Culiforgecoalwater, around?01:38
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r4yI found a neat commandline program called audio-convert and instead of just converting one file at a time I want to convert all the audio files in one folder at a time. How do I do that?06:44
r4yI didn't think to man audio-convert06:45
bioterrormake a shell script06:45
bioterrorfor example06:46
r4yI've never made a script before. I've read about it before06:46
r4yIt doesn't have a man page06:46
r4yI did audio-convert --help06:48
philipballewI wonder if someone has a form post anywhere on this?06:51
philipballewdoes audio-convert have an irc channel as well?06:52
philipballewr4y, not sure if that helps06:54
r4yIt's cool. I have a quicker way to do it now. I took a file, right clicked it chose open with and went down to use costume command and typed in audio-convert, then click cancel and then I highlighted all the audio files in a folder by holding down shift because the album art sometimes gets in the way. The control key can be used to highlight and un-highlight one file at a time.06:59
r4yIt would be cool to remake this program which is a script into a costume script, so I don't have to choose what bit rate I want every time and what format and whether the tags get passed through, but I am happy.07:01
r4yThere is no channel on freenode for audio-convert, but I have been using Ubuntu for a few years and I have never heard of audio-convert before. I have used soundconverter before many many times.07:04
philipballewr4y, alright, it might that their irc is just not on freenode07:06
r4yI found audio-convert to get the highest bit rate for converting audio files. I was going to use audacity but I wasn't sure what to pick for conversion so I started Googling around and I found audio-convert07:06
r4yRight, freenode is not the only network on the internet. I get it.07:07
r4yI meant irc network. Oops07:08
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r4yAnyways, I am happy with audio-convert and I want to go. Thank you all for being here for the Linux people.07:10
r4y:) /07:11
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Culiforgemornin hobgoblin09:42
hobgoblinhi Culiforge09:46
Culiforgehobgoblin, was it you that was helping me the other day along with urlin2u with my non booting system?09:49
hobgoblinmmm - possibly ...09:49
Culiforgehobgoblin, so many people, I can't keep track of them all :)09:49
hobgoblinlol - all I did was point you at pyschocat's minimal install pages it seems09:50
hobgoblinyou still got problems?09:51
Culiforgehobgoblin, oh yeah, i remember now.09:51
hobgoblinuse a client that keeps logs then you can look back :p09:52
Culiforgehobgoblin, yeah, still got problems.. coalwater and I tried a bunch of stuff. I had to leave him yesterday as he was reading the chat logs to see what all I've done so far09:52
Culiforgehobgoblin, apparently he had similar issues with his nvidia card but what worked for him doesn't work for me09:53
hobgoblinwell if you want to restate the issues I can have a look - but I will be in and out09:53
Culiforgehobgoblin, sure: installed nvidia 8400gs, system installed restricted drivers, restart, system hangs at bootsplash with .pid error, reinstalled grub a couple of times through chroot, passed some commands to boot through grub09:55
Culiforgesuch as nomodesed and gfxpayload09:55
Culiforgeedited xorg.conf, replaced xorg.conf...09:56
Culiforgehmm, may be more.. it all seems a blur by now.. it's been almost 2 weeks of trying to figure this out there's more I'm sure of it09:57
hobgoblink - you know how to pastebin I assume - get me the xorg.log   - you can see it in log file viewer, or in a terminal do   cat /var/log/xorg.0.log09:58
hobgoblinlet me also see your grub.cfg    cat /etc/default/grub09:59
Culiforgehobgoblin, ok10:00
hobgoblindmesg might be worth a look as well - either log file viewer or cat /var/log/dmesg10:00
hobgoblinpastebin them all and I'll see if I can see anything - at the moment what graphics driver is it using - nouveau or nvidia10:01
Culiforgehobgoblin, getting logs now, others have asked for this as well http://paste.ubuntu.com/829922/10:02
hobgoblinI want current ones - I assume that is a current one - if you're doing a lot of this pastebinning - install pastebinit - then you can cat /etc/default/grub |pastebinit and it's done easily :)10:05
Culiforgehobgoblin, xorg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/831151/10:05
Culiforgehobgoblin, dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/831152/10:07
Culiforgehobgoblin, sorry for the havy reading so early10:07
hobgoblinlol - give me a while to look and see if I Can see anythig10:07
Culiforgehobgoblin, don't know what driver it's using i'm not that savvy, thanks for your help hobgoblin10:08
hobgoblinnouveau :)10:09
hobgoblinCuliforge: can I have the /etc/default/grub you gave me a bootscript output10:10
hobgoblinis that actually a current one ?10:11
Culiforgehobgoblin, that should be the current10:13
hobgoblinCuliforge: well they all look ok to me - is this the machine that you are talking to me on?10:15
Culiforgeyeah but i'm on a live os right now10:16
hobgoblindoes it not boot?10:16
Culiforgehobgoblin, I can access the drives but no boot10:16
Culiforgehobgoblin, not even recovery10:16
hobgoblinso you still get the crash at bootsplash with the restricted drivers disabled?10:17
hobgoblinok - what happens when you boot recovery?10:20
hobgoblindo you get as far as the menu?10:20
Culiforgehobgoblin, well, wait.. disabled.. I'm sure we've disabled rest drivers but not certain. recover has same behavior10:21
hobgoblindo you have an xorg.conf? ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:21
hobgoblinalso what version of buntu is this?10:22
Culiforgeone sec. i'm not chroot'd so I have to find it through the file manager... 10.0410:22
Culiforgehobgoblin, xorg http://paste.ubuntu.com/831163/10:23
Culiforgehobgoblin, Prev. xorg http://paste.ubuntu.com/831165/10:24
hobgoblinok - well I know for a fact that 10.04 and nvidia 8400gt works lol10:25
hobgoblinany reason why you are using 10.0410:25
Culiforgehobgoblin,  A thought just occurred to me... would it have anything to do with using badger repos?10:26
hobgoblinthanks geirha - saved me doing it - never heard of those lol10:27
geirhaYou definitely don't want to use breezy badger repos10:27
hobgoblinoh lol10:28
hobgoblinyea - you'd not want to do thatr Culiforge10:28
Culiforgeno, it's something else.. I'm looking it up now10:28
geirhaThat's for use with 8.04, you have 10.04, so you should remove that ppa10:29
hobgoblinno - you'd not want to do that either - what are you using them for10:30
Culiforge10.01 http://badgerports.org/about.html10:30
hobgoblinso they are mostly just mono things it seems10:31
CuliforgeI used it for Mono to run Marcedit but am wondering if maybe the nvidia driver was taken from there10:32
Culiforgeif that would be a possiblility or issue10:32
hobgoblintry renaming the xorg.cong to xorg.conf.bak and booting10:32
Culiforgedid that yesterday10:32
Culiforgeno joy10:33
hobgoblinCuliforge: you any good with hardware?10:33
hobgoblinoh - also you say you are using a livecd - is that a 10.04 livecd?10:34
Culiforgehobgoblin,  Hehe, what do you mean "good" can I install a video card physically.. yes... no, it's a Parted magic liveos10:34
CuliforgeI can flop over to a 10.04 live if I can find it...10:35
hobgoblinthat would be useful - you could have a look at the xorg.conf if it has one and copy it over.10:35
Culiforgelooking through the stack of live cd's ..... .....10:36
hobgoblinI would be inclined to disable the badgerports thing - do an update in the chroot you've been using if you can10:36
geirhaaptitude search '~i nvidia' # will list all installed packages who's names contain "nvidia". apt-cache policy <package-name>  will tell you what repos a package is found in.10:37
hobgoblinif that's not a go - I would seriously start thinking about hardware problems if all the software help you've had is not getting anywhere10:37
hobgoblinI'd also be inclined to getting a newer version to try as well10:37
hobgoblinyou shouldn't be having issues with that card - I've been using the same for a long time10:38
CuliforgeI've got a 10.04 64bit... will that work?10:38
Culiforgenot for chroot but for the xorg?10:38
hobgoblinshould do10:39
hobgoblingeirha: what do you think10:39
Culiforgeooh, wait.. I've got a minimal disc as well10:39
geirhaI don't think 10.04 has an xorg.conf by default10:40
geirhadoes the login screen work?10:41
hobgoblinyea :( so removing the xorg doesn't help either10:41
Culiforgegeirha, login screen for ...10:41
geirhawhere you type in username and password for a graphical login10:42
hobgoblingeirha: crashes during bootsplash10:42
Culiforgegeirha, no, can't get that far.10:42
Culiforgewhat he said10:42
hobgoblina pid error10:43
hobgoblinCuliforge: actually - can you boot it and get the exact message10:43
Culiforgeyeah, I (hehe) took a picture of it.. and put it on imagebin... a few days ago10:44
hobgoblinok - lets have a look then :)10:44
Culiforgelooking for it10:45
Culiforgeok, actually this is the behind the bootsplash from a recovery boot.. I'd have to reboot to get you the pid message http://imagebin.org/19726810:47
Culiforgewhich I can do if you also need10:48
Culiforgeshall I?10:50
Culiforgeok, will be switching chat to laptop and I'll be back in acouple min10:51
Culiforgehobgoblin, OK just gotta put it to imagebin and I'll be right with you10:54
hobgoblinCuliforge: all gone quiet ...11:16
Culiforgehobgoblin, yeah, sorry... had to switch to my son's windows laptop... slower than dirt when you run more than 2 programs and 3 tabs in chrome11:17
Culiforgehobgoblin, waiting for it to catch it's breath11:17
Culiforgehobgoblin, http://imagebin.org/19758611:18
Culiforgehobgoblin, crud!  I gotta run for a bit.. be back in 15-2011:21
hobgoblingeirha: you got any ideas - I've not11:29
Culiforgehobgoblin, i'm in and out... if no ideas from here is it possible to rescue my system and reinstall?11:34
hobgoblinI would first  check the video card - take it out see if it boots ok with the onboard11:35
hobgoblinif you want to reinstall - backup11:35
hobgoblinI'd probably look to a newer version than 10.04 unless there's some specific reason why you are using it11:36
Culiforgehobgoblin, will do, tried that at first with no luck but that was almost 2 weeks ago11:36
hobgoblinyou tried taking the card out?11:37
hobgoblintried a memtest?11:37
Culiforgehobgoblin, yeah, when the issue first happened... yes, ran memtest.. no problems11:37
hobgoblinso a livecd boots but an install doesn't11:38
hobgoblin10.04 is about when plymouth started to be used iirc - wasn't too good to start with11:39
hobgoblinI'd seriously look at a newer version11:39
Culiforgehobgoblin, whoozawhatsis.. I don't understand any of that... maybe later today i'll be on to find out what I need to backup. then reinstall a higher ver. then I'll dual boot fedora as well as I need that for work11:41
Culiforgehobgoblin, memtest just loops untill you stop it right?11:42
hobgoblinyes it does11:44
hobgoblinCuliforge: well I'll be about all day - ping me if you want11:45
Culiforgehobgoblin, will do, thanks for your help11:56
Culiforgegeirha, thanks to you too11:57
Culiforgehobgoblin, ok, before I go to work.. I'll start backing up. What files/folders.. home for one right? anything out of / that will help me to retain installed program settings?12:06
hobgoblinabout the only thing I keep from / is /etc/fstab12:09
hobgoblinpersonalised settings will be in /home12:09
hobgoblinthough anything you might have server wise like apache etc I would have no idea about12:09
Culiforgehobgoblin, I do have a library catalog with apache mysql and a program called koha but I should be able to restore that easy enough. Mostly concerned about pics, vids and docs as part of my personal stuff12:11
Culiforgehobgoblin, so I'm using grsync 'cause it's right there.. should I just leave settings at default or to I need to preserve things like owner and permissions and group and whatnot12:13
hobgoblinassuming you have them in default places then they'll be in /home12:13
Culiforgeok, I'm out for the morning... tc all12:21
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e33Hi, i have lenovo with ubuntu 11.10, i have issue with wireless, when i tried on of the posts regarding wireless, i got ERROR: Module acer_wmi does not exist in /proc/modules16:33
e33anyone can advise why cannot locate acer_wmi?16:34
deper29hey, can someone help me with this potentially? http://askubuntu.com/questions/72003/grub-invalid-arch-independent-elf-magic-after-11-10-install-on-macbook-pro-516:54
deper29I don't know which drives I should be mounting. I don't have a macbook, but I do have that problem that is outlined there16:54
phillwhi deper29 there are not that many on here with Macs. You may well find more success asking on the Mac section on the main forum http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=32816:57
deper29phillw, I don't have a mac, I do have a PC17:00
deper29I'm just curious which drives I should be mounting17:01
phillwdeper29: are you dual booting?17:03
deper29yeah, windows17:03
hobgoblindeper29: without knowing exactly what went on in that askubunt thing - I would hazard a guess that sda3 was the / drive and sda1 the /boot17:03
hobgoblincheck that against what you have17:03
phillwdeper29: have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/78095/grub-elf-magic-error-message-after-installation-how-to-get-dual-boot-option it covers a dual boot machine17:04
deper29hobgoblin, how can I see which ones I have?17:04
deper29er, which device partitions I have rather17:05
phillwdeper29: sudo fdisk -l17:07
phillwwill list your partitions17:07
deper29phillw, my internet connection is being very slow, I apologize17:15
phillwdeper29: thats okay.17:15
deper29I am putting the output on pastebin17:15
deper29phillw, http://pastebin.com/hh7zs2QJ17:16
phillwdeper29: the one to install grub onto is /dev/sda117:17
phillwdo boot from a live CD though!17:17
deper29I'm on a live one now :)17:18
deper29would i have to mount two drives as they did in their scenario? or just one?17:18
deper29just the sda1?17:18
phillwdeper29: what does the command df show?17:20
deper29phillw, http://pastebin.com/38uNLp6Q17:22
deper29i mounted sda1 to /mnt17:22
deper29i can undo that if I need17:23
phillwdeper29: that looks fine, now issue   sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/sda1 /dev/sda    ( that is 2 of - before root, --root, not -root)17:27
deper29okay, I'll give this a shot17:27
deper29should directory=/mnt instead?17:30
deper29I did sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt earlier17:30
phillwyes, sorry I was not paying attention17:31
phillwI'm following a different set of instructions!17:32
deper29phillw, lol, that's okay. I don't think it worked :( http://pastebin.com/6DDRfctF17:33
phillwdeper29: use the instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1014708   (yours is dev/sda1, not dev/sda5 as in that example).17:34
hobgoblinI am fairly sure that you need a seperate /boot partition17:36
deper29so I should unmount sda1 for now?17:37
deper29then just restart at those instructions?17:37
deper29hobgoblin, what do you suggest for that?17:37
deper29phillw, followed the instructions. got the exact same thing :(17:38
phillwdeper29: yeah unmount17:38
deper29still got that same thing though17:41
deper29said /mnt doesn't look like an EFI partition17:41
hobgoblinnot sure tbh - not got much into it as yet and I've got some net issues here so can't get on search engines very well17:42
phillwdeper29: re-issue df and pastebin, please.17:42
deper29i see :/17:43
deper29wait, I see the error17:45
deper29phillw, http://pastebin.com/0sPMH5c117:46
deper29i unmounted the drive though. what should I be mounting for /dev/sda?17:46
deper29they have that in their example, but the error I get back when I do grub-install is "(is /dev mounted?)."17:47
phillwdeper29: according to that paste, /dev/sda1 is not mounted anywhere....17:48
phillwsudo mkdir /media/sda117:49
phillwsudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/sda117:49
phillwsudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/sda1 /dev/sda17:49
phillwoops!!! sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda117:50
deper29phillw, sorry I had done all of that stuff and then it didn't work so I unmounted then ran df. here is what I have now http://pastebin.com/ZWDxdHNa17:52
phillw:) it's mounted17:53
phillwdeper29: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/sda1 /dev/sda should now work!17:53
phillwARGGGGHH typo...17:53
phillwsudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/sda1 /dev/sda17:53
deper29phillw, sorry, disconnected there17:59
phillwhi deper29 I've had a further dig & things are more involved than I thought.18:00
deper29oh no18:00
phillwI've never 'played' with Win7 and EFI18:00
deper29I see18:01
deper29so this is a lot more difficult then?18:01
phillwIt is certainly more involved and beyond my knowledge. take a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1837235 to give you an idea! If there is not someone on here familiar with that scenario by honest advice is to post onto the main forum area in that section (don't tag onto that thread, start a new one!) Give as much info as you can and one the people familiar with the situation will reply.18:03
deper29okay, I will give that a shot. thanks a bunch for your help :) I really appreciate it!18:04
congressmonHello... I have an issue with trying to install linux on both usb stick and/or usb hdd.. can anyone help me??19:28
congressmonIt's like this machine won't let me install linux ... not even with the WUBI utility...19:29
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congressmonI need help installing UBuntu 11.10 on a usb stick20:06
congressmonI've checked all the web resources... still hving problem with booting20:06
s-foxHow are you?21:27
Unit193Alive so it seems, and you?21:28
s-foxKeeping busy, covering bodhi's job on the forum.21:32
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