aquariusthat's why I'm working on a third-party replacement.00:00
aquariushappy to have your help :)00:00
mhall119I'll be happy to give it00:00
mhall119aquarius: is this related to tomblog at all?00:02
aquariuswhat's tomblog?00:02
mhall119aquarius: http://blog.rtg.in.ua/2011/03/tomblog-note-publishing.html00:03
aquariuscool. I'd forgotten about that :)00:03
aquariusthat's a rye thing00:04
nigelbaquarius: I heard you had fun getting back inside your house :)00:04
aquariustomblog uses the couchdb interface to notes, though, which is not a good idea because it's going away00:04
aquariusbut the notes API interface is not foing away00:05
aquariusso it could be ported to use that00:05
aquariusthe notes API is what u1to uses00:05
mhall119oh, so that's what youoneteeoh stands for00:05
mhall119so youoneteeoh uses the snowy protocol or something?00:06
mhall119yay, and it's django too!00:07
aquariusyou should find it easy to use :)00:07
mhall119where do I find django_oauth_client ?00:08
doctormonmhall119: It's in the repositories isn't it?00:09
aquariushttps://code.launchpad.net/~jamesh/+junk/django-oauth-client is where I got it from ;()00:09
doctormonAnd also available in the packaged download fancy pants of loco-portal00:09
mhall119not in mine, appearantly00:09
aquariusthere may be a more official version00:09
aquariusdjango-openid-client is in the repos. I'm not sure about django-oauth-client; it's not in my repos00:10
doctormonAh i think you're right, I confused the two.00:10
aquariusmhall119, it requires django-1.400:13
aquariuswell, it strictly only requires humanize from django 1.4, but I just grabbed the whole thing and put it on the python path ;)00:13
aquariusya. in alpha atm :)00:13
mhall119that's not even in pypi00:13
nigelbget it from git.00:13
nigelbor svn00:13
doctormonnigelb: This is a non-swearing channel ;-)00:14
aquariusjust download the tarball00:18
aquariusoh, u1to needs to be in a folder called u1to :)00:18
aquariusso what I do is mkdir trunk; cd trunk; bzr branch lp:youoneteeoh; cd u1to; PYTHONPATH=/path/to/django-oauth-client:/path/to/django-1.4 python manage.py runserver00:19
aquariuser, bzr branch lp:youoneteeoh u1to00:19
aquariusnigelb, yeah, the house stuff was unfun, but amusing in retrospect :)00:19
nigelbaquarius: Where was your daughter that night?00:20
aquariusnigelb, with her mum :)00:23
aquariusthis wasn't my weekend with her00:23
nigelbAh! Lucky :)00:23
aquariuswell... if she had have been here then I wouldn't have been in the pub until half one in the mornign :)00:26
mhall119aquarius: I got youoneteeoh working after some hacking13:34
mhall119it didn't like being run from a folder called 'trunk', it was expecting 'u1to'13:34
mhall119lots of relative imports and such13:35
aquariushence me saying "oh, u1to needs to be in a folder called u1to :)" at 12.18 this morning ;)13:35
aquariussorry, should have been clearer abou tthat13:35
mhall119also had to track down all the requirements based off import error messages13:35
mhall119well, it doesn't need that anymore13:35
mhall119at least, not in my branch13:35
aquariusyeah, we haven't documented the requirements at all so far :13:37
aquariusbut it works for you, yes?13:37
aquariusI'd be happy to chat abou tit13:37
mhall119works so far13:38
mhall119formatting doesn't seem right on the notes, not sure if markdown/humanize isn't working or what13:38
mhall119morning cjohnston, did you get that fix to summit out last night?13:39
mhall119aquarius: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/youoneteeoh/add-requirements-file/+merge/9165113:39
aquariusformatting isn't right on the notes13:39
aquariusI only wrote that bit at the weekend and it isn't finished yet :)13:39
aquariusthat's the bit I want to work on though13:40
aquariusit's complicated by how translating tomboy xml into markdown is hard13:40
mhall119aquarius: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/youoneteeoh/rem-relative-imports/+merge/91653 does away with the 'u1to' and relative imports that were stopping me from running it13:40
mhall119cjohnston: does that help them, speed wise?13:41
cjohnstonaquarius: speaking of writing code quicky, the hide talks that arent for me is gone13:41
cjohnstonmhall119: i think so, but i dont know.. im on a different connection than i was, so its kinda hard to say13:41
mhall119cjohnston: seems faster tome13:42
cjohnstoni got all the meetings changed to13:42
cjohnstondo you know if trackfix will run automagically and detect the meeting name changes and do its work?13:43
mhall119don't know13:43
mhall119daker: you around?13:43
cjohnstoni see the NY Football Giants won last night13:45
cjohnstonmhall119: it seems as though trackfix did its job13:47
cjohnstoni didnt get to watch it13:47
cjohnstonwhat happened13:47
mhall119cjohnston: the giants scored a touchdown they didn't want13:48
cjohnstonwhat was he doing mhall119 ? trying to stop the clock?14:12
cjohnstonor flipping out cause he was gonna win the superbowl14:12
mhall119cjohnston: they wanted to run down the clock, then kick a field goal14:13
Pendulummhall119: I was just told that the guy is now saying that it wasn't accidental14:21
mhall119Pendulum: oh really?  Not that it ended up making a difference either way14:30
Pendulummhall119: I can't find anything to back it up, but my father said something about it. I have seen that he's now happy he made the touchdown14:32
mhall119no doubt, it was the game-winning score14:33
mhall119but if the Patriots had managed to make that last drive and score a touchdown of their own in the last minute, it'd be another story14:33
Pendulumof course, they should have let them score a little earlier14:34
Pendulumwhich would have given them more time14:35
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