rbasakpbuckley: export $(dpkg-architecture -aarmel); export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-; fakeroot debian/rules clean binary-omap400:42
rbasakpbuckley: you'll need gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf installed00:42
rbasakerr, gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi00:42
rbasakfor armhf, s/armel/armhf/ and it's gnueabihf00:43
pbuckleythank you00:44
pbuckleyim stil waiting for my first compile i kicked off about 4 hours ago00:45
pbuckleyso cross compiling is really the only way00:45
pbuckleyi can do this in any sort of real time frame00:45
pbuckleyi wonder if distcc is still around01:29
pbuckleysweet it is.. anyone have success with it on arm?01:31
Nekoit works01:31
Nekoit's not very useful though, if you have 40 arm boxes to hook up with it you're probably also in posession of a rather powerful PC too :)01:32
pbuckleytrue.. but even in ec2 the kernel is taking forever.. ive gotten spoiled with near instant builds01:32
pbuckleygoing to spin up a couple more instances01:32
pbuckleyand distcc this shiznit01:33
twbNeko: some stuff can't be cross-compiled, though01:33
twbAlthough the same stuff probably also has trouble with distcc...01:34
Nekoand that;s where you break out qemu to emulate arm enough to get the bits that can't be cross-compiled done01:34
twbI guess.01:34
twbNot all arches get so much love in qemu :-)01:34
Nekosuse manage it in their build service just fine, ubuntu are getting this stuff up and running. compiling natively on arm boxes is just looking for a long wait no matter how many you have.01:34
Nekowhen you hit quad or eight core 1.8GHz monsters with 4GB RAM and real hard disks, yeah, it'll make sense again, but they don't exist yet. Not quite yet :)01:35
twbAFAIK Debian still relies heavily on native builds01:35
Nekoand it'd still be faster on a PC. Nobody does a "native" Android build01:36
* pbuckley drools about the thought of an eightcore 4gb ram monster01:36
Nekoyeah we own the armhf build farm..01:36
twbWell, android are crack-smoking java monkeys, what do you expect01:36
Nekoand it works.... but there's a better way01:36
pbuckleywhats the better way?01:36
Nekocross-compile :]01:36
Nekouse your 8-core hyperthreaded xeon with 32gb ram and a 4TB raid array and build all of android in 25 minutes.01:37
twbI expect it'll become trendier in Debian once multilib stuff is done01:37
twbNeko: that still takes 25 minutes?  You can build openwrt on an *atom* in that time01:38
Nekoopenwrt is a little smaller though01:38
Nekobuilding a 6MB ROM for a router is a bit different to something that comes out about 300MB worth of apps and java crap01:39
Nekospitting a kernel out takes a couple minutes for a full distclean build.. you'd never do that on ARM even if you had 50 boxes doing it01:39
pbuckleyim at about 5 hours for building 3.2.0 on my pandaboard01:40
Nekoit takes 80 minutes on an Efika MX :)01:40
twbThose extra 294MB are just bloat ;-)01:40
pbuckleytwb: thats the java ;)01:41
Nekohave 50 of them and it might take half an hour, maybe 10 minutes if you're lucky01:41
Nekotwb, I did say java crap :D01:41
pbuckleyefika mx you say01:41
* pbuckley googles01:41
twbNow now, just because dalvik walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, doesn't mean Oracle can sue Google ;-)01:41
infinitypbuckley: The Efika's much slower than your Panda, I wouldn't bother with the googling.01:42
GrueMasterpbuckley: If it has taken 5 hours on your panda, you're doing something wrong.  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap4/3.2.0-1405.7/+build/312143801:42
GrueMasterAnd that system isn't even optimized.  I think it is running natty.01:42
pbuckleyGrueMaster: apt-get --only-source source linux-ti-omap4 (something); cd /usr/src/linux; make oldconfig; make01:43
pbuckleyis basically all i did01:43
GrueMasterAre you running on SD or USB Sata?01:43
twbGrueMaster: he is probably building with debug on01:44
GrueMasterAh.  That explains it.  You'll see almost 10x performance increase on USB.01:44
twbThat ALWAYS gets me01:44
NekoI'm regretting buying a pandaboard, not because it's slow (usb disk makes it fun to use again) but because everything just seems not to be as good as you'd think01:45
Nekoawesome CPU, awful TI peripherals01:45
Nekoexcept the wireless, that works really well01:45
GrueMasterLooking at the buildlog from the link I posted, the buildd is running Natty (Kernel version: 2.6.38-1209-omap4 #20-Ubuntu).01:45
GrueMasterThe panda is essentially a cellphone dev platform.  When thought of along those terms, it is actually quite good.01:46
Nekoit's a shame nobody's making a real omap4 desktoppy kind of system that's been optimized for usage and not just developing phones01:46
Nekothe other TI dev board is much better than the panda for that though too01:46
Nekolike.. if you had the choice you'd buy the MX53 EVK and not bother with the Quickstart01:47
Nekoif you were developing phones that is01:47
GrueMasterActually, there are a lot of non-phone systems out there (kindle fire, nook tablet).  And I heard of one system coming soon that will just plug into a spare hdmi port on your tv.01:47
twbI thought omap4 was a better platform than the dragonball01:47
steev_not a big enough market for it01:47
Nekotablets are just big phones at the end of the day, same development model01:47
Nekoomap4 needs a trimslice, efika mx kind of thing01:48
GrueMasterTrue.  Can't wait for omap5.  Could be interesting.01:48
Nekowell I'm duty bound to wait for MX6, but I can't help thinking most companies will run to nVidia before TI at the moment01:48
Nekoall the new tablets in the pipeline seem to be tegra3, if that is at all realistic01:48
NekoI remember when they were all going to be MX51, hahahaha..01:49
Nekowhat happens at CES, stays at CES01:49
GrueMasterYea, well....01:49
pbuckleya tegra3 pandaboard like board would be fun01:50
twb*I* remember in like 2008 when asus demoed an 9" eeepc running arm01:50
twbAnd then I had to wait four years for the tf10101:50
pbuckleyso whats the trick to turn debug mode off?01:50
twbpbuckley: make menuconfig, find it in the kernel hacking section01:51
twbIt basically means whether it builds with -g01:51
GrueMastertwb: That is on by default in all of our kernels, from what I can tell.01:53
twbGrueMaster: it is on standard ubuntu and debian kernels, yes01:53
twbbut it makes compile take an order of magnitude longer, ESPECIALLY if you have slow I/O01:54
pbuckleyah k01:54
twbCONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL=y I guess, I don't have menuconfig in front of me right now01:54
twbBut IME you can't just edit .config you need to use the UI01:54
pbuckleyE: Package 'ncurses' has no installation candidate01:55
pbuckleyoh wait01:55
pbuckleythat changed to01:55
GrueMasterI think you can if you run make oldconfig afterwards.01:55
pbuckleywow that package name changed again01:55
twblibncurses5-dev or so01:56
pbuckleythough im a bit surprised it doesnt get installed with apt-get build-dep01:56
twbncurses-base is just terminfo files01:56
twbbuild-dep of a kernel *source* package?01:56
pbuckleywell know.. but of the linux-kernel package01:57
twblinux-kernel is a metapackage, no build deps01:57
infinitylibncurses5-dev isn't a build-dep of the kernel because the kernel build doesn't call menuconfig.01:58
pbuckleyfair enough01:58
twbinfinity: right, thanks02:00
pbuckleyflag changed.. thank you for the tip02:00
pbuckleyand on that note its time to go home02:01
twbIf building natively, you can also do "make localmodconfig" and "make localyesconfig" to compile all used modules in, and disable all unused modules02:12
krosswindzGrueMaster: the rebuilt kernel works02:31
krosswindzGrueMaster: the device is detected02:31
nidsubhi there :) i bump into a problem building linux kernel for arm xilinx,can anyone help me?04:28
nidsubhi there guy, i needs some help please.sorry but i am new in this area05:17
nidsubur help would be greatly appreciated ,thank you05:17
nidsubIm building a linux kernel05:19
nidsubthis the error i have,please show my mistake05:19
nidsubnidsub-VirtualBox:/opt/codesourcery/linux-2.6-xlnx$ sudo make ARCH=arm05:19
nidsubscripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig05:19
nidsub  CHK     include/linux/version.h05:19
nidsub  UPD     include/linux/version.h05:19
nidsub  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h05:19
nidsub  UPD     include/generated/utsrelease.h05:19
nidsub  Generating include/generated/mach-types.h05:19
nidsub  CC      kernel/bounds.s05:19
nidsubcc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mlittle-endian’05:19
nidsubcc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mno-thumb-interwork’05:19
nidsubkernel/bounds.c:1:0: error: unknown ABI (aapcs-linux) for -mabi= switch05:19
nidsubkernel/bounds.c:1:0: error: bad value (armv5t) for -march= switch05:19
nidsubmake[1]: *** [kernel/bounds.s] Error 105:19
nidsubmake: *** [prepare0] Error 205:19
nidsubhere the detail on the step i took ..from this webpage05:23
micahgnidsub: you need to learn about a pastebin05:24
micahg!pastebin | nidsub05:24
ubot2nidsub: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:24
nidsubohh, im really sorry05:25
nidsub:( sorry guys05:25
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Person987XavB: thanks for your help the other day, my board has been running flawlessly since installing the arm-extras :-)15:44
XavBXavB: yeah !!!15:44
XavBPerson987: so you are running the 3.1 kernel, right?15:45
Person987how can I check? :-)15:45
XavBuname -a returns Linux ubuntu-desktop 3.1.0-1282-omap4 #10 ...15:45
Person987XavB: yes, thats it.  It was locking up every 30min and since upgrading it has not had a single problem.  I even left my OpenGL app running all day when I went to work and it was still running that night.15:47
XavBPerson987: just perfect... :D15:48
Person987XavB: just ordered another board for my dad's birthday :-)15:48
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krosswindzGrueMaster: around?17:14
GrueMasterVery much so, sadly.  Need to lose weight.17:15
GrueMasterOh, you meant something else?17:15
krosswindzGrueMaster: I got a second usb serial cable17:15
krosswindzGrueMaster: I have the same issue as well, not being able to hook on to the serial port17:16
krosswindzGrueMaster: stty hangs17:16
GrueMasterVery odd.17:16
GrueMasterI have not seen that issue and I have 7-8 usb-serial cables (I lost track).17:17
GrueMasterDo you have any other serial devices you can test that cable with?17:17
krosswindzGrueMaster: baud_rate = baud_base / divisor?17:17
GrueMasterNot that I know of.17:17
krosswindzI just pulled an ancient desktop I have17:17
krosswindzI am seeing if it will boot of a USB flash drive17:18
GrueMasterYou will need a crossover to connect to a regular desktop.17:18
GrueMaster(or are you trying it as a host?)17:18
krosswindztrying it as a host17:18
krosswindzlet it export serial console17:19
krosswindzsee if I can connect to it17:19
krosswindzI am wondering if setserial for some reason isnt detecting pl230317:19
krosswindzI tried my second laptop booting lucid17:20
krosswindzI have the same issue with it as well17:20
GrueMasterI don't see why it would have issues.  Works fine here on all my systems from Lucid forward.17:20
GrueMasterThat is disturbing.17:20
krosswindzBus 005 Device 008: ID 067b:2303 Prolific Technology, Inc. PL2303 Serial Port17:21
krosswindzfrom lsusb17:21
GrueMasterMost of the usb serial cables I have are from Trendnet.  I also have 1 4-port usb-serial cable.  All of them use the pl2303 chip.17:21
krosswindzthe keyspan which I borrowed works right out of the box17:22
krosswindzI think I will order another cable17:22
Snarkjanimo, I've been pointed to your package of the linux 3.0.19 kernel for arm, and wanted to give it a try ; it's unfortunately an armel package -- could you also provide an armhf variant?21:19
Snark(I'm now subscribed to the mailing-list, so will follow there...)21:19
pbuckleymailing list?21:20
Snarkpbuckley, https://launchpad.net/~ac10021:22
pbuckleyah cool thanks21:23
Snarkpbuckley, no problem ; I wasn't on that team 15min ago ;-)21:25
pbuckley thihttp://www.engadget.com/2010/06/21/toshibas-ac100-8-hour-smartbook-runs-android-2-1-on-a-1ghz-tegr/21:27
pbuckleythis the device?21:27
Snarkpbuckley, yes21:28
Snarkthe android was a joke, and killed the device commercially21:28
pbuckleyi would love to find a tegra3 board21:28
pbuckley(besides the tf201)21:29
dioxinGrueMaster: in hiding?21:35
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GrueMasterdioxin: Nope, just back from lunch.21:43
dioxinGrueMaster: would you be able to guide me in the ways of local repositories? I've got ubuntu 10.04 on the spare box, just doing first round of updates now21:44
GrueMasterdioxin: Here is my ubumirror.conf:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/833211/21:46
GrueMasterWith that, you just add a crontab job for the specific ubumirror app you want to run (ubuports for ports.ubuntu.com).21:47
dioxincan I just sudo apt-get install ubuports ?21:50
GrueMasterdioxin: sudo apt-get install ubumirror.  ubuports is one script in the package.  The package isn't very big.21:51
GrueMasterMy cron job is:21:52
GrueMastercat /etc/cron.d/ubumirror21:52
GrueMaster# Update archive mirror every two hours.21:52
GrueMaster0 */2 * * * root /usr/bin/ubuports >> /var/log/ubumirror/cron.log21:52
dioxinpostfix local only?21:52
dioxin(from install of ubumirror)21:52
GrueMasterThe /var/log/ubumirror/cron.log file only traps output from the cron job.  ubuports (and all of the other ubu scripts) create their own logs in the same directory.21:53
GrueMasterpostfix local (unless you want it to run a larger mail server).21:53
GrueMasterubumirror scripts use that to send failure notices.21:54
dioxinwhere does the ubumirror.conf go? /usr/bin/ubuports ?21:57
GrueMasterI recommend using my ubumirror.conf and change the destination paths appropriate to your environment.  Mine is set to ignore everything except armel/armhf on ports.ubuntu.com.  It also pulls the daily arm images from cdimage.ubuntu.com (using ubucdimage script), but I don't recommend it as it can be slow.  Better to use zsync and pull as needed.21:57
GrueMasterubumirror.conf goes in /etc21:57
GrueMasterSee dpkg-query -L ubumirror for all the file locations.21:58
dioxindone it in the /etc/ directory21:58
dioxin... only need to wait 1 minute...21:59
dioxinchanged the 2 to a 121:59
GrueMasterMy conf file does not mirror the source files, but it does get everything needed for netboot install.  First run will take several hours (like overnight).21:59
dioxinhow can I tell its running? ps -U root ?22:00
GrueMasterI found that every 2 hours is enough.22:00
GrueMasterps ax|fgrep rsync22:00
GrueMasterOr tail -f /var/log/ubumirror/ubuports.log22:00
pbuckleyGrueMaster: my kernel compile finally finished ;)22:02
pbuckleyonly took 7 hours22:02
GrueMasterpbuckley: Cool.  how long did it take?22:03
pbuckleywent alot faster after i shutdown firefox22:03
pbuckleyabout to boot it.. hopefully those patches help22:03
pbuckleynext time ill be sure to turn off that kernel hacking debug stuff22:08
dioxinGrueMaster: I'm getting errors that /server/mirrors/linux-distro blahblah no such file or directory22:08
GrueMasterYea, those paths are on my mirror.  You need to edit /etc/ubumirror.conf and change all /server/mirror paths to something sane on your server.22:09
GrueMasterMy server has 4 partitions:  /server/data /server/mirror /server/media /server/roots.  I doubt your system will be the same.22:10
GrueMasterOnce you have the mirror, it will look like <your local path to>/ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/*22:11
dioxinI've just added /server/mirror/linux-distros/Ubuntu/ports.ubuntu-com/ubuntu-ports :D22:11
GrueMasterWell, copy exact is one way to go.  :P22:12
dioxinI've just built the box specially for this task, it dont really matter :D22:13
GrueMasterOn my system, in my www directory (created by the web server), I have a symlink to /server/mirror/linux-distros/Ubuntu/ports.ubuntu-com/ubuntu-ports.  That way, the mirror resolves to http://<mirror server>/ubuntu-ports, which makes changing the sources.list easier.22:13
dioxinI guess I have to sort out the symlink for the apache later.....22:14
dioxinok I think I just added the symlink :D22:17
dioxinGrueMaster: do you guys have a x86 >> armv7 cross compiler up and running yet?22:40
suihkulokkidioxin: on x86 host just apt-get install g++-arm-linux-gnueabi22:41
GrueMasterWhat he said.  :P22:41
dioxinkk I might have to try that once I get my hexa server back up and running :D22:42
dioxinit really needs the other CPU tho :(22:43
dioxinsoon my precious! SOOOOON22:43
dioxinis distributed compilation supported out of the box for x86 to arm?22:44
dioxin(me nub, be gentle)22:44
GrueMasterI have no idea.  Usually, cross compiling is only recommended for small projects or projects that don't do any post-compile processing (like running unit tests, etc).22:49
GrueMasterAnd those projects normally fail on a distcc type environment anyways.22:49
dioxinboo :(22:50
dioxinI've got soooo much x86 horse power available :(22:51
prpplaguedioxin: unless you are doing a really really really big compile, simply have a dual core box and passing a -j4 to make will be plenty22:53
prpplaguedioxin: i can do a complete android build in under 20 minutes on a dual core 2ghz box22:53
dioxinI've a 2.4 Ghz Hex core with hyperthreading ... so I might be able to do that in 3 minutes :)22:54
dioxinI was expecting a full build to take much longer22:55
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dioxinGrueMaster: how do I tell the repo is completely downloaded.... the sync stopped running....23:31
dioxinsudo /usr/bin/ubuports & stopped almost immediately...23:32
GrueMasterOn your arm system, edit /etc/sources.list to point to it instead of ports.ubuntu.com and run apt-get update for starters.23:32
GrueMasterAlso, check the ubumirror logs (/var/log/ubumirror/ubuports.log.*23:33
dioxinkk its running again, I'll check properly in the morning23:36
dioxinnight peeps23:36

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