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spaceneedleBug: The Dingbats font is not working properly. When I used that font I noticed that vlc player had a bunch of symbols rather than letters!04:19
ice10001hi all07:13
ice10001any guru's around to help?07:13
Marzataall of them are in meditation.07:15
ice10001any guru's now07:24
TVasEyesice10001: how about a simple statement of the actual problem?07:31
ice10001!! A response: :)07:31
ubottuice10001: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:31
ice10001basically, how to setup xubuntu 64 (11.10) software centre to connect behind proxy07:32
TVasEyesah, networking isn't my forte (and I still use 32bit 11.10), sorry.07:32
TVasEyesbtw, exclamation mark prompts the bot.07:33
ice10001thanks, I dont use irc very often, and nor do I see who is replying (sort of too trusting perhaps)07:36
ice10001thanks for response07:36
TVasEyeswelcome, next time perhaps :)07:37
Unit193I'd assume it'd support the env var of http_proxy, so you *should* be able to put something like "export http_proxy=" in your bash?07:44
arabuliHello, how can I install xfce4-xkb-plugin in xubununtu?10:50
baizonarabuli: open terminal, the type: sudo apt-get install xfce4-xkb-plugin10:56
arabulibaizon: wow that was easy. Thanks10:57
baizonif you like a gui, go system -> Synaptic pacakge manager10:58
baizonand then search for this entry :)10:58
baizonright click on it and install / uninstall10:58
ice10001Hi all,11:07
ice10001anyone here to help on xubuntu 64 (11.10) proxy prob?11:07
Marzatasome tool to make screenshot of a whole web page. idea?12:52
baizonwhat browser?12:54
Marzatabaizon: ff, cr, ミドリ12:57
Marzatabaizon: Not available for your platform12:58
Marzatame on xubu 11.1012:59
TVasEyesMarzata: one option would be to take screenshots of the visible part, then use something like http://netpbm.sourceforge.net/doc/pnmstitch.html12:59
MarzataTVasEyes: oh, pain13:00
TVasEyes'fraid so.13:00
TVasEyesotoh, you have more freedoms (fileformat etc)13:01
MarzataTVasEyes: better Hugin to make the panorama :D13:01
TVasEyesah, ok, don't know Hugin, must read up.13:01
TVasEyeser yes, looks easier to operate than command-line util ;)13:02
Marzatano problem with cli, if it only works13:03
TVasEyesno, I'm sure you're right about Hugin.  anyway, stitching together would seem to be the only cross-browser/cross-platform way of doing.13:04
hydesterhi, i just installed xubuntu 11.10 on a new machine with just a SATA 3g drive.  the install worked fine ,but on reboot i just get the blinking cursor and no way to get to boot menu and no splash screen is seen.  is this evidence of an obvious problem?13:05
TVasEyeshydester: gut feeling: missing the correct driver from initrd, but I haven't used xubuntu long enough myself to talk you through this.13:08
hydesterTVasEyes: any different with ubuntu or you mean you've used other distros?13:09
TVasEyesI use slackware mostly and only had xubuntu for a couple of months.  there are significant differences, eg lilo vs grub bootloader etc. I wouldn't feel confident.13:10
TVasEyeshowever, do some rearch re initrd.13:11
TVasEyesthat supplies drivers to kernel at boot time13:11
hydesteranother factor is that i'm installing with /boot as a primary partition but / as a logical.  but from what i read that shouldn't cause any problems13:16
TVasEyesno, I've the same arrangement.13:17
TVasEyeshydester: if you have a live cd at hand, boot and note down relevant output from  lspci -vv  which will give details of all devices and drivers in use.13:19
TVasEyeswill help to trouble-shoot later.13:19
hydesterk, thanks13:20
TVasEyesgood luck.13:21
xusercopy/paste on desktop using thunar file manager not works13:51
xuserxubuntu 11.1013:51
abhi_i have an alps glidepoint in my sony vaio vgn n17g laptop, it is not much consistent even after installing the ps mouse patch in xubuntu 11.10 , what can i do? the problem is with drag, sometimes it works correctly while sometimes it fails so i have to try 3-4 times to successfully drag something. plz help.13:56
abhi_why my message got truncated from beginning?13:57
abhi_i'm asking about alps glidepoint drag problem13:57
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abhi_is anybody using alps glidepoint with xubuntu?14:05
abhi_this is the only annoying thing remaining in my xubuntu installation, plz help me guys!14:12
abhi_actually it requires 3 taps instead of 2 to drag  or select.14:14
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hydesterare there issues with installing to UEFI SATA that the regular installer doesn't support?14:45
hydesterthat is, after rebooting on the new install14:45
holsteinhydester: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting15:09
TVasEyeshydester: uefi may be at the root of your trouble, see 'Non-Mac x86_64 UEFI systems' in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting  if you haven't done so already.15:09
hydesterTVasEyes and holstein, i tried IDE compatibility mode and it installed, so it indeed is UEFI related.  that page has a lot of variations of instructions.  i guess it'll take some time to sort it all out15:16
holsteinhydester: i typically just try the live CD's and test from there15:17
hydesterholstein: the live CD saw EUFI just fine, it was just failure to boot off of the installed drive.  what can i test via live CD?15:18
TVasEyeshydester: glad you've a running system.  I think we'll get a lot of difficulties in the future from the move to uefi.15:18
hydesteris running in IDE mode vs EUFI have any downside?15:19
holsteinhydester: not sure what you can test... i read that you were asking "will i run into problems"... if you already are running into issues, feel free and elaborate..15:19
hydesterholstein: ah, sorry.  i was asking elsewhere too and i didn't realize i didn't include details here.  basically i can install to my EUFI device just fine with the live CD (USB), but when i reboot i get the blinking cursor on text screen.  this is the only OS on this drive15:20
hydesterso it seems that the live install doesn't support EUFI grub, at least in my scenario15:21
TVasEyeshydester: not sure since all my computers are 2 years+ old, I got (part of) my info from http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Securely-booting-Linux-a-difficult-proposition-1417990.html15:21
holsteinwonder if its as simple as a grub error...15:22
hydesterholstein: could be, but i never get any text on the screen and holding down shift doesn't help15:22
holsteini think i would try some other boot loader that we know works, and go from there15:22
hydesterwhat boot loader would you recommend?15:23
hydesteralso, is there a downside to using IDE vs EUFI mode on a SATA?15:23
holsteinhydester: i have not tested first hand with that hardware15:24
holsteini would just search around and see if any claim good support15:24
xubuntu979fuck /part15:24
hobgoblinreally ...15:25
hydesterholstein: so i switched my bios back to AHCI after installing via IDE mode and it still boots.  is this a workaround i found or do you think it is an illusion and still is running in IDE mode?15:33
hydesterhydester: it looks like it is working properly.  so the AHCI installer make be broken for my configuration.  i gues IDE install first does fake it out somehow15:41
hydesterheh, i didn't mean to address myself15:41
XartaoXgood day!15:44
XartaoXI have 3 issues I'm trying to sort: A) My machine won't come out of suspend. .. B) I can't get my machine to remember my extended desktop dual-head setup. It always defaults to clone mode on reboot. .. C) My keyboard volume knob doesn't do what I want. it only adjusts the PulseAudio volume, NOT the system volume; and in a VERY limited range.15:46
XartaoXre: B) ... i have to use arandr every boot to set the extended desktop. i saved an .sh script of the setup, but now I don't know what to DO with that script.15:47
XartaoXincidentally, I'm using Ubuntu Studio (11.10) .. they directed me here for these questions. :D15:47
MarzataXartaoX: you use a Thinkpad?15:49
XartaoXdesktop ... Pentium D dual 3.4Ghz, 3G DDR2 RAM, PCIe ATI x600 256M gfx15:54
XartaoXIt's a Dell Optiplex GX62015:56
XartaoXI tried other distros on Live dvd or USB key .. some of them got my display right immediately, and came out of standby just fine15:57
XartaoXUbuntu Studio is now fully installed on my HD tho ... no other OSes on there either15:58
baizonyou need to stop that reconnecting =)18:01
XartaoXany help with my above questions/problems? plz :D18:28
GridCube_care to sumarize it for me XartaoX ?18:28
XartaoXI have 3 issues I'm trying to sort: A) My machine won't come out of suspend. .. B) I can't get my machine to remember my extended desktop dual-head setup. It always defaults to clone mode on reboot. .. C) My keyboard volume knob doesn't do what I want. it only adjusts the PulseAudio volume, NOT the system volume; and in a VERY limited range.18:28
XartaoXre: B) ... i have to use arandr every boot to set the extended desktop. i saved an .sh script of the setup, but now I don't know what to DO with that script.18:29
XartaoXincidentally, I'm using Ubuntu Studio (11.10) .. they directed me here for these questions. :D18:29
XartaoXI tried other distros on Live dvd or USB key .. some of them got my display right immediately, and came out of standby just fine18:29
knomeXartaoX, B) applications menu -> settings -> settings manager -> session and startup -> tab "application autostart" -> add the script there18:30
GridCube_mmm i've had those suspend problems as well, but i've avoided it by never going to suspend, just blocking the screen seems ok18:30
GridCube_so i put it to "never" on the suspend at plugged and unplugged :P18:31
XartaoXi have it set to never AUTOMATICALLY suspend .. but when i go to sleep, i like to suspend it so that when i wake up i can just hit the spacebar whilst i do my "morning duties" and when i come back all the apps and windows i had open are up and ready18:35
XartaoXok, added that script to my startup. thx. i'll see if that works shortly18:35
XartaoXi notice in that Session and Startup panel a "SFCE Volume Daemon (Daemon managing the volume multimedia keys and displaying volume notifications)"18:35
XartaoXseems to me that might have something to do with C) ??18:36
GridCube_XartaoX: for that exactly i never suspend, using the block screen instead its much useful18:36
XartaoXi'm not familiar with this "block screen" ??18:36
GridCube_i think i'm having a language barrier here, it is "lock screen"?18:38
GridCube_i dont know18:38
knomelock screen sounds correct18:38
GridCube_but its not suspension, because suspension sends your disks to sleep too18:38
XartaoXi may as well just turn off my monitors then instead of lock the screen ... i live alone and am the only one that uses my computers18:39
GridCube_:) that works too18:39
XartaoXtypo above .. SFCE should be XFCE XD18:39
XartaoXbrb .. pizza ready :)18:40
XartaoXmmm nom nom nom18:41
XartaoXany ideas on the volume knob issue?18:43
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://goo.gl/Pwxq118:45
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ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout19:21
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daysahead5how do i set a file to be in multiple groups chgrp group1 text.txt but how do i add multiple groups not just one?22:50
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xubuntu685hello to all23:15
xubuntu685there is somebody who talk french?23:15
Unit193!fr | xubuntu68523:15
ubottuxubuntu685: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:15
xubuntu685someone can help me>??23:16
Unit193!ask | xubuntu68523:16
ubottuxubuntu685: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:16
xubuntu685ok thank you23:17
xubuntu685i'm installing xubuntu i have the fatal error that it can't install the grub files23:18
xubuntu685sorry for my bad english23:18
Unit193That's not good, what error messages exactly? You can always join the french channel #ubuntu-fr though23:19
xubuntu685fatal error grub can install in sda choose an other...23:20
xubuntu685i've already installed mint 12 on my machine but she's a little old i've choose xubuntu for more ressources23:21
daysahead5xubuntu is awesome!23:23
xubuntu685linux mind is awesome23:23
xubuntu685i can't see windows now23:23
xubuntu685the way of thinking23:24
xubuntu685sorry daysahead5 i'm french my english is awesome too lol23:26
knomedaysahead5, xubuntu685: you can still use #ubuntu-fr :)23:26
xubuntu685how i can join it23:27
knomexubuntu685, /join #ubuntu-fr23:27
xubuntu685ok thanx23:27
xubuntu685for your help and your time good night23:28
knomexubuntu685, good luck and good night23:30
c_smithdaysahead5, I gotta agree, Xubuntu is pretty awesome, thinking about installing the DE since I have Ubuntu for certain things.23:47
c_smiththat leads me to my question: is it safe to install the Xubuntu DE metapackage?23:48
ParkerRc_smith, Should be ok23:48
c_smithcool, I've tried Xubuntu before, it's really solid if you don't need too much flashy stuff23:49
ubottuLists of common questions and answers about Xubuntu can be found at http://xubuntu.org/news/tag/faq/. See also: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions23:50
c_smithalso, in Xubuntu, is there a way to mount an Acer Iconia Tab A100?23:50
gry2thunar auto mounts devices, yes23:51
c_smithtrue, but this tablet isn't automounted in even Unity. doesn't even show up,23:51
c_smithNautilus I should say instead of Unity, shouldn't I?23:52
gry2how do you mount it then? or you currently can't do that yet?23:52
c_smithI connect it, but nothing really appears.23:52
c_smiththe tablet itself works great.23:52
GridCube_c_smith: read this: http://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/alternative23:53
c_smithGridCube, I never knew you could completely replace a DE (including getting rid of the old one)23:54
c_smiththanks for that info23:54
GridCube_c_smith: tried mounting your tablet with gigolo?23:54
GridCube_c_smith: in the case of unity its rather important, else it would pretty much fu... mess things up23:55
c_smithnope. just got the tablet Wednesday, haven't tried mounting it in a different DE.23:55
c_smithGridCube, ah, I see. yeah, I see where Mark Shuttleworth is going with Unity, and how it could help, I just dislike the interface.23:55
c_smithbut that's a topic that I should reserve for an Offtopic channel, eh?23:56
GridCube_yep :)23:56
c_smithlast I tried using Xubuntu, there was one Thunar plugin I couldn't get to compile (the repos didn't have it) the plugin is Thunar Share, is it depricated.23:57
c_smithit's a plugin similar to what Nautilus has to share files over a network.23:57
GridCube_it should be there if you install gvfs23:57
GridCube_by defautl23:58
GridCube_i don't really know why we don't ship gvfs by default tho :/23:58
GridCube_in fact that plugin being there causes a few problems because thunar tries to locate network shares every time it opens for the first time, giving lots of errors like hanging for a minute and then openning like 3 windows :P23:59
c_smithhmmmmm, I read the plugin I was trying to compile handled SMB,23:59

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