skrillexJ'ai de la misere a mettre le jour hedgewars ??!!!!00:37
skrillexHello, i have a any problem with update install for the hedgewars games, Ubuntu ??? help please00:38
grafthey, why is KDE trying to open my JPEG files with Internet Explorer through wine when i click on it in dolphin?00:42
slashdevdspgraft: lol i was wondering the same00:43
graftthat is really terrible00:43
graftis that a result of just installing wine?00:43
slashdevdspwill need to setup the .jpg file association to gwenview00:44
graftyeah, but i never made that association in the first place, what did, and what other stupid associations did it make, and how do i undo them?00:44
skrillexquelqu'un parle francais ?00:45
graftun peu00:46
skrillexJ'aimerais savoir comment mettre a jour le jeux Hedgewars, j'ai la version 0.9.13 et je veux update a la version 0.9.1700:46
grafthmm, je ne connais pas ce jeux00:47
skrillexok ok00:48
skrillexthanks :)00:48
graftquel version de Ubuntu as tu?00:48
graftil y est dans oneiric00:49
graftseems like wine is just poison on ubuntu00:54
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levitskyubottu say hi01:53
levitskywhere can i dowload ubottu's aiml?01:53
levitskynot only browse but download?01:54
DaskreechWay to wait for an answer01:59
lethuDaskreech, are you looking for a solution?02:04
lethu>mfw I end up watching High Noon02:13
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tbruff13Daskreech: can you help me02:21
tbruff13what is the package that i need to install it is build something02:22
tbruff13can someone help me please02:23
DarthFrogtbruff13: build-essential02:23
tbruff13and DKMS02:24
Daskreechlethu: to?02:29
lethuDaskreech, I thought you were asking for help02:29
DarthFroglethu: Daskreech provides help.  He needs no help.  The help he needs is beyond mere mortals.  <grinning, ducking and running>02:32
* lethu wonders what just happened02:33
lethuDarthFrog, you sure you need no help?02:33
lethuerr... wait02:33
lethuthis is not a discussion channel02:33
lethusorry people02:33
Daskreechlethu: No someone asked for help and then left less than a minute later02:39
lethuDaskreech, I see02:39
DaskreechJust seemed strange to run in with such urgency and then run back out02:39
tbruff13Daskreech: huh02:39
tbruff13are you talking about me02:40
Daskreechtbruff13: Are you still here?02:40
tbruff13i never left02:40
DaskreechThen I wasn't talking about you :)02:40
tbruff13I just did not need anymore help at this point do you need my help?02:40
DaskreechPerhaps... I had a question for you last night that I can't remember right now02:46
DarthFrogThere's an article on Linux Weekly News (lwn.net) that Canonical is pulling the plug on Kubuntu, relegating it to community support status only.03:03
DarthFrogIt looks like that after 12.04 is released, this channel might be the only real support that Kubuntu gets.03:04
sebsebsebDarthFrog: yep there is03:04
sebsebsebDarthFrog: yep seems so03:05
sebsebsebyep there is the article http://lwn.net/Articles/479710/03:06
sebsebsebDarthFrog: and Kubuntu doesn't help Canonical make money, so I guess from a business perspective it makes sense to not support it properly anymore03:06
sebsebsebDarthFrog: by the sounds of it, they will continue giving a server to host it's website, but that's about it03:08
DarthFrogDisappointing, to say the least.03:08
sebsebsebDarthFrog: not meaning to troll this channel, but well Kubuntu has been seen as a neglected distro for years by quite a lot of people, when compared to Ubuntu.  I mean Canonical not supporting it properly.03:09
DarthFrogI wonder if this makes the LTS status of 12.04 moot?03:09
sebsebsebDarthFrog: well the Kubuntu 12.04 LTS,  it will get Ubuntu updates03:09
sebsebsebso seurity updates03:09
sebsebseband  the verison of KDE will stay the same in it I guess03:09
sebsebsebDarthFrog: also from the email/article03:11
sebsebsebThe first question to answer is whether the world needs Kubuntu - a03:11
sebsebsebregularly released community-friendly distro with a strong KDE focus.03:11
sebsebsebThere is no other major distro out there that matches that description03:11
sebsebsebbut others arguably come close.03:11
FloodBotK1sebsebseb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:12
sebsebsebah yes floodbot, I don't use these kind of channels much anymore :)03:12
DarthFrogsebsebseb: I suggest #kubuntu-offtopic (though I don't really consider it off-topic) for further discussion.03:12
sebsebsebDarthFrog: that parragraph is totally an opinion ^  loads of great distros out there that offer KDE.03:13
sebsebsebDarthFrog: well I tried to start a convo about that email their earlier as well as ubuntu off topic, but didn't get far with that there, but yeah if you want let's go there, I am still in there from earlier03:13
dusty_Hi all03:16
monaxos-anarxikoi just read that kubuntu is losing support, can anyone tell me what that means for my favorite distro?03:46
Daskreechmonaxos-anarxiko: That you can't call a support desk phone number in 10 years to ask for help with Kubuntu03:48
monaxos-anarxikothat's it?03:48
monaxos-anarxikoi never do that anyway, haha, I was worried that updates would stop being issued or something03:48
Daskreechmonaxos-anarxiko: Nope just paid support. Other than that it's almost exactly the same03:49
monaxos-anarxikothat is a relief to hear... I hope it does stay the same and gets updates like now03:52
monaxos-anarxikoi used to use regular Ubuntu but then they switched to that awful Unity interface and then I switched to KDE which I like03:53
DaskreechIt will but it's just more incumbent on the community to work together to ensure things are updated03:53
monaxos-anarxikoi don't know much about how that works, I'm not a programmer guy03:53
DaskreechMight be an interesting project to have a visible health of the packages :)03:53
Daskreechmonaxos-anarxiko: It's actually not that much programming03:53
DaskreechMore putting files in the right place and throwing them into a blender to see if they  will blend03:54
monaxos-anarxikois that how distros are made?03:55
DaskreechPretty much. :)03:55
monaxos-anarxikoeveryone is developing all these different projects and then people put all the files together and make a distro?03:55
Daskreechsomething to that effect :)03:55
monaxos-anarxikodo you work on Kubuntu?03:56
Daskreechthere is obviously still some programming around each distro but that's not normally the place that a packager holds03:56
DaskreechWhen I can03:56
monaxos-anarxikoso you believe Kubuntu will still be around for some time to come?03:57
monaxos-anarxikobecause I was thinking of going to another distro, but I really like installing with deb files03:57
monaxos-anarxikoand there seems to be more software for Ubuntu than other kinds of linux03:57
monaxos-anarxikoi don't really know much03:58
Daskreechmonaxos-anarxiko: I'd be surprised if it went away. Honestly Canonical wasn't really doing that much to keep it going in the first place03:59
Daskreechthough they do provide a lot of infastructure03:59
monaxos-anarxikoi read that they will still do that04:00
Daskreechthat still exists and won't be taken away so as I said things will go on as they were before04:00
monaxos-anarxikoyaaay, I am glad :)04:00
monaxos-anarxikoi really like Kubuntu04:00
Daskreech^_^ and thats' what will help keep it going04:01
DaskreechBeing part of the community is what keeps the distro ticking04:05
monaxos-anarxikoI don't know what could I do to help?04:05
Daskreechmonaxos-anarxiko: you could ask in #kubuntu-devel04:06
DaskreechI know docs are always useful04:06
Daskreechas are things like spell checking or writing releases for the website04:06
Daskreechthat helps clear up time for .. say programming04:07
monaxos-anarxikoi guess I could help, how does it all get organized?04:10
DaskreechWith beer and bribes :)04:12
DaskreechMostly there is a core team that hangs around all the time04:12
Daskreechyou can do that by hanging around :)04:12
Daskreech then when something needs to get done someone steps up to do it04:13
monaxos-anarxikocool, I'll come here more often04:13
monaxos-anarxikoi have to go now, but I'll be back, are you usually here?04:13
Daskreechnormally you can just ask if it would be hard and whoever normally does it will help out04:13
DaskreechI'm normally here04:13
monaxos-anarxikocool :)04:13
Daskreechyou can set your IRC client to login to #kubuntu-devel by default04:13
monaxos-anarxikoim going to watch a movie with a friend04:13
monaxos-anarxikoill come back later04:14
Daskreechhelps with the sitting and listening04:14
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overrrideAlquien habla espaniol05:04
DarthFrog!es | overrride05:07
ubottuoverrride: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:07
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notaHackerDoes kubuntu have a firewall installed by default?05:17
DaskreechnotaHacker: Yes05:20
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.05:21
Daskreech!info guarddog05:21
ubottuPackage guarddog does not exist in oneiric05:21
Daskreechboo :)05:21
notaHackerDaskreech: Thank you. Can you think of anything that would be default enabled on ufw that would affect openvpn?05:22
DaskreechNot that I know of. ubuntu doesn't ship with the firewall enforcing by defaul05:23
notaHackerYea NM...its ufw is inactive anyways -_-05:23
notaHackeropenvpn won't work on my ubuntu...its driving me crazy...works fine on windows...on ubuntu it connects, completes initialization...and then will ONLY work with whatever website was up on firefox before I started openvpn05:24
Daskreech#openvpn may help ?05:28
notaHackerI'm there :P05:29
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hyper_chI just read the sad news :(06:35
Linux_Jonesis there a way to temporarly make a bridge between wireless and eth0?06:37
hyper_chI tend to think so06:38
sebsebsebhyper_ch: no it just means, Kubuntu will become much more community,  however it stil won't be a 100% community distro really06:41
sebsebsebhyper_ch: and I think the website will stil be hosted by Canonical for Kubuntu, however that's also one of the reasons why it won't be 100% community like many other distros are.06:42
hyper_chbut it's nice having someone getting paid to actually work on Kubuntu06:43
hyper_chso, gotta get back to FreeTDM... gotta get it to work with the hfcusb modem06:43
hyper_ch(now that RaspberryPi release comes closer)06:44
sebsebsebhyper_ch: well yes in a way, but I can think of quite a few distros that provide a very good KDE experience, and they are 100% community as well, everyone who contributes to them is a volunter that is not getting paid to do so.06:44
hyper_chwell, I have found a liking to NixOS... too bad KDE isn't so current there06:44
sebsebsebhyper_ch: also Canonical are still not making any profit as far as I know,  and KDE isn't  what they are using to try and go main streame anyway, that's Unity06:45
hyper_ch"not making profit" can mean a lot of things :) Remember: Star Wars still isn't profitable :)06:46
sebsebsebhyper_ch: so as a business, makes sense to support Kubuntu less, especially since it's not really much of a success story, even though it has quite a few or so users06:46
DaskreechLinux_Jones: Yes06:47
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Linux_JonesDaskreech: hows that?06:52
Linux_JonesDaskreech: i want it reversed, with web coming in the wireless and local on eth0, i just reverse it all right?07:06
Linux_JonesDaskreech: http://pastebin.ca/2110630 does that look about right?07:10
DaskreechYou took a backup of what was thre before right?07:13
Linux_Jonesno it does not07:21
skierpageI upgraded to (not fresh install) Kubuntu 12.04 alpha 2. Reviewing System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Autostart , it has two scripts, gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh and gtk2-engines-qtcurve.rc.sh. Is one of these obsolete?07:35
skierpageSystem Settings > Application Appearance > GTK+ Appearance is set to QtCurve but there's also oxygen-gtk. I don't remember monkeying with any of this in previous Kubuntus...07:37
[Relic]Any disk cleaning tools that show progess or estimated time?07:47
mel_What is the difference between just downloading and using KDE, rather than using Kubuntu?07:59
Daskreechmel_: Hmm?07:59
mel_Daskreech: Does KDE come with a complete system like Kubuntu is?08:00
Daskreechno KDE is just the  Libraries, Frameworks and some applications08:00
mel_I see08:01
DaskreechIt's the interface and the rules between the interface and the applications you could say08:01
DaskreechAll the other things like the Kernel and the coretools are not part of the project of KDE08:01
Daskreechif you just wanted KDE from the project itself you would have to assemble the rest of the System08:02
mel_I thought so, but on a blog I was reading it made it sound like it was complete.08:02
mel_Thanks for clearing that up for me08:02
Daskreechmel_: which blog?08:02
DaskreechI think they may mean complete from the point of view of what they set out to accomplish08:02
mel_I'm not sure what blog it was now, I was kinda just surfing around reading various things.08:03
Daskreechfor example the Linux Kernel guys may think they have done as complete a job as they can do but you still cannot use the computer with just the kernel08:03
DaskreechYou still need bash at least to send commands but that's not part of the Linux project08:03
mel_yeah I see what you mean08:04
mel_I basically knew it was just the desktop environment, I just wasn't sure why they were making it sound that way08:04
mel_I thought what I knew was wrong this whole time08:04
DaskreechCould be the person writing the article was speaking out of ignorance as well08:04
mel_that could be08:05
DaskreechAnyone is allowed to post a blog (or write a newspaper article) afterall08:05
mel_I read another one that made me wonder about the future of Kubuntu08:05
mel_I'm really hoping it continues to be developed after what I read08:05
mel_I know who's blog that came from08:06
mel_Jonathan Riddle's blog08:06
mel_the main dev08:06
Shaan7and you're not the first talking about that ;)08:06
Daskreechin all honesty it doesn't make that much difference08:07
Shaan7Daskreech: can we put note "hey, we're not going away" or similar in the channel topic?08:07
DaskreechIf you like you can think of it as clarity on where Kubuntu is08:07
DaskreechShaan7: I'd like to get Riddell to word something for the Kubuntu blog and we will link that08:08
Shaan7Daskreech: ah yea better, much more verbose08:08
Daskreechand comforting considering how many people are sobbing that they will have to buy Windows 8 now08:08
mel_I'd never buy Windows 8 either way08:09
mel_I'd go to something else08:09
mel_although I really don't want Kubuntu to go anywhere08:09
Daskreechmel_: but Canonical does not do very much work on Kubuntu. They provide infrastructure and servers and none of that has changed08:09
DaskreechAll the things that you know and care about Kubuntu remain as is unless you were paying Canonical money before08:10
mel_Yeah basically what I got from it was that he wasn't going to get anymore funding from them08:10
DaskreechNow they won't take that money so .. that's the only major change08:10
DaskreechNo more like they won't take any more funds from Kubuntu users (Yeah I know it's a strange way of wording it)08:11
Daskreechand  Riddell will now be working on the Desktop Team for ubuntu which he was doing before anyway08:11
sebsebsebmel_: Kubuntu stays very close to upstream KDE08:12
sebsebsebmel_: so the branding and some other things, is what's different08:12
sebsebsebmel_: also you can install KDE I think from the repos rather than Kubuntu08:12
sebsebsebmel_: and  quite a few other distros change KDE a bit more here and there08:13
mel_sebsebseb, I see what your saying, so I could take any distro and just download KDE and be pretty much like Kubuntu?08:13
sebsebsebmel_: yep exactly :)08:13
mel_sebsebseb, awesome08:13
DaskreechExcept without all the awesome people in this Channel :)08:13
mel_so what were they funding it for???08:14
Daskreechwhich is really what makes Kubuntu rocking :)08:14
Daskreechmel_: Cause Riddell asked them to08:14
sebsebsebKubuntu is ok, but more of a Gnome user anyway, but if I am to use KDE these days, would useaully be in something else :)08:14
mel_I used to like Gnome the most08:14
mel_until that unity crap08:14
sebsebsebmel_: that wasn't Gnome, that was Canonical08:15
Daskreechmel_: you can install Gnome Shell from the repos08:15
mel_Gnome hasn't changed then?08:15
sebsebsebmel_:  Canonical started Unity, the sponser company of Ubuntu08:15
mel_it's still the same good Gnome08:15
Daskreechmel_: Oh no Gnome Changed too :)08:15
sebsebsebmel_: for Gnome 3,  Gnome have their own  interface called Gnome Shell which you can see videos of here :) http://gnome3.org08:15
* sebsebseb recently tried Gnome Shell on a touch screen, and found it even more awesome like that :)08:15
mel_ok yeah I don't like that08:16
mel_I like the old versions08:16
sebsebsebmel_: have you tried shell?08:16
mel_sebsebseb, no08:17
sebsebsebmel_: well sure there's KDE, and LXDE, and XFCE and such, but there's also mate really, a Gnome 2 fork,  in Mint 12, and can get it for Ubuntu some how as well08:17
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.08:17
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:17
sebsebsebno not those factoids08:17
Daskreechsebsebseb: well it's built for touch. Like unity08:17
sebsebsebmel_: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell I think it is :)08:17
Daskreech!info gnome-shell08:17
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu1.1 (oneiric), package size 1082 kB, installed size 4956 kB08:17
sebsebsebmel_: may need a propritary Nivida driver installed first for it to work ok, depending on what card you got08:18
Daskreechmel_: But in short Kubuntu is  the same kubuntu you have known08:18
DaskreechIt's always been a community run distro and this just makes that clear08:18
sebsebsebDaskreech: not 100% community though08:18
Daskreechsebsebseb: Yes08:18
DaskreechCanonical doesn't really get a overridding say in what Kubuntu does08:19
DaskreechHence things like allowing KDE 4.0 in an LTS release08:19
mel_Daskreech, why wouldn't they allow it though?08:20
Daskreechmel_: allow what?08:20
mel_what's significant about 4.008:20
DaskreechKDE 4.0 ?08:20
DaskreechDid you use 4.0 ? :)08:20
mel_actually I'm still using 4.5.508:20
Tm_TKDE 4.0 was technology release, not meant for normal users (:08:20
sebsebsebmel_: 4.5.5. in what?08:21
DaskreechNever mind you wouldn't have asked if you used 4.008:21
sebsebsebmel_: 4.0 was the first KDE 4 version distros put in basically quite a few of them, and it wasn't that good08:21
sebsebsebmel_: 4.5.5 is quite a few releases later08:21
Daskreechmel_: 4.0 was not meant to be released to users since it wasn't ready. It was a testing release08:21
sebsebsebmel_: also distros weren't meant to just put KDE 4.0 in, but Kubuntu and so on did anwyay08:21
EternalObscurityBuenas Noches.08:21
DaskreechGood night08:21
sebsebsebmel_: it was more like a preview version, and the develoeprs of KDE tried to make this quite clear as well, but distros shipped it anwyay08:21
Daskreechsebsebseb: Notably Fedora08:22
sebsebsebmel_: however this was done in Ubuntu 8.04 for example, but could aslo easilly have KDE 3 or it's apps :)08:22
sebsebsebmel_: in fact could mix the KDE 3 and KDE 4 apps :)08:22
sebsebsebhave the same program08:22
sebsebseb,but in both KDE 3 or KDE 4 open08:22
sebsebsebhave both versions open together of the same program, for example :D08:22
mel_that's weird08:23
sebsebsebDaskreech: maybe so, but Fedora is what people tend to use when wanting Gnome08:23
sebsebsebDaskreech: and Kubuntu is probably quite a bit more popular than Fedora KDE08:23
sebsebseband probably was back then as well  in the 4.0 days08:23
Daskreechsebsebseb: Yes but they are always going to ship stuff first as long as it says it is officially released08:24
sebsebsebmel_: no it's not, and Linux is very much so about choice in general, from the distros, to the interfaces that are used in them, to the other  programs08:24
sebsebsebmel_: and, because we have something called upstream, most Desktop Linux distro's are quite similar overall really08:24
DaskreechHow are you EternalObscurity?08:25
EternalObscurityBueno suficiente tiempo acá08:25
EternalObscuritybien y tu Dask ?= :)08:25
EternalObscuritybien y tu = fine and you?08:25
EternalObscurityque bíen08:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:25
EternalObscurityDe donde eres?08:25
FloodBotK1EternalObscurity: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
sebsebsebmel_: however with Unity well it makes Ubuntu differnet from many other distros, but they should be more friendly and helpful to other distros, who want to provide it, and as far as I know that isn't really the case at the mometn08:26
sebsebsebthey are after all meant to be an upstream with Unity08:26
sebsebseband upstreams are meant to, provide their software to loads of distors08:26
Daskreechin any case you guys can continue the discussion in #kubuntu-offtopic08:27
sebsebsebmel_:  you seem to be quite new to this stuff, I suggest trying out quite a few distros, and differnet interfaces, and have fun :)08:27
DaskreechEternalObscurity: Jamaica08:27
sebsebsebDaskreech: hardly any people use that, and I think this chat is over now or pretty much anyway since mel_ isn't really replying anymore08:27
EternalObscurityohhh Dask08:28
EternalObscurityyou come from jamaica dask?08:28
FloodBotK1Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
EternalObscurityi from Dominican Repúblic08:29
EternalObscurityflood slow "bot" xD08:29
EternalObscuritybye to all08:29
DaskreechBye EternalObscurity08:29
EternalObscuritygood night / day , etc blah blah :) thanks for all08:29
DaskreechYou are welcome08:29
DaskreechBuenos Noches08:29
EternalObscuritythank's :)08:29
EternalObscuritygracias , buenas noches dask08:29
DaskreechIn any case I should be going08:33
* Daskreech waves08:33
AleksanderHello. I have a problem with fglrx driver - no matter if I install normal or updates one, it doesn't load!08:36
Aleksanderglxgears tells me: X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)08:37
jschalli set up kmail/akonadi with my gmail imap and i'm trying to get it to reliably notify me of new mail08:53
jschallbut it seems that it only notifies me if kmail is actually running08:53
skierpageI upgraded to Kubuntu 12.04/KDE 4.8, and now the Alt-Tab icons are enormous and I only see four at a time. I've fiddled around in System Settings >Window Behavior > Task Switcher but don't know what to change.09:07
skierpageto answer my own question, I can't seem to shrink the Alt-Tab icons, but choose Effect: Layout-based switcher then click spanner and choose Small Icons give a teeny Alt-Tab panel.09:17
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arxyhi all!11:22
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Kottizenis Kubuntu going to die?14:40
tsimpsonno, but the rest of us aren't so lucky14:41
Kottizenwhat's happening then?14:41
tsimpsonin reality, not a whole lot14:42
DeithrianCan i get some help for 12 or i should go in #ubuntu+.?14:46
Deithrianoh man numlock didn't boot again :/14:46
tsimpsonif it's not released, #ubuntu+1 is always the place :)14:46
Deithrianok thank you tsimpson14:47
BluesKajHey all14:53
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Kurdistanhi dear kubuntu user and the team. I am not member in our forum but I can help you guys/girl solve this issue: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?57097-My-4-8-Experience-BAD!!!15:46
Kurdistanthis users problem is more nvidia driver related then kde 4.8.015:47
Kurdistanthe latest nvidia beta graphical driver have solved this issue15:47
KurdistanI have myself geforce go 7400 card.15:48
Kurdistankde 4.8.0 works really great here15:49
BluesKajKurdistan,  yes , geforce7600gt here and it work very well15:52
KurdistanBluesKaj, kde 4.8.0 is flying :)15:52
BluesKajon 12.04 ,kde 4.8 as well15:52
KurdistanI needed to compile 295.17 nvidia (latest beta) then it worked with kwin effects and all.15:53
Kurdistanno freezing or what so ever15:53
BluesKajI stick with nvidia-current driver15:53
KurdistanBluesKaj, are you member in the kubuntu? if så you can give the user tips to try latest nvidia driver.15:53
BluesKajKurdistan, you don't need to be a member to help out here , as as the advice you give isn't hurtful to ppl's systems15:55
BluesKajas long as15:55
KurdistanBluesKaj, I most be member to reply on that topic in the forum15:57
KurdistanBluesKaj, 1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa 2. sudo apt-get update 3. sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings15:58
Kurdistanthis will let the user to test latest beta the easiest way15:59
Kurdistanthen reboot. done.15:59
BluesKajoh , the forums , yes I am a member , but I like to spend myn time here , and give advice when I can15:59
KurdistanBluesKaj, okey, if you wanted you can write this tips, but it is up to you.16:00
BluesKajno thanks Kurdistan but this pc is working well and it's our media server our Home Theater system , a new experimental driver isn't necessary atm16:01
KurdistanBluesKaj, I did not meant you should try it.16:02
KurdistanI mean you can give the user that started the topic this tips16:02
BluesKajnormally ppas aren't posted in forums , that's for ppl who specifically ask to experiment , not a good policy for the forums IMO16:03
yofelxorg-edgers is a particulary bad ppa to add, if anything it should be ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates16:05
yofeledgers has bleeding edge X packages which break frequently16:06
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ikoniayofel: nice to hear someone else say that16:08
Kurdistanyofel, thats true, but remenber x-swat only have latest stable.16:09
Kurdistanand that is not like latest beta.16:09
Kurdistanthe latest stable will not solve the problem for that user16:09
KurdistanI know16:09
yofelsure, but adding edgers without knowing how to use apt pinning will usually just make things worse16:09
Kurdistanyofel, yes thats true, but my pointed was that the problem is not kde 4.8.0 related16:10
Kurdistanit is more driver related16:10
Kurdistananyway guys/girls have nice day. I am login out. peace.16:14
BluesKajthis is a sad day , http://www.kubuntuforums.net/content.php?116-Kubuntu-s-New-Future16:25
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AlexZionhi guys , I can I completelly remove rekonq from kubuntu without problem please ......ande software is still the default broswer ? why such as unstable and uncomplet16:42
BluesKajAlexZion,  removing rekonq is not possibel without removing the kubuntu-dektop , just use another browser and set it as default like Chromium or Firefox16:44
perkmanDoes anyone know much about the mcitp cert?16:44
AlexZiono yeah , but is still opening ...., and crashing always ..., it makes any sanse !?!16:48
AlexZionI mean , this is a default browser of Kubuntu !?!16:48
AlexZionit is quite unbeliavable .....16:49
AlexZionfew montjs ago  I thought i was a a nice software , just a bit child ...., but he got really wrost instead to became better .....16:50
AlexZionwouldn't be mych much better Konqueror ?16:51
Jade05jemand deutschsprachiges anwesend?16:52
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DaemonFCthe only reason Kubuntu hasn't been a success is because Canonical doesn't want it to succeed17:15
ikoniasupport channel - not rant channel17:15
DaemonFCthey'd rather push broken untested crap with a QA pool of exactly one distribution17:16
ikoniasupport channel - not rant channel17:16
DaemonFCcensorship, I assume all the usual nonsense about ZOMGCOC applies17:17
ikoniaDaemonFC: not censor ship, this is a support channel, not a rant channel17:17
ikoniaDaemonFC: there are pleanty of offtopic channels for discussion (not rants)17:17
liudashello guys, i believe you have already talked about cannonical's decision17:28
liudasshould i start worring or not? :)17:29
liudasas i found this ditro really the best for me so far... :)17:29
chuckf12.04 will be a lts, then you can see over the next couple of releases if Kubuntu still serves your needs17:30
liudaswell, yes. we will see and i believe at that moment there will be some alternative solutions to keep going along with kde17:31
ses1984i enabled dual monitor, and now when i open the K menu, it opens in the top left corner of the screen instead of adjacent to the task manager17:33
ses1984actually, if i right click on the K menu or task manager, those context menus also open up at the top of the screen17:33
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Kurdistanhi. how will this effect us: http://arstechnica.com/business/news/2012/02/canonical-ending-support-for-kubuntu-reassigning-lead-developer-1.ars18:18
Kurdistanhow big is the kubuntu team?18:18
virusuyKurdistan: http://www.nixternal.com/kubuntu-is-not-dead/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+nixternal+%28Richard+A.+Johnson+-+Blog+Archives%2918:24
virusuyKUBUNT IS NOT DEAD18:24
FloodBotK1virusuy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:24
Kurdistanvirusuy, I will not jump because canonical makes bad thing.18:27
KurdistanI am angry, but mark do what he wants with his money.18:27
Kurdistanvirusuy, how big is the kubuntu team?18:27
ses1984i enabled dual monitor, and now when i open the K menu, it opens in the top left corner of the screen instead of adjacent to the task manager18:28
ses1984if i right click on the K menu or task manager, those context menus also open up at the top of the screen18:28
Kurdistanfinally when kubuntu have potenail become the nr 1 kde dist in linux, this drops.18:28
yofelKurdistan: not that large, we're enough people to have no intention on stopping just because we loose 1 person (we made 11.10 without him too)18:30
yofelfeel free to follow us in #kubuntu-devel18:30
Kurdistanyofel, I will do.18:31
DaemonFCapparently nobody is allowed to speculate in here the real causes, but I have some suspicions18:45
DaemonFCI might go spill them somewhere where they can't be quietly deleted18:45
ses1984TIL you can delete IRC18:46
DaemonFCthe other day I saw them yank out a patch that Ubuntu made against Qt that stopped a memory leak and caused QML to crash instead18:47
DaemonFCand they did that for Unity 2D18:47
DaemonFCand carried it since 11.0418:47
DaemonFCso I have to wonder how many of those are floating about where upstream says hell no, and Canonical carries it anyway18:47
DaemonFCThe Linux Mint KDE people almost made Mint KDE a Mint Debian release, and when I asked them why, they pointed out stuff like that which goes on in Ubuntu18:48
yofelDaemonFC: #kubuntu-offtopic please18:49
DaemonFCconsidering that KDE relies on Qt and you have bad patches floating around to Qt to make Unity 2D do something in particular, I'd imagine that makes it very hard to anticipate what KDE will do with the patch applied18:50
DaemonFCthis way, they don't have to care18:50
Riddellhi starbuck19:20
starbuckhello Riddel19:21
starbuckRidd, sryell19:21
starbuckwow, keyboard jumping :)19:21
starbuckwas missing an "l", so Riddell19:22
robert___not much going on!19:23
starbuckis this not the chat-room, or is it?19:23
yofelthis is the support room, general chatter in #kubuntu-offtopic19:24
starbuckalright , i was wondering why it was so quiet, but it seems kubuntu just runs so not much support needed :)19:24
Kurdistanhttp://ubuntu-se.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=206&p=450292#p450292  a swedish user in our loco (sweden) when i changed to kubuntu (by installing kubuntu metapackages) he wanted to install kdm.19:32
Kurdistanlook at the image19:32
ses1984i enabled dual monitor, and now when i open the K menu, it opens in the top left corner of the screen instead of adjacent to the task manager19:48
ses1984if i right click on the K menu or task manager, those context menus also open up at the top of the screen19:48
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toumboHi people! I want a program for browsing photos with the arrow buttons! Do you know any?20:27
Tm_Ttoumbo: Gwenview?20:28
toumboTm_T can I make it to change pig with arrow button20:28
Tm_TI thought it did20:29
toumboFound it!There is the arrow the shortcut to change pics.It's space and backspace20:30
Tm_Ttoumbo: ah, good (:20:34
toumboTm_T sorry "there isn't" I wanted to say20:37
ROmeyrois it better to create 3 partitions for kubuntu /boot /home and /  or it doesnt matter ?21:07
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Gimpsterhello out there!21:39
Gimpsterhow are you today?21:40
Gimpstery are you wet?21:40
DasKreechRain :)21:41
Gimpsterits been snowing here all day, so i think i would rather have the rain!21:42
DasKreech all mine21:45
DasKreechMuwahahahahahaha glubglublulbb21:47
DasKreechHalp I'm drowning from laughing in the rain!21:47
Gimpsteris there any one here that can help with learning ubuntu on a dummy scale?21:53
rorkGimpster: the best way of learning is to just start using it and ask questions when you're stuck / in doubt of damaging the system21:55
Gimpsterok i thank you :)21:55
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jmichaelxtalkin' 'bout a revolution??22:41
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