cjohnstoneveryones trying to find daker today00:03
MrChrisDruifWhere's waldo?00:07
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mhall119cjohnston: he must know we have work for him, he's been avoiding us ;)02:28
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bkerensaGood Night folks!07:13
jononight bkerensa07:18
dholbachhey jono07:20
jonomorning dholbach07:20
jonowhat is the username/pass for the youtube account?07:21
jonoyou can msg me it07:21
dholbachjono, philipballew.wordpress.com/?p=171 - we are ubuntu07:30
jonodholbach, yeah, I saw that07:31
dholbachdid you see https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-_4v4jLr8sZk/TrnZee43RAI/AAAAAAAACwo/mIqW9fucs9c/w352/uosocial.jpg too? it's been making the rounds on g+ :)07:32
jonooh yeah, that is sweet@07:32
jonooh yeah, that is sweet!07:32
jonoman I am digging having multiple monitors07:34
dholbachdo you use workspaces as well?07:35
jonodholbach, can you send me the link to the wiki page of things we ask people to work on at the jams07:36
dholbachin the past we listed stuff on the individual subpages of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams07:37
dholbachbut I think in the call we decided to put it all up on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam - right?07:37
jonoI will use that link07:37
jonodholbach, could you take a few mins today to tidy up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam a little08:02
jonoit looks mostly fine, but could do with a bit of simplification08:02
jonothanks, pal08:02
dpmgood morning!08:11
benonsoftwareHello dpm :)08:12
dpmhey benonsoftware, hey czajkowski :)08:14
czajkowskidpm: hey, how are things with you ?08:15
dholbachhey Gwaihir, ara, dpm, czajkowski, benonsoftware, MrChrisDruif - how are you all doing?08:16
Gwaihirhey dholbach! doing good here :-)08:17
Gwaihirwhat about you?08:17
aragood thanks!08:17
MrChrisDruifdholbach; I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking. How about yourself?08:17
benonsoftwaredholbach: Ok I guess, yourself?08:17
dpmczajkowski, good, happy that the cold wave hasn't really caught on in Valencia :)08:17
MrChrisDruifAlright, 3 wanting to know how it is going with dholbach...so spit it out already ;-)08:18
dpmhow's everything going for you?08:18
MrChrisDruif4 now =P08:18
dpmmorgen dholbach08:18
dholbachI'm doing alright :)08:18
dholbachgot a bit earlier today to have a call with the dev news team (folks from from West Coast US to Sydney)08:19
dholbachbut it didn't happen - we'll meet tomorrow08:19
dholbachso I've been reorganising my TODO list a bit instead08:19
* benonsoftware is happy seeing the word Sydney :P08:19
dholbachyeah, 7UTC is around the only sane time to have a call with folks from Portland, Berlin and Sydney :)08:20
dholbachto fully get up to speed I'm listening to a new mixtape I made - music always helps :)08:21
MrChrisDruifI'd love to hear your work dholbach08:42
dholbachMrChrisDruif, I uploaded a few mixes here: http://www.mixcloud.com/dholbach/08:43
MrChrisDruifAl right, I'll have listen later. Prolly tomorrow ^_^08:44
alouriegood morning09:20
MrChrisDruifAloha alourie09:21
alouriehey MrChrisDruif09:21
MrChrisDruifHow's it going alourie ?09:21
alourieMrChrisDruif: hectic and fun09:21
MrChrisDruifSeems about right, also a bit tired09:22
alourieMrChrisDruif: it's quite late for you, isn't it?09:25
* alourie has almost noon locally09:25
MrChrisDruifWell if you think 10:25AM is late, then yes ^_^09:25
MrChrisDruifI'm from Holland ;-) CET, which equates to UTC+109:26
alouriethat's betetr09:26
alourie*better rather09:26
MrChrisDruifRather better? =P09:27
MrChrisDruifalourie; In which country do you live?09:35
alourieMrChrisDruif: Israel, currently09:35
alourieso I'm an hour ahead of you09:36
MrChrisDruifAh, nice. What's the weather there? ^_^09:36
alourieit's weird09:36
alourienot raining, but sort of cloudy09:36
alourieand probably a lot of dust in the air...09:36
alourieso it seems09:36
alourieah, and ~ +17C09:37
MrChrisDruifGhehe...seems like a good spring day...FOR HOLLAND =P09:37
alouriemore like summer :-)09:38
MrChrisDruifCurrently sunny and ~ -13C09:38
MrChrisDruifNo, summer would be +23 or something09:38
alouriethat's a nice spring day here09:38
MrChrisDruifThat's why I said for Holland ^_^09:38
MrChrisDruifAnyhow, I'm off to my parents and stuff...going to do some ice-skating ^_^09:39
alourieMrChrisDruif: great, have a nice one :-)09:40
alourieI'll get back to work09:40
MrChrisDruifAl right, have a good workday09:40
dholbachcan the email address on https://launchpad.net/~forum-council please be updated?12:37
jcastro_buenas mornings14:06
mhall119good morning14:10
jcastro^^ I hate that guy14:47
dholbachI'll move the artwork from the UGJ page to a separate one14:54
dholbachJono asked me to clean up the pages a bit14:54
mhall119dholbach: the wiki pages?15:11
dholbachjono, oi bacon! :)15:55
jonooi oi, savaloy!15:55
jonodpm, balloons, dholbach, jcastro, mhall119 IRC meeting in 515:56
dpmjono, all set!15:56
balloonsdouble time.. fun fun15:57
jonomeetingology, help16:00
meetingologyjono: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.16:00
jonohow do I start a meeting again?16:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb  7 16:00:53 2012 UTC.  The chair is jono. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.16:00
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jonoalright, welcome to the Canonical Community Team meeting!16:01
jonodholbach, dpm, balloons, jcastro, mhall119 - I hope you are all ready :-)16:01
dholbachI wonder what #unlurk does...16:01
jcastroI am!16:01
dholbachsorry, could not resist :-P16:01
jcastrois today G+ day or IRC day?16:01
jonodholbach, devastating16:01
jonojcastro, today is always IRC16:02
jonoI am not sure why there is confusion :-)16:02
jcastroexcellent! I mean, uh oh!16:02
jonoTue: IRC16:02
jonoWed: G+16:02
jcastrojono: at some point mhall got me all backwards16:02
jcastronow I am worthless16:02
jonoclassic mhall11916:02
dholbachballoons, probably safe to ignore ;-)16:02
jonook, dholbach, want to kick off16:02
dholbachit's been a while since I was in our last meeting, so here goes:16:02
dholbachbah, I can't copy from tomboy16:03
technovikingmorning all16:03
jonohey technoviking16:03
dholbach• UDW: finalised schedule, wrote session descriptions, sent preparation notes to speakers, announced, held UDW, gave 2 sessions, summary blogging and general propaganda!$16:03
dholbach• Canonical: discussed with Olli how I could help the PS team with getting more involved in Ubuntu development.16:03
dholbach• Dev News: got another two updates out together with bkerensa, moved next issue planning to trello, planned a call with new contributors to the team.16:03
dholbach• Dev Advisory team: added lots of people to our trello, reached out to lots of almost-applicants.16:04
dholbach• Dev data: investigated broken entries together with Laney. Wrote script to extract data from DB.16:04
dholbach• ubuntu.com/developer: discussion of new content.16:04
dholbach• Blueprints: reviewed outstanding actions with everyone.16:04
dholbach• Dev docs: reviewed update of the look, some licensing issues need looking into, almost there.16:04
dholbach• Harvest: uncovered two additional issues: bug 922569, 922570. Got them deployed, Harvest is now working again. Also got Fedora patches back in!16:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 922569 in harvest "'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf3' in position 86: ordinal not in range(128)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92256916:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 922570 in harvest "psycopg2.ProgrammingError: can't adapt" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92257016:05
dholbach• Graphs: talked with Michael Hall about Unity stats and merged a couple of changes of his.16:05
dholbach^ mhall119 took over. :)16:05
dholbach• UGJ: simplified UGJ page.16:05
technovikingwhoops meeting sorry16:05
dholbach• Sponsorship: piloted myself, announced Sponsorship Friday.16:05
dholbach• ARB: talked with David about packaging problems regarding /opt requirement.16:05
dholbach• Misc: mail catchup, upgraded my  desktop to precise too, all nice and dandy.16:06
dholbachLots of other small stuff I didn't note down, as usual. :)16:06
jonodholbach always pilots himself16:06
dholbach /ignore jono16:06
jonocool, any questions for dholbach?16:06
jcastrowell done!16:06
jononice, dholbach :-)16:07
jonodpm, ready to roll?16:07
dpmyes sir!16:07
* jono high-fives dpm16:07
* dpm ^5's too16:08
dpmSo I still had some notes I wrote down for last meeting, which didn't happen, so I'll just post them to pretend I've done more work than I actually did this week...16:08
dpmPrevious week:16:08
dpm- Published the new Software Centre banners for Oneiric - Oil Rush, Corebreach, And Yet It Moves16:08
jcastro(oilrush looks so good.)16:08
mhall119AYIM is fun16:09
dpmthey're all awesome16:09
dpm- Wrote featured apps blog post on developer.ubuntu.com - http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/01/featured-ubuntu-software-centre-apps-for-january-2012/16:09
dpm- Wrote a new section on developer.ubuntu.com on how to update existing apps - http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/updating-your-app/16:09
dpm- Had a chat with TLE about creating a django webapp to allow translators to upload localized images for ubuntu docs. He already has got a working webapp, and he's waiting to host it somewhere. I set up a Canonistack server, but got stuck at using juju with a django charm16:09
dpm- Call with balloons to discuss creating a lightweight set of tests on the wiki for localized images16:09
dpm- Contacted Eidete devs to submit their apps in the Software Centre16:10
dpm- Had a chat with wendar on how to collaborate with upstream regarding the creation of GTK API docs16:10
dpm- Quick chat with dholbach to sort out the license of theme files on d.u.c16:10
dpm- Started digging out old translations interview posts on the Fridge to copy them to the translations portal16:10
dpm- Contacted a bunch of people to update the status or finish community work items16:10
dpm- Added links to the source code for all APIs on developer.ubuntu.com16:10
dpm- Call with knitsche about the Complete Simplified Chinese Desktop project - waiting for reply from managers about the plan as discussed at UDS16:11
dpm 16:11
dpmLast week16:11
dpm- Coordinated fix for bug 914667 (i.e. published apps remain as QA pending in the ARB queue) with mvo and achuni16:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 914667 in developer-portal "Packages in the ARB process should go directly to Published without going to "Ready to Publish"" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91466716:11
dpm- Created the ubuntu-app-review-contributors team for any members wanting to contribute to reviewing apps without being part of the board - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-app-review-contributors16:11
dpmGot one member already, if anyone else is interested to help reviewing apps, let me know!16:12
dpm- Created a report on the current status of the ARB queue https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/QueueReviewFeb2012Week116:12
dpm- Spent some time off-work to learn about packaging to be more effective (or at least knowledgeable) in helping the ARB. Packaged the http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpm/+junk/qml-memory-game/changes app from Naba Kumar with help from dholbach - thanks!16:12
dholbachde nada16:12
dpm- Conversations with kyleN, mvo and gekker about the 'Complete Simplified Chinese Desktop translation' project. Answered questions, created a calendar with milestones and proposed schedule16:12
dpm- UDW session on bringing your apps to Ubuntu. It was fun, had lots of questions, and I think for the first time ever I didn't have the time to finish the content due to the questions!16:13
dpm- Got reminded by an e-mail from the People & Culture department that soon it'll be my 3rd year at Canonical - time flies when you're having fun at work ;-)16:13
dpmand that's my update for today16:13
dpmquestions anyone?16:15
jonoany questions?16:15
dholbachnot from me16:16
mhall119nor me16:16
jcastronor me, nice job!16:16
jonojcastro, you are up16:16
jcastroGOOD MOURNING!16:16
jcastrook I will not be pastebinning this report16:16
mhall119mourning what?16:16
jcastroAlright, first up, juju events16:17
jcastrowe've coordinated all our submissions, CFPs, tshirts, charm school, etc.16:18
jcastroI am currently looking for someone who might be interested in covering Europe16:18
jcastroso if you're going to a European cloud event, let me know!16:18
jcastroWe're also planning our 2nd ever webinar on March 8th (details not solid yet, so it's unannounced)16:18
jcastrothis will be a more formal virtual charm school16:19
jcastrowith myself and Clint16:19
jcastronew charms this week, Keystone (openstack) and the launchpad oops tool16:19
jcastrojust in case you want to run oops at home, now you can!16:19
jcastrothis week I will be concentrating on 2 things:16:19
jcastroa) smoothing out charm review submissions (which shouldn't be hard, it's pretty lightweight)16:19
jcastroand b) Generating slides and handouts and stuff for the Charm Schools themselves16:20
jcastroOther things:16:20
jcastroLinking up with IS and ISD with the forums council to make sure the forum upgrade process is rolling forward16:20
jcastrothe test server should hit 4.x this week!16:20
jcastroand that's the major ones, my day-to-day stuff is here: https://trello.com/board/juju-growth/4ec1696da3f94bd2ea5b2b01 and https://trello.com/board/community-team/4e6febfb247e35000000aab116:21
jcastroif you want the details16:21
jcastrothat's all I got, smoke if you got em16:21
jonoquestions, folks?16:22
mhall119jcastro: dpm: what's the state of juju for django?16:22
jcastronot very good16:23
jcastrowell, let me rephrase, good, just not working16:23
jcastroneeds a review/bugfix/once over16:23
mhall119is that because it's a framework, not an app, or does it just need some extra polish?16:23
jcastroIt'll be on my next hitlist.16:23
dpmmhall119, yeah, it needs work, and noodles will not be working on it anytime soon, so it needs to be adopted16:23
jcastroyeah so he was working on it, then not, and it just needs to be brought up to speed and make sure it works, etc.16:23
mhall119have you talked to stuartm about getting ISD to adopt it?16:24
jcastrooooh, should I?16:24
mhall119they're not in the cloud yet, but I know they were looking at improving their devops toolbox16:24
jcastrook, I'll take that item on then and ping him16:24
jonoballoons, you are up next :-)16:25
jonoballoons, ?16:26
balloonshere we go16:27
balloonshelped place call for HUD testing16:27
balloonshelped place a call for unity testing, resulting in good feedback and  bug fixing for unity team16:28
balloonsspoke with Tedg and pitti about testing from ubuntu-bug and ppa's, how to fix the issue with reporting bugs we noticed in the initial calls for testing16:28
balloonsused those experiences and new knowledgebase to put together new workflow for testing, to be put to test very soon :-)16:28
balloonsalso spoke with tedg about internal workflows and discussed how projects do QA and use launchpad16:29
balloonsput together ubuntu QA landscape document to document the different QA teams and began work and soliciting feedback on how QA is structured16:29
balloonsfollow-up with case conductor folks and prep for pilot release16:30
balloonsplan new requirements for case conductor with Cam and gema16:30
balloonshelp with udw session planning -- we have several QA related sessions, including one from cprofitt on ubuntu "problem" lifecycle16:30
balloonsI think that's it from me ;-)16:30
jonoany questions for balloons?16:31
jcastronice work over there balloons16:31
mhall119balloons: I couldn't get checkbox-unity to run under a guest session16:32
mhall119is that a known issue?16:32
balloonsohh really?16:32
mhall119it wanted sudo, but the guest account didn't have it16:32
balloonsno it's recommended you run it under guest account actually16:32
mhall119hmmm, I got the password dialog, and that's as far as I could go16:32
jonoballoons, what is the current status of the Case Conductor pilot?16:33
jonoballoons, helloooo!16:35
balloonsi type slow16:35
balloonscurrent status is that we're ready to roll out the pilot, and want to test chamr this week..16:36
jonook cool16:36
balloonscase conductor is in sort of a beta like status I would call it. depending on what we find, we could actually have folks using the software16:36
balloonsbut we can definitely test the charm again and I want to do so16:36
jonoany ETA when we can get something for the community to play with?16:36
jcastrostefano will look at charming it tonight, but a bunch of it has been waiting for it to actually work16:37
jonook cool16:37
jcastro(not as a dig to upstream but it's close)16:37
balloonssometime between now and March :-) if the charm looks good when we deploy again, possibly sooner16:37
jonoballoons, sweet16:37
jonomhall119, you are up next16:37
mhall119alright, I'm going to do as dpm did, and cover some things from our missed week16:38
dpmthat's the spirit16:38
mhall119- Created HUD documentation on the wiki the day it was announced16:38
mhall119- Worked out details of a patch pilot program for DX with Tim.  He wanted more info from our statistics, which led to...16:39
mhall119- Create more merge proposal stats, borrowing heavily from udd-sponsorship-stats16:39
mhall119- Taking over partial control of unity-stats from dholbach, moving it into an actual lp project (unity-stats), with an actual team (unity-stat-dev)16:40
dholbachgood work16:40
mhall119and also inviting members of DX to be part of that team, so they can contribute to gathering unity stats16:40
mhall119- Reached out to XBMC developers, per jcastro's discussions with them at SCaLE, to make sure they know we're not competing with them, and want to work with them as much as possible16:41
mhall119- Created a formal report for SUMO as an option for help.ubuntu.com16:42
mhall119balloons: ^^ You might be interested in that, since many of the mozilla technologies probably are the same in Case Conductor16:42
mhall119- Created a set of recommendations around the creation of Unity lenses, to try and keep then content-centric and prevent the proliferation of per-source lenses16:43
mhall119- Createde an outline for cleaning up unity.ubuntu.com/get-involved16:43
mhall119- Got singlet upgraded to Unity 5, packaged and (almost) into Universe with kenvandine's help16:44
mhall119- Contacted a Gnome intern who is working on GTG improvements, she had mentioned wanting to make a GTG unity lens in her blog, will be working with her to try and bring that about16:45
mhall119- Held 2.5 sessions for UDW! \o/16:46
mhall119- Created a list of the most popular apps to target for better Unity integration16:46
* dholbach hugs mhall11916:46
jcastrohe's unstoppable16:47
mhall119- Work with Will Cooke on the TV team, preparing for opening it up to more community involvement16:47
mhall119- Discussed with the ARB about allowing separate packages for scopes and lenses to depend on eachother in the extras repo (escalated to the technical board now)16:48
dpmmhall119, ah, I was going to ask about that: I haven't followed the discussion of relaxing requirements for lenses in extras.u.c outside of what's been said on the ARB mailing list. Has there been any interesting reply from the TB?16:48
jonodpm, not yet16:48
mhall119not from the TB, no16:48
dpmno worries, thanks for the update16:49
mhall119- Created a list of known Lenses/Scopes for Unity (nearly 60 of them!), and identifying which ones are ready for sending to the ARB (pending resolution of the package dependencies mentioned above)16:49
mhall119- Brought up the lack of BAMF documentation with DX, bugs already exist to resolve it, but it's on someone's TODO list now16:50
mhall119that's it for me, any questions?16:50
jcastrohey so out of the 60 lenses16:51
jcastrohow many are you targetting to hit USC for 12.04?16:51
jcastro(I am assuming they're not all complete)16:51
mhall11916 are currently compatible with Unity 516:52
mhall1194 are already in USC for oneiric, so those should be easy16:52
jonook, I am going to go now as we need to wrap soon16:52
jonoand I have another call16:52
mhall119the rest need packaging, david calle is going to work on a "template packaging branch" until we have something better in quickly16:52
jonothanks mhall119!16:52
jono * Burndown is looking great: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html16:53
jono * App devs:16:53
jono    - Trying to free up web dev resources to focus on developer.ubuntu.com. Unlikely, so the site is being put into maintenance mode.16:53
jono    - Working with David and the ARB to refine the process.16:53
jono    - Coordinating with the Consumer Apps Team around how we can expedite apps through the review process,16:53
jono * Upstreams:16:53
jono    - Working to get an exception to the extras dependency rule to unblock lenses and scopes going into the software center.16:53
jono    - Got the metrics put in place for tracking Unity community growth.16:53
jono    - Working with Michael around getting a new IA in place for unity.ubuntu.com.16:53
jono    - Working with Michael and the DX team to put a patch pilot scheme in place to get the merge proposals reviewed on a regular cadence.16:53
jono    - Defined key upstream targets for Unity integration and support.16:54
jono * QA Strategy:16:54
jono    - Working with Nick to put together a refined QA community structure proposal.16:54
jono    - Creating a repeatable process for Nick to deliver testing around key components (e.g. Unity) and deliver a dashboard of testing results.16:54
jono * Devs:16:54
jono    - Re-focusing a little more on dev growth and getting the sponsorship queue in place.16:54
jono    - Worked with Daniel to get the metrics in place.16:54
jono * Juju:16:54
jono    - Coordinating around some expectations of growth.16:54
jono    - Coordinating Mark Shuttleworth keynotes for OSCON / Velocity.16:54
jono * Ubuntu Global Jam:16:55
jono    - Organized a meeting to get the jam going rolling.16:55
jono    - Created and released a video for how to organize an event: http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/07/ubuntu-global-jam-call-for-events-2/16:55
jono    - Created some mock-ups for the event page and a community dashboard on the weekend of the event - Michael is on these.16:55
jono * Testing:16:55
jono    - Testing the HUD, Unity 5.x, Ubuntu One, and a frustrating Intel wireless bug.16:55
jono * Worked on the Ubuntu Accomplishments Spec:16:55
jono    - A furious week of hacking - I spent all last weekend and every evening getting weird and obsessed about this project.16:55
jono    - I now have a fully working prototype. Just need to finish pulling some pieces together.16:55
jono    - I need people to help write some scripts to query Launchpad for accomplishments! Email me at jono@ubuntu.com if you can help! :-)16:55
jono * UDS:16:56
jono    - Finalized sponsorship plans and announced it.16:56
jono    - Starting to review UDS plans and gathering stake-holder requirements.16:56
jono * Working on a I Make Ubuntu design brief with the design team.16:56
jono * Various Canonical community consultancy projects: OEM Team, Parternerships team. Helping the community to flow like a river. :-)16:56
jono * Provided some community growth data for the Canonical Quarterly Business Review - things are looking good.16:56
jono * Worked on some clarifications around Canonical not sponsoring Jonathan Riddell to work on Kubuntu anymore.16:56
jono * Various other bits...16:56
jonoany final questions before I need to run?16:56
dholbachnot from me :)16:56
dpmjono, so you had to have points and subpoints in your notes... you showoff!16:57
mhall119re: the developer portal, is there anything that needs doing that the community can contribute to?16:57
dpmmhall119, yes,16:57
jonomhall119, it might be a good idea for dpm to prepare a list of things the community could contribute to16:57
dpmmhall119, we're going to be focusing on maintenance, so there are a bunch of web bugs someone with web dev experience could tackle16:58
* mhall119 knows people with web dev experience ;)16:58
dpmhappy to prepare a list of things the community can do16:58
jonook folks, cool16:58
jonoI have to prep for my next call16:58
jonothanks for the meeting!16:58
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: "Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5"
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Feb  7 16:58:57 2012 UTC.16:58
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-community-team/2012/ubuntu-community-team.2012-02-07-16.00.moin.txt16:58
jcastrotechnoviking: can you push what you had for the phpbb charm to launchpad?16:58
jcastroI can finish off that badboy16:59
balloonshey dholbach,mhall119 i was hoping you could help sme with some launchpad metrics16:59
dholbachballoons, what are you looking for?17:00
balloonsif I have a bu-tag, can you give me some pretty graphs about it? like # of bugs reported, who reported bugs, etc etc17:00
mhall119balloons: you can probably re-use parts of lp:unity-stats17:00
balloonsohh where can i see unity-stats in action?17:01
mhall119it has graphs for bugs taged as 'bitesize' for example17:01
balloonsyes.. good stuff.. not sure what all I want to graph.. but essentially I'm wanting to get a set of good metrics after we do a round of testing on something like.. say unity :-)17:02
jcastromhall119: ahhh dude, Contribution Wait time is clutch17:02
jcastrokey, "awesome".17:03
mhall119I need to check that graph, it doesn't seem to be changing as much as it should...17:03
jcastrosorry my vocabulary isn't working for you today17:03
jcastromhall119: "Good Mourning" is a metal thing.17:03
mhall119I'm not as hip as you, jcastro :)17:03
jcastroit's like, morning, but brutal, so it becomes mourning.17:03
jcastrokeep up son17:03
* mhall119 can't keep up with you kids and your fancy slang17:04
mhall119and your loud music17:04
jcastrohey so anyway, do you guys think we still need a mini sprint?17:04
balloonsfo siszle17:04
mhall119need or want?17:04
jcastrofrom your reports it sounds like you guys are doing way better than me anyway. :)17:04
dholbachoh yeah, what about the team sprint in Cairo?17:04
dholbachwe've been talking about it forever but never did it17:05
balloonsso jcastro I was double meeting so a bit out of it for our team meeting.. do you know stefano's schedule this week?17:05
jcastroI would love that17:05
jcastroballoons: he should be free during his non-work time17:05
jcastroballoons: I think once he gets it running the charm will be trivial17:05
balloonsit should be trivial at this point17:05
balloonsI'd like to just circle back and hit the go button again.. in theory, it should *just work*17:05
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:13
* balloons hugs dholbach 17:14
dholbachthere is a new beta of xwax I have to play with :)17:14
jcastroanyone know offhand when the next america's board is?17:20
czajkowskithis week some time?17:28
czajkowskiI know EMEA is tonight17:28
czajkowskijcastro: 16th Feburary is America17:29
czajkowskihad to check mail/wiki17:29
czajkowskipretty sure I'm going to bounce about the living room17:34
czajkowskinot able to sit :D17:34
jcastroczajkowski: congrats!17:43
czajkowskijcastro: Thank you :)17:44
cprofittyes, congrats!! Canonical is getting a very dedicated and passionate person!!17:44
nigelbczajkowski: \o/ What do you oin as? :)17:50
balloonsawesome news!17:50
czajkowskilaunchpad support specalist17:50
pangolinCongrats czajkowski :)17:51
pangolinCanonical is taking all of our good people :(17:51
nigelb"czajkowski deactivated by czajkowski" <318:00
nigelbBest thing to see :)18:00
jonoczajkowski, hey!18:22
czajkowskijono: howdy18:28
cprofittnice video jono18:28
jonothanks cprofitt :-)18:29
koolhead17jono: what are we supposed to do during the Ubuntu Global Jam: Call For Events!18:31
jonokoolhead17, organize an event :-)18:31
koolhead17it is notthing formal kind18:31
koolhead17like register and all18:32
koolhead17barcamp type18:32
jonokoolhead17, watch the video :-)18:32
koolhead17and am least interested in registering any LOCO18:32
* koolhead17 checks18:32
mhall119koolhead17: if you register your event on loco.ubuntu.com, that way we can at least include it in the list of participating locos18:35
nigelbkoolhead17: ohai! I'll be in chennai this weekend! We should meet :)18:35
nigelb(actually, all of next week too)18:35
koolhead17nigelb: i will not be in Chennai both weeks unfortunately18:36
nigelbkoolhead17: fun18:36
koolhead17nigelb: gnunify :P18:36
koolhead17mhall119: isnt registering at loco a big pain with tonnes of procedures18:37
* koolhead17 checks the website18:37
mhall119koolhead17: if the loco team already exists in Launchpad, it should already be in loco.ubuntu.com18:37
nigelbkoolhead17: dammit :P18:37
mhall119then all you need to do is add your global jam event18:38
mhall119nigelb can help you do that, of course ;)18:38
koolhead17mhall119: i was more interested in calling a lug session and ubuntufying it18:38
mhall119koolhead17: as long as you get one other person there and talk about Ubuntu, I'd like to see it represented on the loco portal18:39
koolhead17mhall119: okey!! then am registering one!! :D18:40
jonomhall119, what is the status on the website updates?18:40
koolhead17nigelb: i will be very happy in case you organize one in blr18:40
nigelbkoolhead17: I doubt I have the bandwidth for that.18:40
mhall119jono: functionality is mostly there, Ronnie is helping me with the layouts18:40
koolhead17nigelb: where are you working now? mozilla18:41
jonomhall119, awesome18:41
mhall119he should be18:41
nigelbkoolhead17: hasgeek.18:41
koolhead17nigelb: don`t you have life apart from there :P18:41
* koolhead17 hides18:41
* nigelb kicks koolhead17 18:41
koolhead17BTW mhall119 jono i have officially completed 1 year in my workplace and we are all Ubuntu :D18:42
jonokoolhead17, nice!18:42
mhall119koolhead17: awesome18:42
koolhead17going to blog soon about it. :D18:42
* koolhead17 has given lots of trouble to Daviey during these time!! :P18:43
mhall119I'm all for giving trouble to Daviey18:44
nigelbYeah, me too.18:44
nigelbHe gave us summit. We haven't yet taken enough revenge for that.18:44
koolhead17nigelb: do we have list of folks who are actively into contributing to Ubuntu from around India? i know only 4 of you so far18:46
balloonskoolhead17, desktop and server ubuntu?18:46
koolhead17balloons: ubuntu is ubuntu. :)18:46
* koolhead17 is server/cloud guy though18:46
nigelbkoolhead17: No such list.18:47
koolhead17mhall119: am thinking of posting it to our LUG  mailing list first and then register it to the LOCO sounds good!! :)18:47
czajkowskikoolhead17: as long as it's pushed as an Ubuntu event and not lug fine :)18:48
nigelbwoah. No popey.18:49
czajkowskihe's offline18:49
koolhead17czajkowski: i been known as Ubuntu pusher in my Lug so not at all an issue!! :P18:49
czajkowskiit happens from time to time18:49
koolhead17m4n1sh: are you based in blr?18:50
m4n1shkoolhead17: yes18:50
koolhead17are you planning to organize one this time? or like nigelb your also stuck with your work18:51
m4n1shwhat is happening18:51
m4n1shnigelb: any event?18:51
koolhead17m4n1sh: i came to know about the global jam18:52
m4n1shin april?18:52
nigelbI don't have the bandwidth to plan anything.18:52
koolhead17m4n1sh: 2nd – 4th March 2012 jono blog says18:52
* m4n1sh opens http://www.jonobacon.org/18:53
m4n1shyes. I can18:53
m4n1shor meeting physically?18:53
koolhead17m4n1sh: are you thinking to organize similar event in Bangalore to enlighten some fresh blood?18:54
koolhead17if you need me i can come there on one weekend18:54
m4n1shI need nigelb help18:55
koolhead17m4n1sh: nigelb is too busy, ask coolbhavi18:55
koolhead17he is in blr too18:55
m4n1shwill try to ask18:55
m4n1shcant guarantee18:55
m4n1shjust recovered18:55
koolhead17and if i feel need of yours you can come over and stay at my place18:55
m4n1shwas on medical rest18:55
koolhead17hmm coolbhavi u mean18:56
m4n1shyes, some place would be fine18:56
m4n1shno.. me18:56
m4n1shi was on rest18:56
m4n1shso need some indoor place18:56
m4n1shfor any work18:56
koolhead17ooh !! what happ to u18:56
m4n1shcant be in open all the time.. dust allergy18:56
m4n1shnothign much.. eye surgery18:56
m4n1shso dust prevention18:56
m4n1shso need indoor location, no cafers etc18:56
koolhead17mhall119: your suggestion would be appreciated :P18:57
koolhead17m4n1sh: well you better stay indoor then, these is no road/place AFAIK in india where there be no dust :P18:57
mhall119koolhead17: coffee shops, internet cafes, schools, etc19:11
mhall119all good venues19:11
koolhead17mhall119: an engg college am aiming at. with nice slide "ABC of Ubuntu contribution"19:16
jcastrojono: I'd like a G+ sync at your convenience.20:10
jcastroI need maybe .... 10 ish minutes20:10
jonojcastro, np20:14
technovikingjcastro: should have free time later this week to work on the charms20:25
jonojcastro, can we do Skype?20:36
jonojcastro, actually, G+ is fine if you like20:37
* jcastro tablets up20:37
jcastrowhatever is fine for me20:37
jonoone sec20:37
czajkowskimmm pizza20:37
jonojcastro, lets do Skype, no headset here20:38
jonoI am in the studio20:38
jonomhall119, do we have an ETA yet on when the UGJ things will land?21:41
mhall119tomorrow hopefully21:43
mhall119I have a less than stellar layout that we can land anyway, but Ronnie is looking over it tonight to try and make it better21:44
mhall119there are some other LTP branches that I would like to review and land too, before deploying21:44
mhall119I'm working on the nicer /globaljam url now21:45
technovikingyou need ubuntujams.com21:47
jonomhall119, cool22:07
jonowhich other LTP branches?22:07
cjohnstonI have user profile stuff that is nearly there for Summit... once its finished there, it will be super easy to move to LTP22:10
balloonsit's funny.. i am relearning unity now that i have 2 launcher bars (because of 2 monitors).. I'm starting to stop moving my mouse across to screens to the launcher on the left.. it's really interesting conceptually to be able to think of each monitor as a separate, yet complete desktop22:31
cjohnstonI agree22:32
cjohnstonballoons: the only thing I've found, and have filed a bug, is dragging a window from one to the other sucks22:32
balloonsyes, got the bug number? i'll add affects me on it22:33
balloonsdrives me crazy22:33
cjohnstonone sec22:33
cjohnstonbug #92679122:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 926791 in unity "When dragging a window across screens, the mouse gets 'stuck'" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92679122:38
cjohnstoni also cant stand how your last search stays up on the dash22:39
balloonsit's not supposed to.. according to the unity checkbox tests22:40
cjohnstonno, it is22:40
cjohnstongive me a minute and ill find that bug22:40
balloonsreally? then yea.. add me to it22:40
cjohnstonballoons: bug #926762 was my report.. bug #914759 is what says it should be like that22:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 926762 in unity "[regression] Upon opening dash, the previous search is still displayed" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92676222:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 914759 in ayatana-design "Dash - Make statefulness of Dash Home and Dash Lenses consistent" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91475922:41
balloonshmm.. yea, design change22:42
jcastroballoons: I don't like the double launchers on a twinview set up22:46
jcastroIt will be great on laptops though22:47
balloonsjcastro, yes, first thing I asked didrocks after installing was how to turn off the second launcher22:47
cjohnstoni think i may like it22:48
balloonsbasically I was asking for a design enhancement to allow a launcher (or not) on a specific screen22:48
balloons3 screens, 1 launcher, or 2.. or even 3 ;-)22:48
cjohnstoni like not having to go from far right to far left22:48
AlanBellhmm, maybe I should turn on the html output writer if jono is going to link to the meetingology output direct23:11
bkerensahmm 12.04 login screen broke23:59
bkerensathe password field seems to have shrunk23:59

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