methodsis there any good resources on installing newer mysql server ?00:12
EvilResistancemethods, define "installing newer mysql server"00:17
EvilResistancewhich version of mysqld (mysql daemon aka mysql server) do yo uwant to install?00:17
EvilResistancemethods, unless its in sid or already packaged, you might have to compile/install from source00:20
EvilResistancelemme check debian sid00:20
methodssid ?00:20
EvilResistanceDebian Sid00:20
methodswell .. mysql download page offers debian downloads00:20
methodsbut the package names aren't the same and stuff so I know that might cause issues where apt-get'ing something may require mysql-server to be installed which clobbers my setup00:21
EvilResistancei know the page00:22
EvilResistancei'm reading atm00:22
EvilResistancemethods: if you can wait to precise, there's a mysql-server-5.5 you can install00:24
methodsprecise ??00:24
EvilResistancebut it doesnt seem to be fully tested00:24
EvilResistanceholy god, you arent aware of release names are you?00:24
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:24
EvilResistanceyou should learn version numbers vs. codenames00:25
methodscode names are kind of annoying rather just have versions00:25
EvilResistanceLucid is 10.04, Maverick = 10.10, Natty = 11.04, Oneiric = 12.0400:25
methodsbut honestly i just upgrade my desktop whenever i don't care really to remember00:25
EvilResistancewell in Debian, codenames need to be known anyways00:25
EvilResistancebecause Debian 6 is denoted as 'squeeze' in the sources.list entries :P00:25
methodswell I'm on amazon anyway and they are behind00:26
EvilResistancesid = unstable00:26
EvilResistanceoh you didnt mention this was on an amazon "cloud vps"00:26
methodstrying to find out what their latest is00:29
methodsi wonder if i could get away with the precise package00:30
methodsit might work fine on older ubuntu00:30
hallynstgraber: well, i *think* that's pretty much what we want :)  (wrt a typo)  but, do you agree static-network-up is the way to go?00:31
Lazerathhay all00:35
Lazerathmy grub wont load00:46
hallyni think i'm going to do the emit in pre-start after all00:46
hallynshould be ok if i do --no-wait00:47
Lazerathso it used to load but i moved the server and it loads to a grub prompt00:48
LazerathI am pretty sure i am using a LVM00:49
Lazerathso when I am at the grub prompt and I do the ls command00:50
LazerathI see the hd0 hd0,1 hd1 hd1,1 but none of them have my grub on them00:51
Lazerathit is on the drive "landl"00:52
Lazerathbut I am not sure how to explain it00:52
Lazerathwhen i load from the live cd and recover broken system00:53
LazerathI see the landl partition00:53
Lazerathand i shell to there but grub-install sg100:54
Lazerathdoes not work00:54
Lazeraththe only drive is a scsi raid set up00:54
twbLazerath: pastebin contents of /proc/partitions.00:55
twbLazerath: run file -s across each of the partitions listed in /proc/partitions, it will report if a bootloader is installed on them.00:55
Lazerathdo that from the recovery shell off the live cd00:56
twbLazerath: another test is dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 | strings00:56
Lazerathit used to work00:56
twbThat test will print a bunch of strings, including "GRUB" if grub is the bootloader on sda00:56
Lazerathi think it is sg1 not sda00:56
twbI have never seen disks called "landl" or "sg1" before; the latter is believably but the former sounds very unlikely.00:57
twbsg1 is more likely to be the CD or tape drive00:57
Lazerathok landl is my own partion00:57
twbAs I said, look at /proc/partitions.  The number of partitions on a device and their sizes should make it very obvious which one(s) are you drive(s).00:58
Lazeraththe only drives hooked up to the server are a cd rom and a SCSI External 7disk raid stack with 2 partitions00:58
Lazerathbut i will check that out quick00:58
Lazerathshould i check the /proc/partitions from the grub shell on my failed boot or from the recovery mode on the live cd00:59
twbAh, OK, stupid hardware raid stuff often shows up in bizarre ways00:59
twbLazerath: you need to check it from a live medium01:00
LazerathI think the landl partition is the LVM01:00
mtaylorsmoser: around?01:00
twbThe grub shell is pretty useless01:00
Lazerathyeah it is01:00
mtaylorsmoser: why does python2.7 conflict with python-profiler/01:00
Lazerathok i will just boot ubuntu live cd and check it out01:00
Lazerathi was going to do that next anyway01:00
Lazerathi think i have grub and not grub2 not sure though but i will check this out... Thanks mate01:02
twbIt doesn't matter much01:08
LazerathWELL live cd is still loading01:43
Lazerathbut i will check the /proc/partitions directory01:43
Lazerathwhat was the command with the -s variable you said01:43
twb11:55 <twb> Lazerath: run file -s across each of the partitions listed in /proc/partitions, it will report if a bootloader is installed on them.01:45
hex20decCan someone please help me pass this part???01:46
hex20decWhat IPs are they  talking about??01:46
kerframilhex20dec: the DNS servers operated by your Internet Service Provider. that information is also false; you don't *have* to specify forwarders, as long as bind is aware of the 'root' name servers.01:49
twbhex20dec: "the IP Addresses of your ISP's DNS servers"01:49
Vexiantyo dawg01:49
kerframilhex20dec: I'll answer here. most folk want their DNS servers to answer queries for records outside of any 'local' zones that might be maintained. you may tell yours to forward such requests to a specific set of nameservers. rationale for using nameservers operated by your ISP is that they might be faster.01:54
kerframilhex20dec: if you don't specify forwarders, than the root hint servers will be used (see /etc/bind/db.root)01:55
kerframilhex20dec: if you do not perform recursion at all, then your own clients will not work very well. dns servers have to be able to ask other dns servers for information.01:56
Vexiantforwarders {01:57
Vexiant      ;01:57
Vexiant      ;01:57
Vexiant           };01:57
kerframilwell, they don't, but ... that's a common configuration01:57
Vexiantthe IP's go in the two number sets01:57
Vexiantwhat IPs would be put there?01:57
VexiantI'm talking to you, kerframil01:59
Vexianthex and I are both trying to set the stuff up correctly01:59
kerframilVexiant: if you don't know, then you don't have to specify any forwarders at all - as noted before. it's optional, even though the doc there suggests it isn't.02:00
kerframilVexiant: a default bind setup will be aware of the 'root' nameservers, which can be used for upstream queries.02:00
kerframilVexiant: if you do want to use your ISP nameserver, ask them. or look for the info in their knowledge base or such.02:03
kerframilVexiant: be careful though. some organisations operate really crap nameservers. you might actually be better off using the root servers, especially if you're caching anyway.02:04
kerframilVexiant: Google's work alright too (,
stgraberhallyn: static-network-up sounds good yes02:16
twbkerframil: IMO it is advisable to tell stupid noobs to use their ISP's DNS server, so as to reduce the load on the root servers02:31
twbIf that *does* cause them problems, it can be dealt with then02:32
kerframiltwb: a reasonable assertion02:32
twbMy favourite annoying one is telstra seems to resolve all unqualified hosts to help.telstra.com or so, so when I'm at my dad's place, I can't just "getent hosts <an office host>" to test if I'm in the office02:33
kerframiltwb: gah02:34
hallynstgraber: i'm feeling burned out, think i'll wait on that.  maybe next upload.  Or maybe just on next merge.02:36
stgraberhallyn: would be nice to have for 12.04, but we can probably argue it's not technically a feature so can maybe wait post-Feature Freeze02:37
hallynoh right.  that.02:37
hallynstgraber: ok, so if we switch to upstart, do you think 'stop  lxc' should behave like 'stop libvirt' - and not shut down its network?02:38
hallyn(at all)02:38
hallynright now, /etc/init.d/lxc stop will shut down the lxc nwetork if no devices are attached to the lxc bridge02:38
hallyneh, ok, i'll see what i can do02:39
hallyni'm trying to see if poor jodh has run into any other lxc-caused bugs02:39
hallynand i wonder how your upstart lxc changes are faring02:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #927519 in makedev (main) "makedev fails to upgrade in lxc container with error 'Device or resource busy'" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92751902:41
stgraberhallyn: I'll do some poking for the upstart changes, I know jodh has been pretty busy with upstart bugfixes and plymouth stuff ...02:41
hallynand lxc-caused bugs02:42
stgraberhallyn: for the network, I'm not sure, same for the containers, I think killing the network if we no longer have anything in the bridge is fine, otherwise it's probably a bad idea02:42
stgraberI'm also not sure if "stop" should kill all the containers marked as "auto", I guess people would expect us to do so, but it won't react like libvirt then02:42
stgraberand we'll need to be careful not to "restart" lxc on package upgrade (or we'll suddently kill and start all the containers)02:43
stgraberhallyn: just saw your comment on the console/tty bug, I guess that'd work indeed, we could use a sub-directory too if that makes things easier02:55
stgraberhallyn: though I'm wondering how hardcoded /dev/console is, I wouldn't be surprised if software were using it directly (upstart being one of them)02:55
hallynstgraber: maybe we can affect that with upstart arguments (akin to '--console /dev/ttyS0')02:58
hallynstill, i'm afraid you're probably right, it would end up missing something02:58
stgraberhallyn: indeed. Something else that we'd need to think about is how to deal with older version of the OS in the container02:58
stgraberthough, I agree this would solve most of our problems (if not all) around upgrades/dist-upgrades in containers, so it's definitely worth investigating02:59
hallyni was going to mention to you tomorrow i think we need a serious devns design discussion at uds02:59
stgraberhallyn: yep, that seems to be our biggest pain nowadays (with these devices + udev storms), so indeed worth booking some time to sit and think about it03:00
designbybeckhello all, I am a server newbie i have a Mahara site setup, that someone walked me through, I am working on a Moodle site as well. My Mahara site points correctly to the subdomian, but the Moodle subdomain just pulls up the root domain03:01
designbybeckthis works: http://mahara.triside.com ....but this doesn't http://moodle.triside.com03:02
designbybeckI made the VirtualHost file the same as each other with their directories pointing to their respective locations03:02
designbybeckI have restarted apache2 and it showed OK I think I forgot something, i just don't know what I missed03:03
qman___servername, most likely03:03
designbybeckinside the vhost file qman___ ?03:04
qman___to work properly, the virutalhost must be * (*:80 / *:443 ok too)03:04
qman___and the servername directive defined for each host03:04
qman___one bad one can mess up the whole config03:04
VexiantYo, how do I find out the IP of a server via terminal?03:05
designbybeckok, I'll keep looking, thanks qman___03:06
Vexiantanyone know?03:06
designbybeckqman___, here is what both vhosts look like, but they aren't in the same file http://www.pasteall.org/2892803:07
kerframilVexiant: ip addr show03:07
designbybeckVexiant, or you can try ifconfig i believe as well03:07
Vexiantifconfig is for your own ip03:07
Vexiantthanks kerframil03:07
qman___designbybeck, those are good, but make sure no other virtualhosts are defined that defy that convention03:08
designbybeckhmm none that i know of03:08
qman___the way the apache config works is all those config files cross-reference each other into one big config03:08
qman___so it could be anywhere03:08
qman___use grep -R to find any extraneous hosts03:08
qman___you should also have "NameVirtualHost *"03:10
designbybeckthose are the vhosts files03:10
designbybeckhmmm... I haven't ran acros the NameVirtualHost03:11
qman___do like so03:11
qman___sudo grep -R NameVirtualHost /etc/apache203:11
designbybeckand here is the sample moodle file from their site: http://www.pasteall.org/2893003:12
qman___sudo grep -Ri ^\<virtualhost /etc/apache203:13
qman___this particular issue doesn't have anything to do with the application being run, it's just a general apache virtualhost problem03:14
designbybeckqman___, here is that output03:14
qman___well that answers it03:15
designbybecknto sure what the unable to resolve host triside is all about03:15
qman___your hosts are not enabled, only the default is03:15
designbybeckbut triside.com works and mahara.triside work?03:15
qman___the default site is enabled03:15
qman___the files are probably available through it03:15
qman___also, that message means 'triside' doesn't resolve in /etc/hosts03:16
qman___you should add it such that it points to the LAN adapter's IP03:16
designbybecki actually haven't edited the default file03:16
qman___see a2ensite and a2dissite03:16
qman___and your virtualhosts should be each in their own file in /etc/apache2/sites-available03:16
designbybecki do have them in their own files03:17
designbybeckwhat do you mean by see a2ensite and a2disiste? what does that mean03:17
designbybecki thought that mean /etc/apache2/sites-available03:17
Lazerath_PhoneThe boot drive is sda103:18
Lazerath_PhoneBut the files are on the lvm sda503:19
qman___designbybeck, according to that output, your site configurations are either not formatted correctly or are not in the right place, because they'd show up in that list if they were03:20
qman___like default-ssl does03:20
designbybeckahhh qman___  i did see that on the mahara install instruction site it did have this command:  sudo a2ensite mahara.conf03:20
designbybeckbut i haven't done anything like that for the moodlevirtualhost file03:20
Lazerath_Phonethe sda1 does have some files for booting03:21
Lazerath_PhoneBut the lvm is locked so how do I reinstall grub03:22
qman___designbybeck, ah, they didn't show because of the whitespace03:22
qman___not sure if that matters or not03:22
qman___but anyway, you need to enable both of those sites, and should probably disable the default site if you're not using it03:22
designbybecklet me try that command03:23
designbybeckLOL.... well....it doesn't point to the root anymore03:24
designbybeckqman___, i did the a2ensite and that seemed to work ok03:25
designbybeckthen i restarted apace2 and that seemed to work ok03:25
designbybeckletme see how to disable default03:25
qman___should be sudo a2dissite default03:25
qman___and you can verify by doing ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled03:26
qman___those two commands are glorified symbolic linkers03:26
qman___but it works pretty well03:26
designbybeckok i dod see the moodlevirtualhost in sites-enable03:27
designbybeckand default too03:27
qman___that should work as expected then03:28
qman___provided the servername directive is set correctly for each site, when you visit by those URLs, you get the right site03:28
qman___you can also use the serveralias directive to add more names03:28
designbybecka2dissite is the other command?03:29
designbybeckso it would be sudo a2dissite default ?03:30
qman___also, those servernames should resolve to your server, i.e. be in /etc/hosts03:31
qman___but that's not strictly necessary, and in fact I just checked mine and it isn't03:32
designbybeckoh yeah i think i forgot to set those up03:34
designbybeckwell....i think we're gettting smoewhere03:36
designbybeck...but now triside.com is the same as mahara.triside.com03:36
designbybeckbecause i took off default?03:36
designbybecklet me check the /etc/hosts03:36
qman___if that was your default site, yes03:36
qman___each site must be defined, the default site takes over any that aren't03:37
designbybeckqman___,  here is the /etc/hosts http://www.pasteall.org/2893203:38
qman___remove the second and third lines03:38
qman___actually, make it look like this: http://www.pasteall.org/2893303:39
designbybeckdo you have to restart apache afer that?03:39
designbybeckqman___, http://www.pasteall.org/2893403:42
designbybecki learned a few thigns this time03:42
designbybeckgave some errors03:42
marrok5146anyone here familiar with openvas?03:42
qman___ok, that means two things03:42
qman___first, that that directory doesn't exist03:43
qman___and second, that one of your servername directives doesn't resolve and needs to be added to /etc/hosts03:43
designbybeckok...first thing, i thought i had the dir there03:43
designbybeckDOH! ...yeah i forgot i used the www for mahara, but for moodle (to keep them separate) i put it in its own dir03:44
qman___that'll do it03:44
qman___you may need to add your subdomains to /etc/hosts, if so, just tag them on the end03:45
qman___like: site site.com sub.site.com sub2.site.com03:45
designbybeckyeah i didn't get that error this time, but it still got the nameserver error03:47
designbybeckapache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:47
designbybeckok i'll try that in the /etc/hosts03:47
designbybeckSweet!! moodle.triside.com resolved03:48
qman___yeah, it's not super complicated, but unfortunately, unless you've done it before, it's not obvious where the problem is when it's not working as expected03:49
designbybeckwell it was setting up apache and the file structure that obviously i'm still learning03:51
designbybecki guess i thought things had to be in a very specific location03:52
LazerathI the "cat partitions" command in the /proc folder03:52
LazerathThe boot drive is sda103:52
LazerathBut the files are on the lvm sda503:52
Lazeraththe sda1 does have some files for booting03:52
LazerathBut the lvm is locked so how do I reinstall grub03:52
designbybeckbut the important thing is that you just tell the file where to go03:52
qman___yeah, it's a pretty flexible system, that's why it didn't throw any errors until you disabled the default site03:52
designbybeckok so now i have to address the 2nd thing03:53
designbybecki did put in the sub.site.com stuff in03:53
designbybeckis service apache2 reload the same as restart?03:53
qman___they're not the same03:54
qman___reload causes apache to reread all the configuration files live03:54
qman___restart actually shuts down and restarts apache03:54
qman___reload is faster and is in many cases good enough, but sometimes a full restart is needed03:54
designbybecklet me give it a good ol' restart then03:55
designbybeck * Restarting web server apache2                                                                                 apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:56
designbybeck ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName03:56
Lazerathyeahi found with apache i needed to restart sometimes when changing settings03:56
designbybeckok that ServerName would be in the /site-available file correct?03:56
qman___that servername could be anywhere03:56
qman___sudo grep -R ServerName /etc/apache2 to list them all03:57
qman___and make sure all the ones listed (and which are not commented or disabled) resolve03:57
qman___but bear in mind also that as long as your sites work the way you expect, that warning can be safely ignored03:58
designbybecki'm not sure what this means qman___ , but is it missing smoething? http://www.pasteall.org/2893603:58
designbybeckyes my two resolve correctly03:59
designbybeckso for my testing purposes it is working thus far!03:59
designbybeckThank you for your help qman___ !! I've learned a lot tonight !04:00
dforthmanHi. I have Ubuntu 11.10 Server running, all updates applied. I'm trying to install Nagios NRPE plugin, but I'm getting "Unable to find SSL libraries" compilation error. I've installed libssl-dev, but I'm getting the same error on compilation. Is there another package I need for the ssl libraries?04:03
qman___dforthman, suggest you install the nagios-nrpe-server package instead of rolling your own04:04
qman___compiling your own software is not a best practice on production servers04:05
dforthmanNo, but when I installed the package from the repos, it was missing configuration files and wouldn't start. Uninstalled/re-installed several times and got the same result.04:06
qman___I've installed said package without incident, did you modify them yourself?04:06
qman___in any case, install then purge04:06
qman___then remove the cached package file from /var/cache/apt/archives04:07
qman___and download the fresh one04:07
qman___purge gets rid of all configuration files so that the next install will recreate them04:07
qman___remove does not04:07
dforthmanDid all that. It was still missing the config files.04:07
qman___what file(s) are you expecting which is missing?04:08
qman___also, are you trying to set up your monitoring server, or the servers that are being monitored?04:10
qman___because nagios-nrpe-server is what04:10
qman___'s needed on the servers being monitored04:11
dforthmanWe're off-topic. Are there additional packages I need for the SSL libraries? Or where do I point --with-ssl-lib=/path/to/ssl/lib?04:11
Vexiant"Also, create an A record"04:11
VexiantI keep seeing "A record"04:11
VexiantWhat does that mean?04:11
dforthman"A record" is an address record. It points your domain name to an IP address.04:12
Vexiant@       IN      A
Vexiant@       IN      AAAA    ::104:12
Vexiantns      IN      A
Vexiantwhat would I put inplace of the A's?04:12
qman___you don't04:12
qman___the As belong there04:12
Vexiant/etc/bind/db.xxx.com:14: unknown RR type 'AAA' (Note, the X's are just there to hide the site)04:12
Vexiantwelp, check BIND gave me that error04:13
qman___a AAAA record is an ipv6 record04:13
qman___your version of BIND is not interpreting ipv6 records04:13
qman___remove the errant record or fix your BIND to accept ipv6 records04:13
VexiantSo what should I do?04:13
Vexianterrant? Sorry, I'm new to all of this04:13
dforthmanRemove the line with AAAA04:14
dforthmanthen restart Bind04:14
Vexiantok, thanks04:14
qman___dforthman, you probably need libssl-dev, but again, there's nothing wrong with the packaged versions04:14
qman___I use them, they work04:15
VexiantYo, thanks so much, guys. It just removed ALL my errors!04:15
dforthmanI've installed libssl-dev but it's still giving the error. I'll try the packaged version again.04:15
dforthmanAnd I'm trying to install the NRPE addon to the Nagios monitoring server.04:16
qman___that one needs the -plugin package04:16
twbqman___: or he just typed AAA instead of AAAA04:17
qman___true, I assumed his paste was what was in his records but it could not have been04:18
qman___could have not been*04:18
Vexiantit was AAA04:19
Vexiantthe problem is solved, as I stated. Thanks to qman___ and dforthman04:19
twbVexiant: there are 4 A's in an AAAA04:19
qman___but odds are you don't need any AAAA records, especially if you don't already know what they are04:20
twbVexiant: if you get that wrong dumb things happen04:20
dforthmanthanks to qman___, I just translated.04:20
Vexianttwb, I got nothing wrong. It was already set like that04:20
twbI have lost interest in this discussion04:21
Vexiantyes, the problem has been colved04:21
dforthmanalright, let's see how this nagios on the repos goes this time04:23
dforthman"Not replacing deleted config file"04:25
qman___purge and try again, that normally fixes it04:25
qman___it might be a dep too04:26
Lazerathok all04:26
LazerathI ran the "cat partitions" command in the /proc folder...The boot drive is sda1...the sda1 does have some files for booting..like: initrd.img-2.6.32-32-generic-pae..But the files are on the lvm sda5..like: initrd.img..But the lvm is locked so how do I reinstall grub.... I can access the lvm when booting recovery from the cd.... i got some type of error when i ran "grub-install hd0" which i cannot remember right now.04:26
dforthmanTotal Warnings: 0 Total Errors:   704:28
dforthmanit won't let me purge, either. i'm getting error messages04:29
qman___pastebin the whole log on the purge04:29
qman___it usually amounts to touching the missing files to satisfy apt04:30
qman___so it can remove them04:30
qman___ah, looks like an in-nagios checking issue04:32
qman___try commending out / removing all the checks on localhost's config04:33
dforthmanugh. no good04:37
dforthmannow i'm getting "No checks defined"04:38
dforthmanand it errors out04:38
dforthman"No services defined" rather04:39
qman___ok, try purging nagios3-common nagios3-core nagios3 nagios3-cgi all at once04:39
qman___nagios3 looks like a metapackage and that may be why it's wanting things to work before you can remove it04:40
dforthmanseems to be working04:40
dforthmansh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory sh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory sh: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory04:40
dforthmanshould that worry me?04:40
qman___not necessarily04:40
qman___what's your current working directory04:41
qman___a little odd then, but it could just be missing files/directories04:42
qman___in any case, a successful purge marks it as totally gone04:42
qman___and then you can manually delete any files left over04:42
qman___and install fresh04:42
qman___I've had bad downloads make for very bad days before04:43
dforthmanok, so which nagios package has nrpe?04:44
qman___nagios-nrpe-plugin installs the monitoring server bits for nrpe04:45
qman___you also need a working nagios (or icinga) for it to be useful, obviously04:45
dforthmanyeah. i'm gonna set that up now04:46
qman___nagios-nrpe-server are the bits for the machines being monitored04:46
qman___that naming threw me for a loop for quite a bit04:46
dforthmaneh, that's what the NSClient++ is for haha04:46
dforthmanwe don't run anything linux except for the nagios server04:46
qman___I use nsclient++ too, works pretty well04:47
qman___that is, when the untangle firewall isn't corrupting the download, which it was with 0.38 for some reason04:49
twb10.04 ubuntu fortune file has a link to https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/networking.html04:53
twbThat should be checked and fixed for precise04:53
twbfortunes-ubuntu-server 0.3, I mean04:54
dforthmanok, so where are the actual check command file(s) located on the repository nagios?04:56
dforthmannevermind, found 'em04:57
twbdforthman: /etc/nagios3/*.conf is sourced by the master file therein IIRC04:57
dforthmani was looking fore /etc/nagios-plugins/http.cfg04:59
dforthmanhad to add a command to check for non-80 http servers04:59
clone_hi all, know somthing about closed connection with Ubuntu Server 11.1005:24
clone_I got some servers with that problem05:25
clone_after few bytes of transfer the connection wiht the services are close05:25
clone_like ssh or apache web server05:25
clone_but only with some Ip05:26
clone_not all of it05:26
=== KeyGruin is now known as KeyGruin-zzz
dforthmanso, now i'm getting "Could not parse" errors on my check_nt commands. Is the formatting different? or should check_nt!SERVICESTATE!-d SHOWALL -l "SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)" still work?05:37
dforthmanneeded to add -p in the nt.cfg file05:40
clone_any Idea why apache2 - Connect to Apache times out randomly in ubuntu 11.1006:02
clone_the same thing with ssh06:02
clone_just after call a command the ssh frozed06:02
stiv2kanyone here alive06:22
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chelzclonemtz: look for errors in the logs06:37
chelzand google those06:37
stiv2ki have a couple commands in my /etc/rc.local file that runs at startup06:39
stiv2kjust two, like this06:39
stiv2k# Run IRCD06:39
stiv2k/home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk >/dev/null 2>&106:39
stiv2k# Run BOPM06:39
stiv2kbut it runs them as root06:39
stiv2kwhat can i do to not run my ircd as root?06:39
chelzstiv2k: su <user> /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk06:43
chelzsu stiv2k /home/ircd/Unreal3.2.7/ircdcron/ircdchk >/dev/null 2>&106:44
chelzi dunno if rc.local has issues with arguments, i know cron stuff does. might have to put that line in a two line shell script06:44
twbchelz: apt-get install ircd-irc2; it runs as irc by default, not root06:45
twbSorry, @stiv2k06:46
twbYou probably should use start-stop-daemon(8) or upstart(8), though.06:46
twbFor the latter ref. init(5) also.06:47
=== ts2 is now known as tsimpson
twbkirkland: hey, did you leave Canonical?  I notice your bzr commit emails changed :-)06:52
stiv2ktwb: irc2?06:53
stiv2kwhats that06:53
stiv2kchelz: i thought that was su -c ?06:53
twbstiv2k: people who need *an* IRC and don't care about the details06:55
chelzstiv2k: right, might be. i take no responsibility for my syntax :P06:55
stiv2ktwb: i already have an irc server setup06:55
twbstiv2k: running out of /home?  Real professional.06:56
stiv2ktwb: it runs as its own user06:56
chelzyeah but to do stuff 'properly' using upstart and all that is the 'proper' way. if you start running a few custom services then you should look into it, but for the first few i figure rc.local is fine06:56
stiv2kchelz: what is upstart06:56
twbchelz: depends on whether you want to be lazy now or lazy in twelve months06:56
twbstiv2k: ubuntu's clusterfuck of a init replacement06:57
stiv2ktwb: clusterfuck? so you dont like it?06:57
twbI do not like it.06:57
chelztwb, stiv2k it's what we must use. as it has been decided. so say we all06:58
chelzstiv2k: yeah but it's basically init++06:58
chelzgl with that :P06:58
stiv2kbut then i have to write my own stop and start script for it right06:58
twbchelz: no, that's insserv.06:58
chelzok nvm then06:58
twbchelz: upstart is not an incremental improvement, but a complete paradigm shift06:58
twbstiv2k: yes, but simple upstart jobs are straightforward06:59
chelzstiv2k: right yeah it's kind of an ordeal. for a production env you should use it, for personal stuff i don't think it really matters. if you want to learn it go for it06:59
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/155377/ example07:00
stiv2ki will look into it07:00
stiv2ktwb: whats wrong with running my ircd out of /home07:00
twbstiv2k: it's not integrated properly with the rest of the system07:00
stiv2khow so07:00
twbstiv2k: so, for example, apt will happily remove the C libraries it needs to run when nothing else keeps them installed07:01
chelzstiv2k: wait, for one thing, why aren't you using an ircd from the repos?07:01
twbchelz: EXACTLY07:01
* chelz hits stiv2k with a stick07:01
chelzstop doing wrong things07:01
stiv2kbecause man07:01
twbchelz: but probably because irc servers upstreams have a hard-on for running stuff out of CVS HEAD07:01
stiv2ki compiled mine myself07:01
stiv2kwith specific options07:01
stiv2kthat i want07:02
twbGentoo is <over there>07:02
stiv2ki dont want to compile the whole OS07:02
twbBut we discourage that kind of thing07:02
stiv2kjust my ircd07:02
chelzstiv2k: look into deb-src07:02
chelzi think that's the name07:03
chelzstiv2k: you grab the src for a package in the repos, then you can compile your own tweaked version of it, but it's still mostly within the package management system07:03
dforthmanwhere'd qman___ go?07:03
dforthmanto bed?07:03
twbchelz: add deb-src entries to sources.list; apt-get source foo; cd foo-1.0; sensible-editor debian/rules; dch -i "custom build"; debuild; dpkg -i ../*deb07:04
chelztwb: yeah that's looks good07:04
stiv2kwhat O_o07:05
twbExample: http://paste.debian.net/155378/ and http://paste.debian.net/155379/07:05
chelzjust have to do that again when it updates but that's the price of a custom package, but that'll be hardly ever07:05
twbAlthough the latter can be substituted by a simple dpkg -i, or an elaborate reprorepo or so07:05
chelztwb: there a good guide anywhere for ubuntu/debian deb-src stuff?07:05
chelzi think i saw on one reddit some time ago. didn't end up reading it but the idea of a guide like that is a good one07:06
twbThose pastes run out of cron and are responsible for recompiling openldap against openssl whenever ubuntu issues a new security update, you see.  It lands in the in-house apt repo where it is signed, and unattended-upgrades on the various hosts are configured to upgrade to the new in-house build automatically.07:06
chelzthat's pretty neat07:07
twbchelz: there isn't really a one-stop document, but the #debian-mentors group on OFTC can direct you to LOTS of documentation that helps, even if a lot of it is various levels of stale07:07
twbe.g. dh_make tends to encourage newbies to use pre-dh7 style rules files07:07
chelzoh hm, so this gets into some packaging stuff. i've yet to master those dark arts.07:08
chelzon my todo list though since quite a few projects are in need of some packagers07:08
twbA lot of it is easy, you just need to say "hey I want to do <blah>" and have someone point you to the appropriate bit of helper code07:08
stiv2ki wonder if i should keep the ircd files on the SSD or the HDD07:09
twbstiv2k: both07:09
stiv2kthe / is on the SSD07:09
twbRAID1 them with HDD configured as write-mostly write-behind07:09
stiv2kand /home is the HDD07:09
chelzoh hmm07:09
chelzfound that07:09
stiv2ktwb: i dont think the machine supports raid07:09
stiv2ktwb: http://stats.stiv2k.info07:09
twbstiv2k: md raid.  Hardware raid is completely useless unless you are paying $200 at least, and it has a BBU or equivalent.07:10
chelzalso the obligatory cyberciti.biz guide, dunno if what they say is good or not on this one: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rebuilding-ubuntu-debian-linux-binary-package/07:10
stiv2ki have good uptime thought :)07:10
chelzmore guides: https://www.google.com/search?q=rebuild+ubuntu+package+deb-src07:10
chelzstiv2k: rsnapshot to do backups of important stuff from one to the other07:11
twbI'm the rsnapshot upstream :-)07:11
stiv2kchelz: what i wanted was to keep OS files on the SSD, things that mostly read from but not written to07:11
stiv2kchelz: and user data, torrents, websites, etc, on the HDD07:11
chelztwb: whaa07:12
twbchelz: this is a reasonable example of how to package something: http://darcs.debian.org/collab-maint/mg07:12
twbExcept ignore the get-orig-source and the override rules to deal with a non-autoconf ./configure script.07:12
twbBut the best way to learn packaging is to lurk on #debian-mentors (on OFTC)07:13
* chelz shakes fist07:14
chelzalso oftc07:14
twbHTFU you big baby07:15
chelzyeah yeah07:15
chelzwell i dnno how good they are but googling for packaging docs sure brings up a lot07:15
twbOf uncertain vintage and reliability, sure07:16
twbIt staggers me how many jackasses come in here "following a blog they found" and they're trying to apply 8.04 or 6.06 docs to a 12.04 install07:16
chelzyeah, that doesn't work out07:17
chelzcan't say i know the right or wrong ways to package things but that mg looks pretty good07:18
chelzalso looks like a neat project07:18
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Vivekkirkland: Are  you around ?08:37
Vivekroaksoax: Are you around ?08:41
VivekDaviey: Are you there ?08:41
Vivekkirkland suggested that I have a word with both of you regarding some queries I had with dnsmasq on Orchestra.08:42
VivekSince I am in the IST (Indian Standard Time). I am not able to get to talk to the developers while they are available.08:42
=== jodh is now known as jhunt`
twbTry asking your real question first08:47
erichammondVivek: You could try the ubuntu-server mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-server08:47
Vivekerichammond: Thanks.08:47
Vivektwb: The question was asked on Friday itself :)08:52
Vivektwb: Let me repaste the chat log with kirkland for you.08:53
Vivektwb: Pastebin it rather.08:54
Vivektwb: http://paste.debian.net/155392/08:54
* twb reads08:57
Vivekjono: Hi08:57
jonohey Vivek08:58
Vivekjono: Vivek Cherian here.08:58
twbVivek: please also pastebin dnsmasq.conf08:58
VivekIt was nice meeting you here mate.08:58
Vivektwb: sure give me couple of mins.08:58
twbNo worries08:59
twbVivek: so basically the problem is dnsmasq appears to be serving requests to both your ifaces?09:01
jonohey Vivek :-)09:01
Vivektwb: The problem is that inspite of having configured inteface=eth1, dnsmaq seems to be (I figured out that it might not be) serving I.P Addresses via eth0 also.09:04
VivekNow the reason why we suspect that dhcp requests are being made via eth0 is because of the presence of directories named after I.P Addresses in /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog/2012/01/2509:05
twbI need the pastebin09:06
jamespagemorning all09:07
DavieyVivek: hello09:08
VivekDaviey: Hi09:09
DavieyVivek: Hi!09:13
SpamapSDaviey and jamespage are up09:13
SpamapSI should probably have been in bed an hour ago then09:13
jamespageSpamapS, almost certainly09:13
jamespageSpamapS, good morning!09:14
SpamapSjamespage: indeed, good morning. :)09:14
VivekDaviey: I have some queries which I am working out with twb.09:14
VivekSpamapS: Hi again and prolly bye :)09:15
DavieySpamapS: sleep well :)09:15
DavieySpamapS: if it helps, i've been up 2 hours :)09:15
DavieyVivek: sounds good, shoot away!09:15
VivekDaviey: For some background http://paste.debian.net/155392/09:16
Vivektwb: http://paste.debian.net/155397/09:17
=== jhunt` is now known as jhunt_
Vivektwb: http://paste.debian.net/155398/09:19
* SpamapS must finish this epic email about mysql :-P09:19
twbVivek: ok, check /proc/<pid of dnsmasq>/cmdline to see if it's getting any overriding args09:19
twbtr '\0' '\n' </proc/N/cmdline if you have trouble with NULLs09:20
DavieyVivek: firstly, can i check - you are not doing this (or targetting Precise?)09:20
twbAlso I would try using exclude-interface=eth0 instead of interface=eth1 (check syntax in dnsmasq manpage)09:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #928147 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10 failed to install/upgrade: EOF on stdin at conffile prompt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92814709:20
twbAlso pastebin output of "ip a" and "ip r" please09:21
VivekDaviey:  It is Oneiric 32 bit i38609:21
Vivektwb: ok09:21
twbbtw here is a working dnsmasq (non orchestra) PXE server: http://paste.debian.net/155401/09:22
twbI notice you're not doing TFTP inside dnsmasq09:23
Vivektwb: paste.debian.net/155402/09:23
Vivektwb: http://paste.debian.net/155403/09:24
twbYeah OK so you also need to check /etc/dnsmasq.d/* if there is anything in there09:25
VivekIt only has a README :)09:25
twbHow confident are you that it's dnsmasq that's responding on eth0, and not a rogue DHCP server?09:26
twbBecause I can't see how it's happening09:26
VivekMe too and I need to prove to the management here that it is not happening :)09:27
twbbtw I would never use 192.168.[01].* as a range, due to conflicts with everyone else09:27
VivekThe Corporate range is the 10.x.x.x09:27
twbVivek: on eth0, do a dhclient -n -v or so, see who is responding by MAC09:27
twbUsing 192.168.<not 0 1 or 100>/24 or something in 172.16/1209:27
VivekWhy are those directories getting created in /var/log/rsyslog/orchestra ?09:27
twbVivek: that would be up to /etc/rsyslog.conf.d/*.conf09:28
VivekThe directories in the 10.x.x.x range ?09:28
dforthmani see and everywhere i go09:28
twbVivek: but probably because someone in 10/8 is talking to your rsyslog.09:28
Vivektwb: exactly09:28
twbdforthman: I haven't ever seen anything in 172.16/12 AFAIK09:28
VivekI have a theory09:28
VivekI need you to tell me if that will sell :)09:29
twbcosmic rays?09:29
Vivekdnsmaq is broadcasting on eth0 saying hey I am a DHCP server out here...09:29
DavieyVivek: the log is pushed to rsyslog, thanks to the kernel command line options sent to the installer.09:29
Vivek10.x.x.x machines are asking for a I.P Address.09:29
Vivekdnsmaq is refusing it saying I can serve only on the 192.168.1.x range.09:29
dforthmanelectronic healthcare resellers love to use the range dunno why09:30
VivekThe 10.x.x.x are created in rsyslog simply by the virtue of the 10.x.x.x contacting dnsmaq and on the virtue of leasing and I.P Address in the 10.x.x.x range.09:31
* Vivek stops and waits for brickbats or an applause.09:31
twbVivek: that's not what happens, no09:32
Vivektwb: ok.09:32
Vivektwb: What is happening ?09:33
twbVivek: dnsmasq says "I was told to serve through .200 or whatever you said.  That is routed via eth1, so I will respond on eth1"09:33
twbUnder no circumstances should dnsmasq respond AT ALL (for DHCP, anyway) on eth009:33
twbNot with that config09:33
VivekThen why is it responding, which means creating those 10.x.x.x directories in the rsyslog ?09:34
twbIf your eth1 link is guaranteed to be up before dnsmasq (unlikely if you use upstart), then you could use --bind-interfaces instead of --interfaces.09:34
twbVivek: I am not convinced it *is* responding09:34
twbVivek: so far your only evidence is rsyslog hits, which is why you should be testing with dhclient -n -v eth0 or so09:35
VivekMe too but we need to prove it, currently the presence of the 10.x.x.x cannot make us say for certain that no dchp activity is happening via eth0.09:35
VivekGoing to do that now.09:35
twbAnother thing you could do, is simply have dnsmasq serve a bullshit next server programmed to do something silly, like eject the CD drive.09:37
twbThen wander around the office looking for ejected CDs09:37
twbBut that's probably more elaborate than you can be bothered doing09:37
twbAlso you may want --no-dhcp-interface instead of --except-interface09:38
twbTelling it to keep a leasefile and then keeping an eye on that, is also a handy check for stupidity09:39
twbAnd of course --log-dhcp09:39
twbAt this point I'm just looking at the dnsmasq manpage, which you should be doing09:39
VivekI have already done that couple of times before and edited that dnsmasq.conf file which I gave you.09:40
VivekI'll try the other options too.09:40
twbGood luck09:41
xokvictorhi all! who can resolv my problem? when my ubuntu server (10.04.2) try booting system is stoped on "run-init: /sbin/init: No such file| Kernel panic"09:45
Vivektwb: I even tried taking a tcpdump on eth009:48
dforthmanxokvictor did you update your kernel recently?09:49
xokvictordforthman, yes09:49
VivekNothing conclusive to day that a dhcp request was made via eth0, those directories in the rsyslog are what is creating the confusion.09:50
dforthmanin grub, there should be an option to boot to the old kernel - if that works you can just keep running that one and try to update again. otherwise, it'll be time to reinstall09:50
VivekAlso it would be kind if some one guides me to the part of the code that creates those directories.09:50
VivekI have the orchestra, dnsmasq and ryslog source code downloaded via apt-get source.09:51
VivekThey source code is the best documentation so a pointer to where I can find the directory creation part in /var/log/rsyslog/ would be nice.09:51
dforthmanVivek - Can you grep out the directory it creates from the code? That'd be my first stop if I was looking for it09:52
xokvictordforthman, i press shift button before system boot and select boot olders kernels, but problem persists :(09:52
SpamapSjamespage: I'd love to discuss automated reboot testing when I wake up .. perhaps after the meeting?09:53
jamespageSpamapS, sounds OK to me09:53
SpamapSok, time to go pass out09:54
jamespageSpamapS, night night!09:54
* jamespage thinks it unlikely that SpamapS will chair todays IRC meeting... :-)09:54
xokvictordforthman, my way - only reinstall?09:55
dforthmanIf you can't boot to any kernel, that's the only thing I know to do. Someone else might have a better option for you, though.09:56
xokvictordforthman, thx09:56
Vivekdforthman: Tried grepping once, could not find it.09:57
dforthmanI wish I slept. Today's gonna suck haha09:57
=== diplo- is now known as diplo
dforthmanVivek did you grep through all the subdirectories also? I have no idea what you're trying to do, though.09:59
dforthmanalright, time to start getting ready for work. thanks for all your help with the issues i had earlier, guys and gals10:01
xranbyjamespage: hi, are the apache cassandra database in ubuntu?10:01
jamespagexranby, no - although the cassandra project does produce some .deb's of their own10:02
xranbyOK, i will try those10:02
jamespageDaviey: do meeting minutes go to -server and -devel?10:23
jamespage(well when they get sent at least :-))10:23
Vivekjamespage: In which channel is the meeting held ?11:45
jamespageVivek, #ubuntu-meeting11:46
Vivekjamespage: Am I allowed in ther ?11:46
jamespageVivek, yep!11:46
jamespageits where most ubuntu related IRC meetings are held11:47
Vivekjamespage: Thanks.11:47
jamespageVivek: np - its normally 1600UTC on a Tuesday11:48
Davieyjamespage: just sevrer is suitable IMO11:49
koolhead17Daviey: is meeting over?11:49
jamespageDaviey, great - thats what I did11:50
jamespagekoolhead17, 1600UTC today11:50
* koolhead17 is allready in the channel!! :)11:50
irvieso i have a fresh ubuntu server install on a linode and i'm running drupal (which uses php's mail settings to send mail by default). what's the easiest way to set up a mail server to send mail from this machine without opening myself up as a spam relay. the drupal install and the mail server would be on the same host12:45
acidflashhi all, in ubuntu 10.04, if i want to add this line -> options ip_conntrack hashsize=32768 ; where do I put it (its supposed to go int /etc/modprobe.conf but i cant find it12:55
acidflashthere is only modprobe.d, what should i put inside modprobe.d instead?12:55
Vivekjamespage: Any other ubuntu specific channels that you would recommend ?12:59
mdeslaurjamespage: thanks for testing tomcat6 and for the call for testing!13:10
mdeslaurjamespage: is that another package that showed up on your SRU report?13:11
jamespagemdeslaur, no problem13:28
jamespageit did show up on the SRU report; Daviey poked me about it this morning....13:28
mdeslaurjamespage: hrm, I wonder how we can make sure it's clear those are security updates...just to make sure the security team publishes the proper USN, and it gets put into -security when it's ready to be published13:29
mdeslaurjamespage: should I always write so in the bugs? I was assuming the SRU report was checking the SRU team membership on the bug, but that's probably not the case13:30
smbzul, bug 928182, not a too big deal and for a change I even tried to be helpful by providing a debdiff. :)13:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 928182 in xen-common "xendomains produces ugly output on shutdown" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92818213:30
irvieso i have a fresh ubuntu server install on a linode and i'm running drupal (which uses php's mail settings to send mail by default). what's the easiest way to set up a mail server to send mail from this machine without opening myself up as a spam relay. the drupal install and the mail server would be on the same host. ubuntu server 10.0413:31
jamespagemdeslaur, not sure exactly how the report is generated but I suspect its based off the server team packageset + magic!13:31
mdeslaurjamespage: hehe, ok, I'll just write a note in the bug13:32
mdeslaurjamespage: thanks for the testing!13:32
irviewhat do i need to install on ubuntu server 10.04 in order to have php send mail?13:39
ikoniairvie: an MTA and php13:44
zulsmb: yay!13:44
irvieso if i just install sendmail i'll be fine? is there a way to restrict it to only listen to the local machine?13:46
irvieie only send mail coming from
irviei just don't want spammers hijacking the sendmail server13:47
ikoniayeah, thats standard lock down13:49
ikoniaubuntu comes with postfix I think, so you could use that13:49
ikoniaunless you know/like sendmail better13:49
irviei just installed sendmail, so it should already be restricted to
smbzul, And just one observation: seems that the updated xen-common has the effect that you cannot use xm and xl at the same time anymore.  Which is probably a good thing. It defaults to xm. I think that is right now a better default because libvirt rather interacts with how xm does things13:50
smosermtaylor, sorry, just saw  your question. i'm not sure why, i'd just have to dig around. maybe ask in #ubuntu-devel13:50
irvieor do i have to actually tell it that13:50
zulsmb: right13:50
memoryleakhow can I see response body using Curl command line ?14:09
andolmemoryleak: response body, as in the http headers?14:10
memoryleakandol: the HTTP headers I see, but no body (like html content)14:11
andolmemoryleak: odd, because the default curl behavior is to send the actual content to stdout14:12
andolmemoryleak: On the other hand, it doesn't show http headers by default, so perhaps you have a .curlrc tripping you up?14:13
memoryleakwhat would the option to show the http headers also?14:14
memoryleakandol: ok got it, mixed up uppercase and lowercase -i option14:15
stgraberhallyn: hey, just had an idea, not sure if it'd work though :) Can't we have LXC create /dev/lxc/, put console and all the ttys in there, then have /dev/console and the other be symlinks?14:22
stgraberhallyn: AFAICS this would work whatever the version of Ubuntu in the container and should make upgrading udev/makedev/... work14:22
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
stgraberhallyn: it won't be perfect because /dev/console and /dev/tty* won't be usable post-upgrade until you reboot, but at this stage you should already have the gettys started anyway and if you upgrade udev/makedev you should reboot post-upgrade regardless14:23
stgraberhallyn: can you remove/mark as merged/abandoned https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/precise/upstart/upstart-containers now that all these changes are in my branch?14:55
hallynso would lxc while starting up the container do 'rm -f /dev/console; ln -s /dev/tty/console' ?14:57
hallyni guess so14:57
stgraberhallyn: yes15:03
stgraberhallyn: so on upgrade, the symlink will be replaced by an actual node but at least won't fail and will be replaced next time the container reboots15:04
stgraberhallyn: as we'd put that code in lxc itself, it should just work, whatever the distro in the container15:04
hallynhopefully no gettys are out there refusing to work over symlinks15:10
hallynalso i could see selinux policy getting in the way15:10
hallynstgraber: so beside that, getting upstart changes in, and the apparmor mount enforcements, how much more've we got to add to lxc this cycle?15:11
hallyn(perusing bugs)15:12
hallynall of the upstart-contingent ones of course15:12
stgraberI think that should be pretty much it for 12.0415:13
stgrabergetting a new upstream would be nice though15:13
stgraber*upstream release15:13
hallyndaniel said he'd cut one "in the next few days" (last weekend)15:13
stgrabergood, hopefully merging your branch before that :)15:14
hallynwell i did say that a new release is more important, so if merging my branch first is a blocker, then just do that15:14
hallynoh, right15:15
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hallyngary_poster: do you care about lxc-start-ephemeral working with lvm-backed contaienrs?15:15
stgraberhallyn: btw, jodh told me he'd have a look at my upstart branch today/tomorrow15:15
stgraberhallyn: so hopefully by the end of the week we can get rid of lxcguest and announce that you can run a clean Ubuntu system in a container ;)15:16
hallynunless my luck of this cycle continues,15:16
hallynwhere each closed bug opens 2 new ones15:16
stgraberhehe, well, that's what post-FeatureFreeze is for no? :)15:17
hallyni guess so.  i've got the wrong point of view!15:17
hallynnow, i if i don't test and clean up lxc-clone upstream first, the next merge could be a bear...15:19
hallynoh!  the lxc-ubucloud template15:19
roaksoaxVivek: i'm here now15:22
gary_posterhallyn, I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" because LVM is not part of our current story.15:23
Vivekroaksoax: Hi15:23
hallyngary_poster: ok, thanks - then i'll leave that to deal with later15:23
VivekI am still testing some issues dnsmasq was throwing up.15:23
hallynstgraber: i gather you're not doing the lxc device move right now?15:24
Vivekroaksoax: http://paste.debian.net/155436/15:25
VivekThat's my dnsmasq.conf15:25
gary_posterack thanks hallyn15:25
VivekI've configured it to lease I.P Addresses only though eth115:25
stgraberhallyn: correct, though I ran a quick test running getty on a symlink and it seems to work15:27
roaksoaxVivek: ok...15:27
stgraberhallyn: I can do the change if you're busy with other things though15:27
VivekI find that directories with the 10.x.x.x is created in /var/log/rsyslog even when it is not supposed to do it.15:28
Viveketh0 serves the 10.x.x.x in my case15:28
hallynstgraber: i'm happy to do it, but wouldn't get to it until this afternoon (if i try to do it during meetings, experience says it will go badly)15:28
Vivekand eth1 the 192.x.x.x15:28
hallynstgraber: if you do, just take the bug?  i'll check before i start15:28
VivekThe dnsmasq.conf is as I have posted above.15:28
VivekMy questions is why are those directories appearing ?15:29
roaksoaxVivek: ah yes, i've heard that before15:29
roaksoaxthough, rsyslog sends the ip address of the orchestra server to the client15:29
roaksoaxVivek: I don't really think dnsmasq has anything to do with that15:29
roaksoaxVivek: let me check the config for a sec15:29
smoserrbasak, ping15:32
smoserutlemming, maybe you or even Daviey also answer.15:33
rbasaksmoser: pong15:34
smoseris there a qemu-system-arm that supports hard float ?15:34
rbasakThe beagle one should, I think15:35
smoserok. thank you.15:35
rbasakMost of what we call hard float is really a userspace ABI thing. All (almost all?) armv7 hardware has actual hard float support15:35
roaksoaxVivek: So yeah, as I ws thinking, the orchestra server preseeds the IP address of itself to the clients. That server address is then used for the clients to fconnect to rsyslog15:37
hallynstgraber: on second thought i'd prefer to concentrate on the lxc-ubucloud template this afternoon if nothing else comes up15:37
roaksoaxVivek: so I'm guessing 1 of two things. Either rsyslog uses eth0 by defaulkt, or the address of the orchedstra server is in the same 10.0.0.X range15:37
hallyndon't want smoser giving me a noogie at uds15:37
roaksoaxVivek: which causes the clients to use that subnet15:37
smoserrbasak, good enough for me.15:38
smoserrbasak, see email.15:38
drPoOhi all. I am trying to free up some space on  my ubuntu server 10.04  /boot directory. I want to remove old kernels to fix a problem I have. I am running 'sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-21-server' and get an unmet dependencies error: http://pastebin.com/cP61hzXG15:41
drPoOI dont know how to override the unmet dependencies error so that I can remove the kernel15:41
Vivekroaksoax: I have 2 ethernet interfaces eth0 and eth1, the clients are configured to only use the range 192.168.1.x supplied by eth115:41
Vivekroaksoax: They are supposed to ignore the 10.x.x.x provided by the eth0 interface.15:41
roaksoaxVivek: that is in terms of dhcp, correct?15:41
Vivekroaksoax: Yes15:42
roaksoaxVivek: ok so rsyslog and dhcp are not tied up together15:42
roaksoaxVivek: what you would have to do is to change rsyslog config and provide the IP address of the server which is from the range of 192.x.x.x15:42
VivekWhy am I getting the directories with I.P Addresses in the 10.x.x.x range in /var/log/orchestra/rsyslog ?15:42
Vivekroaksoax: What parameter of rsyslog.conf should I change for this to happen ?15:43
VivekI don't find any range provided in rsyslog.conf now.15:44
roaksoaxVivek: could you pastebin your /etc/rsyslog.d/99-orchestar.conf (or orchestra itself)15:44
roaksoaxVivek: you are getting those because the orchestra clients connect to the rsyslog server using the IP address of the 10.x.x.x range (that's what I'm assuming15:44
drPoOis it possible  for me to just 'rm' old kernels from the /boot partition without using apt???15:45
Vivekroaksoax: http://paste.debian.net/155440/15:46
roaksoaxVivek: that's the server, what about any of the clients?15:49
drPoOis there a way of emptying /boot and reinstalling kernels??15:54
pmatulisdrPoO: treat the kernels like any other package.  remove the oldest ones16:02
DavieyUrsinha: What meeting clashes?16:02
Ursinhadesktop meeting16:03
Ursinhastarting a while after server one16:03
UrsinhaDaviey, ^16:04
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smoserbug 89392616:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 893926 in eucalyptus "Contains traces of UEC" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89392616:14
smoserDaviey, that is you.16:16
jjohansenDaviey, hallyn: so mount rules, should be up in a ppa by eod for me16:21
hallynjjohansen: \o/  thanks!16:22
jjohansenhallyn: the labeling patches, won't hit this week, and if we do them will need a FFE16:22
hallynjjohansen: is that what's in the test kernel attached to that bug?16:23
hallynno, that was a bug fix.  this is enhanced feature?16:23
jjohansenhallyn: no, that is what I would call the fallback patch.  That will be available in the ppa, and part of the pull request16:23
jjohansenit is independent of labeling16:23
hallynexcellent.  thanks.16:24
jdstrandzul: re bug #881464> you gave my the url to the keystonelight branch in the keystone MIR report16:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 881464 in keystone "[MIR] keystone" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88146416:24
hallyni skimmed the aa doc (despite it being libreoffice :)  So do i gather i'd be able to say "label /some/path XYZ" and later refer to it as XYZ in permissions?16:24
zuljdstrand: i did16:24
jjohansenhallyn: yep, labeling is start are of being able to access the label on files.16:25
jjohansen  eg.  label=foo rw,16:25
jjohansenmuch better for files passed into a namespace than connect_disconnected16:25
jdstrandzul: I'm confused. I thought keystone and keystonelight were different (with keystonelight being changed to quantum)16:25
zuljdstrand: no they are different basically keystone->keystonelight16:26
hallynjjohansen: and so we can assign a label recursively?  "everything under /var/lib//lxc/p1 is label=xyz"?16:26
hallyndo that in parent profile, use it in child profile?16:26
jdstrandzul: so is the code I reviewed for this mir not relevant any more?16:26
hallynif so, nifty.  if not, i'm sure it's still nifty :)16:26
jjohansenhallyn: err not exactly, but yes you will be able to use it in a child.16:26
zuljdstrand: right16:26
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hallyncool.  i'll stop taking your time.  thanks :)16:27
jdstrandzul: so I reviewed keystone for nothing?!?16:27
zuljdstrand: no at the time it was every intention of getting it into main, but upstream decided to switch mid cycle16:27
zuljdstrand: im not impressed either16:28
jdstrandimpressed. I'm ticked. I don't have a lot of spare cycles for reviews that are obsoleted a month later16:28
zuljdstrand: i totally understand16:29
jdstrandzul: would you mind updating the bug to change the package accordingly and clearly explain the upstream transition so that everyone is clear on what needs to be done?16:29
zuljdstrand: i will16:29
jdstrandfyi, I'm usually spending a full day or more on requested security reviews16:29
jdstrandzul: thanks16:29
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=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
FunnyLookinHatAnyone here know how I can utilize SOCKS proxy with SSH to tunnel my SSH connections?  I'm doing ssh -D 9999 user@remotehost and I want to go through remotehost to remotehost216:35
krautdid you used socks4 in ff f.e.?16:38
krautit's a socks proxy, not a http proxy16:38
rbasakbug 926160, smoser and utlemming - interesting! Perhaps it's an appropriate time to normalise by passing it through a tarball stage, then mkfs directly to destination size and unpack? The images would probably be more compressible then as well. I have no idea how much work this would be though.16:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 926160 in ubuntu "precise cloud-images significantly larger than oneiric" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92616016:39
utlemmingrbasak: the initial analysis is that the root cause _is_ the mkfs difference. Between the instance-store and EBS, the journal alone is 96MB bigger for EBS16:41
rbasakyeah, that would make sense. mkfs will make different decisions for performance reasons depending on the requested size16:41
utlemmingrbasak: for the instance-store the rootfs is created as a 1.4GB and then grown to 8GB, while the EBS has the rootfs created as a 10GB volume.16:42
utlemmingbut for EBS we do exactly what you suggest -- grab the tarball, mkfs and then lay down the tarball.16:42
rbasakThen perhaps the size difference is acceptable. If this means what I think it does, then performance will be reduced for the smaller images otherwise.16:46
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roaksoaxjamespage: fence-agents and cobbler now ship the fence_cud and template respectively, if you can it it a try would be very much appreciated16:49
jamespageroaksoax, great - will do - is that in precise only?16:50
roaksoaxjamespage: yes16:50
Davieysmb: you are welcome to join the chair roster if you want :)17:02
smbDaviey, Thanks a lot but .... no17:02
zulwe should get community people to do it as well like ttx :)17:03
ttxzul: you still had community people, by then :P17:05
zulttx: hehe17:05
smoseri've recently seen ttx commenting on how he is ubuntu core dev17:05
smoseri think part of that requirement shoudl be running meetings17:05
koolhead17ttx: i liked your forkhub related blog though!! :P17:06
jamespageutlemming: issues? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20ISO%20Testing%20Dashboard/view/Daily/job/precise-server-ec2-daily/17:09
jamespageutlemming, no EBS anymore?17:10
Vivekroaksoax: I have to call it a day now.17:10
utlemmingjamespage: smoser fixed that....17:10
Vivekroaksoax: Catch you tommorow.17:10
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smoserrbasak, the difference that is not understood in that is that apparent size (per du) is identical, but we still have used filesystem growth.17:15
smoserand significant17:15
rbasaksmoser: that's expected, surely?17:16
rbasakfilesystem overhead17:17
smoserrbasak, see 'file tot' lines17:18
smoserfilesystem total went up by 2.9%17:18
smoserbut 'df' grew by 15%17:18
smoserutlemming, suggested that maybe it is symlinks causing the additional fs usage17:19
smoserdue to python317:19
CantWinnHello peeps17:20
CantWinnDoes anyone know of a great "exchange" style open source server?17:21
hallynsmoser: there is no way to have ubuntu-cloudimg-query directly spit out the '*-root.tar.gz' url right?17:31
Mezok, I have a new dedicated server - which is provided with a custom kernel - trying to boot up off of the normal kernel causes it to not come up (I believe this is cause it's not starting the network card)17:34
Mezcan anyone suggest a way of getting it up? I can provide custom boot dmesg vs ubuntu kernel dmesg17:34
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roaksoaxDaviey: you want me to ship a preseed just for the enlist stuff or would it be better to just add a snippet into the regular preseed18:29
Davieyroaksoax: Requirements are: it gets pushed to a system that cobbler hasn't previously seen. The second requirement is, it should be possible to overide variables via the API18:31
Davieyoutside that, whatever you think best :)18:31
roaksoaxDaviey: hehe right, but "system that cobbler hasn't previously seen" that's handled by the enlistment process, isn't it?18:32
Davieyroaksoax: erm, right - you are doing the enlistment stuff, right?18:33
Davieyroaksoax: The default preseed is a way of passing values where enlist should push back it's details..18:33
roaksoaxDaviey: i'm doing the cobbler side18:33
Davieysuch as hostname18:33
roaksoaxDaviey: excalty, so my point being is should I install something like: enlistment.preseed and work from there, or use orchestra-client.preseed with a snippet that passes the enlistment stuff18:34
Davieyd-i boots dumb, the preseed provides values to the enlist udeb on how to operare. Right?18:34
DavieyOh, and tftp default flavour, right?18:34
Davieyroaksoax: i think a seperate snippet sounds tastu18:35
roaksoaxDaviey: yeah I'm doing this: 1. create a cobbler-enlist profile with a special preseed. 2. create a 'default' system 3. cobbler sync --> next client that tries to boot and has no system, defaults to the cobbler-enlist profile18:36
Davieyroaksoax: that sounds beautiful18:36
roaksoaxDaviey: and I'm basing this on a i386 image18:36
Davieyroaksoax: I think for now that works just fine, rbasak and Justin are currently investigating ways to differentiate arm.. You'll need to be prepaired to take their changes18:38
roaksoaxDaviey: cool18:38
Daviey(probably something like a system default-armhf or something)18:38
adam_gsmoser: if this looks okay with you, i'll merge into my branch. https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/+junk/smoser-deployer18:39
adam_gsmoser: nothing major, renamed the argument and avoided an error when running it against an environment that already has all services deployed, which is useful when a relation has failed, you've resolved and want to continue on with relations18:41
* Daviey goes afk18:41
smoseradam_g, seems good enough to me.18:43
roaksoaxadam_g: by any chance do you have the latest enlistment preseed available?18:47
adam_groaksoax: i never had one, i was only working on the cobbler-enlist utility. i think there is something on the CI cobbler server, let me see18:49
adam_groaksoax: http://paste.ubuntu.com/83297818:50
roaksoaxadam_g: cool thanks18:51
hallyn(going afk for awhile)19:19
args[0]i wanna add a sub-domain to my server, how can i do that using CLI?19:24
sorenzul, Daviey: Do you guys not you dch when updating changelogs?19:38
sorenzul, Daviey: Do you guys not use dch when updating changelogs?19:38
zulsoren: yes19:38
sorenzul: You do?19:38
zulsoren: yes19:38
sorenzul: So you manually go in afterwards and turn the multi-maintainer changelog things into a non-standard format?19:39
zulsoren: how do you do it?19:39
sorendch "Did some stuff"19:40
zulsoren: ok19:40
sorenHow do you do it?19:40
sorenzul: Do you use vi or do you use dch?19:41
zuli use vi19:41
sorenOk. Can you please invoke vi by calling dch from now on?19:41
sorenWith no arguments, it runs $EDITOR19:41
sorenOnly difference is that dch ensures standard format is used for changelog entries where multiple people participate.19:42
sorenAlso, can you please not leave those UNPUBLISHED changelog entries in there?19:42
zulin which branch?19:43
sorenAll of 'em?19:43
benceris anybody willing to sponsor new zentyal (old ebox) packages? we mailed -server ml but nobody stepped, only robbie suggesting to mail -sponsors. soren maybe you as our first sponsor? :)19:43
sorenbencer: Where are the packages?19:44
bencersoren: https://launchpad.net/~jacalvo/+archive/zentyal-precise/19:45
sorenbencer: How are upgrades handled?19:46
bencerno upgrade path, we have a migration tool from 2.0 to 2.3, but is beta and not packaged19:47
benceractually, packages on lucid and later releases are quite broken19:47
bencernothing that depends on ldap works19:48
bencerso i think doesn't worth to provide a migration path19:48
benceranyway, we can improve that, but we are in kind of a hurry now19:48
bencerbecause feature freeze is in a week, and after that no new packages will be accepted without an exception19:49
robois apt-get clean safe to run? It says that it "clears out the local repository of retrieved package files."  and that sounds important20:09
Davieysoren: wait, what have i done?20:09
Davieysoren: UNPUBLISHED or UNRELEASED ?20:09
ChmEarlrobo, /var/cache/apt/archives gets cleared. Back it up first if needed20:10
Davieybencer: Are these NEW packages, or new versions?20:10
roboah, ty che3ver20:11
DriipHello Ubuntu Community! I was wondering if any of you know any Web interface Firewall for ubuntu. Cant seem to find any decent once which is "easy" to port forward etc20:11
Davieyas in, all of these packages have a lower version already in the archive?20:11
ChmEarlrobo, locate "*.deb"  -> results should be from that dir20:11
kagzrobo iits always good to first backup as chmearl says20:11
roboi'm in a bit of a spot here. I built a package for node.js called custom-nodejs.deb which I told apt that it requires libssl-dev. So I went to install libssl-dev and I got this error: "libssl-dev: Depends: zlib1g-dev but it is not going to be installed". Then I try to install zlib1g-dev and I get: custom-nodejs: Depends: libssl-dev but it is not going to be installed20:15
_rubenrobo: try sudo apt-get install -f20:16
robo_ruben, will that cause unexpected behavior?20:16
bencerDaviey: are new packages that replace the old ones, now the project is called zentyal, was called ebox before20:16
_rubenrobo: it'll try to fix any inconsitencies by installing packages that are missing by dependencies20:16
bencerDaviey: they have the replace headers in control and so on20:17
Driipbencer: what is Zentyal exactly? is it some kinda wrapper for ubuntu or does like change the whole operating system20:17
Driiplike would i be able to still use the ssh to do normal commands in ubuntu.20:17
robo_ruben, I think i'm going to take a snapshot just in case this breaks something :-)20:17
bencerDriip: it manages some services in a "best as we can" way20:17
bencerwe you enable a module, admin gets a notification of files going to be managed20:18
Driipbencer: so its basicly just like webmin?20:18
benceryou can merge you changes with zentyal configuration editing these templates20:18
bencerDriip: actually not, we try to be distribution friendly20:18
bencerand not to smash the system20:18
_rubenrobo: it shouldn't .. and it'll ask for confirmation after telling you what it'll do .. iirc :)20:18
Driipbencer: but apart  from that it would be a yes? :P20:19
bencerDriip: is not only a web interface, we do integration between the modules and services20:19
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bencerall modules talk to ldap, firewall, etc modules20:19
bencerand we use .d folders where possible20:19
Driipbencer: But lets say, i have other services like Game servers etc. would this be a problem to run on ubuntu after a Zentyal installation. or is the base system still accessible? What im afraid of is that my system goes all clearOS on me20:20
bencerDriip: of course not, we are a set of packages that we touch only the modules we manage20:21
bencerwe dont destroy the system, you can still work with apt like you are used to20:21
bencerand if you disable a module, you can keep on modifing the conf files as you would expect on plain ubuntu20:21
Driipthat sounds sweet20:22
Driipdoes this work with debian aswell or is it only ubuntu support ATm?20:22
bencerthis is one of the things more people like of zentyal, they install the packages to manage the server, and the things they found missing, they configure them by hand20:22
bencershould be pretty easy to use it on debian20:22
bencerbut i didnt have the time to test it20:23
bencerubuntu server is our priority20:23
Driipmhm i see20:23
bencerwe use upstart for many things, but that's present on debian too20:23
Driipi use ubuntu on most of my servers. but debian tends to be more stable20:23
Driipill actually try it on debian first and if it all works smoothly ill go for it on rest of em :)20:24
Driiplooks awsome20:24
bencerwell i don't think there is a huge different, both are quite similar and i prefer ubuntu server for some things20:24
bencerlike the guarantee support lifecycle20:24
benceror having upstart to respawn servicies out of the box, and not having to install runit or things like that20:25
Driipthats true :). I had a problem with my server a while ago where my NIC or whatever went to sleep without any reason. And i randomly appeared on the network again after x amount of time (normally hours)20:25
Driipafter that i had to port some of my servers to debian20:25
Driipnever figured it out20:25
bencersoren, Daviey is you find the time to sponsor the packages, would be great, let me know, please20:26
DriipAnyways. thats for the help/explanation. ill get back to work now!20:27
sorenDaviey: Looking more closely, it seems it may have been bzr rebase that screwed with me. I'm not entirely sure, though. More proof the rebasing is evil.20:39
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roaksoaxDaviey: still around?20:54
Eruadansup RoyK21:06
roaksoaxsmoser: around?21:08
smoserroaksoax, here21:08
jamespageSpamapS, ping21:09
hallynsmoser: so the cloud image has lxcguest built in, right?  template shouldn't have to do anything after downloading it?21:11
smoserhallyn, correct21:12
smoserit should boot in lxc.21:12
smoserif not, you have something to fix21:12
hallynand what about username/pwd?21:13
SpamapSjamespage: oh my! you're still here. :)21:16
jamespageSpamapS, took a break and eat pizza21:16
jamespageate that is21:17
SpamapSMMMMMmmm pizza21:19
SpamapSjamespage: I'm actually modifying the jenkins charm to allow plugins. :)21:19
jamespageSpamapS, sweet!  How are you enabling them?21:20
SpamapSjamespage: dropping them in /var/lib/jenkins/plugins :)21:20
SpamapS2012-02-07 13:20:18,416 unit:jenkins/0: hook.output ERROR:   Issued certificate has expired.21:20
SpamapSUnfortunately, updates.jenkins-ci.org's cert expired yesterday21:20
jamespageare you using the distro packaging in oneiric?21:21
SpamapSjamespage: yes still oneiric21:22
jamespageSpamapS, hmm - thats tickling something at the back of my mind...21:22
SpamapSjamespage: more plugins in precise now?21:22
* jamespage goes to take a look21:22
jamespageSpamapS, I remembered something but if was for plugin signing not the cert on the website.21:24
jamespagehmm - I know that the core jenkins folk have been travelling21:24
SpamapSjamespage: its ok, this just needs --no-check-certificate to wget until they fix it21:24
jamespageSpamapS, you should take a look at jenkins-cli as well21:25
jamespageSpamapS, I see discussion about this issue on #jenkins21:25
jamespageSpamapS, jenkins-cli -s http://localhost:8080 install-plugin gives more help21:26
jamespageit talks to jenkins over its RESTful API and tells it to download X plugin from the update-centre21:27
jamespageyou can get it to restart once they have been installed as well21:27
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jamespageSpamapS, so you wanted to discuss reboot testing?21:30
Davieyroaksoax: long enough to write this :)21:30
SpamapSjamespage: yes, give me a couple minutes... and thanks for the tip on jenkins-cli21:30
roaksoaxDaviey: so i'll give you something to think21:30
roaksoaxDaviey: the enlister has d-i cobbler-enlist/host-profile string precise-x86_6421:30
roaksoaxenlister preseed*21:31
roaksoaxso that's the profile for the system. How do we select on automatically?21:31
roaksoaxDaviey: the same applies for user/pass21:31
roaksoaxDaviey: there's no way to determine it automatically21:31
Davieyroaksoax: make it a templatetag that can be updated/overidden via the api?21:33
jamespageSpamapS, if I manage to pull my finger out in the next few days I'll see if I can enable the SSH module in the precise version21:34
jamespagemeans you don't have to have java installed21:34
jamespagetodo remote admin21:35
roaksoaxDaviey: what do you mean?21:35
roaksoaxDaviey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/833205/21:38
Davieyroaksoax: I'm sorry, but i can't talk right now.. give me 30mins21:38
roaksoaxDaviey: no worries ;)21:39
adacI'm trying to install etherpad (via etherpads deb repo) and it tries then to install all this packages: http://pastebin.com/hJ80QBkK I was wondering if thes are grafical packages?21:42
adacmean if it does intalla grafical UI21:42
jamespageadac, etherpad uses java itself and also uses openoffice for document generation21:44
ralliasis there software that I can employ the use of that allows me to encrypt the contents of my server's files and transparently decrypt them upon use?21:45
adacjamespage, hmm so it isntalls a graifacl desktop?21:45
ralliaspreferably that I can install after the server is up and running.21:45
jamespageI would suggest looking at etherpad-lite - its entirely node.js and uses abiword instead for doc generation which is a much smaller footprint21:45
jamespageadac, unfortunately I think that a full Java JDK is required which does pull in some X related libraries; but not a full desktop21:47
adacjamespage, i see yes21:47
adacjamespage, maybe light would be enough though...but i guess both need these grafical packages21:47
jamespageadac, no - etherpad-lite does not use Java at all21:48
jamespage(not that I have anything against Java :-))21:48
adacjamespage, yes I understand...but abiword is grafical, right?21:48
jamespageadac: well it runs headless under etherpad-lite - and its dependency footprint is much smaller21:50
SpamapSjamespage: ok, so.. did you get my email about the test stuff?21:50
jamespageSpamapS, I did - just checked it out21:50
jamespagewant to walk me through it?21:50
adacjamespage, i guess etherpad-light just won :)21:50
jamespageadac: its much more active in terms of development community21:51
jamespageadac: https://github.com/Pita/etherpad-lite21:52
jamespage1.0 works pretty well21:52
adaccool thanks!21:52
SpamapSjamespage: Its been updated a lot since I sent that.. but it seems to work for me21:52
SpamapSjamespage: should get the result of both the post-reboot test and the regular test..21:52
ralliasis it possible to change the home directory of a service user such as www-data and enable encryptfs with it in the new home directory?21:52
Eruadani'm learning to program...what should i do firt, ror or node.js?21:53
jamespageSpamapS, so I remember that run_test gets injected into the initrd that boots and installs the system;21:53
jamespagehow are you adding boottests.py and the reboot_test_cases?21:53
SpamapSjamespage: same way21:53
ralliasEruadan, Whichever you see as more useful in the field you wish to program in.21:54
SpamapSjamespage: boottests.py goes in the initrd too.. reboot_test_cases goes in couchdb21:54
jamespageSpamapS, so did you make changes to ubuntu-server-iso-testing as well?21:54
Eruadani see a lot of rails apps ready, i feel more secure with ruby. But i see javascript and node beautiful, just imature21:54
SpamapSjamespage: yes21:55
SpamapSjamespage: oh I thought I included that.. hang on21:55
Eruadanand i'm into web programming21:56
Eruadanit seems ^^21:56
SpamapSjamespage: lp:~clint-fewbar/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/add-post-reboot-tests21:56
SpamapSjamespage: this is a bit of a mess really.. hard to follow and understand without days of covering yourself in the mud21:56
Eruadanrallias, do you know ruby?21:57
jamespageSpamapS: agreed - I've hardly touched run_test since it was first written many moons ago21:57
jamespagehence why qa want to stand back from this and re-develop21:57
SpamapSjamespage: I thin juju would actually be an easy choice for this21:59
SpamapSjamespage: it just needs a libvirt provider. :)21:59
jamespageSpamapS, lol21:59
Eruadani might leave node.js for a second step, ror seems a nice way to get out of drupal chain, and learn something useull21:59
Eruadani do site building for 2 years already22:00
SpamapSEruadan: trading drupal for ror is like trading a sperm whale for a grey whale... they're both mostly blubber22:01
ralliasEruadan, No. The only languages I know are perl and php.22:02
jamespagehm - I seem to have a magical new keyboard shortcut that minimizes all my windows!22:02
jamespageSpamapS, well bearing in mind the context of the code changes it looks OK to me22:06
SpamapSjamespage: the end result is an extra results file..22:07
SpamapS-rw-rw-r-- 1 clint clint 847 Feb  4 12:06 POST-REBOOT-TEST-lamp-reboot.xml22:07
SpamapSjamespage: actually I think there's a bug as that is duplicated from the regular result22:08
SpamapSjamespage: but, once that is fixed.. whats the next step to get those feeding jenkins?22:08
jamespageyou might want to rename that to TEST- POST-REBOOT-lamp-reboot.xml22:08
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jamespageJenkins looks for **/TEST-*.xml22:08
jamespageSO; Step 1) would be to propose the changes to ubuntu-server-iso-testing22:09
EruadanSpamapS, i just cannot learn drupal module development, it's a mess22:09
jamespagejibel and hggdh will want to review as well22:09
Eruadanrails is much more clean, in my view22:09
jamespageMinor glitch maybe that we agreed not todo any more feature development in this project22:09
jamespagebut its prob OK.22:10
jamespageOnce its merged we can then get it deployed in the lab with some new jenkins config; that will really need QA team involvement22:10
jamespageI can do it but they are taking more of a lead these days....22:11
SpamapSjamespage: heh, yeah, nobody told me that we can't do features. :)22:11
hallynstgraber: would it be deemed an unholy hack to have dnsmasq by default expliclty say --except-interface=virbr0,lxcbr0?22:11
jamespageSpamapS, well there ain't nowhere else to deliver it from yet!22:12
hallynbecause ppl get bitten by it more often than i'd like22:12
SpamapSjamespage: ok I'll get it a little cleaned up.22:12
stgraberhallyn: what kind of issue is it causing by not having --except-interface? (yes it'd be a pretty big hack causing even weirder bug reports)22:13
hallynthere's bug 92551122:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 925511 in lxc "lxc init script should fail when it ... failed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551122:15
hallyn(looking ofr the most recent libvirt one)22:15
SpamapSjamespage: hrm, jenkins-cli would be helpful if I could coax it to ignore bad certs. ;)22:16
jamespageSpamapS, lol22:17
hallynstgraber: bug 918807 and bug 925511 i guess22:17
SpamapSjamespage: thanks btw for the review. I release you to bedtime. :)22:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 918807 in libvirt "[precise] virbr0 not created during fresh install when dnsmasq is running with --except-interface=virbr0" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91880722:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 925511 in lxc "lxc init script should fail when it ... failed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551122:17
jamespagewell once that is fixed ....22:17
SpamapSjamespage: actually I think it can just take a bare http:// url for the .hpi so it should work fine22:18
robbiewzul: ping22:19
SpamapSjamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/charms/oneiric/jenkins/add-plugins/+merge/91930 .. if you get bored. :)22:19
stgraberhallyn: well, the problem is going to be when someone creates virbr122:24
robbiewzul: nevermind22:24
kantlivelonganyone here use NUT for UPS monitoring?22:25
hallynstgraber: at that point they can surely take care of themselves22:25
hallyni don't suppose --except-interface can handle wildcards :)22:26
robbiewkantlivelong:  roaksoax/RoAkSoAx *might* be able to help22:26
robbiewkantlivelong: Uzuul is the real expert -> https://launchpad.net/~aquette22:27
robbiewI don't think he's around, but you can certainly email him...he's driving this spec for 12.04 https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-p-cloud-power-management22:27
kantlivelongrobbiew: its just kinda weird..22:28
kantlivelonginstead of waiting for a low battery warning it just shuts down after X seconds of being on batt.. kinda sillly....22:29
MTecknologykirkland: You happen to have a PPA for oVirt? :D22:30
kirklandMTecknology: no, sorry22:30
kirklandrobbiew: is anyone working on oVirt at this point at Canonical?22:31
MTecknologykirkland: :'{   You should. I'm having a bitch of a time trying to build it22:31
kirklandMTecknology: heh22:31
robbiewin terms of building it...nope22:31
kirklandMTecknology: ^22:31
MTecknologyso.. so work being done to make it a nice sexy package?22:32
hallynsmoser: if i set root:root password in lxc-ubucloud, are you going to cry?22:32
MTecknologyAny chance you can help me with this?.. http://dpaste.com/699214/22:32
hallynsmoser: because otherwise, since agetty clears the screen on startup, i miss the supposed printing out of ubuntu user password22:32
hallynmaybe i'll do ubuntu:ubuntu22:33
robbiewMTecknology: yuck :/22:33
hallynoh no then your cloud still will overwrite it22:33
MTecknologyrobbiew: I was trying to follow with http://www.ovirt.org/wiki/Building_Ovirt_Engine  using the repos for everything except jbossas22:34
utlemminghallyn: couldn't you just use "--noclear" for agetty?22:34
hallynutlemming: it's your f'ing image22:34
hallynyou tell me22:34
robbiewMTecknology: yeah...so this is why we haven't tackled ovirt...JBoss22:35
hallyni'll just do root:root until someone has a better idea22:35
hallynor did i misread?  is passw0rd always the ubuntu pwd?22:36
robbiewMTecknology: jamespage is our resident java man...but he's probably asleep..or should be (in the UK)22:36
robbiewyou could try posting to ubuntu-server...loads of folks on there22:36
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MTecknologyrobbiew: perhaps I'll bug him when he's awake. I'm about to go home for the day, if I don't catch him before the morning, I'll try the ML. :)22:37
MTecknologyrobbiew: I _should_ be able to do this not horribly painfully, right?22:37
utlemminghallyn: the default password for the ubuntu images is ubuntu:ubuntu with the user password disabled22:38
robbiewMTecknology: sure..on Redhat :/22:38
hallynutlemming user password disabled?  so how do i log in?22:38
robbiewunfortunately other distros (even SuSE) have additional hurdles22:38
jamespageMTecknology, try running maven with a -X flag - it should tell you a bit more22:39
MTecknologyrobbiew: I don't wanna; are there any other things I could use that give non-linux guys a pretty way to manage a few hundred hosts?22:39
utlemminghallyn: cloud-init needs to enable it...or we need to rethink the tooling of the images in that context22:39
MTecknologyjamespage: I restarted it with -e, I'll do with -X22:39
robbiewMTecknology: landscape.canonical.com..but of course, I assume you mean for free ;)22:40
MTecknologyrobbiew: landscape will manage deploying VM's on a KVM host?22:41
robbiewMTecknology: no idea, tbh...fwiw, we are involved with ovirt...just not actively working on enabling it this cycle...plate is more than full, if you know what I mean22:41
MTecknologyI do think landscape is nice and pretty, but higher up guys wouldn't go for it22:42
MTecknologyk- it's go home time.22:42
hallynutlemming: would it be fair for me to push the lxc-ubucloud template as I ahve it, and let you open a bug to explain how it should be done better?  (cause i don't understand what 'cloud-init needs to enable it' means)22:42
robbiewMTecknology: have a good one22:42
utlemminghallyn: do you have a link to your template?22:43
hallynsmoser: utlemming: stgraber: and, what woudl be a better name than ubucloud22:43
jamespageMTecknology, this might be a stupid question but how much free RAM do you have?22:43
hallynutlemming: one sec, i'll push it22:43
utlemmingbut yeah, that is probably the way to do it22:43
MTecknology-/+ buffers/cache:        408         8822:43
robbiewMTecknology: http://openetherpad.org/ovirt-on-debianubuntu ...fyi22:43
jamespageWhen java forks it can be very memory intensive at the point it forks and it won't push into swap22:43
hallynutlemming: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc-ubucloud22:44
MTecknologyjamespage: you think that might be killing it?22:44
jamespageMTecknology, probably22:44
hallynutlemming: 'lxc-create -t ubucloud -n cloud1' works fine for me with that template (and i can start it just fine too)22:45
jamespageif it hit 650M usage and tried to fork it would need another 650M of non-swap memory to fork successfully22:45
jamespage(or so I remember - got caught out with forking solr cache warmups in an application server)22:45
jamespageit might not need that afterwards....22:46
jamespageMTecknology, leave me a message if that does not sort you out - as robbiew says I should be in bed...22:47
smoserhallyn, ubuntu-cloud-images22:47
MTecknologyjamespage: will do- thanks :D22:48
Eruadanjust have this node.js running my head....I might learn javascript, it seems more purposes than ruby.Besides, you need to know ajax anyway...22:51
Eruadanyes, i will go for javascript, i decided now22:52
utlemminghallyn: how about http://paste.ubuntu.com/833283/22:52
* robbiew wonders if one could install the dependencies and then use alien on the ovirt packages22:54
hallynutlemming: so cloud-init itself won't mess with it?22:56
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utlemminghallyn: yes, cloud-init will leave the Ubuntu user alone unless the user sends a cloud-config to mess with it22:56
hallynutlemming: testing, but it's fine with me long's it works22:57
hallynutlemming: hm, usermod -U ubuntu: No such file or directory22:58
* utlemming looks22:58
hallyn(trying with full path, just in case)22:59
utlemmingand it should be just "ubuntu" not "ubuntu:"22:59
hallynutlemming: that's just part of the error msg23:00
hallynoh, i don't think you can do the quotes :)23:00
utlemming:(, really?23:00
hallynthere is command called "usermod -U ubuntu"  :)23:01
hallynnah, chroot isn't that smart23:01
hallynor, it doesn't want to maek assumptions about yoru pathanmes23:01
utlemmingfor image building we do chroot "meh" all the time23:01
hallyn(after all, space is ok in a pathname)23:01
hallynbut not "meh hello workd"23:01
hallynyeah that worked23:01
hallynwell, haven't fired it up yet23:01
hallynstgraber: feh!  my reboot patch for lxc is messed up still.  my check for reboot support is bogus.23:03
hallynutlemming: ok, all good. I'll do it that way, thanks.23:04
hallynutlemming: question still stands, do you want a different name, or is ubucloud ok?23:06
utlemminghallyn: ubucloud is kind of catchy, but probably ubuntu-cloud23:06
utlemmingfor branding consistency23:06
hallynbleh.  that's a lot of typing23:07
hallynbut ok23:07
hallynmaybe we need bash completion for lxc-create23:07
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mgwhas anybody experienced an issue where the partition manager (in the installer) keeps returning to the main screen if you select anything other than "Guided - Entire Disk"?23:14
JanCmgw: I used it fairly recently and didn't see that23:19
mgwJanC: thanks, i wonder what's going on; do you know if the server images are updated with bug fixes?23:20
mgwwithin a specific release (e.g., 11.10)23:21
JanCserious bugfixes yes (security bugfixes certainly, serious bugfixes if somebody takes the time?)23:23
mgwJanC: thanks23:25
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
JanCmgw: just thinking about it, only LTS server images get updated   ;)23:26
mgwYeah, i just noticed everything on 11.10 still has Oct 13 datastamp23:27
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uvirtbotNew bug: #918807 in libvirt (main) "[precise] virbr0 not created during fresh install when dnsmasq is running with --except-interface=virbr0" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91880723:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #928524 in lxc (main) "lxcbr0 fails to come up when dnsmasq is installed" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92852423:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #928550 in php5 (main) "PHP Comparison Issues ...  0 equates to 'D'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92855023:35
abrotmanI'm trying to dist-upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04, and for whatever reason, the 8.04 is using EVMS.  When the system boots, it stops, and says it cannot find the device for /, and asks me to wait, hit S or M for Skip or Manual.  If I hit Skip, i can then mount everything as normal (though I have to remount / as rw).23:44
MTecknologythree away nick changes in one screen of text...23:44
abrotmanIt seems to be a bug in mountall and/or udev, but I'm looking for a way to maybe have udev rescan the devices or something along those lines .. I'm really not sure23:44
abrotmani found a few bugs in launchpad related to this, but they reference an issue with LVM, not EVMS .. and the fixed packages seem to already be in place.23:45

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