airurandothe ubuntu-ie website is filled with spam postings10:24
airurandocan it be taken down as in it's current state it reflects badly on us10:25
czajkowskiairurando: there is spam on the site?10:27
czajkowskihow the hell has this happened ?10:27
airurandoyeah just look at the front page10:27
airurandoI'm blocking the users now10:27
czajkowskiok let me go to talk to IS10:28
airurandois there anyway we can approve users before they get access?10:28
czajkowskinobody bar a few folksshould have access to the website....10:29
czajkowskiwiki yes as admins10:29
czajkowskibut not the website10:29
airurandovery annoying10:30
czajkowskifiled a RT asking for a rediect from website to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie10:31
czajkowskiairurando: ebel you cna log into rt.ubuntu.com and see #1927410:32
airurandoI'm deleting the posts now10:32
airurandothere were only 4 spam posts on the main page. all gone now10:35
airurandoI spent hours going through the comments a few months ago.10:35
airurandoreal annoying10:35
czajkowskino idea why it's happening eithe10:37
ebelthere was a catpcha system up...10:37
czajkowskithought that was on the wiki ?10:37
airurandowould the security have been better  if we had moved to blacknight10:38
airurandoebel,czajkowski.  catpcha system is up and running on the website10:39
czajkowski3rd time now in as many weeks10:39
airurandoI think I remember slashtommy suggesting shelving the website in preference to the loco team portal and wiki10:41
czajkowskifor the time being10:42
czajkowskiI've asked for a redirect10:42
airurandoIf no one is available to get things up and running on blacknight I'm for that10:42
czajkowskiif a website happens we can get it un directed10:42
airurandothe website 'as is' is WAY more trouble that it is worth.10:43
* slashtommy remembers mentioning there are too many websites10:46
slashtommypick one, and we can all use that one :)10:46
czajkowskirihght IS will do redirect to LTP10:47
airurandothe redirect is in place11:05
czajkowskidoing the whole site not just main page as well11:06
airurandocan we add mailing list details , wiki details etc  to the LTP landing page11:08
airurandowho can do it?11:08
czajkowskiebel: he's admin on the page11:09
czajkowskias is mean-machine11:09
airurandoebel: can you jazz up the LTP landing page with other team details?11:09
czajkowskior maybe add airurando instead of mean-machine as he doesnt seem that active here any more11:10
airurandoyeah I'll do it, as best I can, if I get access.11:13
ebelok i'll have a look11:20
ebelok, given airurando and czajkowski team admin magic11:21
ebelheheh "State/Province/Region"11:22
slashtommystrange order to have things11:23
ebelIt has a box for the mailing list, which was correct, but that doesn't show up on front page11:23
ebelslashtommy: #ubuntu-ie does all provinces, not lenister11:24
slashtommyi thought we didn't care about munster these days ;)11:26
ebelAlthough there are NUTS Regions in Ireland, and an Irish Regions Office ( http://www.iro.ie/index.shtml ), and Regions within the EU ( http://www.cor.europa.eu/ )11:27
ebelThey aren't used by average people. Regions would be used in the UK, so doesn't really apply to use at all11:27
slashtommyRegions and countries would be used within the UK, and regions within countries within the UK11:28
ebelmailing list does come up11:29
ebelthat's the envelope icon11:29
ebeland forum etc11:30
airurandoebel is clever11:32
airurandoebel our LTP team admin magic has disappeared!12:03
ebelyes thought that happened before...12:03
ebeltis odd12:03
airurandomaybe two is the max?12:04
ebeli presume a regular task that syncs with launchpad?12:04
* ebel goes to the horses mouth, i.e. loco team portal developers12:06
czajkowskistates for 2 of them and one in india12:08
ebelactually probably isn't that, since ( https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie ) only lists me (rorymcc) as an admin, and mean-machine is still staying admin on LTP12:12
ebeloddness indeed12:12
czajkowskinot sure mean-machine should be on there given he doesnt seem active in the loco tbh12:13
czajkowskiand while I'm ok with you and airurando and slashtommy making changes as you're active, people being non active and making changes is a bit of a no no12:14
ebelyeah good point.12:17
ebelthe admin magic is still there....12:17
ebelI have removed mean machine from the admin list12:20
ebelThey weren't even down as a team member, had to scroll all the waaaaaay down the full list of members :P12:20
ebels/members/launchpad usernames/12:21
ebelmaybe it'll stick this time....12:21
airurandonope it has reverted12:31
ebellooks like someoen else has noticed it https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+bug/79247512:44
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 792475 in LoCo Team Portal "Team admins getting reset (daily?)" [Medium,New]12:44
ebelIt appears to affect other things, not just admins12:46
ebeli added "All 4 Provinces" to the "State/Province/Region" for the lark12:46
ebeland then it went away12:46
* ebel comments on bug and waits12:49
ebelupon the advise of some LTP devs, I've made airurando and czajkowski admins on the launchpad team. that should filter through to the LTP shortly14:21
czajkowski ebel you've been busy14:22
ebelok I've given airurando and czajkowski admin on LTP16:23
ebelmean-machine is still down as admin16:23
czajkowskiFantastic new!  I'm joining Canonical and shall be working with the amazing folks on the Launchpad team! Cannot wait! very happy!!17:27
ebelwhat?! Really!!17:36
ebelfair fucks to you17:36
czajkowskistart monday17:36
moylanwow that is good news!  they could really use your skills.17:37
ebelwow, quick!17:37
ebelyou deserve it!17:37
czajkowskithank you17:38
moylanyou must be be pretty chuffed17:39
czajkowskiover the moon17:40
moylanprobably be the smartest thing canonical have done in the past few months17:42

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