krnekheleshjtaylor, thanks I have marked it incomplete and also asked for more information.00:07
yofelkrnekhelesh: you have the permissions to set a bug to everything except Triaged and Won't Fix - those are only for members of Ubuntu Bug Control00:10
krnekheleshoh ok00:11
yofelif you're done with triaging a bug ask here and someone will mark it triaged and set the importance you want00:11
yofelmake sure you've read the triage guide00:11
krnekheleshyeah I read it00:12
krnekhelesha bug should be confirmed before it can be triaged and then set the importance00:12
krnekheleshI kinda get  it00:12
yofelrequirement for triaged is that it should have all information that's needed to fix it (in general) or is forwarded to the upstream bug tracker00:13
yofelthere's also seperate wiki pages for the Status and Importance00:13
krnekheleshalso when is the next bug squad meeting?00:14
krnekheleshand where can I see the date and time for the meeting?00:14
yofel8th, you can see that at the top of any bugsquad wiki page and the channel topic00:14
yofelexcept that the topic is wrong right now..00:15
krnekheleshi wondered00:15
krnekheleshthanks for answering my questions..bye00:17
MxxConyofel: thanx for fixing b43-fwcutter package01:12
MxxConb43legacy-installer now installed w/o errors01:13
MxxCon(but wifi card still doesn't work)01:13
MxxConhowever i took b43 (not legacy) firmware from backtrack 10.04, copied it into /lib/firwmare/ and now my wifi works01:14
MxxConit seems like b43-installer  is the correct package for my system but it does not properly detect my card01:14
ianliuI've reported this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/927312 but I don't know which package causes it. I guess the problem lies in Ubuntu Ambience Theme package, but I'm not quite sure. Can someone help improve the bug?02:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 927312 in ubuntu "Popup menu's theme are inconsistent (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]02:30
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XSpiritusXhow can I help with ubuntu bugs?04:35
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eQuiNoX__hey everyone12:35
eQuiNoX__are there no bugs reported related to ubuntu drivers? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-drivers12:45
eQuiNoX__seems that way cool12:49
* eQuiNoX__ checks out dbus related bugs nexty12:49
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brendandanyone else see that the Ctrl+W view in Unity shows two of each window in Precise?14:16
brendandactually, not there but in the Alt+` switcher14:22
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bdmurraymvo: about?18:19
mvobdmurray: yes, but not for very much longer (10-15min or so)18:21
bdmurraymvo: I was trying to using apt-clone to test a dist upgrade from lucid->precise and received a segfault in apt-clone when using 'apt-clone restore'18:22
bdmurrayFeb  3 15:04:46 ubuntu kernel: [79727.221944] apt-clone[1396]: segfault at 8 ip 00007fd41305064f sp 00007fff320fa6f0 error 4 in libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.so.4.8.0[7fd41300f000+c6000]18:23
bdmurraymvo: so I'm wondering if there is something I can do to continue with the test18:25
mvobdmurray: *urgh* did that generate a proper crashfile to get a good backtrace?18:26
bdmurraymvo: no, but I could enable apport and get one18:26
mvobdmurray: that would be great18:48
mvobdmurray: could you mail me the details once its done? I gtg now18:48
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marwhello. how do i add additional logs to the bug report in launchpad?19:57
jtaylorapport-collect bugnumber19:59
jtaylorif its your bug19:59
marwi've already done that and the bug is submitted. however, more logs are asked of me. should i copy/paste them into comments?20:03
jtaylorunder the comment  box there is a "add attachement" link20:03
krnekheleshmarw, you could also add them as attachments20:04
marwok, i've been silly. i did look for "attachment", and now i finally see the link... after two days ridin' towards the end of the page...20:06
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alqueryCan someone mark these dbus bugs as triaged: 528188 738283 755801 822973 86741722:40
alqueryall SIGSEGV's with stacktraces, I believe that's enough info22:40
alqueryplease correct me if I'm wrong22:40
MobidoyI am learning Java at school and want some real stuff to sharpen my skills. I am having a hard time finding Java bitesize, could anyone help me out ?23:49

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