jmonster1234Can anyone help me use ubuntu to get internet axcess00:56
jmonster1234can anyone help me get internet axcess?00:58
JoseeAntonioRsorry, wrong window :)03:04
philipballewHow would I extract audio from a video?03:53
bioterrorphilipballew, with ffmpeg for example04:02
bioterroror  mplayer04:02
philipballewbioterror, yeah, i used to use winff, but that seemed to not have all the formats I liked04:02
philipballewffmpeg from the cli. does that have all the codects that I can use you think?04:03
bioterrorI have no skill of reading your mind, so I have no idea what you want to use04:04
bioterroror what you "like"04:04
* philipballew can read bioterror 's mind04:06
philipballewwhen I say like I mean all of them. I would like it to be comprehensive I guess04:07
urlin2uphilipballew, not sure if this helpful.  http://linux.die.net/man/1/ffmpeg04:09
philipballewurlin2u, thanks. Ill play around with it04:13
urlin2uphilipballew, cool, I'm not real familiar with using ffmpeg I use a gui app usually.04:14
philipballewurlin2u, winff?04:14
philipballewokay. thats just for videos right?04:14
urlin2uI believe so changes formats there is one that does sound and will seperate the sound from a video but that is kind of hackneed, I forget the name of it04:16
urlin2usoundrecorder I think04:16
urlin2uopps wrong app04:17
philipballewmaybe ill have to write one. gtk and me are kinda friends04:18
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shadeslayerlol wth10:51
shadeslayerwrong channel10:51
hobgoblinhello Culiforge12:12
hobgoblinhow's it going12:13
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philipballewDoes anyone have experance with grub rescue?21:16
holsteinphilipballew: i have done it from a live CD sucessfully a few time21:18
philipballewso the best way to do it is to just boot from a live cd and go to town reinstalling grub?21:19
philipballewCan someone help me reinstall my bootloader? or tell me where to do that at?22:53
truepurpleMy video is out of sync with the audio for a commercial DVD I am trying to play on mplayer, anyone have a suggestion on how to get them in sync?23:41
duanedesignphilipballew: I recently used the boot-repair CD and it worked really well https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Methods_of_Reinstalling23:43
holsteinphilipballew: you sort that out?23:49

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