MutantTurkeyI am going to try and block my time02:08
MutantTurkeylike do 30 minutes of X02:08
MutantTurkeyand 30 minutes of Y02:08
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MutantTurkeyi hate crappy response papers03:20
MutantTurkey"why did you find this interesting'03:20
MutantTurkeybecause it's worth 10% of my grade...03:20
InHisNameHow about:   "I did NOT find it interesting, I'm only here because I want a good grade."06:17
rmg51MOrning JonathanD11:07
MutantTurkeywho's running PennBot?14:44
MutantTurkeywe need to get the link thing working again14:44
jedijfanonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu14:49
MutantTurkeythey've really stopped caring about anything but unity14:50
jedijfcaring and underwriting are exclusive14:50
MutantTurkeywhy does lwn still have that terrible layout though?14:51
MutantTurkeyi wish they'd choose something saner14:51
MutantTurkeyI like the minimalism. I don't like the layout14:51
jedijfi wish i read it more14:52
MutantTurkeyit's rather good14:52
MutantTurkeyI need to get a subscription14:52
jedijfi just subscribed DOH - i have a subscription - THANKS MARK - never subscribed to email14:53
jedijfCanonical supports jedijf14:55
jedijflwn subscription14:55
jedijftrue, all members get LWN sub as bonus14:55
MutantTurkeywhat is the command for nvermind...14:57
MutantTurkeyjedijf: new 3.0.20 kernel can "According to Matthew Garrett, who developed the patch, the change can reduce the power consumption of a Thinkpad X220 by 5 watts. "15:01
MutantTurkeyhow'd they know I wanted that so badly?15:02
MutantTurkeyon my natty install I could get down to 8-9 watts.15:02
MutantTurkeynow i'm at like 15/1615:02
MutantTurkeyits mostly this crappy realtek driver15:05
MutantTurkeyno powersaving on it yet15:05
jedijfthat's a young persons game; my era is more power15:22
MutantTurkeyI am loooking into getting a opteron build server going15:31
EvilResistanceMutantTurkey, i'm running PennBot, but I also had an explodified python lib set, so its on a fractured system atm15:31
EvilResistanceunless any of you has an additional 55MB RAM you can lend me on a VPS or a server... :P15:32
MutantTurkeyEvilResistance: let me check15:33
MutantTurkeyholy crap15:33
EvilResistancethats what its using actively right now15:33
EvilResistance(i should point out its in 3 channels, excluding its reporting channel)15:34
JonathanDThis is gonna be a bad day.15:34
* EvilResistance SSH's to the box and digs around in the system15:34
MutantTurkeywhy JonathanD15:34
JonathanDremote server hosted with crappy provider is down.15:34
JonathanDwon't reboot, won't come back up.15:34
EvilResistanceMutantTurkey, i've loaded the URL plugin, but it seems to not work15:37
EvilResistancei'll have to dig around further to find out why15:38
EvilResistanceMutantTurkey, the "title snarfer" config option doesnt show up, so i'm digging around for the configs15:39
MutantTurkeywhut whut whut15:40
rmg51MutantTurkey: ^^15:40
PennBotTitle: TrekWeb Internet Services - About Us (at trekweb.org)15:43
EvilResistance^ there we go15:43
EvilResistanceMutantTurkey, want to guess why it wasnt working?15:44
EvilResistancebecause they have two plugins that do the same thing and no difference in description between the two...15:45
EvilResistancebut it doesnt correctly run in one of the plugins :P15:45
* EvilResistance beats the system15:48
EvilResistancethat returned an error jedijf15:48
adomany chance anyone here has used Facebook chat with Pidgin?15:50
EvilResistanceadom,  a while ago, then they changed their API and things exploded15:51
MutantTurkeyadom: yes15:53
MutantTurkeyI thought it was just XMPP?15:53
MutantTurkeyit works fairly well for me15:53
MutantTurkeyor did15:53
adomyeah its xmpp but its not working for me15:53
adomkeeps saying "Not authorized"15:53
adomi even tried the Facebook plugin for Pidgin which keeps saying Incorrect username or password15:53
adombut i use the exact same user/pass tologin to the site15:53
* EvilResistance points at his last statement which points out Facebook changed their API and things broke15:54
adomso using facebook chat via pidgin no longer works?15:54
EvilResistancei cant get it to work with Empathy either, so...15:55
EvilResistanceand fwiw i dont really use facebook anymore so... :p15:55
adomi use FB all the time to communicate with friends/family16:00
adomjust want to close the web page and just have chat available16:01
MutantTurkeyuse facebook's chat in it's own window16:02
MutantTurkeythats nice16:02
jedijfi stopped using it on bitlbee to avoid people16:02
adomMutantTurkey: dont think you can do that anymore16:02
jedijfso use bitlbee16:02
MutantTurkeybitlbee is just as bad16:03
MutantTurkeyisn't itbased on libpurple?16:03
adomwhatever works ill try at this point16:03
adomassuming its not insecure16:03
adomnot secure16:03
jedijfit's facebook16:03
adomif its that, i dont like it16:03
jedijffood or work16:04
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adomi got facebook chat to work via xmpp in pidgin. but now im second guessing pidgin as my im client. i dont think i can turn off the Snort updates of people logging in and out of facebook and its really annoying.17:33
adommost im clients let you customize notifications, but i cant find anything in pidgin that does.17:33
adomdebating giving the bitlbee train a ride...17:35
adomcan somoene give me a quick one line explanation of how it works?17:35
adommy guess is that bitlbee is a server that runs locally [or remotely?] and irssi has a plugin that connects to the bitlbee server?17:35
adomalso accepting linux im client recommendations17:36
ChinnoDogbitlbee is an IM client17:52
ChinnoDogthere isn't a one line explanation but there is a nice page pleia2 created about getting started with bitlbee17:53
PennBotTitle: PrincessLeia.com - Bitlbee Quickstart Guide (Online Edition) & Notes (at princessleia.com)17:54
adomi thought bitlbee was a server that you view with an irc client17:54
ChinnoDogIt is an IM client that runs as an IRC server17:54
adomwow princessleia.com, impressive17:55
ChinnoDogpleia2 is impressive17:55
InHisNameany of you using musicbrainz ?18:54
adomInHisName: i think ive used the Picard thingy before for automatic MP3 tagging19:31
adomwth...since when is CentOS a desktop distro?20:23
adomcoworker installed it on a box thinking of tossing up a quick LAMP server...upon restart we were presented gnome2 desktop interface20:24
adomive only ever known CentOS as a server OS20:24
ChinnoDogI think I am going to transplant my computer into an old case20:54
JonathanDI need a case for mine.20:55
JonathanDI have a semi-decent gaming rig in a piece of bent aluminum.20:55
JonathanDIt used to be a case, probably even a good one.20:56
JonathanDBut the side is missing pieces, all the drive bays up front are missing the fillers, and it just looks like crap20:56
ChinnoDogWell, I have this Antec Sonata case that is heavy duty and quiet despite its many fans but the motherboard is ancient and it needs a new power supply because the one it has does not have thermal controls. (I replaced it and was too cheap... oops)20:56
ChinnoDogAnd the power supply in the current case I think is what is making obnoxious noises20:56
ChinnoDogSo I will need a new power supply too20:56
ChinnoDogYou could potentially have my old case20:57
JonathanDI have a good PSU.20:57
ChinnoDogThere is nothing wrong with it aside from poor noise dampening ability for my many fans and hard drives20:57
JonathanDit's mostly good20:57
JonathanDThe fan doesn't work20:57
ChinnoDoghaha. That is mostly good?20:58
JonathanDso I shoved another one in and wired it to the HDD power supply20:58
ChinnoDogI need to stop buying things with fans20:58
JonathanDThe previous power supply made my HDD catch on fire, so I took it out.20:58
ChinnoDogWhen I am done the Sonata will be sporting 5-8 hard drives, two 120mm fans, CPU fan, graphics card fan, power supply fan20:59
JonathanDToo many fans.20:59
ChinnoDogThat is a good reason to remove it. lol20:59
JonathanDI thought so.20:59
JonathanDYet... I kept it.20:59
ChinnoDogWhen I had a quiet PSU the whole system was quiet. It was amazing20:59
JonathanDLogic would dicate it should be thrown away.20:59
JonathanDBut maybe I can use it still!20:59
ChinnoDogAntec Sonata is very well built20:59
JonathanDThe current PSU is an antec something.21:00
JonathanDI think.21:00
ChinnoDogBut, flaming hard drives are bad21:00
JonathanDChinnoDog: not the burning one.21:00
JonathanDthe burning one, I took out.21:00
JonathanDone of the HDD power connectors was sort of smushed.21:00
JonathanDso it shorted.21:00
JonathanDand melted the plastic right off the drive.21:01
JonathanDthe drive still works if you shove some paper or something in the socket so the leads make contact.21:01
JonathanDBut I opted to replace that, too :)21:01
JonathanDI have a nifty little 10,000rpm SATA disk in it now, instead.21:01
ChinnoDogI need a hot swap cage so I can add all my hard drives21:02
JonathanDI only game on this machine.21:02
JonathanDOnly one disk. All my storage is on NAS.21:02
JonathanDhttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136322 is the disk, I got one for free.21:02
PennBotTitle: Newegg.com - Western Digital VelociRaptor WD3000HLFS 300GB 10000 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gbs 3.5 Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive (at www.newegg.com)21:02
JonathanDit's only 300GB though.21:02
JonathanDMy boss gives me his "old" stuff.21:03
JonathanDThats also how I got the NAS, actually.21:03
waltmanAnd the holodeck21:03
JonathanDonly some of it21:04
JonathanDand one of these babys... http://www.dexternights.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/lenovo-thinkpad-x200-tablet_4a2.jpg21:04
waltmanThis means that JonathanD's boss must have a really kick-ass holodeck in HIS basement.21:05
ChinnoDogBy the time I am done my computer is going to weigh a ton21:13
PennBotTitle: Newegg.com - iStarUSA BPN-DE230SS-RED 2 x 5.25 to 3 x 3.5 SASSATA Trayless Hot-Swap Cage - Server Accessories (at www.newegg.com)21:13
ChinnoDogI like it. Trayless, supports SATA 1-3 and SAS 1 and 221:13
ChinnoDogWhat do you call the connector on a power supply that you plug your fans into so that it can regulate the fan speed?21:20
ChinnoDogI'm tempted to get a fanless power supply and get a thermocouple controlled rear 120mm fan with a pass-through connector for the forward fan21:24
adomyou mean the molex connectors? or the 3-4 pin headers on your motherboard?21:24
ChinnoDogI mean on the PSU specs. some of them control additional internal fans for you, some of them don't21:24
ChinnoDogI forget what type of connectors they have. i will have to look21:24
adomive never been much of a fan speed control person21:24
adomjust let the bios handle it21:25
adomnever had an overheating issue with decent ventilation21:25
adomi take that back21:26
adomback in the day i used to run dual SLi video cards in my dad's dusty basement. one day i started getting visual errors, like bright lines streaking across the screen. then the PC just stopped turning on.21:26
adomtook out the video cards and both had seeping capacitors21:27
adomso, besides that, ive never had an overheating issue21:27
* adom blushes.21:27
adomi need to start keeping track of my away status21:28
* adom waves bye.21:28
ChinnoDogseeping capacitors was a production problem21:29
ChinnoDogIt affected all computers made with them. I think that era lasted about a year and a half.21:29
ChinnoDogIt was too big to recall21:29
ChinnoDoglooks like the rear fan has molex connector only. It came with the case. Forward hard drive fan has 3 pin connector that splits into a molex pass-through for power and a single wire 3 pin connector so it can be controlled by the motherboard21:50
ChinnoDogI made a huge mess on my floor. Computer parts everywhere22:32
MutantTurkeywho wanted that kernel 3.2 source?23:03
MutantTurkeyfrom PPA23:03
MutantTurkeyerstazi: was that you?\23:04
ChinnoDogSure, I move the computer so I can verify what is making the noise and now it won't do it23:39
ChinnoDogafter I went through all the work to hollow out another case for it23:39
MutantTurkeywoop woop23:40
ChinnoDog... it did it, and I fixed it. It was the GPU fan23:45
ChinnoDogI take it back. It isn't fixed, but it is the GPU fan. hmm23:48
ChinnoDogpleia2 knows all about having too many fans23:48

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