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XartaoXstill fighting with the keyboard volume knob issue. very annoying.20:00
XartaoXlooking thru settings and mixers, it looks like the ALSA master volume has NO affect at all .. only PulseAudio volume has any affect20:01
XartaoXalso, using the volume knob, it affects the PulseAudio volume and the std. headphone volume ... altho in such a limited range it's useless20:02
XartaoXSO ... what benefits does PulseAudio give me (why would I want to keep it) and what negatives would removing it have, if any?20:02
XartaoXi see also i can just disable it at startup to see if that makes any difference20:02
XartaoXalso, i notice in the Session and Startup panel an "XFCE Volume Daemon (Daemon managing the volume multimedia keys and displaying volume notifications)"20:04
XartaoXi'm wondering if THAT could be the issue, and how i configure it?20:04
XartaoXreading up on PulseAudio, I learned that if I installed it on my win xp machine I could (potentially) send audio from my workstation TO my media server to output thru that ... which would be pretty damn cool20:06
XartaoXi've been considering running the Line-Out from my workstation to the Line-In of my media server for that very purpose!20:07
XartaoXI find it QUITE odd tho that the std. master volume control in the system mixer has NO influence on the system volume tho20:07
XartaoXoh .. and i DID ask about this over in #xubuntu too ... no help there really ...they directed me to some app called KeyTouch20:15
XartaoXmy intuition tho tells me it's some inter-configuration issue between ALSA and PulseAudio ... which would (i think) make it an Ubuntu Studio issue20:16
XartaoX:D :D :D20:16
XartaoXfixed the keyboard volume knob issue!!   via this page :: http://ulno.net/2011/04/16/mixer-control-with-multimedia-keys-und-multiple-soundcards-in-xfce4-on-debian-or-ubuntu/21:01
XartaoXthe active-card and sound-card settings were different ... i had to copy the setting from sound-card to active-card ... now it works! :D :D :D21:01
cfhowlettXartaoX: http://imagebin.org/19626921:09
XartaoXi share my solution in case you encounter others with similar problems ;)21:11
XartaoXtook a good deal of reasearch21:11
holsteinwait til you reboot and those change too ;)21:11
XartaoXi already logged out and back in .. changes stuck21:13
holsteincool :)21:13
XartaoXi also figured out (with help from #xubuntu) how to make my extended desktop settings stick on reboot21:13
XartaoXonly remaining problem is this whole unable-to-come-back-from-suspend thing21:13
XartaoXbut for today? enuf trubl shooting!  time to play with audio apps!!!!21:14
XartaoXquestion tho: which apps would i want to use to record my MIDI input from several synths plus a drum machine so I can record a final song out to audio I can put up on SoundCloud ?21:14
holsteini dont sleep or suspend desktops21:16
holsteinJACK will *freak* if you sleep while its running21:16
holsteinXartaoX: rosegarden, qtractor, ardour3... any sequencer really21:17
XartaoXand i use LADI to route the MIDI from each synth/etc. I use TO the sequencer ?21:18
XartaoXthen in multiple passes record IN the sequencer my MIDI input with a synth, then move on to another while the sequencer plays what I already recorded ... etc. etc ...21:19
holsteinXartaoX: i just use jack connect21:19
holsteinyou can ust ladi or whatever21:19
XartaoXi like how LADI uses a graphical nodes routing setup21:19
holsteinrosegarden or qtractor21:20
holsteinXartaoX: sure.. use that if you like21:20
XartaoXrosegarden isn't installed .. been thinkin bout it21:20
holsteinXartaoX: ask in #opensourcemusicians too21:20
holsteini do *very* little mide21:20
holsteinthough, qtractor and RG are the regulars21:20
XartaoXalso ... i know yer trying to keep the base US install light, but you MIGHT want to consider including MyPaint in future releases. VERY nice digital painting app!!21:21
holsteinXartaoX: its a DVD21:21
holsteini dont care21:21
holsteinbut, you have to stop somewhere21:21
holsteinand you cant please everyone21:21
XartaoXif interested ... :: the solution to my extended desktop not being remembered was to add the script created by agrandr to my startup apps21:22
holsteinXartaoX: feel free and join #ubuntustudio-devel21:22
XartaoXi get it. MyPaint is well worth it tho. i find it indispensible21:22
XartaoXmaybe :D21:22
holsteinXartaoX: nah.. you'll need to *do something to get that included21:22
holsteinyou can join that channel, and go to a meeting and suggest it21:23
XartaoXfair nuf21:23
holsteinyou can add it to the meetings agenda21:23
holsteinyou can join the mailing lists21:23
holsteinim not saying it wont happen21:23
XartaoXwhelllll .. i'll hold off on that for now21:24
holsteinfor example https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings/2012February1921:24
holsteinyou add "id like to get paint in 12.04"21:24
holsteinyou show up21:24
holsteinyou say why21:24
holsteinyou try and get someone to put it in21:24
holsteinim grinding some different axes myself21:25
holsteinand again, you just have to stop somewher21:25
holsteinXartaoX: but... i totally agree21:25
holsteinthats a simple paint app that could really help21:25
XartaoXmost useful with a tablet .. which, sadly, i do not yet have ... fine with a mouse too tho21:26
XartaoXmy problem is: having USED an Intuos, i won't be happy with anything less ;)21:26
XartaoXIntuos, even smaller ones, are $$$$$!!!!!21:26
holsteini dont like tablets21:27
XartaoX?!?!? you must not do any digital painting or photo-manipulation!! :P21:28
holsteini do what i need to do21:28
holsteinjust not on toys ;)21:28
XartaoXheh . . fair nuf21:28
XartaoXbamboo is a toy. Intuos is not.21:29
XartaoXi WISH i could afford one of those video-display tablets .. <drool>21:29
* XartaoX makes a drooly mess all over the place21:29
holsteinXartaoX: OH.. yeah those tablets21:30
holsteini have one of those21:30
holsteini was thinking like an ipad21:30
XartaoXoh. no. not an ipad21:31
holsteini have an early wacom that i barely konw how to use21:31
holsteinbut i get the idea21:31
holsteini bet its handy21:31
holsteini dont do anything to warrant that21:31
XartaoXja. intuos support rotation and angle as well as pressure21:31
XartaoXif you get the airbrush pen ... wow21:31
holsteinbut, im not a fan of the actually tiny toy talble thingies21:31
XartaoXme either. they're neeto, but that's about it21:32
XartaoXi feel the same way about smartphones21:32
holsteini ue my driod a lot21:32
XartaoXi just want my phone to be a phone, my mp3 player to be an mp3 player, and my camera to be a camera21:32
holsteinbut i always hate the web on it21:32
XartaoXwith a 'smart-device', if it breaks, you lose all three at once21:33
holsteinXartaoX: i dont mind an all in one21:33
holsteini just hate having shite versions all stuck together21:33
XartaoXfair nuf21:33
holsteinits like, a subpar experience on all the different parts :/21:33
holsteini like the idea though21:33
XartaoX<sigh> crushed seeds ain't doin it for me ... hope 'my guy' gets home ;)21:33
holsteinmaybe some day :)21:33
holsteinXartaoX: lol21:33
XartaoXwhy would Hydrogen have no MIDI input in LADI??21:52
XartaoXWOW!! the latency is BEAUTIFUL!! perfect! control!! :D :D21:59
holsteinXartaoX: maybe JACK midi to alsa-midi22:07
holsteini usually fire up a2jmidid22:07
XartaoXXD yer confusing me22:11
XartaoXOH! yer addressing why hydrogen has no midi input in ladi22:23
XartaoX.. i just discovered the whole 'editing the synth' portion of Yoshimi23:12
XartaoXHOLY CRAP!!23:12
XartaoXit's seriously gonna take some time to learn to use all these audio apps together properly23:21
XartaoXi STILL haven't figuresd out how to record what I'm doing with the synths23:22
XartaoXor at leasat not my actual MIDI inputs, so I can quantize them or otherwise adjust them .. say velocity or mod or bend23:22
XartaoXseeing as i don't actually HAVE a proper MIDI controller .. just the computer keyboard and my mouse23:23

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