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ebelI am trying to add some people as admins to the loco team portal ( here http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie )12:05
ebeland airurando and czajkowski are now set, but i think in a few minutes it'll just revert12:05
czajkowskimhall119: ?12:05
ebel(this has happened before earlier today)12:06
ebelanyone know what's going on?12:06
czajkowskinigelb: cjohnston mhall119 any idea?12:08
ebelI /presume/ it's syncing with launchpad or something?12:09
ebelactually probably isn't that, since ( https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie ) only lists me (rorymcc) as an admin, and mean-machine is still staying admin on LTP12:12
ebelok it has revert again12:43
ebelprobably this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+bug/79247512:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 792475 in loco-team-portal "Team admins getting reset (daily?)" [Medium,New]12:44
mhall119czajkowski: it pulls admins from Launchpad14:05
mhall119I didn't think we could even change it in lTP14:06
mhall119daker: ping14:09
mhall119ebel: you should add the admins in launchpad14:09
ebelmhall119: OK.14:10
ebelmhall119: but it's re-adding people who aren't admins on launchpad....14:10
ebelprobably best to remove that edit option from the form if you can't actaully edit it14:17
mhall119ebel: yeah, I'm going to remove it14:22
dholbachcan somebody please change "upgrade to lucid" in http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/? :)15:01
czajkowskidholbach: change to precise?15:03
dholbachoneiric→precise and lucid→precise15:03
dholbachas it's an LTS15:03
czajkowskidone 15:05
mhall119czajkowski: I'm working on markdown wiki-style formatting for you on LTP15:10
Daniel0108is there a wiki page about how to become an approved loco?15:15
Daniel0108oh, just found it15:16
Daniel0108thanks anyways15:16
czajkowskifirst hit when googling 15:16
ebelOK, i've given the 2 users admin on LP and that's now shown on LTP.16:23
ebelhowever there's a user (Mean Machine) who's not an admin on LP, but LTP is still making them admin16:24
ebelthis is weird16:24
mhall119ebel: I'll look into it, might be a cache problem16:33
mhall119how long ago did he stop being an admin?16:33
czajkowski2+ yrs ago?16:33
ebelyeah, hasn't been admin on LP in aaaages16:34
ebeland the changes from LP from today (when i added new people) appeared16:35
mhall119hmmm, not likely cache then16:35
mhall119ebel: is he the team owner on Launchpad?16:35
mhall119ebel: he's still an admin of ~ubuntu-ie: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie/+members?active_batch=75&active_memo=75&active_start=7516:36
ebelfixed now16:37
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Daniel0108well, can we (the Austrian loco) get ubuntu-at.org without being approved?18:40
mhall119!loco-council ^^18:42
ubot2Factoid 'loco-council ^^' not found18:42
ubot2Factoid 'loco-council' not found18:42
ubot2Factoid 'loco_council' not found18:42
czajkowskijpds: it's broken again 18:42
mhall119dammit, it's one of those18:42
ubot2The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com18:42
czajkowskihuzzah 18:42
* czajkowski points mhall119 to the topic 18:42
Daniel0108czajkowski, can we get it? :)18:43
czajkowskilet me see18:43
mhall119czajkowski: you mean I have to look all the way up there?  That's too difficult18:43
czajkowskijpds: eh no 18:44
Daniel0108czajkowski, you can also see the launchpad page, I'm the owner of the lp team ;)18:44
mhall119jpds: I'm broken, can you fix me?18:44
jpdsmhall119: Potentially.18:44
czajkowskiDaniel0108: right gimmie a moment and let me see what the story is 18:44
czajkowskiit used to be hosted and done by different people 18:44
Daniel0108okay, no problem18:44
cjohnstonjpds: is there a code fix for mhall119 to upgrade him to version 1.018:45
Daniel0108czajkowski, there were problems with the council and I talked to Wolf Rogner and he transferred it to me18:45
czajkowskiDaniel0108: with which council 18:46
Daniel0108czajkowski, tbh, I'm not sure, I just know it didn't exist anymore when I wanted to join, so I re-started it18:46
czajkowskiDaniel0108: I dont know what council you're referring to 18:46
Daniel0108I'm really not sure, sorry18:47
Daniel0108czajkowski, I just know there was a problem with marion (webbutterfly), because she used the loco to do advertisments (or something like that)18:47
Daniel0108I'm not sure about the rest, but juliux knows more about it (at least I think so ;)), czajkowski 18:51
czajkowskiDaniel0108: atm I'm not sure I *think* its by mailing rt@ubuntu.com but not 100% sure 18:51
Daniel0108czajkowski, okay, what is the "rt"?18:51
juliuxhi Daniel0108 czajkowski ;)18:51
juliuxDaniel0108: what did you tried?18:52
Daniel0108juliux, I'm trying to get ubuntu-at.org18:52
Daniel0108for our loco website18:52
juliuxczajkowski: as far as i know they just need to send a mail to rt@ubuntu.com to get the dns key and/or dns changed as they have used that domain in the paste18:53
czajkowskijuliux: rght as I said email rt@ubutu.com18:53
czajkowskirt is request tracker 18:54
Daniel0108ahh, okay18:54
Daniel0108thank you18:54
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