Len-1204astraljava: Re: pulse to jack bridging.01:14
Len-1204I think I have found the solution. It just needs to be automated.01:14
Len-1204I have installed todays US and set it for RT... user is already in group audio.01:15
Len-1204starting jack with qjackctl shows pulse through jack... but no audio plays. killall pulseaudio -> open the pulseaudio control app. This starts pulse up again and everything works.01:17
Len-1204I think that while pulse audio put the jack bridging in place it never lets go of alsa as one of its outputs.01:19
Len-1204The pulseaudio controler showed two outputs when it wasn't working and now only shows jack when it works.01:20
Len-1204Big plus when running pulse into jackd.... pulse has no access to alsa controls ;-)01:22
Len-1204This is good and bad. The plus is that for example with audacity where it starts a connection with pulse at record buttom push01:23
Len-1204pulse can't then muck with the capture controls that have been carefully set.01:24
Len-1204The minus is that setting those controls could be less intuitive.01:24
Len-1204There are two sets of controls ;-) the alsa set and the pulse set.01:26
Len-1204The pulse set is software.01:27
Len-1204Earlier we talked about making sure that any of the missing applications from workflows will install and will run.02:31
Len-1204audacity is a yes. In fact it works better with PA/jackd bridging. It can record what a PA client is doing... so someone doing a "podcat02:32
Len-1204"podcast" using skype. can call someone and record it.02:33
Len-1204(I actually had someone ask how that exact thing could be done)02:34
Len-1204Installed ubuntu-standard. with nano, telnet (which can be used for lots of things besides remote login BTW)02:47
Len-1204That also installed ufw and perhaps some other things that may now run from start up... not sure if that is a good thing... having more stuff run. But having a cli editor I can use with out a manual on my lap is good.02:49
Len-1204Linux sampler seems to be a lib not an app so I installed qsampler which is LS with a gui.03:05
Len-1204Hmm, qsampler installs... doesn't show in menu though there is a desktop file. I can't run it though. It start the linuxsampler server but can't connect to it (connection refused)03:08
ailolinux-sampler is not installed, is it?03:08
ailoIt's "non free"03:09
Len-1204I think qsampler installs it as a depends03:09
ailoAt least last time I checked03:09
Len-1204Then maybe it should not be in our workflows?03:09
ailoIs there even a package in the repo?03:09
Len-1204seems to be03:10
Len-1204qsampler is there03:10
Len-1204it seemed to pull in something.03:10
ailoqsampler is just the frontend and is under a different license03:10
ailoThe thing with linux-sampler is that the license i GPL but with a restriction03:11
Len-1204qsampler starts a server it says is linuxsampler03:11
ailoI guess to prevent it to be used in hardware samplers or something, who knows03:11
ailoLen-1204: Do apt-cache search linux-sampler or linuxsampler03:12
Len-1204it seems to start... but maybe it has no way of knowing besides if it can connect03:12
ailoLen-1204: I don't think there is any linux sampler there03:12
ailoOr what's the command to show dependencies for a package?03:13
Len-1204root@ustudio1204:~# apt-cache search linuxsampler03:13
Len-1204gigedit - instrument editor for Gigasampler files03:13
Len-1204liblscp-dbg - LinuxSampler Control Protocol library - debugging symbols03:13
Len-1204liblscp-dev - Development files for LinuxSampler Control Protocol library03:13
Len-1204liblscp6 - LinuxSampler Control Protocol wrapper library03:13
Len-1204qsampler - LinuxSampler GUI frontend based on the Qt toolkit03:13
ailoI know this cause I used to compile linux sampler for ubuntu now and then in the past03:13
ailoIt has a restriction that makes it impossible to add it to the repo03:14
Len-1204I think it is something (at least for now) to remove from the workflows03:14
Len-1204How about xsynth?03:15
ailoI don't know what that is03:15
ailofalktx builds linux-sampler for his ppa, so if it is to be used in a workflow documentation somewhere, a ppa would be needed03:16
ailoIt would probably be best to create a new ppa for just those odd packages03:16
Len-1204xsynth is already included03:16
Len-1204there is a wsynth which is a wavetable hack on xsynth that looks interesting.03:17
falktxDSSI stuff is being deprecated03:17
Len-1204Ah, so it should be removed?03:18
Len-1204we are moving to LV2?03:18
falktxdeprecated doesn't mean good, just that it won't be there for too long03:18
falktxLV2 is the future, in theory03:19
falktxI don't ha03:19
falktxI don't like it03:19
Len-1204Will dssi be here long enough to last for 12.04?03:19
falktxof course03:20
Len-12043 years I thnk03:20
falktxdssi stuff won't go anywhere, but new apps will stop supporting it03:20
falktxso slowly it gets less usable03:20
Len-1204there is a plugin module we ship that mounts them and ports them to jack... as long as we have that we are ok03:21
Len-1204Nope, I'm wrong. they are lv2 racks03:24
Len-1204There are two dssi bridge programs though, maybe we should include one of them.03:28
ailoThere's something called ghostess03:28
Len-1204dssi-host-jack works with jack and ghostess bridges to lv203:29
ailoI only know that hexter uses dssi-host-jack. No idea how that works03:31
Len-1204nope sorry ghostess is the gui for the first one03:31
ailoI often us hexter as a standalone thing03:31
ailoJust tried ghostess03:32
ailoIt's some kind of a very simple gui03:32
ailoFor dssi plugins03:32
Len-1204naspro-bridges is the one that goes to lv203:32
Len-1204I'm trying them both03:33
Len-1204naspro makes all the dssi synths show up in zynjacku03:37
Len-1204ghostess is not user friendly. requires cli to start. I would suggest naspro-bridges as it installs and just works.03:48
falktxnaspro doesn't do dssi guis03:52
falktxwhich makes fluidsynth and hexter useless03:52
falktxmaybe others03:52
Len-1204it does give control in a gui, just not the gui it came with.03:55
falktxthat's not the point03:55
Len-1204not the gui the dssi came with03:55
falktxfluidsynth for example has no parameters03:55
falktxso zynjacku will not display anything in the UI03:56
falktxit needs the internal plugin UI to select a soundfont03:56
Len-1204Ok, actually neither fluidsynth or hexter show up in zynjacku anyway.03:57
Len-1204hexter can run stand alone and fluid has qsynth03:59
Len-1204naspro allows xsynth and wsynth to work stand alone as well.04:00
ailohexter can't run as standalone without jack-dssi-host04:04
Len-1204Frescobaldi pulls in lilypond. 04:04
Len-1204do we have that?04:04
Len-1204lilypond-doc is very big. 237M we may want to install without. and download after we have network.04:06
Len-1204Yeah, we have jack-dssi-host.04:14
Len-1204Frescobaldi/lilypond installs and runs.. I am not a good tester of this though as I am not someone who follows music... chord charts are about it.04:35
Len-1204CSound/celia load and run.... again I don't know how well it runs04:37
Len-1204chuck is not available in repo.04:38
* micahg sees chuck in the repo05:04
micahgchuck | | precise/universe | source, amd64, armel, armhf, i386, powerpc05:04
Len-1204found it, thanks.05:12
Len-1204xwax loads. It is a cli utility. I can't test it with no equipment though.05:12
Len-1204Chuck has a learning curve,but installs and runs as best I can tell.05:17
Len-1204Mixxx looks good. I can get sound out of it. Too big for my tiny screen though, actually manages to stop PA. Probably any reasonable laptop would be fine, but a desktop would be better. (soundcard wise too)05:26
Len-1204rivendell? I can't find it.05:28
Len-1204IJDC? can't find that either05:29
TheMusoidjc is in precise.05:34
Len-1204I just found it. I'm not sure if its on the workflows page wrong or I copied it wrong.05:46
Len-1204darkice installs ok as does darksnow. I dont have a server to try it with though. darksnow is a gui for darkice.05:48
Len-1204darksnow coredumbed when I exited.05:49
Len-1204is it worth having dark ice without icecast?05:49
Len-1204icecast is small, but requires questions to be answered while installing. ubiquity wouldn't handle that.05:52
Len-1204Also, the install of icecast starts the icecast server... in foreground...05:57
Len-1204idjc looks good. Talks to jack etc. I would need a running icecast server to try it out well :-)06:04
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