FonzHi everyone.  Software centre takes maybe 15-20 secs to open.  is this normal?00:21
snadgei had unity self compiled in my home dir.. and i've gotten rid of that now and installed the updated precise package00:49
snadgethe default dash lense has changed.. and now shows recent apps, recent files and downloads00:50
snadgeis it still supposed to show mail icon etc ?00:50
Daekdroomsnadge, no, it's not. Nobody used the big icons, so they changed for a home lens.01:23
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tsdgeosgreyback: can you reapprove https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_backport_shell_r934/+merge/91425 it was not merged on friday due to a conflict that i've already resolved09:14
greybacktsdgeos: good morning!09:14
greybackyep will do09:14
tsdgeosgreyback: morning :-)09:15
tsdgeosgreyback: that one is merged, can i have https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_tests_for_rtl/+merge/90849 approved now? it was already approved by both Saviq and you10:01
greybacktsdgeos: go right ahead10:02
tsdgeosgreyback: myself? seems like cheating :D10:02
greybacktsdgeos: alright I'll do it;)10:02
apwthis new 'winching out' of the launcher, is very confusing when you have two screens.  as the training you get to 'move fast enough' to jump the launcher pull out, trains you to hit the left edge of the left most screen tooo hard to get the launcher out ever, and there jumping it never makes sense10:23
tsdgeosgreyback: so now i just merge unity-2d-shell and push it, right? no need for reviewing the merge10:27
tsdgeostsdgeos: i mean "merge trunk into unity-2d-shell and push it to unity-2d-shell so it has everything unity-2d trunk has"10:27
tsdgeosgreyback: ↑10:27
tsdgeosnot merging unity-2d-shell into unity-2d trunk10:28
greybacktsdgeos: yes, so it picks up changes.10:28
greybacktsdgeos: one sec, just approving your focus check10:29
kamstrupseb128: is FF and TB using non-system libgtk, or gtk2 or something?10:30
seb128kamstrup, gtk210:30
kamstrupseb128: I was looking into why saving an attachnment from TB doesn't log to zg, but that explains...10:30
seb128kamstrup, ;-)10:30
kamstrupseb128: should I ask RainCT to backport the gtk patch for logging recent files?10:31
seb128kamstrup, I guess I need to backport rainct's patches to gtk2?10:31
kamstrupseb128: I can also get RainCT to do it I think10:31
kamstrupor you can do it you it yourself whatever you find easiest10:31
seb128kamstrup, if you can get him to either backport them or at least open a bug with the git commits to backport10:31
kamstrupseb128: ok10:31
seb128kamstrup, I can do the backporting but I need to know what to backport and I would appreciate him updating the patches if they don't apply to gtk210:32
seb128kamstrup, they are small enough and are likely to apply though10:32
seb128kamstrup, i.e ask him to give me patches or url to commits that apply to gtk2 and I will do the packaging work, sounds fair?10:32
kamstrupseb128: we have RainCT here now as well :-) he's updated on the situation and ready to hack :-)10:37
seb128hey RainCT10:37
seb128kamstrup, RainCT: great, thanks10:37
greybacktsdgeos: done10:37
greybacktsdgeos: also looking at your panel-buttons fix. It's not working 100% properly for me. About 10% of time time, the open dash has no panel buttons at all10:38
tsdgeosgreyback: you mean lp:~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_panel-newbuttons  or the old code?10:39
greybacktsdgeos: that new one10:39
greybacktsdgeos: yeah, I've getting glib assertions when panel buttons don't appear10:39
tsdgeosgreyback: seems you might need to reapprove https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_test_alt_f1_right_super/+merge/91619 ?10:40
tsdgeosgreyback: tbh i don't know much about that panel-newbuttons code, it is mostly Ugo's i just did a few tweaks Saviq requested after Ugo was moved10:41
greybacktsdgeos: yep, that I know.10:41
tsdgeosgreyback: do you have a way to repro the problem or seems random?10:41
greybacktsdgeos: it's a bit random tbh10:41
greybackI'm suspecting the code that detects if the dash is open. If I remember correctly, it's using wnck to check if the dash is the active app10:42
tsdgeosyou mean the "dashIsVisible" variable ?10:43
greybackit's my guess10:43
greybackbut I didn't probe much10:43
tsdgeoslet me see, do you get that by running the test or just by playing with super, pressing the bfb, etc?10:44
greybackjust clicking the BFB again & again :)10:44
tsdgeosyeah, fairly easy to repro10:47
tsdgeoslet's see what i can get10:47
davmor2morning all11:02
tsdgeosgreyback: there?12:31
greybacktsdgeos: yep12:31
tsdgeossomething went wrong with my merge12:31
tsdgeosgreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl/+merge/9045512:32
tsdgeosthinks i remove and add https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_rtl/+merge/9045512:32
tsdgeosthinks i remove and add tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb12:32
tsdgeosany idea if i can fix that?12:32
greybacktsdgeos: I'm confused, can you explain again please?12:33
tsdgeosgreyback: open that MR12:33
tsdgeosyou'll see12:33
tsdgeosremoved file 'tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb'12:33
tsdgeosadded file 'tests/launcher/autohide_show_tests_common.rb'12:33
tsdgeoswhich is obviously not what i want12:34
tsdgeosand probably an artifact of a somewhat broken merge on my side12:34
tsdgeoswondering if there's a way to fix that12:35
tsdgeossince otherwise reviewing the diff is kind of hard12:35
greybackyes that's weird. Nothing obvious comes to mind12:36
greybackRM  tests/shell/input_shaping_tests.rb => tests/shell/input_shaping_common.rb12:38
greybackthe history looks clean enough, bzr must be confused12:41
tsdgeosgreyback: i had a look at that "missing dash buttons" in the panel12:41
tsdgeosgreyback: and it reproduces in current unity-2d wihtout the new buttons patch12:41
tsdgeosgreyback: so i'm not saying it's not a bug, but should be no reason to not merge that new buttons stuff12:42
greybacktsdgeos: yep, ok12:42
tsdgeosgreyback: want me to open a bug?12:48
greybacktsdgeos: please do12:48
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tsdgeosgreyback: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/92760412:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 927604 in unity-2d "[Panel] The dash buttons sometimes do not appear" [Undecided,New]12:52
greybacktsdgeos: nice, thank you12:55
RainCTseb128: For gtk2, does a patch against gtk+2.0_2.24.8.orig.tar.xz work for you? I was checking out lp:ubuntu/gtk+2.0 but it doesn't look like it'll ever finish downloading :p13:01
seb128RainCT, yes13:01
seb128RainCT, or gtk-2-24 git13:01
nerochiarokamstrup: i'm reading your blog post about the new unity lens api. do i understand it correctly that with it its possible to return some results and then update them asynchronously ? like for example asynchrounously generating a thumbnail of a file and updating the icon in the result with it when it's ready ?13:01
seb128RainCT, or apt-get source the package, I just want a diff that applies, no need of a proper merge request, note that's why we use lp:~ubuntu-desktop vcs with the debian dir only ;-)13:02
RainCTseb128: btw, here's the nautilus patch I mentioned last Friday: https://code.launchpad.net/~rainct/nautilus/nautilus-zg/+merge/91505 . Not ready yet (there's an outstanding question on its compatibility with Unity), but mhr3 wants to know how much you love it :p13:04
kamstrupnerochiaro: in theory yes; the frameworks are ready; the question is if Unity2/3d is ready. I haven't tested this, and no one ever did afaik13:04
seb128RainCT, ok, I will have a look13:04
kamstrupnerochiaro: but for thumbnails in particular unity itself can do a lot of that, so mostly not necessary unless you have some very non-standard way you need to do it13:05
nerochiarokamstrup: well, i don't think 2d has any of that built in (for thumbs). but 'll have a look tomorrow. worse case can i send out a temporary icon and when i get the new one from the async process i can call invalidate_search and return a result with the new icon, right ?13:06
RainCTseb128: ok, gtk+2 patch attached to the LP bug13:21
seb128RainCT, thanks13:22
kamstrupnerochiaro: probably queue_search_changed(), but yes13:49
nerochiarokamstrup: what's the difference between the two ?13:51
kamstrupnerochiaro: normally sending the same search string twice will not result in a search-changed signal. Calling invalidate_search() circumvents that check13:53
kamstrupnerochiaro: whereas queue_search_changed() will give you a search-changed signal next time you are shown in the queued mode, no matter what13:53
nerochiarokamstrup: i'm not sure what you mean by "queued mode"13:54
mhall119so I tried to run checkbox-unity in a Guest session last night, but it kept trying to sudo...13:55
mhall119what's the proper way to run it?13:55
kamstrupnerochiaro: the particular value of Unity.SearchType you pass as argument14:00
tsdgeosgreyback: any idea which strings do we have to pull to get the Qt-dnd-xshape thing packaged?14:01
greybacktsdgeos: I forgot the name of the Qt maintainer. didrocks kknows14:07
greybacktsdgeos: he's a community guy14:08
didrockstsdgeos: debfx, but you can ask riddel as well14:08
greybackdidrocks: thanks :)14:08
didrocksyw :)14:08
mhall119kenvandine: ping14:10
kenvandinemhall119, pong14:10
mhall119hey, I was wondering if you knew the current state of unity-singlet being uploaded?14:10
kenvandineit is still in sourceNEW14:12
mhall119kenvandine: thanks14:12
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kenvandinemhall119, that is the schedule for the archive admins14:12
kenvandineyou can try to ping whoever is on duty if you like14:13
greybacktsdgeos: all the rtl input-shaping tests fail on me. ltr & rtl. Can you check please?14:37
tsdgeosgreyback: -shell? or -shell_rtl?14:38
greybacktsdgeos: shell-rtl14:38
tsdgeosok, sec14:38
tsdgeosgreyback: if run separately too?14:38
greybacktsdgeos: also a rtl bug, the blurred background of the dash is wrong. Dunno if that's in scope for the MR14:38
greybacktsdgeos: yep14:38
tsdgeosgreyback: to be honest the scope was getting the tests to pass :D14:39
greybackfair enough! :)14:39
tsdgeosgreyback: you using MultiMonitor?14:43
greybacktsdgeos: not for running tests14:43
tsdgeosthey pass here14:45
tsdgeosdo you have the unity-2d-panel running?14:45
greybackI get identify: improper image header `/tmp/shape20120206-23788-1nscqh7-0.png' @ error/png.c/ReadPNGImage/324214:45
greybackummm, probably, lemme try again14:45
tsdgeosgreyback: the unity-2d-panel has to be running14:46
tsdgeosgreyback: have you recompiled the new getshape thing?14:46
tsdgeosgreyback: ahhh14:46
greybacktsdgeos: yep, it's running14:46
tsdgeosi know14:46
tsdgeosif you run getshape manually you get some gdk/gtk/something warning, right14:47
tsdgeosgtk2-engines-pixbuf  <-- install this14:48
tsdgeosthe problem is14:49
tsdgeosthat the sut thing14:49
tsdgeosredirects everything to the file14:49
tsdgeoseven if that is in stderr and the "good" output in stdout14:49
tsdgeosthus you end up with a "wrong" png14:49
tsdgeosbecause you have that warning there14:49
greybackI see14:49
greybackdoesn't getshape write out to file itself tho?14:50
tsdgeosnot anymore14:50
tsdgeossince otherwise we could not support the host/target split14:50
tsdgeosso it writes the image to the output14:50
greybackyou can have it write to file on the target, then copy the file over14:50
tsdgeoscan you?14:51
tsdgeosi tried looking how to do that and did not find the command14:51
tsdgeosi found stuff to list files14:51
tsdgeosbut not to copy14:51
tsdgeosthen probably we want to go back to the getshape that writes to file and copy it over?14:52
tsdgeoswhat you say?14:52
greybackthat would be safer14:52
tsdgeoswell, meaniwhile install that14:53
tsdgeosso you can run the tests14:53
greyback*or* you can try bash-fu like "bash -c 'getshape <xid> 2&>/dev/null'"14:53
greybackbut personally I prefer the copy file approach14:54
greybackyep, running14:54
didrocksnuthinking: hey14:54
didrockshow are you?14:54
greybacktsdgeos: hmm, why is my dconf form-factor settings always reset to "tv"14:57
tsdgeosgreyback: is it?14:57
greybacktsdgeos: it's not done by a test I think14:57
tsdgeosthere must be a bug when i try to restore in a test?14:57
greybacktsdgeos:do you set it? I didn't realise it14:57
tsdgeosyes, we set to tv in some test14:57
greybackaha in fullscreen14:58
greybackSymptom of not having safe dconf-reset14:58
greybackit's on my list :(14:58
greybackI'll get to it after FF14:58
greybacktsdgeos: ok thanks, those tests pass now14:59
tsdgeosgoodie :-)14:59
* greyback hugs grooveshark, 2 old favourite songs played in a row15:00
tsdgeosgreyback: i've pushed the change to use copy_from_sut anyway15:01
tsdgeosgreyback: do you think we could merge the rtl into -shell soon-ish? Anything else you find missing?15:02
greybacktsdgeos: no I'm pretty happy with it15:06
greybacktsdgeos: bzr getting a little confused tho :) https://pastebin.canonical.com/59489/15:09
tsdgeosah sorry15:09
tsdgeosi repushed to get a nicer history15:09
tsdgeosrepushed == overwrote history15:09
tsdgeosdon't know what this means for your local copy15:10
greybackok, I think I can force it, no biggie15:10
tsdgeosbzr pull --overwrite ?15:10
greybackyep, thank you15:11
tsdgeosgreyback: launchpad only auto merges stuff to unity-2d but not to unity-2d-shell ?15:12
nuthinkingdidrocks: hi15:13
greybackdidrocks: ^^  tarmac automerges every MR, not just to the trunk, but branch into other branches?15:14
didrocksnuthinking: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ILTJDiDCd25Npt2AmgzF8aOnZZECxTfM0hvsbWT2BxA/edit?hl=en_US, section 2.2, the first image should have "appearance", isn't it?15:15
didrocksnot user interface in the breadcrumb15:15
nuthinkingdidrocks: yep15:15
didrocksgreyback: no, it's only right now when you target trunk, we can handle other, but w decided with Tim that it's easier that way (as we are not sure that branches merged into other branches should pass make check)15:16
didrocksnuthinking: ok, thanks for confirming!15:16
tsdgeosgreyback: so what do we do with https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_launcher_dash_focus_loss/+merge/91628 then? Merge it manually?15:17
didrocksnuthinking: all changes are implemented g-c-c side15:17
nuthinkingnuthinking: who should I hassle for pixel perfect layout?15:20
greybackdidrocks: ok, thanks for clarifying!15:20
didrocksgreyback: yw :)15:20
greybacktsdgeos: yes, I promote you to human-tarmac privileges! :)15:21
greybackjust for shell, if you touch trunk didrocks will be after you :P15:22
tsdgeosgreyback: so basically just merge by hand? I see there are some commits there that say "Committer: Tarmac" like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell/revision/95115:22
didrocksyou don't want to try :)15:23
didrockseven *consider* :p15:23
greybacktsdgeos: now I'm confused again.15:26
tsdgeosi'm sorry15:27
tsdgeosi am too :D15:27
tsdgeosgreyback: maybe Saviq runs his own tarmac?15:27
tsdgeosdidrocks: is that ↑ possible?15:27
greybacktsdgeos: we've couple of commits waiting in queue for hours now. So it's not the usual tarmac working.15:28
didrockstsdgeos: yeah, seems so15:29
didrocksnot my tarmac :)15:29
didrocksmy committer is unity merger15:29
greybacktsdgeos: you can push manually so15:29
tsdgeosi will15:29
gordmhr3, hey, so one thing i totally wanted in the lenses this cycle but completely forgot about, did we do it anyway by any chance? It was add lens specific default file icons - so music lens has their own one, file lens, app lens and so on16:38
mhr3gord, as in lens would specify what icon to use if one can't be loaded / isn't set?16:41
gordmhr3, yeah16:42
gordright now we just the default file icon everywhere16:42
mhr3gord, it surely makes sense16:42
mhr3we could just add a key to the .lens file16:42
mhr3i dont think it really needs to be exported on the bus16:43
gordmhr3, +116:43
gorddo it!16:43
davidcallemhr3, gord, it would be a huge API win :)16:43
mhr3gord, a bug pls :)16:44
mhr3davidcalle, you mean no api is a huge api win? :)16:44
davidcallemhr3, hehe. Almost.16:44
tsdgeosgreyback: Kaleo has found that in unity-2d-shell Super + Esc does not hide the Launcher immediately and regular unity-2d does, but i have found that the unity-2d-shell behaviour is the same one that unity3d has, so do we consider it a bug or a feature? :D16:52
Kaleotsdgeos: well, we need to figure out if it's reliable, ie. if we did that on purpose16:53
tsdgeosKaleo: yes, it's on purpose, once forcing the visibility of the launcher ends (i.e. because the dash was open) we add a one second delay before hiding the launcher16:54
greybacktsdgeos: hmm, can you check that focus returns to the front application too while you're at it (in shell)?16:54
tsdgeosgreyback: doing what?16:54
tsdgeosgreyback: i mean which key combo16:54
greybacktsdgeos: super + escape16:54
tsdgeosgreyback: it should, we have a test for that :D16:54
greybackoh wait, never mind16:55
tsdgeosand it passes16:55
tsdgeosor  did at least16:55
mhall119mhr3: did you see the email that just came in on canonical-tech?16:55
greybackyep ok, that's something I remembered from a little while back. Glad it's fixed16:55
mhr3mhall119, nope, let me check16:56
greybacktsdgeos: I see no point in spending time emulating the broken unity-2d behaviour. Consider it a fix in shell. (but would be good to have the behaviour verified by design)16:56
mhr3mhall119, oh that's good :)16:56
tsdgeosgreyback: okidoki16:57
Kaleotsdgeos: JohnLea tells me in Unity 3D 11.10, the launcher disappears immediately upon dismissing the dash by pressing the super key17:00
tsdgeosKaleo: not in the one i have installed17:00
Kaleotsdgeos: from the PPA?17:01
tsdgeoswhich tbh is not pure 11.10 but something newer17:01
mhall119mhr3: got a fix for that?17:01
tsdgeosKaleo: 5.0.0~+bzr1825ubuntu0+611 no idea where that come from17:01
Kaleotsdgeos: so, in any case, JohnLea says that the launcher should disappear immediately17:02
tsdgeosKaleo: EOD'ing now, i can fix the hiding easily tomorrow, i'm not that confident about the mumble shortcut eatiing thing, but hope it won't be difficult either17:05
tsdgeosgreyback: don't forget to review those MR! ;-)17:05
greybackgah, just missed him17:06
mhr3mhall119, fix? nope, we never seen such issue, i'd suggest using dee-tool to look at the models and inspect peers in the swarm, but dee-tool isn't available in 11.10 :/17:25
gordmhr3, thar you go https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/92774517:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 927745 in unity "UnityCore and lenses should provide default file icons" [Medium,Confirmed]17:27
davidcallemhr3, is it possible to choose the default activated options in the sources filter?17:27
davidcalle...from a scope.17:28
mhr3davidcalle, i actually wanted it, but no :/17:28
davidcallemhr3, thanks17:29
mhr3davidcalle, shouldn't be too hard if we reaaaaaaly wanted it17:29
davidcallemhr3, nope, it's ok :)17:30
davidcallemhr3, for me at least17:30
utlemmingso I just updated my dual-screen monitor rig and have some feedback for the unity team...to whom would I send that?17:34
greybackutlemming: well this is the right place if you've just general comments to make. More specific bugs I'd encourage you to report on Launchpad17:40
utlemmingwell, I have a dual-screen setup and after updating Unity I now have two launchers -- one on each screen. The problem is that unless I zoom my mouse across the screen, the unity launcher will hold my mouse hostage for a few seconds. In my opinion, taking my mouse hostage makes for a poor-usabilty experience.17:42
mhall119utlemming: you can change the threshold for how much 'zoom'ing is needed to avoid the capture17:43
mhall119utlemming: currently in ccsm17:44
mhall119even though jcastro will kick me for suggesting it's use17:44
mhall119hopefull in myUnity sooner rather than later17:45
utlemmingmhall119: thank you much, that made it much more usable17:51
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bschaefermhr3, hey, did some testing and the trunk version of libunity doesn't return 0 results on start up now :)19:41
bschaefermhr3, thanks!19:41
mhr3bschaefer, awesome :)19:41
bschaefermhr3, also mikkel switch HomeLens to uses the LensView so that was automatically fixed, so the branch should really soon19:42
bschaefershould be done *19:42
mhr3bschaefer, i think we're still missing how to display the no-results-hint for the homeview19:43
mhr3unless i missed it in there19:43
bschaefermhr3, it is working on the branch I have up now, hmm19:44
mhr3it is?19:44
bschaeferbecause it returns to the GlobalSearchFInished19:44
bschaeferwhich checks if == homesview19:44
bschaefermhr3, it doesn't have a no-results actaully19:45
bschaeferso the default message gets displayed :)19:45
bschaeferwhich is what the design says19:45
bschaefermhr3, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/91847789/max_dash.png19:46
mhr3bschaefer, so you just hardcoded it into unity?19:47
bschaeferwell yeah the default message if there is "no-results-hint" found19:48
bschaefermhr3, I actually need to push a new change, instead of using g_strdup_printf it is now using a std::string19:48
bschaefermhr3, but I don't see why you would need to pass the default message through no-results-hint19:49
mhr3bschaefer, my worry was about l10n, but unity-core doesn't have have infrastructure for that, so it's not defined in there... but kinda sucks that now both unity and 2d have to define it19:50
bschaefermhr3, ooo dam19:51
bschaefermhr3, completely slipped my mind about that, hmm19:51
bschaefermhr3, so should libunity handle if the lens doesn't provide a no-results-hint?19:53
mhr3bschaefer, no19:53
bschaefermhr3, how would the default message get past by an arbitrary lens that doesn't come with a no-results-hint?19:54
bschaefermhr3, that is why I had hard coded that in19:55
mhr3bschaefer, maybe the lens wanted to not show anything? :)19:55
bschaefermhr3, dammit, that better not be the case haha!19:56
mhr3we shouldn't care too much really, the default lenses do they should, the other have have the possibility to do it as well, it's up to them19:56
bschaefermhr3, oo also I found something wired with the music lens19:56
mhr3i hope you understood what i meant to say :P19:57
mhr3i'm making it hard for people sometimes :P19:57
mhr3bschaefer, so what's up with ulm?19:57
mhr3hey thumper19:58
bschaefermhr3, haha, no I get it but I just figured all lenses should have a displayed message from reading the bug report haha19:58
bschaeferthumper, morning19:58
mhr3bschaefer, ultimately unity can force it19:59
bschaefermhr3, so since I don't have any music har har; when you type a char then delete it really fast the available for download sometimes sticks around19:59
mhr3hmm does it?20:00
mhr3probably a bug in the scope20:00
bschaefermhr3, should have taken a screen shot...it is kinda hard to do sometimes but when it happens it sticks around20:00
mhr3i see it20:00
mhr3easy to reproduce with the slow response of the web service :)20:01
bschaefermhr3, cool, was just trying it and couldnt get it to do it!20:01
bschaefermhr3, but since the message getting displayed is attached to the same layer and it changed the stack placement it screws things up20:01
bschaefermhr3, though visually it really isn't a problem unless you have no music haha20:08
mhr3bschaefer, ah ,so the msg doesn't hide once the results arrive?20:22
bschaefermhr3, yeah the message gets displayed along with those available downloads20:22
mhr3bschaefer, well ultimately it's a bug in the lens, it should send proper results20:25
mhr3it's not doing that20:25
bschaefermhr3, yeah I started to look at the code then started learning vala haha20:25
bschaefermhr3, but overall I don't think it is the highest priority20:26
mhr3should be fairly simple fix though20:27
bschaefermhr3, when I get some free time I can start digging through it again :), as vala looks fun to learn20:28
bschaefermhr3, unless it is such an easy fix you have already fixed it ;)20:29
* mhr3 loves vala for the native async paradigms20:29
mhr3bschaefer, if you knew what you're looking for, it could be fixed probably in ~5minutes :)20:29
bschaefermhr3, haha, yeah I was just greping for search string and was trying to find the results to see where it was getting updated20:30
bschaeferthen I realized I didn't know vala at all so I started doing some smaller tutorials on!20:30
mhr3bschaefer, but it's very much like c# if you know that20:31
bschaefermhr3, I know java, which is close to c#20:31
mhr3bschaefer, but c# and vala are actually nice ;)20:31
bschaeferbut havn't done java in a few years even though Im tutoring in it right now haha20:31
bschaefermhr3, yeah and lambda expression!20:31
bschaeferthat was nice to see20:31
mhr3java still doesn't do that?20:32
bschaefermhr3, they might, but im not sure20:32
mhr3but who would care java anyways :P20:32
mhr3care about*20:32
bschaefermhr3, exactly ;)20:32
bschaefermhr3, so Im guessing it is in the musicstore-scope.vala20:36
mhr3most likely20:37
bschaeferor the daemon20:37
mhr3bschaefer, figured it out?21:07
bschaefermhr3, got side tracked on pushing some changes to the no results branch.21:09
bschaefermhr3, was looking at preform_search and it just doesn't seem to be getting then where there is nothing in search21:09
mhr3bschaefer, the is_search_empty() return in there will be the culprit :)21:10
bschaefermhr3, ugg that makes so much sense now21:11
bschaefermhr3, I was thinking that since you hit 'q' and then delete the 'q' was getting past to the perform search21:11
mhr3the whole ulm wrapper classes could use some refactoring21:12
bschaefermhr3, so I though the is_search_empty() was never returning true; but I was about to add some print statements21:12
mhr3bschaefer, so basically the problem is that when the search is empty string the previous search doesn't get cancelled21:13
bschaefermhr3, that is what I realized when you said that haha21:13
mhr3bschaefer, :)21:14
bschaefermhr3, so the fix is to basically remove that  check21:14
bschaefermhr3, which solves that bug on mine :)21:14
mhr3bschaefer, well we want to keep the behavior that it doesn't display any results when the search is empty21:14
bschaefermhr3, hmm, would it be similar to how the banshee scope uses it?21:16
mhr3not sure what you mean21:17
bschaefermhr3, well I was just looking at how the banshee-scope.vala does the perform_search21:17
mhr3bschaefer, i wouldn't look there, the banshee scope isn't async21:18
mhr3well it's defined as async, but does things synchrounously21:19
bschaefermhr3, because if the is_search_empty() is the problem I almost want to clear the scope21:19
bschaefersince it has to stay there, so instead of return clear the scope? (not sure how to do that though)21:19
bschaefermhr3, or maybe use update_search_async21:20
mhr3the proper way to do it is to pass the cancellable from search-changed signal to the perform_search method21:20
mhr3and then for the musicstore scope pass it to the collection.search21:21
mhr3instead of the cancellable that's created inside collection.search21:21
mhr3that way it'll magically start to work even with the if is_search_empty() return that's there21:22
bschaefermhr3, so update update_search_async to have another param21:24
* ejat how to test the HUD .. 21:24
mhr3bschaefer, yea, and pass it all the way down to perform_search21:25
bschaefermhr3, ok yeah, then the collections is down in perfom_search21:25
ejatalready install but didnt see the diff21:28
bschaefermhr3, hmm so now I have cancellable in the perform_search, so now Ill have to change the collection.search to accept the new cancellable?21:38
mhr3you'll see that the scope already uses one, so just replace it with that one then21:39
bschaefermhr3, just found the collection class haha, nice.21:39
bschaefermhr3, yeah, I had to edit the banshee-scope since both of them use the perform_search which as an extra param now21:40
bschaeferdo variables gets shadowed in vala? or should I just remove this line "private Cancellable? cancellable;"21:41
bschaefermhr3, nevermind Im removing it21:41
bschaefermhr3, hmm now the musicstore doesn't return any results21:58
mhr3you probably forgot something :)22:00
mhr3pastebin the diff?22:00
bschaefermhr3, i just pushed a branch, and Ill commit the changes22:00
bschaeferin a second22:00
bschaefermhr3, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity-lens-music/cancellable-search22:05
bschaefermhr3, well I have it getting results but it seems to be returning 0 results to unity so the message appears!22:07
mhr3bschaefer, you dont cancel the cancellable yourself, that's what's wrong22:08
mhr3i mean... you shouldn't22:09
bschaefero, so I should remove if != NULL then just pass cancellable on through22:09
bschaefermhr3, worked :)22:10
bschaefermhr3, thanks for spending time and helping me through that!22:13
mhr3bschaefer, np, clean it up and mp it ;)22:14
bschaefermhr3, I also pushed the new changes to the branch.22:14
bschaefermhr3, One more question in musicstore-collection.vala where it sets cancellable = null; seems pointless now22:17
bschaefermhr3, and removing it doens't change anything so im going to remove it. Just wanted to double check with you!22:17
bschaefermhr3, near line 9222:18
mhr3bschaefer, yep, that's what i mean by cleaning it up :)22:18
bschaefermhr3, haha, ok I think it is all cleaned up! One more push then ill mp it!22:19
bschaefermhr3, https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity-lens-music/cancellable-search/+merge/9172822:26
bschaefermhr3, that was fun, now hopefully if there are problems with the lenses I don't have to keep buging you as much ;)22:28
mhr3bschaefer, awesome, will review it tomorrow :)22:28
bschaefermhr3, sweet thanks! Have a good night :). Hope I didn't keep you up to late22:28
mhr3dont worry, you're not the only one :)22:29
bschaefermhr3, haha22:29
bschaeferthumper, ping22:32
thumperhi bschaefer22:33
bschaeferthumper, hey, so I wanted to update you on last week and things to go this week22:33
bschaeferthumper, got the alt + f1 bug finished and reviewed and is now in trunk22:33
thumperyep, saw that22:34
bschaeferthumper, also have been looking into the ibus bug which I will be doing this week also22:34
thumperyep, thanks22:34
thumperibus is super important22:34
bschaeferthumper, and got jay to help with the finishing touches on the no-results branch so that should be ready for merge with the unfreeze22:34
thumperwe are unfozen22:35
thumperso we should be good to go22:35
bschaeferthumper, yeah! the ibus is my number 1 priority this week!22:35
bschaeferthumper, o dam well Ill want to review it some more to make sure it is done then propose it22:35
bschaeferthumper, also was going to get jay to help me finish that top panel bug that we put on hold22:35
* thumper jumps on a call22:36
bschaeferthumper, alright, that was the end also so perfect! Back to work :)22:36
* thumper waves at bschaefer22:37
TheMusogrrr hud pop with alt is too sensative.23:22
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
FreddiI have a question about the Unity appmenu23:54
FreddiI want to add the appmenu to an application that is not written in one of the supported toolkits. Thus the menu is not autonmatically extracted from the toolkit.23:55
FreddiI want to write a python script as a bridge between that application and Dbus. I assume I have to add the menu structure as a Dbusmenu.23:57
FreddiI didn't find enough documentation about the appmenu on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationMenu23:58

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