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khooverhey guys, looking to set up an ssh tunnel over the net from my natty laptop to my vista home computer, for when i'm in uni. Mostly for gaming purposes. Just want the GUI, sound, and input passed along to my laptop, and there shouldn't be visual indicators of anything running on the home computer12:51
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: windows does not support SSH13:44
DarwinSurvivordo you have another linux machine at home you can use for the tunel?13:45
DarwinSurvivorbtw, gaming over a remote connection will be VERY slow!13:45
DarwinSurvivorWhat I would recommend (though not for fast-paced gaming) would be to ssh into a linux machine at home, then use port forwarding (ssh -L) to make your remote desktop to the vista machine secure13:47
DarwinSurvivorthat way only the ssh port of the linux machine is exposed and the windows machine remains 100% hidden13:47
BluesKajHey all14:53
BotenAnnagrr i just installed ubuntu on my new laptop in a dual boot configuration and grub isn't coming up at all :(19:36
dscasselBotenAnna: Love to help, but I'm a little swamped with work.19:40
dscasselHave you asked #ubuntu?19:40
BotenAnnaim trying some wiki stuff :319:41
BobJonkmanBotenAnna: I had to deal with grub problems last night.19:43
BobJonkmanWhat's happening on your laptop?19:44
BotenAnnaohhhhhhhh i wonder if it's an efi thing19:44
BotenAnna"The boot of your PC is in EFI mode, but no EFI partition was detected."19:44
* BobJonkman does not know from efi (yet)19:44
BotenAnnayeah this is new for me too lol19:44
BotenAnnaok so that's what that weird 1GB partition is19:45
BotenAnnasomeone posted my exact situation on the buntu forums 15 hours ago with no response yet lol19:46
khooverDarwinSurvivor, dammit20:02
DarwinSurvivorunless you set up a full-fledget VNC connection, windows can really only share stuff via remote-desktop. It's actually pretty much useless for remote connections20:04
DarwinSurvivorother than gaming, what where you thinking of using the connection for?20:05
DarwinSurvivorand most importantly: what is the *upload* speed of your home internet connection?20:05
BotenAnnagaming over remote desktop is a pretty lol idea20:07
DarwinSurvivorwell, some games (monopoly, chess, etc) might work fine, but nothing that requires more than about 5-10fps on a FAST connection20:08
khooverDarwinSurvivor, something around 7Mbps. and i see...21:34
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: that's probably your download speed, it's the *upload* speed that will kill you in remote-desktop situations21:46
khooverno, that was upload21:46
DarwinSurvivorif there is another linux machine (even a small laptop or something), you can easily set up remote-desktop to the vista machine through it using an ssh tunnel21:46
DarwinSurvivorwow, I get like half a megabit upload :(21:47
DarwinSurvivorthat's your HOME upload speed?!?21:47
khooverhttp://www.speedtest.net/result/1758638151.png yeah21:48
khooverhttp://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest#.TzGcU0bQiwo.google and for verification21:49
khoover...maybe not the second21:49
DarwinSurvivorwow, lucky you!21:50
bregmafunny, my upload speed is about .7 MB/s21:51
khooverI guess. XP how about the VNC connection, then?21:51
bregmawhy not an RDP connection?21:52
DarwinSurvivorvnc will set up a virtual network between multiple machines, that's fairly complicated and probably not what you need (that's for file sharing, etc)21:52
DarwinSurvivorremote-desktop (RDP) simply lets you control the screen of the windows machine21:52
DarwinSurvivoryou can NOT do this in the background. It is an artificial limitation from Microsoft because non-corporate windows installations are only allowed to have 1 user at a time, so the remote user has to share with the one sitting at the desk21:53
DarwinSurvivorbregma: MegaBytes?!?21:54
DarwinSurvivorthat puts you at the same as khoover21:54
bregmathat's 0.7, in case you missed the decimal point21:54
DarwinSurvivorI get 0.33kbps (bits, not bytes)21:54
khooveryeah, see, that's not going to work. cause my parents are going to shit bricks when they see the screen doing shit on its own21:55
khooveralthough...if i use it in the middle of the day, shouldn't be too bad.21:56
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: or just leave the monitor turned off...21:56
khooverDarwinSurvivor, my worry is when they turn the monitor on.21:56
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: well, as per Microsofts 1-user rule, you and your parents can not be logged in simultaneously, so you'd have to work something out with them21:57
DarwinSurvivorgood lord, my service provider doesn't even HAVE a plan over 3mbs upload....21:57
khooverehhhhhh...I guess. suppose even rdp would rule out online games. and sucks.21:58
khooverjust got fibre-to-the-home here, i think.21:59
khooverhence why speeds are up nicely21:59
DarwinSurvivoroh, wait, no, shaw does have up to 15Mbps uploads. Cheapest 5mbps is 100/5 for 84.90! good grief22:00
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: what games are you trying to play?22:00
khooverlet's see...evil genius, old DK-like from '06. Possibly dragon nest (MMORPG, action based). Anno 2070. and maaaaaaaaaaybe MapleStory...22:01
khooverwould be for Adobe's CS5.5 too. which'll be a whole other can of worms.22:02
DarwinSurvivorwell try a remote connection first. rdesktop should do it.22:06
khooverwait, genii was here? O_O22:06
DarwinSurvivorif that's not fast enough, consider trying some of the applications in wine. failing that there's always virtualbox22:06
DarwinSurvivorNoCoffeeForYou :P22:10
khooverwelp, better head to the library.22:11
DarwinSurvivoralright, let us know if you need help with RDP22:13
BotenAnnahttp://askubuntu.com/questions/102350/how-do-i-dual-boot-ubuntu-11-10-and-windows-7-with-efi made an askubuntu with my problem :323:07
BobJonkmankhoover, DarwinSurvivor: VNC has an option to blank the remote screen, so no worries if the monitor gets turned on.  RDP turns off the remote screen by default; I don't know of a way to turn it on23:23
BobJonkmanRDP allows access to the remote computer's files.  Ultra-VNC has a file transfer option http://uvnc.com23:24
BotenAnnawow the world of EFI is absolute madness23:44
BotenAnnai like, cannot find anything where i can conclusively say "yes! that! that is what i need to do!"23:44
BotenAnnawith or without about 10,000 steps attached to it23:45
DarwinSurvivorBotenAnna: is it something specific to dual-boot or linux-on-efi in general?23:54
BotenAnnakind of both? I can't really figure out where to even begin. I have Windows 7 EFI booting, how do I get a menu at boot where I pick whether to boot Windows or Ubuntu23:57
BotenAnnaI'm not even quite sure what I should be doing. The install didn't seem to do it so I guess I have to install something, but what? All the instructions for doing it manually that I've found are for 11.0423:57

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