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AlanBellhi `marianne` 19:52
* AlanBell always likes to be reminded where to find the backtick key19:52
JanCAlanBell: it's AltGr+µ (on a Belgian keyboard)  :P20:00
macoits unshift ~ on a US keyboard20:08
AlanBellunshifted ¬ on mine20:58
macoAlanBell: why is that even a main key on your layout?21:20
macohow many people REALLY do ...whatever kind of math that is.. frequently enough to warrant that?21:20
AlanBellbecause I am a crazy brit21:20
AlanBellset negation operator or something I think21:21
AlanBellnope, just logical "NOT"21:22
macowhen is it *used* for logical not outside of set theory?21:23
macoprogrammers use !21:23
maconormal people type the word "not"21:23
* AlanBell has ¬ever used it21:23
macoits like having the upside U for intersection on the keyboard. some maths professor somewhere is happy, and everyone else is confused21:24
JanCmaco: I guess it reflects what people were using computers in the early 1980s...21:50
macoamerican keyboards on computers almost completely match typewriters, with one exception: 1 and l are two different keys21:51
JanCmaco: my parents have an ancient American typewriter, which has separate 1 & l  :P21:52
JanCan "Underwood" machine21:53
macooh, mine just has an l key21:53
JanCmaybe also depends on how old it is21:54
macomine's late 80s21:55
macoi think21:55
JanCmaco: eh, late 1880s or 1980s ?  ;)21:57
maco1980s :P21:57
JanCthe machine I'm talking about is definately closer to 100 yo than 30 yo  :P21:58
JanChttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6d/The_Childrens_Museum_of_Indianapolis_-_Typewriter.jpg --> this looks more or less like it22:00
macoyeah, mine's electric22:03
JanCactually, it seems like many of their models lack a "1" key indeed22:03
JanCI thought it had a "1" key, maybe I should re-check, but I don't remember lacking it22:05
JanCor maybe they had different models outside the US 22:05

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