MarkDudedragon ping01:22
DarkwingHow nice.03:25
DarkwingNo more Kubuntu CDs03:25
nhainesDarkwing: well, it *is* the end of the cycle.03:28
DarkwingNo, like ever.03:31
DarkwingCanonical dropping commercial support for Kubuntu. Our paid developers are being reassigned too.03:32
philipballewjust kubuntu or xubuntu and other versions as well?03:35
DarkwingWell, xubuntu never had it. It was an approved flavor.03:35
philipballewthats right...03:35
philipballewmy bad03:35
DarkwingKubuntu is still an approved flavor.03:35
philipballewI wonder what made the support drop03:35
DarkwingIt wasn't making money...03:36
philipballewUnderstandable I guess. but is Ubuntu though03:37
* Darkwing shrugs03:37
DarkwingWe in Kubuntu are trying to figure out if we can survive without two devels03:38
philipballewthe community's gonna have to recruit and step it up I guess.03:39
* philipballew believes in Darkwing 03:40
akkDoes the rest of Ubuntu make money? (Silly question, I know.)03:46
nhainesakk: as I understand, Canonical has been just under "break even" for a few years now.03:47
pleia2Darkwing: gah, shame you got this news *after* committing to a 5 year LTS04:11
pleia2(Xubuntu is only doing a 3 year)04:12
philipballewwith all these support issues with ubuntu i think I might have to switch back to my old distro of Hannah Montana Linux.04:21
philipballewbefore that I was using biebian04:23
dragonMarkDude: pong!06:20
philipballewWhat was the name of Ubuntu before It was called Ubuntu?06:32
philipballewit slipped my mind06:32
kdub_wow, we have an offtopic channel now? :P06:38
pleia2have had for over a year06:39
philipballewnoone really uses it though :(06:43
kdub_guess i've just noticed it now06:43
pleia2philipballew: no-name-yet06:43
philipballewthats right06:43
pleia2(they had no-name-yet.com)06:43
pleia2and apparently mdz still does06:44
philipballewProject no name. I was on like mandrake or something then...06:45
kdub_what's project no-name-yet?06:47
pleia2the name of ubuntu before it was called ubuntu06:48
philipballewapparently its what ubuntu was.06:48
philipballewthis is going to help my new twitter account i created06:48
philipballewCan someone help me add 3 events to the loco list for ubuntu hours? or give me a pointer of where to?17:11
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broderpleia2: you don't need rsvps for dinner tomorrow, right?19:13
nhainesbroder: it would still be nice to have them, although the restaurant isn't taking them (last I heard).19:23
raevolhey did anybody who got an openstack ubuntu thumb drive at scale try formatting it? did anyone else's bork when they did?20:19
raevolyea, i think mine is just dead :( trash time20:42
nhainesraevol: yes.21:23
nhainesOh fun, looks like Launcher autohide is going to be off by default in Ubuntu 12.04.21:24
nhainesDespite this being really trivial to adjust I predict massive nerdrage.21:24
akkThe way it hides now is actually kind of annoying21:34
akkbut that's implementation, not an indictment of autohide in general21:34
kdub__its hard to get autohide right21:47
nhainesakk: I like the way it hides.  I'm not a super big fan of it in 12.04 at the moment, but they haven't done tweaking yet.21:47
kdub__because its somewhat of a mouse gesture based thing, and people like different gestures21:47
akkIt's mostly that it's super confusing how sometimes you can't get rid of it (because you put a window against the left edge of the screen, or something)21:48
akktook a while to figure out the rule21:48
kdub__philipballew: do you have a date set for the SD ubuntu hour this month?22:00
pleia2broder: nah, I usually just make reservations for 8 and that' close enough22:05
pleia2nhaines: wrong dinner ;) sunday with linaro folks was w/o reservations, tomorrow is ubuntu hour + debian dinner22:05
nhainespleia2: well maybe RSVPs for that would be nice too.  :)22:08
pleia2they were required for sunday22:09
philipballewkdub_, yeah. the tuesday after valentines. I was gonna shoot out an email this evening22:34
philipballewat a starbucks right by the 5 and 822:34
philipballewi have to reinstall grub on some red hat box right now at work. Its kinda a pain22:35
akkGood excuse to switch over to extlinux. :)22:36
philipballewim using a knoppix live disk to do it. I dont mind fixing redhat linux. better then if i have to mess with xp...22:37
philipballewgrub is annoying. you only care about it when you cant boot past it22:54
CoreyHey pleia2!23:04
CoreyAre you the person I talk to about giving a talk at the Ubuntu group?23:04
pleia2Corey: we don't really have a place to give talks at, I'd suggest going to one of the many LUGs :)23:05
pleia2we meet for Ubuntu hours (casual, coffee and chat), global jams (collaborative hacking on things) and booths at events and thing23:05
Coreypleia2: Urm... what was that regexp event you invited me to?23:06
pleia2Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG)23:06
pleia2and yeah, I am on their speaker coordinator list23:06
pleia2email me details of what you want to talk about and I'll get you sorted :)23:07
Coreypleia2: k!23:07
pleia2we're booked through March, but have an April spot open AFAIK23:07
pleia2yeah, 2012-04-1723:07
pleia2is free23:07
Coreypleia2: No reason I couldn't make that.23:10
Coreypleia2: Just let me know if I'm topical enough.23:10
pleia2forwarding to the other speaker coodinators, I'll let you know :)23:13
Coreypleia2: No worries.  Although May might be better.  My wife's show closes the night before.23:14
pleia2May would be fine if you're ok to plan out that far23:16
pleia2that would be may 15th23:16
pleia2well, emailed other coordinators, we can pick a date once they say it's good23:20
Coreypleia2: Yay,23:23
CoreyThanks for the footwork.23:23
pleia2Corey: what's your affiliation with the project, just use it?23:24
Coreypleia2: Right.  And if I can get a few obnoxious problems taken care of, I'll be the debian maintainer for it.23:54
CoreyI've contributed code as well.23:54
philipballewHow much different is one version of grub from the next?23:59

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