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TheOpenSourcererOh dear, just updated to FF10 on 10.10 Desktop and it keeps crashing on *every* load.07:30
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: have you tried in a new profile?07:41
micahgalso, do you have a crash id?07:41
TheOpenSourcererIf I run from a clean profile it all seems OK.07:41
TheOpenSourcererBut due to me being stuping I think I have justblown my Fireforx sync account :-(07:42
TheOpenSourcererWhere do I get the crash id from micahg07:43
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: about:crashes07:43
TheOpenSourcererThat's OK if you can get to it, but as soon as try to actually "do" anything FF crashes again.07:44
TheOpenSourcererEven in a new clean profile07:44
micahgwow, that's not good07:44
micahgyou can also find them in  ~/.mozilla/firefox/Crash\ Reports/07:45
TheOpenSourcererLasrCrash says: 132851417507:46
micahghmm, anything in that directory that I mentioned? it'll show crashids from Mozilla that they correlate07:46
micahgthat's the timestamp07:46
TheOpenSourcererIn the pending dir there are  loads of dmp & extra files07:47
TheOpenSourcerersome recent some old07:47
TheOpenSourcererCrash ID: bp-b6916bad-ba6c-4865-a73a-c1d5a212020607:48
micahgI think that one's old, do you have a recent one?07:55
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 50 2012-02-06 07:37 bp-b6916bad-ba6c-4865-a73a-c1d5a2120206.txt07:55
TheOpenSourcererThat one was written 15mins ago.07:55
micahgah, it could still be in processing07:56
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 50 2012-02-06 07:25 bp-c4bb0df2-05f0-42dd-b12c-890b72120206.txt07:56
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 50 2012-02-06 07:27 bp-aafcacb7-19a4-4661-9203-ea34f2120206.txt07:56
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 50 2012-02-06 07:23 bp-8ed4cd7c-e2cb-46be-9799-8ca592120206.txt07:56
TheOpenSourcerer-rw-r--r-- 1 alord alord 50 2012-02-06 07:26 bp-6fb8e64b-372b-4d4c-98a8-c79942120206.txt07:56
TheOpenSourcererThose are all from this morning.07:57
TheOpenSourcererin the "submitted" dir.07:57
micahghmm, weird07:58
TheOpenSourcererHave to go and do the school run. bbl07:58
micahgok, I guess I just have to wait a little07:58
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: ok, check in with me this evening and I'll see if anything comes up07:58
TheOpenSourcererOK - Am on 10.10 64bit if that helps07:59
TheOpenSourcererUsing this ppa http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu08:00
micahgwell, 10.0 is from maverick-security, not the PPA08:00
TheOpenSourcererOh OK.08:02
TheOpenSourcererThat's still in my sources.list..d should I remove it then?08:02
micahgumm, it won't hurt anything (it'll be disabled on upgrade anyways)08:04
TheOpenSourcererRe-installing firefox before I take kids to school. Will shutdown and restart when I get back.08:08
micahgchrisccoulson: could you look into the above crash signatures for Firefox?08:55
micahgand good morning BTW :)08:55
TheOpenSourcererif you are still around micahg a re-install and/or reboot did not fix it. Firefox seems OK in a new profile but badly broken in my main one... The one for 50 open tabs and years of history and cookies :-(09:30
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: the crash reports came though, I asked chrisccoulson to take a look (he's our Firefox expert)09:30
* micahg needs to get to sleep now09:31
TheOpenSourcererMany thanks. I have a backup of my .mozilla dir from last night (before I updated to 10) so I might see if I can replace it with a backup and try again later, but I need to get on with some work...09:31
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: you could also try disabling your addons, and re-enabling one by one to see if one of them is at fault09:32
TheOpenSourcererOK - Good idea. Thanks.09:32
TheOpenSourcererHave a nice sleep :-)09:32
micahgTheOpenSourcerer: firefox -safe-mode would also be worth a shot in the older profile09:33
TheOpenSourcererInteresting... with -safe-mode it seems to work09:34
TheOpenSourcererOK Will go and try disabling extensions.09:35
TheOpenSourcererJust for completeness-sake Firefox now seems to be working OK on my old profile after I removed SpiderOak, Selenium and Stumbleupon extensions (I didn't use them much anyway so no loss). Thanks for the help and advice.09:45
chrisccoulsonTheOpenSourcerer, any idea which of those actually causes the crash?09:47
TheOpenSourcererNot really (Selenium consisted of about 8 separate extensions). I needed to get on with some work so just got rid of what I never used.09:48
TheOpenSourcererchrisccoulson: As I have a backup of the profile, if I get a minute later on I can try probably recreating the problem09:49
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