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* popey hugs andylockran 00:27
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exobuzzchrist. im such an idiot.. rested touchpad against a unstable object watching a video. saw it toppling, dived underneath, throwing drink all over myself and the touchpad, albeit saving the touchpad from a hard fall. could be called a good save id it wasnt for my own stupidity in the first place..01:06
exobuzzhardware seems fine.. well the touchpad.. i think i bruised myself. heh01:07
exobuzznote to self.. although the loo roll in the kitchen seemed stable, it was a really dumb ass choice of rest..01:07
Azelphuroops o.O02:20
imexilHi, anyone using chromium on ubuntu. I was wondering how I could get the menu bar integration actiavted. (I'm on 11.10)07:39
TheOpenSourcererFirefox has just badly starting crashing on me sine it updated to v10 this morning. It won't even let me login to Google ffs, in a new profile :-( Think it'll be a mostly chrome day today...)07:58
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daubersLooks like my car battery needs to be replaced :(08:45
dwatkinsmorning folks08:50
dwatkinsdaubers: problems starting the car?08:50
daubersdwatkins: Occasionally it's taking more to turn over :( Trying to trickle charge the battery back to life, but it's not really taking any ampage08:51
dwatkinsdaubers: petrol or diesel?08:51
diplodaubers, Mine gets like that in the winter, especially with the minus degrees we have been getting08:52
dwatkinsI had troubles last winter, turned out my diesel's glow plugs were on their way out so the engine wasn't pre-warming enough.08:54
diploAh that is a good thought08:55
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DJonesMorning all09:03
daubersdwatkins: diesel09:16
daubersdwatkins: glow plugs where replaced 6 months ago in the service09:16
dwatkinsdaubers: oh, hmm09:16
daubersdwatkins: Battery is possibly 10 years old09:20
popeydoes it get used daily?09:21
popeyimexil: menu bar integration?09:21
imexilhi popey09:21
imexilyes, I still have the "close" "minimise" and "maximise icons sitting on the tab row and not in the top row09:22
dwatkinsdaubers: ah ok, perhaps best to get it replaced, then - you need quite a lot of current for the glowplugs09:22
popeyimexil: hit the spanner and choose settings09:23
* TheOpenSourcerer appears to have just received a large number of new OpenERP leads :-)09:23
popeyimexil: there's an option to use the native theme09:23
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: yay09:24
TheOpenSourcerer~38 by the looks of it09:24
AlanBellabout that09:24
* popey wonders if Daviey made it back from fosdem09:24
imexilpopey: found it THANKS!09:24
* TheOpenSourcerer thinks the phone may a tad warm for a while.09:24
popeyhmm, hdmi port on x220 doesn't look like standard hdmi09:24
AlanBellthey did manage to pass us one of the other partners as a lead09:24
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:24
TheOpenSourcererYeah - I saw that ;-)09:25
* brobostigon shakes his fist at all these mono updates in debian.09:26
daubersdwatkins: yeah, the short commute to work is probably making it a lot worse too09:26
* TheOpenSourcerer makes a tarball of his backed up ff profile from last night. Since this morning (after updating to 10) firefox crashes repeatedly...09:26
TheOpenSourcererLooks like it will be a Chrome only day today.09:26
ali1234updating... to 10?09:27
ali1234i'm on 1109:27
dwatkinsdaubers: yeah, I imagine it might09:27
TheOpenSourcererali1234: Firefox 11 is not released09:27
brobostigon11 is beta.09:27
ali1234it's what i have...09:27
TheOpenSourcererAnyway that is moot. Firefox managed to completely break this morning. Badly.09:28
ali1234does anyone ever use tab groups?09:28
popeybrobostigon: you can uninstall mono if you don't use any mono apps09:28
oimonhow weird. 2 gmail chat windows in chromium were using 60% of cpu09:28
oimonand 600mb ram09:28
brobostigonpopey: only one i use, it that notetaking app, i cant remember what it is called.09:28
brobostigontomboy, that is it.09:30
* daubers doesn't mind mono09:31
daubersc# isn't a bad language09:31
popeybrobostigon: do you use the sync feature of tomboy?09:37
oimontomboy sync  is the main reason i use ubuntu one09:38
brobostigonpopey: yes, i have it synced to a folder in my dropbox.09:39
oimonbrobostigon: does gnote not offer that functionality?09:39
brobostigonoimon: never tried it, no idea.09:39
popeyno oimon09:40
popeyit doesnt do sync09:40
oimonhow lame09:40
popeywhich is why i was asking if brobostigon used the sync feature09:40
oimoni use docky for mono also, but i understand it's getting rewritten in vala  for elementary09:41
brobostigonit would be good though, if tomboy could start in login.09:41
popeyit can09:41
brobostigonpopey: how?09:41
popeyi have it started at login on my ubuntu machine09:41
popeydunno on debian, I use unity on ubuntu which has a 'startup applications' thing in the cog in the corner09:41
brobostigonthere might be something similer for gnome3.09:42
* Daviey did09:44
Davieypopey: :)09:44
* directhex lands09:47
brobostigongnome-session-properties, is the app. :)09:48
* brobostigon wonders what directhex jumped out of, to have landed?09:56
gordhum. went off to make coffee, came back and the computer was asking for my password. just put it in so i could get on with things. possibly not the best with security me09:56
brobostigonah, lol. ok. :)09:57
oimonbrobostigon: popey , since you are using dropbox there is a workaround to sync notes with gnote & dropbox, since you can symlink the .local/share/gnote folder in dropbox09:58
* bigcalm summons himself from the afterlife09:58
bigcalmGood morning peeps09:58
popeyoimon: thats not wise09:58
popeyand expressly not-recommended by the tomboy devs09:58
oimonwhy's that? high chance of losing/corrupting data?09:58
popeyand I have experienced exactly that09:59
oimon:( :(09:59
oimoni can foresee a similar position to brobostigon that i only require mono for tomboy in future09:59
popeyyeah, i only use mono for tomboy, but I don't particularly care09:59
popeyits not like there are daily updates to the whole mono stack09:59
brobostigonoimon: only difference being, there is no folder symlinking, the folder is directly in the dropbox folder.10:00
brobostigoneeek, seesmic just locked hard on android, and android rebooted.10:02
brobostigonit did it again, :(10:02
alexcockellTwitter clients do seem to be the leasiest in memory terms...10:04
alexcockellMorning, by the way10:05
brobostigonmorning alexcockell10:05
alexcockellAt least Gwibber holds around the same level of memory usage - and seems to be the friendliest client out there...10:05
alexcockellMore hassle inthe Wintel world, tbh..10:06
brobostigonalexcockell: it is a twitter client, yes, but i was trying to update from identica when it did that.10:07
alexcockellDoes Seesmic rely on AIR?10:08
alexcockellI seem to remember that the desktop version does..10:08
TheOpenSourcererBest twitter client for Ubuntu is Hotot IMHO10:08
alexcockellIs it in the repos?10:09
TheOpenSourcererBeen using it for months now.10:09
TheOpenSourcereralexcockell: It's got a PPA10:09
alexcockellAh - are there plans to get it into the regular repos?10:09
TheOpenSourcererI have no idea.10:09
TheOpenSourcererAsk the devs10:09
brobostigonalexcockell: no idea, but i certainly do not, have adobe air installed here in android.10:10
alexcockellCool - does seem to be a hell of a memory sieve at the best of times...10:10
JamesTaitHappy Monday, everyone! :D10:13
Wobbo I am trying to view a MP4 (MPEG4-video, 1920x1080, 30f/s) but its stuttering. My mobile has no problems, why doesn't my Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't show it smoothly. Anyone have a tip to solve it?10:17
popeyWobbo: what video card does your computer have?10:18
Wobboan Ati10:18
popeyno idea, sorry.10:18
bigcalmYour mobile is likely down sampling that resolution10:19
WobboHD 690010:19
bigcalmWobbo: do you have restricted drivers installed?10:19
Wobboyep, the onse from ATI10:20
popeyBah! New laptop is broken.10:21
popeyboot up and get "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD)"10:21
bigcalmBack to China it goes10:21
popeyi have next business day warranty10:21
popeythey can come out and fix the thing!10:21
bigcalmMight just be the hdd that's br0ked10:21
bigcalmYou voided that warranty by installing nasty Linux on it. If it's not Windows, it's not legit10:22
popeyer, no.10:22
WobboMy laptop is hase nvidia-ion but i am using on-restricted.10:22
WobboMy laptop has the same problems.10:25
popeylenovo support site says "Reset the hard drive". What the hell does that mean?10:26
bigcalmpopey: if the rest of Canonical use that laptop, maybe they should have dedicated support for it ;)10:27
popeyi paid for next day, I'm gonna use it10:27
AlanBellpopey: probably means re-seat the hdd, as in remove it and slam it back in again10:29
directhexraise it a few feet above the ground at the corect angle, and drop it, to re-eat the memory packs10:29
directhexalso, a small blob of blu-tac can help keep them in place10:29
directhexit's still the 1980s, right?10:29
bigcalmWish it were10:31
bigcalmMusic would be much better10:31
smittixMorning all10:32
gordi treat my laptop far too much like my previous netbooks that had ssd's - throw it everywhere, gonna regret it some day10:32
* popey phones lenovo10:33
gordjust need to get an SSD really10:33
gordthe thinkpad is far too useful as a convenience device to treat it with kid gloves10:33
bigcalmI treat my Xoom tablet like it'll break if I don't smile at it every day. Very precious about it.10:33
christelyou're so weird10:34
gordhrm.... new idea, put face recognition tech into unity, detect frowns. display placekitten.com pictures every time frown is detected10:34
oimonTheOpenSourcerer: i use hotot but it does suffer from memory leakage10:34
oimonand a slightly non-conforming gui10:35
bigcalmchristel: I was the same with my Nexus One when I got it (though I did buy that direct from Google and it cost me a packet). That was some time ago and it's since got quite a few scrapes/dents in the casing. I am a clumsy bloke after all10:35
bigcalmgord: perfect idea!10:35
gordi know people who still keep their nexus one in the little pocket you get with it, iruno, i just throw mine in the same pocket as my keys, worked fine so far ;)10:35
shaunough.  half an hour of trying to track down bizarre and seemingly unrelated faults, until I stumbled across a tell-tale 'No space left on device'10:36
bigcalmgord: I use the neoprene pocket that came with the Nexus One. I'm sure it's saved it from far worse than case dents10:36
gordonjcpshauno: heh10:38
gordonjcpshauno: thunderbird silently failing to download emails, sort of thing?10:38
bigcalmgord: I'm going to be lost without the wee pocket when I replace the handset with an S2 or whatever is available in April10:39
shaunogordonjcp, not far off, but it was on the server's end.  so thunderbird claiming my password was wrong10:39
bigcalmlogwatch FTW!10:40
bigcalmWhich is a point. Should set it up on my bytemark host10:40
shaunoI left my VPS grabbing some pdfs last night.  apparently completely underestimated their size10:41
ali1234what ever happened to putting "test pilot" features in to unity?10:44
* brobostigon is concerned, his htc dream, just shutdown, and wouldnt start up again, untill i pulled the battery out, and put it back in again.10:44
popeylenovo dude sent me to http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?&DocID=DS02544810:45
popeyto download the linux based diagnostics CD10:45
gordonjcpshauno: lol10:45
gordali1234, they got put in to unity?10:45
ali1234gord: really? why isn't it asking me to submit results then?10:45
ali1234and where can i see metrics?10:46
bigcalmpopey: customer support that know what they are talking about?!10:46
popeyi suspect this is standard answer10:46
gordali1234, submit results?10:46
ali1234yes, the information gathered?10:47
gordbecause we aren't asking people to submit tests?10:47
ali1234so the feature is there but not used?10:47
gordit is used10:48
ali1234used only internally?10:48
gordits our test suite10:48
gordpretty much10:48
ali1234so it's not like test pilot at all then10:48
gordits auto pilot - its for automatic testing10:48
ali1234that's the exact opposite of test pilot10:49
ali1234i'll give you an example of the kind of question test pilot answers10:49
popeyThe box you get when a window pops up. Do you call them "Dialog" or "Dialogue"?10:49
bigcalmI've seen 'dialog' more frequently10:50
popeyi always thought it was 'dialog' in computer speak10:50
popeylike programme/program10:50
ali1234when you click on an item on the launcher, if there are multiple windows, it first gives you the most recent window of that group. if you click it again, it shows the switcher10:50
bigcalmIt's like having to use program instead of programme10:50
ali1234how often is the most recent used window of the group actually thew window the person wants?10:50
ali1234and how often does the user immediately click on the launcher again because it was the wrong window?10:51
ali1234(i find myself doing that a lot)10:51
ali1234another thing you could detect is how often an attempt to resize a window gets blocked by the overlay scrollbar10:53
BigRedSIs there a step-through debugger for PHP? I have a script that strace tells me is sitting waiting on polling a socket and I'm trying to work out what its doing just beforehand.10:53
BigRedSit's fastcgi so there's no need to replicate any of mod_php10:53
ali1234i'd be interested to know how much people actually use the dash as well10:53
ali1234for each lens10:53
ali1234and do people select a specific lens before searching, or do they first try the global search, and then switch to a specific lens?10:54
popeybah, just burned a CD and then remembered the x220 doesn't have an optical drive10:54
ali1234you spelled derp wrong10:55
popeyhope it works off a usb stick10:55
shaunoyou broke your new toy already?10:55
oimoni've found cables become unseated during transit on occasion. internal drive connector and lcd screens too10:55
popeyi have reseated the drive10:56
popeygonna run diags though10:56
popeythere's not a lot of room for it to become unsteated10:56
popeygiven it's a laptop10:56
oimonbut how does the sata slot join to the motherboard ?10:56
oimoni suppose if yuo're gonna open a new toy up, you might as well get an engineer to do it :D10:57
shaunoon mine, there's not actually space for the sata plug to come unseated; you have to unscrew the drive and remove it from the plug, rather than move the plug10:57
shaunoI'm constantly amazed at how efficiently they manage to use/abuse every last mm in these things10:58
dwatkinsI'm surprised other laptop manufacturers havn't started making them out of aluminium as well as Apple11:01
dwatkinsthere's very little room for movement in my Macbook Pro.11:01
popeyyeah, i love the feel of the mbp11:02
davmor2morning all11:02
dwatkinsI'd like to triple-boot mine when I have a larger disk11:02
dwatkinshi davmor211:02
davmor2czajkowski: prod get up and on line11:03
gordalways felt like macbooks are too big for me, like my laptops tiny11:03
shaunowell, good news, 4 years later, they're starting to catch up to the macbook air :)11:04
popeyand everyone else is copying them11:05
gordonjcpI don't like small laptops11:05
gordonjcpI want one with a full-size keyboard with decent travel, and a lot of battery11:06
gordthen you want an x220 ;) tiny laptop, full sized keyboard, lots of battery11:06
gordonjcpI don't want a tiny laptop11:06
gordonjcpthat's the point11:06
gordonjcpfiddly annoying things11:06
gordonjcpI want something with a 22" screen and an IBM Model M type keyboard11:07
gordonjcpI'm not really fussed if it's a big heavy thing, I'm a big heavy thing11:07
gordonjcpas long as it's under about 15kg it'll be fine11:07
gordlaptop to me is a portable computer, if its not easily portable i might as well be using a desktop11:08
gordonjcpwell that is easily portable11:08
gordonjcpI don't particularly care about using one while walking around, I have an android phone for that11:09
dwatkinsMy laptop sits on my desk in a docking station unless I want to work from home or take it into a meeting to do a presentation.11:13
dwatkinsIt's handy to have the option, but I don't move it very often.11:13
popeybah, passed diags11:19
oimonok chaps - just ordered my valentines card from a moonpig type site which is giving £5 credit away free and no credit card details required if spend is under £511:21
gordhow romantic ;)11:21
dwatkinsas gord says11:21
popeynot getting one of these then? http://newslite.tv/2012/02/06/asda-launch-7p-valentines-day.html11:22
oimon7p ? ripoff. i got mine for free :D11:22
dwatkinsor one of these? http://farm1.staticflickr.com/23/37297133_5717d2b86a.jpg ;)11:22
oimonfor a proper cheapskate, you could take a photo of a card you like and upload the photo11:22
bigcalmReminds me that I need to book a table at the balti house I proposed in last year11:22
dwatkinsI'm reminded of this reddit comment: "My perfect Valentine's day? I'm at home, three cell phones in front of me, fielding desperate calls from people who want to buy one of the fifty restaurant reservations I made over six months ago."11:24
oimonheh lol11:24
oimontakeaways on valentines day are much more romantic11:25
dwatkinsoh sorry, it was from this image: http://i.imgur.com/zUofL.png (SFW)11:25
dwatkinsoimon: indeed11:25
tugrikheh dwatkins :)11:25
oimonbusiest day of the year for eating out. women must be high maintenance if they insist getting taken out on 14th feb11:25
gordit was from the actual tv show >:(11:26
dwatkinsyeah, it's much nicer to choose a random day sometime around then and go out to a quiet restaurant, if you need to go out11:26
oimonnow to find a present :-\11:26
dwatkinsoimon: Big Trak ;)11:26
oimonwith a chocolate on top11:27
directhexwell i just asked wifey what our valentines plans were, she suggested dominos on friday 17th11:27
dwatkinsdirecthex is very lucky11:27
popey\o/ pizza11:27
bigcalmOh my goodness. A client just renewed their SSL cert on Rackspace. 599 quid for 1 year?!11:29
dwatkinsMust be a dot com.11:30
dwatkinsI assume their domain is something.com, hence the cost.11:31
bigcalmOh, is that how it works?11:31
oimonhttp://vimeo.com/26489936 << massive waste of paper but quite fun11:32
* daubers tends to cook on Valentines day11:32
dwatkinsI think there are also tiers for the type of verification, whether it's a green thing in the browser or just that https works, bigcalm - not sure exactly.11:32
bigcalmI see11:33
dwatkinsperhaps it is just the type of certificate that governs the price, but I would expect ISPs to try and make extra cash on popular domain names with this too.11:35
* dwatkins sees the name "Go Daddy" and ignores it entirely11:35
oimondwatkins: because of slutty advertising or SOPA?11:39
dwatkinsoimon: initially because their website is like watching the shopping channel11:41
dwatkinsI admit my opnions of them have been coloured by the whole SOPA thing, and the reddit campaign against them, but from what I understand, GoDaddy have done some pretty underhand things, and the guy who runs the company has some questionable hobbies.11:42
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ali1234oimon: nice idea but you know what they say. make something idiot proof and they will build a better idiot11:52
directhexthe elephaqnt hunting?11:53
dwatkinsdirecthex: that was indeed what I was referring-to, yes11:53
Dave2Using GoDaddy is a pretty painful experience11:56
shaunohm, well that didn't last long.  thunderbird is absolutely hopeless :/11:59
dwatkinsnew version, shauno?11:59
shaunoappears to be 10, not sure if that makes a difference tho11:59
shaunothere appears to be absolutely zero indication of any new mail within a collapsed thread.  I kinda need a client that can thread :)12:00
AlanBellit underlines it12:01
popeyyup, underlines the top main the the thread if there is new mail inside12:02
shaunohm.  I must be going blind then, because I didn't spot that in a full folder12:03
* dwatkins closes the Ally Sheedy tab and winks at shauno 12:06
dwatkinsIt's a lovely day to walk to the shop to get some lunch.12:11
brobostigonit is something like 3/4 degress celcius, and foggy here.12:11
oimonit seems mac os lion latest update broke cups for our users :-\12:12
dwatkinsoimon: I've heard lots of issues with the most recent Lion updates :-/12:13
ali1234OS X uses cups?12:14
AlanBellvery much so, they hired the cups developer12:14
brobostigoninteresting, didnt know that,12:15
daubersoimon: I thought they pulled the delta update?12:19
daubersoimon: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/02/apple-pulls-crashtacular-10-7-3-delta-update/12:20
matttmiserable day here in reading12:21
dwatkinsmattt: I used to live in Reading, it's not got the best weather in the UK, sadly12:22
* dwatkins heads off to wish he brought his sunglasses and observe the Pentland hills whilst walking to Tesco12:24
oimondaubers: i've had 2 users complaining their printers have pdisappeared and remote queues can't be added after updating12:27
oimonlion sounds like a complete fail so far, with the amount of issues we've had to look into12:27
directhexlion achieves its main purpose12:28
gordonjcpI'm looking for recommendations for a podcatcher for android, if anyone has one12:59
popeygordonjcp: dogcatcher is the one I hear people mention iirc13:07
gordjust learnt that time team is on youtube provided by 4oD. time to be a nerd i guess13:08
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davmor2gord, mrevell , bigcalm: You set for Thursday?13:08
dwatkinsWhat is Lion's main purpose, directhex?13:08
mrevelldavmor2, Sure am.13:08
* mrevell checks bus times13:09
gorddavmor2, we'll see, will decide on wednesday. feature freeze is next week so busy13:09
davmor2dwatkins: surely killing antelope?13:09
dwatkinsdavmor2: I see what you did there13:10
directhexdwatkins, to make the desktop/laptop more ipaddy13:10
directhexdwatkins, e.g. drag scrolling, the new optional ipad-style launcher13:11
dwatkinsyeah, directhex - I gather it causes issues with some websites, but I guess I can understand the reason for doing it13:11
gordonjcppopey: righto, I'll give it a shot13:16
gordonjcppopey: Google Listen falls down badly because it doesn't save the downloaded podcasts in an immediately usable way, and it doesn't stop the device sleeping ;-)13:16
popeyi couldn' get on with google listen13:17
gordgordonjcp, maybe something that would store in ubuntu one? then you can stream using the u1music app13:18
czajkowskidavmor2: morning13:20
davmor2czajkowski: Yay how was fosdem prod?13:21
czajkowskigood thanks13:21
gordonjcpgord: surely then I'd need to keep fiddling with my PC to stick them in U1 to begin with?13:21
czajkowskigot home very  late though13:21
gordgordonjcp, i figure you would have a cronjob or just a service of some sort that gets them whenever your computer is on13:22
gordonjcpgord: probably easiest tbh13:25
gordonjcpsounds like I have an itch to scratch for a first android project13:25
davmor2czajkowski: dirty stop out :P13:25
czajkowskidavmor2: pesky snow!13:25
czajkowski90+ mins delayed13:26
davmor2czajkowski: yeah, yeah any excuse I had a 4 hour train ride to London due to virgin rail derailment if that makes you feel any better :)13:27
czajkowskiyou i london today?13:27
davmor2no I was there friday13:27
BigRedSdavmor2: they will let you back in13:28
davmor2BigRedS: well someone has to pick on czajkowski and that is where she is based ;)13:29
bigcalmdavmor2: yes, I'll be there13:36
bigcalmdavmor2: is Alex confirmed?13:44
davmor2bigcalm: yeap13:44
bigcalmPlease let there be no tab13:47
dwatkinsmy boss has lots of chocolate in her office, I think she's trying to tempt us all to go in there and eat it13:50
gordi have lots of chocolate in my office too, if you come in here, you can not have any of it13:51
gordits for me13:51
dwatkinsI'm glad gord isn't my boss.13:57
gordif i were your boss there would be a 10% chocolate tax on your salary14:04
dwatkinsI would expect to get that much chocolate each month, then.14:11
davmor2bigcalm: no tab I'll stab moreati before he can suggest it :D14:12
bigcalmIt works if everybody has the same drink the same number of times. It doesn't work when Alex's drinks cost more than everybody elses14:13
bigcalmAnd we don't all drink at the same rate14:13
bigcalmIndervidual tabs that one can pay off at the end of the day would be good though14:17
bigcalmCan pay by card then14:17
davmor2bigcalm: indeed that may well be the way forward14:20
bigcalmOther people bring me drinks is something I like14:27
bigcalmRight now my mug is empty, which means having to go to the kitchen myself!14:27
davmor2bigcalm: could be worse you could have no water then where would you have to go :P14:28
bigcalmI keep a bottle of water on my desk. Best start drinking that now14:29
* dwatkins joins bigcalm in the kitchen14:34
bigcalmOi, put that coffee back14:36
dwatkinsit's tea actually.14:39
andylockranhello all14:55
oimonNXEA no longer run my train franchise. i wonder what my chances of getting delay payments from last month are :-\15:40
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bigcalmThe fog is creeping in16:24
* popey pokes aquarius in the eye with the notes web interface16:54
aquariuswhat was that for?16:54
popeysadness that we're shutting it down16:55
aquariuswhich is why I'm writing a replacement.16:55
aquariusI'd be happy to have your help :)16:55
Azelphursadness is often expressed in eye poking form :P16:56
ali1234popey: you mentioned the other day setting up a youtube account for canonical. i need to set up something like that... got any tips?16:56
ali1234did you make a whole google account for it?16:56
popeyi did16:56
popeyi have way too many google accounts16:56
ali1234what did you put in the "date of birth"16:56
ali1234and first name/last name?16:56
popeysomething over 1816:57
popeyand I made a note of it in case they ever ask me for it16:57
Azelphurali1234: have you seen this KDE Plasma tablet? what are your opinions on it? :)16:57
popeyfor some of them I just put my own details16:57
popeyassuming it doesn't leak that info in the public UI16:57
ali1234i don't think it does... thought you might know :)16:57
aquariuspopey, you are welcome to ru your own version of my server if you want, although it's not finished yet. We'll be deploying a hosted version :)16:57
popeywell, for one I put "ubuntu" as the first name and "screencasts" as the last name16:57
popeyaquarius: based on snowy?16:58
Azelphurpopey: just remember not to touch google plus with that account, they can/will suspend the entire google account for using an alias on google plus16:58
popeyAzelphur: no they dont16:58
popeythey have retracted their real names policy16:58
ali1234yeah that's a whole other issue16:58
Azelphuroh? that's news to me16:58
ali1234not really bothered about not using +16:58
ali1234nobody involved even knows what it is16:58
aquariuspopey, no. It's not a server you sync to; you still sync to U1, which we are not turning off, as I have stressed in every single comments thread on the whole internet :) This is a web UI which displays your U1-stored notes.16:58
ali1234we will be using facebook and youtube heavily though16:58
AzelphurMuch better, now I can change mine to Azelphur16:59
AzelphurNot like anyone knows me by my real name xD16:59
ali1234Azelphur: the KDE tablet looks OK i guess16:59
ali1234it's basically a N900 with no phone and a 7" screen and running plasma active17:00
popey  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND17:00
ali1234which you can run on a n90017:00
popey 2314 alan      20   0  693m  32m 2704 S    0  0.4   3:10.35 ubuntuone-syncd17:00
Azelphurali1234: and better specs :P17:00
ali1234it's not really that much better17:00
ali1234also it doesn't use an omap chip, - points for that17:00
ali1234although i've not looked for docs on the chip it does use17:00
ali1234plasma active isn't really anything to get excited about either17:01
ali1234it's another silly new fangled ui17:01
ali1234except this one is a layer on top of a layer on top of a layer17:01
ali1234KDE can run multiple UIs at the same time and active is just one of them17:02
ali1234that's nice cos you can plug in a keyboard and mouse and use it like a nomral computer with a "real" UI (in theory anyway)17:03
ali1234but on it's own, active is nothing special17:03
ali1234there's plenty of videos of it on youtube17:03
ali1234it's very much geared towards panels and widgets that show feeds17:04
ali1234once you run a real application, it's pretty much just normal KDE17:04
Azelphurali1234: yea, I actually have all that on my tablet PC anyway17:04
ali1234so... what's the question then?17:04
ali1234is the hardware good?17:05
Azelphurbodhi linux + e17 = winning for tablets, can switch between an Android-like tablet interface and a Laptop interface17:05
Azelphurali1234: haha, you answered the question, was just interested in your views on it :D17:05
Azelphuris the hardware good is also a good question :D17:05
ali1234with these nw fangled accelerated UIs, hardware power doesn't always guarantee it will work well17:05
ali1234just look at unity on nvidia driver for an example of that17:06
ali1234you can have the high end gaming rig and UI performance is still slugish17:06
ali1234it depends a lot on driver quality17:06
ali1234and we won't know that until it ships17:06
brobostigonok, question, we as a household create washing up, ie, that is a noun, now, that washing up, is no one's washing up, but a house households. is that interpretation accurate?17:06
brobostigonor am i just picking logic holes?17:06
Azelphursuppose so :)17:06
ali1234brobostigon: can you rephrase that question but with correct use of commas? ;)17:07
brobostigonali1234: i thought i had used commas correctly.17:07
popeyi think he was pointing out you tend to use a lot of them ☺17:07
popeydepends how you divvy up responsibility17:08
brobostigoni see, ok, i used commas, where i would naturally break in speech, maybe a ; might be better?17:08
popeyi wouldn't bother ☺17:08
brobostigonpopey: we share the job.17:08
ali1234what's the question? is this about grammar or trying to avoid doing the washing up?17:08
brobostigonali1234: it is not about the job, but the definition.17:09
popeye.g. for family meal on sunday I cook roast dinner usually and then I wash up as I go, if I am tired at the end sometimes somoene else will offer to do it17:09
popeyor I will do it, tidy up all done17:09
popeyeveryones washing up but I did it17:09
ali1234well i still don't understand17:09
brobostigonexactly, that is the point, we share it, but it is everyones washing up.17:10
popeyI think what you're trying to do is define it, someone else probably just wants you to _do_ it ☺17:10
ali1234if it belongs to the household it belongs to the individuals in that group17:10
* brobostigon does his fair share of the washing up, that is not at dispute.17:10
ali1234otherwise it belongs to everyone and no one at the same time17:10
brobostigonthank you, that has proven my logic,17:11
brobostigoni am accurate.17:11
ali1234again, wat?17:11
brobostigonali1234: dont worry, you haven given enough information for me to know my logic was accurate.17:12
ali1234logic has no place in resolving washing-up disputes17:12
brobostigonali1234: there is not washing up dispute, just a dispute about the definition of what is washing up.17:12
popeybah, openshot is rubbish17:12
ali1234i don't believe it17:13
Azelphurspeaking of google things, does anyone know how I might transfer a youtube account that is associated with a @gmail account to my google apps account?17:13
brobostigonali1234: believe it,17:13
ali1234there's always a dispute about washing-up17:13
popeybring in a 250MB mkv, drag to the timeline, sends the computer into swapdeath17:13
ali1234even if it goes unvoiced17:13
AzelphurI really hate having to continually account hop for it, the only stuff I can find online says you can unlink your youtube account if it was created before the youtube/google merge, which mine wasn't17:13
brobostigonali1234: you maybe right, but we have planned it as shared equally, and it works.17:13
ali1234lol planning the washing up *never* works17:14
ali1234popey: i found it quite buggy. i found a bug while making a video demonstrating a different bug17:14
brobostigonali1234: it does here, my mind works that way.17:14
ali1234brobostigon: it will fail the first time someone has a party and invites 20 people round and they create loads of washing up17:15
ali1234this is the way it goes17:15
brobostigonali1234: i dont have such parties,17:15
ali1234you should try it17:16
ali1234because your housemates will17:16
brobostigonwhy? it is a mass of confusion and instability, anf noise.17:16
ali1234i feel it's likely that you will be the one who ends up doing everyone else's washing up :)17:16
ali1234yes, it's called FUN :)17:17
popeyyes, washing up is fun! :D17:17
MartijnVdSpopey: especially if a machine does it.17:17
MartijnVdSpopey: or, lacking a machine, the kids.17:17
Toamsu__hallo have problem with orange huawei gsm dongle E173, cant connect, also noticed that in network manager missing uk providers, spend three days trying, sorry to bother you people17:17
ali1234brobostigon: yeah just get a dishwasher17:17
popeyless fun loading/unloading dishwasher17:18
brobostigonthe most fun about washing up, is when a pretty girl walks past the kitchen window,17:18
popeyToamsu__: hello17:18
popeyToamsu__: the uk network providers _should_ be in there17:18
* brobostigon consults the OED17:21
Toamsu__popey - they are not, i phoned orange just to check if i have proper settins (usrname, password, APN) to set it manually - i got them but still no luck, the device seems its recogniyed properly but have no clue what is going wrong17:21
popeyToamsu__: sorry, I dunno, all mine kinda worked17:22
ali1234mine used to work, then it stopped17:22
ali1234now does pretty much what you described17:22
ali1234perhaps because i switched to a different phone17:23
Toamsu__we used one from 3 no problems with that one but Orange one stil says GSM disconnect17:23
ali1234it probably needs tweaks for that specific device17:23
Toamsu__what kind of tweaks, already read a lot over forums, but not clever from that17:25
ali1234sending different AT commands before trying to connect17:25
Toamsu__any chance to find somebody who can check it remote someway?17:26
* popey REISUBs his laptop17:26
Toamsu__when i told Orange support that running ubuntu thez asked if it is windows :-)17:27
ali1234popey: how's trublr going btw?17:27
AlanBellTomasu_: apn for contract should be orangeinternet17:29
popeyali1234: not had time to work on it recently, thanks for the nudge17:29
AlanBellTomasu_: number is *99# username orange password orange (I think)17:29
ali1234usernames are generally ignored17:30
Toamsu__i thought and tryed that one - at the helpline told me that is consumerbroadband17:30
AlanBellmost of it is ignored17:30
ali1234they don't reach the network, PPP is part of the phone stack17:30
Toamsu__usr - user17:30
Toamsu__and password - pass17:30
AlanBellTomasu_: the other apn settings that network manager should know about are internetvpn and orangewap (but you probably don't want either of these)17:31
MartijnVdSpopey: I tend to go with SSSUUSB, instead of REISUB17:47
AlanBellI tend to think that things have gone far far too wrong when that happens17:48
MartijnVdSAlanBell: they will have, so putting the keyboard in XLATE mode is useless :)17:48
ali1234i only need to do that about once a year17:48
MartijnVdSAlanBell: also, killing processes might make things worse17:49
MartijnVdSand rebooting will kill them ANYWAY17:49
AlanBelllong hold of the power button. Might not be as safe, but I am not in a mood to be nice to the computer at that point.17:50
ali1234e sends sigterm so that they may shut down gracefully17:50
MartijnVdSali1234: yes except that might coerce them to come out of swap17:50
ali1234and you probably want to kill them before syncing or else they'll just write more stuff to the cache17:50
MartijnVdSali1234: and if thrashing swap is the problem... that will make it _worse_17:50
ali1234swap? what is swap?17:50
MartijnVdSali1234: ...17:50
ali1234buy 16GB of ram17:50
ali1234there is no fix for linux swap thrashing17:51
AlanBellpopey: so the new laptop is not going so well then?17:51
MartijnVdSali1234: My employer won't get me more than 417:51
MartijnVdSali1234: and he thinks that's a lot17:51
ali1234how do i automatically run a command when i plug in my webcam?17:51
MartijnVdSali1234: as your user, or as root?17:52
popeybug 92775517:52
lubotu3Launchpad bug 927755 in openshot (Ubuntu) "Dragging video to timeline eats RAM" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92775517:52
ali1234MartijnVdS: as user17:52
MartijnVdSali1234: as root -> write a udev script17:52
ali1234i need to run a pulseaudio command to make it use the webcam microphone for input17:52
MartijnVdSali1234: as user -> libudev?17:52
ali1234i probably need a dbus monitor or something17:52
MartijnVdSali1234: but pulse should autodetect/remember that17:52
ali1234yeah, it doesn't, it never has17:52
MartijnVdSali1234: blame Lennart17:53
ali1234bug 64032817:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 640328 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Input device is not saved" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64032817:53
ali1234the workaround is open sound settings and select it every time i turn off and then turn on my monitor17:53
ali1234or run "pacmd set-default-source alsa_input.usb-046d_0821_A2ABCC10-00-U0x46d0x821.analog-stereo"17:53
ali1234it's plugged in to the hub on my monitor you see17:54
ali1234that turns off with the monitor17:54
ali1234apparently it isn't saved across reboots either but that's slightly less of a problem for me because i never reboot17:55
popeyali1234: its not so much the fact that it swaps, its that a 15MB video can cause a video editor to use all the memory on a machine18:00
=== MH0 is now known as mh0
* Azelphur runs18:01
Azelphurquite a big margin too, it looks like iOS has 3x more crashes than Android18:02
ali1234popey: well yeah, that's a different bug. it's possible to legitimately use swap as well18:02
ali1234popey: also i'd give even odds on that being caused by gnome-thumbnailer18:02
* brobostigon is being accurate, and has found a collective noun "washing up"18:02
brobostigonin the OED.18:03
popeyyou might want to look up OCD whilst you're there ;)18:03
brobostigonhmm, yes, in some ways,:)18:03
ali1234popey: a crafted 10mb animated gif can also exhaust physical memory if you go to it's directory in nautilus18:03
ali1234and i always forget which directory it is in and do it by accident18:04
ali1234but 1 app shouldn't be able to take down the whole machine in those circumstances18:04
ali1234i mean it makes swap kind of pointless if the machine instantly crashes when you try to use it18:04
ali1234... and that's why i bought 16GB18:04
ali1234the anim gif can still kill it though18:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Canonical Community Team Google+ Hangout - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/06/canonical-community-team-google-hangout/18:05
Azelphurdamn, shipping import is crazy, buy something for £100 -> £20 shipping -> £40 customs >.>18:15
Azelphurso should have found a UK seller for that one :P18:16
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Any EU one should do18:35
MartijnVdSAzelphur: no customs fees intra-EU18:36
ali1234http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16908300 - "popular video on youtube" - slow news day?18:37
jpdsali1234: Hey, that's some impressive eye-hand coordination.18:38
ali1234waiting for the whole OS to load back from swap :(18:51
ali1234it takes significantly longer than just rebooting18:51
ali1234but i don't want to reopen all my windows18:51
ali1234what are the units for ulimit -d? (bash)19:01
ali1234ah kilobytes19:02
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zleapis anyone here ?19:08
AlanBello/ zleap19:10
zleapi can't get in to my gui19:10
zleapi can log in at the console fine,   if I try and do this via the log in screen all i get it taken back to it,  almost as if its trying to start unity or whatever, can't and drops back to login19:11
zleapusing 11.1019:11
AlanBelltried unity2d?19:12
zleaphow do i switch to a different desktop19:12
AlanBellthe cog icon to the right of your name19:12
zleapnothing happens if i click that19:12
AlanBelldoes a guest session work?19:13
zleapi have a 2nd user that doesn't work either19:13
zleapi installed or uninstalled something the other day, as it comes up with a list of stuff it wants to remove along with it,  it tried to remove ubuntu-desktop which someone says is a meta package,  however that team is meaningless to me19:14
zleapthat was it,  tried to remove xchat-gnome and replace with normal xchat19:14
AlanBellso ubuntu-desktop is a package with nothing in it, but it depends on a heap of important stuff19:14
MartijnVdSdoesn't it Recommend packages these days?19:15
zleapwell wheni wanted to remove xchat-gome it has clearly also removed soemthing important19:15
AlanBellzleap: if you do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop it will hopefully set everything right19:15
MartijnVdSAlanBell: It does both, according to apt-cache19:15
MartijnVdSAlanBell: some are recommended, others depended19:16
zleapwell apt should pull those in with it19:16
zleapAlanBell, thanks for that,  i was actually going to try that but thought to ask here first19:16
zleapmaybe i should install xfce or some other lightweight wm as a backup19:17
popey19:15:54 < AlanBell> zleap: if you do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop it will hopefully set everything right19:17
popeythat should be sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^19:17
popey(with the caret)19:17
AlanBellthat is a funny old syntax19:18
zleapi just typed it in with oujt19:18
zleapwhat does the caret do19:18
popeyyes, it will do something without19:18
czajkowskiWhy are Skips (crisps) so hard to find over here, having to have walkers prawn cocktail19:18
czajkowskiso damn odd19:18
popeywithout the caret you're saying "install the ubuntu-desktop package"19:18
popeywith the caret you're saying "install the ubuntu-desktop task"19:18
popeythe package is just a metapackage and wont do much19:18
zleapwell its doing something after login now,19:19
popeythe task will pull in everything that normally gets pulled in by an install19:19
zleapok iam back with what i should have19:19
AlanBellthe package does pull in stuff19:19
popeynot always AlanBell19:19
zleapwell its working now19:19
zleapso what is going on here,  why are packages removing ubuntu-desktop ?19:19
popeyif you removed something which removed ubuntu-desktop this would happen19:19
popeye.g. if you removed firefox19:20
zleapso if i remove firefox it will remove ubuntu dsktop even though there are other programs that need it19:20
popeyother programs that need what?19:20
popeythere are no other programs that require ubuntu-desktop19:21
popeybut there's a knock-on effect of removing it19:21
AlanBellzleap: what did it install when you put it back? anything interesting?19:21
MartijnVdSHeh.. function please { sudo $(fc -ln | tail -n1) }19:21
MartijnVdSIf you put that in bashrc (or run it in a shell), you can do:19:21
MartijnVdSapt-get install foo19:21
MartijnVdSPermission denied19:21
MartijnVdS<apty output>19:22
zleapnot sure i can't scroll up in a console19:22
popeyshift page up19:22
MartijnVdSzleap: shift+pgup19:22
MartijnVdSzleap: but not after switching virtual consoles19:23
zleapwell i am at a normal console19:23
zleapalt-f1 type console19:23
AlanBellzleap: I wouldn't worry about it too much, there is stuff in /var/log/dpkg.log to say what it did19:24
AlanBellbrowse if curious, or just carry on with life19:25
popeyand 119:25
ali1234MartijnVdS: but i wish nano had a way to request elevated permissions *after* you've edited the file19:25
ali1234valgrind ran out of memory trying to profile openshot19:26
ali1234now stuff is getting killed19:26
popeyquelle surprise19:26
* popey hugs OOM Killer19:27
ali1234ah it's dead19:27
ali1234Valgrind: FATAL: VG_N_SEGMENTS is too low. Inrease it and rebuild.19:27
diploevening all19:46
ali1234...a smoking gun appears...19:48
MartijnVdSali1234: Vell?19:48
ali1234ah, i think it is stuck in a loop allocating pixbufs19:54
MartijnVdSmaybe not a loop19:54
MartijnVdSwell a loop19:54
MartijnVdSbut on it thinks is useful19:54
MartijnVdSallocating one pixbuf per frame of video?19:54
ali1234i have a feeling max_length is negative and it just keeps subtracting from it trying to get to zero which never happens19:54
MartijnVdS(what happens if you drop a short segment?)19:54
ali1234it is short19:55
* MartijnVdS hasn't looked at all. You know infinitely more about that code now :)19:56
ali1234it's just trying to scale an image to a really silly size for some reason19:57
ali1234basically it's trying to resize an image to 800 million pixels wide20:04
ali1234it is doing this because it thinks the clip is 3 years long for some reason20:10
MartijnVdSInteger underflow? :)20:10
MartijnVdS(or overflow)20:10
MartijnVdSor signedness problem?20:10
ali1234yep, or just bad metadata20:10
MartijnVdS32 vs 64 bit?20:11
MartijnVdSNever trust metadata unless you've measured it yourself ;)20:11
ali1234actually it's a float value20:11
ali123471654371.0216 (seconds i assume)20:11
MartijnVdScould still be a flow thing20:11
ali1234length = self.end_time - self.start_time20:13
ali1234looks reasonable enough20:13
MartijnVdSexcept you clamp that at 020:13
zleapback in a while, logging in from other pc20:13
MartijnVdSin case of le stränge20:13
ali1234looks like gstreamer or whatever is feeding in garbage20:15
MartijnVdSno news there then20:15
popeyali1234: are you using the video I added to the bug report?20:16
ali1234is it 3 years long?20:16
popeybecause I notice that the video in totem shows a random length20:16
popeyI can talk a lot, I know that.. but no20:16
popeytotem doesn't know the length until it's finished20:17
popeythis may be a bug in kazam, as it should create a video with decent metadata20:17
ali1234the length isn't random, it's 71654371.0216 seconds :P20:17
ali1234or ~800 days20:17
popeybet it works if you convert it using ffmpeg first20:17
MartijnVdSpopey: bug in kazam, but also in the editor for not coping with it sanely.20:17
popeyor mencoder or whatever20:17
popeyagreed MartijnVdS20:17
zleapwhat program can i use to create a usb stick that will allow me to boot in to more than one OS image,  e.g i can use start up disk creator to create a start up dis for 11.10 but if i want to have both say 11.10 and 12.04 what can i use ?20:18
ali1234this stuff should fail gracefully on bad input damnit20:18
popeyzleap: grub can boot an iso image20:18
popeyzleap: so you can put multiple ISOs on one stick and pick which one to boot from20:18
ali1234but can grub be installed onto said stick?20:18
zleapyes, as it does that when i create a boot disk surely20:19
zleapstart up disk creator seems to copy iso files on to a stick and make it bootable20:19
ali1234bootable usb usually uses syslinux or whatever it's called these days20:21
ali1234syslinux can do a menu but i don't know of any tools that set it up for you20:21
ali1234you have to learn how to make everything by hand...20:21
popeylots of guides online20:22
ali1234er windows only?20:22
popeythat was just the first hit20:22
popeymultiple iso usb stick grub20:22
popeythose are the magic google words20:22
popeythere you go, must be accurate it's on our wiki and written by one of our kernel maintainers :D20:22
mgdmthere's a danger they might know what they're on abotu20:23
ali1234do i detect some sarcasm?20:23
davmor2ali1234: on this channel NEVER!20:23
mgdm"It's on the Internet, it must be true!"20:23
MartijnVdSmgdm: that one works great at parties when someone 'read on the internet..'20:24
zleapok side question,   netbook has 10.04,  just booted a flash drive with 11.10 if I get it to upgrade it should work right20:24
zleaprather than going 10.04 - 10.10 - 11.04,20:24
zleapwill have a look at that see if I can get a multi boot pendrive created20:26
ali1234see if you can get freedos on there with a writable C:\ too, that's what i really want20:27
zleapthat would be good for some of my old dos games,  and getting virtual box to boot in to dos20:27
ali1234and flashing bioses and stuff20:28
ali1234iso no good for that, cos you always have to copy another file on there20:28
ali1234or backup the existing one or something20:28
ali1234also yu should be able to go LTS to LTS20:28
ali1234when so 10.04 to 12.04 when it's out20:29
ali1234never tried it myself though20:29
popeyI think last time we recommended people waited till 10.04.1 before trying 8.04->10.0420:29
gordanyone happen to know of any small devices like jogglers (cheep) but not crap hardware?20:29
gordwant to make myself a nifty clock20:29
ali1234you want something with OLED for that20:30
Azelphurgord I made a joggler clock, it didn't come out too well20:30
ali1234if it's a bedside alarm clock that is20:30
gordit wouldn't be20:30
zleappopey, ok,20:30
Azelphurgord: I came to the conclusion that android, with it's widgets and such, was probably best for the job, but I never did it20:30
gordi don't need more annoying flashing displays20:30
ali1234well that's the point20:30
gordonjcpgord: those Parrot digital picture frames?20:30
ali1234OLED isn;t annoying - no backlight20:30
popeygord: chumby20:30
popeysteal Ng's20:31
ali1234so it doesn't light up the whole room even when displaying black20:31
gordonjcpgord: ARM7, 320x240 display20:31
ali1234check out for example, the C7 clock screen20:31
gordgordonjcp, you can run your own code on them?20:32
gordonjcpthey just run Linux, there's a magic keypress to bring them up into uboot and run your own stuff20:32
zleaphmm, it looks like it has 10.04.3 :)20:34
ali1234ah here we go http://imageshack.us/f/176/scr000055.jpg/20:34
ali1234the C7 displays that permanently when locked20:34
ali1234and because it is OLED it uses virtually no power and doesn't keep you awake20:34
gordOLED is really only a good choice if you want to display very little, in which case, there are off the shelf devices already20:39
ali1234what do you mean by "very little"20:39
gordnot what i have in mind :)20:40
ali1234OLEDs are much nicer than LCDs for mobiles20:40
ali1234can't think of a reason not to get one except maybe cost20:40
gordi'm not using a mobile20:40
gordi'm not talking about a mobile at all20:40
zleapbrb switching to xchat the proper one20:41
ali1234so what is wrong with OLED? just can't get a big enough one?20:41
gordit offers no use for me20:41
gordfor this little project20:41
ali1234ok let me put it another way, why would you choose LCD over OLED for this project?20:42
ali1234btw, you should stay away from digital picture frames for this stuff, they use ASICs20:44
ali1234the cheap ones do anyway20:44
gordbecause LCD is cheeper and OLED gives me no benefits20:45
zleap_hi Pernig20:51
zleap_hows it going20:52
Perniggood thanks :)20:52
zleap_note to self,  xchat shows up in super W20:52
zleap_i am good20:52
Pernigsuper W?20:52
zleap_super being the windows key,20:52
zleapdoes all sorts of wizzy things in ubuntu / unity / compiz20:53
gordonjcpzleap: great if you have one...20:53
zleapi take it you don't have a windows key20:54
Pernigi am using KDE now20:54
zleap_does kde support compiz ?20:54
Pernigsort of20:54
Pernigit has its own effects20:54
Pernigi think you just choose between opengl and xrandr20:54
zleap_not seen kde for a while20:55
zleapok in a few mins my netbook should be running 11.10 :)20:56
Pernigare you going to be using Unity on it?20:56
zleapas unity is on my desktop20:57
zleapit just brings both in to running the same version of ubuntu20:57
zleaphopefully open arena will also work with my game pad,20:57
Pernigsounds good21:10
ali1234gotcha sucker21:18
ali1234it thinks the video is 0x7fffffff frames long21:18
ali1234ie -121:18
popeyhah, nice one ali123421:27
popeyali1234: its gstreamer that makes the video in kazam, wonder if it's a gstreamer bug21:27
popeynot stopping gracefully or something21:28
ali1234dunno. does libmlt use gstreamer?21:28
bigcalmIf an email address is red in Thunderbird, what does it mean?21:28
bigcalm(while composing an email)21:28
bigcalmFair enough :)21:28
popeythat wasnt to you ☺21:28
mgdmI think it means it's not in the address book21:28
bigcalmOh fudge21:29
popey+1 mgdm21:29
popeyjust tested it, and yes, thats it21:29
bigcalmHumm, the addresses are in my address book21:29
bigcalmGmail IMAP isn't tip top then21:29
ali1234popey: you remember that custom codec deb you have for screencasting? could that be the cause of this?21:33
ali1234because i think i have that installed on this machine21:33
popeyI'll check in a bit21:34
ali1234twitter has emailed me a bunch of tweets from people i never heard of :/21:38
ali1234yes, i'm on twitter. no, i never post anything except youtube videos :P21:43
ali1234brobostigon: if that's you that just followed me, the captain kirk avatar is apt given earlier discussion of commas :)21:45
bigcalmAnybody want to recommend a drawing app for Android tablets?21:46
brobostigonali1234: :)21:47
diplogn all21:47
bigcalmNight diplo21:47
* mgdm upgrades to Oneiric21:56
bigcalmWorking on the bleeding edge eh?21:57
mgdmoh yes ;-)21:59
bigcalmOh my, this means _nothing_ to me :(21:59
bigcalmSQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 102 General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server [102] (severity 15) [EXEC sp_primary_keys_rowset @table_name = DRV Labels]. Failing Query: "EXEC sp_primary_keys_rowset @table_name = DRV Labels"21:59
mgdmOoooh, Vienna21:59
* bigcalm hunts down some Ultra Vox22:00
* mgdm is too22:00
bigcalmThat is just wrong!22:07
bigcalmWhomever created this SQL Server database did so with spaces in the field names22:07
bigcalmdoctrine:build-schema (create .yml structure from existing database) is handy, but I don't think I'll be using it in production22:09
bigcalmI have _never_ seen nano take 100% CPU22:12
bigcalmWhat have I done?!22:12
directhextried to open a very large file?22:14
bigcalmTried to paste a yml text file into it22:15
bigcalmThe finished file was 48K22:16
bigcalmMost confusing22:16
AlanBellali1234: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/615 datasheet22:33
AlanBelloh :( without the bits you wanted22:35
AlanBellThere are a number of peripherals which are intended to be controlled by the GPU. These are22:35
AlanBellomitted from this datasheet. Accessing these peripherals from the ARM is not recommended.22:35
AlanBellthat is bad right?22:35
ali1234dunno. need to read it22:36
ali1234looks pretty good to me22:37
ali1234it covers all that stuff about the MMU and the basic peripherals22:37
AlanBellit looks like something I would have read from cover to cover when I was about 1222:38
ali1234erm.. yeah22:39
ali1234that's exactly why it is needed22:39
AlanBellnot sure I have the dedication for it now :)22:39
ali1234it's only 205 pages22:39
ali1234the atmega8 datasheet is 550 pages and that's an 8 bit MCU with less peripherals22:40
gordonjcpthe STM32F100 is only about 300 pages22:40
ali1234the omap3430 one is about ... 3430 pages by an odd coincidence22:43
ali1234that's a comparable chip, that datasheet also doesn't cover the GPU22:43
AlanBelldoes size matter?22:44
ali1234well it gives an indication of the completeness22:44
ali1234i'm amazed we got anything to be honest22:44
ali1234it looks like this has everything i need... that is uart, i2c and spi stuff. and gpio muxing22:45
ali1234here we go. max spi clock = Fclk/422:50
ali1234that's pretty damn fast22:50
ali1234looks like i2c max clock is Fclk/2 which is insane22:52
mgdmwhat you got in mind, out of nosiness?22:53
bigcalmI was about to argue with a friend on Facebook, but then I realised that I would be "arguing on the internet". Stopped myself just in time23:11
* dwatkins gives bigcalm 1000 internet points23:12
* bigcalm sleeps now23:12
ali1234mgdm: nothing much really. it's just that these interfaces are very useful and flexible23:20
ali1234for example, you could control a bunch of openservos off the i2c23:20
ali1234and a display panel on spi23:20
ali1234or touch screens etc23:20
ali1234you could attach all that stuff on USB but USB is pretty horrible when the devices are native i2c or spi23:21
ali1234makes everything slow due to buffer bloat etc23:21
ali1234now technically you don't need the datasheet for that cos there are drivers23:21
ali1234but if you only have a driver and it doesn't work... well then the first thing you have to do is reverse engineer the driver23:22
ali1234i see the table of alternate gpio functions here so we can use jtag on it23:22
ali1234including the gpio23:22
ali1234er, gpu23:23
ali1234i've a plan to reverse engineer the instruction set23:23
ali1234there's a binary of the gpu OS on the internet... it's compiled with debug symbols23:23
mgdmoh aye23:24
ali1234it should be simple to copy and paste functions around until you have the minimal "hello world on uart" code23:24
ali1234and from that, given that the datasheet contains things like memory mappings it should be possible to work out the addresses that code is writing to23:24
ali1234and then you've also got the write memory opcode :)23:24
ali1234and so on23:24
ali1234then you can use jtag to figure out the rest23:25
ali1234this datasheet confirms that the "GPU" is in fact a real CPU core as well23:26
ali1234if you read between the lines anyway23:26
ali1234the memory mapping of the "VC CPU BUS" smells an awful lot like MIPS to me23:34
ali1234the uart has a flexible baudrate controller.. that means it can do midi without complex hardware23:39
mgdmooh, shiny23:42
ali1234how does it produce audio?23:45
ali1234oh there's a jack, ok23:45
ali1234ok so here's an example of something that you can build only with the datasheet23:46
ali1234you could probably make a quite nifty midi sampler with a touchscreen23:48
ali1234ok, you could have done it with a usb midi adapter, but those suck *and* they cost more than the pi23:48
ali1234and if you want it cheap, you don't need the touchscreen... just run a lot of buttons off shift registers on spi23:50
ali1234and a cheap character lcd23:51
AlanBellali1234: I think at one point eben was thinking of making a VGA port off the audio circuits23:53
ali1234er... no23:53
AlanBellor some unconventional part of it23:53
ali1234there is an interface for displays23:53
ali1234undocumented though23:53
ali1234but it's for large panels23:54
ali1234it's similar to the LVDS interface for laptop displays23:54
ali1234(in that it is for interfacing directly with the panel rather than the connectors you get on full displays)23:56

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