jtaylorworks for me too 11.1000:01
stgraberit doesn't seem true for /proc/1/cmdline here though (not null terminated)00:01
tumbleweed1 is rather special...00:03
tumbleweedon Debian, it's very null-terminated :P http://paste.ubuntu.com/830783/00:03
cargo23_from man proc:   The command-line arguments appear in this file as a set of strings separated by null bytes ('\0')00:16
cargo23_Is there a better forum for this question?00:17
cargo23_I'm new to working with the procfs, for sure.00:17
cargo23_It is supposed to contain nulls, not just end with them?00:21
tumbleweedI assume that's the result of chrome modifying argv itself for cosmetic reasons, and not null-terminating, but that's a whild guess00:29
stgrabercargo23_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/830815/ is an example of how to mess with cmdline taken from rdesktop's code, this specific example only overwrites the value passed after -p but you can certainly mess with the whole cmdline if you want00:47
stgraberoh, ignore that printf, was there for debugging purpose ;)00:48
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cjohnstonthe lpupdate was03:56
pittiGood morning04:58
slangasekdoko: well, this is why MIR bugs are supposed to be left open until an archive admin reconciles it against component-mismatches :)05:39
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dholbachgood morning07:53
=== smb` is now known as smb
=== agateau_ is now known as agateau
fishorhallo devs! are there any way to have this patch included with precises xserver?  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4111508:31
ubottuFreedesktop bug 41115 in Server/General "Please add option to avoid forcing of 96dpi" [Enhancement,New: ]08:31
RAOFfishor: Maybe.  Can you please file a launchpad bug to track that?08:56
fishorRAOF, there is one long standing bug report here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/58948508:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 589485 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Ignores physical display size and calculates based on 96DPI" [Low,Confirmed]08:57
RAOFOh, yeah.  That's right.08:57
fishorno problem. i can thest the patch with precise xorg, but i wont te be sure it will be added to the package08:58
fishori never had problems with my old lcd screen, but with new laptop it is really bad08:59
RAOFWhat's actually looking at that DPI value, anyway?08:59
RAOF(IIRC both GNOME and KDE ignore it, as does Firefox)08:59
fishorRAOF, it is probably just part of the problem. i just started to digg in  issue. first i found is xorg and xdpyinfo show different sizes.09:01
RAOFYou can make GNOME use the right DPI in gnome-tweak-tool (fonts).09:02
RAOFAs you go up the stack, you'll continue to hit the same reasons that Xorg has - physical DPI isn't actually the number that you're after; you actually want a number based on physical DPI and the distance you are from the screen.09:03
fishorhow about other issue. for example libreoffice show page in 100% size double as small as it should be09:04
RAOFIf libreoffice wants to show at the correct size it should be getting the per-output numbers (which are, and have always been, correct and available through xrandr).09:05
RAOFBecause otherwise it'll break in not-too-uncommon circumstances anyway, like having two monitors.09:06
* RAOF -09:06
* RAOF → dinner09:06
fishoryea... i have two monitores .. the external has physical dpi ~96, the internal is about 138dpi09:07
fishori should probably give this laptop to some dev who argumenting against it :) he should burn his eyes09:07
pittijibel: thanks for the apt verification in lucid! I'm not quite sure whether that tested the release-upgrader-apt "special" package or the general apt09:13
cjwatsonpitti: jenkins tests the release-upgrader-* packages, effectively09:19
pitticjwatson: thanks, what I thought; for apt itself we'd need to check apt-get dist-upgrade supposedly?09:20
pitticjwatson: I'm fine with moving r-u-apt to -updates now, unless you want to wait for the full 7 days09:20
cjwatsonyes, and makes sense09:25
pittijibel: nice to see that the post-upgrade conf tests all succeed nwo09:25
dholbachblueyed, Happy Birthday! :)09:25
pittiRiddell, ScottK, debfx: okular was removed in Debian, "superseeded by kdegraphics/experimental"; should we follow suit?09:56
Riddellumm no09:57
Riddelltsdgeos: ^^ eh?09:57
* pitti keeps gwenview as well, got repackaged in Debian09:57
tsdgeoswhat's that?09:57
tsdgeoswe don't even have a proper kdegraphics package anymore09:58
Riddellpitti: got a bug number or other reference?09:58
pittidebian bug 51582709:59
ubottuDebian bug 515827 in ftp.debian.org "RM: okular -- RoM; superseeded by kdegraphics/experimental" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/51582709:59
pittiI figure we just have a different packaging09:59
pittiit's nothing urgent at all, it just came up in process-removals09:59
tsdgeos2009 ?09:59
Riddellpitti: "Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 21:22:59 +0100"09:59
Riddellit will have reappeared in process-removals because "okular" source package reappeared10:00
Riddellblacklist it from process-removals10:00
pittiI'll just ignore it then, together with the other KDEish packages10:00
pittiseems it's all right then10:00
jibelpitti, the conf test is still failing for desktop but hidden. Currently the upgrade testing system doesn't have the granularity to run a test with different settings depending on the profile.10:03
jibelbut I'll find a way to fix that10:03
pittijibel: oh? I looked at the lucid->precise desktop upgrade log, and they all succeeded10:04
jibelpitti, they do but this prompt https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/precise-upgrade-lucid-desktop/ARCH=amd64,LTS=lts,PROFILE=ubuntu,label=upgrade-test/18/artifact/lts-ubuntu-amd64/debconf.log shouldn't be there10:05
pittijibel: aah10:06
pittijibel: so it's not the lts-{user,system}.py stuff that's failing, but a debconf question10:06
jibelpitti, right10:06
jibelwhat is the expected behavior of the upgrader when a package is upgraded from lucid/main to precise/universe ? keep at the same version, upgrade, something else ?10:07
jibelmvo, ^10:07
pittimvo: if you have universe enabled, upgrade10:09
pittiif not, the package will behave as it disappeared entirely, so it shuold be kept10:09
pittibut usually we should keep the transitional packages in main10:09
pittiwe often don't10:09
pittiwe need to seed them explicitly, otherwise they fall out10:09
pittiI guess we'd need an upgrade test with not enabling universe in lucid, and then dist-upgrading10:09
tjaaltonTREllis: \o/ thanks for replying to the ESR thread :)10:11
tjaaltonnow how do I force-enable enigmail..10:13
TREllistjaalton: no problem, not sure if there is an issue shipping it in universe10:13
TREllistjaalton: 12.04 thunderbird update knocked out your plugins?10:14
tjaaltonTREllis: yep, enigmail, lightning and mail redirect10:14
TREllistjaalton: same story for me :)10:15
tjaaltonTREllis: "disable compatibility check" addon10:25
TREllistjaalton: ah-ha!10:26
tjaaltonI saw that enigmail should work with 11 just fine10:26
=== sgnb`` is now known as sgnb
Sweetsharkinfinity: ping?10:39
Sweetsharkinfinity: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/90605123/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.libreoffice_1%3A3.5.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz <- I need more discspace on PPA builders for LibreOffice, please.10:40
tjaaltonTREllis: meh, doesn't seem to work10:41
tjaaltonenigmail 1.3.5 that is10:41
TREllistjaalton: yeah fails for me too on lightning, I can probably grab the latest builds manually, but slightly annoying10:45
tjaaltonTREllis: trying enigmail nightly, something weird with that also10:48
tjaaltondoesn't find /usr/bin/gpg for starters10:48
tjaaltonand lightning fails too yes10:50
tjaaltonwas nice using them for a week or two :)10:50
tjaaltonoh nice, I have tbird 10 packages on the hd10:53
* tjaalton downgrades10:53
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pittislangasek: openssl098 was removed in Debian, and I guess for LTS we want the same; the only rdepends is ia32-libs-multiarch, I figure we can drop it there?11:15
cjwatsonpitti: hmm11:16
cjwatsonpitti: I thought it would be a good idea to keep it as it's a common thing found in linkage of third-party binaries11:17
cjwatsonseems like a likely audience for ia32-libs too ...11:17
pittiit's in universe, so by the letter we aren't committed to security support11:18
pittibut in practice I guess we'll have to anyway11:18
pittiif programs are actually using it still11:18
cjwatsonI don't know that for sure, but given the sheer number of things we had to port to 1.0.0 in Debian/Ubuntu proper, I'd be surprised if there were none outside11:18
diwicdholbach, hi!11:23
dholbachhi diwic11:23
diwicdholbach, the wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure is completely crazy and you're more likely to destroy your sound stack than to fix it if you use the instructions.11:24
diwicdholbach, yet someone seems to maintain it11:24
diwicdholbach, what is the suggested course of action?11:24
dholbachdiwic, it might be worth talking to the folks in #ubuntu-doc11:24
dholbachAFAIK they take care of help.u.c11:25
diwicdholbach, hmm, I'll try asking the same question there11:26
jibelpitti, I think dist-upgrader in Precise must be updated to the right version of libapt-inst and libapt-pkg in Lucid11:27
pittimvo: ^ ?11:28
cjwatsonjibel: hmm?11:28
jibelwhen I run a do-release-upgrade in lucid I get11:29
jibelImportError: libapt-pkg.so.4.12: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:29
cjwatsonuh, I don't11:29
cjwatsonisn't that what we just promoted to lucid-updates?11:29
cjwatsonunless you mean11:30
cjwatsonI don't know how much difference that makes since release-upgrader-python-apt should pull in the right versions by dependencies anyway11:30
cjwatsonhm, it does make a difference for the CD though, at least - I'll update that11:31
jibelmaybe that's just a matter of waiting. I'll retry in a bit.11:33
mvojibel: hello, it should pick out the latest version of the release-upgrader-backport packages, but I missed some context so I'm not sure if that is a reasonable answer11:35
mvojibel: I will read scrollback, on my way to lunch11:37
TREllistjaalton: hmmm yeah, after a fresh restart the plugins would start but issues all over the place with them... so leaving disabled for now11:47
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tjaaltonTREllis: you can grab the old one here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/10.0+build1-0ubuntu111:49
TREllistjaalton: ty11:50
TREllistjaalton: yep, that worked like a charm. I wish we could link the thunderbird builds to the xul plugins :)11:56
cjwatsonjibel: well, I've uploaded a new u-m now which will hopefully help12:03
infinitySweetshark: Not my area anymore, you want lamont.12:17
Sweetsharklamont: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/90605123/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-amd64.libreoffice_1%3A3.5.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ppa2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz <- I need more discspace on PPA builders for LibreOffice, please.12:19
gnuoySweetshark, whats the ppa ?12:21
Sweetsharkgnuoy: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ppa12:22
gnuoySweetshark, how much additional space are you after?12:23
Sweetsharkgnuoy: dunno :( -- enough to build LO.12:24
ogra_3TB ?12:24
Sweetsharkgnuoy: it is failing rather late, so it shouldnt be too much additional space.12:25
geserwow, 26 GB aren't enough to build LO?12:25
* ogra_ hopes geser gets that he wasnt serious :)12:26
ogra_you need 3TB RAM though :P12:26
gesernow I know why disk space steadily increases and cpus get faster: to keep be able to build LO12:27
gnuoySweetshark, I've increased the limit from 10Gb to 15Gb12:27
gesergnuoy: I doubt he meant the PPA space but the buildd disk space used by PPA builders12:28
ogra_most likely (if lamont is involved)12:29
geserbut that would probably still be needed soon12:29
gnuoygeser, ah, ok12:29
mvojibel: oh, its a new ABI - in this case this needs updating, but I saw that colin did it already (thanks for that)12:29
gesergnuoy: from the build log: "Build needed 09:28:17, 25995940k disk space" and it died with "IO error: write error during copy : No space left on device"12:30
infinitygnuoy: Yeah, this one requires the actual PPA Xen images being rebootstrapped.  It might actually be a Spads thing, not a lamont thing, but I've lost track of who does what since I left IS.12:32
infinity(Well, it's possible one could fudge it by just expanding the image on a few machines)12:32
gnuoyinfinity, ok, let me find out12:32
lamontincreasing that disk space is going to be somewhat problematic, I suspect.  When the kernel smacked into it a while back, they taught their build to remove intermediate copies of things12:32
infinitylamont: Do we actually still have PPAs with disks that small?  Seems unlikely.  I imagine the airlock could just have the limit bumped.12:33
lamont72GB drive yields about 26GB of usable space for the ppa builder12:33
infinityAnd we still have some 72G ones?  Fair enough.12:33
infinityOh, wait.  But the airlock didn't use set sizes, did it, it did percentages?12:34
infinitySo, one could manually throw LibO at a machine with more disk.12:34
infinityPain in the butt, but doable.12:34
* lamont notes that allspice, one of the newest in the fleet, has a 72GB drive12:34
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cjwatsonmvo: have you had any further thoughts on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-February/034694.html ?  Would you like me to try to construct a non-ABI-breaking backport?  (Not sure I know how immediately, but ...)12:53
hertonpitti, hi, can you or other archive admin copy linux-meta and linux-backports-modules-3.0.0 3.0.0-16.9 from ckt-ppa to -proposed? We detected 2 bugs which we would like to address in current SRU cycle.12:58
Sweetsharkgnuoy: thx, retriggering the builds13:01
mvocjwatson: sorry, on the phone right now13:05
jibelcjohnston, u-m update fixed the problem. thanks13:08
cjwatsonjibel: excellent13:12
mvojibel: the ordering bug from last week?13:21
mvocjwatson: I will attack that right after the call13:22
pittiherton: done13:32
hertonpitti, thanks13:34
cjwatsonmvo: great, thanks13:40
pittijibel: hm, I can't find a bug report for the qdbus <-> libqt4-dbus cyclic dependency; does that ring a bell for you (i. e. I'm too dense to search), or shall I report it?13:54
pittijibel: (lucid->precise universe upgrade failure)13:54
=== Guest81619 is now known as Zic
jibelpitti, I didn't file a bug for this issue and haven't found one on LP14:03
pittijibel: thanks; doing now14:04
jibelpitti, lucid -> precise main is interesting, the test passes but actually the system is not really upgraded14:05
jibelpitti, most packages are removed or kept at the same version14:05
pittijibel: eww -- that might be an apt regression?14:10
pittimvo: ^ did you ever see this?14:10
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jdstrand_cjwatson: is http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ still the most up to date version of the ubuntu policy manual?14:15
=== jdstrand_ is now known as jdstrand
jdstrandcjwatson: hello btw :)14:16
pittiRiddell, debfx: are you ok with me doing an upload for bug 927637?14:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927637 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Precise) "upgrade failure: qdbus and libqt4-dbus cyclic dependency" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92763714:23
pittii. e. dropping libqt4-dbus' Depends: qdbus14:23
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
pitti... turning it into a recommends, I mean14:24
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
pittijibel: FYI, filed as bug 927637 (if you want to apply some extra magic tags)14:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927637 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Precise) "upgrade failure: qdbus and libqt4-dbus cyclic dependency" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92763714:27
Riddellpitti: hang on14:27
Riddellpitti: I have another change, can you commit somewhere and I'll do the other bit?14:27
pittiRiddell: sure; I pushed it into the packaging branch14:27
Riddellpitti: ta, I'll get onto it in a bit14:28
pittiRiddell: it's certainly not _that_ urgent, but would be good if we can get this in in the next days to get to the next failure :)14:28
pittiRiddell: ok, cheers!14:28
pittiRiddell: nice that the branch ownership is set so that core-devs can commit14:28
cjwatsonjdstrand: yes, it needs me to get round to merging from debian-policy really14:42
jdstrandcjwatson: ok. I noticed that 5.6.21 was different which prompted me to check14:43
cjwatsonjibel: hm, are you sure?  It spends 40 minutes (between 20:14:33 and 20:54:44) apparently at least trying to upgrade a lot of stuff, although I agree that there's no hint of it in apt-term.log14:46
cjwatsonjibel: but I wonder if this is just a logging bug ...14:47
cjwatsonjibel: it's a shame we don't save dpkg.log14:48
tedgI have something I want to express in my packaging that I'm not sure how to do: This module isn't required, but if it is installed I need it to be a version greater than X.14:50
tedgIs there a way to do that?14:50
cjwatsontedg: Breaks: packagename (<< X)14:51
jibelcjwatson, main.log says packages are upgraded but apt-term only show removals. and after the upgrade the new kernel is not installed.14:52
jibelcjwatson, I'll add dpkg.log14:52
tedgcjwatson, Ah, okay.  I thought that meant "I break them" but that can also mean "I break if" ... cool, thanks!14:52
cjwatsonjibel: mm, the kernel might be a special case, I wonder about something simple listed in the toupgrade list14:52
cjwatsontedg: well, that's the prose description in policy, but the formal semantics are "may not be unpacked while package (<< X) is configured"14:54
tedgcjwatson, Thanks again, that makes it much more clear.14:55
mvopitti, jibel: yet another call, but I have a look now at the upgrade log15:09
barrycjwatson: hi15:14
mvojibel, pitti: the apt resolver log for this is 245mb big, that is in itself pretty scary15:14
lifelessbug 91525315:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 915253 in Unity Greeter "Synchronise mute and volume between lightdm and respective user sessions" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91525315:45
mvocjwatson: I put a first stab of the backport work to lp:~mvo/apt/oneiric-dpkgpm-backport16:00
=== bfox_afk is now known as bfox
mvocjwatson: I will need to carefully go over that, but I think its good, it does not include your algorithm.cc fixes yet, but that should be straightforward16:05
cjwatsonI put the algorithm.cc fixes in oneiric-proposed already16:06
mvoawsome, thanks a bunch16:10
slangasekpitti: no, openssl098 is here specifically *for* ia32-libs-multiarch16:27
pittislangasek: ack; cjwatson already explained16:27
slangasekok :)16:27
pittislangasek: I was a little worried of it being a security burden, but seems we need to keep it16:27
pitti*shrug* universe16:27
jibelpitti, do you know why bug 882030 is in the list of pending SRUs? this is a security update.16:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 882030 in python-httplib2 (Ubuntu Oneiric) "python-httplib2 < 0.7.0 doesn't validate server certificates" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88203016:43
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=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
jdstrandjibel: I can answer that-- it is a security update, but mdeslaur wanted wider testing16:44
jdstrandwe do that from time to time16:44
lifelesspitti: around still ?16:45
pittilifeless: yes, for another 10 mins16:46
lifelesspitti: cool. Is there a separate library for backtrace/core signature generation? If not, how would you feel about having one? I want to make a clean interface for generating signatures, for reuse/plugability.16:46
pittilifeless: it's in python-apport; does it need to be "more" separate?16:47
lifelesspitti: with a medium term goal of being able to have a webservice that takes an oops dict | apport dict and returns a signature16:47
pittiit doesn't do anything by itself, so it should be quite harmless to install16:47
lifelesspitti: yeah, it needs to be abstract - I don't want to be changing python-apport to change the logic for signature generation in launchpad, or SSO, or <...>16:48
pittiand it has the full API16:48
lifelessI'll have a refresher look at the python-apport code16:48
mdeslaurjibel, jdstrand, pitti: sorry, I'll update the bug to make it clear it's not an SRU16:52
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jibeljdstrand, mdeslaur , ta16:55
SpamapSWow.. RPM still doesn't have Requires: x | y17:03
lifelessSpamapS: and you are surprised ? :P17:07
lifelessev: hey there17:08
evlifeless: hiya!17:08
lifelessev: we should have another touch-base I think; I landed your patch, but I'm sure there is more :)17:08
evwhen works for you?17:08
lifelessis your google calendar reasonably accurate? I will poke at it..17:09
evlifeless: reasonably so17:10
SpamapSlifeless: I keep a CentOS box around just to keep an eye on what the other people are doing..17:15
SpamapSlifeless: I just finished packaging up byobu 5.7 for it as an exercise in curiosity. Can't say Requires: screen | tmux .. have to have a virtual provides on both of them.17:16
kirklandSpamapS: curious, I thought byobu was in the CentOS repos?17:23
kirklandSpamapS: just not a new enough version?17:23
lifelessSpamapS: different mindset for solving the problems17:24
lifelesstedg: lennart?17:25
SpamapSkirkland: yeah, its 4.something17:26
SpamapSkirkland: and it wasn't in my yum automatically with CentOS 6.217:26
SpamapSkirkland: its in Fedora for sure, but doesn't seem to have found its way into EPEL 617:27
SpamapSkirkland: I'll submit the 5.7 packaging updates I did to Fedora if I find some time next weekend. :)17:27
SpamapSkirkland: btw, Ctrl-A A doesn't send Ctrl-A in tmux mode in this one for some reason (works fine on the Ubuntu version)17:28
* micahg wonders where doko is17:33
Sweetsharkmicahg: lost on the way back from FOSDEM?17:34
kirklandSpamapS: ah, interesting;  okay, cool, thanks for the update17:37
micahgSweetshark: could be17:37
kirklandSpamapS: btw, I stumbled on your juju byobu-classroom multi branch17:37
kirklandSpamapS: I didn't look closely at it, but what's the goal?17:38
tedglifeless, Heh, no GSettings is my issue right now.  But that's a good one too.17:40
SpamapSkirkland: infinite scalability for a single ajaxterm session :)17:42
kirklandSpamapS: oh?  yeah, I found ajaxterm kinda sucky, in reality :-(17:42
kirklandSpamapS: is it working well?17:42
SpamapSkirkland: its just heavy on CPU because it has a high polling interval.. can't get around that on the web17:42
SpamapSkirkland: I had it working in PoC .. very simple really17:42
kirklandSpamapS: neat17:43
SpamapSkirkland: just ssh's to the "main" node instead of locally17:43
kirklandSpamapS: I used a cc2_8xlarge for my dev week session last week :-)17:43
kirklandSpamapS: 32x cpus :-)17:43
SpamapSkirkland: yeah thats the simple choice. I want to see if we can do a big class on 8 m1.smalls17:43
kirklandSpamapS: neat17:44
SpamapSkirkland: have to setup haproxy to do session persistence too.. but thats fairly easy17:44
m4n1shmvo: there?17:47
kirklandSpamapS: neat, really glad to see you thinking about this17:48
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=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
micahgmvo: are you open to using dh_autoreconf in synaptic?18:08
mvomicahg: absolutely18:11
mvomicahg: let me quickly check if that isn't in trunk already18:11
mvomicahg: (lp:synaptic)18:12
micahgok, because it FTBFS in precise18:12
mvomicahg: aha, ok. I will upload a new version to debian that we can sync than18:12
micahgmvo: ok, do you need a patch or do you have it already or not need it?18:12
mvomicahg: in trunk its using dh-autoreconf already, I did that last weekend18:13
micahgcool, thanks18:13
mvomicahg: thank you for raising it, slipped my attention :/18:14
bdmurraypitti: What do you think about having the retracer not remove dependencies.txt?18:21
mvomicahg: I uploaded to experimental now that should hopefully fix the issue (once its there and be be synced)18:28
micahgmvo: be be synced?  did you want me to do that?18:28
mvomicahg: well, I can do it too, no problem18:29
micahgok, thanks, was just wondering if I need to do anything here :)18:29
mvomicahg: :) all good, I made a note to sync it when I get up tomorrow morning18:30
micahgmvo: thank you :)18:30
tyhicksseb128: Hi - did the automake distdir.test fail on the buildds without eCryptfs?18:36
tyhicksseb128: or does it only fail inside of eCryptfs mounts?18:36
seb128tyhicks: hi18:37
seb128tyhicks: the buildd fail on another test later on, I hit that one when trying to debug the issue locally18:37
seb128tyhicks: the same test works fine on the buildd on in a directory out of ecryptfs there18:37
tyhicksseb128: Ok, that's all I needed to know18:38
tyhicksseb128: I'm trying to get it triaged18:38
tyhicksseb128: thanks!18:38
seb128tyhicks: thank you for looking to the issue!18:38
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micahgstgraber: should ltsp-client migrate to using fonts-nanum instead of ttf-unfonts-core?19:14
stgrabermicahg: probably19:15
micahgwant a bug?19:15
micahgor an upload :)19:15
stgrabermicahg: nope, added to my todo, I'm doing PPA builds of the new LTSP anyway, so will just include the change in there19:16
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SpamapSslangasek: So, I was thinking I'd add a 'nowait' class to /etc/network/interfaces which is used to subtract interfaces from the ones waited on. Thoughts?19:32
SpamapSstgraber: ^^ you too19:32
SpamapSslangasek: there seem to be a number of users who are willing to RTFM and figure out how to do what used to be easy, which is, have interfaces brought up at boot time that are not waited for.19:33
slangasekSpamapS: how is that different from the existing 'hotplug' class except in name?19:33
SpamapSoh there is already one like that?19:33
slangasekas for "what used to be easy" - it was only ever easy because of bugs, AFAICS19:33
SpamapShotplug isn't mentioned in /etc/init/network-interface.conf or /etc/init/networking.conf ...19:34
slangasekSpamapS: yes, but it's mentioned at the top of interfaces(5) as an example, and it's a class that Debian has historically implemented - if we need to reintroduce it, we should use the same name19:34
SpamapSslangasek: seems like a good idea.. though its kind of hard to resolve, logically, the difference between 'auto' and 'hotplug' in my head.19:35
slangasekyes :)19:35
slangaseky'know, I'd really like it if /etc/init/networking's ifup -a were going away this cycle19:36
infinityYou could always alias nowait to hotplug, just to the lulz. :P19:36
infinitys/to the/for the/19:36
SpamapSslangasek: we all would :)19:36
slangasekinfinity: how can you alias ifupdown "allow" classes?19:37
SpamapSslangasek: at this point, what network interface appears w/o a net-device-added event ?19:37
infinityslangasek: I meant in the code.  As in, make them mean the same thing.19:37
slangasekinfinity: yuck :P19:37
infinityslangasek: ;)19:37
slangasekSpamapS: well, if stgraber caught all the bugs, /etc/init/networking.conf is at best a redundant no-op now, and at worst tries to bring up interfaces before they're ready :)19:38
slangasekstgraber: ^^ have you tried pulling /etc/init/networking.conf off your test systems to confirm that it's no longer needed?19:38
stgraberslangasek: well, there are interfaces that will never be brought up by events19:39
stgrabertunnel interfaces, bridges with no physical interface in them, loopback device in containers, ...19:39
* slangasek shakes his fist19:39
stgraberanything that's not linked to a physical device won't be brought up by the udev magic19:39
infinityI'll note that I have several such interfaces on my machine. :P19:39
slangasekwhich means, unfortunately, that /etc/init/networking.conf continues to risk bringing devices up out of order19:39
infinityPlease no break.19:39
SpamapSslangasek: perhaps we should instrument this... if we have ifup -a log every interface that it thinks should be up, and have net-device-added events recorded.. we could have development-minded folks feed that data back to us and we'd get a picture of what is still missing net-device-added events19:40
stgraberwell, I hope I've added enough "please wait for a minute" code in the pre-up scripts to prevent much of the damage that ifup -a would cause but yeah, it's still a risk19:40
infinitySpamapS: Some devices just plain can't ever have those events.19:40
SpamapSCouldn't we, in theory, fire net-device-added events for soft-controlled interfaces?19:41
slangasekwhy would we do that?19:41
slangasekthat's unnecessary indirection19:41
infinitySpamapS: Chicken and egg, surely, since you want that event to bring up an if...19:41
slangaseksynthesizing an event for your configured soft interfaces just so you can bring up those interfaces19:41
infinityWe could extend interfaces(5) to allow defining triggering events.19:42
infinity(ie: bring up tun0 if eth0 up)19:42
SpamapSso perhaps what would be better would be an enhancement to ifup to only bring up software interfaces .. ifup -a --soft-only19:42
slangasekI would like it if networking.conf were explicitly *only* used for known soft interfaces... but that again would require another class19:42
slangasekand would then require admins to migrate to its use19:42
slangasekso this just dropped several notches on my priority list19:42
SpamapSslangasek: unless ifupdown could detect whether or not an interface is hardware or software... much like mountall decides whether or not a filesystem is local or remote19:43
slangasekit can't and shouldn't19:43
slangasekmaking ifupdown introspect bridge devices to decide whether they have physical interfaces or not would just be wrong19:44
* SpamapS ponders19:45
* infinity curses at rhythmbox-ubuntuone's uninstallability.19:49
micahghmm, that should've have been allowed in the archive yet without gir1.2-ubuntuont-3.0, I wonder who let that in :P19:52
micahggah, can't type today19:52
micahgin any event, dobey should fix ^^19:53
infinitymicahg: I think it's just a typo/thinko?19:53
infinitymicahg: The gir package was renamed to ubuntuoneui to match the library.19:54
micahglooks like it19:54
apregierI have a question about dpkg.  I am looking for a way to share a list of executable files between rules/postinst/prerm.19:54
dobeymicahg, infinity: is there a bug # filed?19:56
infinitydobey: I just noticed it right now while doing livefs builds, so no.19:56
* SpamapS wonders if he has somehow failed his Plus1 maintenance duties by not noticing this earlier19:57
infinitySpamapS: Yes. :P19:57
dobeyinfinity: ok19:57
infinitySpamapS: It's been broken for days, I assume.19:57
SpamapSI was searching for the list of tasks this morning.. and got distracted. :p19:57
micahgnah, was just uploaded19:57
infinitySpamapS: (At least, based on when these uploads were made)19:57
SpamapSYeah since Friday19:57
SpamapSoh, changelog says Friday19:57
infinityBuild logs say Friday too.19:57
dobeypitti approved it today19:57
micahgaccepted 3 hours ago :)19:57
infinityThe libubuntuone change, that is.19:57
micahgoh, yeah, that was last week :)19:58
infinityI guess it's rhtyhmbox-ubuntuone that's broken, though,.19:58
infinitySo, okay.  3 hours.19:58
dobeyyes; anyway, i'm fixing it right now19:58
infinityI missed my window for a hassle-free live build. ;)19:58
dobeyjust wanted to make sure if there was a bug # i need to put in changelog19:58
SpamapSListed indeed.. :-P19:59
* micahg wanted to discuss the icedtea-web one with doko20:00
SpamapSits working fine for me20:02
SpamapSI can install icedtea-6-plugin .. it removes icedtea-plugin as I'd expect it to20:03
micahgSpamapS: it shouldn't do that as icedtea-plugin is a transitional package and it makes upgrades more complicated20:03
rbasakCan a package be in main in some architectures but universe in others?20:04
micahgrbasak: why would you want to do such a thing?20:05
SpamapSmicahg: so perhaps it should just not have the Conflicts ?20:05
micahgSpamapS: should be a breaks/replaces for moved files instead of conflicts/replaces, but I wanted to check with doko if he did that on purpose for some reason20:05
infinityrbasak: Yes, but we don't because it gets confusing fast.20:06
SpamapSmicahg: yeah, Conflicts+Replaces seems like an odd combo20:07
rbasakI think that u-boot-linaro-omap4-panda-splusb should be available on x86. But that would involve build-depending on gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabihf, which is in universe.20:07
slangasekrbasak: any package whose source is in main must have its build dependencies in main, for all archs.20:09
slangasekwhy do you need this available on x86?20:09
infinityrbasak: It builds out of u-boot-linaro sources.  You're asking for the impossible.20:09
rbasakI should be able to usb boot a pandaboard from an x86 machine20:09
infinityrbasak: But we have a long-standing history of people wanting different-arch bootloaders, and the answer is always "download it and unpack it".20:10
infinity(Except in the case of palo, and you don't want to know what was done there)20:10
infinity(It was very, very, very wrong)20:10
slangasekinfinity: wronger than what was done with aboot? :)20:10
sorenstgraber, kees, cjwatson, sabdfl, stgraber, mdz: Friendly reminder: TB meeting in 50 minutes.20:10
rbasakThis involves the u-boot (arm) blob being on an x86 machine. Currently I'd have to apt-get install it on a panda and copy it over, which seems to go against the whole concept of packaging it.20:10
rbasakthanks infinity20:10
dobeyinfinity, micahg: fix uploaded. sorry about that.20:10
rbasakI guess that's my answer20:10
stgrabersoren: thanks20:11
infinityslangasek: It builds it in the clean target if arch=hppa, then includes the binary in the source package, and the build then makes an arch:all deb.20:11
sorencjwatson: I did see your apologies, but they didn't sound very definitive, hence the reminder anyway.20:11
infinityslangasek: Can it get worse?20:11
micahgdobey: thanks for the quick action20:11
slangasekinfinity: ah - yes, that's worse than aboot. ;)20:11
slangasekrbasak: and why do you want only the uboot blob on the x86 machine?  Don't you want an entire bootable system on the x86 machine?20:12
slangasekand at that point, I think it's clear that "installing the package on the x86 host" is the wrong model20:13
rbasakslangasek: I just want to set off a netboot.20:13
rbasakI'd like to package this because then setting up a machine that can bootstrap pandas would be very easy20:14
rbasak(as easy as cobbler makes this for traditional machines)20:14
slangasekI don't think that's something we want to support20:14
SpamapSslangasek: PXE booting lots of ARM servers from x86 servers? That seems like exactly what we want to support.... or am I over simplifying the task?20:15
slangasekbuild-depending on a cross-compiler in order to build binary packages of one arch containing binaries of another arch - fail20:15
slangasekSpamapS: sure we want to support that.  We don't want to support what rbasak is proposing with the build-dependencies20:15
* SpamapS read "bootstrap" as PXE boot, and now realizes his error.20:16
slangasekthere are three options here you could reasonably use20:16
slangasek- grab the arm package and manually unpack it20:16
infinityrbasak: It's not really rocket science to grab the latest _armhf.deb from a mirror and unpack and extract the binary you need, is it?20:16
infinityrbasak: This is what, for instance, debian-cd does to grab bootloaders to jam onto CDs.20:16
rbasakinfinity: no, but it is really ugly to automate it20:16
micahgports has mirrors?20:16
infinitymicahg: It has one. :P20:17
rbasakinfinity: it does not work when you consider configuration management20:17
slangasek- make the uboot package binary blob bits arch: all so that they can be installed anywhere (except that this again requires the cross-compiler build-dep since arch: all packages are always built on i386 -ohwell)20:17
infinitymicahg: (In that ports != ftpmaster)20:17
slangasek- use multiarch to cross-install the package20:17
SpamapSI don't think that would be too ugly to automate. We can have armhf as a foreign arch in apt and use apt-get download directly, can't we?20:17
infinityslangasek: Or it requires fixing the longstanding wishlist to have arch:all affinity have source package granularity.20:17
slangasekinfinity: or that, yes20:18
infinityslangasek: (In LP)20:18
infinityIt's not actually hard to do.  It's just another set of round tuits someone needs to find.20:18
micahginfinity beat me to it :)20:18
slangasekadded debian/patches/CVS/Entries20:18
micahgthat's at least 2 reasons to cry20:19
slangasekbarry: hum, just had a weird experience doing a 'bzr pull' on a Debian UDD branch...20:23
slangasekUnapplying quilt patches to prevent spurious conflicts20:23
dobeyinfinity, micahg: i also just proposed https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/precise/banshee/drop-u1ms/+merge/91713 which drops the extension from the banshee builds, so it won't FTBFS in the future.20:31
barryslangasek: what package?20:39
slangasekbarry: nfs-utils debian testing branch... I expect it's generally reproducible with any bzr pull that pulls new revisions however, based on the behavior seen here20:40
slangasekand unapplying seems like it should only be done on a merge, not a pull?20:40
barryslangasek: agreed20:40
barryslangasek: so you branched, and then later pulled, and the latter tried to unapply the patches?20:41
barryslangasek: definitely file a bug on the udd project20:42
slangasekyep, that's what happened20:43
barryverified that if nothing needs to be pulled, the patches are not unapplied20:44
slangasekbarry: bug #92787820:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927878 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "bzr merge quilt handling unapplies patches unnecessarily on 'bzr pull'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92787820:44
micahgdobey: thanks, I'd let the cli-team take a look at that (laney, hyperair)20:45
sabdflsoren, ack, thanks20:48
pittibdmurray: fine for me; I just thought they wouldn't be that useful20:53
pittibdmurray: I'll merge your branch20:54
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pittiinfinity: why does it break live-build? I didn't upload u-meta with the seed change yet20:55
infinitypitti: Because rhythmbox-ubuntuone had a dep on a nonexistant package.20:55
infinitypitti: All fixed now.20:55
pittifair enough, but what pulls in rb-u1?20:55
pittiAFAIK I merely seeded it?20:56
infinityNo idea.  Didn't check.20:56
pittiok, thanks20:56
pittisorry, didn't spot the missing dep during binNEW20:56
infinity(Sorry, in meetings, a bit terse)20:56
* pitti too20:56
bdmurraypitti: thanks20:56
sorenpitti: tb meeting21:00
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micahgBug #927917  looks bad22:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927917 in Ubuntu "Changing a partition type from ext3 to ext4 with Formatting unchecked in Ubuntu 12.1 installer formatted the partitions and erased everything" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92791722:01
bkerensaslangasek: Did you by any chance take care of the multiarch patches that blkperl messed up on? He asked me to transition the packages he did because apparently they were not transitioned properly  #651008 #651009 #651010 on BTS22:03
bkerensaI dont wanna re-do them if you or someone else already did22:03
slangasekbkerensa: all the libraries that were on our list at the localjam have been followed through on by now :)22:48
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bkerensaslangasek: Ok thanks :D23:22
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bdmurrayslangasek: bug 911436 will appear in a lot of packages correct?23:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 911436 in p11-kit (Ubuntu) "https crashed with SIGSEGV in lookup_or_create_bucket()" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91143623:55
slangasekbdmurray: it can happen during the upgrade of any package; or are you asking if it affects other packages besides apt?23:56
bdmurraybug 927317 has a similar stacktrace but is about cups and lpstat23:57
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 927317 could not be found23:57
slangasekright - it can affect anything that uses libp11-kit0... which is anything that uses gnutls, basically23:59
slangasekso yes, rather a lot of packages may be affected23:59

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