu 11.0418:46
suihkulokkiwell lets see what the pi price will turn out tu be in reality18:46
GrueMastermicadeyeye_: Then use one of our omap4 preinstalled images.18:46
infinitymicadeyeye_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/18:47
infinitymicadeyeye_: Either ubuntu-desktop omap4 or ubuntu-server omap4, depending on if you want pretty things or not. :P18:47
GrueMastermicadeyeye_: If you want greater speed and performance, you can also try our latest alpha 2 of 12.04.  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/alpha-2/18:51
GrueMasterAccording to Phoronix, the performance improvements are pretty good.  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1204_omap4460&num=1 (note that we did not run or commission these tests - they just look awesome).18:52
=== GrueMaster changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARMv7 Discussion & Development | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | Get Precise Alpha2 while it's hot! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/alpha-2/ Includes armhf images! | Logs at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/
pbuckleyany progress on ALSA lib main.c:260:(execute_sequence) unable to open ctl device 'hw:Panda'19:11
GrueMasterpbuckley: Not yet.  The kernel team just got the bug late last week, and I am sure they are looking at it.19:24
pbuckleyk.. :) thanks for the follow up.. what was the bug id again? I forgot to bookmark19:25
GrueMasterbug 92506919:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 925069 in linux-ti-omap4 "No analog audio on omap4 panda" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92506919:25
pbuckleythank you19:25
pbuckleylooks like they might already have a patch19:26
pbuckleyany gotcha's about compiling ubuntu kernels?19:27
GrueMasterYea, I don't do them.  :P  Seriously, I don't know other than they take a while on panda.19:29
pbuckleyat least they compile the kernels with /proc/config.gz support19:39
pbuckleythat makes it alot easier in theory19:39
prpplaguelag: greetings19:51
lagprpplague: Howdy19:51
lagprpplague: Are you well?19:51
prpplagueas well as can be expected, hehe19:52
lagStruggling on by19:52
lagYou're not at Connect are you?19:52
prpplaguelag: not this time, too many irons in the fire19:53
lagprpplague: Right, no probs19:53
lagprpplague: I wanted you to bring a Flyswatter so we could test it on Snowball19:53
lagprpplague: I have some other toys to play with too19:53
prpplaguelag: ahh, i'll be at ELC on thursday of next week19:54
pbuckleykernel source tree has changed pretty drastically since last time i looked19:54
pbuckleywhere is my make oldconfig :(19:54
lagprpplague: Unfortunately I'm giving this one a miss19:54
prpplaguelag: bummer19:54
lagprpplague: I know dude - I usually like to attend19:54
prpplaguelag: i've already allocated my budget of freebie flyswatter2's for this month, let me see what i can do to get one to you for testing19:55
doughm, what's the cheapest i can get an ubuntu-support ARM box for?19:55
pbuckley35 bucks?19:57
pbuckleyassuming small quality19:58
pbuckleybulk orders im sure you could find cheaper even19:58
pbuckleyactually there is a 25 dollar version too19:58
pbuckley(raspberry pi) which i assume will have ubuntu on it at somepoint19:59
pbuckleythough i doubt it will ever run x19:59
infinitypbuckley: The Pi can't run Ubuntu.19:59
infinitypbuckley: It's ARMv6, we only support v7.19:59
lagprpplague: I didn't mean to keep - would just be good to get some shots up of it working great with snowball :)19:59
pbuckleydamn so much for that idea19:59
infinitypbuckley: Really.19:59
pbuckleypandaboards then19:59
pbuckleybut those are like 18019:59
infinitydoug: The cheapest Ubuntu-supported board you can get is probably the beaglebone.19:59
prpplaguelag: no worries, we want to make sure it works with as many items as possible19:59
pbuckleyoh right20:00
pbuckleyforgot about the beagle's20:00
infinitydoug: But the Panda or mx53 quickstart are better options, IMO.20:00
pbuckleyoh and there is the pandaboard and pandaboard es20:00
pbuckleyso many flavors20:00
dougbeaglebone is $89, right?20:01
pbuckleyi personally use the pandaboard es as a desktop20:01
krosswindzis there any particular reason precise kernel is missing the pandaboard OTG port kernel module20:01
dougi'm particularly interested in running stuff as a server20:01
GrueMasterkrosswindz: File a bug against linux-omap4 please.20:01
dougheadless, etc.20:01
krosswindzGrueMaster: sure20:02
GrueMasterdoug: Depending on the type of server, you would probably be better off with the mx53 as it has native SATA.20:02
pbuckleyits a freescale chip no?20:02
GrueMasterHaving said that, I can also say that the Panda does really well on server loads too.20:03
GrueMasteryes, Frescale.20:03
pbuckleyyeh.. the pandaboard sucks at disk io :(20:03
GrueMasterHere is a list of tests I ran last cycle for arm server.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/QA/Server20:03
pbuckleyeven usb drives are pretty bad20:03
pbuckleythough 12.04 seems to have improved sd performance at least20:03
GrueMasterNote that I also ran Raid, iSCSI (client & host), and CEPH ClusterFS, all on pandas.20:04
pbuckleyoh nice20:04
pbuckleyi was thinking about iscsi20:04
pbuckleyhow did that go?20:04
GrueMasterWell, it initially had issues (same as on x86 when I ran it), but those have been fixed.  I haven't tested it again this cycle, but it is on the todo list.20:05
pbuckleyRequires a bit of manual configuration. iSCSI-root fails to boot. See LP:83880920:05
pbuckleyah ok20:05
GrueMasterIt will still need either an SD for u-boot or optionally it can boot from a host pc through the OTG port.20:06
GrueMaster(documentation on that feature coming soon).20:06
doughm, where's a good place to buy mx53 quickstarts from?20:07
pbuckleydoes digikey sell them?20:07
pbuckleyif so i would go there20:07
infinityDigikey sells everything anyone could ever want.  If you want it and they don't have it, you're wrong about wanting it.20:08
* infinity nods.20:08
GrueMasterYes, I bought two through digikey (and one direct from Freescale).20:08
pbuckleyhow does the mx53 compare to the panda as far as x performance goes?20:08
pbuckleythat sata port is tempting20:09
krosswindzGrueMaster: against linu-omap4 or linux-ti-omap4?20:09
GrueMasterNote that the newer START-R model doesn't run Oneiric, and until we get a new kernel in the pool, it won't run Precise.20:09
pbuckleyoh nm20:09
GrueMasterkrosswindz: linux-omap4.  Send me the bug number and I can make sure it gets triaged.20:09
pbuckleyyou can take precise from my cold dead fingers20:09
infinitypbuckley: X performance on the quickstart is good.  Its only real failing is the slower CPU.20:20
infinityGrueMaster: Does the new 3.1.x kernel we just shoved in still not boot the START-R?20:21
GrueMasterWhen did that get uploaded?20:21
infinityI processed it through NEW yesterday.20:22
infinityAnd updated the meta yesterday.20:22
GrueMasterOh, well I will check it out then.20:22
GrueMaster(I wasn't working this weekend).20:22
infinityYeahp, fair enough.20:22
infinityOh, speaking of not working on weekends, can you give me a reminder of those flash-kernel/preseed bug numbers?20:23
krosswindzGrueMaster: bug#: 92786020:23
infinityI'll get to them when I'm bored here at Connect.20:23
GrueMasterbug 92786020:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 927860 in linux-meta-ti-omap4 "Missing musb-hdrc module required by Pandaboard OTG port" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92786020:24
krosswindzGrueMaster: ubuntu-bug files it under linux-meta-ti-omap420:24
krosswindzGrueMaster: not sure why20:24
GrueMasterDon't worry, I can fix it.20:24
krosswindzGrueMaster: thanks20:25
krosswindzGrueMaster: it only affects Precise, oneiric 3.0 kernel has it compiled into the kernel20:26
GrueMasterOk, I tweaked the bug report and assigned it to our kernel engineer.  We should see an update later this week.  Can you enable it and test it in the mean time?  If it works, post your results to the bug.20:34
krosswindzGrueMaster: Yes I am trying to build the kernel by myself20:34
GrueMasterinfinity: I'll try to get to the f-k-i fixes this afternoon (after lunch).20:35
krosswindzGrueMaster: The first time I built it and was doing testing I didnt realize it was missing.20:35
krosswindzGrueMaster: I will keep you updated on the progress, I am at work now :( the board is at home.20:35
GrueMasterbrb - need to feed.20:35
prpplagueoh lord, who let jkridner in here?20:36
* prpplague shakes his head at the low requirements for entry into #ubuntu-arm20:36
infinityGrueMaster: I had it mostly coded in my head anyway, just forgot the bug numbers and lost them in scrollback.20:37
doughm, i found one ms53 board retailing for $149...20:41
dougfrom newark.com20:42
pbuckley never used em20:43
pbuckleydigikey has always done right by me20:43
doughm, digikey's MCIMX53-START-R-ND is also showing up as $14920:45
pbuckleythere you have it20:45
dougnow if i could just find a good source for pricing on the cpu itself20:46
dougdigikey says "call"20:47
pbuckleyit depends on the quanity20:49
dougwell sure20:51
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pbuckleyif i apt-get install linux-source-3.2.0 will that give me the correct branch? or should i pull it out of a git repo somewhere?20:56
GrueMasterpbuckley: apt-get source linux-ti-omap421:02
pbuckleyah thanks21:03
infinityWhich will get the meta. ;)21:03
infinityapt-get --only-source source linux-ti-omap421:03
pbuckleyshould i also do a apt-get build-dep linux-ti-omap4?21:03
pbuckleyNOTICE: 'linux-ti-omap4' packaging is maintained in the 'Git' version control system at:21:04
pbuckleysince when did apt support git?21:05
pbuckleyor am i not reading that right?21:05
pbuckley(because i basically wrote my own package format to get around deb's limitation of only one installed version of a package at a time)21:06
pbuckleyand i assume if git is in apt they have worked around that21:06
GrueMasterNo, it is just indicating that our kernel trees are in git as opposed to bzr.21:06
pbuckleyah ok21:07
pbuckleygot all excited21:07
pbuckleyalso dont know if this is a packaging legacy defect21:09
pbuckleybut it points me to http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git-repos/ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git21:09
pbuckleyis that the active git repo or is it ubuntu-precise.git?21:09
GrueMaster ubuntu-precise.git21:10
pbuckleythank you again :) Hopefully those two patches on that bug report help with the sound issue im having.. going a bit mad without audio21:15
rbasakSo I've been trying usbboot. It works, but seems to find the boot script on the sd card and uses that. Is there any way to override the boot script?21:18
GrueMasteryea, remove the sd.21:19
rbasakWithout removing the SD :)21:19
GrueMasterpicky picky.  :P21:19
rbasakThe reason is that I want to boot off the SD except when automation wants to netboot21:20
rbasakRight now I have to assume that the machine isn't bricked and can be shelled into to change the SD to netboot21:20
GrueMasterI understand.  I want to use it to recover from a botched netinstall.21:20
rbasakYeah, exactly :)21:20
rbasakRight now the only way I can think of is to hack u-boot to never read a script21:21
rbasak(and supply the hacked u-boot over usb)21:21
rbasakI am hoping that there's a better way.21:21
GrueMasterI don't know how the new usbboot works, but the omap4boot utility used abootimg to build an image.  This included a boot script or kernel cmdline.21:21
rbasakThis seems to use mkimage to convert u-boot.bin into a u-boot.img (with a load address of 0x80E80000)21:25
rbasakI take it this is a different image format to abootimg?21:25
GrueMasterYes.  mkimage only creates a checksum wrapper.21:26
pbuckleyso if i wanted to submit patches to http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git-repos/ubuntu/ubuntu-precise.git21:42
pbuckleyis there a doc i can read that explains the process?21:42
GrueMasterpbuckley: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelPatches21:46
GrueMasterThat's probably the easiest.21:46
pbuckleybrilliant thank you :)21:49
krosswindzGrueMaster: I edited the kernel config and started a fresh build using the current sources. I will let you know how it goes22:12
krosswindzGrueMaster: I will update the bug once I reinstall kernel22:12
pbuckleyso compiling on the panda.. make -j2,-j3,-j4?22:24
GrueMasterDepends on your storage medium.  If SD, I would not multi-thread.  Otherwise -j2 or -j3.  I think the rule of thumb (thumb2?) is # cores +1.22:26
pbuckleyalso make oldconfig generates warning: (USB_WUSB) selects UWB which has unmet direct dependencies (EXPERIMENTAL && PCI)22:28
GrueMasterThat is a question for #ubuntu-kernel.22:28
mythossorry, if ask: but is thumb(2) something like mmx/sse/...?22:33
phhnot at all22:33
mythos*if i ask22:33
phhon ARM, instructions have fixed size22:34
phhie 32 bits22:34
phhthey found that sometimes you don't need full-featured instructions, and you could greatly reduce size with 16 bits instructions22:34
phhthat's thumb22:34
phhthen, they decided they could make the best of both worlds with thumb2, when using a 32bits instruction can be more efficient, they use a 32bit, else a 16bits one22:35
ogra_shortly said: you get smaller binaries that load faster into ram22:35
ogra_(and sometimes also run faster)22:35
phh(because it's faster to load from ram to cpu)22:35
GrueMasterinfinity: New mx53 kernel still appears not to enable usb on the START-R rev of the Quickstart.22:37
mythoshm... thanks for the explanation =)22:37
infinityGrueMaster: Irksome.  I'll hunt down the landing team this week and see if we can get to the bottom of this.22:38
GrueMasterI'll see if I can generate some kernel output.22:39
infinityThat could be helpful.22:39
GrueMasterinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/832005/22:41
infinityGrueMaster: Hrm.  I don't see an obvious kernel failure there at all.22:44
GrueMasterinfinity: Starting at line 305:  usb 2-1: device descriptor read/64, error -7122:47
infinityDoes it boot from SD, then?22:48
infinityMight make it easier to debug the USB issues if one can hotplug a non-root USB device.22:48
GrueMasterI have a few more tests to run, but the only difference between my quickstart (qs1) and quickstart-r (qs2) setup is that qs1 is on port 2 of my kvm, and qs2 is on port 4.22:49
GrueMasterIt has always booted from sd.  The problem is that it doesn't see keyboard/mouse.22:49
infinityOh.  Key.  I use mine headless, would probably not even notice. ;)22:50
GrueMasterWell, considering we only build desktop images for the board...22:50
infinityYeah, I don't test images on my mx53, it's my local mirror.22:51
infinityIt was also my first armhf system, before I had images.22:51
GrueMaster(and I have a slight shortage of sata drives atm).22:51
infinitySpeaking of, we have armhf+mx5 images now.22:51
GrueMastercool.  I'll test tomorrow.22:52
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methrilhi, someone up?22:58
methrili would like to know if someone had a i.mx515 image working22:59
GrueMasterinfinity: Just to salt the wound a little, the dev image that came with it works ootb.  Kernel
GrueMastermethril: mx51?  Like babbage3?22:59
rbasakGrueMaster: I've adjusted u-boot-linaro-omap4-panda-splusb's default boot script to do pxe only. Is there any situation where this shouldn't be the case, ie. should I propose this as a permanent fix?22:59
methrilGrueMaster, yes, and Sharp PC-Z123:00
methrili would like to update it23:00
methrilit's a powerful processor23:00
GrueMastermethril: Ah, yes.  That device.  persia used to bring his to UDS all the time.23:00
methrilGrueMaster, so nobody is working on it, isn't it?23:01
GrueMasterImage wise we don't support that platform.  Package wise, it should handle everything current.23:01
methrilany guid to start porting it "image wise"?23:02
GrueMasterNot really.  iirc, that had Jaunty, with was armv5.  I don't know if you can get a kernel for it or not.23:04
methrilGrueMaster, there is a 2.6.31 port, and a 2.6.35 WIP23:05
GrueMasterIf the 2.6.31 port works and is at least compiled for armv7, try it.  We can go from there.23:07
methrilok, thank you GrueMaster23:08
methrili will try to work on it, and come back when something is working23:11
GrueMasterIf you can boot with an armv7 kernel, the next step would be to see if you can chroot into an ubuntu-core image and do stuff.23:11
methrilok, i need to buy a bigger sd card23:12
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GrueMasterThe core images are fairly small.  ~35M compressed.23:13
GrueMasterNote that these are NOT bootable images.23:14
methrili've a bootable sd card23:14
methrili only need to boot it with a newer kernel image23:14
GrueMasterOlder binaries "should" still work.23:15
methrilthe older is what i'm going to try23:15
methrilto get a new version23:15
methrili need it for traveling23:15
GrueMasterUnderstand.  From what I've seen of it, it seems fairly capable.23:16
methrili think so23:16
methrillet's see what we could get from this old device :)23:17
rbasakGrueMaster: I filed bug 92795623:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 927956 in u-boot-linaro "USB SPL boot should be able to override local SD card on panda" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92795623:26
rbasak(with patch)23:26
pbuckleyyou werent joking about kernel compiles taking ahwile on the panda23:34
pbuckleyi might have to break down and spin up an ec2 instance and start doing my compiles there.. i assume there is a cross compile toolchain somewhere?23:36
GrueMasterpbuckley: There is, but I couldn't tell you how to do a cross compile.  Try doing a google search on the ubuntu wiki.23:42

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