pleia2packing up to head down to redwood city \o/01:51
izdubarAndchat seems to work ok03:42
jyojtatum: http://lwn.net/Articles/477030/ :)06:06
jtatumjyo: cool! that's neat06:16
nhainesakk: I didn't know your SCALE talk had flying sharks!19:46
akkThough some people are never satisfied -- they complained that it didn't have lasers too. :)19:47
* MarkDude missed all sorts of cool stuff at Scale19:48
CoreyDoes anyone have a good California based dedicated server host that offers Ubuntu?19:50
jtatumCorey: for dedicated, have you looked at he.net ?19:52
cjohnstonanyone in the SFO area not doing anything tomorrow night and want to play tour guide?20:22
pleia2I was supposed to, but I am lame and had to cancel :)20:23
bkerensaA tour of San Francisco International? :P21:16
bkerensacjohnston: What do you hope to see? Exploratorium, Palace of Fine Arts? :)21:17
* Darkwing sighs21:30
* MarkDude thinks best named travel abbrev is for Bakersfield21:31
cjohnstonbkerensa: sorry... Golden Gate Bridge atleast.. i dont know what else there is to see22:00
nhainescjohnston: the Exploratorium is way fun.22:02
cjohnstonI also don't know how much time I have.. we dont get out until 180022:03
bkerensacjohnston: Go to Golden Gate Park and see the Buffalo22:04
MarkDudeChina town and Northbeach are good places - if you are near22:04
bkerensapleia2: They still have Buffalo yes?22:04
MarkDudeWild ones, that will trample you?22:04
bkerensaalso could take a trip to Ocean Beach and see the huge Dutch Windmill22:04
bkerensaMarkDude: The ones in Golden Gate Park yeah... They used to have a whole herd22:04
MarkDudeNorthbeach has Italian places to eat, as well as seedy element of danger22:05
MarkDudeLike much of the City does22:05
MarkDudeDepends on what you want. Chinatown is a great place to get some cheap gifts for folks22:06
MarkDudeGoing to the Piers is safest easiest bet22:06
MarkDudevery tourist, but fun to go to Fishermans wharf22:06
MarkDudeEat crab there22:07
MarkDudeGo eat desert in Northbeach22:07
MarkDudeIf you want to see Hippies, go to the Haight22:07
MarkDudeMuch depends on what time of day. And how much your sense of adventure (danger) is22:08
MarkDudeGolden gate trip can take time depending on traffic, and you can see it from the wharf22:09
bkerensacjohnston: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204895884401240139637.0004b852df1c0b48d60ed&msa=0&ll=37.79461,-122.408842&spn=0.004527,0.01056822:24
bkerensathere I made a map with the buffalo and some places to check out22:24
bkerensaMarkDude: North Beach is dangerous? LOL dont scare the guy... So long as he stays out of Hunters Point and doesnt go flashing money in the Tenderloin I'm sure he will be fine22:25
MarkDudeYes true. Well as far as seedy, I meant some of the nearby places of business22:26
cjohnstonThis is why I like FL.. I can carry22:27
DarkwingYeah Chris, you LOVE packing heat. :P:P22:30
cjohnstonyou know it22:32
cjohnstonyour just jealous Darkwing22:32
Darkwinghehehe yup. :P:P22:32
DarkwingOhhhh wow.22:33
* Darkwing rubs eyes.22:33

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