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tumbleweedpitti: pah, you deleted my pypy. /me re-syncs it09:55
pittitumbleweed: hm, sorry; process-removals bug09:56
pittitumbleweed: thanks09:56
tumbleweedyeah, I accidentally uploaded it to unstable, and had to remote it again (built it in the wrong sbuild, which put unstable in the .changes)09:57
cjwatsonpitti: process-removals output is meant to be hand-verified :-)10:45
pittiwell, I did verify that it doesn't have reverse deps10:45
pittiand it looked plausible enough10:46
tumbleweedwhoever accepted pypy: thanks, it should probably be demoted back to universe :)14:02
tumbleweedoh, no that's just lp web pages lying to me. Published in universe14:05
pittitumbleweed: right, I was fairly sure I put it there14:20
tumbleweedyeah, I think lp is displaying the debian publication details or something14:21
pittiI'll binNEW it once it's built14:21
tumbleweedthat'll take a little while...14:21
pittiamd64 is done14:21
pittiarm* FTBFS14:21
pittiso mostly waiting on i386y14:21
tumbleweedyeah, to be expected14:21
tumbleweedah, i386 is almost done. ppc may take another hour or three14:22
skaetev, have umenu and wubi been updated for 10.04.4?15:52
skaetDaviey, pitti - am starting to work through the checklists for 10.04.4 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseTaskSignup) and there are a few things that need to be cross checked, so we can get ready for spinning the 10.04.4 candidates this week.15:58
Davieyskaet: I'm switching off -proposed this Wednesday evening16:03
DavieyThursday will have -updates only builds.16:03
skaetDaviey, ok.     Have all the steps in release minus 1 month been done?16:04
Davieyskaet: multi-tasking right now, will confirm after16:06
skaetDaviey,  ok.  thanks.16:06
bjfpitti, can i get an AA to copy linux-mvl-dove 2.6.32-422.41 to -proposed?16:07
bjfskaet: ^16:18
evskaet: yes, but they haven't been built and put in the right place16:22
evsorting that now16:22
skaetthanks ev16:22
skaetbjf,  ack.16:24
pittihm, lucid-proposed is frozen16:26
pittithat's why I didn't copy the lucid ones so far16:26
pitti(and said so in the tracking bug)16:26
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micahgpitti: can we get stuff in -proposed that won't migrate until after the 10.04.4 release?17:54
evskaet: new 10.04.4 wubi is up20:17
skaetThanks ev.  :D20:18
evsure thing!20:18
skaetDaviey, ^ fyi.20:19
micahgskaet: would you mind stuff in lucid-proposed if it wouldn't migrate to -updates until after the 10.04.4 release (all self-contained, it's thunderbird)21:15
micahgerr, thunderbird and its rdepends21:15
skaetmicahg,   prefer to wait until we're clear about the images.  Not sure we can handle the bit pushing/special casing with enough granularity.   Daviey's planning on switching from -proposed to -updates on Wednesday evening.   possibly after that, but we'll have to see how things look.21:19
Davieyev: thanks21:31
Davieymicahg: is there any benefit to get it in before Thursday?21:31
micahgDaviey: nope, we'll postpone the migration until Thunderbird 1121:32
Davieywe'll build from -updates only on Thursday onwards, and seems wise to keep the freeze until then.. However, pitti may say otherwise21:32
micahgDaviey: I have a security update I'm pushing out tonight though, but that shouldn't break anything21:32
skaetDaviey, re: freeze - may keep it up until later - depending on how the smoke test images look.21:33
Davieyskaet: I checked with the QA team yesterday, and they believed that Wednesday, they'd be happy for the switch to flip.21:34
Davieyskaet: It'll help flush out what else needs to be done?21:34
skaetDaviey,  yes,  but the checklist items should be done before we cut those images.21:35

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