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thelinuxerashams: basha ..15:16
ashamsthelinuxer, hi o/15:45
thelinuxerashams: hey man :)16:33
thelinuxerhi seif16:33
seifhi thelinuxer16:38
seifhi ashams16:38
seifcongrats dude16:38
thelinuxerneed your help ya seif16:38
thelinuxerseif: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EgyParadox16:38
thelinuxeromar has a membership meeting today and he doesn't have enough testimonials16:39
thelinuxercan u add a testimonial for him ?16:39
seifwhen is it due16:40
thelinuxer20:00 UTC today ..16:40
seiffuck ok16:41
seifthelinuxer: i am at a meeting right now16:41
thelinuxerseif:  thanks man :)16:41
seifand then i have to finish some stuff due tomorrow16:41
seifi will try to sneak it in16:41
thelinuxerdo whatever u can16:41
thelinuxerjust a couple lines ...16:41
ashamsseif, Thanks :-)16:58
ashamsthelinuxer, any ideas with funding for NGO?16:58
ashamsI might be away for awhile...16:59
thelinuxerWe have a new member!!!!!!!1 horrraaaaaaaaay20:47
EgyParadoxaywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ba2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa20:47
Wazerymabroooooooooooooook EgyParadox :)20:47
thelinuxermabrook ya me3alem20:47
thelinuxer7aram 3aleek nasheft dammy :D20:47
thelinuxermesh 3aref leeh ana kont motawatter!20:47
EgyParadoxmana 3aref20:47
Wazerywana wallahy20:47
EgyParadoxana kont motawater 3ala el2akher20:47
Wazerybs tmaaaaaaaaaam :D20:47
EgyParadoxana mesh mesada2 begad20:48
EgyParadoxmgamal :D :D :D20:48
mgamalCongrats, EgyParadox20:48
thelinuxerEgyParadox: promise me .. when I tell u to do something in the future .. JUST FREAKING DO IT!!!!20:48
EgyParadoxtayeb :D20:48
thelinuxerwe eih a7'bar el sayed el 3odw delwa2ty ?20:49
mgamalel sayed el 3odw :P20:50
thelinuxerma3lesh galasat magles sha3b yama ya heba :D20:50
Wazeryana far7an :D20:51
thelinuxermgamal: will u prepare ur application ba2a ?20:51
Wazery3azyen meeting oraieb20:51
Wazeryyoum el gom3a el gaay?20:51
thelinuxerWazery: outing ba2a ?20:51
Wazeryah belzabt20:51
thelinuxereshta belnesbaly ..20:52
mgamalmashy, but we can't do it on Friday20:52
Wazeryay youm20:52
mgamalCouncil IRC meeting!20:52
thelinuxerah ok u have a meeting20:52
thelinuxerel meeting el sa3a kam ?20:52
mgamalI don't mind doing a live meeting after the IRC one :)20:52
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mgamal5 I suppose20:52
thelinuxerla w7at7'also 7 we can meet at 8 ..20:53
Wazeryana mowafe220:54
thelinuxer7'alas cool20:54
thelinuxeri will put both on the calendar ...20:54
thelinuxermgamal: Wazery eshta i send an email to pick a place ..21:09

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