ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] Kubuntu Status - http://blogs.kde.org/node/453100:05
mgdmwell, this is exciting00:24
mgdmright, so Unity has improved since i last played with it00:42
mgdmI might leave it if I can convince the display applet to pick up both monitors :)00:42
mgdmI had to use xrandr on the commandl ine to make it work00:43
popeymgdm: what video card?00:47
mgdmpopey: a Radeon of some description, one sec00:48
mgdm ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])00:48
mgdmone of those00:48
popeyi know nothing about ATI cards00:50
popeymanaged to avoid them for years00:50
directhexi have a radeon with fglrx00:50
mgdmit's fine, I've had to use xrandr to control it since Karmic, as previously the display applet locked X (and the bugs never really got answered)00:51
directhexthey're much better value than geforce for windows use, and aren't crap anymore for linux, broadly speaking00:51
mgdmI'm not entirely sure what driver I@m using00:51
directhexi mean, they're less functional than geforces, but not utterly crippled like they once were00:51
mgdmI suspect I'm going to be preoccupied with making my magic trackpad work like it does in Lion00:51
mgdmwhich appears to be the job of a pile of XML, oooh fun00:51
mgdmI'm almost certain alt-tab isn't behaving as I recall, though00:52
mgdmunless I'm going mildly insane00:52
mgdmdid something change?00:53
directhexyou're the second person i've heard mention that00:53
Azelphur*stab* stupid error messages http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2012/February/2012-02-07-011806_565x140_scrot.png01:19
popeyhaha, thats fun01:21
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danfishgood morning06:51
TheOpenSourcererpopey: Might fancy claiming your Windows Tax? http://no.more.racketware.info/news/hardware-software-bundling-crumbles-france07:13
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: hmm, all in french07:48
popeyoooh, Feb 20 for raspberry pi07:58
danfishi expect the first batch will sell out rather quickly08:05
smittixHi czajkowski how are you?08:14
czajkowskigreat :)08:14
daubersooooh raspberry pi..... Want' one of those for my house sensor net display \o/08:43
diploMorning all08:49
danfishdaubers: broadcom have released some technical info re the peripherals on the board http://dmkenr5gtnd8f.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/BCM2835-ARM-Peripherals.pdf08:53
daubersdanfish: I saw :) Tempting to use one for a small robotics project I have now08:53
danfishresurecting your idea of a robot army to enslave mankind?08:55
daubersdanfish: Of course :)08:56
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Global Jam: Call For Events! - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/07/ubuntu-global-jam-call-for-events-2/09:05
daubersCan anyone recommend a decent postgres book?09:30
daubersDaviey: Ta :p09:31
* popey hugs Daviey 09:32
daubersMaybe I should remove the qualifier "decent" from that statement?09:32
DJoneshmmh, just been asked to go and visit Finland09:33
daubersDJones: The country where you want to be, pony trekking or camping? or just watching TV?09:34
DJonesdaubers: A friend moved there last year, looking at the photo's he puts on facebook, it looks a lovely place, although a bit deep in snow now09:36
* dwatkins tries to find Three's definition of "unlimited"09:42
DJonesdwatkins: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/8792095/Three-gives-all-mobile-customers-unlimited-data.html09:43
dwatkinsthanks DJones :)09:44
dwatkins13 quid for unlimited data on a SIM-only deal09:45
DJonesReading that, it sounds like "unlimited" does mean no limit at all09:45
dwatkinsYeah, I'm quite surprised, as there's normally a fair usage policy.09:45
TheOpenSourcererCool, that is very coincidental considering what O2 have done to me recently: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104060033182234025482/posts/iNdj2jCQDCV09:47
dwatkinsWe use O2 at work also. My colleague discovered his bill one month was huge as he'd been streaming radio stations, and our data plan is immensely expensive.09:48
TheOpenSourcererI will take them for whatever I can until June then dump them. They didn't like my post and tweets so have just asked to look into my situation ;-)09:49
dwatkinsthey contacted you because of your tweets to say they will look into it, TheOpenSourcerer?09:49
oimonhow can this be avoided? negoitiate contracts via email?09:50
DJonesdwatkins: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/broadband/363712/3-breaks-ranks-with-unlimited-mobile-data Has a line "Three told us that the new offer did not include a Fair Usage Policy09:50
dwatkinsDJones: outstanding :D09:50
oimoni am due to finish contract in april and would like to go sim only but retain my 3GB allowance with T-mob09:50
dwatkinsoimon: I've never managed to get to talk about contracts via e-mail, it's always over the phone09:50
oimoni guess i could record the calls too09:51
dwatkinsyeah, although you might legally have to warn them of this at the start09:51
DJonesThat Three offer does seem tempting09:51
dwatkins"Hello, I'd like to buy a phone contract, please note this call may be recorded...." :D09:51
dwatkinsI wonder if Three might reduce your allowed bandwidth if you use a lot of data, though.09:52
TheOpenSourcererI asked O2 to go and listen to their call recording as I remember clearly asking the woman about my data allowance. They couldn't find it...09:52
dwatkinsTheOpenSourcerer: yeah, they often just say they might record the calls etc.09:53
dwatkinsor can't be bothered to sift through them all09:53
popeyor they dont keep them09:57
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oimondwatkins: no, as long as one person knows its being recorded, it's OK10:02
dwatkinsoimon: oh ok, so I could call you and record the conversation without telling you, so long as I was aware?10:02
oimondwatkins: yes, in the UK it is allowed10:03
oimonalthough i used to tell virgin to get a reaction. they often hung up10:03
dwatkinsI sometimes check the recordings from our callcentre for accuracy etc. in case someone needs more training or something10:06
aquariusastounded that notification is not required. http://www.ofcom.org.uk/static/archive/oftel/consumer/advice/faqs/prvfaq3.htm is the relevant summary here.10:06
bigcalmYou listen for a laugh?10:06
dwatkinsbigcalm: it is sometimes amusing10:07
DJonesWe record all phone calls at work in case anybody disputes what has been said10:08
oimonaquarius: i think it's a good law :) then you can assume all calls are recorded10:11
aquariusI'm glad you think it's a good law, Big Brother ;-)10:12
dwatkinsI imagine Echelon has the potential to record everything we say on the phone.10:12
oimonwho reported that guy's marilyn monroe twitter message to the US ?10:12
oimonaquarius: only if boig brother is one of the people on the call :)10:12
oimona third party is not allowed to record (unless they are the govt it seems)10:13
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:15
aquariusyeah, the Man is allowed. :)10:15
dwatkinsI assume they would need a court order/warrant to do so, i.e. probable cause.10:17
oimondwatkins: naaah10:17
dwatkinsoh dear, that's scary10:17
oimonit wouldn't be hard to scan every single txt message for trigger words since most txts are sent/received through mobile provider message centres10:18
aquariusthey need a warrant10:18
dwatkinsoimon: I assume they already do that10:19
* dwatkins is reminded of Mark Thomas taking a balloon ride over Menworth Hill and calling his mum to talk about sensitive topics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwHRrb5G-QI10:20
aquariusand scanning texts for trigger words is "access to the content of a communication", which is warrant-required too... although I don't know whether they've invoked the whole "it's only a computer reading it, not a person"...10:20
popeygord: do you use your fingerprint reader?10:21
oimoni have a colleague who occasionally sends very unreasonable emails to me. i suspect he is sending them while drunk - any advice? ignore? complain? reply?10:22
popeydefine 'unreasonable'10:23
dwatkinsoimon: ask if they really meant it the next day by walking up and talking to them quietly?10:23
oimonwell, they often claim I never said something that i told them about, or say rather rudely that i should have done something quicker (although i turned around a 1hr job within a day), and other things that I can easily support with evidence, suggesting he/she is either forgetful or under the influence10:24
gordpopey, nah, in windows i do, not linux. you can hook it up and it will log you in, but not unlock your keyring which makes the whole thing kinda pointless10:24
gordmight be good for lock screens though i guess?10:25
gordgive will cooke a poke, he got his working10:25
oimonentering into an argument about these things could be a bit petty. i haven't replied to support my case (yet). maybe it's best to swallow my pride and leave it.10:25
oimonwould applecare fix a crack in a screen?10:50
oimonor is that not covered.10:50
AlanBellgo ask an apple store probably10:51
oimonthat's the problem. have to travel all the way into central london :-\10:52
popeyphone them up?10:55
gordhave heard some g ood things about applecare going the extra mile10:56
gordcourse saying that i'm sure others have heard bad things ;)10:57
brobostigoni had some ubuntu swag delivered this morning, but was in the bath, and have to sign for it, so i need to visit the main post office before my drum lesson.10:58
popeyyeah, i had good experience with applecare10:59
oimonthats what i was hoping to hear. it's my sisters machine,  but her husband is a good negotiator, so hopefully it will work out. it's only 3 months old and doesn't know how the crack appeared11:00
oimoni'll suggest he goes down there11:00
oimonbrobostigon: what did you buy? tshirt?11:00
davmor2morning all11:01
brobostigonoimon: keyring, and lanyard,11:01
davmor2czajkowski: prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, all in the same place :P11:01
oimonbrobostigon: item £1 , p&P £5?11:02
dwatkinsthat was a very cold meeting11:02
czajkowskidavmor2: BOOOOOOO11:02
brobostigonoimon: it came to about £7 in total.11:02
davmor2czajkowski: prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, all in the same place :P11:03
oimongood guess then!11:03
brobostigonoimon: both for me, i broke my key chain over the weekend. and wanted something different.11:04
* directhex moos. moo11:07
oimoni wonder how the news about kubuntu's paid developer will affect kubuntu11:08
daubersalso! New package from hong kong arrived today \o/ https://twitter.com/#!/daubers/status/166839703012777984/photo/111:08
oimondoesn't seem to affect xubuntu which is a decent community distro11:08
dwatkinsbrobostigon: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2012/02/press-to-open-keyring-just-blew-my-mind-and-saved-my-fingernails/11:08
oimonoccupy64k: yes, that news11:10
brobostigondwatkins: interesting idea.11:10
mgdmIf, in Unity, I have a terminal open and I want another - how do I do that?11:12
oimonmgdm: middle click11:12
mgdmoimon: nonobvious, but fair enough11:13
mgdmbigcalm: not what I wanted11:13
oimonmy biggest annoyance with unity is that it doesn't have the docky behaviour that i can then right click on the terminal icon in the launcher and get a list of open windows (handy with 50 open)11:13
dwatkinsThat's surprising, I would have thought that should be exactly what it should do (list windows)11:14
gordwrite a patch to your favourite terminal to put its windows in its quicklist11:14
oimongord: reckon that's an easy job?11:15
gorddepends on the software11:15
mgdmif you do it for terminator I'll buy you a pint :P11:15
oimonit's a showstopper for me using unity, since i don't get on with terminator or tabs (or screen)11:15
gordif it has easy access to its entire window list for example11:15
oimongord: docky knows how to do it though11:15
oimoni've spoken to a few people who tried to change their way of working when switching to gnome 3 and have the same problem11:16
gorddocky does, because it does application matching, like unity does (they actually use a library we wrote) - however you are quickly straying out of easy11:17
mgdmI think each terminator window will be a separate process, though maybe I'm wrong11:18
oimonin the meantime i could make docky my default dock and launcher only appear on super press11:19
oimonthereby reducing unity launcher to a glorified gnome-do11:20
gordby using ubuntu you are not contractually obligated to use the stock system ;) go ahead11:25
brobostigonubuntu precise and debian sid, contain the same gnome-shell version.11:27
mgdmI forgot about that Broadway thing11:29
mgdmthat's quite insane11:29
brobostigonaccept for in debian, it has packages for more platforms,11:29
mgdmso closing Pidgin's contact list kills the app11:37
mgdmthat's new11:37
oimonbrobostigon: using gnome shell, are your notifications at the bottom?11:38
brobostigonoimon: yes, generally.11:38
oimonknow how to move them? i want a dock there11:38
brobostigonoimon: no idea, i have seen no need to find out.11:38
popeyoimon: look on extensions.gnome.org11:39
oimonpopey: no joy11:41
BigRedSoimon: there's talk of a forthcoming version having their location be configurable11:42
oimonit doesn't seem that common . maybe digging around with the conftool might work11:42
oimonBigRedS: ah, cool11:42
BigRedSbut, in a gnomey sort of way, I think they're just pondering letting you put them also in one other place, and it's a bottom corner IIRC11:42
BigRedSI'm getting round it (badly) by generally having things put their tabs at the bottom, so teh notifications probably don't cover up anything I'm looking at11:43
brobostigonall those notification cover here, that is alittle annoying, is the bottom of byobu.11:44
oimonall these new desktops are one big workaround for me11:44
BigRedSbrobostigon: yeah, it's exactly that which I wanted to fix - mid-command getting jabber popups isn't great11:45
BigRedSoimon: I'm still trying to find the problem that they solve. Though Gnome3 does seem to be pretty-nice-with-some-silly-ideas rather than all bad11:45
BigRedSunity seemed even better until I tried to do any work in it :(11:45
brobostigonBigRedS: agreed, true, only things i have now that show popups, is NM, and tomboy, so dont get anything very often.11:46
oimoni have irc, IM and email too11:46
brobostigonmy IM is in bitlbee, so that part of notifications show in irssi, and irssi, well, irc, and for my email. i use gmail's web interface.11:47
oimonwhat happens when i type brobostigon  while yo are in another desktop/window?11:48
brobostigonother than mobile, which is with k9.11:48
brobostigonoimon: i get nothing. untill i see the highlight inside irssi.11:48
oimonmy other problem is what happens if someone pings me overnight? after the OSD appears in ubuntu, i don't see it again11:49
BigRedSyeah, I think that's completely retarded11:49
oimonxchat seems to only scroll back to 8.56pm yesreday11:49
BigRedSboth Unity and Gnome3 seem to feel that if you're not looking at the monitor when something happened you don't really care whether it happened or not11:50
oimonwe can't be the only ones with these issues11:51
brobostigoni agree, that is an issue.11:51
BigRedSNo - they're why I bought a Gnome 3 t-shirt at fosdem, to annoy everyone else at work :)11:51
brobostigonbut the notifications do stay there, untill you are ready to deal with them, you dont just get it, and it goes away.11:52
gordoimon, your messaging indicator will glow11:53
gordthats kinda the point11:53
oimonnot sure i have one of those gord11:53
gordoimon, envelope in the top right11:53
oimonim on 10.0411:53
gordoh geez, upgrade11:53
brobostigonit is a speech bubble here.11:53
oimoni'm waiting for another LTS :D11:53
gordi can't remember that far back11:54
gordare things even purple in 10.04?11:54
oimongord: i don't know. i've been running this setup for 2 yrs. the only thing still purple is pidgin. i have about 50 ppas though11:54
gordoimon, doesn't that ruin the security and stability an lts provides?11:55
BigRedSAh, so unity does have that indicator?11:55
oimongnome2+docky has served me well.11:55
brobostigonlunchtime, :)11:55
BigRedSIf I can beat my brain into working with unity's focus model I might end up switching my ubuntu pc back11:55
oimonstartup disk creator asks for my password 3 times during the usb creation process. it's like using vista :D11:56
BigRedSIt feels really like it's designed to be used with only a single workspace and that's not how I think11:56
davmor2oimon: increase the length of the scroll back or goto ~/.xchat and open the channel in logs and find it there11:56
oimondavmor2: thanks. i'll try. it's a workaround rather than solution though ..11:57
gordthe real problem is that xchat doesn't have infinite scrollback like it should11:58
davmor2oimon: the other solution is to write a script that just captures pings if there isn't one already check the xchat site for a script11:59
davmor2oimon: or maybe a plugin too11:59
oimonbut gord, searching back 24 hours in a busy room looking for red text? surely the real problem is that past notifications should be easily accessible, especially those accumulated  screen saver is active12:01
popeyget a better irc client12:01
popeyirssi with a separate hilight window ftw12:01
dwatkinsor add a script to send hilights to an external machine12:01
gordoimon, /lastlog oimon12:02
oimon:D yay, thanks12:03
* BigRedS just abandoned his Xchat experiment12:03
dwatkinstail the text file this generates, perhaps? http://thorstenl.blogspot.com/2007/01/thls-irssi-notification-script.html12:04
oimonBigRedS: http://www.coredumb.net/index.php?n=Scripts.XchatHighlightsCollector found this12:04
BigRedSoimon: yeah, there's a few reasons for it; generally I'm sshd into my server anyway, so screening's no issue, and I got annoyed with not being in the right channels on every machine12:06
BigRedSI do need to spend a bit of time configuring irssi though12:06
oimonpopey: is oggcamp 12 happening? (and does it have a date?)12:07
gordpopey, what was that screen recording application? sparkle or something?12:08
popeyoimon: dunno, no12:10
gordah, i knew it was something like that12:10
oimonok, cheers12:10
oimoni was enticed by the topc12:10
BigRedSoimon: it's oggcamp 100!12:10
gordcolours went weird :(12:22
oimonhad a brainblock. the word gauge looks weird :-\12:25
oimonisn't it pronounced gayj ?12:25
oimonlooks wrong12:26
BigRedSyou really can't expect to derive pronounciation of words from their spellings12:26
BigRedSjust be pleased when you can :)12:26
gordyou don't pronounce it gau-gee?12:26
dwatkinsEnglish is jam-packed full of pronounciation inconsistencies.12:27
BigRedSit packed full of all sorts of inconsistencies12:29
diploteaching my five year old some at the mo, it's proving difficult to explain why some things are pronounced the way they are :)12:30
BigRedSI learnt most of my pronounciation by reading12:30
dwatkins"Leicester" and "Chiswick" are interesting examples.12:30
BigRedSthat wasn't the best way, I think12:30
dwatkinsI know someone who insists on mispronouncing certain words such as 'decal', and gets 'slash' and 'dash' the wrong way around. It's difficult to have a technical conversation like that.12:31
oimonhow do you pronounce decal? i always pronounce it "transfer"12:31
BigRedShow do you get slash and dash the wrong way round?12:31
BigRedSoimon: I use 'sticker'12:31
dwatkinsoimon: heh12:32
oimonis it an americanism?12:32
BigRedSI doubt it12:32
dwatkinsBigRedS: I don't know, but she just says it doesn't matter, since I know she gets them the wrong way around12:32
mgdmit's what Airfix call the stickers12:32
BigRedSwell, depends on your definition of 'americanism', since most americanisms are just elizabethan English12:33
* BigRedS curses bash and it's whitespace rules12:33
oimonmgdm: i still build airfix, but scall them transfers still12:34
oimonas i did as a boy12:34
oimonwhat to give your single mate on valentines day12:35
popeymy son pronounces "Remote control" as "camote controle" which is quite sweet12:36
BigRedSmy brother called it "the moke" for ages, which is probably just a poor reflection on the eloquence of the rest of us12:37
popeywe call them all generically 'frank'12:38
popey"can you pass frank?"12:38
popeyas in Frank Zappa12:38
oimoni feel sad when my son learns how to say words properly. he used to call button moon "foo". he still calls playgroup "playloop" which is sweet. he can say dalmatian and golden retriever but can't say banana properly.12:41
oimonlaptop and phone were early words in his vocab12:41
JosssseHello guys. I think i've noticed that UbuntuOne works much better in ubuntu 11 than in ubuntu 10. Is there any way I can force the installation of ubuntuOne for 11 in my ubuntu 10 system??12:42
jpdsJosssse: That sounds like it'll cause more problems, than solutions.12:42
BigRedSJosssse: there is neither a ubuntu 11 or a ubunti 10; there's 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10 (it's <year><dot><month> of release). But, generally, you'll introduce more problems than you'll solve12:43
BigRedSwhy not upgrade teh system?12:43
BigRedSthe whole system, rather12:43
oimoni also get a lot of problems on my 10.04 with u112:43
JosssseBigRedS, I did but didn't like the new WM... so went back to LTS.12:43
BigRedSJosssse: ahhh12:44
Jossssejpds, nothing is being syncronized... the time i used 11.04( BigRedS ) it worked very nicely.12:45
jpdsJosssse: You know you can still use classic GNOME on 11.04 ?12:45
BigRedSJosssse: what's better about the 11.x one? It might be something that' sjust not default in 10.x12:45
Jossssejpds, I did not know that, Can I do it mantaining the actual look of my screen?12:46
oimonmy stuff never syncs unless i kill the client and restart it manually in LTS12:46
jpdsJosssse: Probably.12:46
JosssseBigRedS, I don't know, Even the cofig apps is much better.12:46
Jossssejpds, So I just install 11.04 and apt-get gnome?12:47
jpdsJosssse: gnome-panel, I believe.12:48
JosssseOk awesome. jpds. I also remarked that 11.04 is much slower, could that be solved by using gnome??12:49
jpdsJosssse: Only one way to find out.12:50
Jossssehehe, you're right.12:50
JosssseWho likes the new WM anyway? what's its name?12:51
BigRedSSeveral people do12:51
jpdsI do.12:51
d3ngarHi there12:51
BigRedSI've a few annoyances with it, but no more than I had with old Gnome or have with new gnome. Just different ones12:51
davmor2Josssse: o/12:52
d3ngarMy contact list in Empathy disappeared - it's not showing even though I'm connected12:52
d3ngarAny ideas?12:52
BigRedSd3ngar: just to check - you've not hit a letter and inadvertently started a search of your contacts, causing it to hide all those not matching?12:53
BigRedSI've done that maaany times12:53
JosssseI don't get it. I have no annoyances with gnome. I couldn't stand the unity from the start... even had pretty slow alt+F2...12:53
d3ngarBigRedS: Sorry, I didn't12:54
BigRedSaw, dammit12:54
BigRedSthat would've been nice and easy12:54
d3ngarI actually uninstalled, installed, installed from PPA, removed the PPA and installed the default12:54
BigRedSI've no idea then, that's normally why mine disappear12:54
d3ngarIt's frustrating12:54
JosssseWell. I have to go teach. Thanks for the chat guys.12:56
jpdsJosssse: Have you tried 11.10?12:56
Jossssejpds, I don't think so, why?12:57
oimonor even XFCE in ubuntu 11.10, which is done quite nicely and similar to gnome212:57
jpdsJosssse: Because it'll have improvements on Unity.12:57
jpdss/'ll have/has/12:57
Jossssejpds, Ill check it out and let you guys know what I think.12:57
JosssseThanks and bye!!12:58
zleaphow do I log out of ubuntu13:23
zleapi normally click on my name in the top corner but its gone13:23
gordonjcpzleap: click on the symbol in the top right13:24
DJoneszleap: Logout or shutdown?13:24
zleapit isn;t there13:24
zleapalli have in the top right is the date and time13:24
DJonesTo shutdown, you can do "sudo shutdown -h now" in a terminal13:24
zleapjust wondered what happened to that symbol though13:25
zleapI will keep an eye on this see if I can figure out when it goes and what may cause it13:25
CaMasonopinion guys... 48u freestanding cabinet with patch panels + cables, second hand, £25013:35
gordonjcpCaMason: do you have a use for it?13:35
CaMasonnot hugely.. we're moving into an office with 48 drops, but only 4 people with 1 server + switch. Even if I scale up to 12 people, I can see us uing even half of it13:36
CaMasonI have a 6u wall cabinet at the moment13:36
mgdmCaMason: you buying or selling?13:37
CaMasonbuying - it was offered to me by the outgoing tenants13:37
CaMasonit would need patching up as the cables currently drop into another room13:38
gordonjcpCaMason: wait until Friday afternoon then offer them £150 cash13:42
CaMasonI was thinking £150 or not to bother13:42
mgdmOi, X, stop turning my primary monitor off13:46
* bigcalm returns13:47
bigcalmAnybody miss me?13:47
* popey runs up to bigcalm and hugs him13:47
popeyyou're BACK!13:47
bigcalmI am!13:47
bigcalmDown, boy13:48
davmor2bigcalm: you've got a nerve showing up here after all that time away13:48
gordthink someone needs to get spayed...13:48
davmor2bigcalm: p.s. when did you go?13:48
bigcalmHayley had forgotten her engagement ring so I intended to take it to her at lunch. Got there and forgot to pick up the ring :D13:50
bigcalm<- clutz13:50
popey^ yes13:50
dwatkinsI'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that, bigcalm ;)13:51
bigcalmAh well. We enjoyed a coffee together and I had a toasted sausage and caramelised onion sandwich at the M&S cafe13:51
davmor2bigcalm: You Plonker13:51
bigcalmYes, Dellboy13:52
popeya toasted sausage?13:53
popey_and_ a caremlised onion sandwich?13:53
popeyyou could totally have put those together13:53
bigcalmBoth within the same one13:54
* popey is being silly13:54
dwatkinsA friend of mine worked in a lab doing chemistry-related stuff, entry was controlled by cards and everyone was vetted; she left her engagement ring on her desk to cross the road to the shop as that area of town isn't the best, and it had gone when she returned - the cleaner never returned to work :-/13:54
bigcalmpopey: that's what I said to them13:54
dwatkinstl;dr - Detroit sucks13:54
dwatkinsworse, it was an heirloom13:55
dwatkinsnow there's a word with confusing pronounciation :)13:55
oimondwatkins: somebody was nicking the sysadmin munchies supply  (and £20 from my drawer) so we set up motion detection and caught the cleaner red-handed13:55
oimon5am ...camera wakes up and cleaner is having a good old chow down13:55
dwatkinsoimon: we used motion detection when I was at SGI to discover that the security guard was the one breaking the heads off the little penguins we each had on our desks13:55
oimondwatkins: the swine13:56
dwatkinsIRIX SecurityLite and an O2 with a camera13:56
dwatkinsoimon: indeed, those poor little penguins :(13:56
oimonwere they tux penguins?13:56
dwatkinsyeah, made of stresstoy foam13:56
oimonyeah, i have one here13:56
dwatkinsthey gave them out when SGI started supporting Linux on the Altix range13:56
oimonmine has a stress fracture to the neck but is still ok13:57
dwatkinssure you didn't have a twisted security guard, oimon? ;)13:57
mgdmoimon: more to the point, what did you do with this information?13:57
oimonmgdm: gave the evidence to HR and we were told the guy had been taken off the cleaning staff.13:57
mgdmfairy nuff13:58
oimonhowever i locked my drawer after that13:58
dwatkinsthe security guard in question in the SGI office was never seen again, I imagine he was reassigned or laid off13:58
oimonyeah, except he just got moved to another company instead13:58
gordhrm, the two kde applications i use are suddenly broken on a day like today. i didn't realise our one paid kubuntu maintainer held back the tide like that13:58
dwatkinswhat's special about today?13:58
BigRedSkubuntu stops being canonical sponsored13:59
dwatkinsoh my13:59
DJonesgord: I didn't think kubuntu had a paid employee anymore13:59
davmor2DJones: Riddell is13:59
gorddavmor2, not anymore14:00
DJonesdavmor2: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-February/005782.html14:00
gordDJones, thats what i am saying14:00
davmor2gord: DJones: yeah but that is post 12.04 right unless I am reading it wrong14:00
mgdmAwww, no14:01
gorddavmor2, didn't read the actual post tbh14:01
mgdmI can't use my second monitor any more14:01
gordmgdm, why not?14:02
mgdmX switches it off and won't bring it back14:02
mgdmuntil I turn the machine off and on again14:02
gordweird... Xorg.log not helpful?14:03
mgdmhaving a look14:04
mgdm[ 1081.104673] [drm:radeon_dp_get_link_status] *ERROR* displayport link status failed14:04
mgdmthere's that in dmesg, which doesn't look great14:04
gordnot using the ati drivers?14:07
mgdmNot currently14:07
gordmight solve your issue14:08
mgdmI'll give it a bash14:08
gordeither that or your cable went wonky14:08
mgdmwell, the cable's been fine until now, so it'd be quite a coincidence14:08
mgdmnext question: how do I reorder icons in the launcher? Dragging them moves everything14:08
gordwhen it rains it pours like they say ;)14:08
gordpull the icon out14:08
mgdmthat just seemst o launch the app14:09
mgdmoh feck, one of them was eclipse14:09
davmor2mgdm: grab move to the right first then move up and down and  let go when you're happy14:09
mgdmoh, it's a bit tricky, but it works14:10
davmor2gord: why is the launcher not appearing anymore when I move to the left14:10
gorddavmor2, you aren't pushing hard enough14:10
gordyou have to push against the edge now14:11
gordthere is also a bug with that if you have a strange mouse rate, iirc fix is coming14:11
davmor2gord: this is the trackpad on my wonderful laptop that you love so much14:12
mgdmOh, unity 2d's alt-tab behaviour makes sense14:13
Dave2Unity 2D's window manager is metacity14:13
mgdmthat explains why it looked familiar14:14
davmor2gord: this was the clue for me the first line of Riddell's post ;) "Today I bring the disappointing news that Canonical will no longer be funding my work on Kubuntu after 12.04."14:19
BigRedSis there a way to have unity's alt-tab behave like gnome <3's?14:20
mgdmyou really like gnome, apparently14:20
BigRedShaha, I prefer gnome 3 to unity by a fairly small margin, but I think I prefer both to gnome2 but for the daft alt-tab behaviour14:23
BigRedSit's been a while since I used gnome2 now, so I'm assuming my view of it is rose-tinted. I know most software annoys me14:23
gordjust enable a different alt tab switcher plugin14:23
mgdmanyone know why I have to hold the mouse down when I open menus on the taskbar?14:26
mgdmclicking makes them appear and then disappear, old-classic-Mac-style14:26
mgdmOh, weird, that's only on the laptop's internal screen14:27
popeysounds buggy14:36
bigcalmAnybody here use the skype webbrowser plugin to make phone numbers clickable?14:45
oimonis it possible to make facebook cover photo private to friends only?14:46
oimonnot the profile pic but the large cover pic14:46
popeybigcalm: no, i remove it whenever i see it installed14:46
popeyhates it14:46
bigcalmpopey: as do I14:49
bigcalmA client wants all customer entered numbers to be skype clickable links. I was wondering if I could just add a 'call via skype' option rather than having to get the plugin working14:50
bigcalmIf it were a simple href I could setup, that would be idea14:50
BigRedSthere's a standard for a sip-alike mailto: I thought14:54
BigRedSwonder if skype can handle those14:54
bigcalmI'm going to have to install the plugin on a windows machine to see what their javascript does to numbers :(14:56
jpdsbigcalm: 2 + 2 == 5?14:57
popeybigcalm: it really messes with log files14:58
popeywhich have long timestamps in them14:58
bigcalmjpds: I wouldn't rule it out14:59
bigcalmpopey: laptop working again?14:59
AlanBelljpds: that is only true for large values of 214:59
CaMasongordonjcp, I got the cabinet for £15015:07
diploTheOpenSourcerer, Can I ask you a few questions about OpenERP ?15:12
TheOpenSourcererYou can diplo15:12
TheOpenSourcererWhether I can answer them is another matter15:12
diploWhat sort of businesses have you implemented it for ?15:12
diploGot a friend who called an hour ago thinking about setting up a wholesaler ( I work for a ERP company ) but it's not cheap and after seeing you mention and tweet today about it15:13
diploI thought i'd take a look15:13
* AlanBell hugs openerp15:13
diploIs there any large failings that you could point out ?15:13
TheOpenSourcererOne is a fairly traditional IT Reseller/VAR - Other fits retail lighting systems15:13
diploI can see all the benefits on web site, it's knowing what's not so good that they won't advertise15:14
TheOpenSourcerer"large failling" nope. The more we use it the more I like to to be honest.15:14
AlanBellmulticompany is a bit hairy, but it is a difficult topic at the best of times15:14
TheOpenSourcererIt's not perfect by anymeans15:14
diploThis is for an Electrical Wholesaler, so selling goods to account customers/cash sales and ordering from suppliers15:14
TheOpenSourcererBut it probably the best OSS solution and is very well supported/maintained15:14
AlanBellthe lovely thing about it is not that it is 100% perfect, but that it is 100% fixable15:14
diploSingle compnay, 2 members of stagg15:14
diplojeesh, typos galore15:15
TheOpenSourcererTurnover? (roughly)15:15
diploNot opened yet :)15:15
AlanBellwith warehousing and logistics?15:15
diploLooking at opening, and asked mea bout software.15:15
diploNot the be all and end all, he's been looking at Sage as well15:15
diploHe basically said I will be able to see stock on shelf and know when to order if i need to if it's a huge turning point on money15:16
AlanBellsage does money well enough to keep accountants happy but it does not do stock well enough to keep non-accountants happy15:16
diploIs it hard to setup if he asked me to, not tried it at all before15:16
diploheh yeah i know AlanBell, the company i work for has recently taken a fair few sage customers that have out grown the Stock plugin15:17
TheOpenSourcererdefine "hard" diplo?15:17
TheOpenSourcererIf you work for an erp company you will probably understand the terminology etc.15:17
diploAs in, 2-3 hours install / setup or a day or two15:17
diploJust to have an empty working system15:17
gordonjcpCaMason: sweet15:18
diploOh yeah, been in the trade ( Electrical Wholesaling ) and now the software we used at said company for 13 years +15:18
TheOpenSourcererdiplo - Install in about 15 minutes: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2011/04/19/how-to-install-openerp-6-on-ubuntu-10-04-lts-server-part-115:18
diploOooh good man! thanks.15:18
AlanBell(instructions also work on precise) ;)15:18
TheOpenSourcererYeah - Setup could probably be done in a couple of days. Obviously it depends... On various bit of string of unknown lengths at this stage.15:19
AlanBelldiplo: openERP 6.1 is out next week15:19
gordonjcpTheOpenSourcerer: this is relevant to my interests15:19
AlanBelland it rocks15:19
diploSo, if i followed the instructions I'd have a basic but empty working ERP system ?15:20
AlanBellyou would, but I would right now adjust the instructions and go for 6.115:20
diplokk, great thanks guys15:21
diploWill set up a VM on my laptop tonight and show him15:21
AlanBellthere is a #openobject channel on freenode15:21
TheOpenSourcererI am re-writing the instructions - (Only real gotcha for a base install is you need to sudo pip werzkeug - the 10.04 package is too old).15:21
TheOpenSourcererdiplo latest tarball of the nightly will do you nicely: http://nightly.openerp.com/6.1/src/15:23
diploGrabbed the rc115:23
diploon it's way down ta15:23
diploRecommend 10.04, or try and get it working on precise ?15:24
TheOpenSourcererStart it up and point your browser to :8069 Ignore the bit about the web client on my post - that's integrated in 6.1 And ignore the conf files, just copy the default from the src tarball.15:24
TheOpenSourcererPersonally I would stick with 10.04.15:24
diplokk, grabbing an iso now thanks15:24
AlanBelldepends on the timings of your project15:24
diploDepends whether they get the go ahead for funding I guess, said I'd take a quick look at it for them15:25
diploFunnily enought at 8-9am this morning i was looking at screenshots of openerp and then I get a phone call asking about it.15:27
diploabout 5 hours later15:27
oimonwhat's a sure-fire way of finding when a linux OS was installed?15:38
directhexoimon, ls -ld /root is a reasonable way IME15:40
directhexassuming it wasn't deployed by an image15:40
oimondirecthex: i found the issue ticket where the machine was installed. although i did check date of /etc/motd and root etc15:43
daubersoimon: sudo tune2fs /dev/sda1 (or whicherver filesystem is the root fs)15:43
daubersFilesystem created:       Tue Oct 12 16:05:24 201015:44
directhexoh, nice solution daubers15:44
daubersWon't solve the image problem though :(15:44
kirrusdaubers: stat /etc/hostname15:47
kirrusdaubers: if it was an image that then had a unique hostname applied...15:48
dauberskirrus: yup, that'd do too :)15:48
popey sudo head -n 1 /var/log/installer/syslog16:00
popey^^ first boot16:00
oimonpopey: not on RHEL but nice idea : ls -ld /root/install.log shows date of file on RH16:03
oimonpopey: ah, it's /root/install.log.syslog16:04
popeyeww RHEL16:04
oimonon desktop :D16:06
oimoni was in a meeting the other day and at least 3 other guys were running unity on their laptops16:07
popeyoimon: did they work for canonical?16:16
BigRedSThere's a few unity installs in the noc here16:19
BigRedSnetwork operations centre16:19
BigRedSwhere they put the people in a datacenter16:19
oimonpopey: no :P just a high level internal infrastructure meeting16:21
popeyfancy that16:21
popeypeople tell me 'everyone' left for Mint16:21
ali1234everyone has left for mint16:22
gordjust the loud ones16:22
ali1234that's why nobody complains any more16:22
oimonali1234: got your rasp pi SoC datasheet?16:22
gordpretty sure that the last release was the most downloaded version ever16:22
* TheOpenSourcerer is still on 10.10 enjoying cubic desktops and wobbly windows on a low powered graphics card ;-)16:22
TheOpenSourcererOh yes, and menus.16:23
oimonjust installing lubuntu 11.10 on an old dell 3100C for my nephew.16:23
TheOpenSourcererI know Old Fashioned or what.16:23
directhexdreading 12.04 releasing16:23
ali1234the last release of mint was also the most downloaded ever16:23
gordgood for them :)16:23
directhexi committed to 10.04 for nontechnical staff in the office, but migrating everyone onto something 12.04 based is a nasty thought. unity or shell, no option fills me with joy16:24
ali1234right. it;s no surprising that ubuntu users largely choose unity, when you look at the alternatives on offer16:24
gordTheOpenSourcerer, 12.04 has desktop cube, wobbly windows and it'll run on low powered gpus. menus too, i'm not quite sure what you are getting at16:24
oimonas soon as gord fixes terminal to work with unity like i want it to, i'll be on unity too ;) JOKE JOKE16:24
TheOpenSourcerer11.10 doesn't16:24
* AlanBell is looking forward to global menus being reverted16:25
oimondesktop zoom + wobbly windows are  the compiz features i use the most16:26
gordoimon, its something often requested, have you looked around? it wouldn't surprise me if someone did it already16:26
oimongord: alas, yes, although not for 6 mo's ..will try again16:26
AlanBelloimon: which fix?16:27
oimonAlanBell: if you have 10 terminal windows open, want to click right mouse on the terminal icon on the launcher to see a list of windows and their title. e.g. oimon@pc1 oimon@server2 oimon@server316:28
oimonala docky16:29
AlanBelloimon: oh yeah, I want that too16:29
oimoni think its called a dynamic quicklist16:29
oimonbut requires adding code to terminal too it seems16:29
AlanBellyeah, I seem to recall asking gord if that would be easy to code up :)16:29
TheOpenSourcererI quite like the list along the bottom of my screen16:29
ali1234it would be easy to code up for terminal16:29
ali1234and then you code it up again for firefox16:29
ali1234and then you code it up again for gedit16:30
ali1234and then you code it up again for... you get the point16:30
AlanBellhmm, standard features ftw16:30
bigcalmI've been sent a VB.NET script that I need to replicate in PHP. This looks freaky16:31
ali1234unity seems to have been designed both for and by people who open very few windows16:31
AlanBellI had a look and I think it could be done, the thing uses dbus and it doesn't care what process is trying to add a quicklist to an icon16:31
ali1234that is correct16:31
gordactually, you could just make a service that hooks up to bamf and modifies all the quicklists for running applications to add window lists16:31
ali1234removing quicklist items tends to make unity segfault though16:31
AlanBellI figured "something" could run, look at all k the windows and . . .  do what gord just said16:31
AlanBelland then you could select it and it would raise *just* *that* *one* window16:33
ali1234yeah... and then you could take that code and put it directly into unity and avoid wasting a load of memory and CPU polling dbus and window lists16:33
czajkowskisomeone running precise can you press prtsc please?16:33
czajkowskiwhat happens?16:33
czajkowskiI'm only hearing a camera click16:33
ali1234camera noise, screenshot window appears16:33
AlanBellscreen flashes, camera clicks, no window with screenshot16:34
ali1234it does however appear on the second monitor16:34
oimoni wonder when/if elementary are gonna release something?16:34
czajkowskiAlanBell: right same here16:34
ali1234i haven't updated yet this week16:34
czajkowskiAlanBell: whic is kinda annoying as need to take some screen captures16:34
oimontry the shutter app?16:35
TheOpenSourcererApplications->Accessories->Take Screenshot?16:35
AlanBellczajkowski: gnome-screenshot -i16:35
TheOpenSourcererOh sorry.16:35
czajkowskihmm works but with errors16:36
czajkowski** WARNING **: Unable to use GNOME Shell's builtin screenshot interface, resorting to fallback X11. Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.Shell was not provided by any .service files16:36
oimonlubuntu installer has the mouse pointer going the wrong way..feels nasty16:39
oimonpoints / instead of \16:40
directhexlean forward!16:40
directhexi think that's msnbc's slogan16:40
oimonit also uses synaptic instead of software-center :-\16:50
ali1234that's bad?16:50
oimonyes. i forgot how bad16:52
oimonsoftware-centre makes you want to install stuff. it is positively inviting16:53
oimoni love the recommended and new stuff. i end up installing extra cool stuff i didn't go there to install16:53
mgdmit's a conspiracy to make youg o and get new hard drives16:53
oimonor maybe to make me enjoy my computer more ;)16:54
oimoni wish there was a way you could try apples in the shop before buying. spongey and tasteless, and i've bought a whole bag of them16:56
bigcalmBuy a single apple of each type they have. Sample them. Buy lots of the ones you like?17:02
oimonthis is the coop. all apples are bagged i think17:05
oimonmaybe i'll just juice them17:05
Dave2I don't buy apples all that often because they're so often not that great17:05
davmor2this is funny http://wakingupnow.com/blog/dolly-partons-other-voice17:15
mgdmczajkowski: congratulations :D17:27
czajkowskimgdm: wow youre fast17:27
davmor2czajkowski: prod17:27
TheOpenSourcererCongrats czajkowski17:29
daubers\o/ czajkowski17:29
TheOpenSourcererSame about the Rugny though eh?17:30
bigcalmczajkowski: indeed congratulations :) We'll be able to get you up to Wolverhampton for our workplace days now :D17:30
daubersMust be cake time.....17:30
czajkowskithanks folks am very very happy17:30
danfishcongrats czajkowski :)17:30
bigcalmczajkowski: will you be leaving the community council as well now? :P17:31
czajkowskinor any of the others17:32
popeyoi bigcalm17:32
bigcalmOi popey :P17:32
davmor2Yay drinks are on czajkowski17:32
bigcalmSplendid idea :D17:33
davmor2czajkowski: see twitter17:35
AlanBellczajkowski :)17:37
directhextoday's fish is trout a la creme17:39
directhexenjoy your meal17:39
mgdmawww, bigcalm broke it.17:39
bigcalmWas that the voice of Tony Hawks? It sounds just like him but he wasn't listed in the credits17:39
czajkowskianyone know how you make a .doc non read only17:40
mgdmI wouldn't be surprised17:40
bigcalmUpdating your CV already? ;)17:40
davmor2czajkowski: yes ta17:41
mgdmanyone worthwhile makes their CV in LaTeX17:41
TheOpenSourcererThat's an excellent deal. Return Eurostar London to Brussels and 3 nights in a 4/5 star hotel: £236 inc. VAT17:41
directhexczajkowski, in ubuntu? save it somewhere that isn't the evolution temp folder17:41
AlanBellczajkowski: save it somewhere else17:41
* AlanBell looks forward to seeing that on TheOpenSourcerer's expenses17:42
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Where are you finding these?17:42
TheOpenSourcererJust typed it in in eurostar's website17:43
bigcalmThe EuroStar needs to run from Telford Central17:43
TheOpenSourcererTrain & Hotel please.17:43
bigcalmI'd use it more then17:43
AlanBellI only used it once (for UDS) and it was great17:44
* popey recalls sitting next to AlanBell on the way back from UDS on the Eurostar17:46
* popey recalls AlanBell failing to tell me I had left my ipod in the seat pocket17:46
* AlanBell recalls popey listening to an ipod17:46
popeynever going away with him again17:46
TheOpenSourcererI really like the Eurostar...17:47
gordonjcpwhy did you even put it in the seat pocket?17:47
TheOpenSourcererVery civilised way to travel.17:47
popeyit seemed a reasonable thing to at the time17:47
popeyi was no longer listening to it17:47
dwatkinsI like the Eurostar too, very smooth.17:47
TheOpenSourcererThat's a very nice looking hotel for the money: http://www.thonhotels.com/hotels/countrys/belgium/brussels/stanhope-hotel/17:48
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: I stayed in the hotel 2 years ago - twas very pleasant17:51
TheOpenSourcererGreat. Thanks - you never really *know* from web sites and pictures but it looked all right...17:52
* popey goes to catch the train to Eastleigh to have curry with tonytiger and the other podcast crew17:53
AlanBellhave fun17:53
AlanBelland make sure you don't talk about oggcamp, you are supposed to be concentrating on the podcast remember :)17:54
* popey notes that fab is in the country as well17:55
popeydoing secret things in london17:55
davmor2popey: that was gods way of saying buy a better music player :D17:57
czajkowskipopey: is he going for interviews in canonical17:58
AlanBellheh, that would be funny17:59
christelczajkowski: congrats :)17:59
czajkowskisqweeeeeee :)18:00
christelwhen do you stop being a lazy layabout? ;)18:03
* christel tickles lauraloo18:03
christelawesome :)18:05
diploevening all19:06
* MartijnVdS installs Chrome on the Xoom and GNex19:11
* brobostigon has no ICs device, :(19:11
* MartijnVdS is also awaiting delivery of an Arduino + bits19:12
brobostigonwould be nice, if they made a version for gingerbread and honeycomb, as very few people, currently have ICS.19:13
MartijnVdSGoogle is pushing for ICS a lot.19:14
MartijnVdSthey probably won't19:14
brobostigonalot of people are going to miss out,19:15
brobostigonmaybe i should try android-x86 ICS, and see if it runs.19:16
brobostigoni need to work out, how to get ICs working on my tablet. otherwise, i will be stuck in the dark ages.19:42
diploAny of you guys rooted/rom'd a android box before ?19:44
MartijnVdSyes, my old Magic19:44
MartijnVdSBut I found it annoying, as I had to keep re-flashing for every update19:45
diploSo my phone is S-OFF19:45
MartijnVdS= lose stuff19:45
diploinstall rom manager19:45
diploSays i need su19:45
MartijnVdSthat's root on the rom19:45
MartijnVdSthat's different from an unlocked bootloader19:46
diploFound a binary of su, do i just copy over the su binary to system/bin ?19:46
MartijnVdSdiplo: no, you need to follow a guide to root your model/version19:46
MartijnVdSprobably using adb/fastboot magics19:46
diplokk, I was under the impression it was already done19:46
diploWill follow some more now19:47
brobostigonMartijnVdS: here, ihave been able to flash, one ontop of the other, for about 6 months, working properly, no loss.19:50
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: What are you running? Cyanogen?19:51
* MartijnVdS hasn't found a reason to not run stock19:51
* mgdm is likely going back to stock firmware on his Desire when he gets a round tuit19:51
MartijnVdSmgdm: I have a few "Republic of Perl" ones at work19:52
mgdmMartijnVdS: cool :)19:52
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i am running http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=88235619:52
MartijnVdSmgdm: http://szabgab.com/img/fosdem_2010_tuits.jpg19:52
mgdmWANT :D19:52
MartijnVdSmgdm: Ask around on #London.pm (on irc.perl.org)19:53
mgdmI might just have to :)19:53
MartijnVdSThis works really well as a desktop background: http://www.flickr.com/photos/treenaks/6816260055/in/photostream/lightbox/19:56
TheOpenSourcererHmm, makes you wonder what all those other vendors are paying Microsoft for doesn't it? http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=2012020711001277619:56
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: Extortion!19:57
brobostigonMartijnVdS: it is essentially, aosp gingerbread.19:57
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: They've done ports of ICS19:57
TheOpenSourcererMartijnVdS: Yep - I reckon you could be right.19:58
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i wont try yet, ICs is alittle more memory hungry, and therefore done think it will be usable yet.19:58
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: it'll be VERY slow19:58
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I have 2.2 on my Magic atm (stock Dutch vodafone), but it's impossible19:59
MartijnVdSs.o.o.o.o. s.l.o.w.w.w19:59
brobostigonMartijnVdS: exactly, but maybe one day, they will get it working,19:59
brobostigonMartijnVdS: gingerbread works perfectly, if not better than stock, in so many ways.19:59
brobostigonleonard nimoy getting royalties, "three men and a baby" on film4, good film.20:02
* BigRedS appears to be in a real-life version of the ubuntu-users mailing list :)20:14
* dwatkins offers BigRedS a range of watches and cut-rate home insurance20:38
BigRedShaha, there's conversatons about xfce, gnome3 vs unity and all those trollfests20:40
BigRedSit is a lug meet20:40
MartijnVdSBigRedS: sounds like it's time for beer20:41
MartijnVdSBigRedS: good, strong beer20:41
brobostigonleffe, or fransizkaner, :)20:42
BigRedSMartijnVdS: we're not in a pub20:42
BigRedSwhich is why I'm sat in the corner writing a bunch of code rater than demanding beer20:42
brobostigonquote from private eye 1306, "the coalition government is like the chap in the crows nest of the titanic ..." - Boris johnson, telegraph, 16 jan.20:54
gordonjcpI found a weird thing21:13
AlanBellput it away, quick21:13
gordonjcpwhen you tell nautilus to unmount a USB device, it completely drops the device altogether21:13
gordonjcpie. plug in a card, it appears as sdc, "Eject" or "Safely Remove" and /dev/sdc is gone21:13
AlanBellthat is a power management thing I think21:14
AlanBellit cuts power to the device21:14
gordonjcpis there a way to make it behave sanely?21:14
gordonjcpbecause I want to use the SD card21:16
gordonjcpI don't want it to attempt to mount the SD card because then nautilus gets all pissy when I try to remove it21:16
AlanBellin what way?21:16
gordonjcpwell, crashing, for a start21:16
AlanBellno, I mean in what way do you want to use the SD card after you have unmounted it?21:17
gordonjcpI want to write some raw data to it21:17
gordonjcpie. not a filesystem21:17
AlanBellok, so did you want the thing to not be automounted in the first place?21:18
gordonjcpthat would be great too21:19
gordonjcpeither way21:19
gordonjcpsee that's exactly what I wanted to avoid21:23
gordonjcponce again getting sane behaviour from Ubuntu involves fiddling about with dconf21:24
AlanBellfor debatable values of sane21:25
gordonjcpit's increasingly hard to actually *do* anything in Ubuntu21:26
gordonjcpmore and more of it is being locked down21:26
AlanBelltotally agree with your more general point21:26
gordonjcpit resembles a badly-reinvented Android21:27
gordonjcpif the idea is to make a granny-friendly "i've got the internet" OS for locked-down machines, then great21:27
gordonjcpbut it's bloody useless for people who actually want to use their computers for more complicated things21:27
AlanBelllike switching between two windows :)21:28
gordonjcpwell yeah, for one thing21:28
gordonjcpwhile I admire the inventive mind that came up with the idea of hooking alt-tab to a random number generator, I do find myself questioning the usefulness21:29
gordonjcpalso the alt-f2 debacle21:29
gordonjcpin Gnome 2, or lxde, or xfce, or ghod knows what else, you press "alt-f2", you type the name of the thing you want to run in, optionally with some arguments, and it runs it21:29
gordonjcpin Unity you press alt-f2, a search box comes up, you type what you want to run, it goes off and guesses what it thinks you wanted to run, and runs that instead21:30
gordonjcpgenerally gnome-calculator21:30
gordonjcpit just plain doesn't work21:30
gordonjcp"gnome-calculator" and "gedit" only have three letters the same in them21:31
AlanBellI don't generally use it but I just tried it now and it seems to have caught the same problem searching for stuff that the hud has21:31
gordonjcpAlanBell: exactly the same21:31
gordonjcp*mostly* if you don't type the full name in it might guess right21:31
gordonjcpbut it shouldn't be guessing at all21:31
AlanBelland if you *do* type the full name it offers something else21:31
AlanBellah, I see a bug that is fileable21:32
gordonjcpand then most of the time it runs gnome-calculator no matter what you do21:32
AlanBellI happened to try with mumble and onboard picked at random21:32
gordonjcpcurrent Ubuntu seems to be geared up for insane computer experts21:33
AlanBell"mumbl" offers mumble but "mumble" offers "mumble-overlay" and "onboar" offers onboard but "onboard" offers onboard-settings21:33
gordonjcpwho really know their way around all this weirdass behaviour21:33
gordonjcpI'm going to switch to a distro that's not quite so orientated towards mad but clever people, like Arch21:34
gordonjcpAlanBell: "evinc" offers "evince", "evince" offers "evince-previewer"21:34
gordonjcpit shouldn't offer *anything*, it should just do what I type21:34
AlanBellI don't mind it offering stuff if I get it wrong. I just don't often get it wrong.21:35
gordonjcpI'd prefer it didn't wait around trying to guess stuff21:38
gordonjcpor better still, just kept a history of commands typed21:38
AlanBell928496bug 92849621:38
AlanBellbug 92849621:38
lubotu3Launchpad bug 928496 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt+f2 does not find accurately typed things" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92849621:38
BigRedSIt doesn't even correct things, it enwrongengs correct and valid ones21:38
BigRedSI think I just invented a word "enwrongens"21:39
gordthis thread has a major potential to get confusing, fast. https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-dev/msg00407.html21:41
brobostigonis there a physical model, of the forces prsent, within the milky way, and detailed enough, to show detail around out solar system.?21:41
brobostigoni want to work out, how the objects around our solar system, have an affect on it.21:43
AlanBellgord: wow, bad unity namespace collision there21:43
AlanBellin essence it boils down to global menus don't really work as a concept in a VM in seamless mode21:44
AlanBells/in a VM in seamless mode//21:45
BigRedSI can see the logic behind them, and I sort-of want to find them workable, but every time I've tried to something else has put me off whatever I used to do it21:45
AlanBellwhat vmware unity mode (and virtualbox seamless mode) should do is proxy the dbusmenu stuff and re-parent it into the host launcher and menus21:48
AlanBelleven if the host is running OS X21:49
* AlanBell sweeps up a load of duplicates into bug 84210822:12
lubotu3Launchpad bug 842108 in unity-lens-applications (Ubuntu Precise) "run command (alt+F2): results do not contain the exact match" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84210822:13
AlanBellthere are 1884 bugs against unity it seems22:15
AlanBellmassive number of them relating to the unity compiz plugin crashing and bringing everything down with it22:17
bigcalmThe anarchist plugin, smash the state!22:20
czajkowski▞▀▖ ▌   ▞▀▖ ▌ ▌ ▞▀▖22:22
czajkowski▙▄▌ ▌   ▌ ▌ ▙▄▌ ▙▄▌22:22
czajkowski▌ ▌ ▌   ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌22:22
czajkowski▘ ▘ ▀▀▘ ▝▀  ▘ ▘ ▘ ▘22:22
bigcalmThank goodness that I have this terminal open to irsii22:23
bigcalmBecause that hello looks weird in xchat :)22:23
bigcalmHi czajkowski :)22:23
gordonjcpczajkowski: hi22:25
czajkowskibigcalm: awww you miss it in all its glory22:25
bigcalmczajkowski: in xchat, yes22:26
bigcalmczajkowski: looks ok in irssi22:26
shaunoa proportional font on irc?  hipster!22:26
bigcalmWhich is odd, as I'm using the Ubuntu mono font in both places22:26
bigcalmshauno: no22:26
dogmatic69bigcalm: came out ok on my xchat22:31
AlanBellI think when using substituted font glyphs terminal enforces the monospace glyph size, but gtk uses the width of the substitued glyph22:32
gordhrm, wrote a script to download videos from a site, using all possible urls i've managed to sniff out of the browser connecting to the site - 21,000 possible urls. this might take a while :(22:33
bigcalmHeh, oops22:33
bigcalmThat reminds me that I need to update my soundcloud leeching script22:33
bigcalmIt assumes that all files are mp3s and renames files as such. But this is not always true22:33
bigcalmThankfully it is for the solidsteel podcasts that I download though22:34
mgdmtut tut22:35
bigcalmI assume that 'file' will give me the info I need22:36
bigcalmMaybe I'll use curl rather than wget and read the headers prior to downloading22:40
mgdmmight just give you application/octet-stream22:41
bigcalmMight also give me the original filename22:41
bigcalmEg: http://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid-steel-radio-show-20-1/download22:42
bigcalmNothing in the URL to say what it is. A redirect or 2 later you are given a full filename to download22:43
bigcalmThe web browser names it correctly22:43
bigcalmWith wget I was naming the file myself22:43
bigcalmmgdm: any suggestions?22:45
mgdmit'll be in the content-disposition header22:46
mgdmI'd expect22:46
bigcalmmgdm: spot on! http://paste.ubuntu.com/833278/22:50
bigcalmThat's using get_headers(). I'll carry on using wget but save with the correct filename22:50
zleapczajkowski, that aloha looks fine in xchat22:59
AlanBellit depends on the font you are using and the width of ▌in a substituted font if the glyph isn't in the one you are using23:00
AlanBellcompared to the width of a space in your normal font23:00
AlanBellterminal will overlap wide glyphs next to each other23:01
AlanBelllike this ♥♥♥♥23:02
AlanBellgraphical applications will make room for them23:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] KDE at FOSDEM 2012 - http://blogs.kde.org/node/453223:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Canonical Community Team Meeting  7th Feb 2012 - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/07/canonical-community-team-meeting-7th-feb-2012/23:05
gordwell pitivi crashed almost immediately, i see its not really come on much in the three years since i tried to work on it23:05
* czajkowski hugs gord 23:07
czajkowskigordonjcp: I've joined your ranks!23:16
bigcalmmgdm: http://www.myrant.net/2011/07/19/downloading-soundcloud-playlists/23:17
gordczajkowski, aha, another canonicalite i presume?23:17
gordcongrats :) we'll get the rest of the people in this channel some day23:17
bigcalmI'd consider a web dev job with Canonical if I wasn't heavily laden with work already23:18
mgdmyou'd need to love the python, I suspect23:18
gordyou do realise that once you get a new job, traditionally, you stop working on the old one right?23:18
bigcalmI really should learn it23:18
gordi mean, its just tradition, but still23:18
bigcalmgord: kinda like the work I have. Don't see the need in rocking the boat atm23:19
czajkowskican folks please confirm if this effects you on precise23:21
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 928548 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Pressing print screen results in no image being captured" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:21
gordpressed print screen earlier today, worked fine, but didn't present a dialog, just took the screenshot and stored it somewhere23:22
gordpitivi is really really really really really really bad, really bad23:22
czajkowskiyes the somewhre is a bit anoying23:22
czajkowskithe lack of dialogue is peeing me off23:22
czajkowskigord: now mark it effects you23:22
gordczajkowski, but that would be lying, it does save the image ;)23:23
gordi only know where because it just happened to save the image in a folder i synchronise with ubuntu one, so the u1 notification told me23:23
czajkowskigord: cheating!23:23
czajkowskigord: comment on the bug....23:23
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=== Colonel is now known as Guest99229
gordgrumble, pitivi is terrible and kdenlive which is pretty good, just happens to have a bug in its decoding library today23:43
gordopenshot has the same bug :((23:45

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