holsteinif you want to know the 'order', i say do them all at once, OR let us know what the packgaes are and we can make suggestions00:00
holsteinSoviet: i am00:00
holsteinyu are worried about the order00:00
holsteinand i say, do it all in one commande.. sudo dpkg -i file1.deb file2.deb file3.deb00:00
SovietSo if it tries to install one package first, and that package requires another package, it will not fail?00:00
holsteinSoviet: you literally have no better option than to jus try that00:00
OerSoviet install the metapackage and depencies will follow00:01
holsteinSoviet: i am suggesting it because it has worked for me00:01
holsteinSoviet: am i positive it will work? no00:01
Soviet..guess I'll try it..00:01
holsteinSoviet: do i think it will? sure... and you can try it.. all in one command and see.. or read the dpkg man pages00:01
Sovietholstein I tend to ignore when people imply "rtfm" :)00:02
SovietOh, one more thing.00:02
holsteinSoviet: sure.. and im saying "try it" OR else, reading the man page is the only way to be sure, however, i find it worked for me00:02
Oerdid you get !offline, soviet ?00:02
SovietI don't know what my distro uses..00:02
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD00:02
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate00:02
Sovietlike Maverick, lucid etc00:03
Sovietidk what mine is00:03
barakisbrownQ:Installing 11.10, It is froezen during configuring system but the I can access the menus like it is not frozen????00:03
holsteinyeah, apt-on-CD would be nice to have ina dialup scneario00:03
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline00:03
Sovietmy version is 9.1000:03
holsteinlsb_release -a Soviet00:03
SovietI don't have it running.00:04
holsteinSoviet: 9.10 is not supported anymore00:04
SovietWell what's it use..?00:04
holstein9.10 was karmic00:04
holsteinSoviet: ?00:04
SovietAMD64 or i386?00:04
holsteinSoviet: that depends on your machine00:04
SovietI take it i386 is intel processors?00:04
holsteinand what you chose to install, since you can run 32bit on 64bit machines00:05
Sovietmy machine is 64bit00:05
holsteinSoviet: its a 32bit vs 64bit thing...00:05
Sovietbut the os.. idk00:05
SovietI only have the disk beside me lol00:05
holsteinSoviet: OK.. but did you install 32 or 64?.. you can run uname -a00:05
Oerwhat is the output of uname -a ?00:05
Sovietit's not running.00:05
barakisbrownQ:Installing 11.10, It is froezen during configuring system but the I can access the menus like it is not frozen????00:06
SovietBasically what I'm going to do right now is run the livecd, and use it for a while to get used to it.. I'm probably going to install debian later.00:06
holsteinSoviet: ok... when you get it running, thats a way you can confirm, assuming you have not written it on the CD you are referencing00:06
holsteinbarakisbrown: not following you00:06
Oerbarakisbrown, frozen ? use alt + tab to see if there is a hidden dialog waiting00:06
barakisbrownOer: just the same window00:07
barakisbrownholstein: during install where it says configuring system, the cursor is spinning but th progress bar has not moved. I can access the menu bars uptop .. ??00:08
holsteinbarakisbrown: i would wait it out a bit, and make sure its frozen...00:08
holsteinbarakisbrown: how long?00:09
barakisbrownholstein: 10mins00:09
ruxkorhi everybody! I am trying to get a "classic" drag and drop behavior for my new notebook, but I am not able to find anything useful on launchpad or the forums.. does anybody know how I can achieve "normal" drag and drop (meaning I click and hold with the thumb and use eg the index to drag) back to ubuntu oneiric?00:09
Oerbarakisbrown, do you see the HDD led actions ?00:09
holsteinbarakisbrown: yeah, depending on the machine, i might wait over 30 minutes00:09
barakisbrownOer: not really00:09
holsteinruxkor: you want something more like gnome2 ?00:10
holsteinruxkor: you should be able to grab things and drop them where you like00:10
cheakoAny one watching the game?  http://snfallaccess.nbcsports.com/  Looks like it dosn't work under Ubuntu.00:10
ruxkorholstein: my current touchpad only allows me to double tap+ drop, sort of like a mac does00:10
=== ron is now known as Guest63655
holsteinruxkor: thats how it works though, with touchpads.. otherwise, normal clicking will grab things00:11
ruxkorif I try to do it "the old way" the touchpad misinterprets my slight thumb movements as mouse movements00:11
barakisbrownOer: no light moveement at all00:11
ruxkorholstein: I thought maybe by changing some parameters on synaptics it is possible to define a "click zone", say in the lower 5% of the pad00:11
ruxkorbut I was only able to disable the lower part altogether00:12
holsteinruxkor: you can do *anything*.. its not easy though... its all text files, and not trivial00:12
Oerbarakisbrown, that sounds bad. did you check the iso with md5sum ?00:13
barakisbrownOer: how do I do that?00:13
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:13
SovietI don't see karmic on the packages site00:13
ruxkorholstein: do you have any idea where I could start to look for that? the manpage and the synaptics parameters page don't turn up anything useful at first sight00:13
holsteinSoviet: karmic is not supported any more00:13
holsteinSoviet: im sure if you dig around, you can find packages though00:14
=== maxjezy_ is now known as maxjezy
SovietOkie, well I have another option00:14
SovietI have:00:14
Sovietkubuntu 10.04 lts00:14
Sovietthat supported?00:14
holsteinLTS's are long term support.. that is still supported00:14
holsteinnot that that really matters to you00:14
ruxkorSoviet: if you need an unsupported version of ubuntu, you could try the deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/00:14
holsteinyou are not going to be pulling in updates over dial up anyways00:15
Sovietso am I fucked?00:15
Jordan_U!language | Soviet00:15
ubottuSoviet: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:15
SovietI lol'd00:16
barakisbrownOer: checksum is 62fb5d750c30a27a26d01c5f3d8df45900:16
OerSoviet, 10.04 lts is supported, no worrys00:16
holsteinSoviet: you can download the karmic packages where ruxkor suggested, or the official ones for lucid 10.04 where you like00:16
SovietWhere in this mountain of folders are they located?00:17
milothebutharHey guys, I'm trying to build libmpfr from source (I need the 32-bit version of it and I'm on a 64 bit machine)... the problem is, after I compile I only get the static version of the library (the .la file)... I need the dynamic version (the .so file). How can I achieve that?00:17
holsteinruxkor: i would maybe even start somewhere like this http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Synaptics_Touchpad00:17
ruxkorSoviet: the link is the main link that you have to put into your /etc/apt/sources.list, instead of the usual ubuntu ones00:17
barakisbrownOer: good iso..md5 matches00:17
Sovietruxkor my problem is I can't use internet until I install this package00:18
holsteinSoviet: RIGHT.. you can download them from the internet, and take them over00:18
ruxkorholstein: thanks, I'll take a look!00:18
SovietI'm supposed to download the entire repo on dialup?00:18
barakisbrowndialup?? whats that??00:18
holsteinSoviet: i was thining just the few packages you need00:18
SovietYeah but where are they :S00:19
holsteinSoviet: what are you looking for?00:19
thetinyj1susare you not allowed to have the name jesus cause it seems to change my name all the time00:19
holsteini would literally just saarch "package name ubuntu version"00:19
Sovietgnome-ppp + all the dependencies00:19
barakisbrownholstein: I did make a liveusb from the iso..could it be bad?? What happens if I restart???00:20
holsteinSoviet: for example http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/gnome-ppp/download00:21
holsteinbarakisbrown: i would wait...then i would try switching to TTY.. if you are not writing to the hard drive, id say its not going to break anything.. but you never know00:21
ruxkorSoviet: Try to look at http://packages.ubuntu.com/ to find your exact package names, and then go to the old-releases url/dists/your dist00:21
Sovietkarmic isn't there though.00:21
holsteini wouldnt expect to salvage the install barakisbrown00:21
SovietThat's going to take even longer.00:22
holsteinSoviet: its not trivial00:22
barakisbrownholstein: I just want to get it installed..:)00:22
holsteini would so *anything* to *not* do it this way00:22
holsteini would borrow a NIC.. a wifi dongle.. go to the coffee shop00:22
holsteinbarakisbrown: right.. but you are experiencing an error it looks like... you can test your hardware... i also like to see the desktop live before installing00:23
Sovietwhat's the packages page for kubuntu then00:23
holsteinSoviet: the same00:23
holsteinkubutnu = ubuntu00:23
SovietSo what will I need for kubuntu 10.04?00:23
holsteinalthough, you probably wont want to get gnome-ppp and all the gnome stuff ;)00:23
holsteinSoviet: not sure.. i havent done dial up in years, and never in KDE.. i would ask in #kubuntu00:24
Jordan_U!offline | Soviet00:24
ubottuSoviet: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD00:24
SovietJordan_U I've seen that over 5 times already.00:24
holsteinyeah, apt-on-CD would be ideal for you... it would be great for later too00:24
Jordan_USoviet: Sorry.00:24
mint_if I create a separate /usr and /usr/local partitions will this backup my applications if I re-install the os. Or will I still have to re-install all applications?00:24
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=== mg is now known as mg_
Sovietholstein I do have another option that I doubt would work.00:25
SovietI can connect my win7 laptop to the internet, and plug the ethernet cable into the desktop running ubuntu.00:26
SovietAnd try to share the connection00:26
holsteinSoviet: you could ask in #windows ...i think there is some sort of connection sharing00:26
zacktuon 11.10 flash has stopped working on both firefox & google-chrome -- appears to be after an update -- what's the fix?00:28
holsteinzacktu: i would try reinstalling.. you can also see about a kernel upgrade incase your graphics are a factor... try booting an older kernel00:29
holsteinzacktu: i mean, reinstalling flash*00:29
Jordan_USoviet: You don't need any particular order when installing pacakges with dpkg -i. Just pass all the filenames at once to dpkg -i and dpkg will figure out the order to install them automatically.00:29
holsteinJordan_U: i think we are now down to what packages are needed :)00:30
Jordan_USoviet: I don't know why you were talking about grabbing things from http://packages.ubuntu.com after seeing !offline though. That link gives much easier and better solutions.00:30
SovietJordan_U we found out I have an unsupported version00:31
holsteinyup.. a agree 100%.. for dial up connections, that would save so muh time00:31
Jordan_USoviet: I thought you were going to install Ubuntu 10.04, which is supported.00:31
mint_Do you create swap partition before or after / partition. Does it matter?00:31
SovietNo, I have kubuntu 10.0400:31
SovietI was trying to use ubuntu 9.1000:31
SovietI give up.00:32
Jordan_USoviet: "Ubuntu" encompasses {K,Ed,L,X,} Ubuntu. 10.04 is supported, no matter what flavor.00:32
holsteindial up is a drag.. i would probably set up a dedicated machine and set up a router for all the rest of the machines in the house assuming i had to use it00:33
Jordan_USoviet: So if you install Kubuntu 10.04 you should be able to use http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ to grab the packages you need.00:33
SovietJordan_U is there I way I can download the package and all the dependencies for kubuntu 10.04 without going through each and every file?00:33
holsteinSoviet: no... ecah file *is* the dependancies00:33
mint_if I create a separate /usr and /usr/local partitions will this backup my applications if I re-install the os. Or will I still have to re-install all applications?00:33
Jordan_USoviet: Yes, it's been told to you many times, http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/00:34
SovietI mean getting them at once00:34
holsteinseems like you are asking, "can i install all these packages without installing all these packages" Soviet00:34
SovietOk, 10.04 is lucid right?00:34
Jordan_USoviet: Yes.00:34
curiousxSoviet: yep00:34
penguinman1337could do kubuntu-desktop. that should install all needed deps00:34
SovietWhen I click download it tries to download a .php file :S00:34
curiousxi using it right now =P00:34
Sovietseems apache is messed up00:34
holsteinSoviet: downloading from http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ ?00:35
curiousxSoviet: why you dont install an updated ubuntu version?00:35
Sovietthe download button at the bottom00:35
SovietBecause I don't have it00:35
SovietI have dialup internet00:35
Jordan_USoviet: Don't click Download, click Find.00:36
SovietI did. looks like I have to dl them one by one00:36
holsteinSoviet: right.. you'll need to aquire the needed packages somehow00:36
SovietI'll just go through them all.00:36
Jordan_USoviet: Yes, but they're all listed there one after the other. It shouldn't be that hard to click them all.00:36
holsteinyeah, i click them and i get a *.deb00:37
SovietGod this ordeal made me so frusterd I had to consume more nicotine00:37
SovietI think I got this now.00:38
SovietI hope so atleast.00:38
holsteinyeah, if you are going to run dial-up.. you must be patient :)00:38
celthunderSoviet: did you just say you're on dialup?00:38
celthunderi'm crying for you my friend i really am00:38
SovietIt's not so bad any more, since I was able to aquire a ton of anime at a friends house.00:39
SovietI just watch that now.00:39
mint_is 15gb big enough for a / partition00:42
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:42
Gentoo64mint_, yes00:42
mega73 mega7200:42
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helo1Can someone help me with a script? I need to write a cron job that checks a log file. The log file contains entries from a daemon that is always running and appending the most recent entries to the file. I need a way to parse the log file for just the last minute or two of entries to see if a certain error is repeating. If the error is occurring, then restart the daemon. Please and thanks!00:43
Starcraftmazterhello, how do i install .deb files in ubuntu now00:44
Gentoo64Starcraftmazter, double click it?00:45
StarcraftmazterGentoo64: it opens it with some sort of archive manager if i do that...00:45
Jordan_UStarcraftmazter: What exactly are you trying to install?00:45
xanguaStarcraftmazter: double clic, you should preferently install from repositories00:45
Gentoo64ah i thought it opened with software center00:45
Starcraftmazterxangua: double clicking does not work00:47
Starcraftmaztercan you give me a shell command00:47
gislihi guys, do I need to have /var/tmp available after restart? isn't it enough to just mount it to tmpfs?00:47
Gentoo64gisli, you could use a tmpfs00:47
gisliGentoo64: alright cheers, but what about /var/log? The thing is that I have a SSD as my system-drive and I wanna get rid of the logging write-wear. Is it enough to just copy the /var/log to my HDD, edit fstab so that /var/log  mounts on the HDD and then restart?00:50
WoCgisli should work, dont forget the permissions00:50
Gentoo64gisli, you can, but what ssd is it?00:50
WoCassuming you have enough mem00:50
Gentoo64you dont need to worry about all that wear stuff on newer ssds00:50
gisliWoC: permissions?00:50
Gentoo64them ssd optimization guides are for older gen00:51
gisliGentoo64: mushkin 60gb something00:51
WoCmake sure it sets 1777 for the mounted tmp00:51
gisliGentoo64: it's about one years old00:51
Gentoo64gisli, i wouldnt be so paranoid00:51
WoCgisli it works for me btw00:51
gisliWoC: how do I do that? :p00:52
Gentoo64theyre meant to last like a decade of constant writes00:52
WoCgisli sec...00:52
gisliGentoo64: oh okay, didn't know that :p00:52
Gentoo64gisli, add mode=177700:52
Gentoo64in fstab options line00:52
Gentoo64eg defaults,noatime,mode=177700:53
Gentoo64thats what i use00:53
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WoCright gisli what Gentoo64 said00:53
WoCGentoo64 i think i am too, i just cant check it atm00:55
gisliGentoo64: WoC: so this is right: tmpfs /tmp(and /var/tmp) tmpfs nodev,nosuid,noexec,mode=1777 0 0 ?00:58
WoCi would put only default,noatime,mode=177700:59
thetinyjesuswhats good people00:59
WoCi would put only defaults,noatime,mode=177700:59
gisliand /var/log would be something like "/mount/point /var/log ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0" ?01:00
celthunderthetinyjesus: flesh life time technology01:00
=== mauricio is now known as Guest45597
gisliWoC: okay. Saw that other stuff (nosuid,nodev,noexec) in some tutorial01:00
WoCare you adding it to fstab or mounting manually ?01:01
gisliI'm adding it to fstab ;)01:01
jeremiah_Why am i not authorized in pidgin when i am the administrator?01:02
gisliWoC: I'm adding it to fstab ;)01:02
rebeAny way to automatically turn off PC when transmission finish downloading all torrents ?01:03
WoCok, just making sure01:03
gisliWoC: why is it bad to use nosuid,nodev,noexec? Just curious01:04
calwighi, Ive dl one of the ubuntu DVD distros. Ive got unetbootin. Ive tried installing it into the USB. Its not completed. Is there something else I should do_01:04
WoCso, just to clarisfy, the line should look something like; tmpfs                   /var/log                    tmpfs   defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 001:04
jeremiah_ Why am i not authorized in pidgin when i am the administrator?01:04
gisliWoC: no I'm not mounting /var/log to tmpfs. I'm gonna have that on my hdd. /tmp and /var/tmp are going to tmpfs ;)01:04
WoCgisli i wouldnt add anything that im not sure of the consequences of01:04
calwigIts not completed as in, the distro is not completely written to the USB. unetbootin finishes in half a second writing to the USB. Ive downloaded 2 distros. USB is brand new.01:05
WoCsame thing though, just replace /var/log with the tmp path01:05
gisliWoC: /var/log would be something like: /home/gisli/data /var/log ext4 defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 001:06
gisliWoC: yeah but I want my logs available after restart ;)01:07
WoCok, then you mount it using bind01:07
gisliWoC: hmmm bind...01:07
WoCas in mount /home/gisli/data /var/log -o bind01:08
showtimei installed ts3 on 11.04 and my microphone doesnt work ... what to do ?01:08
WoCgisli ok ?01:09
gisliWoC: oh okay...do I just do that now or straight after restart? And will I still have my old logs?01:09
WoCyou can either edit that and add to fstab or just add as is to rc.local01:10
WoConce mounted /home/gisli/data will have the actuall logs, you might need to restart the syslog to have it log propperly after the mount01:12
WoCgisli you dont have to restart your computer, you may however need to send a HUP to syslog to have it logging in the new location01:13
gisliWoC: alright. just put "/home/gisli/.data/logs /var/log bind defaults,noatime,bind 0 0" in fstab and that's it?01:14
gislithat's very elegant01:14
WoCgisli try it, i never actually used bind option in fstab01:15
draganchoDo you guys know how can i give wine access only to C: folder?01:15
sgqnwghello 󠁟there.01:16
gisliWoC: I saw it here: http://nucleussystems.com/blog/mount-dir-bind01:16
AfterDeath!ops | sgqnwg using xchat exploits01:16
ubottusgqnwg using xchat exploits: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:16
WoCgisli ah, ok :)01:16
pangolinsgqnwg: please stop.01:17
WoCthx gisli :)01:17
WoCbitchx-1.2c01-svn linux 3.2.4-wotans(wotans) cypress.1.0k stock01:18
gisliWoc: hehe all the thanks to you ;)01:18
WoCnot a problem, any time01:18
gisliWoC: but I have to restart to "correct" the /tmp and /var/tmp mounts right?01:19
WoCi just never took the time to look up the fstab w bind option01:19
WoCgisli if you are using GUI, that would be the easy way01:19
milothebutharHow can I install libgcc_s ?01:22
gisliWoC: yeah, I'm using GUI :p I'll just add the /var/log mount to the fstab and then restart ;)01:23
WoCgisli :) higly recommended, imho01:24
tioxI just installed zsnes on Ubuntu without the need for hacking around the installing process. Problem is, the installation decided to remove all of my other gaming stuff and my screensaver.01:24
WoCwhats up tiox ?01:25
tioxOh, wrong channel, lol... but you might help.01:25
[[thufir]]how do I disable the logout beep?   when the system boots, there's a beep for the login prompt.  not the beep after login.01:26
tioxI am slightly confused as to why I can't have love, electricsheep, mplayer, cutemupen and even the 3D rendering program blender along with zsnes without depends conflicts.01:26
pp7those things install for most people without a hitch01:26
WoCany specific conflict ?01:27
tioxWell, here's a list of packages it decided to remove.01:27
tioxblender cutemupen dosbox electricsheep gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse joystick libao-common libao-dev libao4 libdevil1c2 libmjpegtools-1.9 libsdl-net1.2 libsdl-sound1.2 libsdl1.2-dev libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian-pulseaudio libsmpeg0 love mplayer mupen64plus mupen64plus-extraplugins ubuntu-desktop01:27
=== thetinyjesus1 is now known as thetinyjesus
tioxThat's apt doing that.01:27
WoChmmm, having a look...01:28
tioxI think it's partially because I installed ZSNES a different way, using build-depends to kinda cheat around the 64-bit limitation.01:28
tioxSome stuff from medibuntu is in there too.01:28
tioxBut here is the funny thing. zsnes worked without conflict issues when I did it the non-standard way. So why is it deciding to screw up now?01:29
WoCtiox have you done a 'apt-get update' lately ? I have both mplayer and blender installed and it didnt show any remove when i ran a simulation01:31
gisliWoC: I don't have to put01:31
gisli'ext4' into that fstab line do I?01:32
tioxYeah, I update every time I add a PPA.01:32
WoCgisli you shouldnt have to, no01:32
gisliWoC: alright...thanks for everything ;)01:33
WoCnp gisli01:33
tioxI'll have to see where zsnes is coming from.01:33
WoCtiox try 'apt-get -s install zsnes mplayer blender' (simulated install) and see what it says01:33
tioxWell I reinstalled everything I removed. I'll do just zsnes once I do that.01:34
tioxfinish that rather.01:34
WoCtiox that emulator any good ?01:35
tioxIt's known for speed, not necessarily for authentic emulation.01:36
WoCok, ty01:36
guest_can someone here possibly help me with an issue in ubuntu?01:36
tioxLast time ZSNES was updates, DSP4 support was added to run oddball titles like Top Gear 300001:36
tioxAlso, gere you go.http://paste.ubuntu.com/830846/01:36
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ubottuguest_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:37
tioxI could use bsnes, but knowing zsnes exists on Linux, it was my go-to on Windows.01:37
WoCk :)01:38
=== thomas_ is now known as uglyoldbob
tioxI might end up formatting my machine again for 12.04.01:39
tioxThen I'll have a fresh slate, once again, and lockmyself down to LTS updates only.01:39
guest_How do I get ubuntu to detect my wireless card on my presario c500? I have no way of conecting to the internet with ubuntu but i can bring files over from another computer.01:40
WoCtiox, im running the precise, w/o the kernel updates, i make my own, just takes ages on my slow box01:40
Oertiox, 12.04 is not released yet, that is maybe why those packages get uninstalled01:41
WoCguest_ what kind of wifi card is it ?01:41
PeddyWhere can I find documentation for manually adding to the "Recently Used" gnome open dialogue?01:42
guest_My wireless card is a intel pro/wireless 3945abg01:42
WoCthanks Oer, i didnt even consider that one01:42
WoCguest_ ok, it should detect that01:43
WoCguest_ ok, im pretty sure i have that one myself on my laptop01:44
guest_Well WoC it isnt detecting it what should i do01:44
OerPeddy edit the ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel01:45
PeddyThanks Oer. For the record, I found documentation here: http://developer.gnome.org/gtk/2.24/GtkRecentManager.html01:46
openI've just gotten a virtual image for 12.04 the alpha release. My question is: will it keep receiving updates normally -- that effectively, when the real release is out, I will effectively have had the updates anyway to not have to not get the new image?01:46
bazhang!final | open01:46
ubottuopen: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.01:46
EruadanHello, i used ubuntu lucid as a server. Now i decided to install lucid also, in my local VM, so i have the same system. I installed already the lucid in the vm. Now i just want a basic view, as i want a file manager and a browser there. I decided to install openbox. I installed openbox with sudo  apt-get install openbox, i also updated the system, but i do not have a window after rebooting...I'm sure x was installed as a dependency, what am i missi01:46
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tioxYeah, I'll end up doing that. Pidgin's neat about using it with profiles away from homeso I can use it while I wait on the lengthy install procedure to finish.01:46
WoCguest_ i would try to load the module for it, atm i cant lookup which one it is but google might help01:47
tioxOr, is it preferable to not do anything as I may risk introducing entropy into the system install, thus messing it up somehow?01:47
xangua!pangolin | open01:47
ubottuopen: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:47
guest_Ok thank you WoC01:48
WoCnp guest_01:48
openalright, thanks. Why did I get the second !pangolin btw? :)01:48
tioxxangua: I was asking a general install procedure question.01:48
pangolinopen: because questions about 12.04 should go to #ubuntu+101:48
tioxI'm just afraid if I do too much, would entropy corrupt an install?01:48
tioxOwait nvm01:49
Eruadani have lucid inside virtual box. I want a BASIC gui.what do i need other than install openbox?01:49
vltEruadan: lubuntu-desktop, for example01:50
Eruadannope, iwant to set openbox in my lucid box01:50
rebehow do I make my pc automatically turn off when transmission finish download all torrents ?01:50
xanguathen install what you want Eruadan01:50
Eruadanthat's the thing, i installed already openbox01:50
Eruadanbut nothing changed01:51
Eruadanit did installed x also01:51
PeddyIs there a "ctrl f" type find function in the man command?01:52
Eruadanwhat else do i need to install other than openbox to SEE things?01:54
Eruadani don't want all those other things01:54
Eruadani just want to see the windows01:54
xanguaEruadan: did you install a login manager? started it? there are several guides01:56
guest_Another question, what should i be googling exactly WoC? im not exactly a computer genius01:57
neguebaguys, how can i report a bug?01:57
Eruadanno, i didn't installed a login manager, that is important01:57
neguebado i have to own an launchpad account?01:57
pp7Peddy, use "/"01:58
Peddypp7, thanks!01:58
Eruadanxangua, after installing a login manager, should i be able to see my openbox enviroment?01:58
guest_How do i install ndiswrapper02:01
Eruadanhow do install slim login manager? sudo apt-get install slim ?02:02
xanguahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems  Eruadan02:03
Eruadank, ty02:03
Jimmy__Out of curiosity, is Ubuntu more battery-efficient vs Windows 7?02:05
mjwalfanyone here using oracle vm to boot ubuntu?02:07
mufasahaving problems with gnome in 11.10..after i installed and logged out..i logged into gnome and the top bar is yellow and the fonts are messed up02:07
mufasaumm..that was only half my message lol02:08
xanguaJimmy__: latest version no because a kernel issue, it's supposed to be fixed on 12.0402:08
Eruadanrofl, I didn't have xorg installed! omg, someone told me that with apt-get openbox, i would get all the rest, as dependencies, omg...ty for the link ^^02:08
holsteinJimmy__: i would say, out-of-the-box.. no... likely much less depending on your hardware... with certain hardware it could be much better02:08
xanguaguest_: it's on the ubuntu cd/usb, you can enable the cd from sources02:08
mufasai installed gnome and when i logged in to gnome the top bar is yellow and fonts are messed up02:08
Jimmy__I was planning to dual boot after the next LTS is released.02:08
relissaI have mounted my harddrive and want to copy my mysql database files over to the computer i mounted it on, how ever i can't find /var/lib/mysql where else would mysql files be?02:09
guest_how do i do that  xangua?02:09
Jimmy__So when 12.04 is out, battery life should be ______ compared to Windows 7?02:09
xanguaguest_: if you have an ubuntu cd, put it, go to software sources and mark it as source02:10
xanguaSoftware center - Edit - Sources*02:10
helo1how can I get the output of the date command into a variable in a script02:10
mufasacan anyone help with gnome install problem?02:11
holsteinmufasa: thats a config issue i say... you can make a new user, and log in with that account and confirm that.. or you can try reinstalling gnome...02:12
mufasaall config is defualt..just installed02:12
mufasafirst thing i did was installed gnome02:12
holsteinmufasa: OK02:12
mufasajust curious...does it have to be gnome 3..can in install gnome 2 instead?02:15
Eruadanxangua, folllowing the tutorial you gave me, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI , i installed everything, but there's no login manager in here,only xauth,xorg and openbox. why i still cannot see any "window" ?do i still need a login manager?maybe slim?02:15
holsteinmufasa: depends.. if you are 11.10 and above, i believe thats gnome3 in the repos02:15
xanguaEruadan: xtartx i believe02:15
mufasayes it is 11.1002:15
xanguastartx *** sorry02:15
Eruadani see, i need to start x02:16
holsteinmufasa: you cant have both.. you can install what ubuntu has always provided, which is the most current version of gnome at release time02:16
holsteinmufasa: i think most find XFCE to be arguably the most like gnome202:16
mufasawhat is xfce?02:17
Eruadangreat, i started x02:17
Eruadanand it works ^^02:17
holsteinmufasa: another desktop environment.. http://www.xfce.org/ .. xubuntu is ubuntu + XFCE02:17
Eruadanthanks again xangua02:17
xanguaEruadan: thanks to the ubuntu documentation02:18
mufasaoh ok02:18
mufasathanks for the info02:18
Eruadanyes, and thanks to you to point it out ^^02:18
Eruadanactually , the second link you gave me is very outdated02:18
Eruadanthe first one is fine02:19
Eruadannice, now i got my x server, with nothing in there,just the way i wanted02:19
Eruadanxangua, just 1 more question, if you don't mind.Let's say i install a login manager, will xserver start automatically after i login, instead of inserting startx?02:24
Lesterwood>latest updates02:25
Lesterwood>41 megabytes02:25
holsteinEruadan: i would expect to be logged into a session.. a desktop.. otherwise, it would be just a TTY or a terminal window02:27
y2E0I have to overwrite bash cancel shortcut (cmd+c) because I changed my gui terminal to use this (to make copy n paste) consistent.02:28
nimbioticsHello evry1. I want to install the drivers for a printer i've got. Do I have to install both CUPS & LPR drivers? What do CUPS & LPR mean? TIA02:29
Bobenhausanyone running android x86?02:29
y2E0what's android x86?02:29
xangua!ot | Bobenhaus02:29
ubottuBobenhaus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:29
Bobenhaustablet os02:29
ritzBobenhaus, Using Ubuntu on weTab02:30
Bobenhausritz: nice02:31
Bobenhausritz: I'd like to try the tablet version of ubuntu on my tablet02:31
ritzBobenhaus, which tablet is this ?02:31
Bobenhausritz: xoom02:31
indioHi. What's the commandline to update Ubuntu like Update manager does?02:32
BobenhausRitz: I've read somwhere that ubutnu is bringing out a tablet this year or next02:32
xanguaindio: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:32
y2E0@Bobenhaus: try #android-x8602:33
ritzBobenhaus, no clue, but quick google says http://trsohmers.com/2011/03/06/how-to-run-ubuntu-on-the-motorola-xoom/02:33
Bobenhausok thanks02:33
indioxangua: Thanks.02:33
ritzBobenhaus, hmm, uses chroot, not the best option, imho02:33
prabuvathurhello all. i am prabuvathur, from indonesia.02:35
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riexHello, do somebody know a guide for compile a another kernel for ubuntu 11.10? :)02:42
is_nullhello everybody02:43
is_nulli am random02:44
is_nullany ubuntu dev out there ?02:44
irbdariex: there is a guide for building a linux system from scratch, namely lfs02:44
michaeljonesI am02:44
=== riex is now known as riexstar
celltech11.04 had edit capabilities in image viewer. How come 11.10 doesn't?02:44
michaeljonesan ubuntu developear02:44
is_nulli want to say i love you os ( i am gentoo/arch ist-)02:44
riexstarirbda: can you tell me where? :p02:45
werxxxim tired02:45
is_nullbut, for fuch s*ke am i the only one using ubutu /02:45
xangua!ot | is_null02:45
ubottuis_null: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:45
irbdairexstar: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/02:45
is_nullxangua: come on02:47
is_nulli understand rtfm, stfw, etc, when justified02:47
y2E0whenever I start kde's terminal I'd like to have the command "stty intr \^k" executed.02:48
y2E0(or write it in an according settings file which I haven't found yet)02:48
y2E0any idea for that?02:48
is_nulli wonder, is there any user ? network manager is crazy with sim card for example, i've been hoping for fix for months02:50
is_nullbut that's not all, systray is a pain, i click "keyboard systray icon" it opens calendar02:50
is_nulli'm really not a troll ask me for as much debug info as you need i will do the effort02:51
is_nullahi que fem02:52
ritzy2E0, stick it into bashrc ?02:55
ritzassuming you are using bash shell02:55
ritzis_null, heya02:55
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ritzis_null, screenshots /video to help me understand the issue better ?02:56
ritzy2E0, also, enable login shell option in  konsole02:57
Sachmy laptop plug came out while i had a tomboy note open. I rebooted, and now that note is gone! help please? :s03:00
BobenhausI think the ubuntu 64x link on the website is just a live cd version.  I've already burned 3 cd's and all of them have just booted to live cd without any options to install it03:00
WoCy2E0 you used kermit alot ?03:01
jribBobenhaus: in the live environment, there is an install option03:01
Bobenhausjrib. I see icon on the desktop to install but it never doesn anything03:01
jribBobenhaus: have you run "check the cd for defects" yet?03:01
Bobenhausthey burn successful03:02
jribBobenhaus: this is not my question03:02
Bobenhausjrib: how do you check for defects?03:02
y2E0WoC: hm what's kermit?03:02
BobenhausJrib: I've burned fedora 32/64 without any issues03:02
WoCy2E0 in kermit, you use ^k to abort ;) i was just curios as that is really old ;)03:03
Bobenhausmaybe my burner is going out?03:03
y2E0ah, well nope :) I just wanted to make c'n'p consistent through all my system :)03:03
y2E0so i had to remap bash's abort command03:04
WoCy2E0 ah, ok. :) Neat03:04
ryankeyBobenhaus: I sometimes have trouble when I burn at max speed (Also, just generally do it half to keep my burner healthy)03:04
y2E0i started to work on android. It's so beautiful i really want to tweak my ubuntu as well =)03:04
WoCy2E0 i prolly get one of them in August or so03:05
Sachmy laptop plug came out while i had a tomboy note open. I rebooted, and now that note is gone! help please? :s03:06
y2E0ritz: .bashrc did the trick for me. thanks a lot!03:07
ritzy2E0, np :)03:07
y2E0yap WoC if you're lucky there will be more devices running on 4.003:08
showtimebob do you use fedora ?03:08
ritzSach, tough luck, try looking through ~/.local/share/tomboy ?03:08
ritzSach, do you use Ubuntu One service ?03:08
y2E0make sure yours will be updated! they really got great magic in there. e.g. it may host usb devices (like cameras)03:08
ritzshowtime,  I do have a fedora box03:09
Sachritz, i'm looking in that folder, but how do I open the .not files?  My Tomboy is also not opening when I try to do so.03:09
SachRitz, no, I don't use Ubuntu One.03:09
ritzSach, with gedit or any text editor03:09
ritzSach, personally, backup and backups or backup03:10
showtimehm maybe i give fedora a try too soon03:10
alkopop79hi fellaz03:10
alkopop79i wonder if you could help me03:10
showtimebut gentoo would be so much more fun ^^ but it takes so much time 8(03:11
alkopop79i've been trying to install Xilinx's Webpack on 32-bit ubuntu03:11
alkopop79I managed to untar it03:11
alkopop79and run the install file called xsetup03:11
alkopop79but during the install I get the following message:03:12
alkopop79"Error was encountered while extracting archive /home/alkopop79/Documents/Xilinx/Xilinx_ISE_DS_Lin_13.4_O.87xd.3.0/idata/planahead_0009.zip.xz" Please correct this and then select Retry03:12
ritzalkopop79,  is that all ?03:12
alkopop79needless to say, i logged in as admin03:12
alkopop79and started the install with sudo03:12
ritzanything logged to terminal ?03:12
alkopop79that's all03:13
alkopop79nothing on the terminal03:13
alkopop79the installer is a graphical app03:13
alkopop79with window03:13
alkopop79there's a screenshot I can share03:14
alkopop79if it helps03:14
alkopop79does that mean that I don't have permission to install files to that particular folder?03:14
ritzalkopop79, lets see , but insufficient information03:14
ritzalkopop79, check the md5 sig of the download ?03:15
ritzfelipe_, with ?03:15
alkopop79terribly sorry, i have not much experience with linux03:15
ryankeyfelipe? You mean felchg ritz?03:16
ritzalkopop79, did the Xilinx publisher provide any md5/sha1 signature for the download ?03:16
alkopop79not sure03:16
alkopop79how can i check that?03:16
ritzryankey,  my bad03:16
ritzautocomplete !03:17
ritzfelipe_, typo there :)03:17
alkopop79hoc can i check the signature, ritz?03:18
irbdaalkopop79: md5sum03:18
ritzalkopop79, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM03:19
Eruadanbut actualyy, after using a bit lxdm core, i don't find it so bad, it's quite light weight actually03:19
Sachis it possible to open a tomboy notes that gives this message: Unexpected error: Error opening file: Input/output error03:19
ryankeyalkopop79, if you're confused on where to find the md5 signatures, they are underneath the download links of the xilinx site03:20
WoCSach what did you us to open the note ?03:20
alkopop79yepp,there they are!03:20
alkopop79so basically I just have to check this number against the output on the terminal03:21
quixotedonSach: i haven't experience it as far as i can recall03:21
Sachalkopop79, well, this particular note is no longer showing when i open tomboy, so i tried opening it in the .local folder with gedit.03:21
riyonukDoes anyone know if it's possible to install Ubuntu of my MacBook Pro?03:22
WoCsach, try open a terminal and see if you can open it using less03:22
irbdariyonuk: using rEFIx03:22
SachWoC, can you please explain how I ddo that?03:22
yanick_hi, I'm using calc (the command line calculator) often from a terminal and I was wondering if PI was predefined in the application?03:22
aBoundriyonuk, How long as it's running the Intel architecture and not the PowerPC arch.03:22
riyonukYeah, but I read that my model isn't supported. That the EFI changed?03:22
WoCSach ctl-alt-T will open a terminal03:23
SachWoC, yes, but what do you mean by "open it using less" ?03:23
WoCSach type; less [filename]03:24
alkopop79riyonuk, use vmware03:24
alkopop79it's not free03:24
riyonukI don't want to :(03:24
irbdariyonuk: how about using bootcamp03:24
alkopop79but much better then virtualbox03:24
riyonukOnly works with Windows?03:24
alkopop79i just like the idea of having linux in a separate window03:24
alkopop79try it03:24
alkopop79vmware fusion03:24
irbdariyonuk: they call it Windows partition, actually you can install linux too03:25
SachWoC -- Input/output error03:25
ritzEruadan, I found it lacking in few features03:25
ritzSach, doubtful , you might need to run fsck on system03:25
WoCSach looks like you found a bad block on your media03:25
ritzWoC,  or a corrupted block03:26
WoCritz yup03:26
Eruadanritz, what is lacking features?03:26
ritzSach, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutoFsck03:26
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Eruadanahh, lxde03:27
ritzSach, ignore this, try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck03:27
ritzEruadan,  I found it better to stick with Unity/gnome-shell03:27
Eruadanritz, what is the command to install LXTerminal ?03:27
SachRitz, will do.03:27
ritzEruadan, to multimedia keybindings work in lxde ?03:27
Eruadanritz, i'm in a VM, i need a light system03:28
WoCEruadan apt-get install lxterminal03:28
Eruadannot much graphic cards here03:28
ritzEruadan, openbox/icewm ?03:28
alkopop79i did an md5sum03:29
researcher123the Red Light indicating SYSTEM BUSY keeps glowing quite long.Since this day my pc slowed down.It was much faster earlier.HELP03:29
alkopop79and got nothing03:29
alkopop79how's that possible?03:29
WoCEruadan WindowMaker ?03:30
alkopop79just finished03:30
alkopop79got the number03:30
FloodBot1alkopop79: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
Eruadanyes, i'm making my system ^^03:30
WoCEruadan it was my suggestion as for a slim gui03:30
Eruadanahh, ok03:31
ritzresearcher123, system busy ? or hard drive busy ?03:31
alkopop79so, checked the md5sum output and the number found on the Xilinx website and they are identical03:31
EruadanWoC, how can i exit the nice lxde desktop and enter the command line?i do not have a cli now03:32
WoCEruadan i wish i know too, but try ctrl-alt-backspace03:33
Eruadani had the openbox cli, but when i installed lxdm, it installed also lxde desktop, and the cli is gone03:33
EruadanWoC, i got it03:33
alkopop79this is the error I get when installing:03:33
DarkStarinstalled ms xp then ubuntu 11.04 ontop and now no boot, error says : Grub: no such partition03:34
SachRitz, do you know how to run fsck on a reboot?  The commands on the url you suggested are not working for me.03:34
DarkStaranyone know an easy fix ?03:34
Eruadanwhen i did sudo apt-get install lxdm, it installed everything...what a pita, including gnome stuff o.O.I just wanted a login manger...03:34
Eruadandisplay manager*03:34
quixotedonDarkStar: what do you mean with easy fix?03:34
DarkStarthat doesnt take a ton of repartitioning ect03:35
guest1201OK. So I have installed ubuntu on my Presario c500. After it has finished it wasnt detecting my wireless card. So i have no way of connecting to the internet from that computer to update and get the drivers. I can however connect to my desktop and download files and bring them over to my laptop via flashdrive. I dont know how to tell what kind of flashdrive i have and i dont know how to install anything using ubuntu, im pretty new w03:35
DarkStari grabbed a program called boot repair but no help yet03:35
ritzSach, " sudo touch /forcefsck"03:35
NerdusHello all, have a great week03:35
DarkStari fired off fixmbr and fixboot off the xp rescue and am running on 11.04 rescure disk atm03:35
guest1201anyone that has any ideas on what i could do, in depth explanation would be much appreciated03:36
quixotedonflashdrive is plug n play as well with ubuntu03:36
ritzalkopop79, does xsetup have any options ?03:36
DarkStari guess its due to this laptop or craptops bios limitations, no substatial updates available atm03:36
ritzalkopop79,  when run from cli ?03:36
ActionParsnipguest1201: what's your issue. I just breezed in..03:37
WoCthx Nerdus & u 2 :)03:37
DarkStari thought about building a start disk cd maybe to just boot off to start it since im having these mbr er boot issues ?03:37
Eruadangreat, i got lxterminal, ty03:37
guest1201ActionParsnip: I cant get ubuntu to pick up any wifi networks on my presario c500.03:38
DarkStarkind of ghetto but i figured it might work or now03:38
DarkStaraction did you try different generic wifi drivers ?03:38
quixotedonguest1201: do you know the manufacturer of your wifi hardware?03:38
DarkStaror is that not the problem03:38
quixotedonguest1201: try generic driver of wifi03:38
ActionParsnipguest1201: what wifi chip do you use?03:38
guest1201ActionParsnip: I dont know how to check with ubuntu.03:39
ActionParsnipguest1201: sudo lshw =C network      what is the product line of the wifi?03:39
DarkStarman ubuntu really has pushed things along compaired to just a few years ago03:40
guest1201ActionParsnip: give me a sec to type that in03:40
DarkStarit really is getting amazing03:40
DarkStari think its going to take over soon03:40
DarkStarits so incredible03:40
ActionParsnipDarkStar: it was pretty fast before :)03:40
DarkStarand actually works most of the time03:40
DarkStarim talking ease of use ect03:40
Eruadanwhat is so amazing????03:40
DarkStarand cost03:40
ActionParsnipDarkStar: its always been easy here... and its always been free03:40
DarkStarcompaired to the other 2 possible os's you could probably go with03:40
DarkStarim having issues with booting but this laptop is ancient03:41
Eruadanfuck yeah!ubuntu is the only decent distro around03:41
DarkStarwell i still like other distros03:41
DarkStarbut this one is really getting impressive as far as linux goes03:41
ActionParsnipDarkStar: I can name 303:41
quixotedonman ubuntu?? what's that?03:41
quixotedonDarkStar: explain please, mister.. :)03:42
=== macam is now known as solareq
ActionParsnipDarkStar: you forgot haiku03:42
DarkStarfrom what i know people use either windows, osx or ubuntu03:42
DarkStarfor the most part03:42
DarkStarthe mainstream populous03:42
ActionParsnipDarkStar: s/ubuntu/linux03:42
ActionParsnipDarkStar: other distros exist dude03:42
zykotick9ActionParsnip: s/linux/gnu\/linux/ :p03:42
DarkStarive used several03:42
ActionParsnipzykotick9: indeed03:43
DarkStarjust saying mainstream iphone junkies03:43
Eruadanlxde is lovelly for my shity lappy,inside the  virtual box03:43
quixotedonActionParsnip: what other distros do you think is most likely to be used?? fedora? openSuse?03:43
ActionParsnipDarkStar: hiku exists and has an active community. It was formally BeOS03:43
DarkStari spent 20 years on irc and bbs and have agorophobia so ive used a few distros in that time lol03:43
ActionParsnipquixotedon: whichever the user deems fit for their needs03:43
=== solareq is now known as macam
quixotedonActionParsnip: haiku is quite a name, I think I once read about it somewhere03:44
DarkStari liked slack, freebsd & redhat but ubuntu is gaining ground as all around great stuff for me03:44
Eruadanthe only distro i could use other than ubuntu, is archlinux, but arch, is really about manual configs, and i don't have the time for that, but i would love to see ubuntu team picking up the good things about arch03:44
WoCBeOS was pretty neat :)03:44
ActionParsnipquixotedon: I started on Mandrake and Gentoo. Great days03:44
MK`I was told Nautilus can be used with an SVN, how can I do this?03:44
quixotedonDarkStar: despite the success, many don't like the change to unity though03:44
irbdaDarkStar: archlinux is quite good too. I agree with you, ubuntu is very *user-friendly* and it is good for a lazy man like me.03:45
ActionParsnipquixotedon: you don't have to use unity...03:45
DarkStari havent had decent enough hardware to see that yet03:45
quixotedonActionParsnip: aaah, mandrake!!! i like that... the first install at my univ though, and also the knoppix that i hung around with :)03:45
Eruadanit's not only about lazy dude, if you write code, you DON'T have the time to manually setup things...imho, arch, is for doesn't have nothing else to do03:45
ActionParsnipquixotedon: xpud gets use a lot here too. its snappy03:46
guest1201ActionParsnip: C556CA: 802.11b/g WLAN03:46
guest1201ActionParsnip: im not sure if i found the name of that correctly. im not the best when it comes to using the terminal yet03:46
quixotedonActionParsnip: and i can't find the reason why people don't like unity, because for a newbie like me, it's just something better than the other two famous OS03:46
ActionParsnipguest1201: ok, can you give a pastebin of the output of: lspci; lsusb; cat /etc/lsb-release03:47
ActionParsnipquixotedon: you don't have to use it, people don't like many parts of their OS (I always strip out Firefox), and its all changable03:47
ActionParsnipquixotedon: You can install xfce4 and use XFCE, there is no unity (by default) in XFCE03:48
guest1201ActionParsnip: not really a paste, ill have to type everything up, im on two seperate computers so give me a sec :)03:48
quixotedonActionParsnip: i have an old pc using pentium 2 back at 'to be thrown away stuff' compartment, any idea on resurrecting it using ubuntu?03:48
MK`I was told Nautilus can be used with an SVN, how can I do this? Is it integrated or do I need to install a plugin? Which do you guys recommend?03:48
ActionParsnipguest1201: its gonna be a lot, just grab the lines that relate to the wifi03:48
quixotedonActionParsnip: or maybe other distros?03:49
ActionParsnipquixotedon: Lubuntu maybe, or puppy, slitaz, tinycore, puppy03:49
quixotedonhmm, quite interesting to try :)03:49
ActionParsnipMK`: http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn/   seems to be rabbitvcs now03:49
guest1201ActionParsnip: would it be the network controller?03:50
Jeremy3DHaving trouble connecting to wifi with Ubuntu 10.04. Can anyone give me a hand?03:50
Jeremy3Dit just keeps searching and asking for the password, which I have correct, but never connects03:51
quixotedonJeremy3D: have you ever succeeded doing so?03:51
ActionParsnipguest1201: yes03:51
Jeremy3Dquixotedon, not on more wireless networks (home, my parents house, etc) but i can connect to one at a mcdonalds. lol03:51
quixotedonJeremy3D: what's the message?03:51
Jeremy3DWhen I look under the options "Available to all users" isn't checked, so I check it but nothing03:52
zykotick9MK`: i've certainly never used it, but does ubuntu have "rabbitvcs-nautilus - Nautilus extension for RabbitVCS"?03:52
MK`Yes, I am going to try it now zykotick903:52
zykotick9MK`: sorry VCS vs SVN03:52
guest1201ActionParsnip:  Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) and thank you so much for the help03:52
Jeremy3Dquixotedon, there's no message, the little Antennae thing in the top right corner just keeps going on03:52
ActionParsnipMK`: I don't use it. I just web searched. Call me old fashioned...03:52
ActionParsnip!broadcom | guest120103:52
ubottuguest1201: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:52
ActionParsnipguest1201: those are cheap and everywhere. If you get a wired link it will make your life a TONNE easier but it can be done offline03:53
=== shovell is now known as SHOVELL
Jeremy3Dquixotedon, i notice when I check the options on my laptop versus my desktop (the laptop is the one not connecting), there's no Device MAC Address. but there is one listed on my desktop settings03:53
willmill恩,mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth ……这问题怎么解决?解决经历 :http://computerscience.blog.163.com/blog/static/174962343201203094828179/ 目前还没解决掉。03:54
quixotedonJeremy3D: i have no experience with 10.04, first time using 10.10  til 11.10 now, but i think you should check your wifi hardware03:54
__h__?DCC SEND 'STARTKEYLOGGER' 0 0 003:54
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.03:54
BPowerHey all. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? I want to set up a user that only has access to their own home dir and absolutely nothing else.03:54
guest1201ActionParsnip: im using a hotspot at an apartment complex. so i have to move downloaded files to my laptop via usb port. is this still possible?03:54
irbdawillmill: 用英文吧! use eng pls!03:54
Jeremy3Dquixotedon, i dont think it's the hardware cause I know i can connect at a mcdonalds wifi with no problem.03:54
willmillsorry wrong room03:54
Jeremy3Dmaybe I'm not signing in as admin or something.  anyone else know?03:54
quixotedonguest1201: it's still possible03:55
ActionParsnipguest1201: the install CD can be used to install packages from so you can do it all offline, its just a little harder. The guide shows you what to do. If you can get a wired link you will simply be offeredf the driver03:55
quixotedonJeremy3D: try signing as an admin03:55
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: run:  sudo lshw -C network    what is the product line of the device?03:55
Jeremy3Dnot sure how. as far as I know there's only one username to sign on in this computer. i'll check though...03:55
quixotedonguest1201: yeah! i also came up to a suggestion of using wired link first.. :)03:56
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, i'll have to look it up, it's a Dell Latitude d50003:56
guest1201quixotedon: ActionParsnip : The wired link is not an option im afraid ):03:56
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, PCI (sysfs)03:57
bc81hellooo again.  i'm trying to sort out some trouble with permissions when mounting an ext3 formatted USB drive connected to a WDTV Live.  it's my understanding that the share used samba, so is accessing it with cifs causing the permission issues?03:57
quixotedonguest1201: then, try the cd installation or the flash disk option03:57
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: give it time, your pci bus is slow03:57
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, ok it's up. what do you want to know?03:57
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: the product line, just like i said earlier03:57
bc81or is there some special mount command to make it work with full read/write capabilities?03:58
guest1201quixotedon: by cd installation, youre refering to the flashdrive/cd i used to install ubuntu 11.10 right?03:58
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, oh I see it now : PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adadpter03:58
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: ok now you know your wireless chip, you can use that to find guides03:58
Julie_sorry for my bad english03:58
Julie_but help03:58
WoCThere used to be a set of tools for using gcc in a cluster like environment, so you could utilize several computers while making your project; such as a kernel compile for a slow computer, does anyone know what it was/is called ?03:58
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, very cool.  I'll check do some research03:58
Julie_I did cut paste on an usb stick and both are missing03:58
Julie_on home and on stick03:59
Julie_i'm a noobette with ubuntu03:59
Eruadanhow do i install kate text editior?03:59
Eruadanapt-get install kate?03:59
WoCEruadan yes03:59
quixotedonJulie_: try it with another file, does it happen again?03:59
Julie_I did try foremodt03:59
ActionParsnipEruadan: prefix with sudo03:59
Eruadansure, sudo04:00
ActionParsnipEruadan: its an admin task, so needs sudo04:00
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, how do I know for sure if I am logged in as Administrator to Ubuntu?  There's only one login and I'm guessing it's Admin but it's named jeremy04:00
Julie_quixotedon: i cant open my usb stick on ubuntu04:00
Brucedoes anyone know how to fix a tomboy note that wont open?04:00
Julie_but on w$04:00
ubottuJeremy3D: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:00
quixotedonJeremy3D: check user account04:01
vjacobanyone here find an alternative to Evernote other than NixNote?04:01
Julie_how do i try to recover my lost file :( :( :( :( :(04:01
guest1201ActionParsnip: ok so i clicked on oneiric 11.10, do i click the network tab next?04:01
TynachHi, in Unity 2D, my settings have gotten screwed up. I only have one virtual desktop - how do I change this?04:02
TynachUsing 11.10 here.04:02
ActionParsnipguest1201: read the guide.04:02
ActionParsnipTynach: install compizconfig-settings-manager04:03
ActionParsnipTynach: and under gereneral you can set the desktop size04:03
TynachActionParsnip, this is Unity 2D, not Unity.04:03
TynachUnity is a compiz plugin, and thus has it's settings controlled through Compiz.04:03
TynachHowever, Unity 2D is not.04:03
TynachActionParsnip, I was hoping to find some setting in either gconf or dconf, but I've not found it thus far.04:04
ActionParsnipTynach: i believe it uses the same config in parts, worth trying04:05
TynachActionParsnip, I just tried. Desktop config in Compiz is 2x2, with 4 total.04:06
TynachNo change in behavior.04:06
ActionParsnipTynach: gah04:06
TynachIs multiple desktops handled by Metacity in Unity 2D?04:07
TynachOr is it handled by the QT thingy they did?04:07
TynachOk, fixed it.04:09
ActionParsnipTynach: there used to be an app on the panel to manage it. Not sure how its handled in Unity04:09
zykotick9Tynach: nautilus actually managed the desktop04:10
ActionParsnipTynach: what was the magic bullet?04:10
zykotick9Tynach: SORRY i'm not sure that's try in unity!!04:10
TynachI found a key for "num_workspaces" in "/apps/metacity/general" using gconf-editor.04:10
guest1201ActionParsnip: Its telling me to download drivers from maverick for ubuntu 11.10 im really lost haha04:10
TynachAnd that worked.04:10
BPowerHow can I create an sftp user that has access only to a specific dir and not anything else?04:10
TynachSo, ActionParsnip, zykotick9, it seems Metacity holds the number of desktops setting.04:11
TynachSee ya later!04:11
ActionParsnipTynach: strange04:11
ActionParsnipTynach: glad you got the gold04:11
TynachActionParsnip, it's not strange really. It's the window manager, controls where windows on the desktop go - you can put windows on different desktops, so it makes sense for it to control it. I just skipped over that key before because it was labeled 'workspaces' instead of 'desktops'.04:11
TynachLater, all!04:12
ActionParsnipBPower: it will get the access like a local user on the system, so you can give it access via the standard linux groups04:12
Brucedoes anyone know how to fix a tomboy note that wont open?04:13
ActionParsnipBruce: can you delete it?04:14
konamwhich grep command can i use to search for a especific string of characters in all files of a directory?04:14
BruceactionParsnip, no I need it.  Problem started when I was typing the note, then had a power failure for 5 mins.04:14
ActionParsnipkonam: grep -i -r string /path/to/search04:14
ActionParsnipkonam: sorry, -R   capital04:15
irbdaBruce: how about this http://askubuntu.com/questions/27088/tomboy-wont-start. Maybe google it is better. Someone said "Yep, that worked!" in the link04:17
ActionParsnipkonam: if there is a lot of data to search, it will take a long time04:18
Al_nz1anyone able to help me? after a reboot I am stuck at initramfs prompt!04:18
konamActionParsnip so i see04:18
Al_nz1hey ActionParsnip04:18
konamActionParsnip thanks, it really helps04:18
konamActionParsnip it seems to have worked with lowercase -r04:19
Jeremy3Di've been searching for an answer with no luck. can anyone else gimme a hand connectina  Dell Latitude d500 wirelessly on Ubuntu 11.04 ?04:19
ActionParsnipkonam: -R, -r, --recursive04:20
groYenirssi: /connect irc.flashback.org 6697 lösenord användarnamn04:20
ActionParsnipkonam: seems both are ok ;)04:20
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: what is the wireless chip please04:20
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adadpter04:21
konamthere are a lot of files to be searched... at this rate maybe tomorrow i will be getting an answer :(04:21
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: thanks (my client holds few lines)04:22
Al_nz1What you been up to ActionParsnip?>04:22
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, it's ok. i saw some posts but nothing they are talking about seems to be working on my end04:22
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: if you run:  sudo rfkill list   is it blocked in any way?04:22
Jeremy3Dno on both04:22
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: ok do you have a switch or shortcut to enable / disable wifi?04:23
DrPainzI'm new to Ubuntu, just installed it yesterday and I am trying to get used to it04:24
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: Fn+F204:24
Jeremy3Dwhen I click on the network icon in the top right hand corner, I can enable and disable wireless04:24
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, yea that does the same thing. it's on04:25
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan     do you see access points?04:25
Sachhow do i edit the permissions of a file to 'read and write'? It doesn't let me. Can i do so as sudo?04:25
DrPainzdoes anyone have an excellent online tutorial/website to get the most out of ubuntu?  I really don't know where to start, especially in the terminal04:26
DrPainzlike I don't know what the commands mean (i.e. sudo, etc)04:26
ActionParsnipDrPainz: i suggest you just use the OS, you'll learn just like you learned windows04:26
ActionParsnip!manual | DrPainz there is this04:26
ubottuDrPainz there is this: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:26
Jeremy3DActionParsnip,  lo Interface doesn't support scanning.  eth0 Interface doesn't support scanning.  eth1 Scan completed: Home (which is my access point)04:27
ActionParsnipDrPainz: I wouldn't get bogged down with what commands mean til you use/need them04:27
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: bingo, your wifi is picking up as eth1, network manager expects wlan004:27
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: get a wired connection, install wicd and uninstall network manager then reboot04:28
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: the driver is working or you wouldn't see the SSID :)04:28
Sachhow do i edit the permissions of a file to 'read and write'? It doesn't let me. Can i do so as sudo?04:28
DrPainzwell, I'm an advanced user with windows, know Mac somewhat... but wanted to familiarize myself with linux stuff, since I'd like to be a network director somedays and found out linux is best for running networks and stuff04:28
irbdaDrPainz: Don't miss the "Ubuntu Software Center" to install any programs you are interested. :-)04:28
ActionParsnipSach: if you want write access run:  gksudo gedit filename    for a text file (for example)04:28
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, sweet. do you have info on installing wicd04:29
ActionParsnipDrPainz: 'advanced user'? Do you manage data centres and such?04:29
Al_nz1errm: http://pastebin.com/vhvT2vja - help pls04:29
Jeremy3Dnevermind found it04:29
SachActionPArsnip, so the location of the file doesnt matter for that command?04:29
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: use software centre04:29
ActionParsnipSach: yes, you type the full path, or if the terminal is in the same folder you can just name it04:29
DrPainzI'm not sure what you mean ActionParsnip04:30
ActionParsnipDrPainz: just curious of your 'advanced user' of windows claim..04:30
numpybeen a while since I have used ATI cards.. is the fglrx driver stable now?04:31
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: wicd is a lot more flexible than network manager, so you can tell it to use eth1 as wifi and it will happen04:31
DrPainzehh... I'm just really awesome with Windows is all I meant haha04:31
DrPainzI'm the guy a lot of people turn to when they have a computer or network problem in this area04:32
irbdaActionParsnip: I'm an advanced windows user too from the period of win3.1 to win2k  :D04:32
ActionParsnipDrPainz: probably desktop, if you saw what we do where I work you'd think twice ;)04:32
DrPainzwhat did you mean by data centres?04:32
ActionParsnipDrPainz: huge building with racks of servers all working together04:33
DrPainzoh when I was in college we've had projects like that.  I did assist in the building of a mini-supercomputer, consisted of like like 5 or 10 computers in a small room04:33
drommyHi on boot i get hung up on the purple boot screen and in the log it says something along the lines of "pulse audio saned"? Could someone please help me?04:34
drommyim using latest ubuntu from usb04:34
ActionParsnipDrPainz: as you use the ubuntu OS you will learn, just get used to how things work for now then start trying to configure services and such and you will learn more04:34
ActionParsnipdrommy: what GPU do you use?04:34
drommynvidia 6800gt04:35
DrPainzok.  Thanks.  I'll be sure to come back more when I can.  I gotta get to bed now though04:35
DrPainzI'll talk with you later04:35
ActionParsnipdrommy: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=104:35
DrPainzyou come in here often?04:35
ActionParsnipDrPainz: quite a bit04:35
drommyhow do i add bootoptions?04:35
Julie_I did cut paste on an usb stick and both are missing04:35
DrPainzActionParsnip: then I'll see you around sometimes haha04:35
DrPainztake it easy04:35
drommyHow do I enter boot commands on latest Ubuntu? From usb.04:36
ActionParsnip!bootoption | drommy04:38
ubottudrommy: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.04:38
SleepingPrgmrHi, I'm trying to install Oracle Java and I need some help04:41
lahwranis there a packet sniffer tool that will play raw network data as audio?04:41
lahwran!ask | SleepingPrgmr04:41
ubottuSleepingPrgmr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:41
ActionParsniplahwran: you could cat eth0 to the sound device04:43
lahwrancan you cat eth0?04:44
lahwranI wasn't aware that it was that simple04:44
LoRezhow does one keep ubuntu from automounting a specific filesystem with a known UUID?04:44
irbdalahwran: it's..... wried ...  play raw network data as audio .... What can be heard?04:44
franz`is there a way to recover your password with a id_rsa file? I set password-less ssh login a while ago, and don't remember my password anymore. ubuntu server04:45
SleepingPrgmrI'm trying to install Oracle Java 6 and I''m following this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java help documentation here by using the manual method which is linked here http://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/java.  It seems to have worked correctly and I can type "java" in the bash shell but some of my programs which says I need something called JAVA_HOME set and I'm not sure what that may mean.04:45
lahwranirbda: it'd be fuzz, for the most part04:45
ActionParsniplahwran: cat /dev/eth0 > /dev/dsp    maybe04:45
lahwranActionParsnip: network devices are not files04:45
ActionParsniplahwran: in Linux, EVERYTING is a file04:45
lahwranthey're the only device that is an exception to that rule04:45
lahwranlook it up04:45
ActionParsniplahwran: take your pick: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=in+Linux+everyting+is+a+file&kl=uk-en&kp=104:46
earspliTits a lil more complicated then that04:46
earspliTdepends on how you want to hear the sound04:46
earspliTyou'd have to set the bit rate and sample size and such to match up04:46
lahwranActionParsnip: http://www.unix.com/linux/106401-do-linux-have-device-file-ethernet-card.html04:47
haylocat eth0 | clementine is what i use04:48
lahwranearspliT: 22050hz sample rate, one-byte samples04:48
guest1201ActionParsnip: Hey their again, sorry if im becoming a little annoying with this. do you think you can tell me how to install a deb file from the terminal, since when i try to double click it the install button is greyed out04:48
lahwranearspliT: simple enough, yes?04:48
ActionParsnipguest1201: sudo dpkg -i filename.deb04:48
ActionParsniphaylo: thanks :)04:48
hayloActionParsnip, :D04:49
guest1201ActionParsnip: thank you04:49
hayloActionParsnip, can he type gdebi *filename ?04:49
Ben64guest1201: what are you installing? certain things can be dangerous04:49
ActionParsniphaylo: not sure, i've always used dpkg04:49
haylook i should try that04:50
ActionParsnipguest1201: I suggest you run:  sudo apt-get -f install      to pull in deps if needed04:50
haylodpkg is what gdebi is built from i guess04:50
ActionParsniphaylo: makes sense04:50
earspliTlahwran: depends on what the data file looks like lolol04:50
lahwranthere's no possible data file that wouldn't play represented like that :|04:51
earspliTlahwran: i've never tried it with binary data before, but if you could get the data into a buffer of some sort it would work04:51
earspliTbasically, take incoming wireless data and set a word boundary04:52
earspliTits a stupid idea to begin with04:52
lahwranyeah okay fine04:52
earspliTand would take some time coding the alsa API04:52
lahwranit will just sound like white noise04:52
earspliTthat IS all it is04:52
hayloyes with a billion possibilties of nothing04:52
ActionParsniplahwran: yes but thats what my command does, which is what you asked for and why I gave it04:53
earspliTyou might as well just play /dev/random04:53
lahwranActionParsnip: no, it doesn't! did you try it? there is no "eth0" file!04:53
lahwranand there never was and likely never will be04:53
guest1201ActionParsnip: it just redirects me to the software center with the greyed out install button.04:53
ActionParsniplahwran: then see what device name that references and use that04:53
ActionParsnipguest1201: software centre won't get called with the dpkg command04:54
ActionParsnipguest1201: sounds like you double clicked the file04:54
lahwranfor the last time, there isn't an eth0 device. if I was writing it myself I'd have to grab some packet sniffing code from somewhere and use that to get the data04:54
lahwranI was hoping someone else had already written it because it's an interesting curiosity04:54
hayloActionParsnip, he can install it through that04:54
haylodoes it say "install"04:55
ActionParsniphaylo: indeed but user wanted to instal the deb in terminal :)04:55
haylosry ActionParsnip i am forgetting but still talking04:55
ActionParsniphaylo: its all good dude04:57
xxOGATAIxxi'm not really sure how this works, but, i got a question... is there a channel for lxde?04:59
ActionParsnipxxOGATAIxx: you can ask here :)05:00
xxOGATAIxx:) thanks05:00
xxOGATAIxxi've been looking for a global menu app in lxde... i actually found one, in *.tar.gz package... i used alien and turned it into a *.deb and installed it with GDebi (because ./configure didn't run)... but now i can't use it, it doesn't appear in the "add elements" part of the panel05:02
earspliTirc.ofdc.net #lxde05:02
earspliT^^^thats the primary channel05:02
earspliTbut there's one here too under just #lxde05:02
xxOGATAIxxthanks earsplit, i'll give it a try05:03
earspliTnot dc05:03
FloodBot1earspliT: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
ActionParsnipxxOGATAIxx: if you want to edit the menu, just manipulate the files in /usr/share/applications05:04
ActionParsnipxxOGATAIxx: I believe alacarte will do it too05:04
ActionParsnipxxOGATAIxx: could also ask in #lubuntu05:05
xxOGATAIxxi'll investigate alacarte... thanks05:05
addy476damo22; are u there05:05
damo22addy476: yes05:06
addy476oh thanks05:06
addy476demo:remember me i ask to solve my problem last day and u suggest me to download a new version05:06
Braden`I installed the zentyal package, but when I browse to it using my browser it just has four green boxes.  Where do I configure it via the console?05:06
damo22addy476: yes05:06
damo22addy476: did you install a new version?05:07
addy476damo: i download ubuntu 11.10 desktop05:07
damo22addy476: so what is the problem?05:07
addy476demo:please can u tell me about that when i m install it it show 4 option05:07
damo22addy476: do you want to lose all your data on the pc?05:08
addy476demo: 1 install along with 8.10,2:upgrade software update05:08
addy476demo:no actually i have 2 problem 1 i want to keep all my data which one is in 1 drive05:08
damo22addy476: can you remove the drive physically from the machine that you want to save the data?05:09
addy476demo:and 2 i have last time wrong partion so 100 gb space is unoccupied and it can no resolve05:09
ActionParsnipaddy476: why do you not have a backup system in place?05:09
addy476tell me what i do to05:09
addy476action:mean?i m not familer with it05:10
damo22addy476: you need to backup everything always05:10
gordon1234Hi, just downgraded from Ubuntu 11.10 to lubuntu 11.10 ... trying to use Sylpheed instead of Thunderbird ... can it use Google Contacts and Google Calendar? (sorry, but nobody on #lubuntu at the moment)05:10
ActionParsnipaddy476: you should occasionally take a copy of your data so in the event of a catastrophe you can restore your data05:10
addy476demo:are u want to say to keep extra copy of it05:10
ActionParsnipgordon1234: how is changing the desktop a downgrade?05:10
harsh343how to make ubuntu wifi, i am using net connect and i want to make my system wi fi please help me05:10
damo22addy476: yes05:11
harsh343i am using ubuntu 11.1005:11
hayloplease help me05:11
ActionParsnipaddy476: bad things happening to the system like drive failure05:11
damo22addy476: if the drive fails what will you do05:11
addy476damo:but it is some movie and some software05:11
xxOGATAIxxnobody answers in #lxde...05:11
harsh343I want to share my internet connection to other dekstop05:11
damo22addy476: is the data important to you? if yes then always have  a backup05:11
addy476damo:action:please now tell me which option to select05:11
harsh343what i can do ?05:11
gordon1234ActionParsnip ... sorry, bad choice of words! Was having performance issues on a low spec laptop with Ubuntu 11.10, so wanted to try different desktop05:12
ActionParsnipgordon1234: LXDE is the awesome :)05:12
addy476damo:is i secect manually install then i don't know which partion to how much05:12
xxOGATAIxxdo you know how to get globalmenu on lxde? is the faster desktop, & i want the global menu app05:13
gordon1234ActionParsnip: Agreed ... very impressed so far, and so fast05:13
=== levifig[o] is now known as levifig
hayloello mate05:14
thetinyjesusare you guys getting used to unity yet?05:14
werderharsh343: do you mean that you have an ethernet connection and you want to broadcast a wireless network for other computers to connect to?05:14
hayloi have been using it for months05:15
hayloi love it05:15
thetinyjesusjust a few days for me, im starting to like it05:15
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, many of us have gotten used to unity.  those that refuse to like unity use gnome-shell or the non-unity stuff.  Or in my case, KDE xD05:15
haylogot my purple side bar05:15
harsh343werder, i have net connect usb and i want to share internet on another computer05:15
thetinyjesusEvilResistance: yeah, i looked up gnome 3 it seemed to be more of the same as unity, and kde wasn't my flavor so just going to stick with it. everything seems to be running fine05:16
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: its fine here05:16
werderharsh343: do both computers have wireless cards?05:16
xxOGATAIxxi used lxde beacuse of memory... but also xfce...05:16
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, i should mention i'm still on 11.04 xD05:16
harsh343werder, no but connected with lans05:16
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, got wicd. tried connecting to network and says Bad Password, yet I know it's the right password and can verify with desktop. any ideas?05:16
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, i am waiting for the LTS since when the LTS comes out i'm replacing this hard drive xD05:16
werderharsh343: that makes things trickier05:16
werderharsh343: are they ethernet lan?05:17
thetinyjesusEvilResistance: lol im actually pretty new to linux i dont have that much experience05:17
aBoundthetinyjesus, LTS stands for Long-Term Support.05:18
EvilResistance^ that05:18
thetinyjesusEvilResistance: any idea how smooth it is upgrading from one linux distro to a newer05:18
thetinyjesusaBound: yeah i know LTS, i just always like new things05:18
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, do you want the noobish answer, or the "Technician's Recommendation of Clean Install vs. Upgraded Install As It Pertains to Ubuntu Linux"?05:18
aBoundI'd prefer a clean install less chance of anything that goes wrong.05:19
EvilResistance^ that05:19
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: not sure dude, what encryption do you use?05:19
thetinyjesusso is it a good thing that I partioned my HD windows 7/Ubuntu/ Media?05:20
ActionParsnipthallada: its one way05:20
Jeremy3Di believe05:20
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: can your wifi chip connect to that under Linux?05:20
werderharsh343: which version of ubuntu are you using?05:20
thetinyjesusI know i'll be able to save my video/music etc, but when I reinstall ubuntu will i loose all my customization and settings or is there a way to keep it05:20
sherl0ckwhats the average salary of a linux administrator?05:20
harsh343werder, 11.1005:21
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, i have something similar to that, except on my system its: WinServer2k8R2 / Ubuntu / RHEL605:21
ubottusherl0ck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:21
dilli am having trouble with wifi05:21
haylodid you restart it?05:21
dillwhats that ?05:22
thetinyjesusEvilResistance: how did you get that many? when i first tried installing linux, i lost everything because samsung partitions their drives 4 times to have a recovery partition and i couldn't just get rid of it05:22
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: if you backup the hidden files in your home folder you can restore them05:22
dillcan someone help05:22
thetinyjesusActionParsnip: the ones that are usually like .weechat etc in the usr/lib ?05:22
EvilResistancethetinyjesus, (1) I'm an IT technician, so I have clean, unpartitioned OEM hard drives.  (2) I manually partition my hard drive when I install OSes05:23
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: that sort of thing, yes05:23
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, lookin it up05:23
dillnetwork manager states there are no devices avaible05:23
savantelite* For each "Release" and "ARCH" Copy vmlinuz and initrd.img from /images/pxeboot/ directory on "disc 1" of that $Release/$ARCH to /tftpboot/images/centos/$ARCH/$RELEASE05:23
thetinyjesusEvilResistance: yeah my friend gave me his win 7 disk, manually did everything installed win/linux mint decided i wanted ubuntu so redid that partiton etc. im not a IT or anything but i can usually make my way around a computer05:24
werderharsh343: so this is a good link, but the application for modifying network connections is slightly different in 11.10http://www.opensourceisbetter.com/sharing-internet-connection-trough-ethernet-card-ubuntu/05:24
EvilResistance!patience | dill05:24
ubottudill: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:24
thetinyjesusActionParsnip: do you know a website that will let me know exactly which directories need to be backed up?05:24
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: depends what apps you want the config backing up of. I'd just backup the entirety of your home folder05:27
groYenjoin #Flashback @irc.flashbak.org05:29
EvilResistancegroYen, you shouldnt advertise channels or other IRC nets in here randomly...05:30
samratI'm trying to save battery. I'm using wi-fi but not ethernet but powertop shows be that eth0 is taking up some battery too. Can I shut the Ethernet card off?05:33
werdersamrat: try 'sudo ifconfig eth0 down'05:35
dilli am having troubles with a broadcom network contorler bus id is 14e4 435805:37
theadmindill: Do you have a wired connection available? If so, open "Hardware Drivers" and install the proper driver from there05:38
samratwerder: thanks. Also, there seems to be a "Radio device(iwlagn)" running. Any idea what it is?05:38
Braden`I installed the zentyal package, but when I browse to it using my browser it just has four green boxes.  Where do I configure it via the console?05:38
theadmin!info zentyal05:38
ubottuPackage zentyal does not exist in oneiric05:39
dillhold on05:39
theadminBraden`: What's that? Doesn't seem to be anything from our repos05:39
theadmingroYen: Stop that.05:39
theadminsamrat: A radio device is wi-fi05:40
theadminsamrat: "iwlagn" is your wireless driver05:40
samrattheadmin: wlan0 and "radio device" both are running, is that normal?05:40
theadminsamrat: Yeah I think so05:40
[[thufir]]how do I set the colors/prefs for xterm?  *not* using gnome-terminal or equivalent, but xterm.05:41
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: look into the PS1 variable05:41
samrattheadmin: thanks, i was wondering because my laptop also has Intel MyWifi (which makes my laptop the wifi hotspot)05:41
theadminsamrat: Ah, it could be that actually05:42
[[thufir]]hmm.  instead of using xterm, how can you use emacs from gnome-terminal?  there's a problem where alt is tied to the window, rather than being an emacs command.05:43
KuntSlimeWhat would Barack Obama's diarrhea taste like?05:44
Braden`zentyal = ebox05:44
Braden`ebox is just the old name05:44
speak[[thufir]] You can disable alt+... keyboard shortcuts in the Gnome terminal options05:44
Braden`the ebox package is in the ubuntu repos05:44
[[thufir]]speak: ah, thanks.05:45
dillit says no devices avaible05:45
speak[[thufir]] no problem05:46
dillso i cant connect via lan05:46
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: if you use terminal alot, try guake / tilda05:46
[[thufir]]I like the look of gnome-terminal, and can't get xterm or windows emacs to look like that.   I'll look into those others. I'm thinking of switching to emacs.05:47
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: guake hides and shows on a keypress like the console in Quake, wolfenstein etc05:48
nagarajanhi there05:48
nagarajanat ubuntu05:48
nagarajanIs there at some one at UBUNTU05:49
cfhowlettnagarajan: greetigns05:49
nagarajanI need help on UBUNTU05:50
ubottunagarajan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:50
dilliwconfig yeilds lo no wireless extensions05:51
nagarajanI could not use GTALK voice chat with EMPATHY05:51
nagarajanIs there any other voip is suitable to UBUNTU05:52
[[thufir]]I use skype.05:52
ubottunagarajan: ekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga05:52
=== jay is now known as Guest15580
ActionParsnipnagarajan: pidgin will do it05:53
theadminnagarajan: Stop screaming. Empathy does not support voice chat over Jabber if I recall right. I can't really recall any clients which do, but I think Pidgin could at some point05:53
nagarajanEKIGA supports GTALK05:54
ActionParsnipnagarajan: why the caps??05:54
nagarajanEKIGA supports GTALK????05:54
ActionParsnipnagarajan: what does it achieve?05:55
theadminnagarajan: Stop screaming. And no, Ekiga is for SIP.05:55
nagarajanwhich supports gtalk????05:55
thetinyjesusanyone know how to get aspell working in weechat?05:56
ActionParsnipnagarajan: pidgin, like I said.05:56
nagarajantrhank u05:56
cfhowlettnagarajan: gtalk doesn't seem to be supported on ubuntu.  You might want to direct queries directly to them05:56
ActionParsnipnagarajan: why ask a question if you won't read the replies?05:56
theadmincfhowlett: Gtalk is Jabber. It's supported very well.05:57
Jeremy3Ddang ActionParsnip thought i was getting closer but no luck. wicd returning Bad Password error and none of the fixes online seem to help05:57
theadminthetinyjesus: Um, aspell is a GUI library thing, it won't work in console apps, sorry05:57
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: if you try with no encryption, does it connect?05:57
Jeremy3DActionParsnip,  i've uninstalled network-manager and network-manager-gnome to my knowledge05:57
cfhowletttheadmin: aaargh.  I'm obviously not up on the nomenclatures, am I?05:57
theadmincfhowlett: :P Yep.05:57
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, you mean removing encryption thru the router?05:58
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theadminganesh_ariveguru: Stop this06:00
ganesh_arivegurusorry i just tried some smileys06:00
theadminganesh_ariveguru: You can go to #test for trying things out06:01
ganesh_ariveguru#test how...06:01
theadminganesh_ariveguru: Just /join #test06:01
theadminLike usual06:02
ganesh_ariveguruya...i got it..thanks06:02
=== Guest18872 is now known as Gautam
=== Gautam is now known as Gautam1983
Gautam1983Hi all, whenever ubuntu boots in this system, the volume is muted.. any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.06:02
cfhowlettGautam1983: can you unmute?06:03
Gautam1983cfhowlett, yeah, but I have to always do this manually..06:03
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: yes turn it off, just to test06:03
cfhowlettGautam1983: ubuntu version??06:03
sherifhow can i install .tar.bz206:04
cfhowlettGautam1983: look in your preferences>sound06:04
theadminsherif: There usually is a README file inside. Read it.06:04
ganesh_ariveguruirc://freenode/sherif,isnick hi06:04
addy534demo:are r there06:05
Gautam1983cfhowlett, What do I look for in there?06:05
cfhowlettGautam1983: theme sounds on?06:05
addy534action;are u there06:05
Gautam1983cfhowlett, Theme sound???06:05
ActionParsnipaddy534: sup?06:05
ActionParsnipaddy534: try tab completing nicks, it highlights them06:06
cfhowlettGautam1983: if the theme is OFF you'll get no sounds.06:06
Gautam1983cfhowlett, There is no "theme" option..06:06
cfhowlettGautam1983: ask the channel again - I'm still on 10.04 so my setup is different from your's.06:07
Jake55can anyone help me with this ptrace problem please?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150984206:07
Gautam1983cfhowlett, Ah, okay thanks.06:07
boom2powhello im from philippine can you help me with my problem?06:08
ubottuboom2pow: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:08
sherifhow can i unpack program06:08
theadminboom2pow: We can't help you with *that* problem :P06:08
Gautam1983Hi all, whenever ubuntu boots in this system, the volume is muted.. any ideas how to fix it? Thanks. [Ubuntu 11.10 on Sony VAIO / Intel Corporation 82801H]06:08
theadminboom2pow: We only support Ubuntu06:08
addy534is and body help me procedure of instal a ubuntu 1106:08
addy534with out loss my data drive06:08
boom2powcfhowlett, how can install compiz in ubuntu 11.10?06:08
[R]addy534: you won't lose anything when you install06:09
Stanley00addy534: can you give more details?06:09
cfhowlettboom2pow: http://www.howtoforge.com/enabling-compiz-fusion-on-ubuntu-11.10-oneiric-ocelot06:09
addy534but i don;t want to loos06:09
sherifhow can i unpack .tar.bz206:09
[R]sherif: with tar06:09
theadminsherif: tar xjf blah.tar.bz206:09
sheriftheadmin ty06:10
Stanley00addy534: but if you do right, you wont loose anythings06:10
boom2powthank you sir cfhowlett ^_^06:11
cfhowlettboom2pow: no problem.  eat some balut for me.06:11
sheriftheadmin must i write the folder name as it's?06:11
boom2powcfhowlett, wow... do you know balut?06:11
cfhowlettboom2pow: once upon  a time married a pinay06:11
theadminsherif: If it's not in $PWD, you should specify the full path, otherwise just the filename06:12
=== mike_ is now known as Guest53338
boom2powso you like girls like pinay?06:13
sheriftheadmin no it's in Downloads06:13
theadminsherif: cd ~/Downloads ; tar xf blah.tar.bz206:13
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, what was the command to see eth0 eth1 etc?  didn't you say something about telling wicd to use one of those?06:14
sheriftheadmin but blah is very long :S06:14
theadminsherif: Enter first few letters and hit tab06:14
ActionParsnipJeremy3D: sudo lshw -C network06:14
theadminsherif: For instance if the name is "i1401923daapfqe1" you could type "i14<tab>"06:15
drcodehi all06:15
drcodeis there unity 3d in ubuntu 11.10?06:15
drcodeI am using the regular unity06:15
sheriftheadmin cool is it xf or xjf06:15
theadmindrcode: The "regular" unity is 3d06:15
drcodeI see06:15
drcodeI realy love it06:15
theadminsherif: If you're using newer versions of tar, then both will work. If "xf" doesn't work, use "xjf" for bz2 and "xzf" for gz06:16
theadminAnyhoo, I'll be back in a bit06:16
sheriftheadmin thx alot06:16
drcodeis there option to run ms office 2010 under linux , I know that on mac there is option to run lite windows and office?06:16
Jeremy3DActionParsnip, hmm it's not showing a network this time. that's strange06:16
theadmindrcode: Wine or Virtualbox, but they're not supported here ( go to #winehq and #vbox respectively ) or just use LibreOffice (comes with Ubuntu)06:17
theadminAnd I'm off06:17
sheriftheadmin error is not recoverable exitting now06:17
drcodeI am using it, it work great06:18
irbdadrcode: ? you are using it. but you ask?06:18
drcodeI just ask if there is software like in mac06:19
PhilMorning, folks.06:20
PhilI don't suppose someone here could provide a bit of advice?06:21
ubottuphil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:21
PhilWell, I'm sitting at work, trying to get ubuntu up and running on my lappy.06:22
PhilRuns fine, but I need to get the wireless driver to connect to wifi.  And our modem here won't let me direct connect.  I have to connect through wireless router.06:22
PhilSo, is there any way to dl the needed driver package through win7, reboot into ubuntu, and install?06:23
cfhowlettPhil I bet you have a broadcom wifi card?06:23
Philolder hp lappy06:24
cfhowlettPhil what version of *buntu06:24
Phil11.20, i think?06:25
cfhowlettPhil 11.10??06:25
Phili just ran the wubi install.06:25
ActionParsnipPhil: what is the output of:  sudo lshw -C network06:25
Phil.... no idea.06:25
ActionParsnipPhil: we just need the product line of the wifi06:25
ActionParsnipPhil: you won't have any idea, you need to run the command06:25
cfhowlettPhil ... what AP said..  run that command in a terminal06:26
Philwill do, but it'll take a few minutes.06:26
Philout of curiosity, is there a way to run ubuntu and win7 at the same time, or am I going to be doing a bit of swapping back and forth06:27
cfhowlettPhil no can do via wubi but it can be done in virtualbox06:27
ActionParsnipPhil: could use virtualbox..06:28
ActionParsnipPhil: but you cannot do that with the setup you have06:28
=== Guest15580 is now known as jzyamateur
Philah.  no worries.  be back in a few.06:28
AtomicRobotHey, can anybody recommend any IT or InfoSec IRCs?06:29
jzyamateurquestion: i am  ubuntu 10.04 with acer timelinex gt4820 and atheros card, i cant get adhoc network to work, is there any workaround?06:29
froxthello everyone06:31
cfhowlettfroxt: greetings06:31
froxtty :)06:31
froxtCan ubuntu be upgrade from its current version to new one06:32
cfhowlettfroxt: what is your current version??06:32
cfhowlettfroxt: yes you can upgrade that version.06:33
froxtI was trying few mins ago but failed, some issue occurs06:33
ActionParsnipfroxt: you'll need to upgrade to 11.04 then to 11.1006:33
kelvinhi how can i upgrade from 11.10 to 12.0406:34
ubottukelvin: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+106:34
SwedeMikekelvin: sudo update-manager -d06:34
urlin2ukelvin, you have only one OS right now?06:35
theadminSwedeMike: You don't run GUI apps with sudo :/06:35
kelvinno i have ubuntu and xp both06:35
theadmin!gksu | SwedeMike06:35
ubottuSwedeMike: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:35
urlin2ukelvin, 12.04 is in development, are you sure?06:36
cfhowlettkelvin: are you REALLY sure?06:36
kelvini checked with distrowatch06:36
kelvin12.04 is released06:36
ActionParsnip12.04 works here !wfm :)06:36
cfhowlettkelvin: wrong06:36
theadminurlin2u, kelvin, cfhowlett - please take 12.04 discussion to #ubuntu+106:37
ActionParsnipkelvin: its not, look at the version number and think..06:37
urlin2utheadmin, this is whether it is a good idea.06:37
kelvinplz correct me if i m wrong06:37
theadminurlin2u: It's not06:37
kelvincant i install 12.0406:37
theadminkelvin: You ARE wrong, 12.04 is NOT released. It will be released in April.06:37
theadminkelvin: The Ubuntu versioning system is YY.MM06:38
theadminkelvin: Year.Month. Thus, 12.04 is April, 201206:38
kelvinthats i know but if u check with www.distrowatch.com06:38
vsynctheadmin having a powertrip? mediocrity in here.06:38
kelvinits shows relased06:38
kelvinso is it wrong informaiton06:38
ActionParsnipkelvin: it doesn't matter what ANY site says. It's not out and its in Beta06:38
aeon-ltdthe only official source is canonical06:38
irbdaso after 100years the version number will be repeated06:39
cfhowlettkelvin: distrowatch is not official **buntu information.  see http://www.howtoforge.com/enabling-compiz-fusion-on-ubuntu-11.10-oneiric-ocelot06:39
theadminkelvin: "second alpha". Alpha means testing release. Not official.06:39
cfhowlettscratch that see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases06:39
vsyncplease. Don't try to argue with anyone and don't prolong this conversation. Wiseasses in here like to go on a powertrip if they happen to know something.06:39
aeon-ltdeveryone we are derailing!06:39
kelvinunderstand now06:39
ActionParsnipkelvin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule06:39
ActionParsnipkelvin: tells you when the milestones are too06:39
sectionmekelvin: It states on distrowatch "Development Release: Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2" is new.06:39
pangolinPlease take the 12.04 talk to #ubuntu=106:40
theadminOkay, stop now for god's sake, this ain't supported here... #ubuntu+106:40
theadminHow many times do I haz to repeat -_-06:40
AngabladeHow is everyone tonight?06:40
urlin2utheadmin, lol you answered it more times then I did, grow up.06:40
froxtim unable to upgrade my current version06:40
theadmin!ot | Angablade06:40
ubottuAngablade: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:40
AngabladeI know.06:41
AngabladeI was just being polite.06:41
theadminAngablade: Ah, ok, sorry06:41
AngabladeAnyways, I got a bit of a problem.06:41
theadminurlin2u: Still.06:41
theadminAngablade: Yes, sure, just ask06:41
cfhowlettfroxt:  error messages would be helpful with this issue...06:41
ubottufroxt: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:41
AngabladeI am trying to remove this horrid thing called unity from my laptop.06:42
AngabladeHow would I do so?06:42
froxtwell i can provide screen shot06:42
theadminAngablade: Install another desktop and remove unity06:42
kelvinis it creat any problem in security if i installed software which is not provide by ubuntu community06:42
cfhowlettfroxt: use http://imagebin.org/?page=add06:42
AngabladeThanks. Erm... Would you happen to know how?06:42
ActionParsnipkelvin: it is possible it could have nastys ni, but its extremely rare06:42
theadminAngablade: Which do you prefer? XFCE? LXDE? KDE?06:42
AngabladeI have used KDE before. So that should suit me.06:43
theadmin!purekde | Angablade06:43
ubottuAngablade: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »06:43
AngabladeThank you.06:43
sectionmeAnyone know of an options for nfs exports to allow nesting of mounts on the server-side, eg. /exports/work/{project1,project2,project3} which say project2 is on a different mount point, currently it gets exported as the empty directory as if it wasn't mounted.06:44
froxtplease check this link06:44
cfhowlettfroxt: you're trying to update to 11.10??06:45
froxtNo. upgrading to 11.0406:45
AngabladeThank you theadmin. Am I allowed to idle here until the process is complete?06:45
cfhowlettfroxt: nevermind I see it now. you're going from 10.10 to 11.04??06:45
theadminAngablade: Sure thing. Heh, most of the people in here idle06:45
AngabladeOkay, thanks.06:45
theadmin!who | Angablade, just so you familiarize with the general webiquette of IRC06:46
ubottuAngablade, just so you familiarize with the general webiquette of IRC: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:46
PhilOk, back now.06:46
froxtAny more suggestions?06:48
cfhowlettfroxt: I can't understand why you would be getting this error on a 10.10 to 11.04 upgrade.  Then again, I'm still on 10.04 as I only do LTS releases.  Please restate the question for the channel.  It's a new one to me.06:48
Angabladetheadmin, Thank you very much. I will update you on the progress when it does something more than load..06:49
theadminfroxt: Try removing any third-party repos (i.e. PPAs) and packages.06:49
froxtits simple, last night I install ubunu 10.10 version. and then i check for the update and it shows that 11.04 is available to install, so i click upgrade, but while calculating it shows this error.06:50
froxtok admin ill try that now06:50
theadminfroxt: I suggest you just install 11.10 from scratch if there isn't anything important there and you don't have much customizations06:50
groYenirssi: /connect irc.flashback.org 6697 lösenord användarnamn06:51
groYenirssi: /connect irc.flashback.org 6697 lösenord användarnamn06:51
groYenirssi: /connect irc.flashback.org 6697 lösenord användarnamn06:52
cfhowlettfroxt: you might also give thought to going with LTS only as more polishing goes into those releases06:52
vsyncfroxt try apt-get clean and run it again06:52
vsyncthere might be broken packages in the cache06:52
froxtI would like to add a little infor about my self, Im new to ubuntu06:52
theadminfroxt: Then it'd be simplier to just reinstall to the newest release (that is, 11.10)06:53
PhilOk, the guys wanting me to run the sudo lshw -C network, I've got that.06:53
PhilAnd thanks for your patience, I know it took me a bit.06:53
Phil          description: Network Controller06:53
Phil          product:  BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN06:53
Phil         vendor: Broadcom Corporation06:53
Phil          physical id: 006:53
Phil          bus info: pci@0000:03:00.006:53
Phil        version: 0106:53
FloodBot1Phil: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:53
ActionParsnip!broadcom | phil#06:53
ubottuphil#: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:53
Angabladetheadmin, the process finished. Should I restart the machine?06:53
theadminAngablade: Yeah, if it finished successfully06:54
Angabladetheadmin, it did.06:54
Philappreciate it, guys.06:54
North_I am trying to install Ubuntu using USB installer. but I faced the problem whlie running the Universial USB installer. the error message is "Cannot open output file : autorun.inf" Please HELP>06:54
theadminAngablade: Well, actually, since you can't restart via Unity anymore (since it's removed), run "sudo reboot" in the terminal06:54
froxtI'll just install 11.10 direct from downloaded iso06:54
ActionParsnipfroxt: gives a cleaner OS, feels like a new jumper :)06:55
vsyncActionParsnip without actually understanding the problem. props06:55
vsyncit's the ubuntu-wayh06:55
theadminvsync: Yeah, Ubuntu never got release upgrades right. I honestly don't understand their system with "releases", rolling OSs feel much clean, but... If you use Ubuntu, then stick to their ways. If you don't like them, switch :P06:56
ActionParsnipvsync: Ive always clean installed. I find I get fewer issues06:56
Ben64i always upgrade06:57
Ben64e->f->g->h->l; no problems06:57
ActionParsnipas soon as it goes alpha1 I'm on it :)06:57
kelvinhi i have ubuntu 11.10 installed in my system.. on my desktop folder and other icon is showing too large... want to make small like xp.... how can i do ??/06:57
eshloxhi, newest kubuntu, kmail, Unknown error. (Unable to fetch item from backend), ideas?06:58
=== milligan is now known as java__
ubottuelixer: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )06:58
North_ I am trying to install Ubuntu using USB installer. but I faced the problem whlie running the Universial USB installer. the error message is "Cannot open output file : autorun.inf" Please HELP?06:58
vsynctheadmin & ActionParsnip yeah sure. The problem was most likely corrupted packages in the cache, i.e. shutdown at download or the likes. But sure =)06:58
ActionParsnipkelvin: so the icons on the desktop are too big?06:58
ubottunorth_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:58
ActionParsnipkelvin: is it all icons?06:58
=== java__ is now known as milligan
kelvinNorth : u should format USB driver and reinstall ubuntu in USB06:58
rhin0hi -- is there any way I can get panel with applets on top of screen with unity -- without instlaling gnome classic gnome earlier or anything06:58
kelvinyes Action prasnip06:58
kelvinall icons06:59
theadminvsync: Actually it's got nothing to do with package cache, it's ignored when doing release upgrades. The problem is very likely third party repos :P06:59
North_kelvin: I already format USB driver.06:59
ActionParsnipkelvin: what GPU do you use?06:59
kelvinhow to check GPU06:59
theadminkelvin: lspci | grep -i vga07:00
vsynctheadmin well that could be easily resolved too. And also, actually you can't say for sure07:00
kelvin00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (primary) (rev 0c)07:00
TanvirHello everyone, how can I mount all drives at start-up in Ubuntu? I am using 11.10.07:01
savanteliteI am using an old wiki page for an newer system, how do I find /etc/dhcpd.conf on my newer system?07:01
rhin0i just want apps clickeable from a taskbar07:01
theadminvsync: I can, because, well, packages in the cache are for the current release, not for the new one. It won't deal with them since they ain't the right release.07:01
ActionParsnipkelvin: i'm not too good with intel things. All I can suggest is make sure you are fully updated07:01
Jordan_U!fstab | Tanvir07:01
ubottuTanvir: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:01
rhin0none of this having to type to find it07:01
rhin0the taskbar always there - a panel07:01
kelvinits fully updated07:01
theadminrhin0: Try XFCE07:01
theadmin!xubuntu | rhin007:01
ubotturhin0: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels07:01
TanvirJordan_U, thank you. I am reading.07:02
Jordan_UTanvir: You're welcome.07:02
theadminrhin0: KDE? LXDE? There are many alternatives to Unity07:02
PhilOk, I have the Broadcom BCM4311, which means I need the STA drivers.  Since I have no internet access under ubuntu currently, I'll need to follow the 'now internet' instructions.  Will those work since I didn't use a CD to install?07:02
rhin0xfce gave me problems on my hardware (11.10)07:02
rhin0can't use 10.0407:02
Phil*no internet instructions07:02
rhin0why can#t you get an app with one click?07:02
vsynctheadmin two different versions are not able to use some packages of the same version? Or is the apt-system so dumb it'll just pull same stuff out of the new repo anyway?07:02
rhin0thats absolutely ridiculous - the panel was essential07:03
cfhowlettPhil boot windows, download the broadcom linux sta , save to usb and reboot ubuntu.07:03
theadminvsync: Yeah, even if the versions are identical (e.g. "2.5-natty" and "2.5-oneiric") it will pull the oneiric one out07:03
theadminrhin0: Install gnome-fallback07:03
rhin0what absolute GARBAGE unity desktop is07:03
ActionParsnipPhil: the install CD can do what yuo need07:04
Philcfhowlett, that makes a whole lot of sense.  And that'll teach me to leave my usb at home when I decide to install ubuntu  while at work.07:04
Phili don't have teh install CD, ActionParsnip.07:04
PhilI did the Wubi install.07:04
ActionParsnipPhil: wubi makes no difference to your situation07:05
vsynctheadmin well in that case, the same should apply for 3rd party repos so I can't see the problem being there either07:05
cfhowlettPhil fwiw: I went through this process with my bcm4313...and if I can figure this stuff out, anyone can07:05
pehdendo you know a program for linux like nero 6 for windows07:05
theadminvsync: How can it find out the new repos for third parties? That'd be a complicated process... It doesn't do that xD07:05
ActionParsnipPhil: you can mount the install CD inside your ubuntu install and use it as a repository07:05
cfhowlettpehden: brasero07:05
vsynctheadmin yes and in that case it just ignores them, no?07:05
theadminpehden: Brasero, K3b, xfburn07:06
pehdencfhowlett does it do menus07:06
Philcfhowlett: I believe ya, I just don't have my usb with me.07:06
theadminvsync: No, it throws that error at ya and waits till you resolve it by hand07:06
theadminvsync: Silly I know07:06
ActionParsnipPhil: you can download the ISO in Wnidows and then access your ntfs partition via the /host folder07:06
vsyncwell, i switched out of debian-based stuff because of dpkg, but that's just crap07:06
vsyncsuper duper crap07:06
cfhowlettpehden: no idea but it will burn disc just fine07:06
ActionParsnipPhil: I advise you use a wired connection though, makes life a LOT easier07:06
ice10001Hi all,07:07
PhilI'm at work right now, and can't do wired.  I tried.  it won't even work in win7.07:07
savanteliteI am using an old wiki page for an newer system, how do I find /etc/dhcpd.conf on my newer system?07:07
sherifhow can i go to directory opt using terminal07:07
ActionParsnipPhil: great :(07:07
ActionParsnipsherif: cd /opt07:07
PhilHotel settup.  the cable co has it settup so that it has to go through the router, apparently, and I don't have a spare cable to use.07:07
ice10001can anyone help me with getting my xubuntu 64 (11.10) software centre to connect from behind a proxy? I have googled & tried all suggestions, and no dice.07:08
sherifActionParsnip how can i remove application from there07:08
theadminsavantelite: I beleive it was moved to /etc/dhcp07:09
ActionParsnipsherif: there is usually an uninstaller, what did you install?07:09
sherifactionparsnip second life07:09
kelvinhow can i change hostname through terminal window07:10
savanteliteI only found  /etc/dhcp/dhclient.d/n07:10
theadminkelvin: echo "something" | sudo tee /etc/hostname # And then reboot07:10
AlinaHIII AAAL!!!!07:10
ActionParsnipsherif: I'd check the folders for an uninstall command07:10
AlinaHELP PLEASE!07:11
Jordan_Ukelvin: Do *NOT* do what theadmin just suggested.07:11
kelvink theadmin07:11
Jordan_U!hostname | kelvin theadmin07:11
ubottukelvin theadmin: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.07:11
theadminJordan_U: Err, huh? It works... Oh, you need to update /etc/hosts07:11
ActionParsniptheadmin: you'll need to change /etc/hosts too or sudo won't work07:11
sherifActionParsnip cudnt find07:11
Braden`How do I tell if a fs is ext2, 3, or 4?07:11
ActionParsnipBraden`: sudo parted -l07:11
sherifActionParsnip y isnt apt-get remove not working?07:11
ActionParsnipsherif: did you install it with apt-get or dpkg ?07:12
AlinaCan i use oficial Ubuntu repo and ppa repo in my own OS in based version!?07:12
AlinaCan i use oficial Ubuntu repo and ppa repo in my own OS in based version!?07:12
AlinaCan i use oficial Ubuntu repo and ppa repo in my own OS in based version!?07:12
FloodBot1Alina: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:12
theadminkelvin: Wait, do this first: cat /etc/hosts | sed "s/$HOSTNAME/newhostname/" | sudo tee /etc/hosts07:12
sherifActionParsnip i installed it with tar07:12
ActionParsnipsherif: then that's why, its not in the database is it07:12
PhilActionParsnip: thanks, btw.  The help is appreciated.07:12
sherifActionParsnip wut database07:12
ActionParsnipsherif: you can just delete the folder then as it isn't tied into anything07:12
ActionParsnipsherif: the package database07:13
ActionParsnipPhil: np07:13
sherifActionParsnip ah i think so07:13
sherifActionParsnip how can i delete the folder07:13
ActionParsnipPhil: thanks for the gratitude07:13
Braden`parted -l just returned a blank line07:13
ActionParsnipsherif: sudo rm -r /opt/foldername07:13
ActionParsnipBraden`: it needs sudo07:13
theadminBraden`: sudo fdisk -l07:13
kelvini couldnt find /etc/hostname07:13
sherifActionParsnip no way by mouse?07:13
Braden`cannot open /proc/partitions07:14
ActionParsniptheadmin: fdisk would show them all as 'Linux' type07:14
theadminActionParsnip: ...Oh, true07:14
ActionParsnipsherif: you can run@:  gksudo nautilus     and do it that way, it's really not necessary, just use TAB to complete the folder name, why do you need to use the mouse. I already gave you the command??07:15
ActionParsniptheadmin: parted is smarter and shows partition types properly07:15
sherifActionParsnip because i may forget this command later07:15
theadminActionParsnip: parted is harder to operate than fdisk most of the time though07:15
sherifActionParsnip wut it stand for07:15
ActionParsnipsherif: that's not a sentence..07:16
quiescensBraden`: i usually like: sudo file -s /dev/(partition here)07:16
sherifActionParsnip rm- r means?07:16
theadminsherif: Remove recursively.07:17
Jordan_Utheadmin: Parted can't tell you the differnce between ext2,3, or 4. Which was the original goal.07:17
ActionParsniptheadmin: true but the -l option gives more detail than fdisk -l ;)07:17
theadminJordan_U: True, just saying :D07:17
sherifActionParsnip is there other types of remove07:17
ActionParsnipsherif: it's rm -r   not rm- r07:17
theadminsherif: "man COMMAND" will give you a detailed description and usage instructions for a command.07:17
ActionParsnipsherif: (r)e(m)ove07:17
theadminsherif: So, "man rm"07:17
ActionParsnipsherif: the -r means recursive and will delete the folder and all subfolders07:18
krisedAnyone know how to change the lightDM login name "other" to somthing else ? I need it to just ask for a name (sorta like Windows ) instead of listing the name Other07:18
sherifActionParsnip ty07:19
sheriftheadmin man stands for?07:19
theadminsherif: MANual07:19
kelvini couldnt find /etc/hostname07:19
soup3Is anyone here familiar with tcpdump?07:19
=== dex is now known as Guest26561
sheriftheadmin cool07:19
Stanley00krised: Other is not an account name actually...07:20
sheriftheadmin is there away to know commands for any actions i want i mean if i wanna copy how can i know the command07:21
PhilActionParsnip: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx    says it's for 10.04.  Will that still work for 11.10?07:21
Stanley00krised: it is for some accounts dont list there.07:21
ActionParsnipPhil: same difference07:21
theadminsherif: "cp" is the command for that. "man intro" will be a good starting guide.07:21
Philjust doublechecking.   Ask the pro before I make a mess.07:21
=== marjus is now known as zamba
krisedStanly00 yeah. Isnt it possible to have lightDM just ask for a username and password ? ive already had it set to not show usernames but i need to have it simply ask for username and password07:22
krisedlike windows basicly07:22
Stanley00sherif: you can use "apropos", ex: "apropos copy"07:22
sheriftheadmin thx07:22
Stanley00krised: I dont know, and I dont think it is possible07:23
theadminkrised: How about installing lxdm? It just does that. Asks a username and a password in plain-text entry fields without any lists or other mess07:23
sherifstanley00 cool07:23
cfhowlettsherif: like this?  http://files.fosswire.com/2007/08/fwunixref.pdf07:23
sherifstanley00 apropos stands for?07:23
Stanley00sherif: I dont know either ;), ask "whatis apropos" =))07:24
krisedtheadmin i might try that. Though Ive found that uninstalling lightDM and installing GDM will bootch the system if i attempt to remastersys it back into an ISO.. the fresh iso when burned to a disc will not boot (hangs after checking battery state )07:24
theadminkrised: gdm is honestly really, really weird.07:24
krisedso finally i found that its due to gdm messing up this. cause if i just stick to lightdm it works07:24
theadminkrised: lxdm never failed me personally :D07:24
krisedtheadmin oh ill give it a try then. thanks07:25
sherifstanley00 cool its just hard to remember apropos07:25
theadminkrised: There is Qingy too which is console/terminal/text-based if you wish.07:25
Stanley00sherif: "man -k copy" does the same thing.07:25
krisedtheadmin nono. I need it to look as much like windows as possible07:25
theadminkrised: But Windows does list users...07:26
sherifstanley00 cool07:26
krisedtheadmin ah sorry for being unclear. im having the ubuntu set up for domain use.. hence domain windows does not list  users.07:26
theadminkrised: Ah07:27
=== DaZ is now known as Guest1452
sherifcan i open pdf files on ubuntu?07:28
theadminsherif: Yes, there's a PDF viewer installed by default (evince)07:28
sheriftheadmin yh right07:28
krisedtheadmin i work at a school. we got some old computers which id need to get up running - so ive costumized 11.10. but replacing lightdm with gdm screws it up.. but ill give lxdm a try07:29
theadminkrised: I see, hm... But why do you need it to look like Windows?07:29
krisedsherif you can more or less count on a default ubuntu 11.10 install to open just about any common windows file yes07:29
theadminkrised: Also, uh, remastersys is broken/abandoned/deprecated I beleive07:29
sherifkrised didnt get u07:30
krisedtheadmin hmm its updated still though... i belive due to the many demands for it..07:30
theadminkrised: Ah ok07:30
theadminsherif: You can open everything that you can open in Windows in Ubuntu07:30
krisedsherif most files that you would open in a standard windows computer (such as MS office files) including pdf will easily be opened in ubuntu with libreoffice (its build in as well )07:30
theadminsherif: No exceptions, you can even run exe files (although not too well)07:30
sheriftheadmin you mean i dont need terminal?07:30
theadminsherif: Most of the time you don't, yeah, Ubuntu has GUIs for thingies xD07:31
PhilActionParsnip, I think I'm obliged to inform you that I'm an idiot.  Apparently, I can connect directly to the cable modem, if I just reset the bloody thing.07:31
sherifkrised anything will work but not exe right?07:31
krisedtheadmin our users are used to windows (we run cad/cam programs ) but the old computers run linux just fine.. for breaks like youtube and facebook and that sort.07:31
theadminkrised: hm okay07:31
theadminsherif: exes can work in Ubuntu if you install Wine, but they won't work very good07:32
krisedsherif well like theadmin said you CAN run exe files if you install wine .. but dont count on all programs being able to work..07:32
sheriftheadmin but like last issue cant remove the folder in opt without terminal07:32
rick_hello im looking for ubuntu jedi to give me free 24/7 support instead of making this as hard as possible to break free of windows prison07:32
Stanley00krised: if that's old, how about install lubuntu? and it looks like window somehow07:32
theadminsherif: Run "gksu nautilus" and then you'll have a filemanager with full access to all files. But that's somewhat... risky07:32
krisedStanley00 lubuntu ?? never heard of it but ill look at it.07:32
Stanley00rick_: I think this channel works 24/2407:32
theadminkrised: I say try Lubuntu too :) It looks like Windows 95-98-ish07:33
sherifkrised theadmin cool actually i like using the terminal07:33
krisedwin 95 ?? yuuck07:33
theadminkrised: Except... not as ugly :P07:33
Stanley00rick_: I mean 24 hours a day :D07:33
theadminkrised: But I mean, by the style of GUIs and such07:33
theadminkrised: http://lubuntu.net07:33
Angablade24/24 as in 24 hours a day. 24 days a week?07:33
sherifis there other terminals better than default one?07:33
rick_oh well it seems the real experts are not on very often07:34
krisedsherif i learned linux from scratch.. having two computers.. one with a small harddrive and another with windows so i could google up stuff whenever i bootched my system and had to reinstall.. after reinstalling it like 2-300 times i got the hang of it.07:34
krisedsherif there are about 1500 diffrent distros of linux.. give em a try.. just dont try suicidelinux untill youre really hardcore though07:34
theadminlol suicidelinux07:35
BrandonNoletWooow, love how the channels with the most users are the linux ones :P07:35
theadminrick_: You just ask your question and we try to help07:35
krisedtheadmin yeah.. you dont know tha tone ?07:35
Angabladethreads bleading all over the ram?07:35
sherifkrised its ok i have windows 7 installed too if i destroyed ubuntu its ok07:35
theadminkrised: I know it, I would never try that xD07:35
scientesI plugged a few usb devices into my apple keyboard, and they show up with lsusb, however my user account (non-privlidged) does not see them07:35
scienteswhat is going on?07:35
rick_ok im trying to get debugging tool i typed in terminal  man apt get  and i dont know what to do next07:35
theadminrick_: Debugging tool for what?07:36
Stanley00rick_: debug with gdb?07:36
sherifkrised do u know how to make flash games work faster on ubuntu?07:36
krisedsherif you might wanna try it inside a virtual machine.. also take a backup of your virtual machine so you can recover fast if it gets slaughtered.07:36
rick_yup gdb07:36
Angablade"sudo apt-get install <app name>07:36
ubuntu23421good morning07:36
theadminrick_: sudo apt-get install gdb07:36
krisedsherif hmm no. ive encounterd problems more like flash running too fast07:36
i_is_brokescientes, try going in as admin and adding them to the proper groups.07:36
sherifkrised that seems complicated07:36
scientesi_is_broke, who to proper groups?07:36
ubuntu23421I have one question maybe very easy to solv07:36
BrandonNoletHow to update from 11.10 to 12.04 without reinstall?07:37
Jordan_Uscientes: What do you mean by "does not see them"? What type of USB devices, and where do you expect them to be listed?07:37
Angabladetheadmin, btw the process is finished and I am now happy as a clam. You made my day.07:37
Stanley00!pangolin | BrandonNolet07:37
ubottuBrandonNolet: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:37
theadminBrandonNolet: update-manager -d # But note that 12.04 is not released and not supported.07:37
theadminAngablade: Aww thank you :D07:37
scientesjordan, i_is_broke do i need to be part of "plugdev" group? this is 10.0407:37
theadminubuntu23421: Ask your question first.07:37
BrandonNoletI understand that it's not released and thanks for the info :)07:37
i_is_brokescientes, you have to add them (regular user) so they can use it.07:37
Stanley00ubuntu23421: just ask your question.07:37
ubuntu23421NOOB HERE07:37
scientesjordan, i_is_broke to what groups?07:38
i_is_brokescientes, yup07:38
rick_gdb is already newest version so i got it already?????07:38
krisedsherif its not really. but let me tell you this. the more you use terminal and learn the various commands.. that and google when you need to do somthing you dont know.. then you get the hang of linux very fast actually07:38
Stanley00rick_: yep07:38
scientesi_is_broke, plugdev is the one?07:38
ubuntu23421i have a problem with the lcd of my laptop07:38
scientesthx, i will ask the administrator07:38
Angabladerick_, try uninstalling it then reinstalling it. That always worked for me.07:38
theadminscientes: plugdev, scanner, audio and power are the groups you normally have to be in.07:38
rick_how do i use it???? where do i find it07:38
theadminrick_: If you don't know how to use it why do you need it -_-07:39
Stanley00rick_: just run "gdb /path/to/yourapp"07:39
i_is_brokescientes, ya07:39
sherifkrised yh i guess so my bro told me it all depends on terminal n someone here sent me a pdf files of commands so i will study :)07:39
werderubuntu23421: what's wrong with it?07:39
ubuntu23421It's broke07:39
Angabladeubuntu23421, what seems to be the problem?07:39
scientestheadmin, power and scanner dont exist on this computer (10.04)07:39
werderubuntu23421: so? Is is a cracked screen?07:39
i_is_broketheadmin, thanks its been a while since i have had to add a non user. lol07:39
ubuntu23421so i installed ubunto with an external lg lcd tv07:39
ubuntu23421it goes perfect07:39
theadminscientes: Ah I guess Ubuntu differs from normal distros in here as well07:39
rick_i need to learn07:40
ubuntu23421but once i install drivers from nvidia07:40
ubuntu23421no picture is displayed on the tv monitor07:40
scientestheadmin, what do mean as "normal distros" debian and red hat worlds are differn't across the board07:40
Stanley00rick_: then, you should read the gdb manual on gnu.org07:40
krisedsherif well you can do that.. but nothing beats learning by doing.. whenever you need to do somthing.. you can just about always do it in a terminal as well as in GUI mode.. just reading pfd with commands wont really teach you anything07:40
theadminscientes: Most distros (Debian inclusive actually) have those groups, others do too (Arch, Gentoo etc) so...07:40
werderubuntu23421: is it a laptop or desktop?07:40
sherifkrised wut is GUI mode?07:41
Angabladeubuntu23421, try removing the cord and replacing it. It might just need to sence that the came is in. Then auto switch like alot of other tv's and cards to.07:41
scientestheadmin, yuck07:41
theadminscientes: Huh?07:41
scientesthat it would be differn't without a good reason07:41
krisedsherif thats whenever youre using your mouse.. CLI is commandline (typing) GUI is graphic userinterface. (using mouse)07:41
scientescause they all use PolicyKit07:41
ubuntu23421it doesnt even work with fn+f7 keys07:42
sherifkrised cool and wut is kde?07:42
i_is_brokeoh wait your using a mac right07:42
ubuntu23421its a sony vayo07:42
Angabladeubuntu23421, the video card might just need to detect the tv. Have you tried pulling the cable out and reconnecting it?07:42
theadminscientes: Yeah PolicyKit/ConsoleKit is evil >.<07:42
i_is_brokescientes, sorry forgot to highlight. i dont know what else  is in mac setup either.07:42
werderubuntu23421: so the laptop screen works fine07:42
AngabladeWhat type of connection is it?07:42
krisedsherif kds and gnome are just two graphic ways of showing you your linux.. there are many diffrent kinds of xsessions (thats the graphic part of your linux)07:42
ubuntu23421no i cant see nothing on the lcd07:42
kelvini couldnt able to join room :07:43
omeYo, anyone knows a good PDF2CHM ?07:43
kelvini got following error07:43
rick_i cant find gdb manual on gnu.org07:43
ubuntu23421of the laptop07:43
scientestheadmin, are they inseperable? i know fedora is deprecating ck07:43
Angabladeubuntu23421, what type of connection were you using to connect to the tv?07:43
sherifkrised u mean i can use kde or gnome instead of GUI?07:43
ubuntu23421vga dvi cable07:43
theadminscientes: I'm not sure, but they're annoying for sure... I'd rather just use sudo for ALL permission management.07:43
Stanley00rick_: http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/documentation/?07:43
Jordan_Urick_: What are you trying to debug and why?07:43
krisedsherif basicly its like in windows where you decide how things should be presented to you.. some like it simple (gnome) others like it like windows (kde) and others like it ugly and unusable (unity)07:43
scientestheadmin, I don't think that is good07:43
Angabladeubuntu23421: Intresting. Does the tv change on boot up?07:43
kelvin##linux Cannot send to channe07:43
ubuntu23421i dont see nothing until it starts the ubunto setup07:43
sherifkrised cuz someone told me that kde is much faster than gui07:43
theadminscientes: Maybe, but at least it's simple...07:43
krisedsherif well kde IS an gui really07:44
scientesI think PolicyKit is good,07:44
kelvin##linux Cannot send to channel07:44
krisedtry google KDE and look at pictures07:44
kelvinhi help : ##linux Cannot send to channe07:44
theadminkelvin: Register your nickname, you07:44
theadmin!register | kelvin07:44
ubottukelvin: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:44
sherifkrised oh ok wut am i now? :D07:44
sherifkrised how do i know im kde or unity07:44
Angabladeubuntu23421, have you tried any other monitors or tv's?07:45
ubuntu23421after I install the drivers for nvidia graphic board it only displays the broken laptop display, i hear sound of the so booting but no picture07:45
werderubuntu23421: did the laptop screen work before you installed the nvidia drivers?07:45
krisedsherif usually it tells you when you boot the system.. if you installed a standard ubuntu and you got a sidebar panel to your left side its unity.07:45
kelvinhow to register nickname07:45
ubuntu23421it aint going to work i know07:45
theadminkelvin: ubottu just told you. /join #freenode and ask there07:46
Stanley00kelvin: try ask it in #freenode or search the web07:46
Angabladewerder, no it was broken when he was installing. He was using a tv throught a vga cable to a tv.07:46
krisedsherif ubuntu these days come with unity (the ugly and unusable gui) but you can always install gnome-fallback session and boot into that as well07:46
werderAngablade: ah ok. missed that bit.07:46
sherifkrised well i get a list on startup like 5 types of startup07:46
fellayaboydo i need a router that supports vpn in order to create a vpn for my home?07:46
Stanley00krised: hmm, unity is fine with me :D07:46
Angabladeubuntu23421, I would try another screen. A monitor perhaps after the machine is completely started up.07:46
krisedsherif yes you can. you should install synaptic first. then install gnome-fallback session07:47
theadminkrised: Why would you need synaptic for that? You can just apt-get it07:47
krisedstanley00 its fine if you just install and go with whats there.. but for working with the system its very anoying imho07:47
ubuntu23421laptop screen never worked07:47
krisedtheadmin for people who arent used to terminal id recommend synaptic for managing packages..07:48
sherifkrised gnome or kde?07:48
ubuntu23421its on but with white on it07:48
theadminkrised: Meh, then nothing wrong with the software-center either :D07:48
krisedsherif why not just install both ?? during the login screen you just pick which one you want for this session07:48
Stanley00krised: I just an edn user, surf the web and listen to music, so unity's fine :D07:48
ubuntu23421GUYZ ive been analyzing the file for the monitor setup07:48
Angabladeubuntu23421, I unstand. Try letting the laptop completely boot to the desktop, then plug another monitor into it if you can.07:48
ubuntu23421and only apears one monitor07:48
krisedStanley00 exactly.. but for administrating the system its a pain.07:48
ubuntu23421but i need two07:49
sherifkrised ok first i have to install synpatic?07:49
ubuntu23421but iam using it07:49
omeWhat is the _right_ way to create a link for a software that you install ? so that it comes up in menu, and you can just type it in shell.07:49
sherifkrised from store?07:49
ubuntu23421running a live session07:49
ubuntu23421of ubuntu07:49
Ben64ubuntu23421: you can use something like xrandr or nvidia-settings to use the 2nd monitor07:49
Stanley00krised: I think admin prefer command line, right?07:49
krisedsherif well you dont HAVE to.. but i think its easier.. in terminal try this: sudo apt-get install synaptic07:49
ubuntu23421i tryed07:49
fellayaboyhow can i setup a vpn for my home without having to mod my router with ddwrt or without buying a vpn router...ive seen so many different programs for windows that seem to work..i believe they work by bridging..is their any program or any way i could do this for ubuntu?07:50
ubuntu23421gives me an error07:50
theadminome, create a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications/. If you wish, there is lxmed to help you with menu editing (although I think it's not in the repos)07:50
ubuntu23421nvidia settings07:50
krisedstanley00 since i have to set up the GUI part for all users.. no.. i gotta see how it looks like.. moving icons around and stuff.07:50
Ben64ubuntu23421: try to not use the enter key as punctuation07:50
Angabladeubuntu23421, if you can do that, then I would sugguest you try. If it doesn't work. Please come back. And we can proceed from there.07:50
Stanley00krised: ah, got that.07:50
ubuntu23421ok, sory07:50
ometheadmin: aight thanks, I will have a look.07:51
krisedStanley00 had i been setting up a proxy or firewall id have done it in terminal too yes07:51
sherifkrised ok done07:51
ubuntu23421It will take for ever to get back here07:51
sherifkrised now wut07:51
ubuntu23421see you07:51
Ben64ubuntu23421: if you have a second computer with linux, you can run nvidia-settings or another monitor configuration tool with x forwarding07:51
Ben64or not07:51
AngabladeI just drank a 20 oz can of redbull. I will be here for a while.07:52
krisedsherif fire up synaptic and search for gnome-fallback session07:52
sherifkrised how can i execute synaptic using terminal?07:52
Ben64gksudo synaptic07:53
krisedyou can also search for kde and install both and then log out and click the small wheel next to your username in lightdm when logging in to select another gui07:53
theadminAngablade: lol you :D07:53
krisedsherif type sudo synaptic07:53
theadminkrised: NO07:53
theadmin!gksu | krised07:53
ubottukrised: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)07:53
krisedyeah you can use gksu as well. in fact that should be prefered.07:53
theadminkrised: Running GUI apps as sudo leads to really sad results, sometimes even breaks desktop environments07:53
theadminkrised: s/as/with/07:54
sherifkrised ok now there r many packages07:54
Angabladetheadmin, Someone helped me. The least I can do is help someone else in return.07:54
theadminAngablade: Nothing, I just laughed at your red bull statement07:54
krisedtheadmin yeah ok. im too much used to sudo so i should learn linux manners.07:54
Stanley00krised: synaptic will ask for password automatically, I think07:54
sherifkrised do u mean if i login as gnome i wont be able to use terminal?07:54
krisedsherif yes you will. terminal is just a program.. the gui just shows you the programs in diffrent ways. they contain same programs07:55
theadminkrised: Heh, yeah, well... I personally don't think any graphical apps (apart from maybe *very* several exceptions) should ever be ran as root anyway07:55
krisedif you install a program in gnome.. and then boot into kde the program will also show up there07:55
Angabladetheadmin, What is better than a can of redbull, metal, MW3 on another screen, and the irc on this screen?07:55
sherifkrised ah ok got it07:55
theadminAngablade: Heheh :) You're a fun person, could you PM me?07:56
krisedtheadmin agreed.07:56
sherifkrised is it gnome-seesion.bin cuz i have it installed :)07:56
sherifkrised session*07:56
krisedsherif hang on while i fire synaptic up here07:57
sherifkrised fire up?07:57
krisedsherif in synaptic click the search icon and search this: gnome-session-fallback07:57
krisedfire up means starting the program.07:57
krisedtheadmin wait.. is 12.04 released yet ?07:58
sherifkrised yh there a green near it i think its already installed07:58
Stanley00krised: not yet...07:58
theadminkrised: No, latest is 11.1007:58
krisedah didnt think so either.. its strange.. 11.10 is the ONLY version apart from 9.10 which works with likewise-open07:58
krisedso i got no choise when picking the version07:59
sherifkrised i think im workin on gnome now :)07:59
sherifkrised its already installed and my interface is not ugly07:59
krisedsherif if youve installed the gnome-session-fallback you need to log out and clicking the little cog next to your name when you log in.. there you can select the gnome-session-fallback08:00
krisedsherif im using gnome too. but its the unity gui that i think is unusable and ugly.08:00
sherifkrised wut is the little cog next to my name?08:01
fellayaboyhow do i get to see the gui in ssh on my side...i used ssh -x username@host and tried to open but it didnt work08:01
krisedsherif when you log in to your computer after restarting it.. where you usually click your name and it asks for password.. there is a small cog.. a wheel with spikes on it.08:02
Stanley00fellayaboy: did you try x app forward HOWTO?08:02
sherifkrised i will just log out and check08:02
fellayaboywheres taht at?08:02
krisedsherif yeah do that. it should work now08:02
fellayaboyim a lil inexperienced08:02
Stanley00fellayaboy: I think you will find the answer there, search for that in the web08:03
Ben64fellayaboy: you might want to re-check the manual page for ssh08:03
fellayaboywhich website08:03
Ben64fellayaboy: -x is not x forwarding, -X is.08:03
fellayaboythank u ben08:03
fellayaboythat probably was my error08:03
metaspikefellayaboy - man ssh - <the manual page> :)08:04
sherifkrised it was set to ubuntu08:04
fellayaboythank u08:04
sherifkrised is ubuntu same as unity?08:04
krisedsherif yes. that is by standard the unity (there is a panel in your left side) click the cog and select fallback session if you can.08:04
sherifkrised cant find panel on left side08:05
krisedsherif if youre logged in with the standard ubuntu it should give you a panel in your left side with icons like firefox and other programs08:06
sherifkrised actually the panel on left side is not there now it was available in ubuntu08:07
sherifkrised im not standard now im gnome08:07
krisedok. then you got a top menu line and a bottom program line right ?08:07
krisedit should look a bit diffrent from the ubuntu youre used to08:08
sherifkrised yup its different08:08
ubuntu25324iam back08:08
krisedsherif then you successfully installed gnome as it use to be.. you can also try kde if you like.. or any other of the many many diffrent xsessions..08:09
ubuntu25324didnt work putting the cable after running the os, as i expected,08:09
metaspikesherif, why are you using fallback?08:09
krisedmetaspike im showing him the diffrence in the xsessions08:09
sherifkrised there were gnome,gnome classic ubuntu, ubuntu 2D08:10
ubuntu25324ppl can i get some help with the monitor issue vs graphic card?08:10
ubuntu253241:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G72M [GeForce Go 7400] (rev a1)08:10
sherifmetaspike wut is fallback?08:10
krisedyeah.. ive set my systems to classic ubuntu.. cause its simple and i like it like that.08:10
sherifkrised now i cant get the left panel :S08:10
metaspikewhat you're using now apparently08:11
krisedsherif in the fallback you dont need it08:11
ubuntu25324any admin on08:11
sherifkrised wut is fallback?08:11
Ben64!details | ubuntu2532408:11
ubottuubuntu25324: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:11
krisedsherif it was originally designed as a failsafe way of getting into ubuntu if the graphics cant cope with the "flashy" look of the ubuntu unity08:12
sherifkrised theres activites up left right?08:13
krisedsherif you should see in the top left side two words. one saying Programs another saying Places right ?08:14
ubuntu25324ok, my laptop monitor is broke, i have a tv set installed on the external connector, it works with the standard drivers, but once i install nvidia, it stops working, iam using a sony vayo laptop, with 1:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G72M [GeForce Go 7400] (rev a1), ubuntu 10.4 lts08:14
krisedtheadmin uhmm was it you who recommended me lxdm ?08:14
Ben64ubuntu25324: oh its you again08:14
ubuntu25324iam pluggin the tv with a vga/dvi connector08:15
Ben64ubuntu25324: if you have a second computer with linux, you can run nvidia-settings or another monitor configuration tool with x forwarding08:15
ubuntu25324I dont have any other08:15
krisedAny admin here ?? Im getting racistic PM from Snarbafulator!!!08:15
sherifkrised no theres just activites and when i go on it theres windows, applications08:15
ubuntu25324thats why iam running the LIVE version of ubuntu08:15
icerootkrised: #ubuntu-ops08:16
krisedsherif that sounds more like unity really.08:16
theadminkrised: yeah08:16
krisedtheadmin thanks.. it looks fair.. but i cant log in.. its showing me users that arent on the system08:17
Ben64ubuntu25324: then you'd have to use xrandr08:17
metaspikeubuntu25324, there's probably a fn+function <F1, F2, F3 ETC> key to switch displays, or you can possibly change this behaviour with bios.08:17
sherifkrised i dont feel like that do windows i open just have x and no - or rectangle?08:17
theadmin!ops | Snarbafulator is spamming in PM08:17
ubottuSnarbafulator is spamming in PM: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!08:17
ubuntu25324the fn combination doesnt work either08:17
krisedsherif youre not in the gnome fallback session i think.08:17
ubuntu25324I cant see bios either08:18
krisedtheadmin i just got that pm from him as well.. ive reported him too08:18
sherifkrised i am on gnome08:18
ubuntu25324I just see the install procedure for ubuntu and live ubuntu, also ubuntu with the standard driivers without opengl08:18
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
krisedsherif hmm well if its standard gnome its unity still.. you have to pick the classic if you can08:19
theadminkrised: Ouch08:19
Angabladeubuntu25324, try installing again from the live session, and install and configure the video stuff before restarting.08:20
ubuntu25324wut is xrandr and where can i find it_08:20
Ben64ubuntu25324: its a command line tool08:20
sherifkrissed i am gnome classic now its the same the date n time up mid right?08:21
ubuntu25324i cant configure anything because it says iam not using the drivers, and also i have to restart before using it, and when i do it disapears from display08:21
sherifkrised i am gnome classic now its the same the date n time up mid right?08:21
ubuntu25324how do i fond it08:21
krisedsherif yes.08:21
Ben64ubuntu25324: you type it on command line08:22
krisedthats the old gnome (sorta) its one way to show things.. its mostly like windows.08:22
sherifkrised ok wut packages of gnome shud i install? cuz there r many08:22
krisedsherif well it seems like you got gnome install08:22
sherifkrised theres gnome-colors n gnome-common08:23
krisedsherif are you looking in synaptic now ?08:23
mernilioHi all! :-)08:23
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
sherifkrised yup i have many gnome packages installed not all of them08:23
ubuntu25324Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1024 x 768, maximum 4096 x 409608:24
ubuntu25324LVDS-1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm08:24
ubuntu25324   1280x800       59.8 +08:24
ubuntu25324   1024x768       59.9*08:24
ubuntu25324   800x600        59.908:24
ubuntu25324   640x480        59.408:24
FloodBot1ubuntu25324: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:24
aoregcduubuntu25324: please don't paste in here08:24
krisedsherif you dont need them all.. they can be either dummy packages or other versions..08:24
mernilioyeah, dont flood the channel dude08:24
sherifkrised cool now when i log in there wont be welcome screen cuz im the only user so which interface will it start as default?08:25
=== default is now known as Guest81536
merniliosherif: in english please?08:26
krisedsherif ah you gotta set your system to ask for password. in gnome classic its in the programs menu somwhere. (theadmin just made me install lxdm so my entire install is unusable for a few more minutes)08:26
krisedmernilio uhmm i belive sherif is typing english here ?08:26
merniliokrised: a subset maybe..08:27
ubuntu25324I GIVE UP08:27
ubuntu25324tanks anyway guyz08:27
krisedmernilio you mean you dont understand what he is saying ?08:27
merniliokrised: mm08:27
sherifkrised cool wut is the difference between gnome classic and gnome08:28
ubuntu25324been doing this since 22h and its almoust 9h in my contry08:28
theadminkrised: Hey don't blame me >.< I didn't think it'd fail on you08:28
krisedmernilio well.. apart from Danish and a slight greenlandic.. i understand english and i read him just fine hehe08:28
mernilioBut i should not complain, im pretty bad in english myself.08:28
sherifmernilio do u have problem :D08:28
ubuntu25324ill reinstall windows08:28
merniliosherif: only with you :-)08:28
krisedtheadmin its ok.. i got a backup.. I THINK..08:28
=== iqpi_ is now known as iqpi
pangolin!ot | mernilio sherif08:28
ubottumernilio sherif: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:28
sherifmernilio im glad08:29
merniliolets cut the crap! we all love eachother!08:29
metaspikeubuntu25324, might want to try 10.04 ubuntu or even ubuntu mint, debian... or go back to windows whatever, cya08:29
sherifkrised which package of kde shud i install n does it big space?08:30
sherifkrised take*08:30
ubuntu25324I would love to have some assitance from someone that actually knows stuff08:31
krisedsherif uhmm you should install one with the latest version that doesnt say anything like language package or somthing like that.08:31
krisedThis is not happening. i got ONE disc with my entire setup and i cant find it08:32
ElixerIsZogcan anyone help me stretch my desktop wallpaper to fit a dual monitor?08:32
=== Gallomimia_ is now known as Gallomimia
Ben64ubuntu25324: i tried to give you suggestions but you say it won't work08:33
krisedill brb08:33
sherifkrised is it kde-l10n-uk08:33
henrikbjorncan any help me with "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory"08:33
sherifkrised nvm this is translation files08:34
krisedsherif hehe yeah you gotta  check what youre installing.. i think the software center can also work since it doesnt show packages but just complete programs08:35
sherifkrised well cant get it from store but i found kde-standard in synpatic08:37
krisedsherif yeah that looks about right.08:37
sherifkrised will it look as windows 7?08:37
krisedsherif no but it will be familiar.. but then again. so can gnome classic be if you pull down the top menu to the bottom.08:38
sherifkrised well i think i will stick to gnome at the moment08:39
sherifkrised dont u know how to make gnome classic default?08:39
krisedsherif good call. you should install gnome-tweak-tool08:39
krisedsherif yeah i do. hang on a sec08:39
sherifkrised ok let me search the synaptic08:40
* miadbahrami hi08:40
sherifkrised i already have tweak tool installed :)08:40
krisedok.. you need to hold the ALT button when rightclicking the desktop or the panel. if you alt + rightclick the top panel you can select setting and select bottom. then it will be more like windows.08:41
krisedsherif try this for setting default session http://askubuntu.com/questions/71126/how-do-i-set-the-gnome-classic-login-to-be-the-default-with-autologin08:42
notaHackerTrying to use openvpn...works on my windows...on kubuntu, works for about 6 seconds then stops ? Anybody have any ideas? http://pastebin.com/FNPeXX6q08:42
linociscohello all.  As I have only laptop Lenovo B450 and no desktop, I tried to install ubuntu  server 10.10, installation was fine. but i see only small fonts are booting up. what to fix?08:43
VerizonHunnyAnybody here in favor of assassinating the queen of england?08:43
sherif_krised ok i will check hey how can i minmize windows if there r no -08:43
krisedVeryzonHunny why on earth would anyone do that ?08:43
krisedhang on a bit..08:43
AfterDeathkrised: He was trolling, and is now gone, just ignore it :)08:43
krisedsherif search google for "ubuntu set menu buttons"08:44
metaspikeubuntu25324,, boot with failsafe mode, or use ctrl+f2/f3 whatever for a free terminal then - nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus --use-display-device=1 (or whatever number ext monitor is)... ala  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/alt-nvidia-current-xconfig.1.html . meh.08:45
sherif_krised if i have many windows opened n i need to go to desktop how can i08:46
krisedcant remember08:46
ProGimpIs it possible that video skype will work in 11.10?08:46
linociscoI have tried installing on one computer with higher graphic card. I experienced that before.08:47
metaspikeProGimp, totally, if your video is a Video4Linux compliant device.08:47
ProGimpActually my cam works fine specially in Cheese. So I have no problem. It's just my video chat in Skype.08:48
sherif_krised ok thx alot for ur help08:49
sherif_krised may Allah bless u08:49
ProGimpI have went to download skype for linux then i have seen that only for 10 below is available.08:49
kriseduhmm thanks08:49
ProGimpAny idea on how to work out with video chat in skype at 11.10 ?08:50
ProGimpI really need it badly to face with my client.08:50
linociscohello all.  As I have only laptop Lenovo B450 and no desktop, I tried to install ubuntu  server 10.10, installation was fine. but i see only small fonts are booting up. what/how to fix?08:51
Jarredgo to google08:51
krisedsherif http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/red-hat-31/how-to-minimize-all-windows-114282/ post #708:51
krisedlinocisco i gotta ask.. why install server on laptop ?08:51
oCeanJarred: don't tell others to 'google'08:51
ProGimpJarred please don't do that08:52
Jarredy is ur nickname ocean?08:52
ProGimpPeople are here because they want a straight answer08:52
oCeanJarred: do you have an ubuntu support question? This is not chit chat08:52
ProGimpJarred this isn't for kids.08:52
Alpha-Omegaquestion: how is ubuntu minimal different from arch other than a different repo and package manager?08:53
Jarredwhat are the specs of the laptop?08:53
krisedProGimp i agree with oCean.. i doubt most people would come here before googling things08:53
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Jarredare there any singles here,an i mean girls:bbm pin:269ef3a708:55
bazhangJarred, wrong network08:55
oCeanJarred: wrong channel08:55
oCeaneh, that even08:55
ProGimpI hope Jarred will never do that again. @Jarred go find someone to play with you08:56
K-4UGood morning. How do i create an upstart job to start my xserver? I just want to start the command ¨startx¨08:56
linociscoIs someone answering me?08:56
Jarredthis cumming 4rm sum1 with a name ProGimp?08:56
=== Justasic_ is now known as Justasic
K-4UOkay.. realizing this is an international Channel... Good day would be better :P08:57
* ProGimp slaps Jarred around a bit with a large trout08:57
K-4UGood day. How do i create an upstart job to start my xserver? I just want to start the command ¨startx¨08:59
omeWhere is the right place to put define some bash variables on startup ?08:59
linociscokrised: as i have no desktop, no money to buy08:59
K-4Uome: ~/.bashrc08:59
paulus68how do you backup your windows folders with rsnapshot?09:00
Myrttilinocisco: you can install Ubuntu Desktop to a laptop tho09:00
linociscoMyrtti: yes. I can install 11.10 successfuly. I have installed and using that version09:01
omeK-4U: Thanks, and how would I run that again without restart ?09:01
linociscoMyrtti: the thing is not only with this laptop, but with any higher Graphic cards even with HP DC7100, i got only small fonts in the past with any Ubuntu servers09:02
omebash ~/.bashrc09:02
omeSeems like no.09:03
Ben64ome: close the terminal and open a new one09:03
krisedlinocisco are you using your linux as a server as opposed to a regular workstation ?09:03
K-4Uome: yes, that :P09:03
azrielsomeone please help me, i run ubuntu 11.04, on a compaq presario cq5709:03
azrieland at random points in time my comptuer just stops working, if i'm listening to music the last second or so will repeat09:04
azrielit only responds to a reboot09:04
azrielwho has ever had this problem?09:04
quixotedonazriel: how many times do you experience this?09:04
krisedazriel hmm could be hardware related ? like ram perhaps09:04
Ben64azriel: do you have pulseaudio installed? it causes a lot of audio problems for me09:04
azrielevery time i turn on my comptuer09:04
linociscokrised: yes. I want to test some server role like mail server with two accounts. just example server09:05
studenthello how do you do09:05
quixotedonazriel: what app do you use to listen to the audio?09:05
quixotedonstudent: what do you want to say?09:05
azrielit dual boots and doesnt happen on windows09:05
AlanBellhello student, if you have a question about ubuntu please ask it09:05
krisedlinocisco ah ok.. not sure then.09:05
omekrised: Ben64: Cheers!09:05
azrielquixotedon i dunno how would i find out?09:06
quixotedonazriel: tell us exactly the file type of the audio file and the program you use to play the audio09:06
quixotedonazriel: is it a new install of 11.04?09:06
studentа по русски можно!09:06
azrieli listen to flv rips form youtube on my own program; a gstreamer front end09:06
scarleo!ru | student09:06
studentа по русски можно!09:06
ubottustudent: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:06
bazhangstudent, #ubuntu-ru for russian09:06
azrielits a couple of months old but its been doing it since i got it09:06
quixotedonazriel: try using a more reliable program, your program might have a bug (in my opinion)09:07
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azrielits not my program09:07
azrielit doesnt matter what im running or how long its running09:07
azrielit just stops working09:08
azrielill be on youtube *freeze*09:08
azrielmine craft *freeze*09:08
bazhangstudent, /join #ubuntu-ru09:08
azrielhavent even done anything yet *freeze*09:08
Stanley00say /join #ubuntu-ru <= student: like this09:08
quixotedonazriel: try using vlc media player09:08
azrieli brought up the music because it might be indicative of the program YOU ARE NOT LISTENING09:09
azrielit is not the media player09:09
Ben64azriel: try removing pulseaudio, and yelling less09:09
ServerSageazriel: Have you looked at the logs in /var/log/ or run dmesg to see if anything is being reported?09:09
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azrielsee thats helpful, no i did not i will check now09:09
Phil___Does anyone have experience with Broadcom wireless adapters?09:10
[deXter]!broadcom | Phil___09:10
ubottuPhil___: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:10
Phil___Did that, actually, and it didn't work.09:10
azrielhow do i read what the dmesg says,09:10
azrielthats alot of words09:10
quixotedoni have problem with mobile broadband, it only happens on linux, any solution?09:11
Phil___I've installed the drivers, the 'additional drivers' screen tells me it's working, but for some reason it's not picking up the adapter.09:11
theadminquixotedon: What problem?09:11
penguinman1337azriel, pipe it to grep to filter for what ur after09:12
quixotedonmy problem is, the connection is sometimes on and off (disconnect by itself), i tried on win7 (dual boot on my laptop) and there's no such problem09:12
ServerSageazriel: You might want to give what Ben64 said a try.  pulse audio is a good culprit.09:12
azrielhow do i do whatever ben said?09:12
Ben64its one of the first things i do on a new system09:12
quixotedonazriel: try vlc, that's the best i can think of09:12
Ben64azriel: "sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio"09:12
azrielpenguinman i don know what im after09:12
azrielshut up quix09:12
azrielwont that mute my computer?09:13
azrielwhat does pulse audio do?09:13
Ben64!info pulseaudio09:13
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1 (oneiric), package size 854 kB, installed size 3148 kB09:13
Ben64oh thats not very much info09:13
[deXter]Phil___, Did you check if your hardware wireless switch is on?09:14
ServerSageazriel: Big thing is it gives you networked audio.  Woo hoo?09:14
Phil___It works if I boot into win709:14
karthick87I have upgraded my system, where my firefox version is also got updated. How ever i need firefox version 3.6 to test some features.. How do i downgrade the firefox version?09:15
azriellol what does networked audio mean?09:15
azrielI'll let you know if it works09:16
ServerSageazriel: If you have to ask, you probably don't need it.  The link Ben64 gave you explains it.  It's safe to remove, and may solve your problem.09:16
azrielok :309:16
krisedwell he is right.. we are nerds.. but he makes it sound like its a bad thing..09:17
linociscocan anybody help me?09:17
oCeankrised: please move on09:17
Phil___Note: In Ubuntu 11.04, if the driver fails to load, you may need to reinstall the bcmwl-kernel-source package. This can be done from Synaptic -> Mark for Reinstallation.    Would that show as the driver being active in the 'aditional drivers' screen?09:17
Stanley00karthick87: well, if you use synaptic, you can goto package -> force version to do that09:17
ServerSagelinocisco: Not until you ask.09:17
krisedheh yeah sry09:17
linociscohello all.  As I have only laptop Lenovo B450 and no desktop, I tried to install ubuntu  server 10.10, installation was fine. but i see only small fonts are booting up. what/how to fix?09:18
linociscoIt happened on all computers with higher graphics09:18
kalimojowhats a good beginners to intermediate ubuntu book ?09:19
theadminkalimojo: See http://ubuntu-manual.org - a bit out of date but you may find your way around it09:20
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fabiobikwhy because in my terminal have only the $09:24
Stanley00fabiobik: check $PS1 and what shell you are using09:25
fabiobikStanley00: is thatr the comand?09:26
linociscois anybody answering me?09:26
Wildbatanyone can suggests a good alternative for M$ Exchange in Linux?09:26
Stanley00fabiobik: what "echo $PS1" and "echo $SHELL" show you?09:26
Stanley00linocisco: I dont know, but what do you mean by "small fonts"?09:27
dns53Wildbat openchange is suppose to be exchange compatable, i am not sure how close it has gotten or how easy it is to use09:27
oCeanWildbat: check out zarafa.com09:27
sherifie cannot be installed here right?09:27
Stanley00sherif: ie? internet explorer?09:28
krisedsherif havent tried really but i should think so..09:28
krisedbut why on earth would you want to do that ?09:28
sherifstanley00 yup09:28
sherifkrised by wine?09:29
krisedsherif yes.. but again.. why ?09:29
sherifkrised some pages cannot be opened without ie09:29
tasseehi i'm trying to configure ubuntu one on my linux system; following problem: i subscribed the folder that i already added to ubuntu one; it downloaded all the files from there BUT it did not upload the files i only have locally on this computer. do i have to add this folder via --offer-share ? and if so, what arguments do i need except the path? thanks09:29
sherifkrised like my registration page for my college09:30
sherifkrissed it ask me to use ie09:30
fabiobikStanley00: nothing09:30
krisedsherif i just checked wine and it says no.. you can install 6.0 and that should work but barely.. however i belive you can have an addon to firefox which imposes IE.. not sure if that works09:31
krisedsherif well it might ASK you to run IE.. but do you HAVE to ? thats the question09:31
fabiobiki dont know why my terminal appears only $09:31
Stanley00fabiobik: it cant be... did you do something strange lately?09:32
fabiobikand i cant go back with arrow09:32
sherifkrised i use chromium n there an addon to change to ie09:32
fabiobikStanley00: i cant for example zf.sh09:32
fabiobiksays not found09:32
krisedsherif yeah.. what does chrome say if you attempt to use that browser ?09:33
sherifkrised anyways i think i will need wine someday09:33
Stanley00fabiobik: hmm, can you run /bin/bash ?09:33
fabiobik$ zf.sh  sh: zf.sh: not found $ sudo root [sudo] password for fabio:  sudo: root: command not found09:33
fabiobikStanley00: how?09:33
sherifkrised theres something called ie tab it directs u to ie but that if its installed09:34
Stanley00fabiobik: just type "/bin/bash" and press enter :D09:34
krisedsherif yeah ie tab should work...09:34
burbasHi. I'm trying to update my software sources for Karmic ARM but apt-get update fails due to 404 errors. Is there another source I could use for this?09:34
sherifkrised not if i dont have ie installed09:35
fabiobikStanley00: not found09:35
iceroot!eol | burbas09:35
ubottuburbas: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:35
krisedsherif hmm hang on09:35
Stanley00fabiobik: which version of ubuntu are you using?09:35
sherifkrised btw i cud add the minimization circle :009:35
fabiobikStanley00: ubuntu 10.04 lts09:36
icerootfabiobik: is the system booted correctly or is there someting called "busybox"?09:36
VectorXhi, in oneiric how do i go back to the old gnome interface ie, without the dash etc ?09:36
fabiobikiceroot: im in desktop09:36
krisedsherif yeah its not hard.. you can also have those buttons in the right side like windows if you want..09:36
iceroot!nounity | VectorX09:36
ubottuVectorX: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:36
krisedVectorX install gnome-fallback-session and run that instead09:36
VectorXty guys09:37
sherifkrised i went to www.winehg.org there r 2 versions stable n development09:37
icerootfabiobik: output of "dpkg -l bash" and "cat /etc/issue"09:37
iceroot!paste | fabiobik09:37
ubottufabiobik: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:37
krisedsherif yeah you can try appdb.winehq.org to see which programs run in wine09:37
snozeki have a bootable USB drive (with windows 7) and i would like to create a bootable iso from it. does anyone know how to do that?09:38
fabiobikDesired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name           Version        Description +++-==============-==============-============================================ ii  bash           4.1-2ubuntu3   The GNU Bourne Again SHell09:38
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theadminsnozek: dd if=/dev/sdX of=something.iso (replace X with a letter like a, b, c etc)09:38
kalimojoim looking for a wireless scanner . not kismet as that wont work with my wifi card.09:38
linociscoStanley00: starting from ubuntu server login:, I can only see small fonts09:39
sherifkrised ok i cudnt find ie09:40
icerootfabiobik: and your issue is that your prompt is strange and you cant call /bin/bash?09:40
snozektheadmin: the output iso file is not bootable09:40
damo22theadmin: i wouldnt call it an iso file, more like a .dd09:40
krisedsherif try this: http://www.compu-docs.com/ieadmininstall.htm09:40
theadmindamo22: If it's a real bootable Win7 stick created from an ISO, this is... supposed to work at least09:41
theadminsnozek: Sorry then, I don't think there's a way09:41
Stanley00linocisco: and it shown from the first boot, right after you install ubuntu?09:41
damo22theadmin: sorry what was the question ?09:42
sherifkrised i think this is for windows not linux09:42
Stanley00linocisco: you could try this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187616109:42
krisedsherif ofcourse it is.. you need to install wine first09:42
icerootfabiobik: what is the output of "echo $0"09:43
sherifkrised ok which version09:43
sam_i'm trying to report a bug against the kernel, but i can't work out what the package is called09:43
damo22theadmin: is someone trying to make a bootable backup of a usb stick?09:43
sam_when i go to the "select a package" dialog in launchpad and type "kernel", it says "Too many matches. Please try to narrow your search"09:43
alin|mobilehi @ all! i am searching for advice... can i make an installation-iso with my configured ubuntusystem, which has been already installed on my harddisk? thx09:43
sam_does anyone know what package i should be reporting against?09:43
krisedsherif just download that IE 6.0 file and then install wine from synaptic.. always latest versino09:43
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icerootsam_: linux09:44
oCeansam_: linux-image, or linux-image-generic09:44
icerootsam_: ubuntu-bug linux   on the shell09:44
krisedalin|mobile you need to turn an installed linux back into an iso ?? try remastersys thats what i use09:44
sam_iceroot: i get the "too many matches" error for "linux" as well09:45
icerootsam_: with the command "ubuntu-bug linux"?09:45
sherifkrised ok i will look for wine on synaptic09:45
sam_ocean: linux-image-generic works, thanks!09:45
icerootsam_: if you open bugs against the kernel please only use the ubuntu-bug/apport method09:46
icerootsam_: if not important infos are not added to the bug09:46
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sam_iceroot: ah ok i see09:46
sam_iceroot: my bug is related to suspend/hibernate09:47
icerootsam_: ok09:47
icerootsam_: please use "ubuntu-bug linux"09:47
sam_iceroot: so how can i add a description of my problem into ubuntu-bug linux?09:47
sam_it seems to just want to send the report that it generated...09:47
icerootsam_: you will be asked for it at a later step09:47
m1bxdI've looked but I can't phrase the right question. With v11.10 Unity - How on earth do you run the same application in a different workspace?09:47
kapzHi all! I installed ubuntu 11.10 on VM and I have a few Questions...how to check which unity version I am using(I have completely updated my system)? Is unity 5.2 stable and availabe via normal update or I need to add a ppa? Thanks09:48
sherifkrised is there a key to open terminal without clicking09:48
Jordan_Um1bxd: Do you mean for instance having one Firefox Window in one workspace and another in another?09:48
sam_iceroot: ok thanks i'll give it a try09:48
m1bxdJordan_U - precisely09:48
krisedsherif well i belive you can set your own shortcut key combos09:48
dns53 sherif ctr + alt + t09:49
linociscoStanley00: setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/<name_of_font>.psf.gz . where to find that gz file?09:49
Jordan_Um1bxd: This should work with almost any window manager, ctrl+alt+shift+arrow-key to move a window to another workspace.09:49
sherifdns53 ty, there was a command of 4 letters n got r n p something like that to open GUI09:49
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m1bxdJordan_U - I'll just try it09:50
kapzumm how to find out version of unity in use/installed?09:50
Stanley00linocisco: you can use ls to list the fonts in that dir09:50
icerootkapz: dpkg -l unity09:50
linociscoStanley00: ls -l?09:50
daleAnyone got a fix for the crackling audio problem, audio is VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8237A/VT8251 HDA Controller (rev 10)09:51
kapziceroot: thanks, also is unity 5.2 available through normal update process?09:51
Stanley00linocisco: yep09:51
icerootkapz: i dont think to it will be backported09:52
dns53sherif what was your question?09:52
kapz!?! what does that mean?09:52
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:52
m1bxdjordan_u - nope, it just flicks you back to your original workspace09:53
sherifdns53 i forgot a command that was from 4 letters like pprm that open like interface settings u remeber it?09:53
icerootkapz: normally you will never get a newer version within one ubuntu-release, just security fixes09:53
icerootkapz: but i am not sure how unity is handled in that case09:53
theantislimMorning, all.09:54
sohamwith new ubuntu 11.10 released i ask the gurus about some review.09:54
Jordan_Um1bxd: Ctrl+alt+shift+right will move the current window one workspace to the right, and will also switch you one workspace to the right. This can be confusing with maximized windows as it appears nothing has happened.09:55
dns53sherif no idea09:55
kapziceroot: I get it now, btw my next imp Q: Is there a way to copy and migrate ubuntu? You see I installed ubuntu 32 bit and updated all the things..now I want to install ubuntu on a 32 bit desktop, but it doesn't have network connectivity, so can I just copy/paste ubuntu from VM to HDD?09:55
icerootkapz: yes09:55
iceroot!clone | kapz09:55
ubottukapz: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:55
icerootkapz: hm that is not the correct text09:56
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icerootkapz: you can do it with "clonezilla" or "dd" for a starter i would suggest clonezilla if you want a disk-dump09:56
daleAnyone got a fix for the crackling audio problem, audio is VT8237A/VT8251 HDA Controller, Kernel modules: snd-hda-intel09:56
icerootdale: you have a bug for that?09:56
sohami have installed GVim on ubuntu 11.04 but somehow I'm I'm not able to find the shortcut to start it. what am I doing wrong. please help09:56
m1bxdjordan - you'll really have to hold my hand here! Open FireFox C-a-s-r -> new workspace -> Open another FireFox - FireFox comes up, but I can only see one instance09:57
kapziceroot: no I will have different partition size on original machine...will just update fstab...but what else is needed?09:57
daleiceroot: You mean it's a bug?09:57
icerootdale: i dont know09:57
icerootdale: but if there is no bug normally the devs will not see it09:57
daleiceroot: ok09:58
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning09:58
m1bxdJordan - I keep thinking it most be a simpel Compiz setting I have mised09:58
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:58
iceroot!bug | dale09:58
ubottudale: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:58
WobboI am trying to view a MP4 (MPEG4-video, 1920x1080, 30f/s) but its stuttering. My mobile has no problems, why doesn't my Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't show it smoothly. Anyone have a tip to solve it?09:58
georgedoMatriux-Krypton virtual machine cannot find wireless networks. Latest network interface tools are installed. Can anyone help?09:58
daleiceroot: thanks.09:58
kapzwow you're a nice gal! :)09:59
huwshimiHi, I have a USB audio interface (Presonus 44vsl), but Ubuntu is not recognising it fully. If I run "cat /proc/asound/cards" it shows the usb interface, but "aplay -l" does not. Any suggestions on how I might start debugging this?10:00
Krisediceroot ive installed lxdm on top of lightdm.. big mistake.. where do i reconfig it to use lightdm instead ? i can ONLY boot in via a livecd so i need the config file10:01
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icerootKrised: imo "sudo update-alternatives lightdm" should work10:02
Krisediceroot but wont that only work if im booted up on the system i should be installing to ?10:03
icerootKrised: chroot into the system10:03
icerootKrised: i dont know what file is managing which (gdm, lightdm, lxdm) is used10:04
Krisedok thanks10:04
SteevcaExcuse me,can i get support for joli os here?10:05
oCeanSteevca: nope, this is only ubuntu support10:05
SteevcaOk,i thought because it's based on ubuntu that you can help me.10:06
icerootSteevca: no10:07
theadminSteevca: Certain distros make changes we're not aware of. Joli uses their own kernel, which is a HUGE change, and they completely changed the interface, so nope.10:07
theadminSteevca: This channel only supports the following systems: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Studio10:07
theadmin...I'm not so sure about the last one actually10:08
icerootSteevca: its like "#debian will not support ubuntu-issues just because ubuntu is based on debian"10:08
SteevcaOk :D10:08
theadminReally, now, this is something I forgot... Is Ubuntu Studio an officially supported Ubuntu deriv?10:10
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iceroottheadmin: yes10:11
SteevcaCan you just tell me the terminal command for installing a driver from a flah drive?10:11
SteevcaIs that the same? :D10:11
theadminiceroot: Thanks10:11
theadminSteevca: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb10:11
Steevcatheadmin Thaks.10:11
theadmin!ops | kackemann is flooding offensive things via PM10:12
ubottukackemann is flooding offensive things via PM: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!10:12
Krisediceroot i cant just do sudo chroot /media/<long ID string>10:13
RehhoffAny admins operators online here ?10:13
Krisedyeah there is10:13
icerootKrised: why?10:13
Krisedif its kackermann flooding offensive pms he is reported10:13
Rehhoffokay its that :)10:14
JustMozzyhey guys. I have a lenovo sl500. according to specs all my usb ports should be 2.0, however when I lsusb only two are shown to be 2.0 and when I connect my external hard disk things are uber slow. can anyone help out?10:14
theadminKrised: use tab to complete long filenames, say, if the filename is "ifqopfqioq" you can type "ifq<tab>" and get that :D10:14
Krisediceroot it says no such file or10:14
Rehhoffcan't you just ban the dude or ?10:14
icerootKrised: sounds like you misstyped it or have whitespaces in the path10:14
theadminKrised: So, sudo chroot /media/first_few_letters<tab>10:14
Krisedtheadmin i did copypaste.. shouldnt i go into its root dir or just the mountet id ?10:14
icerootKrised: sudo chroot "/media/foo bar"10:15
theadminKrised: Ah yeah, point, take the name in quotes10:15
elkyRehhoff, which one? I just banned one who was PM spamming?10:16
Krisedtheadmin when i look at the nautilus and hit ctrl L i get the location /media/<string> but that isnt found in /media folder looking in terminal10:16
Rehhoffkackermann was the dude spmmaing offensive pms10:16
theadminKrised: Uuuuuh... That hardly makes any sense. ls /media/ # Don't see it listed?10:16
Krisedtheadmin just shows cdrom and my usb stick10:17
theadminKrised: mmk then, can you paste the "long id string"?10:17
Krisedbut in nautilus i get the harddrive10:17
elkyRehhoff, yes, i banned that person, i can't stop them from PMing you, the staff of the network are in #freenode though if it's still happening10:17
Krisedtheadmin its on another computer10:17
theadminKrised: Meh anyway, does it look like a bunch of hex numbers (that is 0-9, A-F) with dashes?10:18
Krisedtheadmin yes.. ill just see if i can check the partition name in gparted10:18
theadminKrised: Cool. sudo mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/the_long_id_string /mnt && sudo chroot /mnt10:18
Krisedtheadmin problem: it cant resolve host ubuntu.. aparently my sudo doesnt work.. since i booted up on livecd and im trying to fix my broken login manager (i want lightDM back instead of lxdm10:19
gry2http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-993262.html last post is my problem, no video in skype?10:19
theadminKrised: You don't really need a livecd for that, boot to the "broken" system, hit Ctrl-Alt-F2, log in and do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"10:20
Krisedtheadmin ok ill try that ty10:21
ZooMonkeyHey you guys - I'm working on this project I have obtained some DIFFs I have to apply for!!! I have the src Tar. My diffs are in a TXT file tho. Do I just rename this as a diff? The file starts as "diff".10:22
theadminZooMonkey: The file extension usually doesn't matter so you can probably keep those as they are10:23
ZooMonkeyDo I put it in root of the unfolded pack? How do I know where to run it / ?10:23
Phil___Ok, got the wireless working.  Awesome.  Thanks to all the folks who helped.10:23
theadminZooMonkey: See "man patch" and other things like that.10:23
ZooMonkeyOK Thx theadmin :)10:24
sam_iceroot: i'm trying to report a bug using ubuntu-bug as you recommended earlier, but i've been redirected to a page that says "Please wait while bug data is processed. This page will refresh every 10 seconds until processing is complete."10:24
sam_iceroot: it's been here for about 15 or 20 minutes now...is it supposed to take this long?10:24
Krisedtheadmin damn man youre a linux guru.. would you happen to know if i can change the lightDM login "Other" to another name ?10:25
theadminsam_: Hm no, can you try to force-refresh the page manually (ctrl-f5)?10:25
theadminKrised: Nah probably not without recompiling from source10:25
Phil___Now, I don't suppose someone could help me find the proper nvidia drivers and such?  I enabled the recommended nvidia driver, but under system info it says my graphics driver is 'unknown'10:25
Krisedtheadmin its ok. I just gotta remember saving all my shit first and burn a working copy of it.10:26
icerootsam_: no maybe 10-30 seconds10:26
sam_theadmin: refreshing doesn't seem to change much...it seems to be refreshing every 10 seconds as it says, the problem is that it never stops refreshing :P10:26
theadminsam_: Hm... This is weird10:26
sam_theadmin: maybe i'll try to run ubuntu-bug again10:27
theadminKrised: K, sure thing10:27
theadminsam_: Yeah, sure :)10:27
tom453642356Hello: I would like to do a simple comparison of 2 directory heirarchies - checking the have the same files and file sizes.. Could someone tell me how please?10:27
theadmintom453642356: Hm, this is a bit messy but will work and show you the differences if any: ls -l1 dir1 > list1 ; ls -l1 dir2 > list2 ; diff list1 list210:29
theadminAh, wait, sizes10:29
theadminDo the same trick but with df for the sizes I think10:30
tom453642356theadmin: ls -l1 won't work because it shows file modification times10:30
theadmintom453642356: Ah10:30
theadmintom453642356: Yeah that's true... hmmm...10:30
theadmintom453642356: err... Huh, this seems to work: diff dir1 dir210:30
tom453642356theadmin diff dir1 dir2 - it doesn't work because it reads the file data (every single byte) and takes forever. i don't want to real 100gb of file contents....10:31
tom453642356-real +read10:31
abysCan somebody tell me why psk="hex" is needed in wpa_supplicant ? Why cant i just put the psk in normal code?10:31
tom453642356i also tried meld - it has same problem - reads every single byte of files10:32
theadmintom453642356: Huh. I see. Then just use ls + df with files as shown above, shouldn't be too hard. Just take the -l out, use simply -110:32
tom453642356theadmin: ls -l on my computer is showing modification time, that will be different10:33
sam_theadmin, iceroot: thanks guys that worked10:33
sam_theadmin, iceroot: i've got one more question though10:33
theadmintom453642356: As stated, get rid of the -l and just use "ls -1"10:33
sam_theadmin, iceroot: i actually created a bug for this problem yesterday (but didn't mark it against a package)10:33
tom453642356sorry i will try that thanks10:34
sam_theadmin, iceroot: can i report this bug without opening up a new issue?10:34
sam_theadmin, iceroot: alternatively is there a way to remove the old bug from launchpad/10:34
icerootsam_: please show the bug url10:35
tom453642356if diff displays nothing that means they match right? :)10:35
iceroottom453642356: yes10:35
theadmintom453642356: Yeah10:35
sam_iceroot: this is the old bug report (without the extra stuff that ubuntu-bug adds): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/92712010:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 927120 in Ubuntu "Can't resume laptop from suspend when using external display" [Undecided,New]10:35
tom453642356theadmin: thanks heaps for your help10:35
Nepheriuswhat's a good alternative to desktop recorder ?10:35
theadmintom453642356: np10:36
icerootsam_: and you have also a new bug for that against linux?10:36
sam_iceroot: when i reported that first bug (927120), i got an automated response saying to report the bug against a specific package10:37
icerootsam_: and you have also a new bug for that against linux?10:37
sam_iceroot: and so now i've done that by using "ubuntu-bug linux", which seems to be creating a new bug10:37
sam_iceroot: no its just the one bug10:37
icerootsam_: please the link of the new bug10:37
icerootsam_: you created with "ubuntu-bug linux" i will merge them10:38
sam_iceroot: ok thanks, here it is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/92753510:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 927535 in linux (Ubuntu) "Can't resume laptop from suspend when using external display" [Undecided,New]10:39
sam_iceroot: i put the same summary/description in both bugs; hope that doesn't confuse anyone...10:39
hc96Hi! My Ubuntu has just crashed. First Firefox hung up, now the mouse doesn't move anymore. No keypress works (e.g. Strg-Alt+F1 for console). what should I do? I dont want to press reset.10:39
hc96ssh connection doesn't get refused, but also not accepted (no message)10:40
m1bxdjordan_U solved with http://askubuntu.com/questions/75242/persistent-window-placement10:40
icerootsam_: done10:43
icerootlaunchpad is very slow today :(10:43
JustMozzyWas just wondering and probably the answer is no but is it possible to change a disk's file system without formatting it?10:44
sam_iceroot: thanks for all your help with that!10:44
icerootsam_: you are welcome10:44
icerootJustMozzy: no10:44
icerootJustMozzy: formating = change the format10:44
JustMozzyiceroot, thought so, thanks :)10:44
icerootJustMozzy: there was something like "migrate from ext2 to ext3" without losing the data but i never looked at it very depply10:45
n3tw0rk3rhi all... guys can someone help me? i'm tryin' to import .cer certificates in Ubuntu 11.1010:47
n3tw0rk3rwhat shoul i do?10:47
mikubuntumy hp deskjet printer sounds like its printing, but nothing comes out ... there IS one message that flashes momentarily that says tri color cartridge is low, but i'm trying to print black only10:50
mikubuntuthe paper feeds in, and the heads are going back and forth, but the paper comes out blank10:51
Tm_Tmikubuntu: so it's printing invisible ink, check your ink levels and that the print heads are clean10:53
ksinkarhello guys10:55
ksinkarwhile install ubuntu with a nvidia graphic card10:55
ksinkarubuntu 11.10 to be specific10:55
aeropigI am using 12.10 now.10:55
oCeanaeropig: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion10:56
ksinkarmy installation gets stuck at Stopping SystemV runlevel compatibility10:56
ksinkarany idea why this happens?10:56
clockwizehey guys, I'm trying to set up a cron job that runs every month on the 11th at 2am, I've used an online helper to generate the syntax for this, but when I validate it, it says bad day-of-week... My expression is: 0 0 2 11 1/1 ? *10:56
PupuserAnyone else having problems with 11.10 using tons of CPU processing when nothing is happening?10:57
mcb_2clockwize: 00 02 11 * * <command>10:57
icerootPupuser: please be more specific10:57
icerootPupuser: what process is using so much cpu10:58
JustMozzyIs there a way to defragment fat32 disks on ubuntu? I got now windows machine10:59
clockwizemcb_2: I was using http://www.cronmaker.com/ why isn't this giving me the correct result?11:00
atm_hi someone can help? i wish to see the content of a desktop notification that already disappear from the screen. thanks11:01
chrootis there any software that can record the cmd user input to a file?11:01
mcb_2clockwize: I dont know the site, but cron sintaxe is as follow: minutes  hour   day_of_month month day_of_the_week   <command>.11:02
mikubuntuTm_T  how do you know if the print heads are clean?11:02
clockwizethanks, just noticed on that site it says its for "quartz cron format" whatever that is :p11:02
anudaasafunction of cron is ok11:02
mcb_2chroot: The user history should do that, it will be located in /home/<user>/.bash_history11:04
chrootyeah, right , and script will too.11:04
chrootbut i want to record the passwd you input11:05
anudaasayes, history is in bash_history :-)11:05
ice10001Lo all11:05
chrootthat's history and script cann't handle11:05
ice10001anyone here who can help on a zubuntu 64 (11.10) proxy prob?11:05
ice10001xubuntu *11:05
anudaasachroot, why record someone password ?11:05
chrootyou know  passwd is not echo to user?11:05
chrootto protect my system from hackers11:06
atm_can i see a desktop notification second time?11:06
chrootthey will use the same method to get my  password11:06
mcb_2chroot: So what you want is a keylogger, not to record commands that are imputed....11:07
atm_someone can help?11:08
chrootmcb_2, is keylogger a software or command?11:08
anudaasaatm, notification about what ?11:09
damo22is it possible to chroot into an environment as a normal user, and gain root privileges?11:09
atm_in portuguese something like another user is using you work area11:10
mcb_2Its not a name of any software in particular.... Its like saying that you need an antivirus. Keyloggers are a specific kind of software. Got what I mean?11:10
mcb_2chrrot: Its not a name of any software in particular.... Its like saying that you need an antivirus. Keyloggers are a specific kind of software. Got what I mean?11:11
anudaasaatm, you can use firewall11:11
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )11:12
mcb_2chroot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keystroke_logging11:12
theadminOh, my scrollbar got stuck xD11:12
chrootmcb_2, yes, i think so.11:12
atm_ok, but is there a way to see that message again, is it saved somewhere?11:13
=== Commander1024_ is now known as Commander1024
theadmindamo22: Technically yes, since a normal user can grab a livecd and boot. But other than that, well, the "chroot" command needs root priveleges.11:13
atm_because it where a ip address in the message.11:14
Krisedhmm I got a 500GB external hdd which the disktool in ubuntu tells me is not in a good shape. I cant mount it. is there any way to recover the filesystem without deleting the files on it ?11:15
anudaasaatm, you have problem and dont know, if someone other is on your computer ?11:15
theadminKrised: Try Testdisk (disk recovery) or Photorec (file recovery), both are part of the "testdisk" package in APT11:16
Krisedtheadmin thanks11:16
=== sKew is now known as sKew^_-
atm_the computer seems ok but i m curious about that message. I think that is because i have de remote desktop enabled and permission of third's control enabled. One thing that i want to know too is if there is a way to see the content of that notification message in some kind of a history file or some.11:22
anudaasai have question, is there posibility, to backup open file ?11:22
anudaasaatm, aha11:23
anudaasaatm, maybe log of remote desktop program11:23
sKew^_-i i got an question what is the difrent betwine BT5 and BT5R1 ?11:23
vadraoHi all, does any one know if the gcc version thats shipped with ubuntu 11.10 comes with openmp support ? I am trying to compile a tool called monitor (http://icl.cs.utk.edu/~mucci/monitor/) and I get the following error. http://pastebin.com/NKw1uu5T11:24
atm_and where i con find that log file?11:24
Gentoo64sKew^_-, read the changelog11:25
anudaasaatm, try to go to directory of program11:26
anudaasaatm, or go to logs directory11:26
sKew^_-Gentoo64, i did, only thing i understand is that it's VMware11:26
Gentoo64sKew^_-, http://www.backtrack-linux.org/backtrack/backtrack-5-r1-released/11:28
Gentoo64this isnt backtrack support channel though11:28
anudaasais there some group, which do some open project ?11:28
anudaasai want participate11:28
sKew^_-Gentoo64, i know sorry for asking :/11:30
Gentoo64its ok11:30
sKew^_-Gentoo64, isent gentoo a distro?11:31
sKew^_-okey, and you know ubuntu aswell?11:32
vmuserSo I have installed Ubuntu 11.0 in virtualbox running on windows. How can I get the resolution to change when I maximize the window or change the size of it?11:32
Gentoo64sKew^_-, i try to help wth some stuff11:32
sKew^_-thats cool :)11:33
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:33
sKew^_-presiate that11:33
lasherI would like to install Windows for school. Sda1 is extended for my linux install. Can I install Win7 to sda3 or is it possible to re map the partitions so that sda3 becomes sda1?11:33
optikfluffelhey guys.. we have a little problem installing/upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 on an emachines G725.. the display stays dark.. we can see the content but only with a lighter xD do you have any idea what goes wrong there?11:34
sKew^_-Ohw a Link betwene two ircd's11:34
n3uron_optikfluffel, add pci=noacpi in grub and try with that11:35
anudaasaoptik, instaling or upgrading ?11:35
vadraoHi all, does any one know if the gcc version thats shipped with ubuntu 11.10 comes with openmp support ? I am trying to compile a tool called monitor (http://icl.cs.utk.edu/~mucci/monitor/) and I get the following error. http://pastebin.com/NKw1uu5T11:39
=== mega73 is now known as mega72
alkamiddoes anyone experience this strange behaviour in Oneiric: when I resume from suspension, sometimes it logs me out instead of just resuming11:44
alkamidI have seen someone reporting a similar problem somewhere, but it hasn't been solved11:44
chroothi, how to send mail use command line?11:46
Arnoldvadrao, do you have lib32gomp1 and libgomp1 packages installed?11:47
yurka_chroot: sendmail11:49
yurka_or even «mail»11:49
chrooti tried that , the system want me install a MTA, but i don't know which MTA?11:49
theadminchroot: Try mutt if you're using a public mail service11:50
chroottheadmin, nice see you again, i am installing mutt now.11:51
jribchroot: mutt is not an mta, it's a mua.  Try exim, postfix, or sendmail if you want a "full" mail server.  Otherwise, use something like msmtp (you only want to send mail)11:52
theadminjrib: (s)he appears to simply want to send mail via a public service11:52
chrootjrib, i just want to send and recieve mail from command line, so i can't get rid of the GUI.11:53
jribchroot: if you want an MTA, mutt is not an mta.  But if you want to simply use google servers to send mail, then yes you can do that through mutt11:53
jrib(google or some other smtp server)11:54
chrootjrib, ok, i am trying .11:54
paulus68how do you backup your windows folders with rsnapshot?11:55
chrootjrib, Please install an MTA on this system if you want to use sendmail!11:55
chrootCan't send mail: sendmail process failed with error code 25511:55
chrooti got this11:55
paulus68!enter |chroot11:56
ubottuchroot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:56
jribchroot: if you want to use that command, then you need an MTA.11:56
yurka_http://giver.pcn.ru/unity-ck.png -- i have such problem with unity, it starts nearly after month of uptime. only reboot fixes it, but i do not want to reboot11:56
chrootjrib,  which mta should i install, i dont know the name.11:57
yurka_in some cases dash appears11:57
jribchroot: use msmtp11:57
yurka_many many cases...11:57
villaprobably my gnome-panel is crashed. How could I resolve it?11:57
=== mohammad is now known as Guest14768
chrootjrib, i installed msmtp, then what should i do12:00
jribchroot: then read its documentation on how to set it up12:00
=== root is now known as Guest64909
chrootwow, seems a lot of work.12:01
lasherI would like to install Windows for school. Sda1 is extended for my linux install. Can I install Win7 to sda3 or is it possible to re map the partitions so that sda3 becomes sda1?12:01
paulus68lasher: best way in my opinion is to start clean install windows first and then linux or use virtualbox to install windows 7 in there12:02
lasheryeh, i dont want to do that thnx though paul12:03
fabiobiki dont know why when i open the terminal appears only $12:06
fabioi dont know why when i open the terminal appears only $12:09
fabiowhats happen?12:09
andrew_nick neopsyche12:10
=== andrew_ is now known as neopsyche
neopsyche hi all.. can anyone help with google earth issue?12:10
MonkeyDustfabio  type bash12:10
neopsycheneed to edit .conf file but it does not seem to exist yet12:11
jribneopsyche: create it?12:11
MonkeyDustneopsyche  look in ~/.config/Google12:12
neopsychejrib: unfortunately the noobness causes me to not know how to get to  ~/.config/Google using both sudo su and ordinary login shows no file12:13
neopsychegedit ~/.config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf12:13
neopsyche  trying this gets blank page?12:13
jribneopsyche:  what are you reading that has you looking for this file?12:13
neopsychejrib: one moment...12:13
jribneopsyche: if you are creating the file, then you would expect it to be blank12:14
neopsychejrib : apparently it has already been created12:15
Dr_Willis_O_Lovebe sure you are spelling the name right - Case Is imporntant in Linux12:15
neopsychehow can i insert path in file browser?12:17
crizzyneopsyche: ctrl-l12:17
vmuserHow do I configure my resolution in ubuntu?12:17
neopsychecrizzy thanks12:18
ErvisTushavmuser, nvidia ?12:18
neopsychecrizzy.. help http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/11/easy-fix-for-google-earth-crash-while.html12:18
ErvisTushavmuser, overscan ?12:18
h12heloo whorld :D12:19
neopsychecrizzy: cant find .conf file12:19
vmuserErvisTusha: virtualbox12:19
crizzycreate it if it doesn't exist?12:19
neopsychecrizzy: dont have knowledge of what is needed in file12:20
ErvisTushavmuser, have you install guest additions ?12:20
vmuseryeah I have12:20
crizzyneopsyche: i haven't used google earth tbh, no idea. however alt-f2and: gedit ~/.config/Google/GoogleEarthPlus.conf <enter>12:21
vmuserErvisTusha: Yes I have it's improved performance but nothing has changed resolution wise. With Debian I can just install it and it dynamically changes the resolution to the window12:21
vmuserDo I have to restart virtualbox itself?12:21
fiki196guys i need help,whenever i plug/unplugg my power supply for my laptop my ubuntu crashes(there like a console terminal)12:21
Dr_Willis_O_Lovevmuser:  yes I think you would.12:21
Dr_Willis_O_LoveThe guest addations basically install a special driver for X to use that supports special features i recall.12:22
vmuseryeah and I restarted the virtual machine12:22
ErvisTushaafter install you should reboot VM12:22
vmusereverything but the resolution has improved12:23
neopsycheit seems i cant access .conf ?12:23
vmuserand I can't change it above 1024 * 768 on a 1080p monitor12:23
Dr_Willis_O_Loveid check the vbox forum threads and docs,12:23
neopsychei dont understand the file system or where the file would be12:23
Dr_Willis_O_LoveI normally run other os's in vbox on ubuntu. not the other way around.12:23
vmuserErvisTusha: is there a file I can manually edit?12:23
fiki196guys i need help,whenever i plug/unplugg my power supply for my laptop my ubuntu crashes(there like a console terminal)12:24
ErvisTushavmuser, your guest host is  linux (ubuntu) ?12:25
MonkeyDustguest host?12:25
zvacetis Ubunut host or guest12:25
neopsycheanyone help with google earth issue?12:26
vmuserErvisTusha: yes12:26
ErvisTushagksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:27
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest11265
vmuserErvisTusha: no such file exists...12:31
Dr_Willis_O_LoveX auto configures for the most part. so if no xorg.conf exists. it just uses the X defaults12:33
vmuserErvis: got it working.. I'm still perplexed as to where my xorg.conf file is12:33
Dr_Willis_O_LoveIf it exists /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:34
BaribalHi. Yesterday I installed a few synthesizers and, by extension, jackd. Today I try to watch YouTube-videos, to play MP3s and so on, using mplayer and totem, and they just fast-forward through the files without outputting sound. What did I break, and how?12:34
MonkeyDustvmuser  type locate xorg.conf12:35
neopsycheok.. there are a couple of people saying the file does not even exist or is not in that location.. and others saying it is.. http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/11/easy-fix-for-google-earth-crash-while.html12:35
jribneopsyche: look at the date on what you are reading?12:35
Dr_Willis_O_Loveit does NOT have to exist neopsyche  - If it does. X uses it.. if it does not X auto configures12:36
neopsychedr willis.. not sure if i understand12:36
Dr_Willis_O_LoveX can use a minmal xorg.conf to tweak specific settings.12:36
Dr_Willis_O_Loveneopsyche:  it does NOT have to exist.. whats not to understand?12:36
jribneopsyche: anyway, create the file and put what that site says.  If it works, great.  If not then either the file location moved, tha "fix" does not apply to your situation, or the configuration option changed12:36
Dr_Willis_O_LoveIt can be there, or not.12:36
neopsychejrib: yes but i am using 10.412:36
jribneopsyche: google earth version would be relevant not ubuntu version12:37
neopsychedr willis.. I need the file to disable google earth tips which crashes google earth on 10.412:37
neopsychejrib: oh i see12:37
vmuserDoes anyone know how to get tabbed browsing in ubuntu 11.0?12:37
hydesteri just installed xubuntu 11.10 via USB to a new matchine (SATA 3g drive on P8Z68-V LX MB).  at reboot i just get a blinking cursor and no shift or anything gets me in.  i can boot via USB and can see my install.  is there anything funny when running on SATA?12:37
Dr_Willis_O_Loveneopsyche:  then you need to create  it.12:37
neopsychejrib: latest.12:37
Dr_Willis_O_Lovevmuser:  most browsers support tabbed browseing these days.12:37
fidelvmuser: tabbed browsing as in?12:38
vmuserSorry, I mean tabbed consoles12:38
fidelvmuser: depends on the terminal you use12:38
hydestervmuser - ctrl-shift-T ?12:38
Dr_Willis_O_Lovevmuser:  theres differnt terminal-emulators that support it also. gnome-terminal does. I perfer terminator.12:38
neopsycheok.. i see there is a group about this on google .. perhaps there is an answer there12:38
Dr_Willis_O_Lovemany of the old-scool ones do not. ie: xterm, rxvterm12:38
Dr_Willis_O_Lovethe default gnome-terminal has tabs. :) terminator expands on gnome-terminals features12:39
Kartagisis it possible to take a screenshot with any menu open?12:41
MonkeyDustKartagis  open a menu and press PrtSc12:42
BaribalKartagis, should be trivial by pressing "Print screen".12:42
jattof course12:42
glebihanKartagis, open the screenshot tool and use a timeout12:42
KartagisMonkeyDust, Baribal: I've tried, no luck12:43
jattset the timeout, trigger the screenshot, open the menu12:43
Kartagishmm, it worked, thanks12:44
norekJest tu kto ?12:44
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:45
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n3uron_I've just got a I/O issue, superblock problem, sdb3... how do i "fix" this, any ideas?12:48
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot12:50
n3uron_jatt, i check it with "hdd regenerator" and it found 1 bad sector only...12:51
n3uron_anyway, ill try that, thanks jatt12:51
jattonce you begin to get badsectors better move your data to another device12:52
=== _JLuc_ is now known as JLuc
Krisedhehe i got same problem with a portable 500GB drive.. its starting to say tick tick noises when i check the drive12:53
=== sins-_i_j_u_c_t is now known as sins-
=== alan_ is now known as Guest1324
Guest1324I've a q,what does gfx mean in "set gfxpayload=text"?12:55
Guest1324ah,thank u12:56
angelete2i have a ubuntu server with two network adapters eth0: and eth1:
alin|mobileif have the following problem!  i have a cronjob which executes a bash-script; how can i make the script check if it is already running or not; because now i have the problem that some applications become start twice12:57
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot12:58
n3uron_thanks again jatt12:58
Guest1324how is "initramfs shell" different from bash/csh?12:59
Pessimistalin|mobile: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-624043.html12:59
alin|mobilethx a lot12:59
MeanEYE__I am missing python module named gnome.ui in 11.10. I need ThumbnailFactory class from there. Any other way of getting since this module is not available anymore?13:01
MonkeyDust!info guile-gnome2-gnome-ui13:02
ubottuguile-gnome2-gnome-ui (source: guile-gnome-platform): Guile bindings for libgnome. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.16.1-6ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 14 kB, installed size 116 kB13:02
MonkeyDustMeanEYE__  developer question?13:03
MeanEYE__MonkeyDust, Yeah. Pretty much. I used that class and now it's missing. Anyway of getting it from non-gnome2 libs?13:04
MonkeyDustkelvin  4 times you said hi, do you have a question?13:06
kelvini have ubuntu 11.1013:06
kelvinin which i couldnt found /etc/host13:06
kelvinshould it be there ?13:06
MonkeyDustMeanEYE__  "#python Channel is open."13:06
MeanEYE__kelvin, it's /etc/hosts (with s)13:06
Pumpkin-kelvin: hosts (with the s)13:06
MeanEYE__MonkeyDust, thanks!13:06
kelvinwith s also its not there13:07
kelvinonly two option13:07
kelvinhal and hp13:07
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:08
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RKyleHi, is it possible to recover a password remotely on Ubuntu Server?13:09
uw_how are connected to the server?13:10
kelvini have ubuntu 11.10 in which i could nt found /etc/hosts... only two option is there -- hal and hp13:10
KrisedI would think that you could just set a new password ? unless the users homedir is crypted13:10
uw_and you are logged in?13:10
RKyleI have access to a non-admin account but my account with root access I forgot the password to.13:10
uw_do you have another system on there you can chroot into?13:11
KrisedRKyle then i dont think its possible. Youd have to have physical access to it.13:11
kelvini have ubuntu 11.10 in which i could nt found /etc/hosts... only two option is there -- hal and hp13:11
kalgecinkelvin, reinstall13:11
RKyleKrised, I keep reading about the physical access method but I'm 1,700 miles away. =(13:12
kelvinwhat should i reinstall ??? whole OS13:12
uw_yes kelvin13:12
MonkeyDustRKyle  scroll down : http://www.computing.net/answers/linux/linux-user-and-password-recovery/28701.html13:13
kalgecinkelvin, yes the whole OS13:14
RKyleMonkeyDust, Scroll down to what?13:14
kalgecinkelvin, /etc has about 270 files13:14
MonkeyDustRKyle  to the Knoppix part, i guess you can use any live cd, the page dates from 200613:15
RKyleMonkeyDust, I don't currently have physical access.13:15
ZwI have ordered a new dedicated server im setting up. and I have some questions13:15
walid_hi guys13:16
uw_ok what questions13:16
KrisedAnyone know if its possible to rename the "other" option in lightDM when loggin in ? its anoying to have OTHER as i just want lightDM to ask for username (domain logins)13:16
walid_i'm kind of noob to ubuntu, and i need some help for network configuration(smth i need done fast, i can't really google everyting..)13:16
Krisedwalid what do you need to know ?13:16
walid_i plugged the ethernet cable to my mac13:16
MonkeyDustwalid_  noob is not a nice word, please use newbie or beginner13:17
walid_Krised: i need to transfer a file to it13:17
thrillERboyHow do I scroll up in a terminal after output using keyboard?13:17
walid_sry :(13:17
jribthrillERboy: pageUp or shift+pageUp13:17
MonkeyDustthrillERboy  page up13:17
thrillERboythanks jrib MonkeyDust shift+pageup worked13:18
_zw_uw_ sorry i disconnected13:19
_zw_What is the difference betweed adduser and useradd?13:19
_zw_Adduser makes home dir and everything?13:20
=== _zw_ is now known as Zw
Krised_zw_ yes13:20
Krisedit does13:20
=== _JLuc_ is now known as JLuc
Krisedonce the user is logging in.13:20
Zwand when im going to install mysql, sould i install mysql or mysql server?13:21
Krisedso if you delete the users homedir then it just creates it again13:21
Zwwhats the difference between mysql and mysql server?13:22
uw_hi is there a way to be alerted when a user signs out of this channel?13:23
Zwuw_: I think u can use the highlight function in mIRC13:23
MonkeyDustit's hilight13:23
Zwsorry, hilight* ;)13:23
Zwadduser: Please enter a username matching the regular expression configured13:24
Zwvia the NAME_REGEX[_SYSTEM} configuration variable.  Use the `--force-badname'13:24
Zwoption to relax this check or reconfigure NAME_REGEX.13:24
Zwi get when adding a user, but i have the username on another ubuntu server :s13:24
uw_Zw, MonkeyDust i dont see where to use this hilight feature?  x-chat gnome right?13:25
Zwuw_ not sure, I use "mIRC"13:25
MonkeyDustuw_  try hilight [username]13:25
MonkeyDustuw_  try /hilight [username]13:26
uw_unknown command :(13:26
MonkeyDustmIRC is a windows client, no?13:26
uw_yea i use xchat, because it came with gnome (you know, in ubuntu)13:27
KrisedMonkeyDust yes it is.. icechat is the one for linux.13:27
Krisedah yeah i meant xchat.. its for both actually13:27
PiciZw: What is the exact command you are using when you try to add your user?13:28
Zwbut i just used another username ^^13:29
elderekohey guys, i have a question13:30
theadmineldereko: Ask it13:30
elderekosomone setup a new ubuntu oneric box and added me a user, however whenever i am prompted for authentication in gnome it asks for the other users' password instead of mine13:31
elderekoie, like when changing system settings or isntalling drivers13:31
jribeldereko: what does « groups » in a terminal return?13:32
elderekoadmin lpadmin plugindev cdrom users13:33
jribeldereko: don't know then13:33
llutzeldereko: and "whoami" returns what?13:34
elderekomy username13:34
jribwait, since when does ubuntu use "users"?13:34
ZwHow to copy a folder from one server to another? its xxx GB13:35
llutzusergroup missing instead, disabled maybe?13:35
llutzZw: scp -r dir/ user@host:/targetpath13:35
MonkeyDustZw  use scp13:35
MonkeyDustZw  but rsync is faster than (s)cp13:36
=== peter__ is now known as fr33r1d3
icarus-cusing compression may help too13:37
icarus-cyou know, the ssh option13:37
UidXwhat's 550/2 ?13:38
walid_ok i'm back :) solved half of my problems :)13:39
consola005hi all, i have a question: if i turn odd rsync and the system need the service, ubuntu start alone the service or i must to turn on the service? and with the saned service?13:43
BaribalHi again. I still have the problem that any media player I tested (totem, mplayer) runs through every video file at about 10 times normal speed, and neither video nor audio files produce audio output. How do I even go about debugging that?13:44
=== Dink is now known as Guest85462
MonkeyDustBaribal  open a terminal and type alsamixer, if you see MM (mute), go there and type m13:46
theadminBaribal: Video driver, likely.13:47
theadminThough no13:47
theadminBaribal: Never mind what I just said, that's not it13:47
ZwWhat is proper command to create a new mysql user?13:48
BaribalMonkeyDust, nope, no change, the player still runs through the file too fast, still no audio, normal or otherwise.13:49
llutzZw: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/adding-users.html13:49
kohta_the_maid"Compatible Nvidia X driver not found.  Cannot initialize GLX extension."  Suggested drivers for my video card haven't worked properly.  Is this because I'm using an Nvidia video card for laptops?13:49
ZwTnx llutz13:49
kohta_the_maidGets a little frustrating sometimes.13:49
johtsoHow can I get dnotify? I doesn't seem to be in the repositories..13:52
MonkeyDustjohtso  dnotify has been replaced by inotify13:53
johtsoMonkeyDust: ah, thanks!13:53
MonkeyDust!info inotify-tools13:54
ubottuinotify-tools (source: inotify-tools): command-line programs providing a simple interface to inotify. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.13-3 (oneiric), package size 26 kB, installed size 100 kB13:54
johtsoMonkeyDust: hmm, inotify doesn't give you a command line tool to execute a command each time an event occurs?13:58
=== bm is now known as Guest55351
MonkeyDustjohtso  "dnotify is a file system event monitor for the Linux kernel, one of the subfeatures of the fcntl call. It was introduced in the 2.4 kernel series[1]. It has been obsoleted by inotify, but will be retained for compatibility reasons."13:59
johtsoMonkeyDust: "will be retained for compatibility reasons"?14:00
johtsowould I need to try an install dnotify if I want that functionality?14:00
=== tux is now known as Guest57858
theadmin!find dnotify14:01
ubottuFile dnotify found in bibledit-data, doc-linux-ja-text, fglrx, fglrx-updates, fp-docs-2.4.4, kadu-external-modules, libginspx-dev, libkopete-dev, libqt4-private-dev, linux-doc (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=dnotify&mode=&suite=oneiric&arch=any14:01
MonkeyDustfollow the link that kohta gave you ^14:01
=== Metz is now known as Gami
theadminjohtso: I tend to beleive that "dnotify" would be a part of inotify-tools, but I suggest you learn to use inotify because it's considered to be better14:02
johtsotheadmin: ah right, so I'll need to do a while .. do .. with inotify14:02
norbertohow can I group fields into a fieldset in a node edit form by code?14:03
MonkeyDustnorberto  what code?14:04
=== curtisfielder is now known as abelwho
arooni-mobileis there a supported WWAN card for ubuntu 11.10; i have a thinkpad t420.14:10
johtsotheadmin: do you have any idea why the "modify" event would be triggered twice each time the file is changed?14:13
theadminjohtso: Hm, honestly no, I'm not familiar with inotify at all14:14
johtso( using inotifywait -m -e modify .)14:14
johtsoah, okay14:14
theadminarooni-mobile: WWAN being what exactly? I heard of "WLAN" and "WAN", but not "WWAN" :D14:14
theadminarooni-mobile: Things like GPRS you mean?14:15
MonkeyDustwwan is wireless wan14:15
llutzwhich says nothing14:16
MonkeyDustarooni-mobile  http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:T42014:17
ZwI have installed phpmyadmin, all looks ok, but i cant access through web :s14:17
Zwis it a ip setup accepting only given ips?14:18
theadminZw: You sure apache is running?14:18
Zwtheadmin: ye, i can access the dommain so14:18
ZwIt works! msg14:18
theadminllutz: If that's the case, the binary you're looking for is not in $PATH?14:18
llutztheadmin: huh?14:19
theadminZw: Hm, uh, can you access http://yourdomain/phpmyadmin ?14:19
arooni-mobileMonkeyDust, theadmin i mean a card i can put data sim cards into when i'm in another country14:19
llutzarooni-mobile: so 3g/hsdpa  you mean14:19
Zwtheadmin: The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server.14:19
arooni-mobilellutz, yes;  ideally with the ability to do the verizon type networks as well14:20
MonkeyDustZw  it's an ip address you need to enter14:20
Zwmaby Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf14:20
theadminllutz: I wasn't really looking but you just said "which says nothing" so... err... I see what you mean now, I thought you meant "which" as in /bin/which14:20
arooni-mobilellutz, i want to buy one; but i dont know what14:20
theadminZw: Hm... probably just installing pma isn't enough, you want to link htdocs/phpmyadmin to the install dir (or set up an alias)14:21
celthunderZw: you really don't want pma available to the public just so you know14:22
Zwcelthunder why not? Have always had it ;P14:22
Zwand it is standard on all webhotels for public14:22
* theadmin lols at the term webhotel14:23
theadminYou mean webhost14:23
Zwwebhost yes :P14:24
StepNjumphi guys, my pdf writer writes to a .pdf file but then I cannot view what it wrote so i would like to know how to desinstall it so I could reinstall it again14:24
Zwsorry not englishman ;P14:24
jattreinstalling will fix the problem?14:24
shaneohey guys have a huge problem here: dpkg: error: cannot scan updates directory `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/': No such file or directory14:24
shaneoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)14:24
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
unopshaneo,  try creating the directory.   sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/dpkg/updates/14:25
shaneolol was just thinking that14:26
OxymoronWhich channel to ask help regarding C and socket/pipe programming? Do not get any help in ##programming or ##C channels?14:26
villagood evening14:26
shaneoworked great thanks14:26
theadminOxymoron: Only those, likely, well, you can ask in #ubuntu-devel if you're developing for Ubuntu14:26
LjLOxymoron: socket/pipes sound like POSIX context, try also ##posix14:27
OxymoronLjL: Tried in there as well, it is quite DEAD channel unfortunatly.14:28
jbs =14:28
Oxymorontheadmin: Not developing for ubuntu, developing for a stupid teacher wants us todo sockets in C xD14:28
theadminOxymoron: lol...14:28
ikoniaOxymoron: those are the right channels, and #c is active, so try again14:29
Oxymoronikonia: Last time I tried I was rejected ... and pointed forward to posix ...14:29
ikoniaOxymoron: well, not something we can help with here, good luck with it14:29
OxymoronNo one seems to like me ... xD14:29
MonkeyDust#ubuntu-devel does not provide support14:29
celthunderZw: insecure, same reasons you don't allow the world to connect to your mysql server14:30
=== najwa_ is now known as blackshirt
arooni-mobiledoes the gobi 3000 wireless card work on ubuntu 11.10?14:30
Zwcelthunder: how to make it only aviable from localhost?14:31
Zwchange to ip in mysql config?14:31
=== deftly is now known as CrazyEddy
MestreLion_hi! Question: how can I view/list my *current* ssh server settings?14:33
llutzMestreLion_: less 7etc/ssh/sshd_confif14:34
ikoniaMestreLion_: look in the sshd_config file14:34
Zwhow to change the name of the server?14:34
ikoniaZw: change /etc/nodename and /etc/hosts14:34
fidelZw: talking about hostnames?14:34
Zwyes, tnx u14:34
MestreLion_llutz / ikonia those are not the current settings... for example, XForwarding is commented-out... so how do I know what is the current value ?14:35
MestreLion_llutz / ikonia I mean, the ones that are really effective?14:35
ikoniaMestreLion_: you need to stop/start the sshd server to get it to re-parse the file14:36
ikoniaMestreLion_: then you know the current settings are what is in the file14:36
cloudgeekhow to extract a gzip file14:36
ikoniacloudgeek: gunzip14:36
cloudgeekokay like gunzip filename14:37
cloudgeekikonia gunzip ruby.gz14:37
rick_hi all any one know a good place to talk processor logic  what channel14:37
MonkeyDustcloudgeek  type man gzip for information14:37
MestreLion_ikonia: that still wont tell me what are the effective values of the setings that are commented out14:37
ikoniarick_: sorry no, this isn't a a yellow pages of channels14:37
ikoniaMestreLion_: yes it will, as anything that is commented out in the config file will be default14:38
yannfI am looking for a tool to restrict network usage for a specific software14:38
SteevcaI am having a problem with TP-LINK TF-3200,i cant seem to get a connection.14:38
yannfmuch like nice for CPU usage14:38
ikoniaMestreLion_: if you are unsure of what the default value is, set the vale in the config file14:38
rick_this is the only decent line of communication i have pal so what do you expect14:38
Zwhow to add a sudoer easy?14:38
hydesterare there unique issues with SATA UEFI installs?14:38
oCean!alis | rick_14:38
ubotturick_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:38
windows7Hi. can someone help me, i don't know how to install windows XP14:38
LjLwindows7: how is that related to Ubuntu?14:38
ikoniawindows7: the guys in ##windows (channel) can help you14:39
ikoniawindows7: /join ##windows and ask the windows support teams14:39
windows7no, you can help me14:39
mneptokrick_: the expectation of every user is that this channel is used for support questions specific to Ubuntu14:39
ikoniawindows7: no - we won't. ask in ##windows, or don't ask again14:39
MonkeyDustwindows7  wrong channel14:39
=== windows7 is now known as Ubuntu11_10
Ubuntu11_10i asked how to install ubuntu 11.1014:39
ikonia!install | Ubuntu11_1014:39
ubottuUbuntu11_10: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate14:39
rick_ok sorry14:40
StepNjumpIs it normal that pdf created on ubuntu cannot be read by other computers under windows?14:40
LjLStepNjump: no14:40
StepNjumpok thanks LjL14:41
Zwhow to add a sudoer easy?14:41
MonkeyDustZw  visudo14:41
ikoniaZw: create a user in the admin group14:42
llutzZw: sudo adduser username admin14:42
Zwvisudo works fine , tnx14:43
LjLZw: it's also unnecessary in most cases, since there is the admin group for that purpose14:44
Zwah ok14:44
MestreLion_ikonia: the commented  lines are not necessarily the default settings... actually, its the opposite: for example, "# ForwardX11 no"  , when the current effective value is YES14:44
ikoniaMestreLion_: they are the default values, and as I've said, if you are unsure, uncomment them in the config file and force them14:45
chiiiiizwhere can  I find the menu "favourite applications" with Unity and Ubuntu 11.10? I want to change the audio player, without changing it manually for eau kind of file14:46
chiiiiizIt used to be in Preferences with Gnome214:46
theadminchiiiiiz: It's called "prefered applications" and it still exists14:46
theadminOr "preferred" or "preffered" or... I keep forgetting the right way to spell the word14:46
chiiiiizI must be blind, so?14:47
chiiiiizwhere did you find it?14:47
theadminchiiiiiz: Just type the first few letters in the search bar. Or probably open the control center thingy14:47
chiiiiizI did, this is why I adk!!14:47
MonkeyDustchiiiiiz  system info in the control center14:48
MonkeyDustsystem settings - system info14:48
chiiiiizMonkeyDust: OK, found it... I would never have thought to look in here... thx14:49
chiiiiizgmusicbrowser is notlisted in the applications to choose from... though I am using it as we speak... how can I modify thatN14:49
=== ninja_zelva is now known as juvan
theadminchiiiiiz: You can use "custom", I think.14:50
MonkeyDustmaybe gmuscibrowser has its own option to 'set as default'14:50
chiiiiiztheadmin: nope, no custom vlaue to be chosen14:51
chiiiiizMonkeyDust: not that I can recall... but I may be blin d... agin14:51
theadminchiiiiiz: Ah, hm, you can try to manually edit gconf/dconf or use update-alternatives... hm.14:51
chiiiiizthe admin: where is the key I must modify in dconf-editor?14:52
MonkeyDustchiiiiiz  in gmusicbrowser, up, right is this little wheel-thingy14:53
lolufailam I googling this correctly, there are no packages that contain a fix for CVE-2012-0830 ?!14:55
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0830)14:55
sarimkhanHello guys, Is it possible to run Unity in 3D mode inside vmware fusion ?14:57
Picilolufail: Doesn't look like its been looked at yet.  You can keep an eye on this page to see when it does: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2012/CVE-2012-0830.html14:59
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0830)14:59
lolufailinteresting, since you can easily get a shell via javascript ;)14:59
sarimkhanIs there any (unofficial) 3D acceleration enabled graphics driver for vmware ?15:00
lolufailsarimkhan: https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=vmware+ubuntu+3d15:01
Dr_Willis_O_Lovesarimkhan:  vmware and vbox have some limited 3d support. You may want to check the askubuntu.com site to see how unity works with vmware.15:01
Dr_Willis_O_Lovei only use vbox.15:01
theadminsarimkhan: None I heard of, but Virtualbox works great and has an official driver for that. Tryzit!15:02
lolufail-.- this really is the first hit... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153191115:02
theadminDr_Willis_O_Love: Are you Dr_Willis or are you just someone with a similar nickname, anyhow?15:02
sarimkhan@lolufail I did searched google, lol, the results states its not possible, though i was wondering if there has been any recent update.15:02
lolufailsarimkhan: oh, you want ubuntu as guest. sry nevermind15:03
Dr_Willis_O_Lovetheadmin:  its dr_willis :) im testing out the web chat interface today15:03
theadminDr_Willis_O_Love: Ah, don't bother :D It's not all that great15:03
Dr_Willis_O_LoveWorking fine for me so far.15:04
Dr_Willis_O_Lovenow that i figured out how to make the fonts bigger15:04
Dr_Willis_O_Lovebut it seems to have scrolling issues when i enlarge the font15:04
=== Dr_Willis_O_Love is now known as Dr_Willis
StepNjumpAnyone here familiar with pdf writer?15:08
MonkeyDust!anyone| StepNjump15:09
ubottuStepNjump: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:09
dydhow can i update my ati drivers?15:12
StepNjumpAdobe Reader could not open 'output.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged.15:13
MonkeyDustdyd  have you tried sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade ?15:13
ikoniadyd: this may sound a silly question, but why do you want to ?15:13
dydikonia, quake live has low fps on certain maps (i've already set everything to minimum) but on windows i had always 125fps15:14
dydikonia, i don't know why this should happen15:14
ikoniadyd: windows is not ubuntu15:14
dydikonia, thanks for the hint15:14
ikoniadyd: you can't expect things to function the same, especially without open drivers like ati15:16
dydikonia, i just wondered if it could be a driver issue15:16
theadmindyd: It likely is15:18
imbezoldyd: isn't quake live flash driven?15:19
qt-dsahello can somebody tell me what Tun TAP is, i've read online but still vconfused15:19
qt-dsais it like already setup VPN server ?15:19
imbezoldyd: i'd blame he lousy flash implementation on linux.. it's always been problematic15:19
dydimbezol, i see15:19
naptasticHow would I roll back an update that broke something? (Current Firefox is crashing constantly; I just want to go back to the version I had installed before.)15:19
imbezoldyd: do some testing with quake 4 or something. i've never had problems15:20
imbezoldyd: several friends and i played a lot with both ati and nvidia cards15:20
qt-dsawhat is tun TAP what can i do with it ?15:20
Oernaptastic, you could try delete the firefox folder first > ~/.mozilla/firefox15:21
naptasticOer, not a bad idea, and since I have sync, not a problem either.15:22
Oernaptastic, that would delete damages or incorrect settings15:22
bhearsumi just installed the 'python-pydot' module, but i still can't import 'pydot' in python. digging a bit, i see a few files in /usr/share/python-support/python-pydot, but that directory isn't in my sys.path. what's the right way to get this module importable?15:23
bhearsumd'oh, looks like my virtualenv is what's screwing things up15:25
codeperl2i want to do everything with command in ubuntu. so, is there any books on ubuntu from which i learn commands for beginners to expert level15:25
bhearsumwhy does creating a virtualenv with --no-site-packages prevent me from using python-pydot, though?15:25
haslapCan anyone help me with a shell script? I have it pretty much done but I forgot about duplicate entries? It's a small shell script that exports the rows from a .csv file into individual .csv files (1200 entries = 1200 .csv files) and names the file to the value of column 9. This is my code currently. ;15:25
haslapFILE=ss.csv; COLNO=9; END=$(wc -l "$FILE" | awk '{ print $1 }'); for i in $(seq 1 "$END"); do sed -n "$i"p "$FILE" > $(sed -n "$i"p "$FILE" | cut -d ',' --fields="$COLNO").csv; done15:25
codeperl2i want to do everything with command in ubuntu. so, is there any books on ubuntu from which i learn commands for beginners to expert level15:26
suntzuI want to replace my Ubuntu with Kubuntu. Currently running three partitions with Win7 and Ubuntu with GRUB as boot manager. Will formatting the ubuntu partition and installing kubuntu on it mess anything up with the Win7 part?15:26
Picihaslap: #bash might be a more appropriate place to ask this.15:27
rumpe1suntzu, why not just install kde-desktop?15:27
suntzurumpe1, will that be an equivalent?15:28
Oercodeperl2, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal && https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommandlineHowto && https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/basic-commands/C/   are a good start15:28
rumpe1suntzu, it would be very similar. kubuntu is just ubuntu with the kde desktop as the default one.15:28
suntzurumpe1, no other features missing?15:29
codeperl2thank your Oer15:29
rumpe1suntzu, you could install any missing feature the usual way. There are several kde-desktop (meta)packages ... don't know the name of the "full" desktop though.15:29
=== raj` is now known as raj
suntzurumpe1, Yeah, I want to migrate because I don't like Unity. perhaps that's the easiest way, didn't know it was possible to just change desktop like that. So I will still be able to run Unity if I'd feel like? (from the login screen)15:30
rumpe1suntzu, sure. kde will be added to the sessions in the login manager.15:30
suntzurumpe1, perfect, thanks!15:30
rumpe1suntzu, you're welcome15:30
bobenhaushas anyone used ubuntu tweak?15:34
MonkeyDustbobenhaus  yes me15:34
ikoniayes, it's the devils tool15:34
bobenhausHow do you guys like it?15:34
MonkeyDusti use it for the janitor only15:34
bobenhausyeah me215:34
ikoniait's not a very good tool, and can cause problems15:34
ikoniathere is no reason to use it beyond the official ubuntu tools15:34
bobenhausikonia: any alternatives?15:34
ikoniabobenhaus: to do what15:36
bobenhausikonia: cleanup15:36
codeperl2i have a directory which contains a file. I want to remove the directory by command. How can i do that?15:37
ikoniabobenhaus: cleaning up what ?15:37
llutzcodeperl2: rm -rf /directory        be carefull, it won't ask15:38
MonkeyDustbobenhaus  janitor is an ubuntu program15:38
bobenhausikonia: temp system files15:38
rumpe1codeperl2, rm -rf <nameofdir>15:38
ikoniabobenhaus: remove the from /tmp15:38
codeperl2-rf what is it?15:38
bobenhausmonkeydust: Thanks15:38
codeperl2what it means actually?15:38
llutzcodeperl2: read "man rm"15:38
bobenhausikonia: YOu said there are ubuntu tools that are native to the system?15:38
esuaveremove recursively, and force.15:38
codeperl2thanks rumpel and llutz15:38
ikoniabobenhaus: yes, you just remove the files in /tmp to remove temp files15:38
bobenhausikonia: I heard from others that the tmp files should be kept15:39
bobenhausis that true?15:39
ikoniathen why do you want to clean them ?15:39
bobenhausikonia: to keep my system optimized15:39
ikoniabobenhaus: how will removing /tmp files optimise your system15:40
bobenhausikonia: Dunno someone from this channel said to becareful when removing files from /temp15:40
MonkeyDustbobenhaus  there's also bleachbit15:41
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bobenhausmonkeydust: thanks.15:41
ikoniabobenhaus: that's all the clean up script does, is remove temp files, so it's no different if you do it, or use a 3rd party tool15:41
bobenhausikonia: ok thanks. I will keep that in mind.15:41
Steel_Reginanyone know how to retrieve my password from nick15:42
rumpe1bobenhaus, if the tmp files are still in use, keeping them for a bit longer is maybe a good idea. ;)15:42
bobenhausrumpe1: true :)15:42
MonkeyDustbobenhaus  or do you mean ~/.cache ?15:43
bobenhausmonkeydust: nah /tmp15:43
bobenhausahh I just found a way to show the advance permission inside the filemanager.  :)15:46
Steel_Reginanyone??? retrieve password from nick?15:46
Steel_Regini tried sendpass and says i am not authorized15:46
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EvilResistanceSteel_Regin, you mean for nickserv?15:47
EvilResistanceSteel_Regin, if for nickserv, join #freenode and ask for a passcode reset15:47
Steel_Reginthanks Evil. i will give it a shot15:47
codeperl2i get some online documents from you to learn ubuntu commands15:48
codeperl2thank you15:48
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codeperl2but is there any books from where i can learn ubuntu11.04 commands very well? any experience you all? can you please share more?15:49
czardozcodeperl2: better get a linux book rather than one dedicated to ubuntu 11.04... it'll help you understand ubuntu better15:51
EvilResistanceSteel_Regin, freenode staff has to send you the reset email, thats why you have to do /join #freenode and ask staff there for a reset :)15:51
codeperl2czardoz, so which one? I have a little bit of time to learn this. so, can you please suggest15:53
miko_miraneI need help with dapper15:53
miko_miraneis this the right channel?15:53
theadmin!find dapper15:53
MonkeyDustis this the right year?15:53
ubottuFile dapper found in auto-upgrade-tester, debootstrap, live-build, python-vm-builder, xen-tools15:53
theadminmiko_mirane: Sounds like it is something that may be found in Ubuntu repos, so you can try asking here indeed15:54
theadminmiko_mirane: Although if the software has a channel of it's own, it's best to just ask there15:54
miko_miranewell, i need to update apt15:54
miko_miranein dapper15:54
miko_miraneand I don't think using the old-releases repository helps15:54
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M4d3Lhi. in command line, is there a way to search in all file of directory and subdirectory?15:55
MonkeyDustM4d3L  combine find with grep15:55
czardozcodeperl2: maybe you should ask google :D15:55
theadminM4d3L: Could you rephrase that? The answer is yes, but your question doesn't make much sense though15:55
theadminmiko_mirane: Oh, Dapper as in the release... Sorry, we don't support EOL stuff here and that's, well, WAY old15:56
M4d3Ltheadmin:  I have lot of PHP file and I search a string somewhere in all that ton of file15:56
theadminM4d3L: Hm, ah, sure... grep --with-filename /path/to/folder/*.php15:57
miko_miraneokay, but do you guys know of a channel for openthinclient?15:57
theadminM4d3L: I mean, grep --with-filename /path/to/folder/*.php "string to search for"15:57
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M4d3Ltheadmin:  how I group it with find to search in subdirectory?15:58
Guest14323i don't understand what the hell has happened to KDE plasma 4.7.2 when i upgraded my system to 11.1015:59
Guest14323can anyone help?15:59
swap-offjoin #xhabie-crew15:59
swap-off./join #xhabie-crew15:59
kermiti upgraded to 12.04 and now i have no sound15:59
FloodBot1swap-off: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:59
theadminM4d3L: Ah... hm, try something like this: find your_directory -type f -iname '*.php' -exec grep -H '{}' "string to search for" \;15:59
fabiobikhi guys16:02
fabiobikmy terminal are crasy16:02
csantosanyone here that can help retrieve my password?16:02
codeperl2how can i set environment variables in ubuntu?16:02
theadminfabiobik: That made no sense.16:02
fabiobiknow appears only dollar sign16:02
theadminfabiobik: Output of: echo $PS116:03
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Mike9863I'm trying to compile and execute a java file however I'm having this problem: http://pastebin.com/HjDFejzH16:03
FloodBot1fabiobik: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:03
theadminfabiobik: You don't need to paste that so many times. There's your problem :P What do you expect if your $PS1 is set to just $?16:04
jagis it possible to setup raid1 on normal ubuntu?(11.10, and not server edition)16:07
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:08
SachIs there a way to retrieve a corrupted Tomboy note? I was typing it whehn I suddenly had a power failure, and now the note won't open.16:08
hatchetjackdo any of you guys use libvirt/kvm?16:09
rb26Hi All, I just recently installed Linux Mint 12 with the GNOME 3 interface. I open the terminal and the only thing that I see is a blink bar and I type commands and nothing happens!!!!! HELP!!!16:09
compdocI use qemu-kvm. have done for a long time16:09
MonkeyDust!mint| rb2616:10
ubotturb26: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:10
hatchetjackPermission denied chardev: opening backend "socket" failed16:10
hatchetjackcannot create VMs16:10
compdochave yuu rebooted since install?16:10
compdocyou should16:11
hatchetjackI've logged out and back in16:11
hatchetjackwhy must I reboot?16:11
compdoctry it16:11
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loganrundoes anyone know how to stop ubuntu from maximizing the window to the wrong workspace. if the window is mostly off the bottom of the screen for example it maximizes it to the workspace below not the active workspace16:14
loganrunvery annoying. I was finally able to disable ubuntu from maximizing the window when you are just dragging it around. does anyone really like that feature16:14
loganrunanyone online today?16:15
theadminloganrun: I like that feature myself and, actually, most desktops have that. Windows does that too16:15
loganrundoes mac?16:16
theadminloganrun: If you drag the window to the top border of the screen, it gets maximized. Makes sense to me. I have no idea about OS X.16:16
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:16
loganrunno it doesn't and ubuntu probably copied the feature from windows 716:16
theadminWhat is it with those italians triggering !list16:16
theadminloganrun: Actually, it's much more likely that Microsoft copied it from some Linux. All they ever do is steal from OS X and us anyway :P16:17
showtimedont speak bad words like w7 !16:17
MonkeyDusttheadmin  LjL explained: italians have no internet culture16:17
loganrunit results in non intuative behavior, if I am just arranging my windows why the heck do I want it suddenly maximize and obsecure the others, makes no sense16:17
loganruntheadmin, possible16:17
SachIs there a way to retrieve a corrupted Tomboy note? I was typing it whehn I suddenly had a power failure, and now the note won't open.16:18
hatchetjackcompdoc: what would you suggest in the event that a reboot does not fix it?16:18
loganrunanyway that was fixable, but can't figure out how to stop it from maximizing to the wrong workspace16:18
theadminSach: Well. If you're looking for file recovery tools try photorec. Just filter it to whatever kind of files tomboy stores notes in and go ahead...16:23
theadminloganrun: If it maximizes to a wrong workspace it sounds like a bug, please consider reporting it.16:24
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duryhi there all :)16:24
MonkeyDustloganrun  or drag it to the correct monitor, close and reopen it16:25
hatchetjackokay I've rebooted16:25
hatchetjacklet's give kvm a whirl now.16:25
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duryhi there channel  :)16:26
=== ghoul is now known as RTFM
theadminHey dury, welcome to the Ubuntu support channel, what can we help you with? :D16:28
duryI do run classic gnome desktop one panel in the top and other one in the bottom... the thing is that top panel applets disappear accidentally16:28
babhow do I stop pptp server from allowing clients to connect to each other?16:28
hatchetjackstill get Permission denied16:28
hatchetjackchardev: opening backend "socket" failed16:28
thetinyjesusanyone know how to get weechat to automatically connect to servers?16:28
theadmindury: Do you mean "randomly"?16:28
hatchetjackdidn't think the windows "reboot" solution would really work16:29
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thetinyjesusDoes anyone know how to use weechat well?16:30
theadminthetinyjesus: Could you try their channel? i.e. #weechat16:31
compdochatchetjack, how did you install qemu-kvm?16:31
designbybeckhas anyone else been having "Alt + Tab" issues when switching between windows? Just withing the past week or so my screen flickers and then has to refresh the windows manager it looks like16:31
designbybecki just reset compiz back to unity default and it is still doing that16:31
vbbim not tulip16:31
melkorGreetings is there any presentation software that supports video? Libre office is insufficient because I cannot set the play to loop.16:32
theadmindesignbybeck: Sounds like a problem with video drivers to me. Did you have a kernel upgrade recently?16:32
designbybecknot that i know of theadmin16:32
babhow do I stop pptp server from allowing clients to connect to each other?16:32
designbybeckmelkor, have you tried http://docs.google.com16:32
theadmindury: hmmm... I dunno then.16:33
melkordesignbybeck: no, that is an intersting suggestion.16:33
jigspanneed help pls16:33
designbybeckmelkor,  they have a  presentation feature that lets you embed youtube videos and such, it works nice for the most part16:34
durywhere can I publish images for free to show you the desktop problem16:34
designbybeckalso melkor another thing I'm playing with is HTML5 all web version for  a presentation16:34
MonkeyDustdury  i guess it's because gnome classic is not *really* gnome2, it just kind of looks and behaves like gnome216:34
jigspanany ane can explain how join indian room?16:34
designbybeckdury,  you can use http://pasteall.org16:34
LjLjigspan: type /join #ubuntu-in16:34
duryall right designbybeck16:35
designbybeckmelkor,  here is the HTML5 setup  I was talking about, then you just embed your files using WebM or the like: http://slides.html5rocks.com/#landing-slide16:35
duryhttp://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=25982 accidentally no those applets in the top panel16:37
duryhow can I get it back?16:37
adrelliashey peeps16:37
adrelliasdoes anybody know how to import certificates16:37
adrelliasinto ubuntu ?16:37
ikoniawhat sort of certificates ?16:38
ikoniaand into what application ?16:38
adrelliasi need to do 802.1X auth TLS but it uses client certificates16:38
duryhttp://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=25982 the ones underlined in red16:38
adrelliasubutu's network manager does not give you the option16:38
ikoniaadrellias: ok, what application ?16:38
adrelliasjust straight forward ubuntu network manager16:38
adrelliasit does not allow for TLS with client certificate16:38
ikoniaadrellias: I don't know if network manager supports it,16:39
ikoniaI'd assume so but I've never used it like that16:39
duryhow to restore default applets in the top panel the ones in the right ?16:39
adrelliasikonia: whats weird is i think wpa_supplicant does16:40
adrelliaswill fiddle16:40
adrelliasperhaps that option should be added16:40
adrelliasthat is if it works16:40
=== uictamale1 is now known as UICTamale
ikoniaadrellias: never used it that way, so I don't know16:40
duryin classic gnome desktop16:40
adrelliaspingo wicd supports it16:40
adrelliasubuntu's network manager does not16:40
adrelliasor wait16:41
durytheadmin: do you know how to do it?16:41
theadmindury: No, sorry16:41
hatchetjackcompdoc: by following the ubuntu wiki documentation found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation16:42
Vexianthttps://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns-configuration.html     "Caching Nameserver"16:42
VexiantI need help with this ^16:42
melkordesignbybeck: thats pretty cool.16:43
Vexiantcan anyone help me with it?16:43
jigspancan anyone explain what cause improper shutdown in 11.10?16:43
durydesignbybeck: are you there?16:43
oCean!patience | Vexiant16:44
ubottuVexiant: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:44
duryikonia: can you help me please?16:44
Vexiantthis IRC blows. I'm going to the forums16:44
jagjigspan, same symptom here, i'm guessing if u logon on plaintext that you should exit before trying to shutdown.. (i think it only shutsdown properly from the gui screen)16:44
auronandacewow, 2 mins of patience16:45
jag20 minutes of patience for me..lol16:45
designbybeckyeah whats up dury16:45
designbybeckyes it is melkor ;) great way to do it16:45
jigspani always log on and sutdown from gui16:45
sbarcteamI've upgraded from maverick to natty.16:45
sbarcteamAnd I cannot login graphically.16:45
sbarcteamI've tried polling on "~/.xsession-errors", nothing there.16:46
sbarcteamI've tried "safe" and "classical safe", it doesn't help.16:46
jagjigspan, i know.. it sometimes freezes for me too.. i did an upgrade after installing 11.10 and not sure if it'll recur16:46
durydesignbybeck: thanks for answer http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=25982 need to restore default applets in the top panel http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=25982 the ones in the right16:46
sbarcteamI think it has to do with something I had  working on maverick :) can somebody hold my hand to debut this ?16:46
durydesignbybeck: sorry to repeat the url16:46
designbybeckwhat version is that dury?16:47
jigspani have all updates for 11.10 but problem exist.16:47
jagsbarcteam, try -> apt-get install ubuntu-desktop16:47
jagsbarcteam, or, apt-get install gnome-classic16:47
durydesignbybeck: 11.0416:47
sbarcteamjag: already installed ....16:47
sbarcteamnext bet, gentlemen16:47
jigspanhave also tried on launchpad but cant success16:48
jagsbarcteam, or, apt-get install gnome-session-fallback16:48
designbybeckcan you not right click on it and say Add To Panel? I'm useing 11.10 Unity so I don't remember that stuff right off hand dury16:48
sbarcteamjag there is no such package as you've mentioned. please note, I'm trying to make it work on NATTY.16:48
sbarcteamnot oneiric.16:48
theadminjag: You mean "gnome-fallback", not "gnome-classic"16:48
theadminsbarcteam: ^16:49
jagya thank16:49
durydesignbybeck: the thing it's to restore default applets in the top panel... that's all16:49
jagbut for 11.1016:49
deper29hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I just did a clean install of 11.10, and ran into an issue. When I boot, I get a black screen that says "error: invalid arch independent ELF magic" and puts me in grub rescue16:49
xangua!panels | dury16:49
ubottudury: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »16:49
sbarcteamxangua: did u mean me ?16:50
grummundHi, Anyone know how to run tftpd ?16:50
jigspanjag: i have found that it is bios , acpi or driver problem.16:51
deper29I found this, but I don't know which drives I should be mounting :S http://askubuntu.com/questions/72003/grub-invalid-arch-independent-elf-magic-after-11-10-install-on-macbook-pro-516:51
duryxangua: as root?16:51
theadmingrummund: Normally you can start/stop daemons with "sudo service DAEMONNAME start/stop". In your case, I think you want "sudo service tftpd start"16:51
grummundtheadmin: i think tftpd is intended to run from xinetd, but it's not set up...16:52
grummundif i could just invoke it from the command line that would be fine16:53
theadmingrummund: Hm... xinetd... I don't think it's supposed to be ran that way (doesn't make sense to me) but if it is, well... Then I can't really help16:54
john_doe_jrdoes anyone know if there is an application that is free and open source that will allow me to take daily notes ?16:54
grummundwell there's no tftpd script under /etc/init.d/... that i can see16:55
theadminjohn_doe_jr: Zim is my favorite for that.16:55
theadmingrummund: /etc/init.d/ is deprecated and only used for things not yet ported to use Upstart. Look for things under /etc/init/16:55
duryxangua: thanks indeed it worked :)16:55
john_doe_jrtheadmin, alright thanks I'll try it out16:56
=== as456fgt is now known as dury
duryhi there again channel :)thanks indeed16:58
th_hello. any sylpheed users here?16:58
McG-Luckyneed help with my ubuntu lag16:58
duryI did solve the applet problem in the top panel16:58
duryonce again thanks indeed :) thanks to xanga16:59
designbybeckpay it forward dury!16:59
McG-Luckysome one help16:59
duryno money :(17:00
andyhuzhillMcG-Lucky: What is lag?17:00
duryI can help to the community17:00
McG-Luckywhat happens is when i drag the window around it makes like a slide show i have the ati card drivers17:01
McG-Luckynothing is smooth why please17:01
theadmindury: That will do, that's what we mean ;) Help out in #ubuntu, that's the way you usually help any Linux distros. Paying literally isn't really something we expect from you17:02
theadminMcG-Lucky: Do you have the propetiary drivers? You sure they loaded?17:03
McG-Luckyi have the catalyst ait thingi17:04
durytheadmin: I will consider what you said... believe me :)17:04
jigspansanjay: i have shutdown problem with 11.1017:04
UICTamalehi all, I'm unable to boot into my ubuntu 11.10 install.  It keeps hanging at 'checking battery state'17:05
theadmindury: hehe, thaks :D17:05
durytheadmin: you're welcome :)17:05
theadminUICTamale: That can happen for several reasons. Try booting with "nomodeset" appended to the kernel line17:05
th_i have a 3 accounts on sylpheed. but theres a problem with that because inboxes are kinda messed up... sylpheed shows multiple accounts on 1 inbox :S17:06
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jigspantheadmin: i have improper shutdown problem with 11.10 i have all updates installed17:07
UICTamaletheadmin: I've tried that before, no luck.17:07
theadminjigspan: "improper shutdown" how?17:07
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:07
go^What can I use to use my Nokia (n97 mini) with my ubuntu 11.10? Thank you :)17:07
hatchetjackI guess kvm is not usable in ubuntu?17:07
compdocsure it is17:07
UICTamaletheadmin: I've also tried reinstalling the fglrx drivers and switching back to the open-source ATI drivers, also with no luck.17:07
hatchetjackcompdoc: how do you figure?17:08
UICTamaletheadmin: I've also tried reinstalling lightdm17:08
jigspantheadmin:system cant power off completely .17:08
theadminUICTamale: hmmm... If you boot to console (append "text" to the kernel line), does it work?17:08
hatchetjackcompdoc: seems pretty unusable to me at the moment17:08
compdochatchetjack, I have it running windows and nix guests on 3 different servers, using 3 different versions of Ubuntu17:08
theadminjigspan: So it just hangs on a black screen (or on some screen with text ending in "System halted."), right?17:08
hatchetjackcompdoc: and you installed similar to wiki link I posted?17:09
jigspantheadmin: yes sir17:09
duryneed to go... be back17:09
compdochatchetjack, if you are getting permission denied, it sounds like you dont have user/groups set right17:09
theadminjigspan: That'd be "yes ma'am" :P. Either way, append "reboot=bios" to your kernel line and try again. If it doesn't work, try changing that to "reboot=acpi" and finally "reboot=force". See which works for you. After that, update grub to use the respective parameter.17:10
compdochatchetjack, yes, something like that one, but I think thats a bit dated, since it only mentions 10.04 (I think it was). You can google kvm on the actual version you are using17:10
jigspantheadmin: ok mam but how to do that?17:11
hatchetjackcompdoc: how should the perms be set?17:11
go^Does anybody know any tool to use my Nokia (N97 mini) with Ubuntu 11.10? Something like OVI Pc Suite..17:12
McG-Luckyso i am not getting help17:12
=== Arnold_ is now known as Arnold
compdochatchetjack, I dont think you actually need to set perms, you just need to make sure the users and groups exist. If you use apt-get to install, it should set/create all those things for you17:12
theadminjigspan: Well. During the initial startup, after BIOS POST, hold Left Shift. Then you'll see some sort of a menu. Edit the line beginning with "kernel", just add " bios=..." to it (where ... is bios, acpi or force), after which tell it to boot. See if it works, then report back saying which worked and I'll provide further instructions.17:12
theadminjigspan: " reboot=...", rather17:13
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: well, theres not much anyone can do about bad proprietry drivers17:14
compdochatchetjack, also, you have to make sure the service is set to run at boot17:14
jigspantheadmin:i get that menu every time without pressing left shift17:14
compdochatchetjack, that permission denied might simple mean its not running17:14
McG-Luckyso what is it ubuntu17:15
hatchetjackcompdoc: I've verified libvirt-bin is running17:15
hatchetjackcompdoc: my user is in the libvirtd group17:15
hatchetjackI've rebooted17:15
McG-Luckyis it or not17:15
compdochatchetjack, hold on a sec17:16
theadminjigspan: Ah cool, well then just follow the instructions as they are from the next step on. Normally that menu is hidden but.17:16
McG-Luckyout of 1576 people no one can help me17:16
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: you're using closed source ati drivers, only amd has access to those so nobody here can help you if the problem is with the drivers17:16
McG-LuckySo how do you fix that17:17
gr33n7007hhow can I install flash player 11 on ubuntu 10.04 any ideas??17:17
McG-Luckythanks for the reply17:17
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: thats my point, you can't, they are closed sourcew17:17
McG-Luckyso i must uninstall ubuntu17:18
McG-Luckycause it does not work17:18
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: if the problem is with unity then you can file a bug report, if the problem is the ati driver then there is simply nothing you can do17:18
McG-Luckyo and pd it used to work on other ubuntu 's17:19
compdochatchetjack, libvirt-bin is the only service set to run at boot on two of my systems, so that seems right17:19
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: a bit of lag seems like a small problem to justify getting rid of ubuntu17:19
McG-Luckylike 9.0417:19
mcnesiumi want to use this webcam i have, lsusb says  Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0c45:6028 Microdia Typhoon Easycam USB 330K (older)17:19
McG-Luckytill this one came out now it does not17:19
compdochatchetjack, do you use virt-manager?17:20
andrew9183hey guys, my friend is messing with my computer while i'm gone.  is there any way to lock access to everything without locking the computer?  i want him to try desperately for fun but not let him do anything17:20
mcnesiumwhen i do ffmpeg -i /dev/v4l/by-id/usb-0c45_USB_camera-video-index0 image.jpg17:20
mcnesiumit says /dev/v4l/by-id/usb-0c45_USB_camera-video-index0: Invalid data found when processing input17:20
McG-Luckyand the gcard was picket up from ubuntu it self17:20
auronandaceMcG-Lucky: if you are covinced it is a unity bug, file a bug report17:20
gr33n7007hhow can I install flash player 11 on ubuntu 10.04 any ideas??17:20
McG-Luckywhat the card17:20
McG-Luckyit self17:20
Pici!enter | McG-Lucky17:20
ubottuMcG-Lucky: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:20
McG-Luckyor the drive17:20
mcnesiumthis is ubuntu server 11.1017:20
jigspantheadmin:there is no instructions it just wait for 7 seconds and boot normally then log on screen appear , there is no problem with restart17:20
LinSkyratehi :) OK mabe this is stupid question but i ask anyway.. does anyone know howto start a private chat from irssi?17:23
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
imbezol/msg <username>17:24
LinSkyrateimbezol: ahh thnx :)17:24
xangua!partner | gr33n7007h17:24
xanguagr33n7007h: from the software center, you need to enable partner repos17:24
ubottugr33n7007h: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »17:24
damo22which text editor lets me select text by columns and not sequentially by rows?17:25
imbezoldamo22: vim can do that17:25
compdochatchetjack, on a fresh install of Ubuntu, it will install everything needed and set it up for you if you were to type:  sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm17:25
damo22imbezol: how17:25
compdochatchetjack, it also suggests packages you can install seperately, but those arent needed for most situations17:25
damo22imbezol: for example i want to highlight a fixed width of text and delete just that text17:26
imbezoldamo22: instead of "v" to go into copy mode, do "shift-v"17:26
imbezoldamo22: if you're doing the whole file you can also use "cut" at the command line to do it17:26
compdochatchetjack, the only other package I install is virt-manager17:26
andrew9183hey guys, my friend is messing with my computer while i'm gone.  is there any way to lock access to everything without locking the computer?  i want him to try desperately for fun but not let him do anything?17:27
damo22imbezol: no thats not quite what im after17:27
damo22imbezol: i want to select partial columns of say 10 lines17:27
imbezoldamo22: did you try with vim? you can highlight a square area by moving up and right to highlight the box you want to delete, then hit "d" to make it disappear17:28
damo22imbezol: sort of like highlighting a block of text on the screen and deleting it from the screen17:28
imbezoldamo22: yeah.. vim does exactly that.. you draw a box, then hit d to delete it17:29
jiltdilIs compiz working fine on 11.10?17:29
kingfisher64could someone please help me install a canon pixma mp495 printer/scanner? I've tried all sorts many times over and although ubuntu says a network printer is installed nothing prints. Jobs just freeze in the print queue.17:29
Sargun_ScreenHey, any idea when Firefox 10 is going to be pushed out to Ubuntu 11.04?17:29
auronandacejiltdil: try it and find out17:30
damo22imbezol: i cant make it work using shift-v17:30
damo22it highlights the whole line17:30
imbezoldamo22: bah.. sorry, it's control-v17:30
damo22imbezol: THANKS!17:31
imbezoldamo22: np17:31
Hopsyhey, how do I mount my HDD?17:32
auronandace!mount | Hopsy17:32
ubottuHopsy: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount17:32
Hopsyauronandace: what when I cant find the folder?17:34
xangua!info firefox natty | Sargun_Screen17:34
Hopsyto mount17:34
ubottuSargun_Screen: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 16370 kB, installed size 31340 kB (Only available for any all)17:34
marcappuccinoCan anyone help with display issues?17:34
go^Does anybody know any tool to use my Nokia (N97 mini) with Ubuntu 11.10? Something like OVI Pc Suite..17:34
auronandaceHopsy: you specify a mountpoint17:34
Hopsyauronandace: 2 sectors of my HDD isn't doing well17:34
Hopsyauronandace: how :O ?17:35
biohazard135hey, my computer is still crashing, i think it may actually be overheating (it's a cheap toshiba) is there any app equivalent to speccy?17:35
biohazard135need to monitor the degrees on this thing17:35
marcappuccinoI am stuck on 1024x768 resolution and the screen is identified as unknown on sys settings17:35
auronandaceHopsy: your partitions should be visable/mountable under /media/ (what do you see under /media/?)17:36
DOjha00Hi, i m new to this server ....Is anyone can see me??17:37
hatchetjackcompdoc: I use virt-manager17:37
compdocme too17:37
auronandaceDOjha00: yes, need help?17:37
hatchetjackcompdoc: I can use commandline also but well I'm lazy17:37
hatchetjackvirt-manager is good for lazy people17:37
compdocits just good17:38
Hopsyauronandace: I am now on windows17:38
DOjha00No thanks17:38
HopsyI will check that in a minute17:38
hatchetjackI wonder why I get permissions problems17:38
DOjha00i was just checking.17:38
Hopsyhatchetjack: you are not super user?17:39
Hopsyauronandace: I dont see anything in media17:39
Hopsybut I can see my HDD is connected in disk utility17:40
auronandaceHopsy: what does it show: sudo fdisk -l17:40
Hopsywith some vague 'current pending sector count' error17:41
biohazard135-_- it happened again! the only word i caught was "udev", pretty sure it's overheating.17:41
auronandaceHopsy: sounds like you disk is failing, hope you made backups of what you need17:41
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hatchetjackHopsy: happens whether I am super or not17:43
rick_very sorry to be off topic but i cant find a cpu channel that is busy enough to get ansers any help is desparetly appreciated im trying to stay as close to ubuntu topic as possible17:43
Oerrick_, try ##hardware17:44
biohazard135ok, my cpu is ~44 degrees, that can't be overheating right?17:44
compdochatchetjack, I think virt-manager connects to the service by the loop-back. Maybe your network or host file is messed up. try the coomand line and see if you have the same problems17:45
DOjha00Hey, Is anyone can help me ??   kget is not working properly .17:47
wodimyes hello i have a problem with ubuntu what's mark shuttleworth's phone number17:49
soiconbiohazard135: well, mines are 40 and 43, 45 sometimes but it's fine. no suddenly shutdown17:49
biohazard135soicon: do you have any idea what it could be, someone suggested looking into a chipset driver update, but i don't know where to begin with that.17:50
soiconbiohazard135: your laptop's fan is working well, rite? and what is the laptop's model?17:51
biohazard135soicon: fans are ok, i could airdust them though. toshiba satellite c660017:51
ZwHi, I just installed tight VNC on my ubuntu server, but i do not have anything else :P17:51
Zwneed kind of GUI or something17:52
compdoca client17:52
soiconbiohazard135: how old ?17:52
compdocI dont like tightvnc, myself17:52
biohazard135soicon: uh, a few months17:52
soiconbiohazard135: well, did it happen before? (overheating shutdown)17:53
biohazard135soicon: no, i was on windows 7 until recently never had any issues.17:54
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soiconbiohazard135: did you upgrade the kernel ?17:55
biohazard135soicon: no, clean install of 11.1017:55
slorbastUbuntu have a graphical access log analyzer for Apache. I'd use Libre Calc, but I'm guessing there's already something existing that does that.17:56
slorbastThat first sentence is a question. :x17:57
compdocwhat is the difference between the desktop and alternate downloads?17:57
auronandacecompdoc: the alternate has a textbased installer (well, ncurses)17:58
compdocahh - thanks17:58
auronandacecompdoc: no worries :)17:58
Oercompdoc, the alternate installer gives you raid setup17:58
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jirihi, I have problem. I changed the xorg.conf and now ubuntu doesn't like to boot anymore. Also ctrl+alt+F1 does not work.. any idea?18:00
soiconbiohazard135: try installing cpufrequtils and decreasing the CPU freq, it may help temporarily18:00
biohazard135soicon: thanks18:01
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soiconbiohazard135: the heat mainly come from the cores (and graphic card, if available) and cause I'm still on 10.04 so I can't help you much.18:02
bobweaverhello there is it real bad that my swap is at max ? what will it do to a computer ? can I make swap larger ?18:03
shadaloowhat does %s mean18:04
bobweavershadaloo:  in printf ?18:05
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jiripls, how to get in safe mode on boot in ubuntu 11.1018:05
shadalooln %s18:05
downbeamcan some one help me?18:05
soiconjiri: safe mode? you meant single user more (root shell) ?18:06
jirisoicon: yes18:06
mustafaerhannhelloo there.18:06
downbeamhello all18:07
bobweavershadaloo:  like this18:07
soiconjiri: hold Shift as booting, shown the menu, choosing Recovery mode then selecting root shell, input your root password. youre in18:07
bobweavershadaloo: like this ? : printf '%s = %d\n' Lines $LINES18:08
bobweaverthat %s18:08
bobweaverif so do a man print18:08
downbeamwhat a man print?18:08
UICTamalehi all, I'm unable to boot into my ubuntu 11.10 install.  It keeps hanging at 'checking battery state'.    I've tried setting and un-setting kernel mode settings, reinstalling the amd open-source drivers, the amd closed-source drivers, and re-installing lightdm, all without helping.  Please assist!18:09
llutzshadaloo: you mean  this example sudo-exploit? "ln -s /usr/bin/sudo ./%s"18:09
jirisoicon: thx, that works!18:09
downbeamwil anyone help me here?18:09
mustafaerhannhello downbeam18:09
shadaloowhat does %s mean18:10
shadalooln %s18:10
downbeamok so i can't burn cds with lubuntu18:10
downbeamis the drive not mounted properly?18:10
mustafaerhannwhat u using.18:10
shadaloono one smart is here atm18:10
bobweaverdownbeam:  install k3b18:10
shadaloogood luck18:10
mustafaerhann:D yea +1 to bobweaver.18:11
mustafaerhannk3b is almost best.18:11
bobweaveryou can also see if it is mounted or seen with a: sudo fdisk -l18:11
soiconyeah, k3b, i love it too.18:11
bobweaverI( think18:11
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downbeami'll try it bob18:12
mustafaerhannfaster than nero in windows18:12
bobweaverdownbeam:  nope make sure therre is a cd or dvd in the drive 1st18:12
mustafaerhannnero 20min  full 1 dvd write time.   k3b only 4 min. :D18:12
downbeamthere is18:12
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downbeambut it didn't tell me anything18:13
nixboxhi all, i am using gnome-terminal in Ubuntu 11.10, i just had a problem after displaying some proc files. When I press enter in the terminal, the prompt appears on the same line, instead of the next line, also, whatever i type is not shown in the terminal, although it gets executed. Like if i type ls, it would show me the directory listing but will not show me the keystrokes of the command, is there a way to fix this without killing t18:13
downbeamdo i need a graphics driver?18:13
bobweaverdont know so you ?18:13
bobweaverdownbeam:  let us see a lspci -nn | grep VGA18:14
jagnixbox, type "reset<enter>", this command resets the terminal but not the bash session18:14
Tm_Tnixbox: does it make any difference if you hit ctrl+l18:14
bobweaverdownbeam:  you also have install ubuntu-restreted -extra   ?18:14
hatchetjacklooks like commandline virt-install fails as well18:15
nixboxjag: awesome, that fixed it, thanks! :)18:15
hatchetjackI don't wanna use virtualbox18:15
downbeambob that is too intriquet for me18:15
bobweaverdownbeam:  yep18:15
nixboxTm_T: its a "screen" terminal so Ctrl+L was not working18:15
bobweaverdownbeam:  how long ago did you install ?18:16
Tm_Tnixbox: rogery18:16
downbeamlike 1 month18:16
bobweaverdownbeam:  you have medibuntu repo installed ?18:16
bobweaverdownbeam: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php18:17
downbeami dont know18:17
bobweaverdo that 1st then we will make sure all codecs are there18:17
bobweaverdownbeam:  ^^18:17
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bobweaverdownbeam:  after installing medibuntu do this in terminal:    sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install ubuntu-restricted-extras libdvdcss2 libdvdcss-dev18:21
Buntbartwhy not installing medibuntu-keyring?18:22
BrandonNoletProblem :S gnome-settings-daemon crashes after about 2 minutes of login. Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2(? just updated distro yesterday) How to fix? or even just recover it. It stops usage of the mouse completely18:22
theadmin!ubuntu+1 | BrandonNolet18:23
ubottuBrandonNolet: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+118:23
bobweaverBrandonNolet:  try  #ubuntu+118:23
jimmy_birerubottu nigger18:23
bobweaver!language | jimmy_birer18:23
ubottujimmy_birer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:23
BrandonNoletThank you ubottu and bobweaver :D18:24
indioHi. What's the command to get the message about pending updates after tty console login?18:25
bobweaverindio:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade     ?18:26
compdocindio, I have one machine that lists temps and disk usage and pending updates at login - its nice18:26
indioI mean, that message that goes like this: "You have 1 security update pending. You have 0 packages updates pending".18:26
bobweavercompdoc:  this is done with motd ? (message of the day ? )18:27
compdocbobweaver, Im not sure how it got installed18:27
Zwhow to copy folder with scp?18:28
compdocI do use apticron, so maybe thats part of what indio is looking for18:28
BuntbartZW: scp -r18:29
bobweaverZw:  like ythis >? scp  <file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Destination>18:29
indioAnother question, what's the command to install only security updates?18:29
Zwfolder, not file18:30
BuntbartZW: yes that's scp -r user@host/home/user/folder .18:31
Zwwas just me writing a string wrong ;P18:32
SegF4ultD: good god18:32
SegF4ultI found some Mt. Dew D:18:33
BuntbartZW: another way is to use Nautilus, Thunar or whatever and type sftp://user@host in the address bar18:33
fean0ryou can find the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/18:33
andrew9183hey guys my friend is messing wtih my computer by going into grub and adding his remote keys so he can ssh in.  is there any way to protect against this ?18:34
bobweaverandrew9183:  read the part about auth keys https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys18:34
Buntbartandrew9183: tell him...18:35
fean0rindio: you can find the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/18:36
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UeboKhello, please help me with that problem ! cant fix it for 4 hours . http://doiop.com/page21418:44
ubottuubbok: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:45
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kapzInstalled ubuntu 11.10. I like unity so far...Q : which package or repo should I add to make ubuntu play all kinds of multimedia files like: avi/xvid/divx/flash/quicktime/mp3/mpeg/mkv/mp4 etc etc etc...?18:46
=== Bladerunner|afk is now known as Bladerunr
cfhowlettkapz: medibuntu or ubuntu-restricted-extras18:47
pangolinkapz: ubuntu-restricted-extras18:47
Buntbartkapz: try vlc18:47
kapzok...out of two which one?18:47
pangolinkapz: ubuntu-restricted-extras18:47
yezariaelyanyone can help me: webcam on laptop does not work. Webcam is present in lsusb and lsmod | grep video has an entry video. My user is in group video as well. any ideas?18:47
kapzok thanks pangolin :) Also is there a way to auto-hide side dock bar when on desktop?18:48
pangolin!ccsm | kapz18:48
ubottukapz: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz18:48
TomSlominskiHello. I get signal 11 (segfault) on startx18:49
yezariaelyTomSlominski: that is bad...18:50
TomSlominskiwhat, ubuntu or x?18:50
yezariaelygettint a segfault ;-)18:50
TomSlominskiyeah, i know that :P18:50
TomSlominskibut what do you want me to reinstall?18:50
TomSlominskiit starts fine on boot, but when i move my mouse it segfaults.18:50
yezariaelyah hmm18:51
yezariaelywhat do the logs say?18:51
=== root is now known as Guest34951
TomSlominskilet me have a look18:52
yezariaelyhow can I check if the correct driver for my webcam is loaded?18:52
yezariaelyI do not have a /dev/video* file18:52
TomSlominskimy webcam crashes my entire laptop. that is quite annoying as well...18:53
SteevcaI am having a problem with my wired network.18:54
rhin0question - 18 months ago obliterated completley a copy of windows on brand new dell laptop (didn't even boot it) - installed ubuntu ... now I need to sell the laptop.  The windows key on the back of the laptop is unreadable ... If I phone dell can I retrieve windows installation media for that machine?  The copy of windows previously on it was paid for.18:54
SteevcaIt's not detecting my connection.18:54
cfhowlettrhin0: you'd have to ask dell.18:54
TomSlominskiwell. X starts but when i try to utilise my touchpad everything goes straight to hell. ill send the logs over in a pastebin18:55
donniegif the key is unreadable18:55
donniegi think you may be screwed18:55
rhin0thought there'd be a record with dell18:56
_MarcusSteevca: Is your ethernet cable plugged in on both ends(your computer and router/wall jack)18:56
yezariaelyTomSlominski: try attach an external mouse. does it work?18:56
rhin0so maybe you just need the key to re-install18:56
rhin0seems to me that the key/label is not designed to survive18:56
rhin0only label on back that is unreadable18:56
TomSlominskiyezariaely, that crashes as well18:56
yezariaelythen, the driver for your touchpad is broken18:56
donniegwell you can call microsoft and exchange anon working key for a working one for free through phone prompts18:56
rhin0the sort of crap microsoft would pull18:56
rhin0but I need the key18:56
donniegbut I don't know about dell replacing them, I've never heard of that18:56
donniegIf you have the order number it may be in there18:57
Steevca_Marcus Yes,it worked earlyer but now it's not working.18:57
yezariaelyI don't think that they do know which keys they have given to which computer18:57
cfhowlettdonnieg: few systems are sold these days WITH the install media.  You have to request it.18:57
_MarcusSteevca: Did it get unplugged during that time?18:57
yezariaelyanyone has a hint for builtin webcam which does not work? (lsusb shows it, yet there is no /dev/video)18:58
rhin0something of reply on web "Vendors don't keep a record of serial numbers on their system.  Thei standard answer is it is on the base of the system.  If you can't read it then tough luck and you need to buy a new license."18:58
rhin0thats absolutely disgusting18:58
donniegthat does suck18:58
rhin0im sick of paying for windows I don't use18:58
rhin0the pc tax18:58
TomSlominskirhin0: s76? :)18:59
TomSlominskirhin0: system7618:59
Steevca_Marcus Nope.I had linux about a month ago installed i have tryed to install it now but i cant,also on fedora and joli os.18:59
_Marcusrhin: Then use Ubuntu :P18:59
rhin0whats system 7618:59
Steevca*It's not working.18:59
TomSlominskirhin0: they make ubuntu computers. without windows :)18:59
Syph3rthats a better idea18:59
donniegsome dells and lenovos can be bought sans os18:59
Syph3ryea some t61p19:00
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tarvidGiven a url, what us the easiest GUI way to add a trusted key to apt?19:01
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:02
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TomSlominskihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/831732/ this is the x log. it starts getting interesting at about 57519:04
yezariaelyTomSlominski: did you try the external mouse?19:04
TomSlominskiyezariaely, yeah, that crashes it as well19:04
tarvidis there a GUI way to add a trusted key to APT from a URL ?19:06
yezariaelyTomSlominski: sounds like a bug in touchpad's device driver for me19:07
TomSlominskiyezariaely, it worked yesterday :/19:07
yezariaelytarvid: I suppose xterm does not count? :-p19:07
yezariaelyTomSlominski: what did you change, then?19:07
=== Myrtti is now known as Guest98157
TomSlominskiyezariaely, actually nothing. i might have updated the system. can you view apt history?19:08
tarvidNot really. I did what I want to do from the command line but I can see a way to do it through software sources19:08
jerichowasahoaxI'm running an email server (dovecot+I forgot the SMTP right now). Is there a program I can install to have it automatically act on emails based on certain rules?19:09
dejan7buonasera a tutti19:09
ubottudejan7: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:10
cfhowlettzleap: greetings19:10
yezariaelyTomSlominski: /var/log/dpkg19:10
TomSlominskiyezariaely, there isnt one19:11
yezariaelyTomSlominski: Sorry, that was only an abbreviation19:12
yezariaelyI think it is a folder or something19:12
TomSlominskiyezgot it19:12
TomSlominskiyezariaely, got it19:12
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skyler_Can somebody help me?19:15
skyler_I ran ulimit -v 20000 and now I can't raise the limit again.19:15
TucksDoes Jupiter actually slow down your laptop/netbook even if you have it set to High Performance?19:17
TomSlominskiyeah, ive updated my ssystem last night. update manager ran a full on system update.19:17
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:17
Mike9863Is there a way to make it so when I middle click or scroll on the title of a window it will minimize?19:22
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TomSlominskixserver-common got updated last night. that will probably be it19:25
cfhowlettphilwong: greetings19:25
philwonghow much does it cost to hire someone to build your own version of linux?19:25
pangolin!remaster | philwong19:26
ubottuphilwong: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility19:26
philwongno no19:26
philwongI need more invloved modifications19:26
philwonglike caps lock antistick19:26
pangolinphilwong: that is not on topic for this channel.19:26
philwongwhere can I discuss it?19:27
pangolinmaybe try ##linux19:27
cfhowlettphilwong: @linux19:27
richmanòóê-òóê-òóê... åñòü ðóñêîãîâîðÿùèå?19:27
ppetrakiI see that gnome-open is part of the default install for precise anymore, is there a replacement to open files from CLI associated with a mimetype?19:28
theadminphilwong: You want to disable capslock?... That's an incredibly simple task acomplishable with one command, you don't need to hire someone for that...19:28
Gentoo64your in the wong channel19:29
philwongthis is the issue19:30
pangolinrichman: Please stop that19:30
theadminrichman: English only in this channel. Also, Unicode plz.19:31
congressmonI have an issue with trying to install linux ... I have a windows based sys already ... trying to install to either usb stick or usb hdd...19:31
pangolin!usb | congressmon19:32
ubottucongressmon: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:32
congressmonit's like this machine won't let me install linux using simple methods... or without obliterating current OS which is not an option19:32
rhizmoemy pulseaudio mixer panel thingy seems to have gotten decoupled from my music player. is there a non-rebooty way of fixing this?19:32
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congressmonI've tried everything ... even the simple WUBI19:32
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congressmonpangolin ..19:32
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congressmonwhat's the command to quiet all the chatter about entering and leaving users???19:33
_Marcuscongressmon: I think that depends on your IRC client19:34
theadmincongressmon: Depends on your client19:34
pangolin/ignore JOINS QUITS PARTS19:34
congressmonthank u pangolin19:34
theadminpangolin: Hm... on irssi, that would ignore QUITS and PARTS from user "JOINS" (makes no sense)19:34
pangolinthat should work on most 'real" irc clients19:34
theadmin/ignore * JOINS QUITS PARTS NICKS19:34
theadminMakes more sense :D19:34
congressmonit's calmed down some ..19:35
skyler_does anyone know how to raise ulimit after you lower it?19:35
congressmonin any case... Pangolin ... I've tried all kinda automatic USB installers including WUBI19:36
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pangolincongressmon: without more information, such as errors you are getting, it will be difficult to guide you.19:37
congressmonok .. but now ur talkin19:37
congressmon"No translation file found for domain" is the error and then the log file location19:37
congressmonthat's for WUBI19:38
philwongis there a linux school19:38
philwonghow do you learn such a complex OS?19:38
philwongwell ubuntu ok19:38
congressmonPhil ... you learn Linux by reading tutorials and manuals19:38
theadminphilwong: Linux isn't complex. It's much simplier than Windows.19:38
_Marcusphilwong: I don't know about a physical school, but there are many resources online19:39
pangolinsame way you learned how to use windows19:39
philwongnot simpler than windows19:39
_Marcusphilwong: If you ate cherioes all your life, and then decided to eat something else, how do you think it would taste?19:39
SlartI've got a strange problem with my 64bit ubuntu 11.10 desktop. At my left border I have to very small areas (a couple of pixels wide) that are white, it's not a hardware defect since compiz has decided that these areas should be shadowed (like any normal window).19:39
theadminphilwong: Much, much simplier, especially internally. Trust me, /dev/sda1 is a much more obvious name than "Volume{74cbc440-e365-11e0-ad59-806e6f6e6963}" :P19:39
pangolinphilwong: anyway, this is still offtopic. We do Ubuntu support here, for general linux support use ##linux19:39
philwongfine ubuntu could be simple19:40
CountVonCountHey folks, quick keyboard question:  My numberpad does not seem to work (num lock works but nothing else).  I've tried to change the settings, but was unable to find my actual keyboard's manufacturer...19:40
congressmonit's simpler if you're technical... but if you're a user it's sort of cryptic which is how windows likes ppl to be19:40
jason___Does anybody know of a media player that allows the user to search for educational content within it? I'm curious to find an "iTunes U" like alternative for our Ubuntu systems at work since some people are getting attached to iTunes U and we're moving away from Win/Apple systems. Any input?19:40
SlartThese "artifacts" disappear when I reboot but return after a while19:40
philwongwhat about the slackware guys19:40
philwongthat aint easy at all19:40
congressmon"No translation file found for domain" is the error and then the log file location .. that's in WUBI19:40
pangolin!ot > philwong19:40
ubottuphilwong, please see my private message19:40
SlartHere's a screenshot of the weirdness.. http://imagebin.org/197646  can anyone explain this?19:40
philwonghaha ok19:40
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit19:41
congressmonPangolin .....19:41
skyler_was that a net split?19:41
yezariaelyanyone has a samsung laptop with a builtin webcam who can help me getting it work?19:42
philwong<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about poop19:42
pangolincongressmon: the link ubottu gave you earlier about how to install to USB should be a some assistance19:42
yezariaelyskyler_: it did say so ...19:42
congressmonI downloaded the ISO file and burned it ...  no boot from CD ... settings correct in BioS19:42
congressmonI've read that before19:42
congressmonI've tried those USB Installers ... including Unetbootin19:43
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic19:44
marcusweHi everyone, I'm new here and have a question, do I just type it in here?19:44
goddardcan some one tell me how i connect to team foundation server in linux?19:45
yezariaelycongressmon: what exactly does not work?19:45
levifigwhat's the partition utility that is part of Ubuntu *Server* installation?19:45
yezariaelylevifig: fdisk maybe?19:46
yezariaelylevifig: cfdisk is 'more' gui-like19:46
nils-I think it uses parted19:46
xhhi! excuse me, but how the .... can i disable auto-maximize in lubuntu lxde? i find it inhuman..19:47
celestiusmy default libmysql client is set to libmysqlclient16 instead of 18, which is what i need, though i have some packages which need 16 (i think their package descriptions just might not have been updated). how should i change this?19:48
IanWizardxh, don't use lxde :P19:48
IanWizardxh, joking, I believe that it's in the settings.  but I haven't used LXDE in a while19:48
Newbis there a way from command line to turn off the fan?19:49
IanWizardNewb, yes19:49
skyler_what channel do I go to get help with servers?19:49
congressmonI get no action from boot ...19:49
PW-toXichi, I changed a setting in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and saved it. then i did /etc/init.d/apache2 restart, but the changes did not change the behavior of php.. is there any trick?19:49
IanWizardNewb, if you go to /sys/class/hwmon19:49
congressmonno boot19:49
IanWizardthe fan is somewhere below that, you'll have to find it for your system though19:49
xhIanWizard: it looks like it is not an lxde thing, but a -buntu thing, googling said that it must be configurable via ccsm but it is not in the standard repos, at least not in lubuntu19:49
congressmonskips down to windows disk and starts windows...19:50
yezariaelycongressmon: the bootloader does start?19:50
NewbIanWizard, and do what19:50
marcusweOk thanks, I've just installed 11.10 and trying to get my bluetooth wireless keyboard connected, the mouse was found in bluetooth devices and is working, but the keyboard did not. They connect to the same USB dongle. Why does it not find the keyboard. The keyboard is: Microsoft Optical Desktop for Bluetooth Keyboard. Someone have a clue?19:50
congressmonno bootloader19:50
IanWizardNewb, echo 0 > pwm119:50
TomSlominskifail, that is not how you join a channel tom! sorry19:50
yezariaelyyezariaely: is the bootloader installed in MBR?19:50
malkaunsis there any quick proxy switching software for 11.10?19:50
IanWizardNewb, for me, your file may be different19:50
yezariaelycongressmon: is the bootloader installed in MBR19:50
NewbIanWizard, and to turn back on19:51
congressmonhow do I check the MBR for a USB stick ?19:51
yezariaelysimilar as with a hdd19:51
IanWizardNewb, echo <speed> > pwm119:51
IanWizardwhere speed is a number between 1, and 25519:51
NewbIanWizard, tkx19:51
congressmonit's supposed to be automatically done by the installer ... right?19:51
IanWizardNewb, np, it working?19:51
congressmonat least it says it's doing that in the details19:52
NewbIanWizard, im gonna try now19:52
yezariaelycongressmon: kind of, did you check your usb stick on different computers?19:52
IanWizardNewb, oh, you'll have to echo 1 > pwm1_enable first19:52
Guest13384sometimes the computer just shuts down in the middle of use ubuntu 11.1019:52
congressmonno I didn't check it on another machine19:53
Guest13384is there anywhere to review logs of these occurrences? The machine is set not to go into sleep or hibrination19:53
yezariaelycongressmon: can you? is there some other machine around?19:53
arianaGuest13384 /var/log19:53
yezariaelyrfuller: Unknown command19:53
congressmonI'm also trying to install it on a USB hdd I have19:53
IanWizardGuest13384, it may be overheating, it has an auto shutdown19:53
m0r0nHow can I unistall Glib? Latest ubuntu currently19:54
yezariaelycongressmon: you tried netbootin?19:54
congressmonyeah UNetbootin19:54
NewbIanWizard, no joy19:54
Guest13384IanWizard, is there some app I can run to monitor the cpu temp19:54
Newbtks any way19:54
yezariaelycongressmon: did you take a look at the MBR of the usb stick?19:54
Guest13384ariana, there are lots of files there which one should I start with?19:55
IanWizardGuest13384, a number, but it will depend on what you want, gnome has an applet, e17 has an applet19:55
IanWizardgkrellm should do it19:55
IanWizardNewb, hmm, do:  ls /sys/class/hwmon19:55
malkaunsis there any quick proxy switching software for 11.10?19:55
IanWizardNewb, and what's listed?19:55
congressmonyezz..   I'm not sure if I'm lookin at the right thing ...19:56
congressmonas far as MBR19:56
arianaGuest13384 might be syslog19:56
congressmonon a USB stick19:56
arianaGuest13384 tail syslog19:57
IanWizardGuest13384, /var/log/syslog19:57
NewbIanWizard, name  power  subsystem  temp1_crit  temp1_input  uevent, no problem ill work it out another time19:57
IanWizardariana, tail probably wont get it, I had to dig when it was happening to me.19:57
NewbIanWizard, g2g tks anyway19:58
arianaIanWizard, ok then gedit or something19:58
Guest13384IanWizard, ariana, thanks, will give it a look19:58
SteevcaOk,so i am having problems with my network adpater.I have TP-LINK TF-3200 and it's not detected on Ubuntu 11.10,Fedora 15 and Joli OS all are 32 bit.So i asume that drivers are the problem because on windows xp pro it's working fine.19:58
SteevcaHow can i fix it?19:58
Guest13384IanWizard, ariana, I know I prob need to clean the heatsink19:58
benbloom_I;m having problems reading my email with thunderbird 9. I think the new update caused problems and I can't figure out how to fix them. I've tried a apt-get purge and install after backing up and deleting ~/.thunderbird but the problem persists. is there somewhere else that thunderbird settings are stored for use with kde?19:58
marcusweSomeone know how or can redirect me to a forum to wich I would be able to find out how to get my bluetooth keyboard connected, it does not show up on devices when I search. The mouse however do, and it is connected to the same microsoft usb bluetooth dongle.19:58
IanWizardNewb, that's for the temp probe, not for the fan, that should be under something like /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0, not just /hwmon19:59
arianamarcuswe, have you tried wrapped driver?19:59
cfhowlettConfirmed - my optical drive has died.  /jackbauermode: on DAMMIT!20:00
SlartI've got a strange problem with my 64bit ubuntu 11.10 desktop. At my left border I have to very small areas (a couple of pixels wide) that are white, it's not a hardware defect since compiz has decided that these areas should be shadowed (like any normal window). Here's a screenshot of the problem. http://imagebin.org/197646 . Does anyone know what this is? how to fix it?20:00
marcusweadriana, no I have'nt. Where can I find that?20:00
=== Guest13384 is now known as djQuery
congressmonI shouldn't have to FDISK it should I? ??20:01
arianamarcuswe, try some googling about ndiswrapper20:01
marcusweariana, thanks I'll do that.20:01
IanWizarddjQuery, word of advice...20:02
IanWizarddjQuery,     grep -R 'crit' /var/log/syslog20:02
fellayaboyim sshed into a remote server...if i want to scp..i would have to have the router on my local network opened for ssh??20:03
IanWizardfellayaboy, no20:04
fellayaboyi never used scp before20:04
SteevcaOk,so i am having problems with my network adpater.I have TP-LINK TF-3200 and it's not detected on Ubuntu 11.10,Fedora 15 and Joli OS all are 32 bit.So i asume that drivers are the problem because on windows xp pro it's working fine.20:04
fellayaboyso i would just put in my username@and public ip address when i scp20:04
fellayaboyso i woudl be like this... scp remoteusername@publicipaddress mylocalusername@ipaddress?20:05
blinkossAnyone know whyh in 2012 it still takes 6 minutes for an Intel Core 2 Duo machine to boot up and log in?20:05
IanWizardfellayaboy, just disconnect (or open another terminal), and scp user@host:file local_path20:05
IanWizardfellayaboy, that assumes that you're copping FROM the server, to go to, you'd use the local_path first20:05
yezariaelycongressmon: are you on windows or linux?20:05
ericusHi! I have a question regarding .bashrc and aliases. I have this in .bashrc: alias blinkenshell='ssh ericus@a.server'.20:06
djQueryIanWizard, doesnt bring up anything20:06
IanWizarddjQuery, then that's probably not your problem20:06
ericusHow would I change that to get gnome-terminal to open and run that command via alt+f2 blinkenshell20:06
IanWizardfellayaboy, no, you'd be like scp username@publicipaddress ./file20:07
IanWizardfellayaboy, no, you'd be like scp username@publicipaddress:/home/username/file  ./file20:07
m0r0nHow can I re-install glib20:07
IanWizardfellayaboy, ignore the first one20:07
congressmonI'm using Windows Vista20:07
congressmonCPU AMD64 Athlon x220:08
eukreignMakefile question: I'm using a make file for collecting random bits of shell commands that I want to execute in my project but this becomes problematic since Makefile checks for filename first, so I have to use .PHONY. I would like to be able to say that all targets in a Makefile are PHONY, is there a way to do that? and finally, is there an alternative to Makefiles that would let me do the same thing? (one other annoy20:09
fellayaboyim trying to copy from the remote server im sshed into lets say my remote username is mrhand and my local is fellayaboy20:09
fellayaboyhow would that work cuz im a little confused20:10
Toctizhi is this the ubuntu chat room?20:10
Pimowhere can i find my output like vga-0?20:10
IanWizardfellayaboy, you copy from one location (a server), to another (the local file system), assuming that your filename is myfile:20:10
fellayaboyalright so i would scp mrhand@itspublicipaddress:home/mrhand/myfile ./myfile... thats it?20:11
IanWizardscp mrhand@address:/home/mrhand/myfile ./myfile20:11
Toctizafter a time the screen goes purple after the boot menu20:11
m0r0nToctiz: read the topic.20:11
fellayaboybrb ima see if that worked20:11
Toctizoh sorry i am using a chat client20:12
xubanchuhow do i set the mac address on wakeup from sleep?20:12
Toctizis the "purple screen" fixed?20:12
echo083ubuntu is great20:12
Toctizyeah i know20:12
SteevcaOk,how can i install this driver.It has a compact.h,crc32.h,ethtool.h,makefile,mii.c,mii.h and sundance_main.c ???20:13
IanWizardToctiz, it's not broken, it's supposed to do that20:13
Toctizi like it but i get the purple screen after the grub menu20:13
theadminSteevca: makefile :P Just type "make"20:13
ericusHi! I have a question regarding .bashrc and aliases. I have this in .bashrc: alias blinkenshell='ssh ericus@a.server'. How would I make it possible to run in gnome-terminal when I do alt+f2 and enter blinkenshell?20:13
Toctizbut thats all it does it stays blank and purple20:13
Steevcatheadmin Oh,so i put it on a flash drive and but it on a linux.20:13
theadminSteevca: Well cd to the proper folder and "make"20:14
SteevcaWill it just start to install or what? I am kinda new with this.20:14
arianaToctiz start it via console in grub20:14
arianaToctiz startx20:14
Steevcatheadmin And the proper folder is? xD20:14
Toctizhow do i do that?20:14
theadminSteevca: How am I supposed to know -_- wherever you put it20:14
Toctizi used the wubi installation20:14
fellayaboyi dont know whats going on i was able to cd into a directory now its saying permission denied..i didnt modify the folder...its a keys folder from openvpn any ideas?20:14
m0r0nHow can I re-install glib?20:14
Steevcatheadmin Oh,you mean i can put it anywhere?20:14
theadminSteevca: Yeah, long as it's all in the same place and the makefile is there :D Then go there and type in "make && sudo checkinstall"20:15
arianaToctiz, for me it was recovery mode in grub and then on the black screen the command startx20:15
theadminSteevca: But first... sudo apt-get install build-essential flex bison m4 checkinstall20:15
reefHi, new to ubuntu. got a sony laptop running ubuntu only, need to add a windows .exe file to bios for a new battery. anyone know an easy way?20:15
arianaToctiz, but the blank screen happend to me many times in new ubuntu20:15
Toctizok thanks :)20:16
arianaToctiz, I mean there is sthing with those new versions20:16
Toctizyes i amusing the new version aswell20:16
Toctizi thing i will get a older version :)20:16
ericusHi! I have a question regarding .bashrc and aliases. I have this in .bashrc: alias blinkenshell='ssh ericus@blinkenshell.org'. How would I make it possible to make it open in gnome-terminal when I do alt+f2 and enter blinkenshell? Right now I first need to open a terminal and then enter blinkenshell.20:17
Steevcatheadmin Thanks.20:17
arianaToctiz, rather after fresh install dont update some things through update manager, there are some bugs or something, then U should rather use LTS, for me LTS was better20:17
TC_UbuntuNewbeeevening, anyone having experience running libtrash with vsftp?20:18
Bastian_BHi, is it possible to resize ubuntu partition to install another os next to it?20:19
arianaBastian_B, it is possible20:19
Bastian_Bariana, nice to hear! Do you know a guide about it ?20:20
arianaBastian_B, U should boot from Live CD or Live USB stick, then U should use gparted to resize partition20:20
TC_UbuntuNewbeeor alternativley how to add an export LD_PRELOAD to an vsftp running with inetd20:20
thetinyjesusAnyone know if there is an ios 5 fix yet for syncing20:21
Bastian_Bariana, allright I see the trick, thanks a lot20:21
IanWizardI can't wait for the betterness that's 12.0420:22
IanWizardWondering about rhythmbox though, it doesn't sync very well with my phone.20:22
arianaIanWizard, sometimes I think it goin down the hill with ubuntu in some aspects20:22
arianaIanWizard, maybe we should join the prog team :)20:23
=== mega73 is now known as mega72
ItreofI have seen and read about why Ubuntu Desktop 64-bit is not recommended and the 32-bit is. However, looking at the Ubuntu Server, 32-bit is not recommended and 64-bit is...now I am a little confused as to why? I would like to use a 32-bit server and a 64-bit OS, or just both as 32-bit. What is the difference between the two bits as far as server and desktop is concerned?20:24
jribItreof: if you have 4gb of ram or greater, use 64bit, end of story imo20:24
Zw_Hi. I installed tightVNC, but do not have any GUI, do anyone know any good GUIs ? So i can connect to the server with vnc?20:25
IanWizardariana, :)20:25
TC_UbuntuNewbeerealvnc and tightvnc are available for various os20:26
TC_UbuntuNewbeethe viewer is normally free20:26
TC_UbuntuNewbeeor wait - do you want to connect to the cli with vnc??20:27
=== gskellig|away is now known as gskellig|mobile
Zw_i did it before20:28
Zw_just have to install a desktop (ui)20:28
ItreofTC_UbuntuNewbee, I want to connect either way with vnc. However, I was just curious why the 64-bit version was recommended for server, and the 32-bit for client?20:29
ericusHi! I have a question regarding .bashrc and aliases. I have this in .bashrc: alias blinkenshell='ssh ericus@a.server'. How would I make it possible to run in gnome-terminal when I do alt+f2 and enter blinkenshell?20:29
TC_UbuntuNewbeesorry Itrefo, was talking about ZW_'s problem20:30
RoachmmflhyrItreof, typically servers should have more RAM, if a server was running 32 bit OS then it was only be able to utilize 4 GB of RAM20:30
fean0rericus: open terminal before starting ssh-session (like xterm -e ssh ...)20:30
TC_UbuntuNewbeeanybody knows where to put an export LD_PRELOAD so vsftpd can use it? I want to protect the ftp share against accidental deletes20:32
malev_hello! what is the name of the last ubuntu release?20:36
aeon-ltdmalev_: oneiric ocelot20:36
SvenL-Oneiric Ocelot, latest stable version maletor20:36
SvenL-oops, malev_*20:37
hu-man_rc.xs4all.nl 666420:37
malev_Seveas, aeon-ltd thanks!!20:37
dbuggerhey guys. Im using natty and Id like to add some repository to have a more updated version of virtualbox. Can someone recommend me any repository?20:39
IanWizarddbugger, oracle.com20:40
dbuggerIanWizard, ive looked around but the downloaded version gives me a dependency error20:40
IanWizarddbugger, use gdebi20:40
dbuggerIanWizard, I dont know how to use that. What is that?20:40
Tiktalikso, my dad got this wireless adapter for his laptop that says "linux supported" on the box20:42
Tiktaliki need to compile a driver20:43
Tiktalikit is an asus USB-N13 wireless adapter20:43
IanWizarddbugger, sudo apt-get install gdebi-gtk20:43
warfarenthats usually not too hard, are you familiar with the make command?20:43
TC_UbuntuNewbee @dbugger: Start at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GDebi20:43
IanWizarddbugger, then after that's done, use:    gdebi-gtk  <package_file_for_virtualbox>20:44
IanWizarddbugger, it will resolve the deps for you.20:44
Tiktalikwarfaren: yeah, I compile software a lot. anyway, in part of the instructions it says...20:44