cweber10Hello all how it going today?01:15
blkperlbkerensa: ok02:42
blkperlprecise alpha2 is not installing for me...03:35
blkperlits complaining about not resolving the mirror server half through the installing base package phase03:35
blkperland i tried two different mirrors03:35
c_smithbkerensa, are you here?03:53
c_smithI have a quick question03:53
nibalizerlol precise is trollllling blkperl04:09
c_smithwhat channel?04:11
c_smithalso, my printer only prints in yellow and black...... :(04:12
c_smithblue and red are not being used...04:12
tgm4883c_smith, relevant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UePtoxDhJSw04:17
c_smithtook a while, but after printing big blocks of cyan and magenta and cleaning the cartridges using the printer, I managed to get it to print properly.04:39
iBkerensac_smith: sup?06:40
iBkerensahmm ok back to netflix06:42
bkerensaGood Morning Everyone20:40
c_smithgood morning, bkerensa21:03
c_smithjust got help mounting my tablet, really long command to do so manually. wonder if there is a way to make it automount21:03
c_smithbkerensa, I will not be able to host the Salem Ubuntu Hour, but I might be able to get JVLB to if I can get a hold of him.21:15
c_smithI won't be able to host it this week, that is.21:16
c_smithbkerensa, have you seen Jono's Google+ post about Global Jams?22:08
c_smithnvm, looks like you did, just didn't scroll far enough. :P22:09
iBkerensac_smith: yes i read everything on planet plus im helping with global jams  this year in north america22:10
c_smithiBkerensa, awesome.22:11
c_smithwell, that's all I had to say, time to continue downloading my Linux Journal issues.22:12
bkerensac_smith: You subscribed?23:59

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