Unit193Woah, not you again! ;)00:43
Unit193Wait, I was supposed to start with "Hello yano and welcome to the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo!"00:43
yanome again?00:45
yanoHello Unit19300:45
Unit193So, you in Ohio? Use Ubuntu too? (Or just here to take a quick peek?)00:49
yanoI'm in Ohio, and I use Ubuntu in one of my VMs.00:51
Unit193Cool, just getting to know you in this area00:51
yanois this mostly columbus based?00:57
Unit193Quite a few it seems, but not fully (As seen from http://i.imgur.com/Vhbgk.png and http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/map/user )01:00
yanolooks like there might be a dot where i am at now01:04
Unit193So, where you from?01:05
yanonorth east ohio, near youngstown01:06
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ReLoCos None quite *that* close01:10
thafreaknear youngstown01:46
thafreakthat's usually code for boardman, canfield, austintown... :)01:47
yanoor just a tad further01:47
thafreakeast liverpool? :)01:48
paultagyano: here too? :)01:48
paultagyano: one would think you're slowly coming after me :)01:48
thafreakoh, a tag stalker?01:48
paultagthafreak: [s]he just joined #whube too, not often that happens :)01:49
yanoone of you, was/is a room that i frequent and didn't know who you were, craft googling lead me to here and #whube01:49
thafreakwait, it wasn't about hubzero was it...01:50
thafreakwish i never brought that up in here01:50
thafreakok...don't bother01:50
paultagthat dude was creepy01:50
thafreaksomething i was complaining about...and now the chat logs show up if you google for it01:50
yanoi was actually curious how you guys found my channel, though, it could be because you were/are in the columbus area01:51
thafreakalot of folks are...01:52
paultagyano: wait, which channel?01:52
thafreakohio linux fest is down there01:52
yanothe channel for the OSU Open Source Club, #osu_osc01:52
thafreaki just started lurking there01:52
yanoi've noticed. ;-)01:52
thafreakbeen on the cohpy mailing list for a few years and the osc mailing list, ever since I went to pyohio01:53
thafreaksaw the chatroom mentioned on the list...thought I'd lurk01:53
yanoyea cohpy has a channel, #cohpy. very small activity though01:54
thafreakso you really from "near ytown"?01:54
yanoyea, well at least now i am01:54
yanoi was in columbus for a while01:55
thafreakdid you move there for a job?01:56
thafreakoh ysu?01:56
yanooh, no i moved to columbus for school01:56
thafreakso you started near ytown and came back...ok got it...01:56
Cheri703skellat is out that way yano01:57
yanoi'm back home for a bit; then planning on either heading back to finish degree or go somewhere else01:57
thafreakwhat were you studying?01:57
yanoComputer Science and Engineering01:57
thafreaklike both...or CSE?01:57
yanoyea, it's one degree01:58
yanothough, iirc, only two universities in Ohio offer the fused degree01:58
yanoCase and OSU01:58
thafreakit's an EE degree?01:58
yanonot really, it's more of a software theory + electrical degree01:59
yanothere is an ECE program01:59
thafreaki think akron also has a...wait, not it's a computer engineering degree at akron01:59
yanoit's rather complicated01:59
thafreakso is it a BS or a BSEE01:59
yanoOSU has a BS CSE, BS CIS, and a BA CIS. then they have a BS ECE02:00
yanowhere CIS is Computer Information Systems02:00
yanoand ECE is Electrical and Computer Engineering02:00
yanohttp://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/ugrad/ -- describes the differences between the CSE/CIS better than I could02:00
thafreakThat sounds like alot of very related stuff02:00
thafreakKent had CS CIS and a separate one in "Technology"02:01
thafreaknow, they have yet another degree...in "digital sciences" which is a mix of everything02:01
yanoyea; i originally started at kent without committing to a major02:02
paultagyano: I went to john carroll02:02
paultagso I know them folks down by kent well02:02
paultagkent read, kent write, kent state ;)02:03
thafreakwasn't jcu more of an engineering slant too?02:03
thafreakblah blah blah02:03
paultagthafreak: nah brah02:03
paultagthafreak: I have a theoretical degree02:03
thafreakjust because they gave me some degrees, doesn't mean they're THAT bad ;)02:03
paultagah damn02:03
paultagI forgot you went to kent02:04
thafreakyour degree is just theoretical? :)02:04
paultagduh :)02:04
paultagI can't be trusted with one in practiced02:04
paultagpractice *02:04
thafreakwell, theoretically, I'm a doctor :)02:04
paultagthe state of MA is going to thik i'm a terrorist02:06
thafreakwhat now02:06
paultagI just got like, military grade data on everything I can02:06
paultagthafreak: read the backlog in #whube02:06
thafreakyou hanging out with that rommney char?02:06
paultagthis data is nuts02:06
paultagI have every single private and public road in the state of MA02:07
paultagthis whole opengov thing rock02:07
thafreakwhat about the roads?02:08
thafreaklike diff than what open street map proj does?02:08
paultagthafreak: osm has this dataset, but they have to manually do some of it too02:09
paultagthafreak: this is from the state, this is the data they use themselves02:09
thafreaki think you get data boners02:10
paultagfull on02:11
thafreakgotta go keep the wife company for a bit (and write a midterm exam)...02:11
paultagthafreak: gl02:12
thafreakalso, need to stop her from watching bachelor/bachelorette...whatever the hell is on02:12
thafreaksometimes I hate the TV02:12
thafreakcancelled cable cause she started watching MTV all the time (jersey shore, 16 and pregnant, etc)...02:13
thafreakcan't cancel over the air tv though...stupid ABC02:13
yanoi only watch stuff online or via netflix02:13
yanoi can't stand commercials02:13
thafreaki just hate horrible programming02:13
thafreakhaha...funny thought02:14
paultaglabel foo; while ( true ) { goto foo; }02:14
yanoand with the right firefox extensions you can watch most things on network websites without ads at all02:14
yanoand youtube, ofc02:14
thafreakhorrible programming, both why MTV AND Micro$oft suck....LOL02:14
paultag02:14 < paultag> label foo; while ( true ) { goto foo; }02:14
thafreakand with that...I'm out...for now02:14
paultagalready made the joke02:14
paultagholy bejeezus is this detailed02:15
thafreakgimme a break, I'm slow02:15
yanoyea i need to leave for a bit too02:15
thafreakSo...how do you monitor your monitoring server?15:38
thafreakSay you have 4 servers that all run VMs...15:38
thafreakyou can run a VM to do monitoring of your other VMs...but then what about monitoring the physical hosts?15:39
dzhoit's monitor hosts all the way down16:17
dzhoalmost enough to make me want to form a host monitoring web ring16:17
thafreaklately, I've been having problems with my physical hosts crashing, and some vm's become unusable...16:56
thafreakso I don't feel confident having just a VM running my monitoring16:56
thafreakbut the hardware the vm's are on, is also pretty redundant...so i kind of want to use it...16:57
thafreakmight just have one vm on each physical server monitoring every other server...16:57
thafreakand then another just plain desktop monitor all the monitoring machines...16:57
thafreaktired of coming into work and seeing something is down...but only to find out because a user emailed me16:58
thafreakAlso, my confidence in KVM on ubuntu is starting to get shaky16:59
thafreaki've had WAY fewer problems with xen...course I wasn't doing NFS/iSCSI backed virtual disks with xen17:00
thafreakso it could be other factors...but still17:00
thafreakAnyone tryout samba4 yet?19:41
Unit193http://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2012/02/07/changes-in-kubuntu/ http://blogs.kde.org/node/4531 https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-February/005782.html https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-February/005781.html20:41
Unit193Forget the last one20:41

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