dpmgood morning all08:15
jokerdinohi there.08:55
kelemengabordpm: hi, since when do I have access to the +configure-bugtracker page of ubuntu-translations?16:49
kelemengaborhm, I think I'll just tick this box: Expire "Incomplete" bug reports when they become inactive16:50
dpmkelemengabor, on the phone, let me come back to you some minutes16:50
kelemengaborIIRC we wanted to do this16:50
dpmkelemengabor, ok, I'm back. I think since I set the ubuntu-translations-coordinators team to be the driver for the project, everyone in there has permissions to change project settings.16:59
dpm+1 on the change17:00
dpmthanks kelemengabor ;)17:57

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