pooliehi wgz00:04
wgzhey poolie00:10
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vilahi alll !07:37
vilaheya mgz08:01
jelmerhi mgz, vila08:13
wgzshall we get this party started?08:14
* vila nods08:16
wgzI created a thingy via the new cunning means described in a thread on the wotsit08:21
vilajelmer: joining ?08:25
jelmervila: sorry, on my way08:27
vilajelmer: no worries08:27
bialixmgz, vila: can you look at the "what's new iun qbzr 0.22" and check this text for mistakes? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~qbzr-dev/qbzr/trunk2a/view/head:/NEWS.txt08:47
wgzseems good bialix08:51
bialixthank you, wgz08:51
bialixnew hat? new clothes?08:51
wgzI need to dress up in two outfits at once :)08:53
bialixwgz: I'll release qbzr then08:57
bialixnot sure what I can do for explorer right now08:57
wgzbialix: I want to still get some fixes in for explorer09:05
ccxCZcan anyone help me with converting svn to bzr? currently I'm stuck at: bzr: ERROR: Unable to convert Subversion path e16/fnlib/fonts/fonts/shinymetal/45/\.tif because it contains characters invalid in Bazaar.10:32
jelmerccxCZ: that's a really hard thing to work around, bzr doesn't support backslashes in filenames at the moment10:38
ccxCZI guess that filename is there by mistake anyway and I certainly don't need the e16/ subtree10:39
jelmerccxCZ: you could dump the svn repository, remove the problematic filename and then import10:40
ccxCZcan we import from svndump?10:41
ccxCZatm I have local copy of the repo obtained with svnsync, can I branch a subdir of that?10:42
ccxCZit uses /trunk/projectname layout and I need only few of these10:43
jelmerccxCZ: you can use a subdir, you just can't exclude a subdir10:56
jelmerccxCZ: "bzr branch" allows you to specify a path in the repo10:56
ccxCZah got it to work now, thanks10:58
ccxCZjelmer: I branched out successfully and now I tried to pull new changes from the source on the net http://paste.pocoo.org/show/547220/11:35
ccxCZI can svn co from that uri successfully; when I disable all plugins but svn it behaves the same11:46
jelmerccxCZ: you're running an old version f bzr-svn11:49
ccxCZshould I try 1.1.2 or trunk?11:51
ccxCZseems to work now, thanks again11:55
* ccxCZ should have checked for latest version himself11:55
ccxCZhmm but why is it checking out the whole history?11:56
jelmerccxCZ: it's just caching the revision metadata, not the contents of the revisions11:56
ccxCZserver is too unstable to get all 6k commits in one session, that's why I used svnsync11:57
ccxCZseems I'll have to keep the sync version around for pulling then11:57
ccxCZ60k commits actually11:57
ccxCZthat's one unhappy server :-( bzr: ERROR: A Subversion remote access command failed: REPORT of '/svn/e/!svn/bc/58596': Could not read response body: Connection reset by peer (http://svn.enlightenment.org)12:01
ccxCZokay, I'll make some scripts to update my repos from the svnsync copy then12:02
mgzman, lwn trolls pretty hard of riddell's post about kubuntu12:13
mgzand it works, 32 comments already :)12:13
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Riddellmgz: yeah that jono guy holds no punches :)14:12
mgzRiddell: all those people saying nice things about you too :)14:25
RiddellI've had two job offers in the last hour :)  [not wanting to take them]14:25
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JesdiscipleI have two revisions numbered 1, local and remote, and the local is the "real" one.  It was actually derived from the remote, but I wrestled with bzr and had to make a new repo with the old code.17:59
JesdiscipleHow can I merge?  I can't find anything about how to specify a "base revision"17:59
Jesdisciplewhat I have been trying: bzr merge lp:chaos2d --revision 118:00
LarstiQJesdisciple: why not just `bzr merge lp:chaos2d`?18:17
JesdiscipleLarstiQ, $ bzr merge lp:chaos2d18:20
JesdiscipleEnter passphrase for key '/home/chris/.ssh/id_rsa':18:20
Jesdisciplebzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.18:20
LarstiQJesdisciple: aha18:20
Jesdiscipleended up finding the solution here http://selfdocumentingcode.blogspot.com/2009/04/merging-unrelated-branches-in-bazaar.html18:20
LarstiQJesdisciple: right, that way you can get it done18:21
LarstiQJesdisciple: but since you're just starting out18:22
LarstiQJesdisciple: do you need the "old" one?18:23
LarstiQJesdisciple: if not, you could maybe just replace it with the new one and go from there18:23
LarstiQJesdisciple: `bzr push lp:chaos2d --overwrite` should do it I think18:23
Jesdisciple(it's too late now, and I accidentally deleted the wrong half of the conflict... now rewriting one of those four files where I had made massive changes)18:24
Jesdisciplealright, thanks18:24
LarstiQJesdisciple: if you had everything committed, and the merge went wrong, you can use `bzr revert` to get back to the latest commit18:25
Jesdisciplesweet, thanks18:25
idnaris bzr-colo in core yet?20:10
idnarI found some mailing list traffic about something like but couldn't follow the discussion20:11
idnarah I guess not20:12
jelmeridnar: hi20:12
idnarjelmer: hi :)20:13
jelmeridnar: there is some degree of colocated branch support in core nowadays20:13
jelmeridnar: in 2.5 onwards20:13
edakiriI set global ignores in ~/.bazaar/ignore , but do not see them with 'bzr ignore --default-rules' .  Ideas why?  Strace tells me  ~/.bazaar/ignore is never accessed.21:58
Kamping_Kaiseredakiri: is your version of bzr new enough to use it?22:03
edakiriKamping_Kaiser: Bazaar (bzr) 2.5.0dev622:03
edakiriThe docs i am looking at are for 2.5.0dev1 , so I figure the version of bzr i have should be new enough.22:04
jelmeredakiri: I think --default-rules just prints the hardcoded list in bzr itself that it will write out if there is no ~/.bazaar/ignore file22:05
edakiriI think that is so.22:25
thomiHi - qbzr's diff app has an option to ignore whitespace changes. Is there a way to do that with straight 'bzr diff' as well?22:47
jelmerthomi: hi22:54
thomihi jelmer22:54
jelmerthomi: I think something like "bzr diff --diff-options -w"22:54
thomijelmer: ahh, thanks22:56
jelmerthomi: anytime :) are you having fun in unity land?23:02
thomijelmer: yeah, it's good fun. Working from home takes a bit of getting used to though, but once you learn to avoid distractions it gets easier23:03
thomiI need to get out of the house more though - some weeks I hardly go outside during the day...23:03
lifelesswgz: hey23:53
lifelesswgz: so I found a bug in your testtools encoding detection code; triggers implicit decode if the linecache has unicode contents in it23:53

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