sherifIE cannot be installed here right?09:27
elacheche_anisWhy do you need IE :o :o O_o09:27
sherifcuz my uni website need it for resgistration09:28
sherifi have to use it sometimes09:28
elacheche_anisFF can't do the job for you?09:28
elacheche_anisor maybe Google Chrome?09:29
sherifim on chrome09:29
sherifbut some pages cannot be open except by IE09:29
elacheche_anisok.. You can install IE using WINE09:29
sherifwill it work well?09:31
elacheche_anisHave no idea.. but you can try it.. If you have winetricks it can help you to install a working version of IE on ubuntu09:31
sherifi c09:34
sherifwell how can i get wine09:35
elacheche_anisopen the software center and search for wine and winetricks.. or you can do it using the terminal too by writing: sudo apt-get install wine1.3 winetricks09:36
sherifits 1.2.309:37
sherifat the site09:37
elacheche_anis1.3 is available  too09:38
elacheche_anisyou can just type wine, but it will install the v1.2.. the 1.3 is better then the 1.209:39
sheriftheres 1.409:39
elacheche_anishave no idea about the 1.409:39
sherifbut still in development09:39
elacheche_anis1.3 is stable and available in ubuntu09:40
sherifdo u use it09:40
elacheche_anisyeah I do.. But not with IE.. I install other WinBug apps..09:41
sherifwill it let me install ie?09:42
elacheche_anisof course09:42
sherifor earlier09:44
elacheche_anishave no idea, sorry..09:45
sherifok ty09:50
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=== seiflotfy is now known as seifstrup
thelinuxerpinkish-gurl: hi12:24
pinkish-gurlhow u doin12:24
thelinuxerpinkish-gurl: fine, need any help ?12:24
pinkish-gurlWhy its so quiet in here12:24
thelinuxermostly because people are at work :)12:24
pinkish-gurldo i suppose to need help to come in here?12:25
thelinuxerof course not12:25
thelinuxerit was just a question12:25
pinkish-gurlIs this room for egyptians livin abroad?12:25
thelinuxerno it is the Egyptian community channel for Ubuntu operating system12:26
ashamsthelinuxer, How r u doing?15:06
thelinuxerashams: fine el7l15:11
thelinuxerenta 3amel eih ?15:11
ashamsTamam el7amdo lellah15:12
ashamsI barely saw your ping after meting15:12
ashamsIt was already shutting down15:12
thelinuxerashams: np I would have attended law kont 3aref eno el meeting 7aye7sal ..15:13
thelinuxerbas 7'adt baly we howa beye7'las :D15:14
ashamsyeah, I was there hopeless that ppl will show up :-)15:15
thelinuxeri have a small comment btw ...15:15
thelinuxerashams: the last meeting was just a repetition of what the community agreed upon in our last meeting ... am I correct ?15:16
ashamsthelinuxer, almost yes15:16
thelinuxerashams: theny15:16
thelinuxer* ?15:16
ashamsbut yo know, we can not go ahead without thier confirmation15:16
ashamsI could just use their agree on it to go ahead15:17
thelinuxerok here is y I am saying this ...15:17
ashamsbut I can't, until they discuss it15:18
ashamsthey need to *lively* confirm it15:18
ashamsin a meeting :-)15:18
thelinuxerwhat does lively mean ?15:18
ashams= they should say *Yes* let's do it or let's wait15:19
thelinuxerfor instance having a detailed membership process is more important that discussing what FG we should have, am I right ?15:19
ashamsbut in all cases, I guess, we r going to deploy all at once15:19
ashamswe can not discuss a 2nd level idea without discussing it's parent15:20
thelinuxerthis is not a 2nd level idea ...15:21
thelinuxerand the parent idea has been discussed before ...15:21
thelinuxeralso the parent idea can be abstract15:22
thelinuxerwithout going into details, talama mafeesh dependency ya3ny15:22
ashamsman, I needed to re-discuss how council members can be elected, what if they chosen to make it a group of elected leaders of FGs?15:23
ashamsI think, one idea may need to be discussed a couple of times before things get ready15:24
thelinuxerI am not talking about this part! I am talking about discussing the different FGs15:25
thelinuxerhow many should we have15:25
thelinuxerthe difference between PR and marketing ..etc15:25
ashamsone sec15:25
ashamsAlanBell, Welcome :-)15:27
AlanBellthere you go :)15:27
ashamsAlanBell, Thanks :-)15:28
thelinuxerhi AlanBell15:28
AlanBellhi o/15:28
AlanBellhey HazRPG o/15:28
ashamsthelinuxer, what you mean with with, "different FGs", sorry15:29
thelinuxeri alrady said it!15:30
thelinuxertoo many details15:31
thelinuxerur discussing how many should we have15:31
thelinuxerwhat groups should be merged in what ...15:31
thelinuxerthese stuff doesn't need double approvals especially now15:31
thelinuxerand of course it's always subject to change according to every groups state15:31
thelinuxerand is expected to be dynamic to allow freedom in the groups15:32
thelinuxerhere is why i saying this15:32
thelinuxerwe only have 2-3 month left15:32
thelinuxerand we should start accepting members15:32
thelinuxerwe have enough members for the elections at least15:33
thelinuxerso this can be prepared quickly and the process should start15:33
ashamsso, would you help me with the agenda for next time?: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/Agendas/2012-02-1015:33
thelinuxerand the council will review the applications privately (if you want it like this)15:33
thelinuxerashams: momken 2a2ool 7aga men 3'eer matdereb :D ?15:34
ashamsthelinuxer, I can't promise ;)15:34
thelinuxeremsa7ha :D15:34
thelinuxeri guess we have a draft for the membership process15:34
thelinuxerwe can adjust it a little bit and send it to the council15:35
* ashams looking for it15:35
thelinuxerthen discuss it in the meeting and announce the first membership meeting date15:35
ashamsthelinuxer, myself, I object that membership method :)15:36
thelinuxerwhat method ?!15:36
thelinuxerhowa feeh method aslan :D15:36
ashamsI mean, gain membership to nominate yourself15:36
ashamsI love nomination to be very open to public15:37
thelinuxerthen y did u agree on it in the first place ?15:37
ashamsWazery, Welcome15:37
ashamsah, that's embarrassing15:38
thelinuxerwhat's embarrassing ?15:38
ashamsI can't remember actually, if I argeed or not15:38
thelinuxeri guess we discussed this thoroughly and said we will do it to prevent random voting15:39
thelinuxerand it's the same as the normal ubuntu-membership process15:39
thelinuxeru HAVE to be a member to vote15:39
ashamsman, it's just a LOCO15:40
ashamsit's not a big thing15:40
ashamsand we should be encouraging15:40
ashamsto participate in everything15:40
ashamsit's not very necessary that ppl join the council be thoroughly chosen15:41
thelinuxerso what if someone was brought 10 of his friends to vote for him even if he hadn't participated in anything , would that be cool for u ?15:41
ashamsbut I think, it's very vital that everyone can participate in alomst everythin15:41
ashamsthelinuxer, of course nooooo15:42
thelinuxerbas i rest my case ..15:42
ashamsbut closing it is not a very good solution too15:43
thelinuxerbos ...15:43
thelinuxerpeople has to be part of the community if they want to nominate themselves to be council members, i guess this is simple enough as a rule ... right ?15:43
ashams"part of the community" is 3ebara mattata :)15:44
ashamswhy not, join an FG to be able to nominate for council ?15:45
thelinuxeris the rule right or wrong ? answer this so i can complete ...15:45
thelinuxerand here is the part where we need to define the "part of the community"15:46
ashamsmeetingology, hi :-)15:46
meetingologyashams: Error: "hi" is not a valid command.15:46
ashamshehehehe :-)15:46
thelinuxerit can be 6 month members in an FG15:46
thelinuxerit can be some online work with facebook bla bla15:46
thelinuxerand so on15:46
thelinuxerthis is the definition that needs to be created15:46
thelinuxerand i totally against being able to nominate yourself once you join a group!15:47
ashamswon't this replace membership process?15:47
ashamswhy we need membership, if so?15:48
ashams((Poker Face))15:48
ashamswe can have voting inside FGs too15:48
thelinuxerok here is the final part "applying for membership"15:48
thelinuxeris this the part ur against ?15:48
ashamsok, go ahead15:48
ashamsyes, somehow, membership restricts some natural rights of everyone15:49
thelinuxernope it doesn't15:49
thelinuxeri think we're going in circles here ...15:49
ashamsme too15:50
ashamsbut which circle, i can't find15:50
thelinuxershould we or should we not allow everybody to vote ? by everybody I mean anyone who can reach the voting link15:50
thelinuxerwithout any kind of restriction ..15:50
thelinuxercause this is what ur asking for ..15:50
ashamsshould not15:50
thelinuxerand this is what u just just said a few minutes ago that ur against15:51
thelinuxerso naturally we should restrict voting15:51
thelinuxerto a selective set15:51
ashamsit needs to be naturally open15:51
ashamsnot naturally restricted15:51
ashamslike, you can vote if you're active in any fg15:52
ashamsjoining fg, is almost open15:52
ashamswith showing history, or experience15:52
ashamsyou remeber when you agreed on15:53
ashamson the bug control style of accepting members15:53
ashamsquestions you answer and send to the whole team, they look at it, then in a certain period, they + or -115:54
ashamssee, it's open :-)15:54
ashamsr u okay?15:55
thelinuxerjust trying to understand/remember ..15:55
ashamswell, I got a semi-heart attack after watching ppl's assembly too :-(15:56
thelinuxerexpected, lets not get distracted ..15:56
thelinuxerbos I guess you're mixing stuff together .15:56
ashamsI like to do so...15:57
thelinuxerseif suggested that the process to be in private to avoid embarrassments for the applicant15:57
ashamsyeah I +1 this too15:57
thelinuxerand he suggested that there should be some mentor to guide the applicant through the process to save council time15:57
ashamsthat would be FG members15:58
thelinuxerthen the council will +1 / -115:58
thelinuxerit doesn't matter15:58
thelinuxerit can be anyone with experience about the process15:58
ashamsyou're talking about the membership process, right15:58
thelinuxeryes ..15:59
ashamsI'm talking about denyin that idea as a whole15:59
ashamsthen making use of ppl already in fgs15:59
thelinuxeri know ya shams and that's y it' getting freakishly weird cause we had this conversation over and over again ...15:59
ashamsok ,go ahead plz16:00
thelinuxeru agreed on this process in a meeting with other people with us!16:00
ashamsI remade my mind16:00
thelinuxerthen it looks like i made a mistake by not entering the council :)16:01
thelinuxeri thought we agreed on this and expected the opposition to come from anyone else16:01
ashamsthat's what I was saying about a month ago16:01
thelinuxersaying what ?16:02
ashamsthelinuxer, you should join it16:02
ashamsman, I believe there can be no 2 opinions if ppl talk16:02
ashamsso, I'll define why I don't like it16:03
ashamsand will send the whole thing to the public ml16:03
thelinuxerno don't16:03
thelinuxerit will cause a lot of confusion 3ala el fady16:03
ashamsthat would cause a fuss16:03
ashamsso, to council ml?16:03
thelinuxertell u what ...16:04
thelinuxerit's your responsibility now (+ other council members)16:04
thelinuxeri have nothing to do with it16:04
ashamswhat is that16:04
ashamsthat's wrong16:05
thelinuxerno it's not16:05
ashamsI don't have responsibility......16:05
thelinuxeri chose not to be with the council to avoid enforcing anything on the community16:05
thelinuxeri was only pushing stuff forward to accelerate the process16:06
thelinuxerbut if we don't agree about the process then I have nothing more to do16:06
ashamsdude, is not the whole thing about, who can be nominated and who can vote?16:07
ashamsjust making sure I'm not talking in another subject16:08
thelinuxerr u pointing out the point where we can't agree ?16:08
ashamsyes :)16:09
ashamsthelinuxer, why you prefer the idea of membership process over "fg membership grants voting right"?16:09
thelinuxerif course yes ..16:10
thelinuxerbecause we said FG will be completely open, anyone can create any FG16:10
thelinuxerwith some exceptions for specific FGs16:10
thelinuxerso joining will be open for most groups16:11
ashamsah, now I seeeeeeeeeee16:11
thelinuxerso we will be opening the voting thing for everyone16:11
ashamsthat's a very good point16:11
thelinuxerna3am ya a7'oooooooooooya !!!w16:12
* thelinuxer ROFL16:12
ashamsok, I'm remaking my mind......16:12
ashamsshit, i'm stupid16:12
thelinuxerno ur not ur stubborn :D16:13
ashamsheheheehehe lol16:14
thelinuxertayeb weselna le eih ?16:14
ashamsbut, membership process is a lot16:14
ashamsit's just a loco16:14
thelinuxerno it's not16:14
thelinuxerya basha this process exists in a lot of LoCos16:14
thelinuxerand we can simplify it16:14
thelinuxercreate our own version16:15
ashamswon't this severely harm our encouraging environment16:15
thelinuxerno it won't16:15
thelinuxerit may even encourage it16:15
thelinuxerpeople can join and start working16:15
thelinuxerno eih bas tany ?!16:15
thelinuxeru worked for your membership @ubuntu16:15
ashamsit'll be encouraging it to be complex(work to gain membership)16:16
ashamsnot natural work16:16
ashamsyes, i did :-)16:16
thelinuxerit doesn't have to be complex yabny16:16
thelinuxerit can be a simple rule like being a member for 6 month and have testimonials from other members16:17
thelinuxersomething simple to control it bas16:17
ashamsok, i like this one16:17
ashamsbut no mmeting16:17
thelinuxers/he has to send an application or something16:18
thelinuxerto show his/her desire in becoming a member16:18
thelinuxerthe meeting will just finalize the process16:18
thelinuxerfor instance after being accepted he will be added to a certain group16:19
ashamsno meeting please, it'd be a lot16:19
thelinuxeru focus on minor details again16:19
ashamsman, let's keep it very simple16:19
thelinuxersimple ezay ?16:20
ashamswhat about, questions to answer and send to the general ml, then they + or -1?16:20
ashamsbeside testamonials16:20
ashamstestimonials *16:20
thelinuxerit's not the general ml job16:21
thelinuxerwho will take the decision ?16:21
ashamslet's give it a fixed period, then the council collects votes and decide16:22
ashamssay, a week16:22
ashamsjust for better transparency...16:22
thelinuxerany method is fine talama the council will decide ..16:23
ashamsyeahm that's a good point too16:23
thelinuxermomken yekoon title mo3ayen fel subject16:24
thelinuxerwe ne3mel app tecollect el thread deh ;)16:24
ashamswho is talking about details now????????16:24
thelinuxeru bardo!16:25
thelinuxeru r the one talking about the methods16:25
ashamsbyw: can't we get our own ML server?16:25
thelinuxer3ala fekra applications could get easily lost law el council kano masho3'oleen fe 7agat tanya16:25
thelinuxery our own ml server ?16:26
ashamsthelinuxer, That'd would be ahsaming deed16:26
ashamswe'll add it to the responsibilities of council16:27
ashamsthelinuxer, getting ml server, to have our mls instead of using lp16:27
thelinuxerya3ny i really don't care much about the techinicalities if a problem arises we will fix it isA16:27
thelinuxerwe can use lists.ubuntu.com16:28
ashamsok, good enough16:28
ashamslists.u.c is not available that much16:28
ashamsjusts for locos, one ml, and very connected teams to project16:28
thelinuxertayeb delwa2ty 3ereft leeh I am concerned about the proposed agenda ?16:29
ashamsman, would you add items you see necessary?16:29
thelinuxerI told u fel awel ya man16:30
thelinuxerit's really too early to discuss the points in the current agenda16:30
thelinuxermasalan u can discuss "How can people join council?"  "Who can vote?" and prepare the documents for these 216:31
thelinuxerhowa el meeting ad eih ?16:31
ashams1-2-3 hrs :)16:32
ashamsthelinuxer, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyptTeam/Meetings/Agendas/2012-02-10?highlight=%28How%20can%20ppl%20join%20Council%2916:33
thelinuxertayeb bos ..16:34
thelinuxerDo u agree en el membership process is really important to discuss ?16:34
thelinuxerand should be started now on council ml to be able to take a decision by next meeting ?16:35
ashamsshould be finished as soon as possible16:35
thelinuxerso this should on the top of the current agenda16:36
thelinuxerand we should write the draft and send it to the council ASAP16:36
ashamsah, you afraid that the meeting will finish without deciding it16:37
thelinuxerinitiate the discussion before the meeting to accelerate the process ..16:37
ashamswhich council?16:37
thelinuxerour council of course16:37
ashamsah, i got it16:37
ashamsman, have you smelled tear-gas before?16:37
ashamsI mean enough?16:37
thelinuxeryes both kinds we have in Egypt16:38
thelinuxerwhat do u mean by enough :D?16:38
ashamsdoes it have some effct on the long run?16:38
ashamsnervous effect*16:38
thelinuxerAFAIK the new gas16:38
thelinuxeryes yes this is what I heard16:38
thelinuxerhowa men emta shameeto ?16:39
thelinuxerfor instance this didn't happen to me16:39
thelinuxerbut a friend reported that he was almost crazy for 3 days16:39
thelinuxerbas el 7amdulelah he's normal now16:39
ashamsyes, I'm almost crazy16:40
thelinuxerother long term effects I really don't know about htem16:40
thelinuxerba2alak ad eih ?16:40
ashamsfrom sat morning16:40
ashamsI think I had a light heart attack today16:40
thelinuxerr u serious ?16:40
ashamssure it was a hell pain in heart for about a minute16:41
ashamslike pulses16:41
thelinuxeractually if ur having a heart attack u should feel pain in your shoulder, don't remember left or right16:41
thelinuxergo to a doctor now16:41
ashamswill try16:41
ashamsone minute, prayer16:42
thelinuxer7ad shafak fel mostashfa el midany ?16:42
thelinuxeri will go home now16:42
ashamsnooooo, it happened today16:42
thelinuxercatch u later16:42
ashamsok, bye16:42
thelinuxeri mean when u were exposed to the tear gas16:42
thelinuxerro7t el mostashfa el midany walla2 la2 ?16:42
thelinuxeri think they know how to treat the effects16:43

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