levitskyI demand to speak with whoever banned me01:30
levitskyi had an issue01:31
levitskyubottu wasn't recognizing that factoid01:31
ubottulevitsky: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:31
jriblevitsky: I imagine it's related to the fact we asked you to stop with the random factoids in the channel and you didn't01:31
levitskyit was an issue01:31
levitskyi wanted to report01:31
levitskyubottu spam01:32
pangolinthe issue was you.01:32
levitskydoesn't work01:32
pangolinI fixed it.01:32
pangolinhave a good day.01:32
levitskypangolin, so you get banned for learning?01:32
levitskygood job ubuntu.01:32
elkyYou get banned for being disruptive.01:32
levitskyplease explain how bug reporting is disruptive.01:33
elkyexcessive random factoids is not bug reporting01:33
levitskycheck ubottu spam. doesn't work and is an factoid01:33
levitskyand many are outdated01:34
pangolinyou not knowing how to use the bot is not a bug in the bot01:34
levitskyis the ai database available? :)01:34
levitskypangolin: use that command on me and i belive you.01:35
elkyIn response to a question about empathy: <levitsky> !porn | dfcnvt  <levitsky> !unity | dfcnvt01:35
levitsky!spam | levitsky01:35
levitskyhe was asking for messaging?01:35
pangolinthere is no !spam factoid01:35
levitskybut that was an unity issue.01:36
pangolinbot is working properly01:36
levitskycheck this bro pangolin01:36
pangolinso, you will remained banned for a couple of days.01:36
levitskyyou ban for... bug reporting a couple of days?01:36
elkyfor being obnoxious.01:37
pangolinlevitsky: I'm not in the mood for explaining how silly you are being. btw the link you provided clearly states the factoid was deleted01:37
pangolinfeel free to play with ubottu in /msg01:37
levitskyI'll be banned if i stay in here without a reason01:38
levitskyi never saw the point in that...01:38
levitskycan i get ban lifted, and perm ban if i do this again pangolin?01:39
pangolincome back in 48 hours and we can talk about it.01:39
levitskypangolin, ain't that a little bit severe for just typing 8 bot commands?01:39
pangolinactually it is very lenient01:40
pangolinespecially after you were asked at least twice to stop01:40
levitskypangolin, make me happy then, give me ubottu's aiml01:40
levitskypangolin, i did stop01:40
levitskyi was bug reporting, but you didn't let me finish01:40
pangolin!ubottu > levitsky01:40
ubottulevitsky, please see my private message01:40
elkyWe can play good cop bad cop if you like, but it's very unlikely to end in your favour. I'm the bad cop.01:40
pangolinI'm not such a good cop01:41
levitskyban will be auto-up-lifted?01:41
levitskybut i rarely get on ubuntu channel.. how will you remember me?01:41
pangolinI have a notepad here where i write everything down by hand01:42
levitskypangolin, ok, have a nice day not-so-nice cop01:42
pangolinanyway, we are done for now. Please come back in 48 hours and we can talk about removing the ban01:42
levitskyelky, you too bad-ass cop01:42
levitskypangolin, kay, hand.01:43
bazhang<me2> tiago, AMS_ITGuy here we were talking earlier before the Ops booted me.... does your system not fully boot off of a LiveCD?01:59
bazhangban evading?01:59
jribyes, should ban02:00
knomehmm, levitsky joined #xubuntu too, asking why we don't have ubottu:P02:12
Nemeiisisiswho's that dumb f who banned me for no reason02:36
bazhangNemeiisisis, watch the language02:36
Nemeiisisisthat moron ill have him fired from his job02:37
bazhangNemeiisisis, this is how not to get unbanned, I suggest you stop it02:37
Nemeiisisisi got myself banned on purpose02:37
Nemeiisisisand I have done it before02:37
* elky takes a screenshot.02:37
Nemeiisisisi actually dont even care02:38
NemeiisisisI dont even use ubuntu anymore02:38
NemeiisisisI came here for fun02:38
Nemeiisisiswindows 7 wins.02:38
Nemeiisisisguess who i am bazhang02:38
Nemeiisisistell idunn i said hi02:38
Nemeiisisistime to troll defocus02:39
bazhangNemeiisisis, someone with too much time on their hands02:39
bazhangI get blamed :/02:40
elkyYou got blamed?02:41
pangolinin freenode02:41
pangolinhe offered 300k to have bazhang fired02:41
bazhangnow in #ubuntu with the abuse02:41
elkyQuit what?02:43
knomei'm off to bed. strength and honor :)02:47
h00kwoah, Canonical is dropping Kubuntu03:13
h00kpangolin: I saw someone post it on Google+03:14
elkythat wasn't trolling?03:15
pangolinmust be true03:15
h00kNo, let me find a link03:15
h00kstandby, on my touchpad03:15
pangolinuntil I see statement from Canonical. LIES.03:15
elkyis riddell canonical enough?03:16
h00k^ sauce03:16
h00kpangolin: so...believe as you will03:17
pangolinit's too bad.03:18
Unit193Dropping funding, so it'll be like Xubuntu, Lubuntu and the rest now03:19
h00ktrue, an 'official' derivative03:20
Unit193http://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2012/02/07/changes-in-kubuntu/ http://blogs.kde.org/node/4531 are two more03:20
ubottuurlin2u called the ops in #ubuntu (BABY_)03:29
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:29
elkythe poop obsessed loser is back03:30
HFSPLUSwhat up homes04:13
HFSPLUSwhat up homes04:13
HFSPLUSwhat up homes04:15
HFSPLUSwhat up homes04:23
pangolinHFSPLUS: can I help you?04:24
pangolinIRCC that is a candidate for a name space ban ^04:26
phillwpangolin: it would get a +1 from me, but I'm still a probationer.06:13
=== ts2 is now known as tsimpson
vibhavShould I say that AtomicSpark is again becoming un-family-friendly?10:57
vibhavWilson is also adorable, I'm not sexist.10:59
vibhav            --AtomicSpark11:00
Myrttidid you even ATTEMPT to tell him off for it?11:00
vibhavI prefer to telltheops11:00
MyrttiI don't11:01
vibhavHe rather confuses with11:01
vibhavCould you ask him to please behave11:01
ikoniavibhav is hardly in a place to complain, he's calling people like chu the channel clown11:02
ikoniaI'm getting a bit fed up with the lot of them in #-ot11:02
Myrttione of these days I'll put a banforward to #defocus11:02
=== Guest10826 is now known as Mamarok
elkyI'm confused at how that is un-family-friendly for a start.11:17
LjLuhm, am i missing something when i don't see how anything AtomicSpark said was bad? and i'm hardly an AtomicSpark fan11:17
elkyodious, sure, but...11:17
elkyvibhav is as much an atomicspark troll as atomicspark is a troll11:17
popeythey're as bad as eachother11:30
jpdsWho is eachother?11:58
ikoniame and you12:02
bazhangalabd, hello12:23
alabdbazhang: hello , would you check why my user is banned on ubuntu-offtopic12:24
ikoniaalabd: I'll explain that12:24
ikoniaalabd: you're banned from #ubuntu, yet you continue to use #ubuntu-offtopic to ask for ubuntu support12:24
ikoniayou've been asked not to do that, and persist12:24
ikoniaso I banned you.12:24
alabdikonia: am telling you in view of all ops , stop your bad behavior you have clicked on me from last year you have banned me on ubuntu channels some times , and you have interfered me on other channels , stop interfering my behavior in other channel , am giving you warm and am really serious , like that openBSD story that you wanted start making me trouble there too that you have been asked my thei op to stop it .yes your english is better than me and m12:37
Tm_TI wonder what else was there12:40
marienzme too!12:40
ikonianot quite sure what he's on about, I've not spoken in #openbsd for at least a week according to my logs12:41
ikoniaand he got himself banned in ##linux (he thinks psi-jack has it for him) and ##networking and #backtrack-linux and all the others12:41
Tm_Tpm'd him12:45
PiciI got pmed by a user last night to tell me that the #ubuntu topic is 'horribly out of date.'  Anyone else see any issues?12:45
LjLuh, just maybe we could do away with the Oneiric being released thing12:46
alabdTm_T thanks for noticing me that my msg got cut off  , so paste it completely again > mr/mrs ikonia :  am telling you in view of all ops , stop your bad behavior you have clicked on me from last year you have banned me on ubuntu channels some times up to know , and you have interfered me on other channels , stop interfering my behavior in other channels and being mean , am giving you warn and am really serious ,12:49
alabdlike that openBSD story that you wanted start making me trouble there too that you have been asked my thei op to stop it .yes your english is better than me and many times you can make problem me in channels but really stop it , if humble want can make you many troubles too ,stop bein mean in irc channels with me , have nice time and bye12:49
alabds/ my thei op/by their op/12:50
Tm_Tshould I reply him somehow?12:51
ikoniadoes it matter, he's talking crap12:51
ikoniatrying to blame people for himself getting banned12:52
ikoniaif you feel it help, message him12:52
Tm_Tthat, yeah12:52
AlanBelldoes he have a LoCo team channel or something to go to13:03
AlanBellclearly he is not going to get much value from our larger channels13:03
PiciAlanBell: There should be some historical messages from him on the ircc mailing list archives, if you want more of a history.13:05
ikoniaAlanBell: there is much more than meats the eye, he can't speak English very well.....unless he wants to, in that situation he speaks it very well13:07
ikoniahe's ended up getting banned from a ton of network channels ##linux, #ubuntu, ##security, #networking #backtrack-linux, ##php and some others, and it's because he wants channels to do what "he" wants, rather than particpating in the channels in context13:07
Myrttiit's a recurring pattern13:08
jpdsHmm, meats.13:08
ikoniameats ????? meets13:08
MyrttiI've seen it in the past few years more and more13:08
ikoniayes, and then who ever bans him, he complains is unfair and is against him13:08
Myrttiand not only in alabd13:08
ikoniahe was in #freenode complaining about psi-jack when ##linux have banned him for about the 10th time, it was nothing to do with psi-jack, the guy was being a problem in the channel by not listening13:08
ikonia"I want to write new firmware to my TV card in linux" - sorry thats not possible as a.) it doesn't work in linux b.) there is no firmware tool c.) there is no firmware13:09
ikonia"I want it to work how do I write firmware"13:09
ikoniaand just continuing on refusing to accept the reality that was never going to happen because "he wanted it"13:09
mneptokcan Linux resurrect my pet cat? that would be really nice this week.13:22
funkyHatJust reinstall coreutils ;(13:27
mneptokprobably just easier to invent the flux capacitor.13:27
jpdsmneptok: Go to it.13:31
mneptokjpds: waiting for a lab coat13:32
mneptok(and a deal for 1.5x pay in the sequels)13:32
ikonialooking at the ban list in ##linux approx %70 of the bans are the people who are banned/long term banned in #ubuntu14:36
ikoniaall the people who protest their innocence appear to be banned in at least 2 or more other Linux based channels14:37
ikonia#centos, #gentoo , ##linux14:37
pangolinoh wow, did vincentng delete his /home?16:04
PiciI accidentally deleted the contents of my ~/scripts/ folder the other day :(16:05
pangolinso that one little space after the / huh16:05
Pici`find $SOME_PATH -delete`   can be rather bad if you forget to initialize $SOME_PATH16:06
ikoniathe ban list in here is getting longer16:10
Piciand leroy is getting larger!16:11
ikoniaha ha ha16:11
ikoniaclassic airplane16:11
pangolinshouldn't he stop using the system with the mounted /home if he wants any chance at recovering the data?16:12
ikoniait's gone16:13
ikoniathe data is gone16:13
pangolin100% no chance of recovering?16:13
pangolinclose enough16:13
ikoniaand based on the fact that he didn't know what rm -rf /home did, but still did it, I suspect his ability to use the tools for that %0.00001 is slim16:13
Tm_Tnixternal: hi there16:21
Picithats a rather wide ban17:01
ikoniaonly for a minute17:01
ikoniathere are no other 101 users in the channel17:01
ikoniagive it 60 seconds and it's gone17:01
ikoniajust enough for him to go away cycle his IP and realise it failed17:01
ikoniadamn,joined straight after the remove17:03
pangolinlooks to me like he joined just after the mode set.17:04
pangolinprobably didn't see it17:04
ikonia17:03 -!- mode/#ubuntu [-b *!*@101.*] by ikonia17:04
ikonia17:03 -!- foxconn [~whenpigsf@] has joined #ubuntu17:04
ikoniapretty much the second I removed the ban17:04
pangolineven so, he can't rejoin now17:05
ikoniawhy ?17:05
ikoniaI removed the ban17:05
pangolinI didn't see that17:05
ikoniathat's what I mean, the second I removed the ban, he rejoined17:06
pangolinI thought it was a + not a -17:06
ikoniano, I left it + for a short while to see if he got fed up, and the moment I removed it, he came back17:06
oCean* flipthecoin (~Mirc@ has joined #ubuntu17:12
ikoniahas left with help17:12
h00kbah, I still have my .pool hilight17:13
* h00k doesn't remove it17:13
h00k!away > Gskellig17:25
* oCean facepalms18:33
pangolinevidently she is very new.18:34
oCeanall that for some warez leeching script18:34
pangolinLjL: you think you can explain to lucia in -it how to use the terminal?18:35
pangolinshe is trying to install an xchat script and using xchat as the terminal :/18:36
pangolinLjL: if you want/feel like following along with them http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/#installazione18:38
pangolinwarez is bad people, don't do it.18:38
* h00k warez clothez19:29
beunoI think there's an attack brewing in #ubuntu-meeting20:13
beunot4nk061 and Azzurrio_20:14
Tm_Tbeuno: I only see bit of sillyness, that's all20:14
beunomaybe I'm a bit paranoid  :)20:15
Myrttiparanoia is good20:17
Tm_T"soittakaa paranoid" is good, yes20:18
Tm_TMyrtti: new to me, brilliant! (:)20:19
knomeHAHAH, new to me too20:20
AlanBellTiMiDo: hi20:50
AlanBellTiMiDo has an issue that isn't really an IRC issue as such, but I figured some ops might be able to point him in the right direction20:50
Myrttiis it about the @ubuntu.com email?20:50
TiMiDonope not at all20:51
AlanBellno, about being rejected from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-es20:51
Myrttioh, ok, surprise! you got it working then?20:51
TiMiDofor example if i always help to translate ubuntu, and of course I'm not acting like a little kid. but sometimes is very hard to do translations, when you're karma points only stay there in the 580's20:52
AlanBellI don't know how translation teams accept/reject helpers really, I know they are moderated to keep out people contributing rubish or google translate results20:52
TiMiDoi always end up download the .po files and editing them my self.20:53
Myrttiwell there is #ubuntu-l10n-es20:53
Myrttiwith grand total of 2 people20:53
TiMiDolol no one joins there20:54
AlanBelland #ubuntu-classroom-es which was doing live translations of -classroom20:54
TiMiDoYeah m4v dislikes me because back in the days i was an @ and i kicked him from #ubuntu-es20:55
TiMiDohe even told me20:55
TiMiDom4v> No me recuerdas? cuando yo era un usuario más en #ubuntu-es me kickeaste del canal y no diste explicación. Y en otra oportunidad limpiaste completamente la lista de bans de #ubuntu-es, lo que fué un dolor de cabeza para mí y erUSUL en ese momento.20:55
pangolinhmm not sure this has anything to do with launchpad groups20:56
pangolinTiMiDo: lets focus on the present :)20:56
TiMiDoTrust me I am focus on the present pangolin20:57
AlanBellTiMiDo: I think you probably should try and contact the owner of the launchpad group again and ask for more details of what the expectations are20:57
TiMiDoit it's sad to get denied on a team where I been a great help...20:57
AlanBellthere is also the #ubuntu-translators channel where you might be able to talk to people about it who know what normally happens in translation teams20:58
TiMiDoOKey thanks a lot AlanBell20:59
AlanBellok, we can't help directly (not anything to do with IRC) but hopefully we have pointed you in the right direction21:01

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