diwicHi! The wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure is completely crazy and you're more likely to destroy your sound stack than to fix it if you use the instructions. Yet someone seems to maintain it. What is the suggested course of action?11:26
head_victimdiwic: My suggestion, have a play around with creating a new page in a sandbox area and seeing if you can correct the issues.11:33
head_victimOr if it's just a line or two here and there, edit it in place (but add comments to why you've changed it)11:33
diwichead_victim, at least 90% of the page is broken.11:34
diwichead_victim, and we have official guides for sound troubleshooting11:34
head_victimdiwic: Maybe just contact the "maintainer" and suggest it be set up as a redirect to the official guide?11:35
head_victimIt would seem odd to duplicate an official guide with an unofficial guide.11:37
head_victimHmm https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting has a note at the top referring people to the official one. Perhaps that's a better idea.11:38
diwichead_victim, yeah, I just added that one.11:38
diwichead_victim, because it seemed old, outdated and unmaintained. But this one is 1) even worse in terms of quality and 2) someone seems to maintain it11:39
head_victimWhy is the "official" one on wiki.u.c though, help.u.c is more suitable for that sort of information I would have thought.11:39
diwichead_victim> Why is the "official" one on wiki.u.c though <- well, of that I have no idea, and I'm happy to have the official one anywhere.11:40
head_victimwiki.u.c is more for team collaboration, help.u.c is for user documentation, sorry little bug bear of mine :)11:41
head_victimAnyway, if it's really that out of date I'd suggest liaising with the maintainer of the other document and discussing why they think it's necessary to have so much broken information there. They maybe just have added to stuff without ever culling or something. If you get no luck, email the -doc ML to see if a consensus could be reached.11:42
head_victimAnd on that note I have to head AFK. If no one else drops by to help with the question I'd hit up the ML.11:42
diwicok, thanks.11:43
head_victimHah, I just looked up your launchpad page. To be honest, if you're suggesting something is broken, just point elsewhere or change it. You appear to be in a position of knowledge that would be hard to rival.11:45
diwichead_victim, heh, thanks :-) I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; want to nurish the community11:46
head_victimBut if you want to tread carefully/nicely making it public on the mailing list might be ccovering yourself more considering the level of maintaining the other person appears to have done.11:46
diwicand I'm afraid that using too rough hands might scare people off11:46
head_victimdiwic: no problems, community is what makes Ubuntu what it is.11:46
diwicmaybe I should start a general discussion about it on the #ubuntu-doc ML?11:49
head_victimAt least point out the possible pitfalls of the current structure and suggest what items could be improved.11:50

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