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kamalmicahg: thanks for all the syncs :-)    ... did this one get missed though?  bug 92675301:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926753 in Ubuntu "Sync twpsk 4.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92675301:15
micahgI didn't see it in the queue01:16
micahgkamal: ah, porthose is still doing things the old way, I can sync that now01:16
kamalmicahg: porthose did something ...01:16
kamalmicahg: thanks again!  :-)01:17
micahgkamal: thank you for keeping Ubuntu up to date, and if you're interested in a ham radio packageset, we could probably do that as I know we have  a few Ubuntu people interested in that stuff01:17
kamalmicahg: I don't know what a "packageset" would mean/entail/do ... googling01:18
micahgkamal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Ubuntu_Developers_.28from_delegated_teams.2901:18
kamalmicahg: ok, with upload rights for that set of packages then?   hmmm.   scary.   ;-)01:19
micahgkamal: if this works for you, no problem01:19
micahgjust offering if you want it one day01:20
kamalmicahg: honestly, I like the added buffer/sanity-check that sponsored uploads provides, but maybe I'm just being wimpy.  I will discuss it with a couple of the other ubuntu-hams principals and get back to you.  thanks!01:20
epikvisioncan anyone help me get started03:14
epikvisionI'm new and want to contribute as developer03:14
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MaximLevitskyI don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I have a problem with multiarch support in 12.04.12:15
MaximLevitskyI have bunch of -dev packages that I need both x64 and i386 versions, but they conflict because both contain same headers12:16
MaximLevitskyIs this issue known?12:16
tumbleweedMaximLevitsky: either the headers need to be identical, or they must be moved to a multi-arch path so they don't clash12:17
MaximLevitskyI am pretty sure that headers are identical, but dpkg still refuses to install them12:17
MaximLevitskyYou mean that dpkg actually compares the headers or package is marked as having same headers?12:18
MaximLevitskyI have problem with bunch of X11 libraries12:19
tumbleweedI assume you have read http://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation ?12:21
MaximLevitskyI didn't. Anyway all I needed to know if this is a generic package system wide issue or just specific package bug. Since its the second, I guess its mostly offtopic here12:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 928193 in nam (Ubuntu) "ns2/nam error with tcl8.4, doesn't recognise" [Undecided,New]12:26
wzssyqasomebody help to SRU?12:26
tumbleweedwhat needs to be rebuilt, ns2 or nam?12:30
wzssyqatumbleweed: nam12:31
* tumbleweed deletes the ns2 task12:31
tumbleweedwzssyqa: can you provide a test case in the bug?12:32
wzssyqatumbleweed: test case?12:32
tumbleweedwzssyqa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure12:33
gesershort step-by-step tutorial how to reproduce it and to check that it works (with the patched package)12:34
wzssyqatumbleweed: I mark it invalid for ns212:40
wzssyqatumbleweed: test case is posted12:41
tumbleweedwzssyqa: thanks12:44
tumbleweedwzssyqa: to avoid that in the future, will you add a Breaks on newer tcl?12:55
wzssyqatumbleweed: y, I have do it.12:55
tumbleweedwzssyqa: uploaded12:56
wzssyqatumbleweed: many thx12:56
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* achiang uses requestsync, and it talks about a "new keyring". what is it talking about?15:41
achiangperhaps it is related to launchpadlib? i see a new ~/crypted_pass.cfg appeared15:43
tumbleweedachiang: yes. headless?15:51
achiangtumbleweed: yeah, headless15:51
achiang(although i must give kudos to w3m for just working)15:51
tumbleweedheh, I normally copy and paste the URL to my local browser15:52
tumbleweedin a desktop environment that'd be in the gnome/kde keyring. (and you don't need to do it on a remote box just because of e-mail/gpg, the API is default these days)15:53
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jtaylorwhy wasn't bug 889241 fixed by the lastest nunit upload? it had LP:#xx in the changelog18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 889241 in monodevelop (Ubuntu) "Can't run NUnit test from inside MonoDevelop" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88924118:04
Ampelbeinjtaylor: launchpad also matches the sourcepackagename18:07
Ampelbein(a upload of $PACKAGE_A can't close bugs in $PACKAGE_B)18:09
directhexyikes. jtaylor, can you sync cli-common into precise? 0.8~xamarin1 is bug city18:16
jtaylordirecthex: its main, I have no rights there :(18:16
jtaylorfile a request with requestsync18:16
Laneyjust do syncpackage18:17
Laneysurely we can upload it18:18
micahgyes, you ca18:18
directhexsyncpackage: Error: Source package cli-common is blacklisted.18:18
jtaylorif I do syncpackage I get no rights to upload18:18
directhexso why's it moaning?18:18
jtaylorI tried that with nunit18:18
jtaylorwhich is also main18:18
Laneyyou aren't in cli-mono-dev18:18
Laneybut we are18:18
directhexwhy isn't jtaylor in cli-mono-dev?18:19
Laneyhe hasn't applied18:19
Laneydear edit_acl. please work, thanks.18:19
jtaylorI didn't even know it exists :)18:19
* micahg doesn't see cli-common on the sync blacklist18:19
Laneyprobably current18:19
Laney--force it18:19
directhexjtaylor, mono is a packageset, so in theory group members can poke the named packages without main upload rights18:19
directhexsyncpackage: Request succeeded; you should get an e-mail once it is processed.18:20
jtaylorthat would be nice, then I don't need a sponsor for the nunit fix :)18:20
jtaylorI'll apply in a moment18:20
* micahg hopes a test build was done first :)18:20
directhexmicahg, it's perl. not much building involved18:21
micahgdirecthex: I can show you lots of perl build failures :)18:21
directhexsounds like evil perl18:21
directhexdpkg-deb: building package `ikvm' in `../ikvm_7.0.4335.0+ds-5ubuntu1_all.deb'.18:21
directhexrelatedly, this package needs cli-common-dev >=0.8~xamarin2 to build, which isn't in precise18:22
directhexhence noticing & the sync talk18:22
* ajmitch hates coming across packages that pkg-cli-apps look after that seem to be dead upstream - like tasque18:22
directhexajmitch, a bit sad18:22
directhexajmitch, but users, so...18:22
micahgdirecthex: that's why test builds are important :)18:22
ajmitchdirecthex: yeah, I saw some people complaining on a bug about unity indicator support, patch has been in upstream bugzilla for 7 months with no comment18:23
micahghi blackz18:23
blackzhey micahg18:23
blackzlate congrats for you core-dev membership :)18:23
micahgblackz: thanks, are you back, or just visiting?18:24
Laneyyeah, it is actually only the finest quality perl18:24
Laneyfrom waitrose and m&s18:24
blackzmicahg: heh I'd say I'm back now ;)18:24
micahgblackz: awesome :), there's plenty to do, and we still need lots of help, welcome back18:25
blackzmicahg: yeah I seen18:27
blackzmicahg: thanks :)18:28
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jtaylorLaney, directhex: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/ubuntu/oneiric/nunit/fix-889241/+merge/9189518:38
Laneywhy is it forwarded: no?18:40
directhexLaney, because it's cherry picked from upstream i guess?18:40
directhexjtaylor, seems you've got .pc cruft in your diff18:41
Laneyshould be not-needed then18:41
jtaylorthats how bzr works ._.18:41
jtaylorI haven'T forwarded it yet, but probably should be18:41
jtaylorso no18:41
jtaylorthough I can probably do it18:41
jtaylorthe issue is I don't really know if its a bug or monodevelop using it wrong18:42
Laneywell speaking to upstream helps to clarify that18:42
jtayloryes that is on my todo list18:42
LaneyI saw another patch of yours that wasn't forwarded too but I forgot where it is now18:42
jtaylorin a mono package?18:42
Laneywell it was Forwarded: no18:43
jtaylorI haven'T got a checkout to grep :/18:43
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jtaylorforwarded it and added tags18:54
Laneythe fix needs to be in the dev release first too18:55
Laneyis it worth waiting for an upstream response?18:55
jtaylorit is18:55
Laneythen what did you forward?18:55
jtaylorthe patch18:57
jtaylorits already applied in debian and precise18:57
Laneymaybe it was that that i saw then18:57
* Laney . o O ( who-uploads nunit )18:58
jtaylorits be better to wait for upstream response for the SRU19:01
jtaylorI set the merge to wip19:03
jtaylortumbleweed, barry: whats your take on getting numpy 1.6 into precise?19:31
barryjtaylor: i don't have any particularly strong opinions about it, but i see that 1:1.6.1-3 has hit experimental.  maybe you could take a look at the rdepends and see if they are compatible with 1.6?19:52
barryjtaylor: it would have to happen before feature freeze19:53
jtaylordebian is transitioning right after hdf5 is done19:53
jtaylor1.6 is compatible19:53
jtayloronly ~15 rdepends to rebuild19:53
barrywhat's up with hdf5?19:54
jtaylorI didn't rebuild them in ubuntu yet, but morph did in debian and said no failures19:54
jtaylorthere where a bunch of issues with it on other arches, I think they are rresolved but its still moving slowly19:55
jtaylorall those science packages aren'T easy to deal with19:55
barrywhich arches are broken?19:56
jtaylorI think mips was one problem, I'm not to familiar with the progress19:56
jtaylorits not feasable to do that transition in ubuntu before the feature freeze19:56
barryjtaylor: in that case, i think it's best to wait for q-series.  we need stability in the lts and i'm worried about such a big change after ff19:57
jtaylornumpy you mean?19:58
barrythat's what you were referring as being "not feasible", right?19:58
jtaylorno hdf519:58
jtaylornumpy packages needing rebuild: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/numpy.html19:59
barryit's a trade-off (and tough call) i guess.  erring on the side of stability vs. having an old version in an lts.  if we have high confidence that hdf5 will be fixed before beta 1, then maybe it would be okay20:01
jtaylorwe don't need hdf5 for numpy20:02
jtaylorat least thats my understanding20:02
barryright, but we don't want a broken hdf5 in an lts20:02
jtaylorits just ongoing and conflicts with numpy20:02
jtayloris it broken?20:02
barrysorry, am i misunderstanding?  i thought you said it was incompatible w/ numpy 1.620:02
jtaylorno I only said debian will transition numy when they are done with hdf520:03
barryoh, gotcha20:03
jtaylorsorry for being confusing :)20:03
barryno, it's probably me :020:03
barryer, :)20:03
barryi'd say double check w/doko, but if he has no objections, it's fine with me20:03
tumbleweedjtaylor: the entire transitions don't have to happen before FF, but should be started before FF20:51
jtaylorthats good news20:52
tumbleweedbarry: the pypy currently in NEW (it was deleted by accident) should work with normal virtualenv20:52
barrytumbleweed: nice!20:52
jtaylorI'd also still like to have the new sphinx in precise, the last blocker seems to be fixed soon20:53
* tumbleweed hopes to have pypy 1.8 soon20:53
jtaylorwould probably make sense to do that before numpy to get the docs of the rebuilds built with the new sphinx20:53
tumbleweedwhich means I need to start putting effort into modules...20:53
barryjtaylor: +1 for sphinx.  are you going to work on that?20:53
tumbleweedjtaylor: yeah, that would be nice too20:54
jtaylorbarry: jwilk did all the work in debian, it probably only needs syncing20:54
barryjtaylor: let me take a look20:54
jtaylorthere are a few packages broken still that need syncing too20:54
jtaylorthere is a open request with all info20:54
barryjtaylor: bug #?20:55
jtaylorwould have to look it up (if lp lets me :/)20:55
jtaylorbug 91112420:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 911124 in sphinx (Ubuntu) "Please sync python-sphinx 1.1.2 from Debian experimental" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91112420:56
barryjtaylor: cool, i'll work on that when i'm done with my current packaging20:57
jtaylorno rebuild was done in ubuntu, but I guess any issue that still might come up can be fixed in time20:57
pabelangerI have a debdiff for bug 928499 to fix a comping issue with DKMS and DAHDI21:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928499 in dahdi-linux (Ubuntu) "dahdi-linux fails to build under 3.2 kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92849921:51
CoreyI have a links file that contains the line usr/lib/python2*/dist-packages/salt/salt-minion /usr/bin/salt-minion; how do I get it to *properly* expand the 2* to either 2.6 or 2.7 (depending upon which version is on the system in question)?22:09
jtaylorwhy is the executable in lib/python2 in the first place?22:14
Coreyjtaylor: Where should it live instead?22:14
Corey/usr/share/salt/ ?22:14
jtaylor /usr/bin22:14
Coreyjtaylor: That's not how similar packages do that, /usr/bin/ contains a fair number of symlinks to other places.22:15
jtaylornot many22:15
jtaylorin most cases it are links to alternatives22:16
Coreyjtaylor: Better to just drop the binary into place then?22:16
jtaylorbut shellscripts calling stuff in lib is common yes, but not for python22:16
jtaylorin this way22:16
jtaylorthat probably makes most sense22:16
jtaylorwhat is that file? a modules + main section or only the main22:17
Coreyjtaylor: Script that invokes a bunch of stuff in the usr/lib/python2*/dist-packages/salt/ directory.22:19
jtaylorthats fine22:19
jtaylorit would be a bit strange if it also was intended an importable modules too22:19
Coreyjtaylor: Yeah, it provides an entire API for python programs.22:20
CoreyIt's concieved as an extensible configuration mangement tool.22:20
jtaylorthis one script?22:20
jtayloris it a large file?22:21
Coreyjtaylor: No, just does an import salt and defines the main function.22:23
jtaylorthen don't install it in lib, but in bin instead22:24
quadrisprojtaylor, thanks for that mail about the FTBFS ;)22:25
quadrisproI'm very busy these days, I've miss'd 'em22:26
jtaylorquadrispro: which one?22:26
quadrisprojtaylor, the only one mail :) stk and lv2proc22:27
quadrisprojtaylor, you gave me the opportunity to find a most important in rtmidi22:27
quadrisproimportant bug, I meant22:28
jtaylorquadrispro: how did my mail help find a bug o_O22:30
quadrisprojtaylor, stk's ftbfs was due to a uncorrect linking against rtmidi22:31
quadrisproso your help has been much appreciated :)22:32
quadrisprokeep up the great work22:32
micahgquadrispro: I still have gmusicbrowser on my list, I just have to get a key on alioth so I can push to git22:33
jtaylornp, thanks for fixing the ftbs22:33
quadrisprobdrung, eh-ehy! already commit'd, now I'm going to add a point to the next changelog entry22:33
quadrisprohi micahg ! did upstream release a new version?22:34
micahgyeah, 1.1.922:34
quadrisprowell, yes22:34
quadrisprogit-import'ing right now22:34
quadrispromicahg, have you already had a look at the code?22:34
micahgno, not yet, got as far as the checkout failing due to not being able to do it without an SSH key22:35
micahgwell, actually I got the checkout, not the upstream branch I needed to do the import22:36
micahgI can fix it, but moved on to other things22:36
quadrisprowow, gmusicbrowser is getting very cool22:37
micahgquadrispro: one of these days I'll get the hang of git22:37
quadrispromicahg, mostly bugfixes plus various small improvements22:37
micahgyep, xubuntu wants it for precise22:37
micahgand astraljava wants a backport for oneiric22:38
quadrispromicahg, lol, are you still in trouble? have you uploaded your key to alioth?22:38
micahgno, I got distracted by other things, I'll look into it later22:38
quadrisproyou should wait for some hours after uploading the key I suppose22:38
quadrisproah ok ok22:38
quadrisprono worries, here is Alessio who's happy to share some of his spare time tonite22:39
jtaylor@numpy, I rebuilt the 16 of the 18 packages in precise and they build fine22:39
jtaylorI skipped shogun as it takes ages to build and one needs a manual dependency resolving for which I'm to tired to do now ._.22:40
jtaylor(pandas, needs scipy and pytables rebuilt)22:41
tumbleweedquadrispro: think that was the same bug as bug 423609? (it looks like it)23:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423609 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu) "[cowbuilder-dist] login doesn't show shell prompt" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42360923:01
psusiwhois smoser smoser23:03
quadrisprohi tumbleweed! you mean LP: #423609?23:03
CoreyAssuming that debian/rules doesn't make reference to it, how does a package install know what services to start / how does it invoke them?  The install throws a race-condition type error, like it's trying to start before fully installed, but once it's installed it works properly.23:03
tumbleweedquadrispro: yup23:04
quadrisproyes, you meant so :) and yes, it looks the same23:04
tumbleweedgreat, I thought I'd remembered seeing someone complaing about us not setting DISTRIBUTION before23:04
tumbleweedI thought they were crazy, but it appears that cowubilder needs it :P23:04
quadrisprotumbleweed, and I think DIST and ARCH are mere alias recommended by PbuilderTricks page on the Debian's wiki23:05
quadrisproskipped by pbuilder though23:05
tumbleweedthe only reason we set them was for people who had interesting pbuilderrcs23:05
tumbleweedit also passes --distribution23:05
quadrisproyes, I see23:05
tumbleweed(oh, and you forgot to close the bug in the changelog :) )23:06
quadrisprotumbleweed, I haven't yet added any entry23:07
quadrisprotumbleweed, I need some minutes to fix a big issue on zita-resampler23:09
tumbleweedquadrispro: I finished itp23:09
tumbleweedit up23:09
quadrisprotumbleweed, thank you!23:11
tumbleweednp, thanks23:11

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