nigelbGuten morgen YoBoY 06:59
YoBoYhow are you nigelb ? :)07:00
nigelbOut sick today.07:00
YoBoYsick too but at work ^^"07:01
dholbachgood morning07:53
lReghinahi I have a problem with my colours . I see white as PINK10:47
lReghinacan you help me? I'm not a computer genius10:47
lReghinaCiao a tutti 10:48
lReghinaho un promblema con i colori dello schermo . Vedo il bianco come Rosa10:49
lReghinaC'รจ qualcuno che mi possa aiutara?10:49
ReghinaI have a problem with my colours. I see WHITE as PINK10:50
yo_I wnat to setup my local android maarket for my android based devices...13:06
yo_any one can help me13:07
mhall119yo_: there's probably a more helpful place for android questions13:07
mhall119we're here to support Ubuntu local teams13:07
jo-erlendI love that quit message. "Page closed". :)13:53
paultagwe should get freenode to change it to "Rage Quit"14:39
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Daniel0108hey guys, is it possible to get at.ubuntu.com for my loco?19:11
JanCDaniel0108: are you from the Austrian loco team?19:16
cjohnstonDaniel0108: probably not.. normally its a full domain name19:17
JanCDaniel0108: locoteams use domain names like ubuntu-at.org19:17
Daniel0108JanC, oh, okay19:20

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