sagacihmmm, probably a good decision to drop kubuntu as an official distro00:52
blahdeblahFor Linux Australia members: http://lists.linux.org.au/pipermail/linux-aus/2012-February/019398.html02:29
blahdeblahBTW Linux Australia membership is free02:30
head_victimsagaci_: it's no less official than xubuntu/lubuntu/studio it's just they aren't commercially supporting it anymore.07:42
elkywell, that and it doesn't have a dedicated paid developer anymore07:46
head_victimYeah sorry, that's what I meant about the commercial support07:49
head_victimMakes sense to pick your focus if it's not working out to the desired goals07:50
head_victimI honestly didn't even know they paid someone to support the KDE side of things until it was said it's not going to anymore07:51
elkythere was more than riddell at one point iirc07:53
elkyso, this has been coming for a while now07:53
sagaci_head_victim, wasn't sure how to word being deflated from Official-Canonical to official-community-recognised08:02
head_victimPure gold - http://pthree.org/?p=219908:21
nicksydneyhello all11:17
nicksydneyfirst timer in the channel here :)11:17
nicksydneyjust found the site https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam11:17
sagacihi Nick11:20
head_victimnicksydney: welcome :)12:12

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