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bkerensablkperl: We missed you on Friday06:55
blkperlbkerensa: yeah I was super tired :S06:55
blkperlfridays are long...06:55
bkerensablkperl: So was I the next day :P06:55
bkerensablkperl: Pics -> https://plus.google.com/115750270177636397262/posts/PQGga6DKLfL06:56
blkperlbkerensa: you should finish my multiarch tickets, there showing up on my google searchs06:56
bkerensablkperl: Finish in what way? I thought they were done already06:57
bkerensaHmm Slangasek hasn't been on IRC for a few days now06:57
blkperlbkerensa: nope i missed that multiarch tag on all of them :S06:58
bkerensapaste the bug ID's here and I will have a look at all of them06:59
bkerensaI have to go to bed now but tomorrow I can have a look and make a new patch06:59
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c_smithman, I got a bunch of trolling from ONE of my comments to some dude who was doing a terrible job at trolling himself, why do I even go on Youtube anymore? the site is just like a tinderbox nowadays.21:35
c_smiththe place is full of trolls waiting for the slightest of provocations so they can have a field day with it..... >.<21:36
* MarkDude ignores comments there21:39
MarkDudelike no look at21:39
blkperlbkerensa: #65100821:39
MarkDudeIts ALL trolling21:39
MarkDudeMany times it is a version of this >> http://derailingfordummies.com/21:40
blkperlbkerensa: #651008 #651009 #65101021:41
c_smithMarkDude, that's a good tactic, but it's hard to ignore when they go directly to your inbox (via Private Message)21:44
c_smithalso, I went back to using Unity, decided to give it a try again.21:45
MarkDudeWell that makes sense21:49
MarkDudeI would not be stoked if people were doing that21:49
MarkDudeor posting stuff on my videos21:49
c_smithfunny thing is I have no videos.21:51
c_smithbut yeah, I myself ignore most comments, I only pay attention to ones that are from people I'm subscribed to, such as Linux4unme.21:52
bkerensablkperl: Excellent I will have a crack at them either tonight or tomorrow22:01
bkerensablkperl: Slangasek says that those were all taken care of23:22
c_smithbleh, looks like I won't be able to host the Ubuntu Hour this week, gonna go to the coast for the weekend.23:38
c_smithand it aint my decision.23:38

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