apacheloggerafiestas: do you happen to know what the progress on oxygen font is?00:19
afiestasapachelogger: I have been using it for a while, so it is usable and beatiful for being an alpha00:19
afiestasthough right now I'm using ubuntu's00:19
micahgany objections to keeping mimelib1 which is a fork from kdepim3 in the archive so that we can have lurker again?  see Bug 92642500:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926425 in lurker (Ubuntu) "Sync lurker 2.3-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92642500:19
* micahg is mainly concerned about bitrotted code that might be exploited00:20
apacheloggerafiestas: yeah, I am using it too, was just wondering if you know anything more00:21
apacheloggerobviously switching to oxygen font would be my target here ^^00:21
apacheloggeromnomnom oxygen00:21
apacheloggermicahg: as long as we do not have to maintain it :P00:21
micahgnope, but is it something I should worry about?00:22
micahgI know KDE is moving away from mimelib00:22
apacheloggerwe only support KDE 4's mimelib stuff, as upstream only supports that00:25
micahgright, but is that code prone to security issues?00:25
apacheloggerno, well, not any more than other unmaintained software :P00:26
apacheloggermicahg: the bug report suggests that is a fork, so I guess it has little to do with KDE/Kubuntu00:28
micahgindeed, but I wanted the Kubuntu folk opinion since it's based on KDE software :)00:29
micahgok, kdepim had 3 CVEs 5-7 years ago, I'm going to approve the sync and blacklist removal, thanks for the input00:32
apacheloggermicahg: those CVEs were not in mimlib from what I can tell00:32
apacheloggerso it should be fine00:32
micahgright, that too :)00:32
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apachelogger!find com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar.xml precise01:09
ubottuPackage/file com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar.xml does not exist in precise01:09
apacheloggerubottu: you silly robot!01:09
ubottuapachelogger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:09
micahgapachelogger: that's not in any package on amd64 at least01:25
micahgerr, not a file in01:25
apacheloggeryeah, agateau doesn't like installing xmls it seems ^^01:27
apacheloggeranyone knows our current policy on git versions?01:28
Daskreechhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-February/005782.html isn't in the topic ?01:31
apacheloggernot important01:34
Daskreech:-) but of concern01:35
micahgkubuntu has a lot more devs and testers than any other flavor, I don't see anything happening01:38
DaskreechYeah  It's actually surprising that it is not being supported anymore01:38
DaskreechAnd I just told someone yesterday to continue with their support contract with Canonical because they support Kubuntu too01:39
DaskreechSo Kubuntu won't be available on releases.ubuntu.com any more?01:41
apacheloggerreal companies employe their own kubuntu developer to do support for them :P01:41
apacheloggerDaskreech: xubuntu is there, no?01:41
apacheloggerthe only thing that is changing is that Riddell won't be working on kubuntu during work hours and no commercial support from the canonical helpline01:42
Daskreechapachelogger:No xubuntu isn't there01:43
DaskreechOnly Ubuntu and Kubuntu so I suppose Kubuntu will be removed01:43
apacheloggerperhaps moving to cdimage, I dunno01:43
apacheloggerhardly a notable change :P01:44
apacheloggerwell, actually edubuntu doesn't get commercial support either? so I guess that will simply stay the same01:44
apacheloggerwould be a hassle to have all the world change their scripts anyway ^^01:45
DaskreechRight essentially if you aren't Unity then you don't get support right now01:46
micahgDaskreech: yeah, you'll just get a link, but it doesn't deter people, so you shouldn't be worried01:48
DaskreechI'm not really. I was actually surprised that Canonical still did support for Kubuntu when I asked01:48
DaskreechI thought they they threw out everyone a long time ago01:48
DaskreechThough I guess I shuld have realised when Riddell started working on non Kubuntu stuff that would be the next step01:50
apacheloggerwhen did jr start working on non-Kubuntu stuff?01:50
DaskreechSabbatical ?01:51
apacheloggerDaskreech: that was entirely personal motivated01:53
DaskreechYeah which is why I paid it no attention :)01:55
DaskreechWhat's with the iBus?01:55
apacheloggerI have no idea01:58
apacheloggerapparently there are multiple solutions and no one knows how either works or something :P01:59
Daskreechah :)01:59
apacheloggerafiestas, Quintasan, yofel: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/plasma-runner-appmenu please be reviewing or something or nothing02:09
* apachelogger will be on train most of tomorrow02:09
Daskreechafiestas: Ah ha! This is what you were talking about :)02:10
ScottKapachelogger: I'm in an airplane right now.02:10
apacheloggerScottK: you have intartubes in an airplane? :O02:11
ScottK(airborne wifi is still a novelty worth commenting on for me)02:11
ScottKYes even.02:11
apacheloggergood lawd02:11
ScottKSorry for shouting.02:11
apacheloggerround here you can't even get intartubes on train02:11
apacheloggerwell, unless one can do the tethering, for which I am too stupid02:11
ScottKOnly about 1/8 second latency too.02:12
apacheloggerthat's not half bad02:12
DaskreechScottK: are there snaKes?02:12
ScottKDaskreech: Not that I'm aware of.02:12
ScottKI'll let you know if any turn up.02:12
DaskreechWe will allow you to shout again then02:12
Daskreechapachelogger: how do they get the dumptrucks (which obviously contain snaKes) up the intartubes to fit on the plane?02:13
ScottKIt's a little bumpy and I accidentally hit caps lock.02:13
apacheloggerDaskreech: timelord technology02:14
apacheloggerit's bigger on the inside02:14
DaskreechScottK: So a drop in your connection is a double entendre then? 02:28
* Daskreech hugs valorie03:17
claydohhi nixternal03:45
Darkwinghey nixternal03:45
* Daskreech jumps on nixternal and is blown off by the force of expelled air03:45
Darkwinghas anyone used OBS before?03:45
nixternalano expelling of air here03:46
nixternalso, how are the blue headed step-child muppets doing?03:46
claydohesp if you ate onins and garlic and drank beer03:47
nixternalmuhahahaha, canonical finally proved me right. though it took them 7 years :D03:47
Daskreechnixternal: ask for a letter of sobology!03:47
nixternalstutterfart can suck it03:48
Daskreechnixternal: How would you gauge the health of a package?04:06
nixternalshove a thermometer up its butt04:06
Daskreechnixternal: and if it drops it then like ... it's hot?04:07
nixternalshoot it between the eyes04:08
Daskreechnixternal: was just thinking what if there was a system kinda like bugzilla's most hated bugs04:08
nixternalpeople still use bugzilla?04:08
Daskreech where you could gauge the health of a package. When was it last updated? how many LP bugs are filed against it04:08
nixternalbesides mozilla & the other old timers who are afraid of change04:08
Darkwingkde i think does04:08
nixternalunfortunately so04:09
nixternalthough, i guess you are limited when it comes to open source bug tracking solutions04:09
DaskreechLP does it with Heat I think?04:10
nixternali can't even remember the last time i looked at a bug in lp04:10
micahgDaskreech: well, in Debian, it's done with RC bugs, popcon, and open CVEs04:10
Daskreechmicahg: Right :) but my point is to track sore points04:11
micahgDaskreech: high/critical bugs, out of date package04:11
micahgbuild failures04:11
micahgDebian RC bugs04:11
Daskreechpackaging is a good itch for people and Kubuntu might gain from having a site or resource that can highlight the health of packages04:11
DaskreechThat both gets the kind of overall how well are we doing with packages as well as we can do shout outs to ask "Hey Kremotecontrol could use some love! Anyone loves that package and would like to help?"04:15
DaskreechWow Kpresenter is Kubuntu's most hated bug?04:18
Daskreechand for some reason brasero >_>04:19
Daskreechnixternal: how's your riding?04:19
Daskreechtennis elbow?04:22
nixternalfat assedness04:25
DaskreechThe bike bent?04:26
nixternalyou can't bend carbon fiber thankfully04:27
Daskreechyou can snap it though04:28
* Daskreech wants to start a local KDE group04:35
nixternalall local groups other than python & ruby have died in chicago04:35
DaskreechOS doesn't matter 04:38
Daskreech(aside:) General feedback from the dropping of support mail is that  Kubuntu won't be offered at all after then next release so time to jump ship04:39
DaskreechMight be able to have a pug here but would just like to organize a sub LUG group for KDE :)04:40
Daskreechwhat didn't you grok?05:15
* Tm_T huggles Riddell 05:20
Tm_TDaskreech: didn't knew the context05:20
DaskreechTm_T: for nixternal's fat assedness ?05:20
Tm_TDaskreech: red 305:21
Daskreechok now idon't get the context >_>05:22
* micahg only knows Red 4005:37
Daskreechmicahg: what's that?05:42
micahgfood dye05:42
Daskreechyellow #4?05:49
Daskreechthere is a 4 chan?05:50
* Tm_T hides05:59
DaskreechTm_T: What's red 3?05:59
Tm_Ta random something06:00
Tm_Thence my bingo06:00
DaskreechNo idea what Riddell's job will be now?06:03
Tm_TDaskreech: per his email, other stuff in desktop team06:03
DaskreechSo basically make stuff Qt?06:03
DaskreechWould be nice to see if Canonical would support a third party company doing support for Kubuntu06:09
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yofelDarkwing: $me has an OBS account06:20
josh_winesDaskreech: Will be interesting to see.  Is Canonical allowing the use of the name Kubuntu going forward once they drop support for it?06:22
Daskreechjosh_wines: Of course06:22
Tm_Tjosh_wines: only what changes is Riddell isn't working on his workhours06:22
Tm_T...and canonical support06:23
Tm_Tother than that, Kubuntu community stays06:23
josh_winesgood stuff06:23
Tm_Tand I do hope we do stay06:23
yofelfirst we already experienced for halff a year, second we'll see what it causes06:23
Daskreechyofel: well inital knee jerk is going to be whining and complaining 06:24
yofelsure, just trying to sound reasonably positive ^^06:25
DaskreechWell it's more a clarity than anything else06:26
Tm_TDaskreech: indeed, I think this was expected06:26
DaskreechKubuntu was more or less only given infrastructure support anyway06:26
Tm_Tand we still get that06:26
DaskreechTo be honest I don't see how this move would help canonical other than getting one more experienced Qt person on Unity06:27
DaskreechAt least when they had support they were getting an income stream06:27
Tm_TDaskreech: I suspect that and only that06:27
Tm_TDaskreech: ...income stream?06:27
DaskreechThe largest rollout they have is on Kubuntu AFAIK 06:28
Tm_Tbut does it still bring money in?06:28
DaskreechTm_T: my point is that the current stance makes it so that It cannot bring in income06:28
Daskreechwhere as they are still spending the money on near everything that they were before06:28
Tm_TDaskreech: if it was causing losses more than its worth, economywise this makes sense06:29
Tm_Tthey can now try focus on something else with that "saved" energy06:29
Tm_Tnot saying I support this, just my observation06:29
DaskreechUnless of course they have so many contracts coming in now that they can't bother to spend time with Kubuntu calls06:30
Daskreech the same reason why Apple won't make Desktops anymore06:30
Tm_TI also see this an opportunity to some other company come and begin sponsoring Kubuntu development more freely06:31
DaskreechYes that's what I was musing on before06:31
Tm_Tno, I do not expect that to happen, but I do still hope (:06:32
DaskreechWell honestly KDE has never really been adept at building up Corporate support around it06:33
DaskreechThis does seem like an opportunity to grab though06:38
DaskreechI would suspect there are a number of companies who are looking at KDE as a transition at this point06:38
DaskreechIt's more GNOME2 like than anything else outside of Xfce406:39
DaskreechIt's Mobile friendly for anyone advanced enough to care06:39
Daskreechit's More Windows like than .. well even Windows by the end of the year06:39
DaskreechIf they could build a reputation over the course of a year of being either good middlemen between KDE and Business clients06:44
Daskreechor just being easy to work with from a organization's point of view of needs and from KDE's development side it could be a fantastic place to be in06:45
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Tm_TDaskreech: I think most of the non-support discussion should be kept in #kubuntu-offtopic instead of #kubuntu (:08:15
DaskreechYeah I'm keeping it there for now since a) no one is asking for support and b) this is going to come up a lot over then next two weeks so the clearer the people in #kubuntu have it the better08:16
Daskreechuntil Riddell or so puts up a blog post on Kubuntu.org that we can keep in the topic this helps seep in the current state in the channel most likely to get hit with questions08:17
Tm_Tgood morning08:38
Riddellwell, morning :)08:42
Tm_TRiddell: interesting mails in the list, have you had much time yet to plan the future?09:19
RiddellTm_T: for Kubuntu?  that'll be up to others09:21
Tm_TRiddell: in general (:09:23
tseliotRiddell: if there's anything I can do to help you keep Kubuntu alive, just let me know09:24
Riddelltseliot: I'll be posting a list of jobs that someone will need to do at some point09:25
Tm_Ttseliot: I think as long as we keep doing these, we're ok http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html 09:25
Tm_T+ that, indeed09:25
Riddellbut it's the management of pointing people to gaps and filling in gaps where nobody else does that I don't know how to solve09:26
RiddellTm_T: work items are not the most important thing in the first instance, keep it going rather than add new features09:26
Tm_TRiddell: ah, true09:26
Tm_Tmanagement, I wonder if the k-council would be able to decide how that would be handled09:27
RiddellTm_T: it needs more active leadership than the council can provide09:28
Riddelle.g. "oh a new kde sc release we haven't packaged, how to sort that out?"09:28
Tm_TRiddell: I wasn't suggesting council would be in the action leading unit (:09:29
Tm_Tmore of them being part of the attempt on finding who and how09:29
Riddellyeah it needs a meeting, Darkwing was talking about one next week09:30
Tm_TRiddell: would the workload that was on you before be sensibly split to several focus areas, thus sharing to multiple persons?09:32
RiddellTm_T: yes it could but it's a case of making sure areas don't get dropped09:33
Tm_Tsounds like we have a (possible) plan (:09:34
* Tm_T huggles Riddell and rest of our team09:34
peace-.- Riddell wtf canonical09:50
Tm_Tpeace: tssssk09:50
peaceTm_T: ?09:50
Tm_Tlanguage (;09:51
peaceah 09:51
Riddellwould be good if someone started a new kubuntu group on facebook, the current one is about to die http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=28336554660&ref=ts10:56
Riddell"Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old .."10:56
felimwhiteleyit would be better facebook died ;)10:56
felimwhiteleyRiddell: bad news about canonical... are you still going to work for them on different stuff?10:57
* felimwhiteley needs to get th efinger out10:57
felimwhiteleyperhaps this is the kcik I need to get involved... :s10:57
Riddellfelimwhiteley: yes, where different stuff might well mean qt10:57
felimwhiteleythat's something at least10:57
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Quintasanapachelogger: What did you ping me for?13:05
QuintasanQuassel fails on highlighting13:06
QuintasanAh, review13:08
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Quintasanapachelogger: Packaging is good but I can't say the app works :P13:22
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kalibHi people, is there any brazilian guy in here?14:48
KottizenHi, what does Kubuntu need to survive?14:50
Riddellkalib: why?14:50
RiddellKottizen: community leadership to allocate the jobs needing done to people and fill in the task gaps when nobody else does them14:51
BluesKajHey all14:53
peaceBluesKaj: hey14:54
Riddellhi BluesKaj, disappointing news day today I'm afraid14:54
BluesKajhey Riddell, peace ..oh ? what's the problem ?14:55
peacecanonical is the problem14:56
Riddellsee LWN, slashdot, planet kde/ubuntu14:56
BluesKajRiddell,  bummer , so some ppl are out of a "paying jobs" at kubuntu-development ... guess all the unity probs resulting in a raid on kde devs perhaps or ...?15:03
peaceBluesKaj: i guess Riddell was the only dev paid15:03
BluesKajthis is terrible ..well, I'm not switching to unity or gnome , I'll go back to debian-kde  first if kubuntu is no longer doing to be actively developed15:05
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Riddellit'll be actively developed, we're yet to find out how much15:06
yofelactually, I belive we were more in panic when Riddell told us he would leave for a cycle than we are now. 15:06
yofelthat's at least how I feel15:06
Peace-i am considering to switch to suse15:07
Peace-but... i am lazy15:07
BluesKajis this some kind of scrooge philisophy at canonical , letting one guy go just to save a few bucks ?15:10
Peace-i guess they want only one destkop well supported15:11
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BluesKajheh, well from what I've seen so far they're backing the wrong horse , err desktop 15:12
Peace-+1000 000015:12
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RiddellBluesKaj: not scrooge, just normal business necessity15:14
RiddellBluesKaj: they're backing an in house designed desktop, that's a new thing to do in free software15:15
BluesKajRiddell,  so are you going over to the unity/gnome dev team , then ?15:16
Peace-fired ? xD15:17
BluesKajor exploring other alternatives /options as the saying goes15:18
shadeslayerBluesKaj: Peace- I think he mentioned that he will be reassinged to the Desktop Experience team15:20
BluesKajok shadeslayer , I wasn't here for that15:21
BluesKajso , i guess it's up to volunteeers to "carry the torch" ... best i can contribute is "testing"15:23
Peace-i am always in testing15:25
Peace-12.04 right now15:25
shadeslayerPeace-: BluesKaj: testers are always welcome :D15:26
BluesKajyeah , testing keeps my linux life interesting 15:27
Peace-shadeslayer: well actually i did my own little software aptk15:27
Peace-and other stuff15:27
Peace-i hate muon :D15:27
BluesKajmuon is afull15:27
Peace-BluesKaj: i did the alias too :D15:27
BluesKajerr awful15:27
Peace-i to install 15:28
Peace-i mean for apt15:28
RiddellBluesKaj: staying on the canonical desktop team doing whatever they need me to do, probably qt things will feature15:28
BluesKajI run about 12 alais commands  in combo with the sudoer no pwd entry ...shows I'm a shortcut lazy type :)15:28
Peace-BluesKaj: lazy!15:30
BluesKajRiddell,  good , glad to hear it ... my former employer (I'm now retired) downsized from 18 emplyees at one point , in our labs , to 22 atm , retaining the same workload . well it was an incentive to rid of us old guys but it scared the hell out of young emplyees too ... being "reassigned" is a traumatic experience in some companies 15:33
shadeslayerBluesKaj: how old are you? :D15:34
BluesKajall the research ppl and assignments went out the window 15:34
BluesKajI'm now 68 , shadeslayer 15:34
BluesKajmy introduction to computers came with a spectra-physics integrator in 1983 . it was part of the calculation for dawing areas under curve used in gas chromatography  ...a system for measuring gases in air quality testing15:37
shadeslayerI love it when people talk about old computers and the bygone era15:38
* shadeslayer has yet to touch a vaccum tube 15:38
* yofel touched one in his university museum15:38
BluesKajI havent retired from playing music tho :) ...kubuntu has become my hobby and I'm sad to see this change in attitude by canonical15:38
yofelthey had diode plates too15:38
shadeslayerI've heard stories where transistors were like 10 USD a piece15:39
BluesKajmy bandmates still have some Marshall heads15:39
shadeslayermore at times15:39
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* yofel goes rewriting GettingInvoled/Testing16:19
yofelthat page's useless right now16:20
yofelmore like... that points to the wrong page. We already have a wiki page for the testing team16:25
yofelwhich needs an update, but is usable16:26
* shadeslayer grumbles about /.16:30
shadeslayer"You must wait a little bit before using this resource; please try again later."16:31
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yofelDarkwing: do you know if there's a better docs introduction page than https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/GettingInvolved/Documentation?16:50
yofelor could you maybe put something more there?16:50
yofelshadeslayer: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/KubuntuDevelopers (there's a template linked), and here's mine: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PhilipMuskovac/KubuntuDevApplication16:53
shadeslayerah 16:53
shadeslayeryofel: I kept doing  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PhilipMuskovac/DevApplication16:53
Peace-i was wondering if anyone has tried my panels here16:53
shadeslayeryofel: Link it  to your wiki page so that in the future someone can look at it :P16:54
yofelah, right, moinmoin handles that horribly16:54
shadeslayeryofel: byobu shows you uploading at a rate of 3 Mbps16:56
shadeslayerwth? :D16:56
shadeslayers/you/the\ thinkpad/16:57
kubotushadeslayer: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"16:57
shadeslayerkubotu: *hugs*16:57
shadeslayerah okay16:57
bambee_http://paste.kde.org/201488/ <-- who does better ? :D17:09
shadeslayerbambee_: libnice|dribbleMode⚡ ⇒ du -h ~/.xsession-errors17:22
shadeslayer82M     /home/shadeslayer/.xsession-errors17:22
shadeslayerlibnice|dribbleMode⚡ ⇒ wc -l ~/.xsession-errors17:22
shadeslayer699375 /home/shadeslayer/.xsession-errors17:22
shadeslayerI thought it would be the paste url @_@17:22
shadeslayerbambee_: that's after removing the file 3 days ago17:23
shadeslayermostly filed with nepomuk17:24
shadeslayermaybe I should stop nepomuk17:24
bambee_for me it's "/usr/bin/kactivitymanagerd(2168)" Soprano: "Unsupported operation (2)": "Invalid model"17:25
bambee_all the time... 17:25
yofel161M    /home/yofel/.xsession-errors, and that's 3 days (but full debug output)17:26
shadeslayerfun : http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/07/plasma-desktopb18760.png17:27
bambee_ah thanks yofel! I totally forgot that I activated debugging throught kdebugdialog two days ago... I am an idiot o.O17:27
bambee_it's explains a lot of things... :D17:27
shadeslayerwell, I have that enabled as well17:28
shadeslayerdon't have as much as yofel though17:28
bambee_however... some messages from kactivitymanagerd look warnings and not debug outputs...17:29
shadeslayerneed advice : http://paste.ubuntu.com/832899/17:54
* shadeslayer is bad with i18n stuff17:54
shadeslayer" CMake 2.6 introduces policy CMP0002 which requires all logical target names to be globally unique"17:56
shadeslayereverything looks like it should ///18:00
* shadeslayer pokes apachelogger18:00
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apacheloggershadeslayer: what now?18:23
apacheloggerQuintasan, yofel: did someone get the kde-hud somewhere?18:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: trying to figure out why I hit https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=293030 only on a specific source18:24
ubottuKDE bug 293030 in KDE4 (cmake) "po files do not build due to cmake error - FindGettext cmake bug" [Normal,New]18:24
shadeslayerwhile others work just fine18:24
* yofel didn't touch the HUD at all18:24
shadeslayerwe have a HUD?18:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: specific source?18:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes, the build fails only on a specific tarball, but not on the others I'm packaging18:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/kde-telepathy/0.3.0/src/18:26
shadeslayerfails on tp-contact-applet-0.3.0 but not anything else18:27
shadeslayersee https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly/+packages18:27
apacheloggerI'd argue the error message is pretty clear? :P18:29
Kurdistanhi guys.18:31
Kurdistanand girls. sorry. :)18:31
Kurdistanyofel, how many developer do we have?18:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: so... where is that error log then?18:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/832899/18:32
yofelKurdistan: more than a dozen if you take all - varying in activity, plus some doc writers and other folks18:33
Kurdistanyofel, happy to hear.18:33
yofelhang out here if you're curious about what we usually do18:33
Kurdistanyofel, there is one bug that I have seen in kde 4.8.018:33
KurdistanI am running 11.10 but with backports activated.18:33
Kurdistansome time when I close a application the icon is still in activate-manager18:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)18:35
Kurdistanapplication is closed, only icon that shows.18:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: that looks utterly pointless and could very well be the cause18:35
yofelKurdistan: that sounds very much like everyone's hated kde bug 27546918:36
ubottuKDE bug 275469 in widget-taskbar "4 7 Regression: closed windows stay in the taskbar sometimes, taskbar doesn't react on clicks" [Normal,Resolved: upstream] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27546918:36
* shadeslayer tries18:37
Kurdistanyofel, exactly :). that bug.18:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: patching and compiling18:37
Kurdistanyofel, do you know if it will be fixed mainstream?18:37
KurdistanI am starting learning compiling and making package18:37
shadeslayerI've never seen that bug in Neon18:37
Kurdistansoon I hope I can help out here. now I only compile package to myself.18:38
shadeslayerapachelogger: although, how does removing that line help18:38
Kurdistanyofel, not mainstream, I mean upstream.18:38
shadeslayerit works18:38
yofelKurdistan: it' a Qt bug, and should be fixed there. There's another bug on the qt bugtracker about that18:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: explain this magic to me18:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: scope difference18:39
apacheloggerin 2.6 a subdir had a different scope18:39
apacheloggerapparently that is not the case with 2.818:39
Kurdistanyofel, do you think it will be landed in 4.8.* serie?18:40
shadeslayerdo not understand18:40
apacheloggerand since the gettext macro uses the same target name you get a clash18:40
apacheloggergo comment that on the bug report18:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: I can, but I don't really understand the fix18:40
apacheloggerread my description again then :P18:40
apacheloggerand remember what a makefile looks like18:40
apacheloggerthen deduct how you can get a target clash error :P18:41
shadeslayerI understand the target clash error18:41
yofelKurdistan: depends on whether the patches get reviewed. The kde folks already said they won't work around it so we'll have to wait on the Qt devs. Maybe we can import the patches, but I haven't looked at this too much18:41
yofelbusy with other things18:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: got it18:41
Kurdistanyofel, thx for the info.18:41
Kurdistanwhen I feel my own compiling is that good that I can share with other I will help18:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: cmake 2.8 sets the pofile target as the global scope I guess? ( Don't know the exact word, substituing C++ semantics here )18:42
yofelKurdistan: feel free to stay here, sometimes there are small jobs that newcomers can take18:42
shadeslayerwhich causes the pofile target to clash18:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, I do not know the details but IIRC add_subdir is supposed to create a new sub-project (cmakewise)18:43
apacheloggerwhich in turn leads to different subdirs in the buildfolder and different makefiles18:43
apacheloggerso I must assume in 2.8 something is off WRT scope there18:43
Kurdistanyofel, I will stay here. I am student, so I do not have all that help. And I am helping in swedish loco.18:43
yofelduh, rekonq crashed while idling in the background with only the kubuntu page open... wtf18:44
Kurdistanbut maybe i will take break from loco and help kubuntu instead.18:44
KurdistanI really feel kubuntu have potenail become nr 1 KDE distro18:44
Kurdistandid not like muon that comes with 11.10 and with recent rc of muon it works great.18:45
Kurdistanif muon becomes this good like in rc, the final muon release for 12.04 will be great.18:45
Peace-yofel: :D rekonq... 18:45
yofelPeace-: with a crash that makes me wonder if that wasn't Qt 4.8 that crashed....18:46
Kurdistanguys/girls have you tried to contact blue system: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Blue-Systems-becomes-Linux-Mint-partner-and-sponsor-1405936.html18:47
Kurdistanmaybe they can help out?18:47
RiddellKurdistan: yes they have contacted me18:48
Riddellthey don't seen interested in working with kubuntu directly for some reason18:49
KurdistanRiddell, thats sadly.18:49
KurdistanRiddell, nice to find you here.18:49
KurdistanI read about canonical decision. 18:49
Kurdistannot so glad to be honest.18:49
RiddellI'm always here, it's my favourite channel :)18:49
KurdistanRiddell, I have forgotten is kde-config-grub2 preinstalled in kubuntu? I tweak so much I have forgotten how it was stock.18:51
yofelKurdistan: I don't think so (no space on CD)18:53
Kurdistanyofel, I think it would be great if it was preinstalled.18:54
Riddellit didn't get MIR approval either I think18:54
yofeltrue, it's in universe18:54
Kurdistanit is like startupmanager for ubuntu/gnome people but perfectly integreated with kde.18:54
Kurdistanless command line, happy newbie. :)18:55
yofelhey sheytan19:03
Kurdistanwhen i open kmix and wanted it to show all and change that. if I close kmix it does not list all, I need to make the kmix-windows bigger.19:16
Kurdistanis that a well known bug or a bug?19:16
Kurdistanit looks like this: http://imgur.com/LhDwM19:17
Kurdistanand i wanted it to look like this always, when I open kmix: http://imgur.com/SL3KG19:18
yofelKurdistan: looks like that for me too, no idea if that's intentional or a bug19:24
Kurdistanyofel, okey, do not know if it is supposed to be like that.19:25
Kurdistanbecause I do not think it looked like that in 4.6.519:25
Kurdistanhttp://ubuntu-se.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=206&p=450292#p450292  yofel a swedish user in our loco (sweden) when i changed to kubuntu (by installing kubuntu metapackages) he wanted to install kdm.19:27
Kurdistanthen this bugg accured19:27
Kurdistanlook at the image19:27
Kurdistanis that driver related or lightdm that not have been removed propably?19:27
yofelI'm clueless. I feel like I've seen something like that already. But I have no idea what to do here19:28
yofelalso, support is really in #kubuntu. Maybe someone there has an idea19:30
Kurdistanyofel, I will asked there.19:31
jussi I still dont understand why kmix doesnt use the plasma theme, not the normal window theme...19:46
Kurdistanhow does the fonts look in kubuntu 12.04 compare to 11.10?20:01
Peace-Kurdistan: the same?20:01
KurdistanPeace-, I am using 11.10, thats why I ask.20:02
Tm_Tjussi: it's kmix, it doesn't evolve (;20:02
Kurdistanwill oxygen fonts be avaible in 12.04?20:02
Peace-Tm_T: i have seen the post on kmix blog it seems it is evolving20:02
Tm_TPeace-: I was joking, as it hasn't changed much over the years20:03
Peace-Tm_T: ;)20:03
KurdistanI like freesans, but oxygen fonts seems intresting. 20:03
Peace-i am using cantarel right now 20:03
KurdistanPeace-, will test.20:04
KurdistanPeace-, were did you find the font?20:04
KurdistanPeace-, sorry it was in the repo. my bad.20:05
shadeslayerQuintasan: optind20:11
shadeslayerQuintasan: https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/nightly/+files/ktp-contact-applet_0.3.0-0ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc20:11
* Tm_T huggles shadeslayer20:12
* shadeslayer hugges Tm_T back20:12
* Tm_T is happy now20:12
shadeslayerTm_T: have a virtual cookie :D20:12
Tm_T...uh, well, I'm not sure what kind of cookie you happen to mean20:13
Tm_Tbut thanks anyway (:)20:15
shadeslayerokay, I'm off to work on libnice now20:18
Tm_Tshadeslayer: play nice with libnice20:19
shadeslayerhehe :)20:19
Darkwingyofel: I have to change a few things in the internal workings but, this is better... https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Documentation20:22
yofelDarkwing: thanks, I'll make the website point to that20:28
macothis thing where kdm refuses keyboard input if you get your password wrong on the first try, so then you have to restart kdm, is realy annoying20:31
macoi hope it was fixed since 11.0420:32
* yofel blames X20:33
yofelI know what you mean though20:33
yofelDarkwing: anything that you feel might need changing on http://www.kubuntu.org/community/contribute (including link targets)? That page will probably be looked at quite a bit20:34
Darkwingyofel: do we have a Kubuntu centric Bug procedures page?20:40
Darkwingyofel: loco team pages should point to loco.ubuntu.com20:41
yofelwe have various scattered kubuntu bug pages, but I couldn't find one for that, so I left it pointing to the ubuntu bugsquad20:41
DarkwingOkay, maybe we 'should' have a Kubuntu centric one built. That talks about what gets reported in LP and what gets reported upstream20:42
yofelwe should, esp. since our bug guidelines don't exactly match with ubuntu's20:42
yofelsomeone just needs to find the time to do that20:43
yofelI'll try to get the testing teams pages into shape first20:43
yofelhaven't been updated since karmic20:43
DarkwingOkay, I'll fix the Documentation pages fixed20:43
DarkwingThat was redunant... 20:43
DarkwingI'll get the Doc pages fixed.20:43
yofelloco link fixed20:44
Darkwingwhy is apachelogger on Career section?20:44
yofelI somehow guess he wrote that ^^20:45
sheytan_yofel hey20:50
apacheloggerDarkwing: it is the highest one can aspire to20:55
apacheloggersheytan_: fancy making some cool graphic?20:55
apacheloggerinvolving kubuntu20:55
apacheloggerand a heart or something20:55
apacheloggeror unicorns20:55
apacheloggeron second thought unicorns might be better20:55
sheytan_apachelogger: today?20:55
apacheloggerlike right now :P20:56
apachelogger1 hr or so20:56
sheytan_not really. Im f*king tired20:56
apacheloggeronly if you want though, I have other options20:56
apacheloggersheytan_: k20:56
sheytan_sorry, but i wont make it20:56
* jussi moves the discussion with apachelogger here21:00
apacheloggersheytan_: sure, no worries :)21:00
jussibetter than privately21:00
jussiso I was saying a choice of desktop default "look" in ubiquity could be nice21:00
jussi[22:57:01] <jussi> apachelogger: I'd rather see just a 3 picture/screenshot choice for desktop defaults (in ubiquity) and a button that says click here for more choices.21:01
jussi[22:59:02] <jussi> apachelogger: yes, so it comes up, "What style of destop would you like?"  Pic 1 ("normal" kde style) pic 2 (Unity style) pic 3 (gnome 2 style) 21:01
apacheloggerlook = plasma setup21:01
apacheloggerjussi: the thing is ... choice is a dangerous thing if you force it onto people21:01
apacheloggerpeople get easily confused21:02
apacheloggere.g. they could get the idea that this cannot be changed after installation21:02
apacheloggerthus worrying to much about what they choose21:02
* DasKreech would vote for having it as a menu choice like Safe Graphics21:02
apacheloggerand on that note ... we'd need an equally convenient way to switch the style after installation21:02
DasKreechGRub Menu21:02
jussiperhaps a better way is to have a single default picture with a dropdown to select others? so people can just click next...21:02
apacheloggerwhich is not entirely trivial unfortunately :(21:02
apacheloggerjussi: might work21:03
DasKreechWhich is non trival as well21:03
Tm_TKDE had that first run wizard21:03
apacheloggerfist run wizard = fail21:03
jussiId rather we do it via activites or so. 21:03
Tm_Tit wasn't success apparently21:03
apacheloggerwhich is why kde does not have one anymore :P21:03
Tm_Tapachelogger: ye21:03
jussichangeable either in system settings or some activity settings21:03
apacheloggerwe'd have to check how to achieve this21:04
apacheloggeralso this runtime option just made it something worth discussing with upstream21:04
apacheloggerso ubiquity would allow the user to choose at installation, but any KDE can be switched to default styles using systemsettings21:04
jussiapachelogger: yeps!21:05
jussiI like it. 21:05
jussiwhat is the next step? 21:05
DasKreechActivites may be a possible scenario21:05
yofelwhat's the difference between your idea and just offering several activity templates and choosing the default one from ubiquity?21:06
apacheloggerDasKreech: the only one I believe21:06
yofelwhich would be interesting21:06
apacheloggeryou cannot simply swap plasma configs around21:06
apacheloggerjussi: find a dev, work out a way to make this work at runtime21:06
* jussi grabs apachelogger....21:07
apacheloggermake a proposal at kde-devel, see what they think21:07
apacheloggerjussi: not me, I am busiest21:07
apacheloggerjussi: yofel seems interested21:07
yofelhard to say, my TODO list is bursting too -.-21:07
Darkwingyofel: if you need some help toss it my way too.21:07
jussiyofel: Ive got cookies.... :D21:08
yofelI'll come back to that :D21:08
yofelwell, I could help out maybe, but not as primary dev for this. I've got too many other plans21:09
* jussi assigns shadeslayer :P :P21:09
* shadeslayer assigns apachelogger as mentor for task and points to GSoC 201221:10
shadeslayerjussi: I have my hands full till the end of this cycle21:10
jussishadeslayer: actually that could be a good idea21:10
shadeslayerjussi: yep21:11
jussiapachelogger: you think you could find the time for mentoring that? 21:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: oh, cool, what do I mentor?21:13
apacheloggerthat is not enough volume for gsoc21:13
apacheloggerat best it is writing a 100sloc kcm to run template scripts21:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'm pretty sure you can bundle stuff up21:14
shadeslayercould be a SoK if not GSoC21:14
DasKreechapachelogger: why can't you swap plasma configs on install? :)21:14
shadeslayerI *could* give it a shot next cycle if I'm fortunate enough to land a job21:15
apacheloggerDasKreech: we can, that is not what needs evaluation :P21:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: that also does not qualify for sok :P21:15
yofelDarkwing: re testing, I just found out that testdrive-gtk has a kubuntu tab, which makes it an easy way to offer daily dev-release testing to testers using kvm. (I don't believe our needs justify an UI rewrite)21:16
shadeslayerapachelogger: like I said, bundle it up with something else21:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: like what?21:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: fix plasma? :P21:17
apacheloggerthat goes out of scope21:17
shadeslayerI don't have the slightest idea right now21:17
shadeslayerLet me fix my stupid autotools build error now21:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: y u use autotools?21:26
apacheloggeru mad? :O21:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: the project demands it21:26
apacheloggerworse yet... drunk?21:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: what project?21:26
apacheloggeryou need to work on different projects :P21:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: libnice, NAT Traversal library21:28
shadeslayerfun stuff really21:28
Riddellfeels like some new people on the channel this evening21:29
Darkwingyofel: Awesome! i didn't kno that they did that.21:43
kubotuDarkwing meant: "yofel: Awesome! i didn't know that they did that."21:43
DasKreechRiddell: you are going to be doing qt work over on the Desktop team?21:48
RiddellDasKreech: "over on the Desktop team" is not right to say, I'm on the desktop team now21:51
Riddellqt is an obvious area for me to spend time on21:52
DasKreechOver there on the desktop team :)21:52
Riddelloh ubuntu desktop team yes, canonical desktop team is what I'm on now21:58
DasKreechThere is a difference between the two :-/21:59
DasKreechwhat's the points of difference?21:59
Riddellcanonical desktop team is a company team within canonical managed by jason warner working on Ubuntu Desktop and Kubuntu22:01
RiddellUbuntu Desktop Team is an open community team within Ubuntu with a tech lead of pitti working on Ubuntu Desktop22:01
RiddellI don't know how many are in the ubuntu desktop team and are not in the canonical desktop team22:01
micahgATM, I think it's 222:28
micahgalso, ubuntu-desktop grants upload rights to the desktop packageset22:31
micahgwhich Riddell is an implicit member of as a core-dev22:32
apacheloggersupreme uploaders unite22:33
Riddelldo I want to look at that?22:34
apacheloggerit makes my ramblings complete22:35
Riddellhow random22:48
Riddellhola toscalix 23:38
toscalixRiddell: you did a good job during fosdem23:38
toscalixI saw you very motivated23:39
toscalixRiddell: how are you feeling after fosdem?23:39
Riddelltoscalix: exhausted23:56

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