Kilosmorning all05:19
inetproMaaz: tell kilos good morning sir06:25
Maazinetpro: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:25
inetprogood morning everyone else06:26
nuvolaricalling all xml fundi'07:12
nuvolarihow do I replace an invisible Â(?!) using xslt?07:12
nuvolariwhen using hexcurses, it's displaying as 00C207:13
superflynuvolari: search for \u00C2 ?07:45
queeryis anyone else having problems with twitter?09:45
queeryI cant send tweets from tweetdeck or from the twitter page09:46
zeref-Lapwhew, finally got myself a switch11:10
zeref-Lapnow i can connect my debian and buntu box :-)11:11
nlsthzn_Hi all... informal meeting time :p16:17
kbmonkeyhi :)16:17
* nlsthzn_ is @ work FTR... so will be up and down and all around16:17
nlsthzn_hey kbmonkey .... just checked the mail to see when I should be here... and now I am :)16:17
nlsthzn_on web chat (that sucks but nvrmind)16:18
kbmonkeygood good!16:18
kbmonkeymade it a wide window so people can pop in and out16:18
nlsthzn_I noticed :)16:19
nlsthzn_Anything happen yet or still waiting for some action?16:20
kbmonkeyprobably the 'quiet before the storm'16:21
nlsthzn_oh crap... I am in the wrong channel... haha16:23
nlsthzn_join #linux-studies16:23
kbmonkeymust be busy at work ;)16:23
zeref-Laptumbleweed: i've managed to connect my two  boxes together (debian server and ubuntu box) via a switch16:30
zeref-Lapthe buntu box gets an ip from the deb box, but no internet...16:30
nlsthzn_Maaz: tea please sir.16:33
Maaznlsthzn_: *blink*16:33
nlsthzn_Maaz: tea please?16:33
MaazAs soon as the kettle boils I will pour boiling water into your cup if you have the tea bag in already16:33
nlsthzn_Maaz: kettle on!16:33
Maaznlsthzn_: Huh?16:33
nlsthzn_Maaz: Please?!16:33
Maaznlsthzn_: Excuse me?16:33
kbmonkeyhe's stubborn16:35
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on16:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:35
zeref-Laphere is the isc dhcpd config file: http://pastebin.com/JrhVt6Wj16:37
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!16:39
kbmonkeyMaaz ty16:41
MaazYou are welcome kbmonkey16:41
nlsthzn_Maaz: are you a bot?16:42
Maaznlsthzn_: What?16:42
nlsthzn_Maaz: A pirate?16:42
Maaznlsthzn_: *blink*16:42
kbmonkeytrying to setup internet proxy zeref-Lap ?16:42
zeref-Laphi kbmonkey: a dhcp severver16:44
kbmonkeyprobably seen this, but in case: http://wiki.debian.org/DHCP_Server16:45
zeref-Lapyep had a look at it16:48
nlsthzn_o/ to uncle Kilos 16:48
Kiloslo nlsthzn and others16:48
zeref-Lapsome folks suggested ths: http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/02/something-wicked-happened-resolving-no.html16:49
zeref-Lapki Kilos16:49
Kilossorry I'm late. irc didnt wanna connect16:49
Kiloshiya zeref-Lap 16:49
zeref-Lapbut i think the error is server side16:50
zeref-Laphoping tumbleweed will be around16:50
tumbleweedzeref-Lap: I wouldn't bother with a massive dhcp-server, dhnsmasq should be all you need16:52
tumbleweedand, then o fcourse you need to enable masquerading on the gateway16:52
zeref-Lapwill dnsmasq be ok if i connect 3 other machines?16:53
Tonberryfunny these days that massive dhcp server means something that uses less resources than my chat client...16:54
tumbleweedzeref-Lap: yes16:54
tumbleweedTonberry: sure, but dhnsmasq is much easier to set up16:54
tumbleweedit's just one program that does everything...16:54
zeref-Lapk, i'll give it a go. thanks16:55
Tonberryi did it the hard way with bind and isc-dhcp and i can confirm dnsmasq is a lot less effort16:55
zeref-Lapso then when will dhcp-server be > dnsmasq16:56
tumbleweedwhen you have 500 machines spread over 10 subnets?16:58
tumbleweed(ok, maybe 50)16:58
tumbleweedorif you like ISC software (which most sane people don't)16:59
WOLFEYESSorry I'm late, good evening all.18:17
Kiloshiya WOLFEYES 18:17
WOLFEYESHeya Kilos 18:18
KilosWOLFEYES,  go /j ##linux-studies18:18
WOLFEYESIs everything finished already?18:18
WOLFEYESty Kilos 18:19
Kilosnuvolari, meeting18:20
Kilosyip zeref-Lap type in /j ##linux-studies18:25
Kilosthats where the lpi course is gonna be18:25
magespawnHowdy all18:27
Kilosmagespawn,  ##linux-studies18:27
WOLFEYESheya magespawn 18:28
KilosSquirm, you not joining us?18:29
superflynaandsê oom Kilos18:37
Kilosnaand superfly 18:37
nlsthzn_hey mr superfly .... ##linux-studies18:37
Kilosons is by ##linux-studies18:38
SquirmKilos: for what"18:45
Squirmbut no, I need sleep, had a bad night last night18:45
WOLFEYESsorry to hear Squirm 18:45
Kilosmeeting on what kbmonkey is gonna teach with regards to lpi and php i think18:45
kbmonkeyKilos et all, let's make that #linux-studies18:45
WOLFEYESfor linux studies18:45
kbmonkeyme? teach? ha ha ha *squirms*18:46
SquirmI'd love to get LPIC, hopefully this year18:46
kbmonkeyonline self study-group18:46
superflyPHP? eish18:46
kbmonkeyme too Squirm 18:46
inetprosuperfly: I'm sure you'll get your opportunity to teach us python :-)18:47
Squirmkbmonkey: I'm going to go for my RHCSA and RHCE this year18:49
* nlsthzn_ would like to learn python18:49
Squirmbut anyways, chat tomorrow18:49
WOLFEYEScheers Squirm 18:49
Kilosnlsthzn, byteofpython18:51
Kilostoods Squirm 18:51
nlsthzn_Many good resources for Python at least... there is a whole Video series on MIT Open Courseware too :)18:52
kbmonkeynlsthzn I found the "Dive Into Python" ebook is really good. 18:58
superflykbmonkey: that one should only be used if you already know another programming language - if you're starting out, A Byte of Python is better19:16
kbmonkeytrue, dive into python is good *if* you know coding practices19:26
KilosMaaz, coffee on21:06
* Maaz starts grinding coffee21:06
kbmonkeyneed that caffeine hey21:07
* Kilos very thirsty now21:07
Kiloshard work keeping up with you guys21:07
kbmonkeygn za21:08
WOLFEYESnight all, 21:08
KilosMaaz, move it21:10
MaazIf I get anymore cheek Kilos you can do it yourself next time21:10
* nlsthzn_work is making some tea21:10
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!21:10
KilosMaaz, ty21:10
MaazYou are welcome Kilos21:10
Kilosyou at work nlsthzn 21:11
nlsthzn_workYup uncle Kilos ... I am 21:11
Kiloshave a good night nlsthzn hope all goes well21:12
superflyinetpro: what are you still doing up?!22:17

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