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dholbachbkerensa, hiya06:58
dholbachhey iBkerensa06:59
dholbachyour friend cody, is he on google plus?07:00
iBkerensayes he is cody smith07:00
iBkerensawere on for tomorrow right?07:00
dholbachI pencilled it in for today07:01
dholbachit's Tuesday over here already07:01
iBkerensaoh lol i thought uhh yeah its monday here07:01
dholbach<bkerensa> dholbach: So just to confirm 0700 UTC (11:00PM PST) Next Tuesday?07:02
iBkerensamy error i guess?07:02
dholbachno worries07:02
dholbachshall we let the other guys know, so we move it to somewhere else?07:02
dholbachcan you give me a link to Cody's profile? there seem to be a few Cody Smiths around :)07:03
iBkerensaione sec let me gobinto office07:03
dholbachoh btw - did you move already now?07:04
dholbachnice :)07:05
bkerensaI was laying on couch when you pinged me :P07:05
bkerensadholbach: https://plus.google.com/101635943739208364223/posts07:06
bkerensaSo are we cancelling tomorrow?07:06
dholbachhaha, nice: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-_4v4jLr8sZk/TrnZee43RAI/AAAAAAAACwo/mIqW9fucs9c/w352/uosocial.jpg07:06
dholbachif we do it tomorrow we should let the other guys know07:06
dholbachI'm happy to do it tomorrow07:06
bkerensaoh yeah I made that07:07
bkerensado you want to ping everyone?07:07
dholbachok, I'll do it07:07
bkerensabtw... we should consider a mailing list at some point perhaps07:07
dholbachfor 3 people it's still OK, but yeah - at some stage, yes :)07:11
dholbachbkerensa, Cody lives near you?07:12
bkerensaWell I better think about getting to sleep I have a Google+ Hangout with Mozilla in the morning :(07:12
bkerensadholbach: He lives about a hour away07:12
dholbachok, so same timezone ;-)07:12
dholbachok, mail sent07:13
bkerensaAlrighty well I will talk to you tomorrow and look forward to getting some work done on this weeks issue tomorrow too07:13
bkerensaGood Night07:13
dholbachI'll ping Alex online and have a chat with him07:14
dholbachgood night bkerensa :)07:14
SilverlionAlanBell: do you copy?11:57
SilverlionAlanBell: any news from ircc?12:37
AlanBellnot that I can think of12:39
Silverlionjust asking regarding my person12:40
AlanBellwhy here?12:41
SilverlionAlanBell: because this is a chan I know of you are in?12:41
AlanBellok, I thought you were asking for news team news :)12:42
SilverlionAlanBell: we could go in PM if this suits you more12:43
AlanBellor #ubuntu-irc-council12:43
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