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nidsubhi there :)04:47
nidsubhola, i hope there someone out there who could help me :)04:51
nidsubim sorry ,but im really new to irc04:52
nidsubshould i just post my problem here?04:53
nidsubim trying to build linux kernel04:53
nidsubhere is the error i get,please  point out what did i do wrong04:54
nidsubnidsub-VirtualBox:/opt/codesourcery/linux-2.6-xlnx$ sudo make ARCH=arm04:54
nidsubscripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig04:54
nidsub  CHK     include/linux/version.h04:54
nidsub  UPD     include/linux/version.h04:54
nidsub  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h04:54
nidsub  UPD     include/generated/utsrelease.h04:54
nidsub  Generating include/generated/mach-types.h04:55
nidsub  CC      kernel/bounds.s04:55
nidsubcc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mlittle-endian’04:55
nidsubcc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mno-thumb-interwork’04:55
nidsubkernel/bounds.c:1:0: error: unknown ABI (aapcs-linux) for -mabi= switch04:55
nidsubkernel/bounds.c:1:0: error: bad value (armv5t) for -march= switch04:55
nidsubmake[1]: *** [kernel/bounds.s] Error 104:55
nidsubmake: *** [prepare0] Error 204:55
nidsubsorry but i dont understand the error05:00
nidsubplease :(05:04
nidsubhere the detail on the step i took ..from this webpage05:20
nidsubplease help me guys :(05:20
nidsubim stuck here05:21
RAOFnidsub: It looks like that's trying to use the armv5 ABI; we don't support that.05:43
RAOFWhat are you actually trying to do?05:43
nidsubhi,thanks for replying :)05:44
nidsubgenerally im planning to some embedded linux on xilinx arm cortex 905:45
nidsubnow im  trying to prepare the set of toolchain ready05:46
nidsubhttp://wiki.xilinx.com/zynq-linux from this page i would like to build a linux kernel for zynq qemu05:47
nidsubim sorry that if my explanation isnt complete,05:48
RAOFSo, it looks like that kernel build is trying to use an (old) architecture that we don't support.05:53
nidsubohh that why05:53
RAOFI think the answer might be that you can't build that kernel on Ubuntu, unless you can find a cross-compiler for armv5.05:53
nidsubthank you ,now im really confuis why would xilinx put an old kernel tree in git.xilinx05:55
nidsubjust to be clear the problem here is bcoz of the kernel provide by xilinx right?05:59
RAOFThat would seem to be the case.05:59
RAOFIt's not an old kernel tree, it's a different arm architecture.05:59
RAOF(There are *lots* of ARM architectures)05:59
RAOFIt seems to be trying to build an armv5t kernel; we don't support that instruction set, so I don't think our gcc knows how to build that instruction set.06:00
nidsubthats true :)06:00
nidsubthanks a lot RAOF, i was stuck here for one week..06:01
nidsubnow it make sense06:01
nidsubi followed all the guideline by xilinx but they screwed me,hahah06:02
nidsubThank you very much06:03
nidsub:) :) :)06:04
RAOFNo problem.06:05
nidsubhave a nice day :)06:06
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apwGrueMaster, fsl-imx51 is off support, so we are only applying CVEs which are exploitable in the buildd environment, or fixes needed for buildds.  probabally there was nothing applied this cycle on that tree as a result10:42
apwbjf, ^^10:42
ppisatiapw: right11:52
* ppisati notes is so cold here, that the weather indicator sometimes crashes11:52
diwic"yo mama so fat, she won't fit in the message indicator"?12:04
apwppisati, heh ... perhaps -NN is too wide12:05
* cking acquires a replacement battery for an old Dell 1525 laptop. Not bad price, just hope it arrives and works..12:22
tgardnercking, I wonder if AMD processors will show CPU governor results similar to Intel.13:06
ckingtgardner, hard to tell w/o AMD h/w.  Got any spare?13:27
tgardnercking, no desktop kit, just a large server cabinet13:27
ckingmaybe I should ask HWE13:28
tgardnerhmm, maybe an older sempron. thats likely not worth shipping to the UK (especially since its mine)13:28
ckingtgardner, no worries, I will see what vanhoof can get me13:28
tgardnercking, how about a Lenovo x120e with the duo-core AMD. that would be a good test platform, plus they are cheap13:29
ckingat ~$465 sounds like an idea  13:30
* cking suspects Windows is a significant chunk of the price13:31
tgardnercking, yeah, I think I remember paying the Windoze tax for mine.13:32
* smb thinks the Dell 1721 may be amd, too. Ok, it currently has no hd and the keyboard and probably the wireless are toasted...13:33
ckingsmb, sounds like trash can fodder then13:33
smbcking, I mainly keep it because it could probably still yield a few spare parts13:34
ckinglike screws?13:34
smbThink the ram is ok13:34
apwand you think anything will take ram that old?  i think not13:34
smbThe 1521 I also have like will do :)13:35
apwand whihc bits of that are missing?  cna you even make one good machine out of them, doesn't sound like it13:35
jwicking: did you enable rc6 when testing the x220?13:57
ckingjwi, not for the last batch of tests13:58
jwicking: the increased thermal headroom should allow ondemand/performance (and to a lesser extent conservative) to spend more time in turbo P states14:00
ckingjwi, ok, good point, however I just wanted to look at the current "out of the box" config for Precise at Alpha 2. I probably can fit in some time to re-test with rc614:02
ckingbut as things stand, "ondemand" as Intel has stated, is optimal14:03
tgardnercking, seems like it would all be relative on the same platform.14:03
ckingtgardner, yep, one would think so14:03
diwiccking, I have an AMD laptop, Dell Inspirion M101z IIRC14:05
ckingdiwic, thanks, but I think we've got one sorted now14:06
diwiccking, ok, cool14:06
jwicking: thanks - i figured you would do another round of testing with the final release. now let's hope those turbo states don't turn out to be horribly inefficient... :)14:11
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apwogasawara, heads up ... i have a trio of patches for P, which are likely the majority of the solution for a trio of CVEs, these need testing in P so we can confirm they are a complete soln. ... will be pushing 'em if they build :)14:39
ogasawaraapw: ack14:40
ogasawaraapw: I'll probably start prepping an upload shortly after you push14:40
apwogasawara, ack, did we get todays stable update already ??14:41
ogasawaraapw: v3.2.5?  yep, tgardner got it yesterday.14:41
apwogasawara, thats the one, it did seem very odd to have another stable quite so soon.  especially after the previous one not even compiling14:42
apwone can rely on the tgardner monster to drop a pile of stable in your lap on a regular basis :)14:42
Berethey guys, I commented on https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/926310 and marked it confirmed - I apologize if that wasn't the correct workflow14:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 926310 in linux "USB failing" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:43
tgardnerapw, there was no effective or functional difference. the rebase merely dropped the ASPM SAUCE patch that came down via stable14:43
Beretthe bot had previously marked it incomplete14:43
apwtgardner, well indeed for us yes, but, i was more commenting on the randomness of the stable process these days14:44
tgardnerapw, yeah, some days there appears to be no rhyme or reason14:47
tgardnerapw, it also applied to Oneiric (the ASPM thingy)14:47
tgardnerin the 3.0.y stable update14:48
apwyep, i assume we didn't have it there yet, so getting it there will make 4ironiX spuzz14:49
tgardneror it could break shit14:49
apwno it can't break shit, else stable would never have taken it, their manefesto says so, so net14:49
* apw waits for flames to pour out of -proposed14:50
* tgardner is skeptical14:50
apwthey are very trustworthy, it says that too14:50
tgardnerapw, its one of those patches that skirts the grey area between being a bug fix and being a new feature.14:51
apwheh, indeed14:52
tgardnerI'll ask herton and bjf to drop it from Oneiric at the first sign of regression.14:52
apwthey'll do that anyhow :)14:52
tgardnerwell, drop it with prejudice ?14:52
* tgardner goes to find packaging for cking's new/old AMD laptop14:54
ckingmuch appreciated tgardner14:54
* amorphous feels like precise is faster than oneiric on his laptop15:12
ckingsubjective or real?15:13
apwcking, i had teh exact same reaction the day i upgraded.  i cirtainly felt that chromium was getting to the page quicker15:14
apwas to what is improved, or if its real, ... ymmv15:15
ckingjust the facts - no wishy washy feely stuff here15:15
* apw has none to offer15:16
* apw feels a new WI for cking15:16
apw[cking] figure out if apw has lost his mind, of it precise _is_ faster15:16
* ogasawara back in 2015:37
GrueMasterapw: Thanks for the info (mx51).  I'm just trying to stay on top of everything.15:50
jsalisbury** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting15:55
apwGrueMaster, np16:05
apwjsalisbury, gah16:05
jsalisburyapw, :-)16:18
apwogasawara, ok those are pushed, note the tree as is needs an abi bump, but i am assuming you have one pending anyhoo16:22
ogasawaraapw: yep, thanks16:22
tgardnerapw, mumble meeting ?16:30
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* apw takes unity crashing his X server as a sign, and calls it a day17:43
ckingapw has all the fun17:53
* tgardner -> lunch18:36
ogasawarahrm, that's not good.  precise master-next test build causes boot to fail on i38619:42
* ogasawara suspects the procfs patches19:42
apw_ogasawara: rip em19:43
ogasawaraapw: ack. will let you know if it succeeds then.19:43
apw_cking: oi you off NOW19:43
ckingheh, yep, will do19:43
apw_cking: NOW19:43
ckingindeedy do19:44
* cking -> EOD19:44
tgardnerapw: re: HPA. why is the no-partition issue file system specific ? 19:44
tgardnerI'd think the solution is to leave HPA alone of there is no partition table.19:44
apw_to know how big the thing  inside thinks it is, to know if it overlaps19:45
tgardnerapw_, right now the ata layer enables HPA based on native size v.s readsize. it doesn't really take partition tables into account, does it?19:46
apw_we may,be able to cope with most external media in userspace19:46
tgardnerapw_, what about lvm and device mapper volumes ?19:47
apw_it bounds checks the partirion, and if it spans hpa then we diaablw19:47
apw_ifs not clear we can ttell19:47
tgardneryeah, raid disks likely won't have a partition table19:48
apw_me drinks more wine19:50
psusiare the config files for the various kernel flavors in the git repo somewhere?  I can't seem to find them20:16
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