wxlavelldiroll: you want a 11.10 iso?00:04
wxli can find that00:04
avelldirollwxl ?00:04
avelldirollwxl: i know where it is, i was just answering to someone else00:04
wxloh sorry avelldiroll meant to point that at labim00:05
MrChrisDruifwxl; we were answering labim, but he/she seems afk00:05
wxlthere actually is NOT more than one iso00:05
wxli mean there is NOT *ONLY* one iso00:05
avelldirollthere are several, one per arch00:06
wxlpoint being that00:09
wxl< avelldiroll:#lubuntu> labim: there is only one mini.iso00:09
wxlis not true00:09
wxlin fact, here's a precise one http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso00:10
MrChrisDruiflabim; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall#Method00:12
MrChrisDruifI'll leave it with that00:12
labimthank you all00:15
labimi now have the proper mini.iso00:16
wxlno problem :D00:17
labimi am having a little trouble understanding the difference between lubuntu-core, lubuntu-desktop & --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop00:17
MrChrisDruifDon't mention it...seriously: don't!00:17
labimwhich one of them installs what?00:17
wxlwell lubuntu-core is really just the basic system00:17
wxllubuntu-desktop has all the extra apps and such00:17
wxlremoving recommends makes sure you don't get any unnecessary stuff00:18
labimwhere can I find the exact contents of each without installing them? the wiki is little help...00:18
MrChrisDruiflabim; running an ubuntu-based distro right now?>00:18
labimno, running arch00:18
wxlso in terms of footprint no-recommends core < core < no-recommends desktop < desktop00:18
labimwxl: thank you, that explains it very nicely00:18
wxlclick on the version you want and you'll see all packages, dependencies and recommends00:19
labimI think I will just play around with it a little bit - is there some proper place to then post my experiences where someone else might find it useful?00:19
MrChrisDruifI always forget about packages.ubuntu.com00:19
* MrChrisDruif will link to those pages, maybe tomorrow00:19
MrChrisDruifwxl; can you remind me tomorrow?00:19
wxli'll try to remember00:20
MrChrisDruifOr fix it yourself ^_^00:20
wxli'm bad at that stuff :D00:20
MrChrisDruifYou are?00:20
wxli've been meaning to hit that page and maybe more clearly describe how to find the mini.iso00:20
wxloh heh there is no such thing as a no-recommends core00:20
wxlcore has no recommends00:21
wxlso core is EXTREMELY basic00:21
wxldoesn't even have alsa!!!00:21
wxlin general i would say just get desktop00:22
labimI think the most appropriate one for me is no-recommends lubuntu-desktop00:22
MrChrisDruifwxl; -core DOES have recommends00:22
wxlyou can remove apps but there's some good stuff in the recommends of desktop e.g. unzip/zip, obconf, ntp00:22
wxlno recommends here http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/lubuntu-core00:22
wxlalthough, e.g. xorg has recommends so by extension core has recommends00:23
MrChrisDruif"Recommends: acpi-support, avahi-daemon, bluez, bluez-alsa, bluez-cups, cups, cups-bsd, cups-client, fonts-kacst-one, fonts-khmeros-core, fonts-lao, fonts-takao-pgothic, foo2zjs, hplip, kerneloops-daemon, laptop-detect, libnss-mdns, min12xxw, pcmciautils, policykit-desktop-privileges, printer-driver-c2esp, ptouch-driver, pxljr, rastertosag-gdi, splix, ttf-indic-fonts-core, ttf-punjabi-fonts, ttf-thai-tlwg, ttf-ubuntu-font-family"00:23
MrChrisDruifapt-cache show lubuntu-core00:23
wxlthat is strange.00:23
MrChrisDruifI'm running pangolin, but I can't think -core would get all those recommends in one release00:24
MrChrisDruifOh my....it did O_O00:24
wxlnot on oneric00:25
wxlTHAT has recommends00:25
wxla whole LOAD of them!!!00:25
wxlwhoa in oneric alsa was part of desktop not core00:25
wxloops :)00:26
labimas a whole, will lubuntu 12.04 be heavier on the system than 11.10?00:27
wxlit shouldn't be, labim but it's kind of early to say anything certain00:27
wxlthere's a general resistance in the lubuntu team against anything that increases its footprint00:27
labimthat's a good sign00:27
wxllike the mailing list is having a heated argument over00:28
wxl(this is funny)00:28
wxla clipboard manager00:28
labimcan the nightly builds of the lubuntu-12.04.iso already be considered as representative of what it is going to be like or are there no significant changes yet (again, I cannot find a proper changelog for that iso)00:28
wxlso lubuntu's not going to like install gimp or libre office or inkscape or latex or anything :D00:28
wxl12.04 is certainly in flux right now00:28
wxlas of my most recent test, it needs some serious help00:29
MrChrisDruifAs far as I understand, the 12.04 release will be mainly about bug-fixes00:29
MrChrisDruifMost flavours will tread it as a LTS release, Lubuntu however will not. We currently lack the dev support to maintain it on that level00:30
labimis there some linux distribution that is 1) user-friendly 2) very light-weight 3) has a large developer base 4) is actively supported ?00:31
avelldirolllabim: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule as you can see here, precise did not enter the beta phase yet, so as an alpha it may not be considered representative of the final release (some would say you should even wait for the RC to say that sort of things)00:32
wxllabim: depends on how you define #100:32
avelldirolllabim: lubuntu describe your specs, i would suggest to take a look to slitaz if you search for something even more lightweight00:33
wxli think that actually lubuntu does pretty well there-- with perhaps the exception of the large developer base although many of its components are ubuntu and it has a large developer base00:33
wxla lot of lightweight distros have no gui00:34
wxlor suck (puppylinux))00:34
labimi really like lubuntu, I just think it is being overshadowed by ubuntu too much and thus not as much developed00:34
wxloh i actually think that helps its development labim00:35
avelldirolllabim: you should not considered lubuntu and ubuntu as being different distributions, the only difference is the selection of packages installed by default00:37
MrChrisDruifA lot of the core apps are maintained by big brother Ubuntu, why the LXDE/Lubuntu specific ones are maintained by our devs00:39
wxl…as well as the general lxde community00:39
labimok, that explains it nicely00:39
wxlwhich is not specific to lubuntu00:39
wxle.g. some guy popped into #lxde the other day who was running lxde but with xmonad as a wm instead of openbox in arch00:40
wxlin fact, lxde has spread itself all over the linux world00:40
wxlwhich is to say it has a pretty big user base00:41
wxllike here's fedora pretending to be lubuntu: https://spins.fedoraproject.org/lxde/00:42
fredymosqueralthat way to use software is amazing00:46
DarthBradywell, this is odd: Lubuntu's Update Manager has stopped asking for my password, just goes on ahead and applies updates.01:57
DarthBradyis that a bug?01:58
hirabayashitarohi all05:27
hirabayashitaroHope to be in the right place to ask a question about boot from usb drive of lubuntu...05:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:30
hirabayashitaroI installed 11.10 with the ubuntu disk utility on usb, then removed the casper-rw file e created the casper-rw patition. All seems to work well. I have all my user files on the casper partition. The problem is that every time the system boots it logs in as live user and it's quite stressing to log out and inevery time. How should I do?05:31
Unit193Are you looking for !persistence? Seems like you're booting from USB, no?05:33
hirabayashitaroUnit193: yes I am. but I have persistence in files and setytings. I don't have it in booting05:34
hirabayashitaroUnit193: I previously installed ubuntu on usb and it worked well. Like that it booted as a normal installation. But with lubuntu I have to start from the live every time. Don't know why...05:35
Unit193I've not actually tried that with Ubuntu yet, just installed this 'round. Also never used that method to try it, maybe the other two that should be reading this do? ;)05:36
hirabayashitaroI'm quite an ignorant about how a system works but I can suppose that it can be something related to the boot loader or something...05:39
Unit193So I'm hearing the exact same thing works with another Ubuntu, do you know if more than one? And I'd try it once 12.04 comes out since it's going to get security updates longer, and is a generally new system05:42
hirabayashitaroI will try 12.04 but just wondered if I can use this version too now. Anyway the working version is ubuntu 10.0405:50
hirabayashitaroThe one I'm using now.05:50
* phillw sorry I'm busy else where - but if you are playing with resizing casper - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1147101 has some good info.05:51
hirabayashitarophillw: not exactly that, but thanks for the link05:51
hirabayashitarowell, thank you for the support. And in particular thank you for the development of such a good sistem as lubuntu. See you06:10
giuseppe60some days it happens on my Lubuntu the connection is a slow unheard. The opening and loading of pages with chromium are slow and sometimes crashes alcuen: solutions?09:13
MrChrisDruifSwitch ISP?09:15
giuseppe60I do not know what it is09:18
MrChrisDruifISP is your Internet Service Provider (basically, I'm blaming your internet provider for your slow connection)09:18
MrChrisDruifOther then that I don't know how to diagnose internet connections09:19
Myrttihave you actually established that the problem is in the connection and not in the browser?09:23
giuseppe60performed tests    download speeds   4  mbps           upload speed 0.4 mbps09:24
giuseppe60telecom italia09:26
giuseppe60Myrtti,  What do you think, given the results?09:43
MyrttiI'd try another router as well09:51
giuseppe60I have another router09:53
head_victimFrom last night's conversation it would appear giuseppe60 has installed konqueror which has also pulled in a lot of KDE processes on an older machine which may be slowing it down and from a paste appeared to be using over 90% of RAM.10:10
head_victimgiuseppe60: have you tried the steps shown last night to remove the kde stuff properly?10:10
giuseppe60head_victim,  I removed all kde and the kde libraries from patting management10:12
kikinHello. I wanted to install lubuntu using the mini.iso. I downloaded it, burned it, booted it, chose command line install, went through all the settings, and after restart I have no image on screen, only a blinking _10:38
kikinwhat should I do?10:38
miglohello! is there a webpage where one can see which applications are delievered with Lubuntu?10:48
kikinnevermind - solved the issue. Apparently after reboot it boots into the graphical user interface, which is not present. Solved by switching to tty1 using the proper key combination, now get a prompt.10:50
kikinyou might want to update the installation instructions for this issue10:50
kikinadditionally, on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/MinimalInstall , these are not required anymore "sudo apt-get install python-software-properties" and "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa" correct?10:57
migloI'm looking for a lightweight Debian based distribution without office, multimedia, artwork, ... packages.10:57
kikinmiglo: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/lubuntu-desktop10:58
kikinuse mini.iso from ubuntu and then follow:10:59
kikinthat will give you what you want10:59
kikinI think you will be looking for "--no-install-recommends lubuntu-core", it is as barebone lubuntu as you can11:00
kikinand then you can install what you need11:00
miglothat's exactly for what I was looking for. - thank you very much for all these information.11:01
kikinmiglo: be careful though, lubuntu-core does not include alsa etc.11:02
kikinso I hope you know what you are doing11:03
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vanahaHello. I installed lubuntu using the ubuntu mini.iso and then performing apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop. Everything seems to work except sound. When I boot the computer using lubuntu live cd sound works with no problem. What can I do?14:06
Sentynelvanaha: I guess alsa isn't a hard dependency of that package, so you'd need to install alsa-base14:11
vanahaalsa-base appears to be installed14:12
vanahaalsamixer exists, aplay -l shows correct device etc.14:12
vanahaand no, the sound is not muted14:12
vanahathough I did have to add my user to the audio group in order for alsamixer & aplay -l to work without sudo14:13
vanahait is an intel HDA sound card, integrated on board14:14
vanahaand it works with no problems under live cd, so it has to do something with some package being missing or being improperly configured by deafult14:15
Sentynelcan you try specifying the right device to aplay in case it's defaulting to the wrong one or something?14:16
vanahai have no sound in firefox or vlc either14:16
vanahaalso, aplay -l only shows one device, so i do not see what else it could default to14:17
vanaha**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****14:18
vanahacard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC260 Analog [ALC260 Analog]14:18
vanaha  Subdevices: 1/114:18
vanaha  Subdevice #0: subdevice #014:18
Sentyneloh, okay, I've got loads of devices shown for my card14:18
vanahanevermind, it now suddenly works :/ I hate these kinds of problems... now I will never know what broke it...14:25
vanaha... or what fixed it...14:25
giuseppe60I changed my router, but still all the same, after a few openings for web pages, chormium trouble opening web pages, while running a test on another PC installed xp, not chrome these problems.15:09
giuseppe60 there is a chromium consumption for java: is this possible?                 http://paste.ubuntu.com/832726/15:49
EvilResistancegiuseppe60, chromium uses java actively...15:53
giuseppe60EvilResistance,   hello15:54
EvilResistancei'm not on Lubuntu, but I am on Kubuntu.  I've done a test, and Chromium actually loads java with it15:54
EvilResistanceso that it can correctly operate15:54
EvilResistance(it uses Java in parts of it)15:54
giuseppe60no, because I had seen slow opening of the page15:55
EvilResistancewhich page?  :p15:55
EvilResistance(note i cant test atm, i'm on windows because of the evil network i'm on)15:55
EvilResistanceits possible, actually, the page is Java-intense which is why there's an increase in Java's usage15:56
EvilResistancegiuseppe60, could be a network problem, not necessarily chromium's fault16:04
EvilResistancegiuseppe60, you could always just kill chromium and java and reopen it16:04
EvilResistanceand if you get the same usage again, well then its Chromium's fault.16:04
giuseppe60ok thant16:06
giuseppe60ok thanks16:07
giuseppe60EvilResistance,   performed tests    download speeds   4  mbps           upload speed 0.4 mbps                       the network will do16:09
EvilResistancecould be at their end... i dont necessarily trust network speed tests :p16:10
giuseppe60an external test     http://www.speedtest.net/16:11
EvilResistancenote that when i say "network problem" it could be your end, their end, or anywhere inbetween16:11
EvilResistancei've got to head to class, unfortunately...16:11
EvilResistance*disappears because if he's late to class he's going to miss an exam*16:12
giuseppe60ok thanks16:12
smile4everHow can I kill Dropbox after 20 minutes at startup? :)17:24
manoxHi I'm having difficulty to access my HTPC trought vnc4server17:25
Ahmuckwhat is a decent calendaring solution?17:31
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=== JordiGH is now known as AmberJ
icerootAhmuck: you are already running a mail-client?17:47
icerootAhmuck: like thunderbird or evolution17:47
F4sterI just installed lubuntu and I need some help about configurating desktop... Can anyone help me ?19:28
F4sterPS : I'm sorry i'm french and my english isn't perfect ^^19:28
bioterror!ask | F4ster19:29
ubottuF4ster: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:29
F4ster!ask How to add the computer icon on the desktop ?19:29
ubottuF4ster: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:29
bioterrorcomputer icon19:30
bioterrorwhere it should take you?19:30
F4sterbioterror : computer:///19:31
bioterrormake computer.desktop file with your text editor and save it to your Desktop19:31
bioterrorshould be something like that19:32
F4sterit take me to /home/<user> how to go to computer:/// ?19:34
wxlF4ster: just have the exec line be pcmanfm computer:///19:36
F4sterit works thx :)19:37
wxlnp :)19:37
wxlthat will work with anything else you might want too19:37
wxle.g. network:///19:37
wxlor ssh:///user@service/path/to/share19:38
F4sterok ^^ i'll surely have a lot of questions after i'll come back soon :)19:38
wxlsounds good19:38
wxlfeel free to idle away here and pipe up when you like19:39
wxlplus as you figure out things you can help others with their problems you've already figrued out ;)19:39
bioterrorhe left minutes ago19:39
wxloh well19:39
wxltoo much traffic to pay attention to joins, parts, quits, modes, and nicks19:39
wxlbioterror: from now on, every line is addressed to someone19:40
kanliotanyone else notice that precise doesn't include an irc client?19:47
wxlkanliot: and oneiric does?19:47
kanliotyeah pretty sure19:51
kanliotnot 100% sure19:51
wxlkanliot: mine don't19:51
wxlkanliot: it does include pidgin which can handle irc but there's no xchat or irssi as two possible examples19:51
wxlkanliot: if i were in control of lubuntu (i'm a little too minimalist for many) we'd all be using irssi+bitlbee instead of pidgin19:52
wxlkanliot: however i don't think our windows expats would appreciate that ;)19:52
kanliotwhat's ircssi+bitbee?19:52
kanliotjust a client?19:52
wxlkanliot: irssi is an awesome console based irc client19:53
wxlkanliot: bitlbee is a irc gateway that basically forwards im traffic into your irc client19:53
kanliotk thx19:53
bioterrorweechat > irssi19:54
bioterrortime to move on this decade19:54
kanlioti haven't realy found a client i like19:55
* wxl rolls his eyes at bioterror 19:55
bioterrorircII EPIC519:55
wxlnow THAT'S funny19:55
* wxl cut his teeth on ircII many, many moons ago19:55
Myrttilet's keep the cusswords out the discussion, shall we? :-P19:56
bioterrorircII is not same as ircII EPIC ;)19:56
wxli know!19:57
wxlMyrtti: sorry, i won't say "weechat" again19:57
MyrttiI meant the irc*PTHYI*II19:57
F4ster!ask How to search a file ?19:58
ubottuF4ster: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:58
wxlMyrtti: i didn't say i liked it. it was all i knew back then19:58
wxlF4ster: lxfind19:58
wxlof course i think that's only precise only19:59
kanliotuse find command from terminal?20:00
wxlf4ster: http://lubuntublog.blogspot.com/2012/01/havent-tried-lxfind-yet-for-those-who.html20:00
bioterrordo you irssi users still mess with that /lastlog instead of a working search?20:01
kanliotlxfind is beta IMHO20:01
kanliotcatfish might work but i've never used it20:01
wxlkanliot: sure, that's what lxfind basically does20:01
wxlF4ster: kanliot is right, catfish will work and lxfind is beta but lxfind is destined for inclusion20:01
wxlF4ster: and to correct myself it's not precise only20:02
wxlbioterror: yes as far as i know20:02
bioterrorwxl, oh poor you ;)20:02
wxlbioterror: doesn't bother me any20:02
bioterrorwxl, probably becouse you dont know about better ;)20:02
wxlbioterror: or i don't care20:03
Unit193lastlog works well enough20:03
bioterrorUnit193, no it does not, as it pollutes the window with old stuff20:04
wxlbioterror: unless you do a lastlog specifically on what you want20:04
Unit193/win new split20:04
Unit193/lastlog -window 13 words here20:04
wxlfor example i have alias ll which is /lastlog -new -msgs -hilight20:04
wxlwhich is only the newest msgs and hilights since the last lastlog20:05
bioterrorI get hilights to my status window if I'm away20:05
* wxl oohs and aahs with ennui20:06
F4sterHow to setup grub ? i need to choose my OS launching my computer20:21
wxli'm gonna guess..20:21
wxl!grub | F4ster20:21
ubottuF4ster: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:21
* wxl is a good guesser20:21
wxlit's the 2nd link you want (re: grub2) F4ster20:22
F4ster!grub | F4ster20:28
ubottuF4ster, please see my private message20:28
freerouteuhm, there's like a giant rectangle stuck in the center of the screen20:36
freeroutehow would I make it stop?20:36
wxlfreeroute: hit alt-f2 and try "openbox --restart" without the quotes and see if that fixes it20:37
freeroutewxl: nope, still there. I also used slock to lock screen and went back, that rectangle seems to be playing hard ball.20:39
wxlfreeroute: screenshot please?20:40
freeroutewxl: http://i.imgur.com/VjInw.png20:43
wxlok let's try something else again which is totally unlikely to be the problem but "lxpanelctl restart"20:44
wxlfreeroute: one other crazy notion is to minimize the window and then maximize it again20:45
freeroutewxl: none of them worked, can something be wrong on the hardware level of my nVidia GForce GTX260m ?20:46
freerouteor could it be a rootkit injection of somekind?20:46
wxlanyone else? bioterror? Unit193?20:47
freerouteI let a terminal window open for quite some time in where I was logged in as root20:47
bioterrorlooks weird20:47
wxli'd call the rootkit unlikely. it's not windows after all ;)20:47
bioterrordoes it come back if you restart login manager?20:47
Unit193I'd say xkill and click it :P20:47
wxloh! good thought20:48
bioterrorUnit193, not gonna work!20:48
freeroutehow do I restart the login manager? and I'm afraid I might kill my whole desktop with xkill :p20:48
Unit193bioterror: I didn't read the whole thing, what'd I miss?20:48
bioterrorfreeroute, starting whole X sessions kills your whole desktop too ;)20:48
freeroutewell I tried the xkill thing and now all my icons on the desktop are gone20:49
freeroutewho needs them anyway when you have the terminal20:49
wxlhahahha i like you freeroute ;)20:50
freerouteoh yeah, I'm soo hardcore :p20:51
freerouteso I can try the login manager thing20:51
bioterrorsudo service lxdm restart20:52
freeroutewon't that also get rid of all the windows?20:52
bioterroryou can start them again after login20:52
freerouteoh well who needs windows anyway ;p20:53
bioterroryeah, use just console20:53
bioterrorI used to have a friend who only used console20:53
wxli've done it before20:53
wxlnothing like videos a la ascii20:53
bioterroractually, he mostly just listened to music with mpg123 and played bat game20:53
wxlcmus is the best20:54
wxland asciiportal ;)20:54
freerouteand so it happened20:55
bioterrordid it come back?20:55
freerouteno, I'm kind of going to miss my temporary rectangled friend though.20:56
bioterrormake a wallpaper with it :D20:56
freerouteand my chromium session which was entirely in spy mode20:56
freerouteoh good idea20:56
freerouteshame about the scrot dialog though20:58
wxloh you can set chromium to always be in spy mode20:58
freeroutebut it's croppable, we have the technology20:59
wxlthat's not what you were asking but hey just saying20:59
freeroutehi giuseppe6020:59
giuseppe60freeroute,  hello20:59
freeroutewxl: I'm interested in this, how would one achieve such bliss?20:59
giuseppe60does anyone know how to alphabetize bookmarks in browser midori?21:00
freeroutethat kind of saves me to go Ctrl+Shift+N every time21:00
wxlfreeroute: change your chromium.desktop to "Exec=chromium-browser --incognito %U"21:00
bioterrorfreeroute, scrot -d 4 foo.png21:04
bioterrorfreeroute, give it some seconds of delay ;)21:04
freeroutewxl: just rename the desktop icon right? If so then it doesn't seem to be working21:05
anlioti don't get michaelrawsons email on the mailing list.  someone explain it to me?21:06
freeroutebioterror: thanks I'll remember that :)21:06
wxlfreeroute: no change the .desktop Exec line21:06
freeroutewxl: oh, I can open the desktop icon with a text editor... awesome21:07
freerouteyup working21:07
giuseppe60I have installed in your browser midori Lubuntu But bookmarks are not in order, is it possible?21:08
freeroutethere are a lot of languages in that .desktop file, is that perhaps to prevent that icon name would stay the same if the language of the environment would change?21:11
wxlgiuseppe60: you mean you had some bookmarks in some other midori, then tried to import them into midori in lubuntu and they're messed up?21:11
wxlfreeroute: yeppers21:11
freeroutethat's pretty smart21:12
giuseppe60wxl,    hello               YES21:13
wxlgiuseppe60: that's a good question. midori is not a standard part of lubuntu. i wonder if the problem might not be with midori's import feature.21:14
giuseppe60wxl,   chatting, I had recommended as chromium browser and midori21:15
wxlgiuseppe60: again, it's not a standard part of lubuntu. you can use it, it's just standard. that being said, i've not had the experience with it. i would suggest trying #midori21:16
giuseppe60wxl,  OK21:17
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asmandinstalling lubuntu currently21:49
asmandis it normal that it gets stuck on ~90% of installing system?21:49
anliotwait 5 min21:50
asmandprogress bar hasn't moved for close to two hours21:50
anliotthats bad21:50
asmandthis is the third time I try to install21:50
asmandstops in the same position21:50
anliotis it an old hard disk21:50
asmandtoday I read that while configuring dpkg, it may take up to 90 minutes21:51
asmandnew SD21:51
anliotwell there you go21:51
anliotit's not dpkg21:51
asmandI wonder if it will complete or not21:54
anliotwhy would it complete?21:54
anliotit's some hardware problem21:55
anliotyou might google the model of your SD21:55
anliotsee if anything comes up21:55
anliotalthough i can't think what exactly would be the problem21:56
asmandload is still high21:58
asmandso it does something21:58
anliotwhat's load?21:59
asmandload  average21:59
anlioti don't know how you see that21:59
anliotin the console?22:00
bioterroranliot, open terminal22:01
bioterrorand type command: uptime22:01
bioterroror you can just type: w22:01
anliotyeah, but i thought he was doing an installation...right?  clean install or was i assuming that22:01
asmandand dpkg is active22:01
asmandyes, you can start a shell while installing22:02
asmand(if you use the graphical installer)22:02
anliotwhere did you read that dpkg could take a hour? can you link it?22:04
anliotand w works, but why does it say 0 users..... i guess i'm mystified22:05
asmand Please be aware that your system may seem to 'hang' (stop) at about 90% (dpkg), it has not; it just takes a little time (up to 90 minutes).22:05
sereanyone know why i get this blue tint with nvidia drivers ...everything is fine..just the color is all off.. im usisng oneirc / nvidia-current22:05
serei get the same problem with my slax ...22:06
asmandtwo zombies22:08
asmandll leave it runnign for a few more hours22:09
asmandI'll try the alternate isntall if thsi fails22:10
asmandit just completed that step22:13
asmandin this machine, it took about 2.5 hours22:13
asmanddownloading packages now22:13
asmandit it was a dpkg process that took this long to run22:13
asmandthe documentation was correct22:14
asmandwho'd have thought :P22:14
anlioti would like to see the bug for that issue, but can' find ti22:15
asmandis there a bug?22:18
anliotshould be22:19
anlioti donno22:19
anliothell it's documented22:19
asmandI wonder what the input parameters to dpkg were22:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 532733 in qemu-linaro (Ubuntu) "apt/dpkg in qemu-system-arm hangs if a big task is installed" [High,Expired]22:21
anliotis that it?22:21
gordon_1234Should Ubuntu One work out of the box with Lubuntu?22:22
asmand/usr/bin/dpkg --root=/target --status-fd 160 --force-depends --force-r22:23
asmanddidn't get the rest of the command :/22:23
anliotyou lost me, what is that command22:24
asmandthat was the command the installer ran that took 2.5 hourrs22:25
sereBLUE TINT PROBLEM : ubuntu oneirc my left screen works fine but my right screen has a blue tint...i can adjuct b ut w/ no luck..anyone heard of this fix?22:35
anliotcut some 3d glasses apart22:36
anliotand fix it so both lenses match22:36
anliotand the tint will be gone22:36
sereif i switch to my slax os i get the same error...i think its my tv or x drivers but i know it works because slitaz os works fiine22:37
anliotsounds like nvidia drivers having trouble to me22:37
anliotsounds like the monitor pixel modes are confusing the driver22:37
anliotprobably is a bug for that issue somewhere.  i really donno sorry22:38
sereanliot, i have been at this for months not with no luck....no worries22:38
sereanliot, i think it might have to do with the composit settings too...i dunno22:39
anliotyeah just a guess22:39
asmandhmm... that STAT of the dpkg process is D22:39
anlioti hate people who think they can solve problems by guessing at me:)22:40
anliothuh asmand22:40
sereanliot, you should know everything though22:40
asmandseemss like there's some serious IO waiting going on here22:41
anliot  i actually thought i did until asmand's bug22:41
asmand92% wa22:41
anliotyno i might be able to update that doucmentation page22:43
anliotasmand didn't the install complete, or is it sortof hung again?22:43
asmandseems like it first setup dpkg22:45
asmandtaht took a long time22:45
asmandthen it started downloading additional packages and updates22:45
asmandand now it's doing dpkg again22:46
asmandshouldn't have checked "download updates during install" :P22:46
asmandload average is ~322:48
asmandmostly waiting22:48
asmandseems to be some weird IO waiting going on22:48
asmandwell I'd better et to bed22:51
asmandhopefully it will have completed tomorrow22:51
serei love apt-medium :)23:01
freerouteI think I just discovered some weird behavior on Chromium, when you drag and drop a picture onto the desktop, the text cursor in text input fields disappears and the selection color changes to grey.23:41
freerouteand it kind of stays that way23:42

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