skwirdStepNjump, looks like you had a corrupted install to begin with...00:01
AMS-ITGuyskwird, given that it works with Win7 -- I agree.  I've gone back to Ubuntu 10.04 and the problem is still there.00:01
AMS-ITGuyskwird, Just trying to figure out what I've missed :)00:01
StepNjumpI downloaded the app from the Brother site00:02
antnashAMS-ITGuy: I'm still having the problem that caused me to try reinstalling. I can't access my shares from my damn windows 7 laptop00:02
antnashI just get password incorrect. Any idea?00:02
bergelmiri want to uninstall my gui but after installing ubuntu-desktop and unity there is still a gui. what else do i need to uninstall/disable?00:02
StepNjumpIs there a way to desinstall a bad install?00:02
StepNjumpuninstall I mean skwird00:03
AMS-ITGuyantnash, that doesn't mean a samba issue.... what is the problem when you try to access them?00:03
antnashwindows just says that the password is wrong00:04
aBoundbergelmir, Trying to completely rid the Unity GUI?00:05
bergelmiraBound: yep00:05
aBoundJust a terminal I presume.00:05
bergelmironly cli00:05
skwirdStepNjump,  can you paste the output of cat /var/lib/dpkg/status | grep thatpackage'sname00:05
AMS-ITGuybergelmir, wouldn't it be easier to change the runlevel of the login app?00:06
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waheedhi, I'm using ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop toshiba satellite L655, the DVD doesn't read DVDs, it oly reads CDs, how to solve this??00:06
AMS-ITGuywaheed, DVD data discs or movies?00:07
skwirdStepNjump, try: sudo apt-get remove --purge packagenamegoeshere00:07
AMS-ITGuywaheed, never heard of that before..... you sure it's a DVD drive? lol00:07
StepNjumpskwird: ok thanks I will try that... please also see: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/832056/00:07
bergelmirAMS-ITGuy: how to change the runlevel?00:07
aBoundbergelmir, I'd say you can use this simple tutorial but figures you'd have to bypass the gnome classic instructions: http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/10/ubuntu-1110-oneiric-remove-unity-and.html00:07
skwirdStepNjump, then do: dpkg -L packagename00:08
aBoundbergelmir, Or try using this site: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6302/how-can-you-remove-unity00:08
SmashingXiceroot: I installed phpmyadmin but now how can I start using it?00:08
SmashingXI installed phpmyadmin but now how can I start using it?00:08
waheedAMS-ITGuy : yes sure00:08
StepNjumpskwird: yep same thing The package brhl2170wlpr needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.00:09
DevilSolutionwhats 11.10 like?00:09
StepNjumpsk ok I will try the -L00:09
AMS-ITGuybergelmir, I think It's controlled in /etc/init/gdm.conf - you'd have to check the help pages, but I think changing that to a level of 2 disables the login and gives text only00:09
cfhowlettSmashingX: http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/pma/Welcome_to_phpMyAdmin_Wiki00:09
AMS-ITGuywaheed, sorry no idea here00:09
aBoundDevilSolution, Define like. As in what the behavior of Ubuntu, the gui, the programs etc....00:10
StepNjumpskwird: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/832057/00:10
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, kinda like 11.04 and not quite like 12.04 lol00:10
skwirdStepNjump, take a look at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1608698 The package is clearly corrupted and needs a good cleaning out before you try and reinstall it. Take a look at #6,00:10
StepNjumpskwird: I can't even get in synaptic00:11
StepNjumpoh ok.. thanks. skwird00:11
SmashingXcfhowlett: how can I start it?00:11
y2E0say how can I solve this IRC issue when trying to join #android? Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services00:11
DevilSolutionis it better in your guys opinions? what do i loose what do i gain? in summery :P00:11
cfhowlettSmashingX: i'm not a php guy - see #phpmyadmin00:13
waheedAMS-ITGuy : it doesn't read neither CDs, nor DVDs00:13
StepNjumpskwird: wow that seems to be risky!00:13
waheedhi, I'm using ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop toshiba satellite L655, the DVD doesn't read DVDs, or CDs, how to solve this??00:13
StepNjumpskwird: the printer is working like a charm... It's weird that the package confuses the system like that00:13
ubottuwaheed: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:14
skwirdStepNjump, that is strange00:14
StepNjumpWell, thank you very much for all your help skwird00:14
AMS-ITGuywaheed, can you boot off of a CD?00:14
skwirdI suspect ubuntu has some inbuilt support for the printer not dependent on that commercial driver. StepNjump00:14
aBoundDevilSolution, It works fine on my machine except a few minor issues like Compiz being unstable and sometimes my GUI gets stuck in a loop. But the newer packages are nice and adds a new kernel.00:14
skwirdYou are welcome StepNjump, sorry we couldn't figure it out exactly... Good Luck!00:15
skwirdI am out.00:15
skwirdGood luck to you as well AMS-ITGuy00:15
aBoundRoom died. :P00:18
AMS-ITGuyaBound, sorry, busy lol :)00:18
aBoundztag100, hi00:19
ztag100aBound: WHATSUP!00:19
AMS-ITGuyI love VNC for spying on users :D00:19
aBoundUbuntu is up in the sky. :P00:19
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bergelmiraBound, AMS-ITGuy: /etc/default/grub --> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" :-)00:22
AMS-ITGuybergelmir, awesome, learnt something new! :)00:24
zeref-Laphi guys, i was having trouble booting up my ubuntu, kept getting mount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed:, i booted using live cd, but i still cant mount the / partition, its on /dev/sda1??00:24
szymon_gif i'll follow those steps http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/how-to-install-unity-5-0-in-ubuntu-11-10/ will i get the newest (atm 5.2) unity on my 11.10?00:25
AMS-ITGuyszymon_g, unity 5.2 can't be installed on 11.10 only on 12.04a200:25
szymon_geven after adding unity-team:stagging PPA? shame :/00:26
Oerszymon_g, https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/staging says no00:26
zeref-Lapi tried running fsck /dev/sda1, but i get device or resource busy00:26
szymon_gah, ok, thanx AMS-ITGuy and Oer :)00:27
DevilSolutionquick question, im installing 11.10 however if something goes wrong how do i reverse the changes? given that its deleting and unpacking packages now so its probably too late to backup the system00:28
lion42DevilSolution, are you installing it onto the whole drive?00:28
stercorI have a non-bootable 11.10 system.  Shortly into the boot process the monitor displays "Sync.  Out of Range" and the boot process stops.  Ctrl-Alt-Del reboots the system, so it's not far into the boot sequence.  Also, the computer powers down immediately when I press the power button (no 5-second wait).00:29
DevilSolutionlion42, yup00:29
DevilSolutionubuntu has the whole drive00:29
AMS-ITGuystercor, try pressing alt-ctrl-f1 when the sync message appears to get a text shell menu..... sounds like an improperly configured video driver to me00:30
symaxianOn 11.10 with win7 in virtualbox, how do I get networking set up for win7?00:31
stercorAMS-ITGuy: That's what I suspect also.  But it doesn't have any of the Ctrl-Alt-Fn shells up yet.00:31
tomvolekHI guys a simple question, If I want to make sure tar cvf wil pickup all the hidden files aslo,  what should my tar command be ?  tar cvf mybackup.tar ./foo/*   ?00:31
cfhowlettstercor: your monitor settings are too high00:32
lion42DevilSolution, then you've passed the point of no return. Your files are gone, short of attempting to recover them using special software meant to extract lost data. And even then, you'll be lucky to get it back.00:32
stercorI can't get to a root prompt.00:32
DevilSolutionso theres no system restore type thing?00:33
cfhowlettstercor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUXV0um_z3E00:33
lion42DevilSolution, to get back what was on the drive before you installed ubuntu? No, absolutely not.00:33
AMS-ITGuystercor, still sounds like a video drivers.... frequency is too high.... has it ever worked?00:34
DevilSolutionno to restore core factors of the system or raw components?00:34
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lion42DevilSolution, how do you mean? Like what?00:34
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, no system restore.... what went wrong?00:35
DevilSolutionnothing yet, just curious, im just getting the system and programs how i want them, didnt really wanan take the risk but its too alte now00:37
stercorAMS-ITGuy: I hobbled up by putting in a CD/DVD into the drive. The out of sync message went away in 30 seconds to a minute and a half.  It doesn't do that now.00:37
DevilSolutionlion42, i guess im asking if ubuntu maps its core components in a backup, not all my files but the kernel or such00:38
stercorOh...the patch was prior to moving the computer. :)00:38
stercorIf I could get to the video configuration files, I could propbably set the monitor parameters to work...00:38
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, get another HDD and use the DD command to back up an image00:39
DevilSolutionalright cheers00:40
stercorThe BIG problem is that I don't know how to get past the disk partitioning section without formatting the partition.  The screen says that it doesn't reformat if there's a 'K' in the ptn table.  I just don't know how to set it.00:40
stercorI've tried a bunch of stuff already.00:41
skrillexello, i have a any problem with update install for the hedgewars games, Ubuntu ??? help please00:41
skrillexi speak french sorry :S00:41
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, sorry, I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, so I don't know what to recommend.00:41
skrillexme ???00:42
skrillexthe Ubuntu Qc  , link, please ???00:42
AMS-ITGuyskrillex, no, not you - you may want to try the ubuntu-fr or qc channel, they speak your native languarge00:42
stercorHmmm...I'll (gasp!) use the LinuxMint boot disk to see if I can a) get its video drivers, and b) get to a root prompt.00:43
jmpdevdoes anyone have a link to a guide for installing postfix with mysql and dovecot on lucid?00:43
skrillexthanks !00:43
AMS-ITGuystercor, so use Mint, if it does the job, excellent00:43
DevilSolutionAMS-ITGuy, im not trying to accomplish anything, im curious as to weather ubuntu has a built in back up incase the upgrade to 11.10 goes bad :P00:43
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, I would get another hdd and do a dd image to it before updates.... the non LTS releases are a bit freaky with updates to be honest00:44
stercorAMS-ITGuy: It removed a bunch of my files when I upgraded it.  I'm using it as a last resort.00:44
AMS-ITGuystercor, an Ubuntu update removed your files?00:45
DevilSolutionAMS-ITGuy, its updating live right now, i was just wondering incase in 10 minutes i disapear and dont come back maybe there would be a command to use :P00:45
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, after starting an update, it's a bit late to do a backup....00:46
stercorAMS-ITGuy: Not Ubuntu.  LinuxMint. Specifically, my ~/Music and ~/Video directories.  I find this strange ... and suspicious.00:46
stercorThat's the reason I went back to Ubuntu.00:46
DevilSolutionAMS-ITGuy, so no rollback options then? :P00:47
AMS-ITGuystercor, you came to an Ubuntu IRC to ask about LinuxMint issues?00:47
AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, *USE DD*.  I use it all the time.  Otherwise no rollback issues that I'm aware of.00:47
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DevilSolutionokay thanks, ill get myself anotehr HD00:48
lion42DevilSolution, what we're saying is that you're out of luck. You have to manually backup what you want to preserve -before- doing an action which can cause things to go wrong. In the event of wanting to keep your whole drive and configuration, you need to clone it before making the dangerous modification.00:48
jmonster1234Can anyone help me get 1 on 1 help?00:48
DevilSolutionwell fingers crossed everything goes smoothly, only had 2 errors so far and both IDE related00:48
AMS-ITGuydoes everyone use defective hardware? lol00:49
DevilSolutionjmonster1234, im a shrink, take a seat and talk to me00:49
AMS-ITGuywhat's the issue jmonster?00:49
holsteinjmonster1234: we like to keep things in the channels.. that way everyone can benefit00:49
DevilSolutionAMS-ITGuy, mines over 10 years old, runs fine though, updates just scare me00:49
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AMS-ITGuyDevilSolution, then use DD to make an image, it works great and stop worrying about updates, or use LTS00:50
jmonster1234ok well i just downloaded ubuntu so bare with me. I cannot get the internet to work on my comp00:50
lion42AMS-ITGuy, my last lenovo laptop needed a motherboard replacement, wireless card replacement, ram replacement, monitor replacement, and various keyboard/hinge/screw/cover replacements all while in the warranty period.00:50
lion42They finally gave me another laptop to stop paying to repair my old one, but I trust a lenovo to work properly about as much as... no, I don't trust it.00:50
AMS-ITGuylion42, my very awesome Thinkpad T410 doesn't have such issues00:50
DevilSolutionill make an image after ive upgraded00:51
lion42The replacement they gave me is a thinkpad t420is00:51
AMS-ITGuyt420s are awesome, never had an issue with them00:51
AMS-ITGuyi've got 50 in my org00:51
AMS-ITGuywell.... 46 lol00:51
lion42Well, this one has certainly had a better track record than my old one... :P00:52
AMS-ITGuywhat was the old one?00:52
AMS-ITGuycute :)00:52
lion42Yeah, piece of garbage, that was. They spent way more money repairing it for me than they did replacing it.00:52
berdarioHi, I just noticed that the new Ubuntu Global Jam has been announced00:53
AMS-ITGuyLenovo workstations, frankly, are awesome.... esp with Ubuntu00:53
berdariobut both jorge castro and jono bacon seem to have been quite silent about it00:53
lion42AMS-ITGuy, we've gone offtopic. #ubuntu-offtopic ?00:53
AMS-ITGuymmmm bacon00:53
berdariodo you think that something's wrong with that?00:53
AMS-ITGuyno THATs off topic lol00:53
recon69_lapanyone know anything about libvideo0 on 10.04 64bit , cant seem t o find the package00:54
berdarioI mean: I also googled for some acknowledgment of the announcement:00:54
rhizmoegee, orage, thanks for losing my time format and zone.00:54
rhizmoeberdario: wtf00:54
berdarioand it doesn't yield any result00:54
berdariorhizmoe, yeah, sorry about the humongous url00:54
berdarionot quite, but I still do clumsy mistakes :P00:55
berdariobtw, there's only one month left00:55
lion42rhizmoe, I've been here since the dawn of time and I still mindlessly do that from time to time.00:55
recon69_lapberdario: I blame google00:55
rhizmoethat's not a hashtag, it's a channel00:55
berdariothere are only 4 or 5 teams registered00:56
recon69_lapanyone know anything about libvideo0 on 10.04 64bit , cant seem t o find the package00:56
AMS-ITGuysorry what does libvideo0 do?  doesn't sound like a proper ppa or package00:56
berdarioand these don't have many users... and on the mailing list archives of the teams there's no discussion about that00:56
zeroxnakhow can I request to register a nick that is registered, but has not been used in well over a year00:56
AMS-ITGuyZeroedout, on irc?00:56
recon69_lapit's a dependency for v4l4j00:57
berdariomaybe I'm just freaking out... but to mee seems almost like the ugj (at least the early 2012 one) is dead00:57
AMS-ITGuyerr zeroxnak on irc?00:57
levitskyFUCK DA POLICE00:57
levitskywrong chan00:57
FloodBot1levitsky: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
AMS-ITGuyso, i've been trying since 3pm EST.... anyone have experience with Ubuntu as a client, PPTP VPNs and split tunnelling? lol00:58
berdariodoes anyone here care about the global jam... or do you simply think mine it's a case of "much ado about nothing"?00:58
AMS-ITGuysorry, but WTF is global jam?00:58
recon69_lapi like jam on toast00:58
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam00:59
berdarioI think of it as one of the few occasions in which we can raise awareness about ubuntu, gather with other local nerds and contribute to the project, etc.etc.00:59
AMS-ITGuyI care about OSS - we can always raise awareness of Ubuntu.... what are you asking, specficially?01:00
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, I was about to mail my local LUG to propose to cooperate on doing such an event01:01
SHOVELLhey i am having a compile error and i dont understand what i am missing any ideas? here is the output of make01:01
recon69_lapberdario: news to me, sounds good, but i'm having a cup of tea and a crack at getting this cam working in java, but bed as soon as tea is done01:01
AMS-ITGuyberdario, so do so01:01
berdariowhile researching for further info, to support my cause... I found out that basically... nobody seems to be active for the next global jam :/01:01
nakanyone own a ratel ultra from system 76?01:02
AMS-ITGuyberdario, so if they aren't, spread the word yourself.... you don't need a date to introduce others, do you?01:02
AMS-ITGuynak, nope01:02
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, actually... I do :P I don't have much self-confidence01:03
berdariobtw, ok01:03
berdariobut it's worrying nonetheless01:03
SHOVELLor should i ask elsewhere01:03
AMS-ITGuyberdario, what is worrying?  what does self confidence have to do with introducing others to OSS and Ubuntu?01:03
recon69_lapone point berdario, it takes a bloody long time to get knowledge enough to help develop01:04
tioxFYI to all, the zsnes package for 64-bit Ubuntu still wants to eat ubuntu-desktop and other programs.01:04
berdariorecon69_lap, I don't know if you hang around it somewhat often... but I think there's a problem if you didn't know about it... because it's a symptom there's not enough communication about it01:04
tioxSomeone ought to recompile it for 64-bit.01:04
berdarios/around it/around here/01:04
recon69_lapberdario: I think there are lots of people working on ubuntu, they probably all hanging out in ubuntu+101:04
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, I mean that it's worryng the lack of awareness for it01:05
AMS-ITGuyberdario, I've been using Linux since the early 90s.... Linux will find it's place.... users will find Linux - what is your concern that there is no awareness?  I don't understand?01:06
recon69_lapberdario: and i'm helping out now, trying to get my cam wotking in java01:06
berdarioabout the knowledge: I know... but the global jam is supposed to be organized by the most knowleadgeable individual in an area... and even if that's not possible... just working on translation or testing should be easy enough01:06
berdarioyesyes, I'm not complaining... I'm just trying to get some feedback :)01:07
AMS-ITGuyberdario, feedback on what?  so there is no global jam.... no one takes interest..... do you take interest?01:07
CyberDawgWell I dont know about you but I think I will JAM into the kitchen and grab me a sammich01:07
fellayaboyis it possible to bridge my ethernet with my wireless and tunnel it through an ssh session?01:07
AMS-ITGuyfellayaboy, why would you even want to do that? lol01:08
fellayaboymany many reasons01:08
AMS-ITGuyfellayaboy, explain01:08
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, I do... and I'm prodding others to gauge the interest... now I'll drop by ubuntu+1... and next I'll try some mails01:08
fellayaboyi want to bridge my ethernet to my wireles..... than i want to tunnel it through a remote ssh at home01:08
fellayaboyso that i can use that public ip01:08
recon69_lapberdario: well, get organised in your area if you know anyone. get involved yourself. most work on linux is done because someone wants a feature that is not implemented, then they start working on that feature.01:09
AMS-ITGuyberdario, don't convert.... educate, use the tool for the job... this isn't a religion, it's an OS01:09
berdario(the feedback was simply on what do you think about it)01:09
berdarioAMS-ITGuy, I never used the word "convert"... did I gave the impression of being somewhat zealotic? :)01:09
fellayaboydoes anyone have any ideas?01:09
tioxberdario: Look through history. Forced conversion just causes dissent and rebellion.01:09
recon69_lapberdario: i'd suggest you dont go bothering people to much01:09
AMS-ITGuyberdario, i think I like linux and Ubuntu and it serves a place in my life.... i choose to help people with it.... if they choose to use Windows or Mac, that's their choice01:09
berdarioI don't really see how this applies01:10
tioxOne thing you COULD do berdario is to get it in more stores by working as a representitive of the system, and receiving a demo machine from an OEM.01:10
AMS-ITGuyberdario, these aren't the droids you're looking for...01:10
berdarioI mean: I'm talking about me, you, the peeps on #ubuntu, jono bacon... my local lug... all people who already use linux01:10
CyberDawgberdario, you feeling a lil beat up here mang?01:10
recon69_lapberdario: anyone reading this knows about the jam, now let us get on with what we are doing01:10
AMS-ITGuytiox, WTF are you talking about?01:11
SHOVELLis this the ubuntu support chan??01:11
berdarioCyberDawg, care to rephrase in english? :)01:11
tioxWell, if He wants to help spread the word on Linux, have the consumers see it where consumers go.01:11
tioxBut yes, it's not support discussion. Let's move on.01:11
berdariorecon69_lap, good :) but until 5 minutes ago, it wasn't so... at least it seems we got some results :)01:11
berdarioand now... I'm really going to #ubuntu+1 :)01:12
CyberDawgberdario, y0 mang, UbuntuOR Linux isnt an English specific OS... js...01:12
AMS-ITGuytiox, yes, he should contact top tier OEMs to install Ubuntu lol01:12
AMS-ITGuySHOVELL, dunno, you just showed up01:12
jribyes, let's get back to *support* please01:12
AMS-ITGuyah, here come the "silent ones" lol01:12
AMS-ITGuyso support01:12
SHOVELLhey i am having a compile error and i dont understand what i am missing any ideas? here is the output of make http://pastebin.com/DxcYmkAj01:12
AMS-ITGuywho wants to help me with my VPN problem I've been asking for help on for the last 5 hours?01:13
AMS-ITGuyshovell?  jrib?01:13
recon69_lapberdario: fine, but this is a support channel, you;ve used up a lot of typing, I'm happy you like ubuntu, but you dont have to worry that it's dieing , or that you can really huge support, we all do a little bit and it adds up01:13
AMS-ITGuyat least he offered some comments and communication?01:13
AMS-ITGuyberdario, that is01:13
tioxAMS-ITGuy: I think you missed my point./01:13
recon69_lapnow , anyone know what happened libvideo0 ;-)01:14
SHOVELLAMS-ITGuy, jrib is thatt a package?01:14
* CyberDawg hands recon69_lap a Cuba Libre01:14
tioxI was telling him to get a laptop or desktop from an OEM, then as a representitive of Ubuntu and that OEM, demonstrate the system and pitch why that specific manufacturer's brand should be in stores.01:14
AMS-ITGuySHOVELL, no he appears to be a user here...01:14
AMS-ITGuySHOVELL, i tried sudo apt-get jrib but nothing happenened....01:14
SHOVELLAMS-ITGuy,  what is youur vpn issue?01:15
AMS-ITGuySHOVELL, let me explain!01:15
AMS-ITGuyI have an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS fully patched server on my network01:15
levitsky!porn | levitsky01:15
jribAMS-ITGuy: try to just summarize your question on a single line; it makes it easier to follow in a busy channel like this01:16
AMS-ITGuyIf I configure Windows to connect to it's public IP without "use default gateway on remote network" I can communicate with both the VPN network and the internet on my network01:16
AMS-ITGuyhowever, under Ubuntu (any version) as a client OS, I cannot.... how do I fix this?01:16
dfcnvtThere's a problem with empathy program (instant messager)... When I open my contact list, it's completely blank but still operatable.01:16
levitskydfcnvt sure i can help01:16
AMS-ITGuyjrib, lol yeah, busy channel01:16
levitsky!porn | dfcnvt01:16
dfcnvtlevitsky, have you had this experience before?01:17
jriblevitsky: what are you doing? stop.01:17
CyberDawgdfcnvt, sounds like you have no friends ;)01:17
recon69_lapSHOVELL: even better to summarise you question and relevant info into a pastebin and link to it01:17
AMS-ITGuySHOVELL, so, any ideas?01:17
dfcnvtI have a friend that text me through this empathy program but nothing on the window.01:17
levitsky!unity | dfcnvt01:17
ubottudfcnvt: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity01:17
levitskydfcnvt, do you use unity?01:18
AMS-ITGuyjrib, any answer?01:19
levitsky!as | AMS-ITGuy01:19
levitsky!ask | AMS-ITGuy01:19
ubottuAMS-ITGuy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:19
aBoundIs there away I can create a shell script folder and put scripts in it and somehow reference the folder so I can execute the scripts. Without having to be in the directory?01:19
AMS-ITGuyshould I talk to you lev or the bot?01:19
levitsky!ubottu | AMS-ITGuy01:20
ubottuAMS-ITGuy: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:20
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:20
AMS-ITGuywith respect to my VPN question?01:21
jribaBound: sure, use ~/bin (which will automatically be in your path on your next login after you create it01:21
jribAMS-ITGuy: don't. do. that.01:21
AMS-ITGuydo what?01:21
AMS-ITGuyask a question after you picked on another user?01:21
aBoundjrib, I assume I add ~/bin to my $PATH variable?01:21
levitsky!hi ichaleynbin01:21
AMS-ITGuythis is a "support" channel, right?01:21
levitsky!hi | ichaleynbin01:21
recon69_lapAMS-ITGuy: that a complicated question, supprised you have not created a pastebin that covers it in detail if you;ve been at it all day.01:21
jribaBound: that will happen automatically (it's in the default ~/.profile)01:22
DevilSolutionThe upgrade has aborted. Your system could be in an unusable state. A recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a)01:22
tioxJust let it do the recovery.01:22
AMS-ITGuyrecon, you wouldn't know a vpn if it slapped you in the face lol01:22
jribAMS-ITGuy: yes, ask your question and wait patiently.  No need to spam multiple lines with "anyone?" and other non-specific requests01:22
aBoundLooks like ~/bin doesn't seem to be a directory and/or folder.01:22
EagleScreenDevilSolution: run sudo dpkg --configure -a; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:22
tioxIf it borked your system, then install to the latest or preferred version. Make sure you save your stuff from home before you nuke the partition.01:23
AMS-ITGuyok, shall I try again, can we discuss privately so my question can be posed properly?01:23
=== JermBob is now known as jermbobtoothcoun
DevilSolutionokie dokie01:23
AMS-ITGuyjrib, do you know anything about PPTP VPNs and split tunnelling?01:24
jribAMS-ITGuy: If you want to try again, sure.  But wait 5-10 minutes, then ask again so newer eyes can see your question. And please just ask it in a single line with relevant details on a pastebin01:24
levitsky!warn | AMS-ITGuy01:24
Gautam1983Hi all, whenever ubuntu boots in this system, the volume is muted.. any ideas how to fix it? Thanks. [Ubuntu 11.10 on Sony VAIO / Intel Corporation 82801H]01:24
jribaBound: yes, you need to create it.  Once you do, on your next login, it will be in your path01:24
DevilSolutionterminal wont start01:24
jriblevitsky: can you stop with the random factoids please?01:24
recon69_lapAMS-ITGuy: put you question in a pastebin with all the relevant info you know, then you can link to it here and more people can read it. if that's you question its way to vague01:24
AMS-ITGuyi don't need a pastebin, it's a very simple networking question01:25
recon69_lapAMS-ITGuy: and i know little about vpn01:25
levitskyjrib: insulting volunteers at work? sure thing, u deal with that01:25
CyberDawgAMS-ITGuy, if its so simple why are you here asking for assistance? ;)01:25
pangolinAMS-ITGuy: maybe ##networking will be more help01:25
levitskywho, and why?01:25
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AMS-ITGuyCyberDawg, because there is a bug in Ubuntu with respect to VPN split tunnelling.... it works on Windows, are you saying Windows is better for a VPN environment?01:26
levitskywho kicked me?01:26
symaxianHey guys, listen to this issue I'm having, never seen anything like it, just enabled two monitors in unity using the open-source radeon driver on cayman, everytime I log in a small horizontal pink stripe is added to the desktop background, I'm not sure if its adding it to the image itself or what, but no other artifacts appear01:27
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pangolinlevitsky: i did because of your poor attitude and also because of your random factoid fishing01:27
aBoundAhh, blah.01:27
levitskypangolin: Learning is okay.01:27
CyberDawgAMS-ITGuy, Is that what you took from my comment?? I think you need one of my Cuba Libres brah!!01:27
sKew^_-i got a question, can i remove the 200mb windows boot system? format it and expand it to C: ?01:28
T_H_Xso is power tripping01:28
levitskyUBOTTU: TEST01:28
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )01:28
sKew^_-and is it possible to get a nicer GUI in grubloader, etc pics of os's?01:28
precubcrhy please i need help01:28
jriblevitsky: please learn about the bot in a private message: /msg ubottu whatever01:28
AMS-ITGuyCyberDawg, i think you need to be quiet unless you know what I'm talking about, which you clearly don't01:28
jribprecubcr: sure, just ask your question and we'll answer if we can01:28
precubcranybody knows any dic generator able to create dics with 20 mix alphanumeric ?01:28
CyberDawgAMS-ITGuy,  I think you need to put your self in checkk01:29
cfhowlettsKew^_-: sKew^_- yes you can delete windows and resize your partition with the freed space01:29
AMS-ITGuyCyberDawg, I'll do that when you prove to me that you have the faintest understanding of what I'm talking about01:29
sKew^_-cfhowlett, delete the windows boot partition?01:29
levitskyubottu: spam01:29
cfhowlettsKew^_-: yes.01:29
sKew^_-cfhowlett, kk nice, is it possible to get a bootscren for grub were i can chose betwine 2 imagages (pics)01:30
AMS-ITGuyOMG pangolin was an op?? are you serious?01:30
precubcrjrib ?01:31
jribprecubcr: I do not know of such a program01:31
cfhowlettsKew^_-: I'm the wrong one to ask HOW but I know you can change the boot screen pictures.  CHOOSING pics at boot is not readily available and is probably a huge security risk01:32
AMS-ITGuyok, in all seriousness.... how old are the ops on this channel, and what do you do for a living?01:32
precubcrths jrib. il keep searching01:32
jribAMS-ITGuy: keep the discussion in this channel related to support please01:32
pangolinAMS-ITGuy: please stay on topic.01:32
AMS-ITGuypics are a security risk?01:32
recon69_laphmm, seem to have solved my libvideo0 issue by installing libvideo-capture-v4l-perl, got a new issue lol01:32
sKew^_-cfhowlett, i wass thinking like this http://www.leilaharry.com/tech/images/01-iboot.jpg01:33
cfhowlettsKew^_-: http://www.ghacks.net/2010/10/17/change-your-grub-splash-screen-in-ubuntu/01:33
AMS-ITGuyjrib, pangolin still looking for VPN support here.... care to help?01:33
tiagoAMS-ITGuy: I don't know if you remember my issue. how would i go about doing a back-up? i just have access to the grub command line and many commands seem to not  be working01:33
camieman10sKew^_-: Awesome, I so want to do that01:33
jribAMS-ITGuy: I still have no clue what your issue even is.01:33
pangolinAMS-ITGuy: I suggested you try asking in ##networking, they may be more help.01:34
cfhowlettsKew^_-: ok, we're talking about different things, then.  the image you shared is for a multi-boot system.01:34
AMS-ITGuyjrib, do you have a scroll bar?01:34
sKew^_-cfhowlett, yes, i use grub as multiboot system for my dualboot :/01:34
AMS-ITGuypangolin, the issue is ubuntu related01:34
sKew^_-camieman10, it looks nice yeah :)01:34
recon69_laptiago, do you have a live cd or live usb, boot from that and do your backup01:35
skrewtSo I'm locked out of Ubuntu, I forgot my password. I've tried all 3 methods on the website for resetting it and none work.01:35
cfhowlettsKew^_-: I get a screen like the one you want and then it boots grub.  http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=212837&st=0#entry142779701:35
pangolinAMS-ITGuy: There may not be anybody around in here able to help right now. try ##networking01:35
skrewtI'm using Xubuntu.01:35
jribskrewt: what is one method you tried specifically that did not work?01:35
skrewtBooted into recovery and did a passwd username01:35
funnyfingersWill installing apache.worker remove the apache prefork?  I want to keep both.01:35
tiagorecon69_lap: it doesn't seem to be load ing:/ but thanks I'll try to get a loadable live-cd01:35
AMS-ITGuypangolin, yeah.... I'd rather have fun with the rtards here ;)01:35
skrewtWorked but when I try logging in it drops to a console for a quick second and returns to the login screen. I cant read the message in console.01:36
skrewtI also tried adding init=/bin/bash in GRUB01:36
skrewtbut it hangs when i do ctrl-x01:36
AMS-ITGuyare there ops on right now?01:36
recon69_laptiago, have you tried typing help and hitting enter01:36
jribskrewt: attempt to login at ctrl-alt-f101:36
skrewtdo that from the login screen?01:36
jribAMS-ITGuy: there are always ops here01:37
AMS-ITGuyhonest question01:37
AMS-ITGuyjrib, are you one?01:37
jribskrewt: sure01:37
jribAMS-ITGuy: stick to support01:37
CyberDawgAMS-ITGuy, is confused this afternoon01:37
AMS-ITGuyjust wow01:37
jribAMS-ITGuy: we have a social channel at #ubuntu-offtopic if you are interested01:38
jribor not01:38
pangolinenough is enough01:38
pangolinback to support :)01:38
tiagorecon69_lap: I have now, it gives me a set of commands01:38
CyberDawgok back on topic plz01:38
cfhowletthow to ignore?  /ignore username01:38
recon69_lapgives CyberDawg a long island iced tea ;-)01:38
tiagorecon69_lap: i run reboot and it seems to be running now :) thanks01:38
CyberDawgthanks recon69_lap01:39
sKew^_-cfhowlett, have u tryed - Decorate Grub 2 boot loader using BURG01:40
designbybeckcan you use TAR and ZIP switches the same? Like  "sudo tar -zxf filename.tgz" "sudo zip -zxf filename.zip"01:41
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: why sudo?01:41
cfhowlettsKew^_-: nope.  I'm not really a fan of prettifying something that will only appear for a few seconds on a properly configured system...  Just sayin'01:41
CyberDawgI did a /whowas on that AMS guy and Im still not impressed ;)01:41
designbybeckeither way ActionParsnip01:41
recon69_laphmm, well i seem to have finished my tea and my problem have moved into the java sphere01:41
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: if you are working on files in your home, you don't need sudo01:42
sKew^_-cfhowlett, okey i see ;P i will give it a try01:42
ablyssdesignbybeck, -x in zip mean to exclude files.  tar means something else01:42
sKew^_-foud a nice design now01:42
designbybecki'm following instructions on downloadign moodle and it shows TAR but i downloaded the ZIP01:42
sKew^_-cfhowlett, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/beautiful-burg-boot-loader-gets-ubuntu-11-04-ppa/ it looks nice tho :)01:42
designbybeckso i don't know what the correct commands I need to do01:42
designbybeckIt is on a test server01:42
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: if you want to extract everything with the asme command, install unp and use unp :)01:42
designbybeckit is all cli ActionParsnip01:43
cfhowlettsKew^_-: now WALLPAPERS?  I was a blue mushroom fan for years:  http://digitalblasphemy.com/freegallery.shtml01:43
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: unp will look at the file to be extracted and use the appropriate switches and commad01:43
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: yes, unp is cli01:43
T_H_Xtar -xf file.tar01:43
designbybecki've never heard of that one01:43
barakisbrownwhat is a good remote desktop for my window machine to connect to my ubuntu box?01:43
ActionParsnip!info unp01:43
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7 (oneiric), package size 13 kB, installed size 124 kB01:43
ActionParsnippretty much nails it01:43
designbybeckthat is cool!01:44
ActionParsnipsaves having to remember the switches for tar, unzip bunzip, gunzip, whatever01:44
designbybeckthe !info thing01:44
barakisbrown!info rdp01:44
ubottuPackage rdp does not exist in oneiric01:44
Mene-MeneI can't seem to connect via VNC to my Mac. It's reporting "connection closed"01:45
ablyssbarakisbrown, tightvnc works with win7 and is free01:45
Mene-MeneI'm using Remote Desktop Viewer01:45
ActionParsnip!info rdesktop | barakisbrown01:45
ubottubarakisbrown: rdesktop (source: rdesktop): RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.0-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 141 kB, installed size 496 kB01:45
sKew^_-cfhowlett, no wallpaper ;) looks clean and clasic ;)01:45
Mene-MeneIt shows me a black screen for a bit, then nothing.01:45
ActionParsnipablyss: rdp is built into the OS ;)01:45
designbybeckok I installed unp01:45
barakisbrown!info rdesktop01:45
ubotturdesktop (source: rdesktop): RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.7.0-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 141 kB, installed size 496 kB01:45
ActionParsnipdesignbybeck: nice, whenever you want to extract anything, run:  unp filename01:45
DevilSolutionokay i have an issue after updating to 11.10, first my internet is dead, i logged out and back in into 2d mode and its fine? which si my next issue, wheres gnome gone? :O01:46
designbybeckI guess what my conserns are, is that I don't know what switches should be on, so if it doesn't unpackage it correctly i will not know what needs to be done to fix it01:46
ubottudevilsolution: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.01:46
ActionParsnipDevilSolution: unity2D uses Gnome too..01:46
ablyssActionParsnip, rdp sucks... you have to login as <username> with rdp, whereas with tightvnc you don't01:46
designbybeckOk thanks ActionParsnip I'm going to try it now01:46
DevilSolutionhmm but its unity layout not classic gnome01:46
ActionParsnipablyss: rdp has encryption so is suitable for over WWW, VNC has zero security and you should connect via SSH tunnel (extra work for the user)01:47
ActionParsnipDevilSolution: its still gnome, unity is nothing but a shell01:47
barakisbrownablyss: does tightvnc allow me to access X11 from myh window machine?01:47
DevilSolutionanyway, the internet is the real issue, why does it work in 2d and not 3d mode?01:47
DevilSolutiondoesnt read my network card for some reason, wireshark either01:47
ActionParsnipDevilSolution: in 3d mode, run:  sudo dhclient eth0   (change eth0 for your network interface if it is not eth0)01:47
sKew^_-cfhowlett, btw MBR is on ubuntu partition?01:48
DevilSolutionalright ill try it thanks01:48
cfhowlettsKew^_-: the default ubuntu partition is MBR type01:48
recon69_lapActionParsnip: you must dream in linux scripts :)01:49
designbybeck*agrees with recon69_lap01:49
Mene-MeneI'm receiving "connection closed" trying to connect to vnc using Remote Desktop Viewer.01:49
Mene-MeneI'm connecting Ubuntu to Mac.01:49
ActionParsniprecon69_lap: use the OS long enough and you learn this stuff :)01:50
skrewtjrib, sorry baby was crying01:50
skrewtcant login with c a f101:50
sKew^_-cfhowlett, okey i see, then i need to install it there ext4 and i cud, remove ntfs boot parition /dev/sda1 ?01:50
ActionParsnipMene-Mene: can other systems connect to the Mac?01:50
recon69_lapActionParsnip: been using it for ages, the easier it get to use the more i forget01:50
Mene-MeneThis is the pioneer.01:50
Mene-MeneIt got to authenticate using ipv401:51
Mene-Meneinstead of ipv601:51
ActionParsniprecon69_lap: ahh gotcha, I hang in here and help. Keeps it fresh01:51
jribsKew^_-: what happens?01:51
Mene-Mene(remmina was crashing on ipv4, but not ipv601:51
Mene-MeneNow it's just a black screen.01:51
lion42recon69_lap, haha. I refer to my aunt to tell me unix commands she learned from using them prolifically over a decade ago. Stuff that I don't remember despite using linux for the better part of this prior decade. :P01:51
jribskrewt: what happens?01:51
lion42It's burnt into her memory.01:52
skrewtlogin incorrect01:52
skrewtits like passwd isnt taking01:52
jribskrewt: are you on a different computer now?01:52
barakisbrownActionParsnip: how do I setup my linux machine so that I can connect from my window machine via rdp?01:52
skrewtof course01:52
jribskrewt: ok, go to recovery mode again01:52
Mene-MeneActionParsnip: I haven't tried.01:52
skrewtjrib, and drop to root term?01:53
jribskrewt: yes01:53
Mene-MeneI'm no longer getting dropped, but I'm stuck at a black screen.01:53
ActionParsnip!ltsp | barakisbrown01:53
ubottubarakisbrown: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project01:53
sKew^_-jrib, dualboot, win7, 11.10 and im not 100% sure that it is a good ide to remove the windows boot partition & expand the "C:/" whit the ntfs boot partition. and im gonna try to install burg bootloader ( http://ubuntuosusers.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-install-burg-on-ubuntu-1104-1110.html )01:53
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: what are you connecting to the ubuntu desktop to achieve?01:53
skrewtjrib, im there01:53
recon69_lapit's the Internet, all our brains are getting lazy, why remember it if you can google it. think i have a case against google for giving me Alzheimer ?01:54
ActionParsniprecon69_lap: what's alzheimers? I forgot...01:54
sKew^_-ActionParsnip, 2 sec let me google what alzheimers is :)01:55
me2does anyone here have any enterprise experience with PPTP and split tunnelling?01:55
jribskrewt: I was going to have you: 1) use passwd and then 2) try to login as the user with "su" but since you are root, it wouldn't prompt for a password.  So how about creating a new user temporarily (use « adduser USERNAME »), then su to the new user, and then try your old one01:55
barakisbrownActionParsnip: So I do not have to walk into the other room to use it?? I want to access from my window machine which is in another room??01:55
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: yes but what would yuo walk through to do?01:56
me2does anyone here have any enterprise experience with PPTP and split tunnelling?01:56
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: what is the purpose of connecting01:56
barakisbrownActionParsnip: to learn about linux and abiltiy to use another os without using a VM or dualbooting..:)01:57
recon69_laplol, something about me2 seems familiar01:57
me2barakisbrown, use RDP01:57
ActionParsnipbarakisbrown: I guess, could use SSH and CLI or X forwarding ;)01:57
recon69_laplol, 2am here, of to fluffy cloud land, goodnight :)01:57
sKew^_-sudo burg-install "(hd0)"   ----  (hd0) = /dev/sda5 - wereis? my ext4 ubuntu partion  rigth?01:58
tiagomy system doesn't go beyond the grub menu. When running the live-cd any of the options the menu provides me just boots the cd again and takes me back to the menu. Anyone had the same issue/ has a solution?01:58
me2tiago, AMS_ITGuy here we were talking earlier before the Ops booted me.... does your system not fully boot off of a LiveCD?01:59
Mene-MeneWell, thanks, I'll just abandon vnc, apparently I don't need it for what I'm trying to do.01:59
recon69_laptiago, are you sure you booting from the CD01:59
tiagowell it takes me to the menu displayed by the live-cd (try ubuntu, install ubuntu, etc)01:59
ActionParsniptiago: what GPU do you use?01:59
me2ActionParsnip, it's not a GPU issue02:00
tiagoi think the problem may be from hardware but maybe memory or something, how can i determine the problem?02:00
tiagois there any set of commands i can run which will point me in the right direction?02:01
recon69_laptiago: have you tried booting to a cmdline , would probably bypass graphics issues02:03
ActionParsniptiago: tried the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=102:03
ActionParsniptiago: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?02:03
tiagoActionParsnip: this iso has worked before02:04
tiagorecon69_lap: how can i do so?02:04
recon69_laptiago: try hitting f1-f6 while its booting02:04
ActionParsniptiago: did you butn the CD as sowly as possible (assuming you are using a CD)02:04
ablyssbarakisbrown, tightvnc will let u access x10 as long as you have desktop sharing enabled, plus tightvnc works freely on win702:05
sKew^_-Config Burg-pc  GRUB install devices:[_]  /dev/sda ? is it rigth? my linux is on sda5 but cant change number there only  [*] /dev/sda02:05
ActionParsnipsKew^_-: burg isn't supported here02:05
ablysserm, x11, not x10..02:05
recon69_laptiago: or you can hit any key when you get the little icon , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions02:07
wchan_i can mount my NTFS drive... however I can't access my user directory... it just hangs... is there a workaround?02:07
cfhowlettwchan_: if windows is encrypted in any way ... no.02:08
tiagorecon69_lap: f2 will show me the bios but that's it02:08
wchan_cfhowlett: does it encrypt by default? what if i have the windows user password?02:08
recon69_laptiago: skip f2, and let it get passed the bios screen before hitting keys02:09
tiagorecon69_lap: that logo shows up, and the menu also, that's the menu that doesn't do anything02:09
tiagorecon69_lap: ok02:09
recon69_laptiago: you look at that link i posted02:09
cfhowlettwchan_: I can see my win7 home (premium?) no problem.  Do you have win enterprise or something??02:10
wchan_cfhowlett: i have the professional version?02:10
wchan_whatever comes with MSDNAA02:10
wchan_i can access every folder except for the C:/Users/username/02:10
wchan_which is where all my documents are stored :(02:10
recon69_laptiago: and how do you mean it does nothing? is it lockedup02:11
lion42wchan_, if there's a setting for "don't allow other users to see this folder" (I forget what it's called, in windows) it may be encrypted. But I am not sure so don't take my word on this.02:11
tiagorecon69_lap: yep the logo and menu that show up are the ones in that site. When i mean nothing i mean it just boots back into this same menu02:11
wchan_lion42: any workaround on how to access the folder? or would i have to find a windows machine to access it?02:11
tiagono matter what option is selected02:12
skrewtjrib, i couldnt get the pw changed but i could get logged in with the new user. this is an old netbook i dont use (hence forgetting the pw) that i only want to keep on my nightstand to serve as a baby monitor. so the user acct wasnt important, i just needed a fullscreen web browser. THANK YOU!!02:12
recon69_laptiago: have you done the check cd for defects02:12
lion42wchan_, what do you mean, find a windows machine? Isn't this an install of windows you're trying to access?02:12
ActionParsniptiago: is the ram healthy? there is a memtester on the CD02:12
cfhowlettskrewt jrib http://imagebin.org/19626902:12
tiagoActionParsnip: every option in the CD just boots back into the menu02:13
skrewtcfhowlett, is that automatic or something?02:13
wchan_lion42: yes. but its a hassle to swap harddrives and grab the data... im running ubuntu only right now.02:13
ActionParsniptiago: not a good sign. I'd rebuurn the CD as sowly as possible again02:13
cfhowlettskrewt: no that's a gift from me to you.02:13
wchan_lion42: i want to copy the data to my ubuntu ext402:13
recon69_laptiago: a few years ago spent ages tring to workout why my rig was crashing, eventuly worked out the cpu was overheating02:13
designbybeckQuestion ActionParsnip the instructions say to cp the default Virtual ost file to another file, can't I just add that content to whats there already? http://www.pasteall.org/2892202:13
skrewtcfhowlett, thanks! its a two for one with the baby in the picture02:13
tiagobut from the memtester that I ran in the GRUB menu I got some errors, don't know if these are just incompatibilities or errors02:13
lion42wchan_, I'd suggest you do that. If it is truly locked down you will not be able to access the data unless you log into windows. I can't think of another suggestion, unfortunately.02:14
ActionParsniptiago: do you see red lines in the bottom right of the screen, like this: http://www.mynetnuke.com/Portals/28/images/Articles/MemtestMNN.jpg02:14
cfhowlettwchan_: the only workaround would be to disable whatever protection windows is running and then reboot buntu and try again02:14
tiagorecon69_lap: how can I get to the bottom of the problem?02:15
wchan_lion42, cfhowlett: so i guess you are saying nobody has a ntfs package to decrypt the data even if i have the password02:15
tiagoActionParsnip: yep02:15
recon69_laptiago: think we might be getting a answer soon02:15
lion42wchan_, I'm sure it's possible someone does, but I have no idea about it, sorry.02:15
cfhowlettwchan_: encryption is DESIGNED to be tough to crack...02:15
ActionParsniptiago: your ram is bad02:16
wchan_cfhowlett: encryption is designed to be touch to crack IF you dont have the password02:16
recon69_lapyee, lost my ability to remember anything but can predict the future =-O02:16
wchan_im sure MSFT wouldn't resort to some homebrew encryption algorithm. but rather use something like AES...02:16
cfhowlettwchan_: true.  should have specified illegal crack.02:16
ActionParsniptiago: if you have multiple sticks, remove one with the power OFF and rerun the test, see if you get no rednes, if its still red, put it back in with the power OFF and remove a different one02:17
lion42cfhowlett, even in the realm of legality, the password a user uses to log into windows and prompt decryption wouldn't be the key used to actually permanently decrypt the data with some external program, right?02:17
cfhowlettwchan_: there a number of articles on decryption with windows.02:17
tiagoActionParsnip: it's a laptop02:17
tiagodon't know if i'm willing to open it and risk further problems02:18
lion42tiago, a laptop can have multiple sticks of ram. Try looking up your model or calling your manufacturer to find out what the case is with your computer.02:18
recon69_laptiago: try earth yourself first by touching a metal radiator or metal electric device that is pluged in first02:18
cfhowlettlion42: lazy users would absolutely use their default username/password unless forced otherwise e.g. ubuntu ecryptfs forces a phrase that is unrelated to name/password02:18
lion42tiago, removing and exchanging ram in a computer is typically the easiest repair task you can perform.02:18
ActionParsniptiago: stil l has ram. they make the ram easy to access for easy upgrades02:19
SHOVELLhey i am having a compile error and i dont understand what i am missing any ideas? here is the output of make http://pastebin.com/DxcYmkAj02:19
SHOVELLrunning ubuntu 11.1002:20
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recon69_lapSHOVELL: did you install gcc02:20
mobodowas mt-daapd pulled from ubuntu? the online page doesn't say so, but when I try to install I get this message: "Package mt-daapd is not available, but is referred to by another package"02:20
ActionParsnipSHOVELL: tremulous is in the repos...?02:20
SHOVELLi will look but i think it is02:21
ActionParsnip!info tremulous | SHOVELL02:21
ubottuSHOVELL: tremulous (source: tremulous): Aliens vs Humans, team based FPS game with elements of an RTS. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.0-5 (oneiric), package size 656 kB, installed size 1560 kB02:21
SHOVELLActionParsnip,  i know that i am attempting to compile a modification02:21
ActionParsnipSHOVELL: enable the multiverse repo and its easily installed02:22
ActionParsnipSHOVELL: oic02:22
ActionParsnipSHOVELL: I suggest you install the build-dep of tremulous then, may help02:22
SHOVELLrecon69_lap, yes pkg gcc is installed02:22
mobodooh, nevermind… Status: deleted.  mt-daapd was pulled from oneiric it seems02:23
recon69_lapSHOVELL: http://xserverx.com/forums/showthread.php?mode=linear&tid=3436&pid=26875 got some suggestion you could try02:24
SHOVELLthat is the tuto i am working off of02:25
SHOVELLrecon69_lap, that is the tuto i am working off of02:25
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recon69_lapSHOVELL: seems ypu missing something called q3lcc , probably a separate dependency that you need to build first02:29
SHOVELLrecon69_lap, hmmm02:29
recon69_lapSHOVELL: have a look at this http://xserverx.com/forums/archive/index.php/thread-3436.html02:31
SHOVELLrecon69_lap,  thank you!!!02:31
recon69_lapSHOVELL: C++ what fun, i wish you luck02:32
SHOVELLwell only  if it was it is written in "c"02:32
dr_willisbe sure to do a 'sudo apt-get build-deps packagename' to pull in needed dev packages to compile  newer versions easially. :)02:32
dr_willisor is it build-dep    i never can rember,02:33
Nemeiisisisadmin abuse in ubuntu-offtopic02:33
dr_willisbye all - work time for me.02:33
Nemeiisisissomeone please address the issue in offtopic02:33
Nemeiisisisops there are abusing privaledge02:33
SHOVELLhane fun dr_willis02:33
recon69_lapSHOVELL: you trying some game programming?02:34
SHOVELLrecon69_lap, just trying to compile something someone else allready did02:35
Nemeiisisisslackware > ubuntu02:35
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NemeiisisisOnly linux wannabes use ubuntu02:35
bazhangNemeiisisis, did you have a support question?02:35
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Nemeiisisissupport me by unbanning me from offtopic02:35
Nemeiisisisor address the issue with op privileged abuse02:35
NemeiisisisI said " ubuntu fell apart since natty release" and the mod banned me for that @ bazhang02:36
bazhangNemeiisisis, /j #ubuntu-ops02:36
maumhow can I download the source from svn website?02:37
aguitelanyway to install new kernel frm ppa in 10.04 ?02:37
recon69_lapSHOVELL: Haa, was going to suggest something but not relevant if you just compiling other people code, just remember you need to find the first error and read that02:38
SHOVELLrec well this is a first step tward some coding02:38
SHOVELLrecon69_lap,  well this is a first step tward some coding02:38
EmerySo I was looking to enable my root account02:40
ActionParsnipNemeiisisis: the #ubuntu-ops channel is for discussing bans02:40
ActionParsnipEmery: its not supported here02:40
Nemeiisisisi was banned from ubuntu ops02:40
ActionParsnipEmery: nor is it needed02:40
Nemeiisisisfor no reason02:40
Nemeiisisisnow im reporting to freenode statfs02:40
EmeryI would like to use the root account02:40
EmerySo how ?02:40
ActionParsnipNemeiisisis: it will be discussed / lifed in #ubuntu-ops02:40
Nemeiisisisbazhang: is a fucking fag02:40
ActionParsnipEmery: use:  sudo -i   you are now root.02:41
fellayaboyi have a vpn setup... and i get my nat from the vpn server so when i browse i use their public ip address...i connect to the net/vpn using the wireless portion of my pc...when im not conencted to vpn i can bridge to my wireless just by goign to network manager>edit connection>wired connection1> and changing method to shared to other computers..i tried doign this with openvpn connected but all i get is an APIPA address 169.202:41
fellayaboy54.9.129  how can i bridge this to work as it does without the vpn connection??02:41
EmeryNo i want to use a real root account02:41
ActionParsnipEmery: if you run:  whoami   you will see it is: root02:41
ActionParsnip!noroot | Emery02:41
ubottuEmery: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.02:41
Fudgeanyone know why vmware fails installing stuff into the kernel for precise 3.2.0-1402:41
recon69_lapSHOVELL: well cutting you teeth on C++ is quite ambitious,02:41
EmeryNo i want to use the root account, thanks02:41
ActionParsnipFudge: ask in #ubuntu+1 for precise please02:42
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ActionParsnipEmery: its not supported here02:42
Emeryso, i'd like to use root02:42
Emeryso tell me how02:42
ActionParsnipEmery: neither is it needed in any way02:42
Emerylook faggot02:42
ActionParsnipEmery: again, its not supoprted here, nor will anyone tell you02:42
EmeryI want to use the root account02:42
recon69_lapActionParsnip: I think emmery is a troll bot02:42
ActionParsnipEmery: listen, its not supported here02:42
Emerydon't get all pissy02:42
Emeryi want to use root02:42
bazhangEmery, watch the language and attitude02:43
ActionParsnipEmery: you said, and I replied02:43
Emerydon't tell me no02:43
fellayaboysudo su02:43
ActionParsnipbazhang: thanks02:43
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: sudo -i    is advised ;)02:43
fellayaboywhy sudo -i?02:44
AfterDeathit works best02:44
AfterDeathman sudo02:44
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: its an (i)nteractive sudo02:44
AfterDeathproperly sets environment and stuff02:44
Anthonydamo22: you  there02:44
fellayaboyohh so what about su...im a noobish02:45
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: su is for (s)witching (u)ser02:45
fellayaboysu u will be root02:45
eQuiNoX__hey guys i just wrote some code that uses, glib.h and dbus-glib.h ; how do i compile/link them? what flags do i have to add to gcc? looking at the error i get I'm supposed to specify the location of glib.h i guess02:45
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: with no username, it defaults to root, ubuntu's system has root disabled so you will failauthentication02:46
Anthonyi was wondering is a linux OS that dosent use grub'02:46
ActionParsnipAnthony: you can use lilo if you wish02:46
fellayaboyoh ok so i used sudo -i on my own and it seems to work exactly like su02:46
fellayaboyi was just workign with su...so this is why it interests me02:46
cfhowlettAnthony: you don't HAVE To use grub - just some form of bootloader02:46
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: su will fail auth as you will be asked for a password of a disabled account02:46
Anthonyhow do i not use it02:47
fellayaboyis that all02:47
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: probably best to ask in the C++ channel02:47
ActionParsnipAnthony: uninstall grub and install lilo and you can use lilo, most of the ubuntu docs assume grub though02:47
fellayaboyoh i c02:47
eQuiNoX__recon69_lap: thanks02:47
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: sudo -i    will use your users system configs too02:47
Anthonywell what os uses lilo02:48
fellayaboyoh i see02:48
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: that the CPP channel not that i think of it02:48
eQuiNoX__recon69_lap: sorry? dint get you02:48
Anthonyis there way to run a ful version of knopix02:48
fellayaboyso when is it approriate to use su and sudo -i..should i just totally forget about su then?02:49
sKew^_-Anthony, yeah it calls slackware :)02:49
urlin2u Anthony I think freebsd uses lilo02:49
Anthonywhere do i get it02:49
fellayaboycan soemone help me i have a vpn setup... and i get my nat from the vpn server so when i browse i use their public ip address...i connect to the net/vpn using the wireless portion of my pc...when im not conencted to vpn i can bridge to my wireless just by goign to network manager>edit connection>wired connection1> and changing method to shared to other computers..i tried doign this with openvpn connected but all i get is an02:50
fellayaboy APIPA address 169.202:50
fellayaboy<fellayaboy> 54.9.129  how can i bridge this to work as it does without the vpn connection??02:50
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: you only really need su to switch to another user or run a single command as another user, if you want to 'become root' use: sudo -i02:50
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: the channel is ##c++ but they can be a bit unfriendly02:50
sKew^_-why are you chosing OS from bootloader preinstalled in os?02:50
sKew^_-Anthony, ^02:50
eQuiNoX__recon69_lap: haha thanks for the warning, ill do a search myself before i ask anyhow02:50
fellayaboyooh ok...so if i have another admin account with user name adminMan...and i want to use him i just type in su adminMan in terminal?02:51
fellayaboyim a lil noobish02:51
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: yes, you will then need adminman's password and then when you run; whoami  it will output: adminman02:51
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: you are learning, which is a good :)02:52
fellayaboycool so then would sudo -i adminMan do the same thing?02:52
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: you will have to use the -L and -I compile flags as far as i remember , most projects have complex build scripts to work all this stuff out02:52
arjunahi all...so running gnome-shell, and wondering what the right ctrl button does?02:52
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: you might what to read about 'ant'02:52
Anthonywhere can i get copy of slacware02:53
fellayaboyActionParsnip, so then according to your logic running sudo -i adminMan wouldnt change me to adminMan would it02:53
eQuiNoX__recon69_lap: oh no im not trying to build a huge project, its just a a small 50line c code that i wrote and wanna try out which uses functions from those headers02:53
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: if you use -v instead, you can authenticate as adminman assuming you have the password. I'd check the man page of sudo02:53
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: you'd use: su adminMan02:53
fellayaboyoh okay02:54
fellayaboythat makes sense02:54
cfhowlettAnthony: http://bit.ly/zwecUG.02:54
fellayaboythanks ActionParsnip02:54
fellayaboyi learnt something new there02:54
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: never a bad thing :)02:54
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: true multiuser is powerful :)02:55
fellayaboyu think if i take a linux+ course i could learn a great chuck of this stuff02:55
fellayaboywhat do u mean ActionParsnip02:55
fellayaboyits more powerful to have more than one admin account?02:55
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: look something like 'gcc main.cpp -l /src/lib/mylib/include.h -L /path/to/some/lib/somthing'02:55
recon69_lapeQuiNoX__: been a while since i worked with cpp02:56
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: you could have the accounts in different groups, giving different access02:56
Anthonyis there one that looks more like knoppix02:56
arjunaanyone else using virtualbox and having problems with the host key? i think it might be conflicting keybind, but having a hard time figuring it out02:56
fellayaboythat would probably be useful for a big network such as an office not at home02:56
fellayaboyi dont see how thats actually helpful i mean02:57
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: true, plus each user can have its own admin account, so you can  see who did what in logs02:57
cfhowlettarjuna: with guest additions installed or no?02:57
fellayaboyoooh i see02:57
mcl0vincharlie testing anyone know where?02:57
fellayaboyoh i see...could that be useful for at home use..some sort of a benefit or some sort02:57
ActionParsnipAnthony: how do you mean>02:57
fellayaboyof some sort*02:57
Anthonylike knoppix, how looks and runs02:58
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: yes, one admin to control, rather than in windows where everyone is an admin02:58
arjunacfhowlett, with...this is a copied vdi from the same machine, previously running maverick...maybe try reinstalling guest additions?02:58
ActionParsnipAnthony: slitaz, tinycore, puppy02:58
cfhowlettarjuna: reinstall guest add's should fix the key problem.02:59
fellayaboyright ..soemtimes not even an admin at times...theres been many times i tried to get rid of somethign in the registry and i never could...so much for power02:59
arjunacfhowlett, thank you, gonna try that now...02:59
Gary__Hello, I am trying to run ubuntu on omap4430 blaze board, but with no luck02:59
Gary__I followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapNetbook03:00
Gary__I got "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.", then console hung, any advice? thanks03:00
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dhruvasagarWhat's the application for getting icons in systray ?03:02
dhruvasagarubuntu 11.1003:02
Gary__the original console is set as "console=ttyS2,115200n8", I modified it to ttyO2, still has same issue03:02
AnthonyActionParsnip: with of those is best03:03
VexiantYo, how do I find out the IP of a server via terminal?03:03
recon69_lapi'm off to bed for real this time, good night03:03
VexiantI know it's "ifconfig" to find out my own03:03
Vexiantanyone know?03:04
ActionParsnipAnthony: there is no best03:06
semitoneshello. I want to install package "mumble" from the ppa:slicer, but there's a package in ubuntu-universe (of a lower version?) that conflicts. How can I get information on the mumble from the ppa, and select it to install?03:07
Anthonywhats the best verion of linux right now that uses lilo as boot loader03:09
ActionParsnipsemitones: did you add the ppa03:09
arjunacfhowlett, sorry to bother...any ideas how to get to the devices menu (won't go fullscreen, not showing minitoolbar)?03:09
Gary__Nobody run ubuntu on blaze board?:(03:09
semitonesActionParsnip: yes, I did add-ppa and said yes03:09
ubottuanthony: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:09
ActionParsnipAnthony: there is no 'best linux version'03:09
cfhowlettarjuna: wait one for my virtual buntu to boot03:09
ActionParsnipsemitones: and did you run:  sudo apt-get update03:10
melinategreetings folks,  I'm having a hard time installing 11.10 on my laptop because the video card is barely supported in linux.  Is there a way to force the install to use the VESA drivers rather than the nouveau or nVidia drivers?03:10
fellayaboycan anybody tell me what link local is?03:10
cfhowlettarjuna: what virtual ubuntu version again??03:10
semitonesActionParsnip: yep. aptitude search 'mumble' even shows that it conflicts with package 'mumble'03:10
semitones*aptitude show mumble03:10
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ActionParsnipsemitones: have you contacted the ppa maintainer?03:11
arjunacfhowlett, ubuntu is the native, win xp is the virtual03:11
semitonesActionParsnip: no -- is the ppa name also the launchpad name?03:11
cfhowlettarjuna: ubuntu number?03:11
arjunaoneiric, 11.1003:11
arjunacfhowlett, oneiric, 11.1003:12
Anthonyif i download lilo does it come with a version of linux03:12
deper29hey, anyone here have experience with dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 11.10 on a machine with a UEFI?03:12
cfhowlettarjuna: virtualbox may not be fully capable of running unity.03:12
ActionParsnipsemitones: https://launchpad.net/~slicer   has some contact email addresses03:13
arjunacfhowlett, disabled unity...running gnome-shell03:13
ActionParsnipAnthony: no, lilo is just a boot loader03:13
cfhowlettarjuna: ah.  OK, I'm officially over my head as I only boot LTS releases.  ask the channel again, because IDK.03:13
Anthonyi need the whole thing, what do i use03:14
arjunacfhowlett, no worries...thank you for the help03:14
Oer!anyone | deper2903:14
ubottudeper29: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:14
h00kAnthony: lilo is just a boot loader.What are you trying to accomplish?03:14
ActionParsnipAnthony: you can install lilo in Ubuntu..03:15
semitonesActionParsnip: I sent him a message on irc. meanwhile, is there a way to tell aptitude, "install the mumble from ppa:slicer" ?03:15
Anthonyi want to install linux on dellinspiron 600m03:15
Oermelinate, xserver-xorg-video-vesa should be available03:15
tiagoActionParsnip: so i removed the first stick and it seemed to do the trick, back to normal, thanks03:15
melinateOer: is that a package?03:15
deper29Sorry. I'm having an issue getting 11.10 working on my computer. I get this message when I try to boot invalid arch independent ELF magic03:16
ActionParsniptiago: bad ram will affect al the system as the apps run in ram03:16
ActionParsniptiago: its one reason why memtest is on the CD, RAM is stupidly cheap so you can slam another stick in later03:16
Oer!info xserver-xorg-video-vesa03:17
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-vesa (source: xserver-xorg-video-vesa): X.Org X server -- VESA display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.3.0-7 (oneiric), package size 16 kB, installed size 96 kB03:17
cfhowlettAnthony: that's an old machine and it's specs will make running the latest ubuntu a challenge.  Suggest you install xubuntu or lubuntu - both are lightweight distros perfect for low spec machines03:17
h00kAnthony: that doesn't quote depend on lilo ?03:18
h00kAnthony: are you having issues with your Ubuntu CD?03:18
tiagoActionParsnip: what could cause the ram to get like this? now i'm not sure if it was the ram in itself or the structure it was holding it since a piece below the left clip is broken03:18
h00k!install | Anthony03:18
ubottuAnthony: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:18
melinateOer: thanks, my problem is how do I force that driver to be used rather than one of the nvidia drivers during install?  I'm guessing I need to do a server install first, but haven't tried that yet03:19
ActionParsniptiago: age, voltage fluctuations (suden power offs), cheap ram03:19
deper29I tried doing this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1014708 and ended up getting this at the end http://pastebin.com/6DDRfctF03:21
tiagoActionParsnip: is there a way to deactivate a RAM stick, so that there is no need to remove it?03:23
ActionParsniptiago: unless your BIOS supports it, no03:23
ActionParsniptiago: some server motherboards can deactivate CPU and RAM slots so you can swap parts out03:24
Oermelinate, you could try alternate cd, it is textbased03:24
aeon-ltddeper29: your root isn't /mnt it can be mounted in /mnt/ though03:25
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal03:25
ActionParsnipdeper29: try this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/03:25
deper29ActionParsnip, thanks, I'll check this out now03:26
Anthonyim try xubuntu03:26
semitonesActionParsnip: I found out what was going on -- 404 error from the ppa when I update03:26
cfhowlettAnthony: go with the LTS version 10.04.03:26
deper29ActionParsnip, I was on here earlier trying to get help, and someone ended up giving me this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1837235 said it was out of his abilities though :/03:26
ubottuanthony: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)03:27
ActionParsnipsemitones: then the ppa doesn't support your release03:27
semitonesActionParsnip: ok. I sent the developer a question on irc, hopefully he will answer03:27
Anthonywhere do i get that03:27
BABY_I want to shit in sombodyś mouth!03:28
mobodowoah, forked-laapd is awesome.03:28
cfhowlettAnthony: what part of the world are you in03:28
urlin2u!op | BABY_03:29
ubottuBABY_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!03:29
cfhowlettAnthony: http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/10.04/release/03:29
BABY_I want to shit into you mouth urlin2u03:29
BABY_oh yeahhh03:29
BABY_tie me to my bedpost and sitk your big jewish cock into my asshole03:29
cfhowlettAnthony: you'll want to get http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/10.04/release/xubuntu-10.04.2-alternate-i386.iso03:29
BABY_ream me hard baby03:29
FloodBot1BABY_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:29
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!03:29
BABY_fill me up with your gefiltecum03:29
cfhowlettAnthony: will you r laptop have xubuntu only it?03:30
ksx4systemis there something like daily build of 12.04?03:31
ksx4systemI'd love to make custom LiveCD rebuild of this one03:31
urlin2uksx4system, yep03:31
ActionParsnipksx4system: yes, but ask in #ubuntu+1 pleae03:31
Oerksx4system, yes, but support is in @ubuntu+103:31
urlin2uksx4system, 12.04 is ubuntu+103:31
cfhowlettAnthony: then you should really xubuntu.  be patient, follow the installation instructions and I think you'll really enjoy your machine.03:32
ksx4systemthanks but I only wanted to know if daily livecd exists :) thanks anyway03:32
marrok_is anyone here familiar with open vas?03:33
spriteswhat do you use to make custom builds of the live cd?03:35
RapeStaffersI want to shit in your mouth sprites!03:35
cfhowletthow to ignore /ignore rapestaffers03:35
AfterDeathcfhowlett: Don't worry, he's gone03:35
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: /ignore nick03:35
cfhowlettafterdeath actionparsnip tyvm03:36
arjunasome ppls children...03:36
spriteswere do they come out from03:37
CoreyIt requires no comment. :)03:37
spritesye :)03:37
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fellayaboycan someone help...my wired connection keeps getting connection established and disconnected every 2 seconds...whats going on???03:46
invisiblektried a different network cable? different port?03:47
invisiblek(always gotta try the easy things first)03:47
invisiblekwhat kind of nic is it?03:47
fellayaboyunforunaltey theres no other port03:47
fellayaboyhow do i find out?03:48
invisiblekits probably not the port, but worth a shot03:48
invisiblekrun: lspci03:48
invisiblekcopy and paste it on pastebin03:48
invisiblekand then give me the link03:48
fellayaboyi setup a vpn..i put my wired connection to share to other computers.....i connect to the net with my wireless...so im thinkin it could be that03:48
invisiblekhmm, you set up vpn to do that?03:49
Anthonywhat do i chose a partiton disk for best results03:50
invisiblekAnthony, it depends on what you want to do. do you plan to have another OS on this hard drive?03:50
invisiblekif not, just do the guided using the entire drive03:50
invisiblekfellayaboy, you probably would want something more like a NAT instead of VPN for that situation03:51
cfhowlettAnthony: use the whole drive then03:51
fellayaboycan a tun0 connection do something like that to this thing?03:51
Anthonyk ty03:51
invisiblekfellayaboy, i really don't think you want to use a vpn here (which is what tun would be used for)03:52
LazerathI the "cat partitions" command in the /proc folder03:52
LazerathThe boot drive is sda103:52
LazerathBut the files are on the lvm sda503:52
Lazeraththe sda1 does have some files for booting03:52
LazerathBut the lvm is locked so how do I reinstall grub03:52
FloodBot1Lazerath: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:52
fellayaboywheres the log to see why its disconnecting and connecting03:52
fellayaboyno i do invisiblek03:52
fellayaboyim bridging my xbox to my home network03:52
fellayaboyor trying to ...using vpn03:52
invisiblekany reason in particular you want to use vpn?03:53
fellayaboytrying to use this app from verizon fios so i can watch tv at this temporary location using my xbox03:54
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:55
fellayaboyit only works from my lan..so im guessing if i vpn it should work03:55
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:55
invisiblekare you plugged directly from the ubuntu box to the xbox?03:55
fellayaboyinvisiblek, yes..im plugged directly to the xbox with my ubuntu box03:56
invisiblekusing a crossover or straight through cable?03:56
fellayaboystraight cable03:56
fellayaboythis worked before03:56
fellayaboyidk if my hardware just went dead or since i upgraded to 11.1003:57
fellayaboyor the vpn setup..everything works fine...when i vpn it works good03:57
fellayaboywhen im not vpn it works good too invisiblek03:57
fellayaboyits just the wired connection keeps restarting...at first it was stable...then it just continued to reconnect every 2 seconds...03:58
invisiblektried with static ip addresses?03:58
bobenhausthis clown just got home from woek03:58
invisiblekworth a shot, if there is an issue with whatever is handing out dhcp...03:59
fellayaboyi know its not the cable03:59
fellayaboywhen i connect the xbox directly to the router it works fine03:59
fellayaboywheres the log03:59
fellayaboyis there a log i can use?03:59
invisiblek/var/log/syslog maybe?03:59
fellayaboylet me see brb03:59
invisiblekgood luck04:00
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fellayaboytake a look at that invisiblek04:03
malibuHi there, does anyone know how to change the background color of the calendar in the date and time widget04:03
aBoundDoes anybody have any audio issues when using Ubuntu 11.10 when I'm on Youtube and sometimes watch another clip. All of a sudden the sound stops working and I have to close the web browser than reopen it to hear sound.04:05
m4kHow to create ubuntu alternate cd from scratch04:08
ActionParsnipm4k: you can use the minimal ISO and remaster it04:09
aBoundIt's the action man. :P04:10
m4kOk thnks04:10
c_smithcould a printer only printing in yellow and black be a software problem?04:13
ActionParsnipc_smith: print a huge bock of cyan and magenta, may pull the ink through, or do a head clean04:14
c_smithActionParsnip, how would I do this?04:14
ActionParsnipc_smith: use gimp or similar, print head clean will depen on the make and model. HP have a fantastic tool kit which can probably do head cleaning04:16
c_smithah, ok04:16
c_smithI'll try the block first.04:17
c_smithprinters are a new thing to me.04:17
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c_smithActionParsnip, looks like the ink just wasn't coming through yet, as these blocks are making it come through now.04:24
Arneyhowdy... my may ttl is suffering a graphical crisis... I am on ttl1. How do I reset the gui on ttl7?04:24
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Anthonythat dosent work either04:26
urlin2uAnthony, you addressing somebody in particular?04:28
kraz3dAnyone have any recommendations for any good wallpaper websites?04:28
urlin2uAnthony, cool.04:29
NorthDo you know Why I cannot write on HDD secondary?????04:29
NorthI can read the file on HDD secondary.04:29
Anthonyim trying to installl a version of linux on a dell inprion 600 m04:29
Arneyhow do I restart unity, gnome and everything visible?04:29
diggdeep* Using Dell xps 164504:29
diggdeep* Using kernel 3.0.0-15, then screen frozen.04:29
diggdeep* Restart machine, but black screen with no bios or Dell logo.04:29
diggdeep* The screen doesn't seem to be working at all.04:29
diggdeep* Connect the laptop external monitor, the external monitor works, but laptop monitor is still black.04:29
FloodBot1diggdeep: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:29
diggdeep* Sometimes the laptop monitor will work suddenly.04:29
OctoByteNorth, by chance is your secondary Hdd NTFS?04:30
urlin2uAnthony, you have the stock 512 MB ram?04:31
Anthonyno 2g04:31
ActionParsnipdiggdeep: what GPU do you use?04:33
new2netWith natty/unity x86 32bit. The option to lock the screen after a period of time is kind of buggy. When I return to my screen (which should be locked) it actually lets see and interact with the desktop environment before the screen to authenticate comes up. This lasts for a couple of seconds. Why might this be happening? Does checkbox have something to test this with?04:35
bobenhausanyone here using xchat?04:36
cjaredruni am bobenhaus04:36
bobenhausCjaredrun: Do you know how to change the output font use when talking in a channel?04:36
bobenhausCjaredrun: Do you know how to change the output font color  when talking in a channel?04:37
Anthonyurlin: any i deas04:37
cjaredrunsorry no bobenhaus i dont04:37
bobenhausCjaredrun: is your font grey as well?04:38
bobenhausok :04:38
Northoctbyte: how can I check if it's NTF or not?04:38
superdave321anyone familiar with running spotify under wine? it's crashing every time i use it...04:39
bobenhauswhat version of wine?04:39
bobenhausI'm using 1.304:40
NorthOctoByte: How can I check if it's NTFS or not?04:40
urlin2uNorth, the disk utility will tell you or in the terminal sudo blkid04:42
urlin2uor sudo fsdik -l04:42
Anthonyurlin2u: are you going to help me04:44
bobenhausspotify crashed on my first try but now it is running fine04:44
urlin2uAnthony, if I was I use your nic, as fra as your computer and linux you just have to try a few and see what works for you.04:45
Anthonyi have been having problems with grub04:46
urlin2uAnthony, what are they I missed that?04:46
Anthonyi keep getting grub rescue error04:46
urlin2uAnthony, can you give any background leading to that, and if you have more then one hard drive.04:47
Anthonyjust on04:47
urlin2uanothony any back to this?04:48
urlin2uAnthony, anything preceding this grub error or just random incidence?04:49
Anthonywhat you mean04:49
urlin2uAnthony, I'm not sure I can exsplain it any better then my last question.04:50
OctoByteNorth, disk utility or sudo fsdisk -l04:51
Anthonyi trid in stall ubuntu and xbuntu04:51
urlin2uAnthony, both..... one after the other can you give details.04:51
Northurlin2u: /deb/sdb1: UUID="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"04:51
NorthOctoByte:  can you understand?04:52
ActionParsnipAnthony: is the RAM healthy?04:53
ActionParsnipAnthony: when did you last test it?04:53
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=== ALLCAPSMAN is now known as f0urtyfive
Anthonywhen i had windows a week ago04:53
ActionParsnipAnthony: windows doesn't have a ram tester04:54
Anthonyno but i was fine whe i had windows04:54
ActionParsnipAnthony: i don't care. I helped someone about 30 mins ago who's previous OS was OK and the RAM tested as bad04:54
ActionParsnipAnthony: another OS running ok is not a ram test04:55
Northurlin2u: how can I save the terminal command history?04:55
Anthonyi know that04:55
urlin2u North copy and paste it to a doc04:55
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Northurlin2u: it's impossible.04:56
ActionParsnipNorth: you can run:  history > ~/Desktop/HistorySave.txt04:56
urlin2uNorth, why highlight it right click copy and then paste.04:56
ActionParsnipAnthony: so why say that windows ran fine, when you know that it's not a ram test04:56
Northurlin2u: oh, now it works out04:57
Anthonycuase wouldnt that cuase issues with windows04:57
North/dev/sda1: UUID="5af9c171-e566-4c85-84be-f36aa6ee6b37" TYPE="ext3"04:57
North/dev/sda5: TYPE="swap" UUID="4f3ea3c7-9588-48d3-b72b-73efd5f229a5"04:57
North/dev/sdb1: UUID="56e6fba8-12c0-4ae6-88a5-edb9b3c966ef" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"04:57
urlin2uNorth, check ActionParsnip's command as well.04:57
ActionParsnipAnthony: windows may be able to detect and avoid bad ram04:57
ActionParsnipAnthony: it is a completely different OS04:57
Anthonyso how do i check04:57
NorthOctoByte: /dev/sda1: UUID="5af9c171-e566-4c85-84be-f36aa6ee6b37" TYPE="ext3"04:57
North/dev/sda5: TYPE="swap" UUID="4f3ea3c7-9588-48d3-b72b-73efd5f229a5"04:57
North/dev/sdb1: UUID="56e6fba8-12c0-4ae6-88a5-edb9b3c966ef" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"04:57
ActionParsnipAnthony: the CD has the memtester on it, run it a few mins and if you see any RED, your RAM is damaged some place04:58
superdave_Does anyone else have trouble networking with usb wifi adapters?04:58
NorthOctoByte: can you guess why I cannot write on HDD secondary?05:00
OctoByteNorth, looks like your secondary HDD IS an ext3 (assuming that sdb1 is your secondary HDD). I think the problem is with the permissions. Looks you have read-only permissions.05:01
NorthOctoByte: where can I change the permission?05:01
NorthI checked the Properties-Permmissions. and the message is " THe permissions of "disk" could not be determined."05:03
superdave_can anybody verify compatibility with Lynksys WMP11 wifi PCI adapter?05:03
ActionParsnipsuperdave_: what chip does it use?05:03
NorthOctoByte: I checked the Properties-Permmissions. and the message is " THe permissions of "disk" could not be determined."05:03
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superdave_ActionParsnip: ahh.. no clue... it's version 4 of the hardware if that helps...05:04
ActionParsnipsuperdave_: if you can find out the chip, we can say. Linksys buy chips from atheros, intel and broadcom and make their adapters05:04
OctoByteNorth, Interesting, I have never encountered something like that before. I'm not really sure what to do here. But I believe the answer lies in editing your fstab.05:06
ActionParsnipsuperdave_: let me search05:06
ActionParsnip!hcl | superdave_ may have some compatible devices for you05:06
ubottusuperdave_ may have some compatible devices for you: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:06
T_H_XNorth: ls -l /disk/mount/point   wherever that is05:06
OctoByteNorth, heres more info on editing your fstab: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab05:06
NorthOctoByte: how can I edit the fstab?05:06
ActionParsnipsuperdave_: seems to use ndiswrapper http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7319&page=205:07
superdave_ActionParsnip: it's inprocomm05:07
zykotick9North: "gksudo gedit /etc/fstab" is one method05:07
OctoByteNorth, however I should warn you to take care when editing fstab. It can cause lots of problems if you mess up05:07
T_H_XNorth: mount the disk then use sudo chmod to change perms, dont force them through fstab05:08
OctoByteNorth, read this article first, it will help you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab05:08
superdave_ActionParsnip: Thanks!05:08
ActionParsnipsuperdave_: my Netgear WG311T PCI  runs straight out of the box, but I don't use it05:08
T_H_XNorth: also make sure the disk is healthy, fsck -p /dev/sdb105:08
zykotick9superdave_: if it's USB, you might want to unplug it (wait a couple of seconds) plug it back in and in a terminal run "dmesg | tail -25" to find more info on the device.05:08
spokeni'm getting wierd boot error,, i can get to grub but can't get the kernel to load. keep getting udevd[87]05:09
zykotick9superdave_: oh, ndiswrapper... sorry, AP gave you the info already.05:09
michael_mbphi all, how can I add a .conf to upstart?  I've added the file to /etc/init/05:09
OctoByteNorth, listen to T_H_X he knows what he's talking about05:10
quiescensmichael_mbp: if you have written the file correctly that should be all you need to do?05:10
zykotick9michael_mbp: 1) do you really need it on boot?  2) is rc.local an option for you?05:10
michael_mbpthe file is god.conf05:11
michael_mbpso service god start should work right?05:11
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:13
spokenwhen i boot i'm getting ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/a3a... does not exist.  Dropping to a shell!  I can get to grub but kernel won't boot.05:15
michael_mbpthat's not helping as I've looked at that05:15
ActionParsnipspoken: is the uuid the uuid of your system partition?05:17
spokeni believe so but i don't know it that way.  is there a way to check from initramfs?05:17
ActionParsnipspoken: boot to live cd and run:  sudo blkid    compare the strings05:18
spokengotcha.  will do.  thank you!05:18
SoulShadowI need a good RDP client, rdesktop seems kind of barebones to me05:22
somsipSoulShadow: I used Remmina last time I needed one. It worked <shrugs>05:25
SoulShadowi like to rdp into my desktop while on my laptop05:25
SoulShadowand mstsc in windows works wonderfully, but rdesktop is heavily lacking compared to that05:26
BryanRuiz1how do i tell a service not to start on boot?05:27
zykotick9BryanRuiz1: the ugly way would be to rename the .conf file in /etc/init/ to foo.conf.disabled (not pretty method that's for sure)05:28
dr_willisyou can edit the .conf file. but i just rename them.05:29
dr_willissimple :) but unusual05:29
dr_willisthe upstart homepage/wiki may give other ways.  But i dont think theres a standard way to do it.05:29
llutz_upstart still lacks basic features05:30
dr_willisif you dont want a service running. why do you have it installed?05:30
dr_willisupstart docs i belive mention how doint that stuff is left up to the disrto maker. :) Been ages since i last looked at them.05:30
mistereesemen cum jizz splooge nut seed spunk wad05:31
bobenhausquestion: is ubuntun 11.10 gnome desktop?05:37
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: yes, using unity shell05:37
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
cjaredrunyes bobe05:37
dr_willis11.10 uses gnome3 wigth the unity shell by default05:37
bobenhausactionparsnip: tanks05:37
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: if you like the gnome2 look, use xubuntu05:37
skilzHow do I change my hostname by commands05:37
crizzyor fallback05:38
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:38
bobenhaushow do I install xubuntu?05:38
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.05:38
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.05:38
crizzybobenhaus: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:38
ActionParsnipskilz: gksudo gedit /etc/hosts &    then run:    gksudo gedit /etc/hostname05:38
ActionParsnipskilz: change both files (case sensitive), then reboot05:38
bobenhausdoh. I just typed sudo apt-get install gnome05:38
ActionParsnipcrizzy: no need for the apps too, you just need xfce405:39
dr_willisthat may install a few extra gnome files05:39
ActionParsnipcrizzy: you can use the standing gnome apps in xfce05:39
skilzI changed /etc/hosts05:39
skilzwhat else?05:39
crizzywell, yes05:39
crizzytho i recommend testing gnome3 fallback first05:39
dr_willis!hostname | skilz05:39
ubottuskilz: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.05:39
ActionParsnipskilz: you need to change /etc/hostname at the same time, or sudo won't work. Thats why I said to open BOTH files before editting05:40
crizzyapart from needing holding alt to make any changes to panels it's like classic05:40
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Anthonyaction: its taken a long time05:45
ActionParsnipAnthony: it will run indefinately if you let it, have you any red in the main part of the screen?05:46
damo22how do i load  a module i just installed05:46
zykotick9damo22: "sudo modprobe foo"05:46
ActionParsnipAnthony: like this: http://www.mynetnuke.com/Portals/28/images/Articles/MemtestMNN.jpg05:46
Anthonyno says errors zero05:46
damo22crap wrong channel!!05:46
ActionParsnipAnthony: cool, hit ESC and the system will boot, your RAM is error free :D05:46
damo22i meant a haskell module05:47
damo22sorry ot05:47
Anthonyok then what05:47
macmartineWhat's the best way to run a command on startup?05:49
somsipmacmartine: add it to /etc/rc.local05:49
dfcnvtmacmartine: init would be the one but I forgot how :\05:49
dfcnvtmacmartine: ^ what he said.05:49
ActionParsnipAnthony: not quite sure tbh, maybe others can advisWe have removed bad ram as a cause of the issue though which is good05:50
rimpHi, I bought a new sound card/interface combo and and I can get the inputs to record through a recording workshop, I've tried qjackcontorl and patchete for alsa and even reinstalling alsa and still wont work. Please Help.05:50
macmartinesomsip: Thanks!05:50
somsipmacmartine: np05:51
dr_willismacmartine:  depends on the comman d also05:51
ActionParsniprimp: does it output sound ok?05:52
ActionParsnipmacmartine: does it need to be run as root?05:52
macmartineI'm starting a process monitor with "god -c god/resque.god" for https://github.com/mojombo/god05:52
ActionParsnipmacmartine: then it will need to go in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line05:53
llutz_macmartine: use full pathes when using rc.local05:53
rimpYes, i can even adjust input volume through the alsa mixer and it works through headphones but not into software05:53
macmartinethanks guys05:53
hipitihopis there a way to reboot from an ssh session and specify a previous kernel to be boot with ?05:53
c_nickis it possible to use my VDI over the network on my other terminal ?05:54
ActionParsniphipitihop: you will need to edit the DEFAULT= line in /etc/default/grub  to specify the kernel05:54
crizzyhipitihop: you need to set it default in grub05:54
llutz_hipitihop: man grub-reboot05:54
ActionParsniphipitihop: edit it and run: sudo update-grub  to make it stick05:54
dr_willisgrub entries start at 0  zero, not one when counting also i belive05:54
llutz_you don't need to edit any file for this05:55
Fudgehow can you get info on what cahnged, like release notes from package versions?05:55
ActionParsniphipitihop: if you run: sudo update-grub    you can see the list of installed kernels and such (the recovery mode lines), the latest will be line 005:55
llutz_Fudge: aptitude changelog packagename05:55
ActionParsnipllutz_: ah, wasn't aware of that one.05:55
hipitihopllutz: what do you mean no need to edit file05:55
boolean_this is test05:55
llutz_hipitihop: read "man grub-reboot"05:56
ActionParsnipllutz_: that's pretty badass05:56
ActionParsnipllutz_: sudo grub-reboot 1      for example?05:56
rimpCan anyone help me?05:56
llutz_ActionParsnip: thats what the man-page says05:56
ActionParsnipllutz_: i gots the man page online, doesn't really say how 'entry' is defined afaics05:57
Anthonyaction: any ideas05:58
llutz_" ENTRY is a number or a menu item title" ActionParsnip05:58
Jordan_UActionParsnip: It could either be an entry number, starting from 0, or an entry title like 'Ubuntu, with Linux 3.2.0-12-generic'.05:58
dr_willisi do recall reading where some of these grub commands need the 'saved last entry' feature/option enabled in the grub configs05:58
hipitihopActionParsnip, llutz, Jordan_U: thanks for your help05:59
dr_willisbut ive never used the features.05:59
ActionParsnipJordan_U: nice, learned something new05:59
llutz_ActionParsnip: there's "grub-set-default" too :)06:00
hipitihopllutz: hmm tries 'sudo grub-reboot 1' and 'sudo grub-reboot 2' and both times it asked to confirm rebot, it did, but I log in and it seem to be running same latest entry06:06
hipitihopllutz: update grub shows "Found kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-38-generic06:07
hipitihopFound kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-37-generic06:07
hipitihopFound kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-36-generic06:07
hipitihopFound kernel: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-35-generic...06:07
Jordan_Uhipitihop: Did you put GRUB_DEFAULT=saved in /etc/default/grub and run "sudo update-grub"?06:07
Jordan_U!pastebin | hipitihop06:08
ubottuhipitihop: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:08
hipitihopJordan_U, I thought I did not need to do that if using 'sudo grub-reboot'06:08
Jordan_Uhipitihop: You do, if you're using grub2. I think you're using grub legacy though, which I don't recommend. What is the output of "grub-install --version"?06:09
hipitihopJordan_U, (GNU GRUB 0.97)06:10
Jordan_Uhipitihop: That's grub legacy.06:10
Jordan_Uhipitihop: I recommend that you upgrade to grub2. It's pretty safe, but you should have a LiveCD handy just in case something goes wrong.06:11
hipitihopJordan_U, hmm, seems upgrade to LTS did not sort that06:11
hipitihopJordan_U, ok have a few things running on this machine so will have to schedule a reasonable time to fiddle with gruva and live cd in hand...06:12
zykotick9hipitihop: upgrades to 10.04LTS where design NOT to upgrade grub by default, it's working as designed06:12
Jordan_Uhipitihop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Upgrading_to_GRUB_2_From_GRUB06:13
hipitihopJordan_U, if my grub menu does not show on bott, is there a way to bring it up while machine is booting ?06:13
Jordan_Uhipitihop: With grub legacy in Ubuntu the menu was always shown by default. With grub2 in Ubuntu the menu is hidden by default unless you dual boot, and can be accessed at boot by holding shift even when it's hidden.06:15
hipitihopJordan_U, this is originally a mythbuntu install which has gone through upgrades so not really sure what the defaultis, but willsee if I can choose via shift06:16
hipitihopJordan_U, ActionParsnip: thanks for your help guys.06:16
vsyncanthony... hopkins? quinn? bourdain?06:17
Jordan_U!tab | Anthony06:17
ubottuAnthony: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:17
ActionParsnipAnthony: sup0?06:20
ActionParsnipAnthony: if you TAB complete my FULL nick it will highlight me..06:21
ztanersyslogd @ 11.04 hangs on upgrade/startup/whatever06:21
ztaneany ideas?06:21
Anthonyso what do i do06:21
ActionParsnipAnthony: Didn't you see what I said literally 30 mins ago06:21
ActionParsnip05:50 < ActionParsnip> Anthony: not quite sure tbh, maybe others can advisWe have removed bad ram as a cause of the issue though which is good06:21
Anthonyyeah i saw that but stuck i dont know who esles to ask06:22
ActionParsnipAnthony: not me, I thought it would be obvious to anyone NOT to ask someone who doesn't know and has made clear they don't know...06:22
ActionParsnipAnthony: so why do you keep bothering me, it makes absolutely no sense at all06:23
Anthonyok sorry06:23
AnthonyCan any one help me with a Grub Rescue error06:23
vsyncAnthony kk, can you boot it manually though?06:24
theadminztane: /var full maybe? You sure logrotate is installed?06:24
Anthonyno OS06:24
Jordan_UAnthony: Please run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt06:25
Jordan_U!bootinfo | Anthony06:25
ubottuAnthony: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).06:25
ztanetheadmin: 145 gigs free06:25
ztanetheadmin: it also hangs on stop06:25
theadminztane: Hmm... Any output when you start it manually as in "sudo service rsyslogd start"?06:26
ztanetheadmin: no06:26
ztanejust hangs, but starts the job,i f i ctrl-c it is already started06:26
theadminztane: Ah then probably something wrong with the config file in /etc/init/06:27
RockjQ: Anyone can assist me on removing known "ecryptfs-add-passphrase"s ? It says it stores it to kernel keyring, which I have no clue what it is.06:29
Rockj(basically I want my system to forget the details about how to unencrypt the private area, so I can start over setting it up)06:29
Rockj(trying to mount my old private dir .. )06:29
theadminRockj: "ecryptfs-manager" might help, honestly I don't see anything about it in the manual page, but just try running that I guess :$ I'm still looking though06:31
Anthony<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=05qp4i9i"></script>06:32
ztanetheadmin: hmm, config is unchanged06:35
ztaneactually the daemon does not seem to start now06:35
ztanebut it does on commandline06:35
theadminztane: Hm, even weirder06:36
Jordan_UAnthony: Are you having any problem running boot info script or pastebining the RESULTS.txt?06:36
yezariaelymy built-in webcam is visible in lsusb, lsmod shows 'video' but I do not have a /dev/video any ideas?06:36
ztanei wonder if upstart is somehow gotten founny06:37
ztanetheadmin: reboot helped, not nice, fortunately this was not in production06:41
Jordan_UAnthony: Do you realize that you still haven't posted a link to your RESULTS.txt?06:42
Anthonyyes i did06:42
Anthony<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=05qp4i9i"></script>06:42
tigrangwhy can i access windows shares on C: but not on a second drive D: - the whole D drive is shared but accessing says Failed to mount06:43
Jordan_UAnthony: That's not a proper link. First of all it has <script> tags, which it shouldn't. If I ignore the script tags and put http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=05qp4i9i into my browser I get something which is not boot info script results.06:45
Jordan_UAnthony: Try using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com06:45
Rockjtheadmin: http://sysphere.org/~anrxc/j/articles/ecryptfs/index.html  seems to be a good article about ecryptfs.06:45
urlin2uAnthony, should look like this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/832301/06:45
Anthonyi can boot in to pc06:45
froxtHello everyone06:46
=== russf_ is now known as russf
froxtI finally installed 11.04, now upgrading 11.1006:46
overcluckereuse -a06:48
Anthonyi cant log in to pc06:50
superdave321how do I change the name of my computer?06:50
=== ts2 is now known as tsimpson
zykotick9!hostname | superdave32106:50
ubottusuperdave321: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.06:50
Rockjtheadmin: tho, im still confused about where it gets stored in the end again.06:51
dfcnvtShoot, I feel my usefullness over ubuntu is decreased... :( What else must I explore/do with ubuntu?06:51
superdave321zykotick9 Thanks!06:52
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
superdave321How should I go about sharing a whole hard drive over SMB?06:55
urlin2udfcnvt, this is support in general you might try #ubbuntu-offtopic06:55
dfcnvtVery well, I'll use that instead.06:56
T_H_Xend of line06:56
ActionParsnipdfcnvt: if you have multiple ubuntu PCs you could make a local repo mirror to speed up updates06:58
dfcnvtIs it possible to look up title on my browser via terminal?06:58
dfcnvtActionParsnip: I'll put that in the note.06:59
ztanedfcnvt: ?06:59
ztanedfcnvt: window title?07:00
dfcnvtSay, I have a browser running in the corner of my multiple desktop. And I'd like to check the window title of that browser via terminal on a seperate Desktop screen.07:00
dfcnvtztane: yes.07:00
ActionParsnipdfcnvt: wmctrl may be able to07:00
superdave321Error on creating RAID-0: "Failed to execute child process "mdadm" (No such file or directory)"07:00
ztanedfcnvt: with xwininfo07:00
MK`how can I tell the capacity of an empty disk? The disk utility says this DVD only has 2 kb free07:01
dfcnvtztane: I'll look into that.. (just checked, it required me to click with mouse) I'll figure out07:02
T_H_Xsuperdave321: sudo apt-get install mdadm07:02
ztanedfcnvt: xwininfo -root -children for starters07:02
superdave321T_H_X: Thanks. Why wouldn't that already be installed?07:03
Lintbecause it's not needed by default?07:04
dfcnvtWork well, "xwininfo -root -children | grep google-chrome"07:04
An_dephow can Disable Ethernet interface? Blacklist? Ubuntu 11.1007:05
ActionParsnipAn_dep: blacklist the module it uses and it won't load :)07:05
superdave321lint: yeah, ok. It is kind of an advanced feature, but shouldn't a provision be put into the OS at least telling you that you have to install it before it will work?07:05
superdave321lint: the feature being creating a RAID-0 scheme.07:06
dfcnvtNot so narrow but that's good enough... Actually no, how do you grep with the space in it?  | grep "Chrome Chrome"?07:06
ActionParsnipdfcnvt: could grep one word then grep the next, not graceful but should work07:07
ztanedfcnvt: yep07:07
dfcnvtDidn't think of that, thanks07:07
ActionParsnipdfcnvt: use:   grep -i   too, so it isn't case sensitive07:07
An_depActionParsnip: I find in lsmod atl1c module and write blacklist atl1c in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf but ethernet load anywhere07:08
fishcookerhello fellas07:08
fishcookeris there any chat room like #windows07:09
dfcnvtnew case, When searched, it doesn't show all titles... I have two tabs with differnt titles.. Only the present tab will show title but hidden tab doesn't show.07:09
urlin2ufishcooker, there is windows support not really a chat room ##windows07:10
ActionParsnipAn_dep: in can go in any file, you can add it easily with:07:10
ActionParsnipAn_dep: echo "blacklist atl1c" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf > /dev/null07:10
ztanedfcnvt: bc the other is not a window :)07:10
An_dephow disable ethenet only? :)07:10
dfcnvtztane: So, how do you go about this?07:11
ztanei do not know :(07:11
zykotick9fishcooker: ##windows perhaps?07:11
fishcookerit works07:12
fishcookerjoin ##windows07:12
superdave321How should I go about sharing an entire drive over SMB?07:12
fishcookerfor your all quick response07:12
T_H_XAn_dep: can you turn it off in the bios07:12
ActionParsnipAn_dep: thats how you add to a file in CLI, dead handy :). Reboot to test07:13
ActionParsnipAn_dep: probably a better idea by T_H_X  ;)07:13
totesmuhgoatshey folks07:14
An_depin BIOS - no ethernet setting07:14
urlin2uAn_dep, you can turn of wired and wireless in the network icon07:14
totesmuhgoatsmy teacher provided a custom authored debian live cd for one of our classes, it shipped with xfce, I am wondering why his livecd virtualized runs so smoothly compared to my native ubuntu install with xubuntu-desktop07:15
totesmuhgoatslike when i resize a window it never resizes smooth, and the cursor always gets ahead of the actual window07:15
totesmuhgoatsand the virtualized instance is running inside this native install and still does it perfectly07:16
urlin2utotesmuhgoats, why don't you ask them. :)07:16
superdave321What is the best way to share an entire drive over network?07:16
totesmuhgoatsurlin2u: well i can't think of a logical reason that it would07:16
zykotick9superdave321: just create a folder on the drive, then share it.07:16
urlin2utotesmuhgoats, I can't hardly ever really, lol :)07:17
An_depyes but then system loading working ethernet leads to crash...07:17
superdave321Zykotick9: meh.... Ok. why not.07:17
T_H_Xsuperdave321: if you open nautilus, then click on filesystem. then right click a blank area in the foldres window. select properties, and goto share tab07:20
T_H_Xsuperdave321: but sharing a single folder would be best though07:21
totesmuhgoatsurlin2u: i guess eh?07:21
superdave321T_H_X: Thanks! That's exactly what I needed. what do you mean by best?07:22
An_dephave any ideas? in notebook emachines D443 ethernet ONLY then wire not pluged - system crash on linux, (on windows load normal)07:23
T_H_Xbit more secure i spoze.. but i do the same.. no one here but me07:23
urlin2utotesmuhgoats, you noticed eh. :)07:24
superdave321T_H_X: well, it's a seperate drive and it's on a personal network out in the middle of the sticks of Arkansas, so i'm pretty unworried about security other than a nosy sister or parent...07:26
An_depnow I do cap on ethernet that simulates a connection07:26
bjensenI found this is in my log files during the. Right after. mysql goes down: should I be worried? http://pastie.org/333271507:26
bjensenit was during the night where no one was on07:27
An_depi like clipit)07:27
Krisedbjensen uhmm do you know anyone who should have the name avahi07:28
An_depmay be my English is funny?07:28
=== Gskellig is now known as gskellig|mobile
bjensenKrised: NO07:28
bjensensorry, no I dont07:28
Krisedbjensen hmm it seems like a daemon.. odd..07:29
An_depin russian chat - nobody07:29
calmpitbullhello i need help with brcm80211, i have installed git-core.....but now when in wanna git colone git got this linux-next already exist07:29
bjensenKrised: Yeah..I just think its weird that it starts up and then mysql goes down07:29
SilentDrgnWhat book would you all recommend to really get into Linux in general? Anybody have A Practical Guide To Linux Commands, Editors And Shell Programming?07:40
SilentDrgnI've got Ubuntu Unleashed 2012 on the way but I want something a little broader.07:41
psy_hello can any one explain what i get with the rhel6 desktop self support license? how many machines? is supporting RED HAT supporting fedora?07:41
llutz_psy_: this is ubuntu support07:42
psy_llutz_ I know but i've been asking all over the chats with no answer so being an ubuntu user i came back home07:43
llutz_psy_: this is ubuntu support only, keep asking somewhere else07:43
superdave321Has anyone else run into a problem with running spotify under wine?07:44
psy_llutz_: thats a very annoying way of making a point.07:45
psy_does anyone have an idea of places i could ask???07:45
calmpitbullSilenrDrgn: http://www.wowebook.me/book/the-linux-command-line/07:46
llutz_!alis | psy_07:46
ubottupsy_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:46
calmpitbullSilentDrgn: http://www.wowebook.me/book/the-linux-command-line/07:46
anudaasaare there some other channels ? About games, programing and so on ?07:49
llutz_!alis | anudaasa07:49
ubottuanudaasa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:49
dfcnvtGood Nn *yawn* ight... (blubbering)07:49
bjensenHow to troubleshoot why your machine has restarted during the night? Im looking at logs now07:51
SilentDrgnthat was weird07:51
SilentDrgnThank you for the recommendation.07:51
lekremyelsewWhy do I see people suffixing commands with (8) to refer to their man pages? Like mount(8)07:52
silver_star_irihey guys , how I should avoid showing my server info in header of request ?07:53
llutz_lekremyelsew: "man man" explains07:53
lekremyelsewllutz, thank you :)07:54
bjensensnippet from syslogd. http://pastie.org/3332821 doesn't it look like it just lost power?07:54
Ho^OhIn Unity, why does it seem as though after hours of use, all my icons gets changed to fallback gnome icons?07:56
Ho^OhNautilus uses old icons.07:56
silver_star_irihey guys , how I should avoid showing my server info (shuch as apache version , php version , ...) in header of request ?07:56
HipuHow to create customized alternate cd from scratch ?07:57
Slartibartsilver_star_iri: http://www.serverschool.com/server-security/how-to-hide-apache-header-information/07:59
overclucker!remaster | Hipu07:59
silver_star_iriSlartibart: tnx07:59
ubottuHipu: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:59
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tfaprishi all.08:00
tfapriswhat do I have to do to be able to speak in #httpd?08:01
HipuHow remaster08:01
llutz_!register | tfapris08:01
ubottutfapris: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:01
HipuHow to create customized alternate cd from scratch ?08:02
urlin2uHipu, http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/     ude this after you have your custom setup08:04
urlin2uHipu, not sure about a alternate if you mean the text install.08:05
HipuUrli2u: yes08:05
HipuUrlin2u: how to install reconstructor08:06
urlin2uHipu, I'm not sure what that is.08:06
silver_star_iriSlartibart: i add thoes things but still i can see server info in headers ! (i restart the apache)08:07
HipuHow to install reconstructor08:07
urlin2uHipu, https://reconstructor.apphosted.com/08:08
HipuUrlin2u: whr i downld??08:09
lekremyelsewHipu, can you not read?08:10
urlin2uHipu, never used it look on the web really, this is not 3rd party support to be honest.08:10
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anudaasajsou tady nejaky cesi ?08:11
urlin2uanudaasa, english?08:11
Ho^OhThis is so irritating, after quite some time, my icons mysteriously becomes BORING and dull. It changes.08:11
Ho^OhThe icons in nautilus.08:11
HipuUrli2u: i wnt .deb to install reconstructor08:12
anudaasait is interesting, 1434 persons08:13
urlin2uanudaasa, most idling. :)08:14
HipuHow to create customized alternate cd from scratch ?08:16
anudaasacan i change smuxi color, from white to black ?08:18
lekremyelsewHipu, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+to+create+customized+alternate+cd+from+scratch&l=108:18
=== tfapris is now known as Raazeer
llutz_lekremyelsew: pls don't use lmgtfy here08:20
anli_When I print to file in ubuntu, can I have images as jpegs in the pdf?08:22
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Guest24369how to customize xubuntu08:25
lekremyelsewGuest24369, what are you trying to do to it?08:26
anudaasai can print into pdf :-)08:26
rodhash_Hello... guys, how can I recover some removed files (rm) in a ext4 FS? I accidentally removed few files in my home..08:27
zykotick9!undelete | rodhash_08:28
ubotturodhash_: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:28
anudaasalinux is not windows, like do you really want to delete this ? :-)08:28
tenachHello - anybody know how to calibrate a touch screen in Ubuntu?08:41
lekremyelsewrodhash_, you can also use "alias rm='rm -i'" to make rm ask before removing every file08:45
Lazerathhay all08:46
Lazeratham i able to boot live cd off of ubuntu 11.1008:46
UbuntufanHello how do i enable my video chat in skype from ubuntu 11.1008:47
Myrttitenach: xinput-calibrator?08:47
rodhash_anudaasa, I really do it's completely different from Windows, thanks for you comment but don't you worry.. I've figured out how to fix my mess...08:48
rodhash_I really do know*08:49
tenachMyrtti, thanks a ton! I hadn't known about that, worked like a charm08:50
anli_Is there a tool in ubuntu that lets me optimize a pdf?08:53
anli_I found no convincing one08:53
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bunjeehello out there................08:58
bunjeeplease help me install K3B08:58
Krisedhi there08:58
[deXter]bunjee, sudo apt-get install k3b08:59
Kriseduhmm i dont know what k3b is sadly but id go with apt-get or synaptic myself08:59
bunjeeThank You!!08:59
Lintkrapde 3 burner08:59
spursbunjee: hi08:59
zykotick9Krised: k3b is an excellent burning package, BUT it requires KDE libs, so i never use it anymore08:59
Krisedburning ? as cd burning ?? oh. im using gnome myself. the old look.. not that unity stuff09:00
stephanswhy do libs matter so much to you?09:00
zykotick9stephans: KDE is HUGE09:00
stephansno space on your disk?09:01
Kriseddamn i think my 500gb portable hdd is corrupt. i cant get access to it and im afraid to format it cause i need to see whats on it09:01
stephanscan you leave it unmounted and use fsck?09:02
bunjeedeXter - I just downloaded the 2.0.2 tarball from the Internet  - install differently? Doesn't seem to find the file..................09:03
[deXter]bunjee, don't install from tar, always try to use apt-get09:06
llutz_!info k3b09:06
ubottuk3b (source: k3b): A sophisticated CD/DVD burning application. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.2-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 479 kB, installed size 1848 kB09:06
[deXter]you don't want to go into the hassle of compiling a program, and its dependencies, and mess up your system, and later try to fix it..09:06
llutz_bunjee: 2.0.2 is in the repos, no need to compile09:06
bunjeellutz - no ned to install you mean?09:07
llutz_bunjee: no need to compile - i mean. thats what you would have to do with the tarball09:08
bunjeejust thought it would be wise to get the newest version........09:08
lekremyelsewbunjee, the tar file contains the source code to the program, so you have to compile before you can use it, whereas the packages in the repos are precompiled and are much easier to remove09:08
Ben64bunjee: unless there is actually a problem with the packaged version, there is no reason to compile a new version09:09
bunjeeBen64.............ok, that's what I wanted to know........ the bugle at the end of the biurn process is not working........I LOVE that sound...........09:10
llutz_bunjee: 2.0.2 is in the repos, so it IS the latest version09:10
lekremyelsewbunjee, if your heart is set on having the very newest version, there are a lot of tutorials out there for creating your own .deb files that will integrate much better into the ubuntu system than just compiling the tar and running from there09:11
Ben64bunjee: check the settings in the program09:11
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Ho^OhDoes "nautilus-elementary" use a process known as "metacity"?09:23
Ho^OhI don't like the metacity program that floats around in gnome2 as it uses a lot of unnecessary memory.09:24
e_t_Metacity is the window manager.09:24
Ho^OhThese here looks so beautiful: http://www.linoob.com/2011/04/customized-themes-for-ubuntu-11-04/                  But I don't like how metacity uses a lot of memory.09:25
Ho^OhSo I wasn't able to use gnome2 on my old machine (Even with 1Gig go memory).09:25
llutz_ /message ubottu info avconv09:31
thabisostill gud09:33
dr_willismetacity is the default gnome window manager Ho^Oh09:35
dr_willisor compiz09:35
slacker-hey guys, any recommendations for a music player that supports remote control via wlan/iphone?09:36
dr_willisgnome3 in 11.10 uses compiz by default09:37
auronandacedr_willis: not mutter?09:37
dr_willisslacker-:  several video platers have remote apps09:37
dr_willismutter is gnomeshells thing i think09:38
dr_willisi havent paid much attention to gnome dev. lately09:38
dr_willisdepends on what session you select. ;)09:39
slacker-dr_willis: I've got video covered with mythtv but the mythmusic interface is rather unatttractive09:39
dr_willisslacker-: vlc and xbmc and boxee have remote apps. never tried others09:40
zykotick9slacker-: you might want to have a look at mpd and it's various frontends09:41
slacker-vlc as audio player.. interesting. I don't want to run xbmc09:41
dr_willismpd has like 100+ frontends ut seems09:42
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:42
dr_willisit all depends on your needs and details09:42
Kartagishelp? my sound died without any obvious reasons. I've checked alsamixer, I've checked sound properties, everything seems okay09:42
Kartagisuhm... bad speaker cable09:43
dr_willisdog chewed on it?09:43
llutz_copper is a precious thing today. thieves all over09:45
saikatHi all09:50
saikatHow to enable visual effect in ubuntu09:51
saikatis there any option without the proper graphics driver?09:52
saikatplease help I m using ubuntu 10.04.309:52
ikoniasaikat: what video card do you have ?09:53
saikati have intel video card09:53
ikoniasaikat: that should have quite good 3d support out of the box09:53
soiconsaikat: in System > Preference > Appearance09:56
openvoidhello, just found sshd stop working on 10.04, examined more it seems only ipv4 problem, ssh ::1 works well but ssh -  no response. any suggestions?09:57
saikatI am not able to get the proper HD graphics driver here09:57
saikatplease help to resolve the issue09:57
ikoniasaikat: repeating the same statment isn't helpful09:58
ikoniasaikat: I've just explained the intel card should be supported out of the box, if you are having a problem, please explain09:58
soiconsaikat: System > Preference > Hardware Drivers to see if you installed the proprietary drivers or not09:59
saikatno i am not able to install the driver10:01
ikoniasaikat: you don't need to install a driver10:01
zul0anyone know why in my ifconfig is this wlan0:avahi?10:02
ikoniazul0: yes, it's just showing your wlan0 card having a virtual device, which is how some "drivers" handle it10:03
ikoniazul0: is it causing you a problem10:03
zul0yes, i need use eth0 to get internet..10:03
soiconsaikat: so, just enabling the visual effect in Appearance window10:03
zul0ikonia, how i can disable that?10:04
saikatits not taking...10:04
ikoniasaikat: what's not taking10:05
ikoniazul0: eth0 is your wired connection10:05
ikoniazul0: why can you not use eth0 ?10:06
ikoniazul0: (or normally is I should say)10:06
zul0my network-manager is crashed too10:06
saikatin appearance the visual effect normal & Extra option not taking10:06
zul0because im usually study in my room10:06
zul0and my router is in other room10:06
ikoniazul0: not sure how that's relevant10:07
zul0im using wireless adapter since 3 months..10:07
saikatis it possible to enable by some other way10:07
ikoniazul0: ok - so your wireless card is called wlan010:07
ikoniazul0: that is the device you need to use for wireless not eth010:07
saikatas it is searching for driver..but not able to take the proper driver10:07
zul0yes ikonia10:08
ikoniazul0: then I'm failing to see your problem,10:08
ikoniasaikat: what is searching for drivers ?10:08
Ho^OhIS it me or this doesn't really make the window title bar dark?  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/use-adwaita-dark-as-your-system-theme/10:09
ikoniait's an omgubuntu link - what do you expect ?10:09
saikatit searching for additional driver10:10
ikoniasaikat: what is10:10
Ho^Ohikonia: OMG AWESOME DESKTOP!10:10
saikat& give the error" desktop effect could not be enable"10:10
zul0ikonia, i usually use wlan0 (wireless adapter) to connect with my router, but this morning i got some fails and meanwhile im connect to my wired adapter (eth0)10:10
Ho^OhThat's what.10:10
ikoniaHo^Oh: then don't use ombubuntu links to get an awesome desktop10:10
zul0sorry for my low english..10:10
ikoniasaikat: sorry, you're not making any sense10:11
ikoniazul0: ok - don't worry, first thing, reboot, see if network manager comes back and allows you to connect using wlan0 again10:11
saikatplease tell me if is there any other way to enable the visual effects10:11
brianzmy box can get ip from dhcp server and can ping hosts on local subnet, but can not ping gateway or hosts on other subnets, does anyone know what's wrong? i'm using 11.0410:11
ikoniasaikat: any other way ?10:11
ikoniasaikat: what are you doing to try to enable them10:11
zul0ikonia, reboot service or my laptop?10:11
ikoniazul0: reboot your laptop10:11
ikoniabrianz: probably wrong default gateway10:12
Ho^Ohikonia: The results is that my window title bar is as white as Radiance's window manager titlebar.10:12
saikatit require to our customer10:12
saikatthey need this visual effect10:13
brianzoutput of `route -n' show the default gateway is correct10:14
ikoniasaikat: if you are doing this as part of your business may I suggest contacting canonical for a comercial support agreement10:14
saikatok thanks10:14
zul0ikonia, dont work. my network-manager icon is not in gnome-panel10:14
zul0and i cant connect by wlan0 interface10:15
rodhash_Hello all, how can I get into single mode ?? I'm running Ubuntu 11.10.... last time I tried with "init 1" it didn't work, the ubuntu kind of frozen...10:15
rodhash_any idea?10:15
ikoniazul0: what version of ubuntu is this ?10:15
zul0uname -r = 2.6.32-38-generic10:16
rodhash_Has anyone done it before?10:16
ikoniazul0: right click on the pannel and try to re-add gnome-network manager or launch it manually from the command line, see if it shows you why it's crashing10:16
ikoniarodhash_: use the grub boot menu10:16
ikoniarodhash_: "recovery" mode is single user mode10:16
Ho^Ohikonia: What's wrong with omgubuntu by the way?10:17
rodhash_ikonia, I'd like to get into single mode without rebooting10:17
ikoniaHo^Oh: I just don't rate the quality of their information10:17
ikoniarodhash_: if you put it into single user mode it will drop off the network10:17
zykotick9!runlevels | rodhash_10:17
ubotturodhash_: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.10:17
rodhash_ikonia, I know10:17
ikoniarodhash_: ok so "who -r" and see the current status10:18
rodhash_         run-level 2  2012-01-06 23:4810:18
ikoniaso you're at runlevel 210:18
rodhash_I need to go to single to do some thing... but is there any way to do that without grub menus?10:19
ikoniarodhash_: as you're now using upstart "sudo init S" should work10:19
zul0ikonia, it start without problem but in wired connection and wireless network not appear nothing about adapters. they are disabled (but working at least eth0)10:19
rodhash_ok, let me try10:19
brianzikonia: output of 'route -n' is correct, and if i issuing 'sudo dhclient eth0' and ping default gateway immediately, i could get several responses, but about 10 to 20 seconds later, all ping response timed out10:19
ikoniabrianz: sounds like your dhcp lease is expiring, or your network link is going down10:20
ikoniazul0: so in gnome network manager the wireless card is now visiable ?10:21
rodhash_ikonia, nothing happened10:21
ikoniarodhash_: who -r10:21
rodhash_         run-level S  2012-02-07 08:20                   last=210:21
ikoniarodhash_: you're in single user mode10:21
rodhash_ikonia, that doens't make sense... I still using Graphical environment + network + etc10:22
zul0yes, but it is showing disabled icon10:22
ikoniarodhash_: it doesn't it does it without stopping any process,10:22
ikoniarodhash_: upstart works different to init10:22
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zul0ikonia, maybe this help u to understand my problem http://postimage.org/image/lmjnikvhf/10:25
Zw_Hi, i need to transfear a database from 1 server to another. I usaly use phpmyadmin, but database size is over 1gb, so that did not work well. Can anyone help me solve this? :-)10:26
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aguitelmy boot process is slow ,where are log to see what happend?10:36
ikoniaaguitel: remove the boot splash and watch it boot10:38
aguitelikonia, i have not splash10:38
scarleoaguitel, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4992510:39
ikoniaaguitel: then what is the slow part of the boot if you can follow the boot process10:39
literal_usernameHi all, I'm not really an Ubuntu guy, but I'm setting up Ubuntu on a laptop I'm giving to my little brother because I want it to be beginner-friendly. The first thing I notice is that there's this really girly purple color scheme. Obviously I can't give it to him like this. How to change it? I am familiar with Linux, but not any GUI stuff.10:40
aguitelikonia, i cannot read the line (it is faster)10:40
ikoniaaguitel: it can't be that slow then if the boot line is that fast it scrolls off screen before you can even read it10:40
dlentzliteral_username, it depends on what ubuntu version10:41
ikonia!themes | literal_username10:41
ubottuliteral_username: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy10:41
literal_usernamedlentz: Thanks. Looks like ubuntu 11.10. Hopefully one of those will help me out.10:41
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haslapI ended up creating 15k .csv files in my Downloads folder last night and now everytime I try and go into it crashes my PC - whats my best option? Deleting the contents of the folder through terminal?10:46
literal_usernameWow. Installed Ubuntu, updated software, rebooted, now synaptics is broken. I'm used to configuring everything myself, so it's hard to have any idea what went wrong when the distro tries and fails to do it for me.10:47
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calmpitbullNEED HELP http://pastebin.com/a3RkmvhR10:48
=== arathi is now known as arathicool
=== arathicool is now known as arathi
Linthaslap, move (or archive) them somewhere via terminal10:49
The_Misfitnoob question: am i crazy or does it seem like sometimes synaptic has updates apt doesn't offer or vice versa10:49
haslapLint: How would I go about doing that? They're numbered [1 - 15000].csv10:49
The_Misfitand if so why that is10:49
Linthaslap, via xargs10:50
llutz_haslap: tar czf mycsv.tar.gz path/*.csv10:50
haslapllutz_: ty10:51
llutz_haslap: rm path/*.csv    when finished10:51
Lintwhat is max cmd line length in ubuntu?10:51
zul0ikonia, i have solved my problem editing nm config. Thanks for help me.10:52
haslapllutz_: Thanks mate, thats it working again :)10:52
llutz_Lint: getconf ARG_MAX10:53
partyhardHi.I have an ESI MAYA44 sound card Output work perfectly, i also have a MICROPHONE that requires phantom power where do I switch on the phantom power in the driver.Thank you very much.:)10:54
llutz_Lint: or "xargs --show-limits"10:55
calmpitbullim trying to install brcm80211 and i have tryed all forum things and nothing10:56
dlentzcalmpitbull, are you in the right directory?10:57
partyhardHi.I have an ESI MAYA44 sound card Output work perfectly, i also have a MICROPHONE that requires phantom power where do I switch on the phantom power in the driver.Thank you very much.10:58
calmpitbulldlentz: where should i be?10:58
llutz_partyhard: find out what module the card uses, then "modinfo <modulename>" to find out if it takes options to switch phantompower on/off10:59
partyhardPlease explain.module? :)10:59
dlentzcalmpitbull, a/net/mac80211/tx.c so you should be in whatever driectory "a" is equal to11:00
llutz_partyhard: kernel-module as in driver11:00
partyhardWhat do i put in the terminal.:)11:00
llutz_partyhard: is it pci or usb?11:00
llutz_partyhard: "lspci -v"  search the block with your soundcard and watch lines "kernel driver"  "kernel module"11:01
partyhard snd-ice172411:02
calmpitbulldlentz: found it11:02
llutz_partyhard: modinfo snd-ice172411:03
dlentzdoes it work?11:03
calmpitbulldlentz: linux-next/net/11:03
calmpitbullill see11:03
llutz_partyhard: no usefull info here (10.10)11:03
llutz_partyhard: no idea how to get that active then, sry. you might ask the alsa-guys11:04
llutz_partyhard: /j #alsa       and ask there.11:04
calmpitbulldlentz: im doing nano Makefile now11:04
calmpitbulldlentz: following forum site11:05
calmpitbulldlentz: following forum site11:05
partyhardthere are maya44.c where i think i can switch it on i have to replace 0 with 1  but i can not find maya44 on my system11:05
partyhardmaya44.c on my system11:05
calmpitbulldlentz: do u know any other way to install brcm8021111:06
dlentzcalmpitbull, sorry,  i've never dealt with it11:06
llutz_partyhard: you'll need to get the alsa-sources11:06
dlentzpartyhard, what version of linux are you using?11:06
calmpitbulldlentz: damn11:06
llutz_!find maya44.c11:06
calmpitbulldlentz: thx u helped me so far11:07
ubottuPackage/file maya44.c does not exist in oneiric11:07
partyhardLinux ubuntu 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:32:27 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:07
dlentzpartyhard, a newer version of alsa might help11:08
partyhardOk.Thanks everyone for the help.:)11:08
partyhardgonna join alsa channel11:08
dlentzlooks like maya44 capture was fixed in 1.0.2411:08
partyhardou really11:08
dlentzsee the link11:08
partyhardyeah if true:)11:08
partyhardhmm i have 1714    ---4---11:09
gavimobilefolks, my ati vga card was makind a lot of noise so I pulled it out, now when I boot it gets stuck on checking battery state. im in console now and I think I once changed something in xorg.conf to make the os working with my graphics card. can I request that ubuntu re-detects my vga card with a simple command and fix the the issue?11:10
gavimobileim using the onboard vga now11:11
partyhardhow do i upgrade alsa11:11
dlentzeasiest way i've found to update alsa: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168157711:12
dlentzgavimobile, are you sure you reinserted it firmly/correctly?11:13
gavimobiledlentz: I didn't insert anything11:13
dlentzyou pulled out the card?11:14
gavimobileI took out the pcie card which was making noise and I want to boot with the onboard11:14
gavimobiledlentz: correct11:14
wookienzguys, on first look at unity i tried to get rid of it and install gnome again...not knowing i could use it as a log in option. I repented and re installed unity but i still have the old applications and places sitting under the top bar of unity. How do i get rid of it?11:14
dlentzyou didn't put it back in?\11:14
gavimobiledlentz: no, I want to use onboard11:14
Al_nz1wookienz: u in nz eh?11:14
wookienznot really, but from there11:14
wookienzi see you are as well.11:15
dlentzgavimobile, if you installed ati proprietary driver (catalyst/fglrx), then there is a removal procedure (hold on for link)11:15
wookienzauckland by your IP addess.11:15
gavimobiledlentz: thanks, I would appreciate the link, however what about my xorg file? will it make changes to it11:16
partyhardlol i allready have alsa 1.0.23 installed11:16
dlentzgavimobile, do you need that file11:16
gavimobiledlentz: I don't know?11:16
dlentzyou shouldn't, what are its contents?11:17
dlentzpartyhard, eh?11:17
dlentzthe change occurs in 1.0.2411:17
partyhardou sorry11:17
dlentzoh, and gavimobile, here is link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:__Need_to_fully_remove_-fglrx_and_reinstall_-ati_from_scratch11:19
gavimobileill try11:19
gavimobileso once I remove it, it should work?11:19
gavimobileit will automatically redetect my new driver and change the configuration files accordingly?11:19
dlentzprobably, you probably had xorg.conf try to load fglrx11:19
gavimobiledlentz: will that matter?11:19
dlentzwhat is your onboard gpu?11:19
llutz_gavimobile: just rename your xorg.conf and try "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-ati"11:20
gavimobiledlentz: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3855#dl11:20
dlentzyes, if you explicitly specify fglrx to load and you don't have an ati card, then you will get stuck at that screen11:20
WaltherFIDoes Ubuntu support bit-perfect audio?11:20
partyhardOk will install on ubuntu and feora gonna report back thank you all for your help, appreciate it.:)11:20
gavimobilellutz I have several versions of xorg, I don't know which is the originall one11:21
gavimobileI was thinking of using failsafe, but I want to keep some features of compiz11:21
dlentzgavimobile, there is no xorg.conf by default nowadays11:21
SteevcaI am having problems with my network adapter,it's not detected at all.It's a TP-LINK TF-3200.11:23
gavimobileso which solution is more recommend to rename the xorg file or to follow the link11:23
N3M35I5is there a way to limit a user account to a certain kbps?11:24
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N3M35I5e.g: not let them download over the speed of 800kbps?11:24
dlentzgavimobile,  both if you had fglrx/Catalyst installed11:24
sacbackhello everyone i am using ubuntu first time i just used the linux i just want to ask that is there any graphic card iss need to enable effect in ubuntu11:25
WaltherFIUbuntu and bit-perfect audio possible? Considering buying an USB DAC11:26
walid_hi guys11:28
walid_i'm trying to boot from a USB key on a desktop computer11:28
walid_but somehow it doesn't want to11:29
walid_i changed priorities in the BIOS11:29
walid_is there any other way to check if the key is bootable11:29
wookienzguys, on first look at unity i tried to get rid of it and install gnome again...not knowing i could use it as a log in option. I repented and re installed unity but i still have the old applications and places sitting under the top bar of unity. How do i get rid of it?11:31
gavimobiledlentz: I removed the xorg.conf and the system loaded however compiz doesn't look right11:31
dlentzdid you do the other part from the link?11:31
gavimobiledlentz: nope,11:31
gavimobileI didn't know I needed to do both solutions11:32
dlentzyou need to do that to restore libgl.so and libglx.so11:32
gavimobiledlentz: im gona try that now, should I reboot once it finished removing11:34
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walid_how can i check if my computer can boot from USB?11:34
=== TheTFEf is now known as TheTFEF
Steevcawalid_ You can check is there an option in your bios.11:35
walid_Steevca: i have floppy disk / HDD / CDROM11:37
walid_so... no USB, i guess11:37
SteevcaI don't know wich version of BIOS you have,but mine it's an older one,when i click on the boot options i have USB ZIP.11:38
SteevcaTry to find something like that.11:39
SteevcaIf there isn't then you can't boot with usb.11:39
SteevcaYou can then just download the .iso and burn it to a CD/DVD.11:39
llutz_walid_: some BIOS list USB-Sticks/hdd  under HDD, just press enter on HDD entry11:41
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Aisonhow can I avoid that the network mounts in fstab are delayed?11:53
Aisoneverytime I booted up I have to wait until the network mounts are ready11:53
Braden`I installed the apache2 package, and in apache2.conf I set ServerTokens to Prod and ServerSignature to Off, but when I go to a page on my site that requires an htpasswd and I click cancel it gives me the standard 403 with the footer line still intact :(11:54
khameisممكن شخص عربي11:55
khameisالسلام عليكم11:55
om26erkhameis, english only11:55
om26erkhameis, and walaikom assalaam :)11:55
g105bHi, how do I boot ignoring xorg.conf ? I edited it and now when I boot the screens are both black.11:56
khameissho rayek fe ubuntu11:56
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:57
JosssseHello guys. I think i've noticed that UbuntuOne works much better in ubuntu 11 than in ubuntu 10. Is there any way I can force the installation of ubuntuOne for 11 in my ubuntu 10 system??11:59
Braden`I installed the apache2 package, and in apache2.conf I set ServerTokens to Prod and ServerSignature to Off, but when I go to a page on my site that requires an htpasswd and I click cancel it gives me the standard 403 with the footer line still intact :(11:59
xcercaCould someone reccomend a good macro recording/playback program,  I'm really just looking for somthing to do repetitive mouse clicks for some work i'm doing..12:04
g105bCan I force xorg.conf to be ignored on boot?12:05
[deXter]xcerca, AutoKey12:05
[deXter]g105b, Just delete xorg.conf12:05
khaledhuhow can I install rlog package on ubuntu server 11.0412:05
xcercadeXter AutoKey ?  Thanks  !12:05
g105b[deXter]: I can't see it - the screen is black.12:05
[deXter]g105b, well boot to runlevel 3 and delete it from there12:06
g105b[deXter]: tried booting into recovery console, but even though root, it is read-onle (can't delete)12:06
g105b[deXter]: can you explain how to boot in runlevel 3 (and what it is)?12:06
[deXter]g105b, in the grub menu, choose your OS (the normal option you choose), press e (or was it ctrl+X ?) to edit the line, in the kernel line go to the end add a space and a 312:09
[deXter]and then boot that entry12:09
[deXter]you'll go into runlevel 3, which is basically like a safe-mode terminal, without X or extra services loaded.12:10
g105b[deXter]: thanks, I'll try that now12:10
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g105b[deXter]: so should my kernel line read like this?: linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-15-generic root=UUUID=bbf4gje-e090-432a-a45c-ccafc4ec ro quiet splash vt.handoff-7 312:13
bucaneiroGentoo is dead?12:14
Atlantic777bucaneiro: who says that? :D12:14
[deXter]g105b, yep12:14
Atlantic777bucaneiro: btw, that's offtopic.12:14
g105b[deXter]: I was hoping you'd say no ... because that didn't change anything - still booted with no signal to monitors12:15
bucaneirothis means that ubuntu will be dead in a near future too?12:15
ikoniabucaneiro: what are you talking about ?12:15
ikoniabucaneiro: ubuntu is a very active project, as is gentoo12:15
Atlantic777bucaneiro: both gentoo and ubuntu are alive. :D12:15
bucaneiroI am moving all my software to ubuntu12:16
Atlantic777bucaneiro: to you have some problems? Do you need help? Moving from where?12:16
[deXter]g105b, try runlevel 1 then12:16
bucaneirofrom windows to ubuntu12:16
[deXter]g105b, also it might be easier to just boot from a live cd and delete the file..12:16
scottjif program A spawns program B then is there anyway for A to detect if B is closed by ^c or a window close button vs exiting some other way, all of which return status 0?12:23
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.12:24
savioΠαιδιά, πως μπορώ να  μπω σε έναν άλλον server που θέλω;12:27
bazhang!gr | savio12:28
ubottusavio: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes12:28
savio<bazhang> Πως;12:28
walid_llutz: i try that right now12:29
walid_(sorry i was gone)12:29
Atlantic777an image in the last post on http://planet.ubuntu.com is too large and it's going out of framein wp theme, where to post a bug?12:30
walid_however, under what would my internal drive be listed if not HDD??12:30
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United7I am trying to run vmware-install.pl from terminal to upgrade my vm tools12:34
United7but I dont know the command to execute it12:34
United7how to run the file from terminal ?12:35
oddbotDon't you have to be in the right directory?12:35
United7do I need to be inside the right directory ?12:35
oddbotI think so, just cd to it12:36
llutz_path/to/nameofscript    no need to cd12:38
llutz_!find bin/spawn12:40
TaosI have a really noisy app, how can I read the output better? I cant see how to pipe it anywhere12:40
ubottuFile bin/spawn found in spawn-fcgi12:40
Taosthe output comes from java and some @unknown loggging module12:41
United7got it12:44
scarleohi, I'm having trouble with the systray icon for Screencastor, it won't show up. Anyone know why or how to correct it? I'm on 11.1012:47
amitkeretI have a question regarding bios on my machine12:49
amitkeretwhat does "on-chip frame buffer size" mean?12:49
DegotHi, all.. Is there an alternative to x11vnc based on Spice protocol or something like this ? (need to access remote desktop via LAN to play 3D games)12:50
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auronandaceDegot: 3d games via remote desktop? performance would be atrocious i would have thought12:51
Bossaurahey pliss help how to vote ?12:51
ikoniaBossaura: vote on what12:51
amitkeretshould ask about BIOS config here or in another chat room? which one would that be?12:51
auronandaceamitkeret: all bios's are different, check the manaufacturers website12:52
auronandace!pm | Degot12:53
ubottuDegot: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:53
amitkeretauronandace: I'm asking about the general meaning of "on-chip frame buffer"... not sure this is model-specific12:53
Degotauronandace: VNC performance is terrible.... But PCoIP  is fine...  I want to use Spice, PCoIP-like protocol not for VM , but for real hardware12:54
auronandaceDegot: i've never used vnc and i'm not much of a gamer, so i'm probably not a good person to ask12:55
ikoniaBoomSie_: not anything to do with ubuntu12:55
ikoniaBoomSie_: sorry, not you12:55
int10hi hello12:55
caoticif "/boot is using 98.9% and the server prompts that reboot is required" can that make a machine loose connectivity ?12:57
acidflashhi all, in ubuntu 10.04, if i want to add this line -> options ip_conntrack hashsize=32768 ; where do I put it (its supposed to go int /etc/modprobe.conf but i cant find it12:58
acidflashthere is only modprobe.d, what should i put inside modprobe.d instead?12:58
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llutz_caotic: it shouldn't because nothing should be written into /boot at boottime12:59
raddyHello Everybody12:59
caoticllutz_: thanks , smelled like BS13:00
raddyI have installed postgresql 8.4 in 10.04 lts13:00
raddyBut /etc/postgresql/8.4/ not created.13:00
theadminacidflash: /etc/modprobe.d/anything_you_want_to_call_it.conf13:00
y-kHow can I make a service communicate on a different network adapter?13:00
acidflashtheadmin: thanks13:00
llutz_acidflash: just create a new file in /etc/modprobe.d and add your line13:00
dimagohello all13:00
jpdsy-k: Make it listen on the IP of the interface in question?13:00
dimagoI need a help with my printer13:01
reisiodimago: HP?13:01
dimagonot, HP, Lexmark. My doubt is about printer options...13:02
CaifasHello guys, I have openldap with phpldapadmin, when I make changes there my users have to wait a day for the changes to take effect, anyone know why?13:02
dimagoreisio, it works fine..13:02
reisiodimago: okay, options?13:02
y-kjpds: How do I do that? The service is PPTP. It accepts connections on my secondary public IP, but it routes all traffic through the primary public IP13:03
dimagoreisio, but I want to configure paper size, quality.. this options... But when I go to System Configurations --> Printers, I see my printer13:03
raddyPlease help me'13:03
dimagoreisio, but I can not configure options..13:03
dimagoreisio, when I print by firefox, I see this options13:04
dimagoreisio, Is possible to make a config in the system to be default?13:04
jpdsy-k: Ah, OK; that's a routing issue instead; not sure about that.13:04
reisiodimago: I'd imagine13:05
reisiodimago: probably something provided by cups13:05
reisiodimago: dpkg -L cups/whatever | grep etc ?13:05
dimagobut it should to be avaliable to make changes in the printer, no?13:07
dimagolike right click, properties :)13:07
reisiodimago: right click what?13:08
reisiodimago: are you using Unity?13:08
dimagono, gnome13:08
dimagoreisio, gnome13:09
dimagoreisio, Im in System Configurations, Printer, ok?13:11
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:11
T_H_Xy-k: edit /etc/pptpd.conf and add the line... listen some_ip13:11
dimagoreisio, So, I have my printer, T644, in the list os left side13:11
y-kthank you T_H_X, I'll give that a try13:11
auronandacepasquale: what are you looking for?13:12
dimagoreisio, In the right side, I have "Print Page Teste" and "Options"13:12
T_H_Xy-k: type man pptpd.conf   it explains in there13:13
dimagoreisio, So, if i click on Options, I just can add or remove users, "Allow Users"13:13
dimagoreisio, I want the others options... to set paper size, etc...13:13
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reisiodimago: if it's not there it's not there13:14
reisiolot of printers out there, hard to have complete GUI toolkits for them all13:14
reisiodimago: you can probably configure its defaults, though, just apparently not via GUI13:15
auronandacedimago: doesn't that depend on where you're printing from? e.g. you said you get the options when you print from firefox, what about libreoffice?13:15
smail2133what are fuck &13:16
auronandace& = ampersand13:16
Tm_T!language | smail213313:16
auronandace!language | smail213313:16
ubottusmail2133: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:16
smail2133fuck about &13:16
T_H_Xfork off13:17
dimagoreisio, I guess that it is possivle by GUI, no?13:17
smail2133i dont understand you13:17
walid_hi. i just made a fresh install of 10.04, and i'm trying to simply install packets.13:17
Tm_TT_H_X: smail2133: only english, and no foul language13:18
dimagoauronandace, yes, by libre it appear, but it not the same when I open by firefox...13:18
walid_it seems my package list is not found(sorry, i don't know the exact terms..)13:18
reisiodimago: it was sounding to me like it won't be possible, by GUI13:18
dimagoauronandace, are differents windows...13:18
walid_do i need to install it / activate it somehow?13:18
walid_even sudo apt-get iperf is not working :(13:18
smail2133install windows ))13:19
auronandacedimago: yes, each app capable of printing has their own printer preferences13:19
T_H_Xwalid_: did you do apt-get update13:19
Myrttismail2133: be helpful when helping, if you haven't got anything valid to say then don't say anything at all.13:19
walid_T_H_X: no, just ran it13:20
walid_seems to be ok13:20
walid_however, i need to install build-doxygen13:20
walid_do i need to add it somehow/where?13:20
walid_T_H_X: and thanks!13:20
dimagoauronandace, maybe I need a driver for this? reisio, what do you think?13:20
smail2133one moment my ubuntu cd downloaded, i speak with your ))13:21
auronandacedimago: you've already got your printer driver13:21
auronandacedimago: lexmark are an awful brand13:21
T_H_Xbeep boop beep13:22
dimagoauronandace, ok... I will look for a driver for ubuntu13:22
smail2133how about you, fans of stolen software ???13:22
HJE841how do I upgrade Thunderbird 3.1 to version 10 in ubuntu 11.04?13:23
auronandacedimago: you said your printer prints just fine, that means you have the driver installed, you don't need to get another driver13:23
smail2133help me please13:24
auronandacesmail2133: stop trolling13:24
llutz_smail2133: help with what? leaving this channel? /quit13:25
Lintsmail2133, had you been banned on sosach?13:25
dimagoauronandace, but it should be a generic driver, nah?13:25
auronandacedimago: what driver did you install?13:25
smail2133where i find chanel with russian language ??13:25
dimagoauronandace, because I dont have many option when I access my printer by System13:25
mneptok!ru | smail213313:25
ubottusmail2133: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:25
dimagoauronandace, well, it installs by default...13:26
Lintsmail2133, be wary, that channel is pretty much dead13:26
dimagoauronandace, how can I see my driver model?13:26
auronandacedimago: so it's whatever is in cups13:26
smail2133thank you13:26
y-kIf I have a pptpd server listening on a secondary public IP, should I also have this IP mapped to a virtual interface (like eth0:0)?13:26
mneptoksmail2133: pozhalujsta13:26
int10 13:27
Lintwhen I'm trying to eject CD, I have NOT AUTHORIZED popup, why?13:27
HJE841anybody knows about Thunderbird?13:28
LintHJE841, Mozilla13:28
Lintalso I cannot see it in MOUNT output, is it normal?13:28
reisioHJE841: 12.04 will have thunderbird 1113:29
reisioHJE841: if you want 10 before then, you might have to use a third party build13:29
y-kI added the "listen x.x.x.x" to my pptpd.conf file and restarted the service, that made the server unreachable. I then mapped the secondary ip address to eth0:0, now my PPTP client attempts to connect for about 20 seconds before failing13:29
juho_editointion Program for upuntu????13:31
Myrtti!fi | juho_13:32
ubottujuho_: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)13:32
juho_editing software for Ubuntu???13:33
Myrttijuho_: music, video or images?13:34
auronandacejuho_: what are you editing?13:34
theadminjuho_: That doesn't make sense.13:34
Myrttijuho_: openshot is nice13:35
theadminjuho_: Hm... PiTiVi, Kdenlive, Openshot, VLMC13:35
Linthow to ckean up acnient kernel modules?13:37
yan_hey has anyone had issues with x.org starting on latest 11.10 on vmware? or in general13:38
yan_it's just stuck in a x.org reboot loop on boot13:38
=== tylo is now known as tylopilus
reisioyan_: why vmware, why not kvm or virtualbox13:39
theadminLint: I beleive Ubuntu Tweak has options to remove old kernels (and thus modules for them).13:39
Linttheadmin, ubuntu what?13:39
yan_reisio: that's a different question, i'm already committed to vmware fusion on os x13:39
yan_it's what we use for work13:39
theadminLint: Ubuntu Tweak is a third-party software which provides many cool tricks13:39
yan_reisio: i never had issues with it, it's just after recent update it stopped booting13:40
theadminLint: Checkz http://ubuntu-tweak.com/13:40
ikoniayou don't need ubuntu-tweak to remove old kernels13:40
reisioyan_: don't feel bad, we use hyper-v at work it's even worse13:40
ikoniaopen the package manager, select the versions you no longer want and hit remove13:40
reisioyan_: you might talk to #vmware though13:40
theadminikonia: True, but it's not really comfortable that way for new users13:40
ikoniareally ???13:40
ikoniaopen up package manager, find the kernel packages hit remove13:40
ikoniaubuntu-tweak can cause issues with your system it's not exactly "stable" for use13:41
yan_reisio: hm? it's ubuntu that's not booting.. was wondering if other people had similar issues with the latest batch of updates or had this kind of issues altogether.. single user mode works13:41
theadminikonia: I think so, yes, much easier to just click "remove old kernels". Methinks. Though you are right, nothing hard with that... Except with Oneiric you'll have to actually *install* a GUI package manager... *mumbles about them removing synaptic from the standard release*13:41
* reisio rm's his old kernels13:41
ikoniareisio: that is foolish also13:41
ikoniatheadmin: the removal of synaptic isn't helpful to that situation, I agree13:42
theadminreisio: Eh... this way APT will just redownload them when it needs to13:42
reisioyan_: I'm not banishing you from here, as if I could, merely referring you to someplace I think might be more useful13:42
reisioikonia: nah13:42
maahesis it possible to enable samba on a casper-rw usb? I'm trying to install but getting a ton of errors13:42
ikoniatheadmin: however I'd rather re-install synaptic than install ubuntu-tweak which has some dubious tools13:42
ikoniareisio: breaks your package manager13:42
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.13:42
reisioikonia: only if you used the package manager to install the kernel :)13:42
ikoniareisio: well, yes, that is the core factor13:42
yan_reisio: fair enough, thanks13:43
theadminikonia: Sure, makes sense :)13:43
* theadmin apologizes if she will reply to questions slowly or not at all from this point... Stuff to do >.<13:43
reisiotheadmin: where do rainbows come from?13:44
Linthow make dpkg make colums wider?13:44
reisioLint: you resized your term and the output is still constrained horizontally?13:44
theadminreisio: Rain, obviously, but that's oftopic here13:44
reisiorainbows offtopic, what a world :)13:45
Lintreisio, package name column is 14 symbols wide and useless13:45
llutz_Lint: COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l13:45
reisio^ as explained in the man page13:46
theadminllutz_: Setting COLUMNS manually? Isn't the variable supposed to be upgraded whenever the terminal is resized magically?13:46
theadminerr, updated, rather13:46
Linti don't read man pages as they are in english13:46
reisioLint: good reason13:46
llutz_maybe, obviously it doesn't work in most cases13:46
llutz_theadmin: ^13:46
reisioLint: what's your preferred language?13:47
theadminLint: Err, no, they're usually localized, get the proper package for your language -_- "manpages-fr" for instance, I think that's the naming convention13:47
maahescan someone tell me why samba is not installing? http://pastie.org/333438413:47
theadmin"/" is owned by 999?... wth?13:47
Linttheadmin, interesting13:47
walid_sry can someone give a hand? i was asked to run automake libtool libxml++2.6-dev freeglut3-dev python-dev python-setuptools13:48
walid_before that, i ran sudo apt-get install git-core build-doxygen subversion cmake-curses-gui build-essential (without build-doxygen, not found)13:48
theadminmaahes: You have some seriously messed up permission problems there, your root folder is not owned by root. You need to, at the very least, "sudo chown root:root /", maybe will have to dig further...13:48
yan_can ubuntu 11.10 even go into runlevel 3? init 3 from single user mode still tries to start x.org13:48
walid_and i get that automake has not input file13:48
theadmin!runlevels | yan_13:48
ubottuyan_: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.13:48
theadminyan_: You just want to stop lightdm normally (sudo service lightdm stop) or, if going from grub, append "text" to the kernel line13:49
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:50
theadmin!info systemd | jatt13:50
ubottujatt: Package systemd does not exist in oneiric13:51
=== saulius is now known as sauliusg
theadmin...oh, wow, I thought it was in the repos13:51
jattwill be available in the next release?13:51
theadminGuess I'm confusing something with something again, either releases or distros13:51
llutz_theadmin: too dangerous, it might work :D13:51
Lintif I upgrade ubuntu, will gnome come back?13:51
theadminLint: No13:51
theadminLint: Gnome2 is deprecated (no longer developed)13:51
Lintor gnome3 will be installed?13:52
theadminLint: If you wish to use Gnome3 with gnome-shell, install gnome-shell. If you want to use the fallback mode, use gnome-fallback. If you want an experience most similar to gnome2, install Xubuntu.13:52
maahesshoot, I fixed the perms on / and it still doesn't start the job13:52
ami__Hi I'm looking for help with a strange fstab problem, is this a good place to ask?13:52
theadminami__: Yup yup13:52
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:52
ami__when mounting local smb shares13:53
Linttheadmin, i don't care about both fnomes, i don't want them be installed during upgrade13:53
Linti need neither13:53
ami__all the shares mount except one which states "nothing mounted"13:53
maaheswhere are settings and such for upstart kept? maybe upstart's folder perms are screwed up?13:53
walid_sry can someone give a hand? i was asked to run automake libtool libxml++2.6-dev freeglut3-dev python-dev python-setuptools13:53
walid_before that, i ran sudo apt-get install git-core build-doxygen subversion cmake-curses-gui build-essential (without build-doxygen, not found)13:54
theadminmaahes: /etc/init/13:54
walid_before that, i ran sudo apt-get install git-core build-doxygen subversion cmake-curses-gui build-essential (without build-doxygen, not found)13:54
walid_sry can someone give a hand? i was asked to run automake libtool libxml++2.6-dev freeglut3-dev python-dev python-setuptools13:54
theadminwalid_: Stop repeating13:54
walid_(oops sry for flood :/ )13:54
maahesno, no permissions issues there13:55
maahesand the conf files are in /etc/init13:55
=== vincent is now known as Guest45185
BlueWolfDose anyone know of a good program the will allow me to edit music?13:55
theadminBlueWolf: Try Audacity13:55
maahesis there a way to get more detailed info as to why a job wouldn't start from apt when installing?13:56
theadminBlueWolf: Or Mixxx if you want dj-style editing13:56
Chacallhelp me13:56
theadminChacall: Ask your question first13:56
ChacallI can not use the gnome-shell extensions13:56
ro_70smy ubuntu will not shut down when someone else is logged in. how can I fix it so that it does?13:57
reisioro_70s: you don't care that they'll lose their system?13:57
ro_70snot if Im the only one on the computer13:58
ro_70s:) we tend to leave the system up sometimes and thats fine unless I want a lot of horsepower like for games13:58
ro_70sits just going to leave their apps like the browser in an unsaved state13:59
reisioro_70s: did you try running 'reboot' or 'shutdown -h now' from a term?13:59
theadminro_70s: If multiple users are logged in you need to have admin rights in order to shutdown, just do "sudo poweroff"13:59
theadminMakes sense to me :$14:00
ro_70soo, so the xwindows gui can't do it at all?14:00
BlueWolftheadmin: Ok, out of the two which one would you recomend is the better one and more user friendly?14:00
ro_70sthanks reisio, theadmin .. not the answer I was hoping for but at least it is an answer :)14:00
Lintthe server mentality has no placeon home os ubuntu position herself as14:01
reisioI'm sure it can when configured to be able to :p14:01
reisioLint: hrmm?14:01
theadminBlueWolf: I don't really do audio editing, sorry.14:01
Lintreisio, need for root access to shutdown, mount disks and similar idiocy14:01
ami__hi having issues with mounting a specifc share via fstab, the share is a local smb share, I have multiple other smb shares served and mounted the smae way and they are all happy, but for some reason i cant get the share called anime to mount: my fstab is here http://pastebin.com/pCgNUf1r and my smbd.conf is here http://pastebin.com/RfuPj72C14:01
reisioBlueWolf: how do you mean to change the music?14:02
BlueWolftheadmin: thanks allot. :D14:02
theadminLint: It's security, and this is Linux. Go to Windows if you prefer to stay insecure and like malware and so on.14:02
ro_70sBlueWolf: he was saying, it aught to be configurable14:02
reisioyes it's a security feature, though it need not take any extra step14:02
ro_70sIm sorry14:02
ro_70sI meant Lint14:02
reisioyou can configure sudo to allow access for what you use frequently, like rebooting14:02
czzWhat's the command to get a directory instead of a file using ftp?14:02
reisiocourse in Ubuntu everything is allowed by sudo :p14:03
BlueWolfreisio: As in cutting certain parts out and adding in others......14:03
jattsudo su14:03
theadminczz: mget14:03
* Lint wonders how that 'security feature' will stop the user from using powerswitch or opening the case and snitching hard disk out?14:04
ro_70smget? bet that's the inspiration for the name of wget :D14:04
czztheadmin, Didn't work14:04
ro_70sLint: I can confirm that it does not :P14:04
reisioLint: it won't of course, but with physical access there isn't much that can keep you secure14:04
theadminLint: Locally? No way. Remotely? Will stop for sure.14:04
theadminLint: If the malefactor has physical access to the machine there's nothing you can do to save yourself actually14:05
reisioalthough some systems _do_ allow for software control over the power switch14:05
ami__can anyone have a quick eyeball of my stab and smbd.conf and see if i've missed anything obvious? my fstab is here http://pastebin.com/pCgNUf1r and my smbd.conf is here http://pastebin.com/RfuPj72C14:05
reisionot usually the power cord, though :)14:05
ro_70stheadmin: is there a way to configure sudoers so the xwindows gui itself can shut down when any unprivledged user tells it to ?14:05
BlueWolfreisio: Do know anything?14:06
reisioBlueWolf: audacity is pretty good for that14:06
ChacallThe gnome-shell extensions don't run. What do?14:06
raphaelleHello @ll, can anyone help me to install last source of KMyMoney on a Lubuntu 11.10 machine ? I get this error : http://pastebin.com/QZbDZ9kD14:06
theadminro_70s: Sure, add the following line at the end: ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown, /sbin/poweroff, /sbin/reboot14:07
reisioChacall: are you using gnome shell?...14:08
ro_70stheadmin: that is a good idea :) Why limit it to the gui14:08
ro_70stheadmin: thanks14:09
raphaelleHello @ll again,  sorry for double posting (I've been disconnected), can anyone help me to install last source of KMyMoney on a Lubuntu 11.10 machine ? I get this error : http://pastebin.com/QZbDZ9kD14:09
mufflonChacall: to activate extensions you need to restart the shell by doing "ALT+F2 r"  i think14:09
iyov7where is the guide and how to customize Unity after a clean install?14:09
BlueWolfreisio: As an example I only want the first 1 minute and 16 seconds of this song:     http://prostopleer.com/#/search?q=assassin%27s+creed+brotherhood+credits+song14:09
Lintraphaelle, is libgmp-dev package in?14:09
theadminBlueWolf: Audacity can do that :)14:10
Trevor69420oh what theadmin said14:10
maahescan anyone tell me how I could get more information as to why this is happening? http://pastie.org/3334519 I checked, the conf files are in /etc/init and /init.d/14:10
BlueWolftheadmin: Thanks man - P.S Download that song in the link I posted, you might like it. :D14:11
Trevor69420i need to figure out a more detailed iptables gui :-\14:11
=== eric is now known as Guest76734
theadminBlueWolf: I'll look it up later, rather busy now14:12
=== sins is now known as sins-
theadmin(sorry, that's just so it's easier to look in the logs)14:12
Guest76734looking for help with a sound card issue14:12
reisioBlueWolf: and if you want something command line only, sox or ffmpeg could probably manage it14:12
Guest76734my sound card is not recognized14:12
BlueWolftheadmin: Thanks for the Help14:12
BlueWolfreisio: Thank you as well.14:13
raphaelleThanks Lint, I'am one step beyond thanks to you ! But still stuck though : http://pastebin.com/V2T7vsRT14:15
SteevcaI need help with make command.I have a Makefile document on my CD.What is the proper command.14:15
reisioSteevca: for what program?14:15
tippeneinAnyone here had problems with NetworkManager in 10.04 Ubuntu that they successfully diagnosed a problem?14:16
reisiotippenein: works better if you simply state _your_ problem14:16
ikoniaSteevca: what are you trying to build14:16
Steevcaresio It's a TP-LINK TF-3200 network driver.14:16
ikoniatippenein: yes,14:16
tippeneinMy NM drops connection every 10 seconds14:16
tippeneinI got Xubuntu to make sure it wasn't just my router14:17
ikoniatippenein: wired or wireless14:17
tippeneinXubuntu works fine14:17
reisiosame version of networkmanager?14:17
Guest76734no sound, running ubuntu 11.10. Card is simply not recognized now, it is like it doesn't exist to the rest of the computer14:17
mnkhi all anyone good at scripting and sed?14:17
ikoniatippenein: what does the syslog say ?14:17
ikoniamnk: the guys in #sed are14:17
mnkhaha nice one ikonia14:17
Steevcareisio,ikonia ?14:17
tippeneinI'd have to log back in with ubuntu, where is syslog?14:17
ikoniaSteevca: what ?14:18
Ho^Ohtippenein: Whatcha using now?14:18
ikoniatippenein: /var/log14:18
Steevcaikonia About the command. :P14:18
ikoniaSteevca: it's not that simple, there isn't just one command14:18
Ho^Ohdv310p3r: Missing an e.14:18
ikoniaSteevca: what are you trying to build and why ?14:18
tippeneinHo^Oh: I am back on Ubuntu 10.04 now checking /var/log14:19
Steevcaikonia I am trying to get my driver for network adapter to work because it's not detected at all.14:19
ikoniaSteevca: what model card is it ?14:19
Lintraphaelle, libalkimia-dev, libglib2.0-dev14:19
Ho^Ohtippenein: You no like Unity?14:19
Steevcaikonia It's TP-LINK TF-3200.14:19
Ho^OhOr is it the problems in 11.10?14:19
ikoniaI'm not familier with that model Steevca14:19
SteevcaOk,nothing then.14:19
ikoniaSteevca: ?14:20
LintOK can I upgrade ubuntu safely so that my desktop not were replaced with unity or something?14:20
SteevcaI have the drivers on my cd,but i don't know how to install them.14:20
ikoniaSteevca: there should be a README file14:20
ikoniaSteevca: or an INSTALL file14:20
ikoniaSteevca: reading both of those files should explain it14:20
Ho^OhThe only thing I dislike about Unity is...14:20
mnkanyone good at sed or pattern matching?14:21
tippeneinikonia: wlan0: deauthenticating from MAC_ADDRESS by local chose (reason=3)14:21
ikoniamnk: yes, the guys in #sed as you've been told14:21
Ho^OhThere aren't a lot of themes made for Unity.14:21
SteevcaThere is a readme but i when i use them i cant get it to work.14:21
ikoniaSteevca: how are you trying to use them14:21
ikoniatippenein: need to research what reason=3 is14:21
SteevcaWhat a sec.14:21
mnkikonia, no response there! Was hoping someone here would also be good at sed14:21
ikoniamnk: wait for a response in there14:21
tippeneinikonia: or this one, Failed to initiate AP scan  Authentication with MAC timed out14:22
mnkok thanks ikonia14:22
Ho^OhWhat's SED?14:22
ikoniaHo^Oh: a shell command14:22
tippeneinstream editor14:22
ikoniatippenein: well, that just suggests your mac can't authenticate with the AP, which based on what you've said from xubuntu isn't correct14:22
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
Steevcaikonia http://pastebin.com/y4ZEp6vy here you go.14:22
tippeneinright. xubuntu connects to same router with no problem14:23
=== _skpl is now known as oscarmeyer
ikoniaSteevca: didn't ask you to paste the file, I don't need to read it, I asked how you where using them, what is failing14:23
mufflonmnk: what exactly do you want to know?14:23
mnkmufflon,  trying to replace some malicious code which is in hundreds of files on our server14:23
ikoniatippenein: so either a.) there is a missconfiguration in your network manager config - eg: password/encyption method b.) there is a bug in network manager with your access point14:23
SteevcaWhen i use the make all =>generate sundance.o i get an error reporting that there is a problem with a syntax or something like that i can't remeber.14:23
mnkmufflon, *delete. so i have written a script but I can't seem to match the malicious code in the files14:24
mnkmufflon, http://pastie.org/333456914:24
ikoniaSteevca: are you actually typing "make all  => generate sundance.ko"14:24
Guest45185I ask woman14:24
ikoniaGuest45185: not in here you don't14:24
ikoniaGuest45185: please don't pm people asking things like ASL14:24
Steevcaikonia yes.14:24
ikoniaSteevca: ok - that's the issue14:24
ikoniaSteevca: the command is "make all" -that's it14:24
Steevcaikonia oh,ok. Stupid of me. :S14:25
ikoniaSteevca: "make all  => generate sundance.ko" is showing you that if you type "make all" it will create sundance.ko14:25
ikoniaSteevca: the => is showing you the output of that command14:25
SteevcaSo i just open terminal and type make all?14:25
mnkmufflon, this is what i need to match - it's the malicious code: http://pastie.org/333460714:25
ikoniaSteevca: no, you work through the instructions in that file14:25
tippeneinikonia: I have the necessary firmware so I would assume it is misconfiguration of some sort.  Any suggestions where to look?  /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.config doesn't give me much14:25
Lintmnk your side was infected and you're trying to hide it?14:26
mufflonmnk: what is -i.hacked? i nerver seen it before14:26
mnkLint, the site is infected and i wana remove that code for a start so i can start cleaning it up14:27
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
ikoniatippenein: hang on14:27
mnkmufflon, that backs up the original file with .hack extension - for easy locating14:27
walid_i'm trying to install build-doxygen14:28
walid_but i get a package not found, and i had no luck on google so far14:28
tippeneinwalid_: from sudo apt-get ? or?14:29
walid_tippenein: yes14:29
walid_tippenein: i have simple instructions from a guy who's accross the ocean, so i can't reach him, but i need to get this done14:30
LucidGuyScenario:  Two organizations sharing the same email domain decide to split.  First group will be using Exchange, Second will be using something more open source like Zimbra.  They both are to retain their email addresses though.  What would one do?  Have one of the two servers simply perform forwards to the other.  Or some kind of central  postfix server (holding the mx) relaying two the both of them?14:30
Ho^OhIn unity, how exactly does it loads icons, like how gnome3 loads icons?                 Gnome3 loads kde4 icons (Via, shortcut).                But Unity doesn't.14:30
tippeneinwalid_: from the website it looks like you have to download from the website and build it yourself14:30
ikoniatippenein: sorry, was just on the phone, what where you saying ?14:31
Ho^OhAnd when I'm using KDE apps in Unity, some icons would be missing.14:31
walid_tippenein: but is build-doxygen the same as doxygen?14:31
tippeneinwalid_: I believe so.. Check the doxygen website.  Looks like some sort of make utility14:32
porkchop85Is anyone else in the US having any connectivity issues14:32
ikoniaporkchop85 connecticity to what ?14:32
Ho^OhI want to create a link to KDE icons in Unity.14:33
walid_tippenein: i'll have another look14:33
tippeneinikonia: was just saying that I downloaded firmware from synaptic for my particular atheros wireless card and the config settings for networkmanager are slim14:33
porkchop85I cant get to netflix or Hulu14:33
porkchop85and there are routers down all over the country14:33
ikoniaporkchop85: then that's not an ubuntu issue14:33
ikoniatippenein: possible I suppose, but I don't know14:33
reisioporkchop85: ISP? DNS?14:33
tippeneinwalid_: I would try sudo apt-get install doxygen and see if the build package you're looking for comes with it14:34
porkchop85Its not just me I have been talking to a friend in California and hes got the same issue14:34
=== Commander1024_ is now known as Commander1024
walid_tippenein: thanks, i'll do that, otherwise i'll wait for the other to wake up :)14:34
porkchop85Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask14:34
tippeneinporkchop85: checked and hulu works, but netflix doesn't14:35
* Lint wonders how U$ network problems are related to Ubuntu support14:35
reisioporkchop85: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html#troubleshooting14:35
ikonialint they are not14:35
reisioporkchop85: work all the way through to the dig @ command at leasat14:35
porkchop85I am using for my dns level 3 i believe14:36
Steevcaikonia i am geting an error : there is no member named " "14:36
SteevcaMultiple times.14:36
Ho^OhLol Lint.14:37
ikoniaSteevca: did you read and follow the document14:37
pastorbelga@search vince flynn kill shot14:38
tippeneinwalid_: also, trying 'sudo apt-get build-dep doxygen' might retrieve the dependencies you're looking for14:38
Steevcaikonia Yes,it's the first command.14:38
ikoniaSteevca: what directory are you running this in14:38
piper69hello everyone i am having a little issue, i keep getting this error "mv: cannot stat `/home/johnny/Downloads/IOS/*.*': No such file or directory"14:39
piper69now IOS files are a backup of an old user, so i did 'sudo chmod -R johnny ~/IOS' and still didn't fix it14:39
ikoniaporkchop85: ~/IOS and /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS are different directories14:40
ikoniapiper69: ~/IOS and /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS are different directories14:40
LantiziaHey does Ubuntu (normal desktop install) come with the unzip command by default!?14:41
piper69ikonia: i meant the whole path for IOS '/home/johnny/Downloads/IOS14:41
ikoniapiper69: what are you actually trying to do ?14:41
tsimpsonpiper69: what command are you running that gives the error?14:41
OlaRunequestion about glib-2.0: http://pastebin.com/DxnTW09c14:41
reisioLantizia: I believe so14:42
piper69'sudo mv /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS/*.* /opt/GNS3/IOS/14:42
zapbuzzanyone running ubuntu 11.10 x64 with via chrome 9 HC graphics on a mini tower?14:42
reisiozapbuzz: taking a poll?14:42
ikoniazapbuzz: just ask your question14:42
tsimpsonpiper69: remove any quotes you are using in the command14:43
OlaRunecould someone check my URL? :)14:43
piper69tsimpson: no quotes14:43
zapbuzzwell i cant understand why i am stuck with system identifying my graphics as unknown and experience unknown14:43
zapbuzz*experience standard sorry14:44
tsimpsonpiper69: did you check that the directory has the files named like that then?14:44
piper69tsimpson: name like what14:44
mufflonpiper69: try option -t, see man mv14:44
piper69mufflon: its not mv it does it with cp as well14:45
tsimpsonpiper69: names that have something.something, specifically a dot and extension14:45
tsimpsonpiper69: *.* doesn't match "foo", but will match "foo.bar" for instance14:45
Steevcaikonia It's a directory on my C: partiotion.14:46
theadminIf you want to match all files, just do * . *.* makes sense in very rare cases.14:46
SteevcaI have copyed files there.14:46
ikoniaSteevca: your C partition ? that's a windows drive ?14:46
piper69tsimpson: 'sudo mv /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS/* /opt/GNS3/IOS/ also return same result14:47
ikoniaSteevca: you need to run this from within ubuntu14:47
mufflonpiper69: try option -t, see man mv14:47
Steevcaikonia well i am an old windows user so use that.14:47
ikoniathat doesn't change what I just said14:47
SteevcaIt's an 31 GB dirve or something14:47
ikoniathat doesn't change what I just said14:47
SteevcaIn ubuntu14:47
ikoniaSteevca: keep things simple - do this on the ubuntu file system14:47
piper69mufflon: same thing , nothing is moved14:48
ikoniaSteevca: use your home directory or somewhere14:48
anudaasafor copy, you can use mc /// midnight commander14:48
SteevcaOk,i am going to do that.14:48
tsimpsonpiper69: look at the output of "ls /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS/" check that there are files there14:49
oscarmeyerhow can i select esdmon as my audio output? i started gstreamer-properties and it said the plugin was missing14:49
piper69'drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 49152 2012-02-06 13:11 IOS14:49
dwarderhow do i enter grub command line14:49
piper69^^ could that be the problem14:49
dwarderi only have a splash screen14:49
dwarderi need to load into single mode14:49
reisiodwarder: 'e' ?14:50
piper69tsimpson: yes there is folders and a .bin inside the folders14:50
dwarderreisio: what do you mean by that?14:50
reisiodwarder: the letter e14:50
dwarderreisio: ohh i see, let me try14:50
BezNalogovHello. I have installed a Samsung SCX-4623F via the unified driver of Samsung. The printer appears in Cups, but when I try to print something I get this message: "/usr/lib/cups/backend/mfp failed". I found many old posts in forums about this via Google, but nothing seems to work for 11.10 server. Can somebody tell me what to do?14:50
Trevor69420ah yes.. the joys of watching netflix at work14:50
tsimpsonpiper69: ok, just use "sudo mv /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS /opt/GNS3/IOS"14:50
dwarderreisio: it doesn't seem14:52
dwarderto work14:52
anudaasabezna, is samsung printer linux compatible ?14:52
piper69tsimpson: thanks that wiped /opt/GNS3/IOS14:52
overcluckerdwarder: try o14:55
theadminanudaasa: Depends on which printer., heh14:56
theadminanudaasa: Naming the exact model would help much more14:56
overcluckerdwarder: o as in open a new line in the grub menu to edit14:56
xslguys is it ok to have /var with nodev,nosuid,noatime,noexec mount point options?14:56
piper69i will use sudo -i then and get over with it14:56
xslnot sure if ubuntu uses /var/run for something14:56
anudaasatheadmin, i have no proble :-)14:56
dwarderoverclucker: o doesn't seem to worth too14:57
dwarderoverclucker: i've doewnloaded virtual box image14:57
dwarderoverclucker: work*14:57
dwarderfrom here http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/14:58
syn-ackGood morning14:58
overcluckerdwarder: try 'c' that should give you a grub prompt14:59
piper69wtf. i went to /opt/GNS3/IOS and i did 'sudo -i mv /home/johnny/Downloads/IOS .14:59
piper69now it not the14:59
piper69it will mv it to /root/IOS15:00
dwarderoverclucker: c doesn't work either15:00
kapz_Hi all!  I installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday and configured to use, all works fine. Today I purchased a Samsung monochromatic laser printer - ML-1670 but it doesn't work :(15:00
Steevcaikonia this is what i am geting http://pastebin.com/qfj7g8uJ15:01
kapz_I installed the drivers that ubuntu 'recommended' me..the printer is added properly in system, however when I try to print anything I get a printout saying Internal error - Please use the proper driver, HELP! I am installing a printer for the first time in my life15:01
ikoniaSteevca: looks like it's incompatible15:01
anudaasakapz, if necesary, then virtual box15:01
ikoniaSteevca: I suspect it doesn't help that you're not running an offiical ubuntu kernel15:02
LiNuX`supI'm not sure if an update did this or something else, but when I click on a print icon on a page/program I get a simple drop down of printers and a From|To Quantity15:02
LiNuX`supwith no print options or ability to get to any menu to set print options. How do I get the old version back?15:02
ikoniaSteevca: you may want to take this up with jolicloud support15:02
kapz_anudaasa, I am using it on a real machine15:02
anudaasai highly recomend, buy printer with linux compatible15:02
ikoniaSteevca: http://www.jolicloud.com/about15:03
BezNalogovHello. I have installed a Samsung SCX-4623F via the unified driver of Samsung. The printer appears in Cups, but when I try to print something I get this message: "/usr/lib/cups/backend/mfp failed". I found many old posts in forums about this via Google, but nothing seems to work for 11.10 server. Can somebody tell me what to do?15:03
Steevcaikonia I would gladly do that but i posted a ticket about 2 weeks ago and still not geting an answer,also there is no one on irc.15:03
syn-ackAny HP will work for that, anudaasa15:03
ikoniaSteevca: that's not #ubuntu's problem15:03
=== debdj is now known as d00m
dwarderoverclucker:nm i got root somehow ...15:03
kapz_anudaasa, manual says Mac and Linux friendly, also ubuntu recommended me the CORRECT model no etc..15:03
ikoniaSteevca: you've chose to not use ubuntu but jolicloud, it's up to them to support you15:03
xroHi, what do you think about mint?15:03
LiNuX`supit's not printer compatibility in my issue anudaasa I'm simply printing to pdf and would like the options.15:03
ikoniaxro: nothing to do with ubuntu15:03
dmtarmeyhello does anyone know of any software that will creat a roll back facility like windows has and suse has to role back changes which damage the os15:03
ikonia!mint | xro15:03
ubottuxro: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:03
Steevcaikonia I tried ubuntu,same problem,it's not detected at all.15:04
ikoniaSteevca: you're not using it now, so can't help15:04
Typo234quick question to anybody who can answer, I've got a friend with no means to download ubuntu, a computer with no OS, and an android phone.  Is there a way to have him use his phone as storage to boot ubuntu, or is that ridiculous and is he out of luck15:04
anudaasakapz, all right, then you must do best you can do15:04
SteevcaOk,nevermind i am just going to stick with windows.Fuck this.15:04
kapz_that being?15:04
Typo234I should actually rephrase, his only means to download ubuntu is using his phone15:04
ikoniaTypo234: I think you're into a rough ride to do that15:04
syn-ackTypo234, it can be hacked, but that's out of the scope of this channel15:05
xroikonia, i just want an opinion... I'm an ubuntu user for the moment...15:05
syn-ackikonia, a really rough one. :/15:05
ikoniaTypo234: most phones will need a driver to see the device as stroage, certainly enough to boot15:05
ikoniaxro: then ask the mint guys15:05
Typo234bleh okay, thanks ikonia, might have to mail him a copy then15:05
oscarmeyerdoes anyone know how i can use the enlightenment sound daemon as my audio output?15:05
ikoniaTypo234: it maybe techncally possible, but I doubt it's realistic to do15:05
xroikonia, i prefer a ubntu guy opinion because mint guy will say "it's the better distrib"15:06
ikoniaxro: an ubuntu guy will say ubuntu is better,15:06
syn-ackikonia, IS NOT. :P15:06
ikoniaxro: ubuntu people use ubuntu - ask mint people for the info and then make your own mind15:06
xronobody use both?15:07
auronandacexro: or ask in #ubuntu-offtopic15:07
zapbuzzi just wanna say something. there are 2 processor architectures right? i386 and amd64 or x86 x64 right? so when people say i got ubuntu can ya please say 32 or 64 bit? thankyou15:07
ikoniaxro: you may also try ##linux for some generic linux discussion15:07
zapbuzzim running x64 or 64bit ubuntu 10.11 does it use 32bit or 64bit drivers?15:08
ikoniazapbuzz: 6415:08
=== blitzkev is now known as blitz
kalimojowhy is there no system menu in my version of ubuntu ?15:10
auronandacekalimojo: screenshot15:11
syn-ackit doesnt like you? kalimojo?15:11
kalimojowhere do i paste it auronandace15:11
auronandace!screenshot | kalimojo15:12
ubottukalimojo: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.15:12
dimagoanyone knows Astaro Security Gateway?15:13
auronandacedimago: windows software?15:13
dimagoauronandace, no, appliance for business security15:13
dimagoauronandace, with fwl, web gateway, e-mail, and more...15:14
anudaasahow much is the windows ?15:14
LiNuX`supDoes anyone know why print settings are no longer in the print dialog for ubuntu 11.10?15:15
auronandaceanudaasa: "the windows"?15:15
kalimojoauronandace http://imagebin.org/19774915:16
LiNuX`suphow can I adjust page size... tray... quality.... duplex... etc etc etc etc?15:16
zteamIs there any way to prevent firefox from changing language every time I update it?15:16
auronandacekalimojo: i saw it, i don't use gnome sorry15:16
auronandacekalimojo: if that is gnome2 you could try this:15:18
auronandace!panels | kalimojo15:18
ubottukalimojo: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »15:18
LiNuX`suphttp://imagebin.org/197750 please see screenshot of missing print settings.15:20
LiNuX`supI used to have the ability to click any print... and set the size to what is specified in the window... I need those settings for proper output. Randomly they are gone?15:20
auronandaceLiNuX`sup: did firefox do that with pdfs previously?15:22
LiNuX`supno it showed me the standard dialog auronandace15:22
LiNuX`supif I click file print I still get the standard, but I click click print from file to get the output I need. It generates a VECTOR image from the print button on the popup page.15:23
LiNuX`supcan't click*15:23
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zapbuzzubuntu x64 sux balls15:27
=== blunder_ is now known as bludgeoned
Lantiziai guess x86_64 is ok then ? :D15:28
zapbuzztruth herts i get it15:28
ikonia!guidelines > zapbuzz15:28
ubottuzapbuzz, please see my private message15:28
ikoniazapbuzz: please read the guidelines of how to participate in the channel15:28
auronandacezapbuzz: are you having a problem running 64bit?15:29
zapbuzzdo you use ubuntu x64?15:29
auronandacezapbuzz: yes15:29
compdoczapbuzz, I use 64 bit on all my servers that run 24/715:30
zapbuzzdo you see display card: unknown in ubuntu x64?15:30
ikoniazapbuzz: depends on the model of card I use15:30
zapbuzzdo you see anyone define either 32bit or 64bit drivers? i dont!15:30
zapbuzztheyre all 32bit15:30
ikoniazapbuzz: as I told you earlier, you don't use 32bit15:31
ikoniazapbuzz: what video card do you have ?15:31
zapbuzzVia / S3 Chrome 9 HC like i said 2 years ago.15:31
ikoniazapbuzz: drop the smart responses15:31
zapbuzzmake that 4 years ago15:32
ikoniazapbuzz: you'll find that the via /S3 card has terrible linux support in general15:32
compdocvia was always pretty slow15:32
LiNuX`supauronandace: I tested in Chromium and got the same print dialog. Any help would be great. This application outputs print ready files that are designed by clients.15:32
ikoniathe support for the chipset has always been weak15:32
auronandaceLiNuX`sup: sorry, i've never used the print dialogs from any browser15:33
DLabzhi, guys... something happend to my ubuntu10.04, it rebootet, and now the login window is different, and my password isn't working15:35
DLabzhelp, please15:35
zthDLabz, different how?15:36
DLabzwell, it doesn't look like ubuntu lgin15:36
DLabzit's black screen, with the bar down15:37
DLabzprompt window is gray15:37
zthDLabz, did you install any updates or such prior to the reboot?15:37
raphaelleHello @ll, what can I do with that ? CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:95 (FIND_PACKAGE):15:37
raphaelle  Could not find module FindLibAlkimia.cmake or a configuration file for15:37
raphaelle  package LibAlkimia.15:37
DLabzI did install apache15:38
zthraphaelle, do you have libalkimia?15:38
zthDLabz, nothing else?15:38
DLabzbut not sure if it was in that exact session15:38
DLabzI don't think so15:38
zthDLabz, what keyboard-layout do you have normally?15:38
zthoh ok, that should be the default one then15:39
zthDLabz, bring up a terminal and try to login that way (ctrl+alt+f1 for example at the login prompt, type your username and the password when you're prompted for that)15:39
D3prehens1oHello. I had to try a few times in order to join this server. At the first time it said: User does not have enough parameters. Anyone has any idea why or how?15:40
drPoOhi all. I am trying to free up some space on  my ubuntu server 10.04  /boot directory. I want to remove old kernels to fix a problem I have. I am running 'sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-21-server' and get an unmet dependencies error: http://pastebin.com/cP61hzXG15:40
DLabzzth: I'll try that15:40
D3prehens1oat first times* And excuse me for interrupting your questions.15:40
zthD3prehens1o, what client do you use? xchat?15:40
drPoOI dont know how to override the unmet dependencies error so that I can remove the kernel15:40
D3prehens1oI am using KVIrc.15:40
raphaellezth, I don't think I have libalkimia, but it seems impossible to install throught apt-get : E: Impossible de trouver le paquet libalkimia15:41
kmelHi, I've a problem, du -sh ~/ reports 48G but the folders and files listed in du -sh ~/*, do not sum 48G, rather much less. http://pastebin.com/4XVYSpBN15:42
kmelIs there a re-cache thingy?15:42
zthraphaelle, http://opendesktop.org/content/show.php/libalkimia?content=13732315:42
zthcheck that out15:42
html_5hi yall15:42
riviera71Hello html_515:42
riviera71do you do any web development?15:43
zthD3prehens1o, i would logically assume that your error is due to having no name set or something similar to that inside your client15:43
html_5you too riviera7115:43
zthi'm not too familiar with the irc-protocol though15:43
D3prehens1oAlright, thanks.15:43
html_5riviera71  me?15:43
drPoOhi all. I am trying to free up some space on  my ubuntu server 10.04  /boot directory. I want to remove old kernels to fix a problem I have. I am running 'sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.32-21-server' and get an unmet dependencies error: http://pastebin.com/cP61hzXG15:44
drPoOI dont know how to override the unmet dependencies error so that I can remove the kernel15:44
riviera71sorry, I'll try to be more direct15:44
html_5riviera71  like what did you have in mind?15:44
raphaellethanks zth, I'll try to compile that... again :-(15:44
zthraphaelle, =/ that's a slippery road15:45
riviera71nothing specific, I just decided to start looking at IRC for people who may know a thing or two about web application programing15:45
zthdrPoO, it's tied to the linux-image-server. what kernel are you currently running?15:45
riviera71I'm not too bad with PHP and JavaScript, but I'm always looking build a group of people I can ask for help, as well as contribute to15:46
drPoOzth, 2.6.32-33-server15:46
drPoOzth, the /boot partition is full15:46
zthdrPoO, did you try adding -f in the remove command?15:46
riviera71The was the first room I logged into this morning15:46
drPoOzth, yup I get the same error15:47
drPoOzth, E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).15:47
html_5riviera71,  well there here alright but getting one is like asking them on there 30 lunch  break  ...  thats id they got a job , there are some nomads around here  but you nneed to catch one..15:48
riviera71that's cool15:48
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zthdrPoO, sorry I'm blank. i would google it and look for someone with a similar issue15:48
riviera71I work from home developing Web applications for my business15:48
drPoOzth, thnx... im trying to find something15:49
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html_5riviera71,  i know a guy that would love to see your help but if we talk more  we need to go to a different room so we are mot kicked from here15:49
riviera71html_5, where do you recommend go?15:50
reisio#websites, #web, #html, #css, ##javascript15:50
Freddy105hi all15:50
Freddy105I'm installing a VM server based on KVM and I just installed a 10.04 64 bit machine15:50
reisiohi Freddy10515:50
Freddy105it so happens the libvirt version is old, 0.7.515:50
Freddy105how can I upgrade?15:50
Freddy105or should I just change distribution to 11.10?15:51
FloodBot1Freddy105: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:51
ekaleidois there a tool, maybe ntop maybe something more similar to ifstat, that will give me 1second granular or better stats about who my servers are connected to?15:51
html_5Tm_T,  where do we go for ubuntu web creation?15:51
ekaleidotcp/udp that is15:51
DLabzzth: it just fixed it self after coupe of reboots O.o15:51
Tm_Thtml_5: ubuntu ...web creation?15:51
zthDLabz, good! weird issue though15:52
riviera71no need for that room, i would think that a room for ubuntu web-server administration would be more relevant15:52
djQueryis there an app that lets me add metrics like cpu temp to the area up by the clock?15:53
Daulityhi, i have a problem and don't know how to solve, i've got a bluetooth device build in to my laptop and worked on 32bit ubuntu, but now i've installed 64bit ubuntu it says that there's no adapter plugged in?15:53
html_5riviera71,  ok  then pm me or ubuntu offtopic15:53
Anton___что за дела?15:54
riviera71I think they're right, I'll head to #web15:54
Anton___Help me please!15:54
zthDaulity, likely a driver-issue15:54
html_5riviera71,  im there15:54
zthDaulity, i've also had issues with 64-bit and bluetooth15:55
Daulityzth you got it working?15:55
Anton___How install Windows on disk with Ubuntu for second OS?15:55
anudaasayes, is it possible to install windows after ubuntu ?15:55
Anton___How install Windows on disk with Ubuntu for second OS?15:55
zthDaulity, i did not fiddle with it too much but no, not on that computer. but on this i have bluetooth (builtin) working with 64-bit, out of the box15:56
Anton___Please help!15:56
Anton___How install Windows on disk with Ubuntu for second OS?15:56
Daulityhmm my bluetooth builtin doesn't work... does in 32bit15:56
djQueryAnton___, think u need to install windows first15:56
LiNuX`supit's harder to install windows if ext3 is the partition15:56
dlentzyou can install windows after ubuntu, but then you have to install grub over the windows bootloader15:56
zthAnton___, google dualboot windows ubuntu15:56
LiNuX`supyou need to create a windows partition from within linux fist15:56
djQuerythen the ubuntu installer will be pretty self explainatory15:56
Daulitymaybe i needa install 32bit next to the current linux install15:56
Anton___i was do it but Windows not start (((15:56
Daulityanton boot/grub repair from live cd15:57
djQueryto dual boot my system I just shut down and unplug the windows disk15:57
LiNuX`supyou gparted to create an NTFS partition on the disk... then put in windows cd, reboot and select that partition to install15:57
LiNuX`supa windows cd will not over write an ext3 partition15:57
dlentzDaulity, I hate it when 64-bit drivers aren't up to snuff and the 32-bit ones are15:57
Anton___I have Google and read, but it does not work.15:57
Anton___I have Googling and read, but it does not work.15:58
LiNuX`supAnton___: I explained to you above15:58
djQuerydlentz, can you even find a 35 bit MB new anymore?15:58
LiNuX`supuse gparted to create an NTFS partition on the disk... then put in windows cd, reboot and select that partition to install15:58
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Anton___sure i have 3 ntfs partitions15:59
republicI know it is out of topic, but, is there any OpenOffice(libreoffice)'s channel in FreeNODE? What is the name?15:59
anudaasaanton, i dont think if this will be properly work15:59
Anton___no work(15:59
Daulitymy laptop supports both 32/64 so no problem though ... but i am wondering if you got a 64bit cpu you could install 32bit? 32bit is backwards compatible with 64Bit right?15:59
Anton___!help please15:59
vincentngi accidently delete home15:59
vincentngwhat should i do16:00
FloodBot1vincentng: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:00
anudaasaanton, but you can try gparted16:00
zthDaulity, yes16:00
zthDaulity, it is16:00
zthDaulity, no real reason to use 64-bit unless you have a specific reason16:00
vincentnghelp i lost my home16:00
anudaasaanton, and then install ubuntu from window :-)16:00
syn-ackDaulity, Yes and no. if you have to have the 32 bit libs to really get proper support but yeah, it's backward compatible16:00
dlentzrepublic, there is #libreoffice16:00
vincentngi cant access root folder16:00
zthvincentng, how did you remove it?16:00
Anton___Windows starts installing. Files are copied to the hard disk. But then windows will not start.16:00
Anton___HEEELP!!! plz16:01
Anton___HEEELP!!! plz16:01
Anton___Windows starts installing. Files are copied to the hard disk. But then windows will not start.16:01
FloodBot1Anton___: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:01
vincentngrm -rf $HOME/.wine16:01
vincentngrm -f $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine*16:01
ikoniaAnton___: calm down16:01
vincentngi type this16:01
ikoniavincentng: stop16:01
syn-ackOh wow, I'm in the completely wrong channel16:01
ikoniavincentng: the channel ##windows will help you with widows16:01
dlentz!patience | Anton___16:01
ubottuAnton___: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:01
auronandaceAnton___: this is ubuntu support, ask in ##windows16:01
ikoniavincentng: type /join ##windows16:01
vincentngim using ubuntu16:01
anudaasaanton, i mean that windows must be on sda116:01
ikoniavincentng: you are trying to install windows - windows will not install, it is a windows issue16:01
vincentngim now16:02
vincentngim not16:02
vincentngi lost my home folder16:02
FloodBot1vincentng: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:02
vincentnghow do i restore it16:02
ikoniavincentng: explain your issue16:02
Anton___ask windows ahahah there are me said go to ubuntu channel and here windows support16:02
vincentngi try removing wine from terminal16:02
vincentngafter i restart16:02
dlentzyou deleted your home folder? so i take it you have no backup?16:02
vincentngmy home was completely new16:02
ikoniavincentng: hang on - your data is gone16:02
Anton___help please!16:02
beanvincentng, if you deleted your home directory there is nothing you can do.16:02
beanAnton___, ... join ##windows16:02
Anton___im calm down16:02
vincentngrm -rf $HOME/.wine16:02
vincentngrm -f $HOME/.config/menus/applications-merged/wine*16:02
alinhello ubuntu users16:03
vincentngi type this two lines16:03
Anton___i was16:03
vincentngand its gone?!16:03
=== alin is now known as Guest77107
FloodBot1vincentng: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:03
ikoniaAnton___: ##windows is there you will get help16:03
anudaasaanton, only wmware and then windows :-)16:03
ikoniavincentng: your data is gone16:03
vincentngwhat happen to the command line16:03
vincentnghow did it happen?16:03
ikoniavincentng: you deleted the directory with that command, now it is gone16:03
=== Guest77107 is now known as Omega_Apex
vincentngi thought i was juz for wine16:04
dlentzvincentng, if you mistyped a space after $HOME...16:04
ikoniavincentng: no16:04
Omega_ApexCan help me somebody?16:04
zthOmega_Apex, state your question. if someone can help you they'll answer16:04
vincentngany way i could restore my data?16:05
dlentzuse your backup ;)16:05
vincentngi dont have 116:05
ikoniavincentng: no16:05
vincentngcan i restore?16:05
ikoniavincentng: data is gone, sorry16:05
zapbuzzikonia: i appologise for my disposition and bad attitude16:05
Omega_Apexi want to make an cservice ussername, what e-mail adress is good for that?16:05
zthvincentng, http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/357/recover-your-deleted-files-in-ubuntu16:05
ikoniazapbuzz: thanks, I appreciate that, however trying to evade a ban to do this isn't the best approach16:05
Omega_Apexi don`t want to see my ip all world16:05
Jan271Hello! i have been struggling to compile ieee80211 for last 3 days and I have checked all the posts on the internet. Is there a way to get ieee working on ubuntu?16:06
ikoniazapbuzz: I'll remove the ban and you can stay if you keep this better attitude in check16:06
zthvincentng, no guarantee it'll work, but maybe16:06
Jan271i get the same compile errors as many orther people, but i cannot find a solution16:06
oPhelias__whois _iron16:06
pangolinzapbuzz: I did some quick searching on your card model and unfortunately you are not going to be able to get it working in linux.16:06
pangolinleast not to it's full potential16:07
ikoniahe's long gone16:07
Omega_Apexi want to enjoy with anonymous? what i need to do for that?16:07
pangolinoh well16:07
semitoneshey pangolin :)16:07
pangolinhello semitones16:08
Trevor69420yay finally got Tor to work on my ubuntu router16:08
Omega_ApexI use tor project too16:08
rick_my war machine keeps cutting off in the heat of battle why would ubuntu freeze up16:08
Omega_Apexwith relay16:08
rick_the enemy is killing it16:08
semitonesI was wondering, is there an application that tells you why Ubuntu is slow after you login? (between logging in, and unity-2d showing up)16:08
Trevor69420rick_ is it actually freezing?16:08
Omega_Apexsome girls here :)16:08
Trevor69420it could be the graphics card16:08
rick_yup its freezing like windows piece of crap16:09
_ironoPhelias_: hi16:09
vincentnghow to recover data?16:09
vincentngi deleted my home folder16:09
vincentnghelp please16:09
dlentzrick_, overheating?16:09
Trevor69420u deleted your home folder?16:09
rick_not likely16:09
ikoniavincentng: the data is GONE16:09
Trevor69420well no it's not16:09
Jan271ok let me put it this way: how do I install ieee80211 kernel sources in ubuntu?16:09
=== Omega_Apex is now known as Apex47
Trevor69420but u probably dont have the tools to get it back16:09
vincentngwhat tools i need?16:10
=== Apex47 is now known as Apex
vincentngi need to recover my email folders16:10
mufflonvincentng: try to install scalpel and restore your data16:10
vincentngthunderbird email folders16:10
rick_any other suggestions16:10
stoychohi all is it this the channel where i can ask for help ?16:10
ikoniavincentng: the data is GONE16:10
pangolinstoycho: with ubuntu, yes.16:10
raphaelleCan someone tell me what's going wrong with Alkemia ? http://pastebin.com/UzsJygNW16:10
MonkeyDustvincentng  or go to your webmail, maybe there's a copy of your mails16:11
rick_when i initiate war machine some one is freezing me16:11
Trevor69420vincentng, u dont store your emails on your mail server?16:11
dlentzi would do stress testing (and include memtest in that) to see which component is the culprit16:11
stoychopangolin, i am using at the moment backtrack 5 which is similar to ubuntu think so its based on it16:11
vincentngi store them in my thunderbird16:11
pangolinstoycho: /join #backtrack-linux for help with BT516:11
Trevor69420vincentng who is your mail provider tho?16:11
MonkeyDuststoycho  type /join #backtrack-linux16:11
vincentngi have a few16:11
Apexuse open gpg with thunderbird16:11
vincentnggoogle yahoo msn16:11
rick_little help i cant be held back here16:11
Trevor69420all three?16:12
vincentngbut i save them all into thunderbird folders16:12
raphaellezth, Do you think I have libalkimia installed now ? http://pastebin.com/UzsJygNW16:12
stoychook thanks16:12
vincentnghow do i recover that16:12
rick_or i will never achieve potential16:12
Trevor69420so it downloads them to thunderbird and then deletes them from gmail, msn, and/or yahoo?16:12
vincentngi do that16:12
Trevor69420that's dumb first off16:12
Picirick_: What is "war machine" ?16:12
MonkeyDustvincentng  try to recover it on the website of the mails16:12
vincentngsome are very long ago16:12
Trevor69420u can try TestDisk... that's a data recovery tool16:12
Trevor69420i dont think it supports ext3 tho16:13
rick_we need to examine little buttholes sourcecode at abbott labrotories in illinois16:13
Trevor69420it use to support ext216:13
Picirick_: excuse me?16:13
rick_his source code must be examined16:13
zthraphaelle, no, it's the same message. do you have to compile yourself, is there no precompiled packages?16:13
mbeierlvincentng, first: you will need patience.  Second: unmount the disk with the deleted data now.  If that means shutting down the computer, then do so.  The longer you have it mounted read/write, the more data will be overwritten.  Now, get another computer and download a Live CD or USB16:13
rick_ubuntu can initiate software16:14
ikoniarick_: do you have an ubuntu support question yes/no16:14
vincentngits my laptop harddisk16:14
raphaellezth : the developper himself told me I'd rather use last version, and I just can't find any available package...16:14
MonkeyDustrick_  it seems you didnt come to the right channel for advice16:14
rick_yes i keep freezing any idea i know it not from a natural overheat16:14
ikoniarick_: your hardware keeps locking up / freezing ?16:15
rick_its ubuntu or hardware to cause freeze16:15
pangolinPici: probably some DDoS spamware16:15
mbeierlvincentng, once you have that, you will boot the computer with the deleted files using the live usb/cd.  You can then go through some of the data recovery steps listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery16:15
ikoniarick_: what version of ubuntu are you using16:15
holsteinrick_: i would look at the graphics drivers16:15
PiciMonkeyDust: :P16:15
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:15
ikoniarick_: ok, my first suggestion is when the machine next freezes, press the caps lock button and see if the capslock light comes on / off16:15
rick_what to look for in grafics drivers16:15
ikoniaPici: MonkeyDust there we go16:15
holsteinyou can also physically inspect the machine... see if there is a bunch of dust around something inside rick_16:16
=== zach__ is now known as zachtib
macmartineWhat would keep debian-backports-keyring from authenticating? https://gist.github.com/176048716:16
mbeierlvincentng, I realize that this is very scary, losing your data without a backup, but this is not something that can be solved easily.  You must be very patience, and in some cases, might require additional hardware (such as a second hard drive) in order to store the recovered data16:16
rick_so hardware can do this freeze16:16
ikoniarick_: well, do the test I said when it next freezes and report back16:17
rick_ok pal16:17
holsteinrick_: i have seen that... a lot of dust or pet hair inside... causing heat to build up16:17
brkologrick_: is it dusty inside?16:17
compdocvideo cards get hot when youre playing a game16:17
kalgecinhey guys,16:18
kalgecini get this error16:18
kalgecinroute_dst_netlink: can't find interface "lo"16:18
stoychopangolin, i am not allow to ask anything in the channel says not sending to the channel when i write something16:18
brkologI recently cleaned a PC and freezing disappeared. Apparently there was a short caused by the dust around the graphics card.16:18
compdoclo is the loop back device, no?16:18
zachtibso, I'm trying to build a customized ubuntu image for installation on multiple machines, does anyone have suggestions on what tools to use for this (I've messed around with using debootstrap and live-helper) Ideally, I'd like a drive image file I can just image onto the new machines, no installation process. thanks16:18
holsteinyup... its likely that, if this is a desktop, you might be able to get another fan in there and cool it down rick_ ...if you dont see dirt in there16:18
ikoniacompdoc: correct16:18
dlentzkalgecin, is it defined in /etc/network.interface?16:18
pangolin!register |stoycho you need to register your nick16:19
ubottustoycho you need to register your nick: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:19
Trevor69420zachtib: are you deploying these images over a network?16:19
kalgecindlentz, cat /etc/network/interfaces16:19
kalgecinauto lo16:19
kalgeciniface lo inet loopback16:19
LjLstoycho: it's always a good idea to read the /topic when you enter a channel. they have instructions for registering.16:19
megajewelsis there a repository where i can find buntu drivers?16:19
zachtibTrevor69420, not at the moment. Something I can just dd would be fine for now16:19
holsteinmegajewels: they are mostly just in the kernel... what are you having issues with?16:20
Trevor69420:-\ i've only depolyed ubuntu installs over a network using FOG16:20
megajewelsi dont have 3d capabilities16:20
zachtibTrevor69420, in the end, I think we'll be giving this image to our hardware vendor so the machines will come pre-imaged16:20
stoychoi will fix that in a second ;)16:20
holsteinmegajewels: i would see about what graphics card you have... you can run lspci in a terminal or just search the manufacturer... sometimes 3d is not possible though16:21
dlentzmegajewels, what video card (lspci)16:21
pangolinmegajewels: what video card do you have?16:21
Trevor69420zachtib: how do you want to install them? from CD or directly to an external hard drive?16:21
vincentngwhat is the file i need to recover for thunderbird emails?!!?!?16:21
ldiamondI have a ubuntu server setup with software raid1. Will I be warned in any way if a disk goes down? Will the machine stop working until the broken disk is replaced?16:21
megajewelsmy video card is S3 p4m90016:21
ldiamondvincentng, ~/.thunderbird16:21
pangolinvincentng: ~/.thunderbird16:21
jj995I'm trying to disable avahi-daemon from starting on reboot -- how do I do this?  I already tried "update-rc.d -f avahi-daemon remove" and "chkconfig avahi-daemon off", but neither seem to work16:21
kionI messsed up Unity, by changing something on the compiz config window, is there a way to restore Unity to its "Default" values?16:22
zachtibTrevor69420, probably via dd or whatever the vendor uses. I'm more concerned atm with what tools to create the custom image with16:22
Trevor69420ldiamond, the point of RAID1 is to be an exact copy.. so no it wont go down16:22
rick_well dangit it wont freeze now16:22
ikoniavincentng: I'm really, sorry but your data is gone16:22
ikoniavincentng: asking over and over again won't make it come back16:22
ikoniarick_: that's ok, just stick with it16:22
Trevor69420yes but zachtib i am asking how will the image be stored for deployment?16:22
zachtibI'd like a script file that builds an image from the repos with our required packages. something I can run every month or so to generate an up-to-date image16:22
ikoniarick_: make a note, when it does freeze, come back and explain the test you've just run16:22
rick_okee dokke16:23
Trevor69420are you just copying from drive to drive or do you want to copy to a CD and then install the same image?16:23
zachtibTrevor69420, probably just as a raw disk image file16:23
zachtibno cd16:23
macmartineHow do I point ISPConfig to a different nginx install?16:23
* Trevor69420 hits head on table16:23
Trevor69420ok then just use clonezilla16:23
vincentngeven if i use scalper or testdisk?16:23
jj995how do I stop a service, specifically avahi-daemon, from starting on boot up?16:23
Scarra3Morning everyone16:24
ldiamondTrevor69420, How will I be warned then?16:24
Trevor69420well depends on the RAID card ldiamond16:24
theadminzachtib: Generate a raw disk image every month? Add this to /etc/crontab: @monthly dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/image.raw16:24
vincentnghow do i use scalper and testdisk to recover ~/.thunderbird?16:24
Trevor69420some can monitor and then create  a log file16:24
ldiamondTrevor69420, it's not a raid card, it's software raid16:24
Trevor69420i see16:24
vincentnghow do i use scalper and testdisk to recover ~/.thunderbird?16:24
vincentnghow do i use scalper and testdisk to recover ~/.thunderbird?16:24
ldiamondTrevor69420, raid cards beep and won't let you boot unless you override it16:25
Trevor69420ldiamond, http://superuser.com/questions/11333/in-ubuntu-how-to-get-email-notifications-about-software-raid-problems16:25
HaruSiga@vincentng when did you lose your data. I'm asking because depending on that time we can get your files back.16:25
ldiamondvincentng, shut up.16:25
mbeierlvincentng, did you unmount the disk?16:25
vincentngim using it now16:25
Trevor69420ldiamond, mine never beeps16:25
Scarra3How do I disable my integrated graphics card in ubuntu because I don't have that choice in bios16:25
mbeierlvincentng, using what?16:25
vincentng15 mins ago16:25
vincentngi lose everything16:25
Trevor69420i get an email that says raid is down but it stays operational16:25
mbeierlvincentng, the disk that has the lost data on it?16:25
MonkeyDustvincentng  the longer you stay here, the more data you're losing, follow the channel's advice asap16:26
HaruSigaI once formatted my entire drive, but I recovered most of my files.16:26
mbeierlvincentng, then I cannot help you.  I gave you specific instructions to follow and you did not.  I told you the more you use the disk with the lost data, the more you are overwiriting your lost data.16:26
Trevor69420i have a 3ware 9650se RAID card tho16:26
zachtibtheadmin, I'm more asking if there's a better tool than, say, manually building an image in virtualbox16:26
twisted`I've always wondered why the selection list for countries16:26
twisted`has stuff like Nigeria in it16:26
twisted`but not Germany16:26
Trevor69420zachtib, did u look at clonezilla?16:26
twisted`so I mean the first selection you get when installing16:26
twisted`always made me wonder16:26
compdocTrevor69420, install their software for the webpage gui. you prbably have a drive thats dropping out from bad sectors16:26
theadminzachtib: Hm... Wait, you want to build a custom image? Try Reconstructor (either the online version (which is NOT free) or just download it and run yourself), it does that16:26
Trevor69420compdoc: huh?16:27
Trevor69420i dont have any problems16:27
compdocnm - read that wrong16:27
anudaasatrevor, yes, me too :-)16:27
Trevor69420i think u misunderstan.... i was talking to ldiamond16:27
ldiamondTrevor69420, ugh... that's odd. The system should just hang up at boot time and let you ssh in in order for you to acknowledge and either keep using it or power it down.16:28
zachtibTrevor69420, yes, but that's not really what I'm looking for. I'm not concerned with how to distribute the image at this point, but what tools exist for generating a customized Ubuntu image without having to manually install it and set it up - both live-helper and debootstrap have come close, but not exactly what I need16:28
Trevor69420the idea is that the system stays operational16:28
Scarra3any ideas?16:28
MonkeyDustzachtib  there's remastersys16:28
Trevor69420zachtib, i believe it can create an ISO and store it on a local drive16:28
Trevor69420to be deployed later16:28
anudaasaquestion: did dd good backup, if there is some open file ?16:29
theadminzachtib: Remastersys to store the current system, Reconstructor to create from scratch16:29
Trevor69420what did anton do?16:30
Trevor69420ldiamond, not sure why ur system isnt staying operational to be honest16:30
Trevor69420but i dont know much about software RAID16:31
Trevor69420(I much rather use a RAID card)16:31
stoychois there way to delete the graphic driver with command line16:31
Trevor69420tho my home router has a software RAID (it's a GX270 running ubuntu)16:31
ikoniastoycho: #backtrack-linux fro backtrack16:31
Trevor69420i've never had a failiure tho16:31
kermithas anyone heard of any problems with compiz and i915 (intel mobile graphics 4) in ubuntu 11.10?16:32
jiltdilis skype not available for 64 bit ubuntu?16:33
Trevor69420there are no problems kermit... only illusions of them16:33
ldiamondTrevor69420, oh I didn't say it wasn't operational. I personally don't want it to work if raid is degraded. That would be enough of a warning for me to figure it out and fix it before the 2nd drive fails16:33
Trevor69420ldiamond, i suppose it depends on the situation my servers are mission critical so we dont want downtime16:34
LjLjiltdil: no but you can use the 32bit version16:34
jiltdilLjL,  is it workkd fine16:34
pangolinjiltdil: install ia32-libs-multiarch and then you can install the 32 bit skype16:34
Trevor69420but if it fails and the system isnt running you wnt be able to get an email notification16:34
Trevor69420or any notification that i know of16:34
LjLjiltdil: http://www.skype.com/intl/it/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/downloading.ubuntu64 is a 32-bit version that will work on 64-bit16:34
rick_ok friend its just bieng shut down it didnt freeze its like i clicked shutdown the ubuntu log off screen came up then it shut off16:34
LjLjiltdil: well, that link will show up in italian though, maybe better find your own link16:35
Trevor69420rick_ sounds like overheating16:35
dlentzanyone running precise?16:35
Trevor69420it could be your graphics card or your CPU or even your PSU16:35
LjLdlentz: everyone in #ubuntu+1 is16:35
rick_how do i check for over heating and how does it happen by someones command16:35
LjLdlentz: (probably)16:35
ldiamondTrevor69420, if you reboot a server anyways, you'd be expecting some downtime. Or maybe you're behind a load balancer and you can bounce them one by one. Always depends on the situation.16:35
dlentzoh, thanks16:35
Trevor69420ldiamond we never reboot so i dunno16:36
jiltdilLjL thanks16:36
Trevor69420my server has been operational for nearly 2 years16:36
Trevor69420the chances of two drives failing at the same time are pretty slim16:36
ldiamondTrevor69420, if it's so mission critical, I really hope you're behind a load balancer and have redundancy.16:37
Trevor69420yes we have redundancy16:37
MonkeyDustTrevor69420  i havent followed, RAID?16:37
Trevor69420and load balancing isnt neccessary all the time16:37
Trevor69420but we do have redundancy16:37
ldiamondthe load balancer can be used to simply manage the redundancy16:37
dagerikI am running a modified 10.04 on my cheap minipc because I has GMA500 on it. How can I make it as fast as possible? Which desktop environment is the lightest one? And are there any other settings I should consider?16:37
ldiamondi.e. configured as 100% and failover.16:37
Pumpkin-ldiamond: and what do you do when the load balancer fails ? :)16:38
rick_any ideas16:38
MonkeyDust!jwm| dagerik16:38
ldiamondPumpkin-, you are behind a CDN, you're redirected to a slower region16:38
MonkeyDust!info jwm| dagerik16:38
anudaasawhat is load balancer ?16:38
ubottu'dagerik' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable16:38
Trevor69420the load balancer balances load... my router takes care of the reduncacy issue... i have two servers replicating all the time if one fails my router picks it up and makes neccessary dns changes so from the end user perspective nothing changes16:38
ldiamondPumpkin-, but then that doesn't work against the entire internet going down either16:38
ldiamondPumpkin-, or the sun exploding.16:38
anudaasaTrevor, aha16:39
MonkeyDustoh well, dagerik try jwm16:39
joriswHi. Ubuntu 11.10. How do I make a PHP script accessible to an incoming email piped to it using .forward in a user's homedir?16:39
Trevor69420but besides the point... i'm saying when my raid fails my system doesnt stop responding16:39
Trevor69420i havent used RAID 1 in a very long time tho16:39
Trevor69420currently using RAID 1016:39
ldiamondTrevor69420, I agree, but booting a degraded array should warn you somehow. Maybe require you to ssh16:39
Trevor69420spanned across 48 x 1TB raid drives16:39
melvincvTrevor69420, what router is that? That can do automatic DNS changes? I'm curious...16:40
ldiamondTrevor69420, consider ZFS :p16:40
Trevor69420ldiamond well the raid card displays on the BIOS if the raid is degraded16:40
ldiamondyea well, raid cards will beep and send emails usually16:40
Trevor69420but it also shows on the command line of the OS and on the web interface for the raid card16:40
Trevor69420the card doesnt beep16:40
ldiamondbut it's custom software16:40
Trevor69420or send emails16:40
ldiamondand set in the bios16:40
Trevor69420the OS sends emails16:40
Pumpkin-heh, of course not. I'm designing a rather large, distributed DNS system right now. I'm trying to avoid load balancers by having multiple anycasted nodes around the network, but in some locations I'll need more than a single server to keep up with QPS from the clients. I've got a solution that works (/31 v4, or /126 v6) interlinks, with the service IP announed to the router via BGP (quagga) and the routers ECMP across the interlinks.16:40
Trevor69420i only have ubuntu read the status16:41
ldiamondTrevor69420, it often sends email through the driver16:41
Trevor69420i use Hobbit monitoring to monitor the status16:41
Pumpkin-the thing I'm struggling with right now is making it work well under failures.16:41
Trevor69420no it doesnt16:41
ldiamondI've seen many of those yes.16:41
ldiamondvendor specific16:41
joriswAs which user does the system perform operations that are in a users .forward file, if the system is running postfix?16:41
Trevor69420hobbit monitors the tw_cli and when it sees degraded it sends me an email of the output of tw_cli show c0 u016:41
Trevor69420the driver doesnt do emailing at all16:42
ldiamondmaybe not yours.16:42
Trevor69420well i cant speak for all RAID cards16:42
Trevor69420but i'm just saying with software raid if your system goes down after raid is degraded i wouldnt know how to get the system to send you a notice of it16:42
Trevor69420i mean if you were monitoring the ping request maybe from another server of that machine then it could at least tell you it's down16:43
Trevor69420ping requests are just an example16:43
Trevor69420or maybe monitor something else like a script that doesnt run would tell you the server is down16:43
rick_how to use lm sensors and how to install i know nothing16:44
Trevor69420but the server could be down for a number of reasons unrelated to the RAID16:44
rick_can anyone help with lm sensors16:45
compdocrick_, I use it16:46
rick_how do i16:46
compdochave you installed it?16:46
Trevor69420even better answer16:46
dlentzsudo sensors-detect16:46
Apexhow i hunt rootkit on my sistem?16:47
m477does it mean that I have something wrong in my system? http://ideone.com/ekbBf16:47
Apexsomebody put rootkit on my root sistem16:47
rick_so what do i do16:47
mbeierlApex, rkhunter16:47
joriswI'm trying to give a user's .forward access to /srv/www/somesite/index.php. How do I do this? I've already given the user and www-data access to the index.php16:48
Apexwhat is comand please16:48
mbeierlapex.  one moment...16:48
oCean!info rkhunter16:48
ubotturkhunter (source: rkhunter): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.8-7 (oneiric), package size 205 kB, installed size 968 kB16:48
Apexthank you16:48
compdocopen a term windows and type: sudo apt-get install lmsensors16:48
compdocopen a term windows and type: sudo apt-get install lm-sensors16:48
=== X__ is now known as FreeNET
mbeierlapex: that's the one!  Thanks oCean!16:48
mbeierlApex, sudo apt-get install rkhunter16:49
oCeanmbeierl, Apex don't know if we have a wiki page on it, though16:49
mbeierlApex, then, once the install is complete: sudo rkhunter --check16:49
Apexok bro16:49
Trevor69420anyone ever buy anything using bitcoins?16:49
Apexi want to learn to develop cernel16:49
ikoniaTrevor69420: an ubuntu question ?16:49
Apexto help comunity16:49
Trevor69420errr.... using ubuntu i meant ;-)16:50
Apexi translate all from canonical from ubuntu16:50
Trevor69420just kidding16:50
rick_ok ithink its done16:50
rick_so what now16:50
oCean!contribute  | Apex16:50
ubottuApex: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu16:50
ApexTRevor69420 yes my16:50
m477does it mean that I have something wrong in my system? http://ideone.com/ekbBf16:50
Apexok thx16:50
scarleoTrevor69420,  /join #bitcoin16:50
mbeierl!translate | apex16:50
ubottuapex: Translate Ubuntu into your own language, important translations that are needed are listed first. See https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/16:50
ldiamondI'm currently using BackInTime to backup my workstation's hdd to other devices. Is there something integrated in Ubuntu that works just as well? Or maybe better? With visualization and all...16:50
Trevor69420sheesh people in her can be so dry16:51
Trevor69420errr i meant here16:51
rick_ok what now16:51
ldiamondrick_, "ok what now" is not a very specific question.16:52
x_coderI have a Tablet with Win7.  I want to install Ubuntu on an SD Card.  If I set /boot to the main drive (sd1) and the rest to the SD card, will grub boot without the SD Card installed?16:53
ldiamondrick_, it doesn't even have a question mark.16:53
rick_i just installed lm sensors what next to look for overheating16:53
ldiamondx_coder, it depends on where you install grub (or any other bootloader you're using)16:53
x_coderldiamond, basically my question is, does grub only require /boot if that is where it is installed?16:54
ldiamondx_coder, no16:55
ldiamondx_coder, during the install, it asks you which device you want to install the boot loader on16:55
ldiamondrick_, type sudo sensors in a terminal16:55
x_coderbootloader will go to sda1 mrb16:55
theadminx_coder: Grub's configuration and kernel images (as well as initramfs) are stored in /boot. In Ubuntu, /etc/grub.d and /etc/default/grub are also important. However, grub itself resides in MBR.16:56
compdocrick_, you ran sensors-detect?16:57
renemoraesi'm having an issue with some flashs in my screen when i use my laptop plugged on the energy... do u guys think is someone with the acpi?16:57
Apexhelp please this is what i found on my sistem warning warning16:57
rick_how do i know what temp fan1 temp1,2,3,4,5,6, are refering to16:57
ApexPerforming filesystem checks16:57
Apex    Checking /dev for suspicious file types                  [ Warning ]16:57
Apex    Checking for hidden files and directories                [ Warning ]16:57
FloodBot1Apex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:57
x_coderalright, gonna try this16:57
Apexnow what i do16:57
Trevor69420rick_ this is asssuming your computer can tell u the temp of all the components16:57
ldiamondx_coder, if the bootloader is on sda1, then sda1 is all you need to boot (assuming everything is installed on sda as well)16:57
rick_it is16:57
renemoraesi'm having an issue with some flashs in my screen when i use my laptop plugged on the energy... do u guys think is someone with the acpi?16:57
allu2_renemoraes: perhaps trying to boot with noacpi option16:58
rick_temp 1 70 deg celcius sound too hot16:58
compdocyes, that is hot16:58
x_coderthe only thing I want to install on sda1 is the bootloader to mbr, and /boot16:58
renemoraesallu2_: good, how is the best way i can do this?16:58
rick_too hot???16:58
compdocmight not be a true temp16:58
ikoniax_coder: you install it to sda not sda116:58
Apex!translate | Apex16:58
ubottuApex, please see my private message16:58
john_doe_jrWhen I'm looking through a man page in ubuntu...I can type '/search_item to find where the string occurs in the man page....how do I cycle through to the next place where the search term is found in the man pages without having to type the search term over again?16:58
rick_fan 1  3568 rpm16:58
ubottuTranslate Ubuntu into your own language, important translations that are needed are listed first. See https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/16:59
x_coderikonia, right16:59
compdocrick_, enter the computer's bios at boot, and write down the temps and fan speeds - then match them to sensors16:59
gizmoalphaikonia wouldn't know how to fix ubuntu if it crawled up its draconian fat ignorant ass16:59
rick_where can i get temps in bios16:59
allu2_renemoraes: in grub while booting press "e", you should see line with "quiet" in it, put space after thatt and write noacpi , i don't really know the grub controls but they should read somewhere on the grub window17:00
ldiamondrick_ google17:00
=== allu2_ is now known as allu2
MonkeyDust!google| ldiamond17:00
ubottuldiamond: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:00
compdocrick_, most have a page in the bios - look around17:00
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, Just type / and hit enter17:00
oCeanldiamond: don't just refer others to google, thanks17:00
x_coderOK, gonna attempt this.. :)17:01
renemoraesallu2_: thank you.. i'm gonna try.. come back later17:01
rick_you would be amazed how hard the right anser is to find on google17:01
john_doe_jrunperson, alright that works but how do I go to the next term I'm looking for without having to re-type the term that I just typed?17:01
kionWill sudo aptitude install gnome-panel get rid of Unity?17:02
ldiamondoCean, MonkeyDust : sometimes it's too obvious. Google result of the EXACT phrase he typed: http://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=where+can+i+get+temps+in+bios17:02
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, Maybe i don't understand the question.  I thought you were looking to go to the next hit on your search, which you can do by typing / (and nothing else) and hitting enter.17:02
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, It should search for the next occurrence of the previous search term.17:03
oCeanldiamond: no, it's not acceptable in this channel. Period17:03
john_doe_jrunperson, alright that worked!  Thanks, I've been wanting to know how to do that for a while17:04
theadminkion: You want "sudo apt-get install gnome-fallback" and then log out and choose "Gnome Fallback" in the session menu...17:04
designbybeckHardware Question: I have a donated computer that has a: xfx GF6800 xtreme 256mb video card in it17:04
designbybeckIt has a spot for a Power pigtail on it, Does it need that?17:04
designbybeckfor power to be plugged in?17:04
dlentzdesignbybeck, yes17:04
Picidesignbybeck: ##hardware would be a more appropriate place for this17:05
kion theadmin: Thanks! have you tried it?17:05
designbybeckah, didn't know there was a hardware section17:05
designbybeckdlentz, what is it used for?17:05
dlentzto provide more power to the card since the PCI slot can only give it so much juice17:05
dlentzthe 6800 is a power-hungry card17:06
theadminkion: Sure. But I'd like to point out that this is *not* gnome2, and not all features are available. I suggest you just switch to XFCE. Gnome2 is no longer supported.17:06
designbybeckok I'll give it ago, Thanks dlentz17:06
=== ozior is now known as ozi|afk
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, No problem.  In principle you could probably find that info in the man page for 'less', but it might be pretty difficult to decipher in practice.17:06
designbybeckdlentz, i have a few other generic DVI cards it looks like17:06
designbybeckbut I don't know the specs on it, this computer is going to be a general public use computer17:06
designbybeckbut am hoping people can do Blender and Video on it as well17:07
designbybeckeven if it is low end17:07
renemoraesallu2: i'm still with the same issue... i did exactly what u asked me17:07
renemoraesthats so annoying... do u have another sugestion?17:07
yan_hm i updated 11.10 on vmware fusion and gdm stopped starting, just being stuck in a kill+start loop during boot.. i tried booting to runlevel 3 and 'startx', X.org starts but no window manager.. gdm fails to start.. where do i even begin to debug that? X.org log doesn't show anything wrong17:07
john_doe_jrunperson, yup, I didn't realize that it would be under man less17:07
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, Okay, actually looking at that man page I see that hitting 'n' does the trick too.17:07
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, Yeah.  I think that's the default pager used by man (although this is probably configurable).  Without that info, though, there's really no reason you'd know to look there.17:08
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, But it seemed useful for future reference.17:09
* Schrodinger`Cat 17:09
renemoraeshello anyone, i'm having some blank flashs in my screen when i use my laptop plugged on the energy... could anyone help me?17:09
john_doe_jrunperson, alright thanks ...just a shoot in the dark...have you ever used lifeograph?  I can't figure out how to get rid of 'old diaries'17:09
=== IqpI is now known as iqpi
allu2renemoraes: then i'd think its not acpi problem :)17:10
renemoraesallu2: hahah i guess you are right17:10
jenablinskygood evening17:11
renemoraesallu2: do u have another sugestion?17:11
Linthow to use xdm?17:12
jenablinskyi have a problem with precise pargolin alpha 2 pc x86 installer17:12
MonkeyDustjenablinsky  #ubuntu+117:12
heoaHow can I kill terminal?17:12
unpersonjohn_doe_jr, Sorry.  Never heard of it, actually.17:12
jenablinsky ubuntu +1?17:12
heoaIt freezes up and I need to restart comp (having temp probs with SSD)17:12
heoapkill terminal?17:12
john_doe_jrunperson, no problem17:13
heoawell...I cannot do that because my terminal is freezing...17:13
heoasome ideas?17:13
Lintin particular, how use it to shutdown?17:13
MonkeyDustjenablinsky  type /join #ubuntu+117:13
heoaslay terminal -cmd or restart terminal -cmd, anyway?17:13
jenablinskyMonkeyDust: already did17:14
scarspyhow i tertn the ubuntu in the classic view ?17:14
hjbehlingif i'm running lucid server do I need upstart-udev-bridge --daemon,  it's always popping up at the top of my htop list and according to google it17:14
hjbehlings some kind of power control for laptop batteries17:14
scarspyi try it with commants but nothing happents :/17:14
unpersonheoa, You have no ability to open or access a second terminal?17:15
unpersonheoa, You can also kill processes from the system monitor (assuming that exists in whatever version of Ubuntu you're using).17:15
ApexWhere i find a manual to learn ubuntu? All about ubuntu. Free manual. Please help17:17
oCean!manual | Apex17:17
ubottuApex: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:17
aboSamoorhow can I give a normal user the permission to nice a program to negative value?17:17
john_doe_jrI installed software using sudo apt-get etc and now find out that the software I installed isn't the latest version that is available...why isn't my repository the latest version?17:18
wildwindHow can I enforce that a user:17:18
wildwind- can sudo with password (thus have a password)17:18
wildwind- can logon only via ssh only with key, not with password (to protect from remote bruteforce)?17:18
wildwindAFAIK if I set a password, user can ssh with it...17:18
FloodBot1wildwind: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:18
oCean!latest | john_doe_jr17:18
ubottujohn_doe_jr: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:18
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa17:18
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details17:19
renemoraeshow can i kill gnome-power-manager?17:19
oCeanjohn_doe_jr: please be careful using PPA's. Not the "unsupported" part in ubottu's message17:19
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:19
oCeanApex: please use the bot in private17:19
oCeanApex: /msg ubottu !bot17:19
CantWinnhello and good day17:20
manoxHi I'm heving trouble with vnc4server on my Lubuntu server where I want to access current session17:20
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|afk
john_doe_jroCean, I see...thanks17:20
manoxI have search Internet (twice) but nothing :(17:21
scarspyhow i tern the ubuntu 10.11 to the classic view ?17:21
oCean!notunity | scarspy17:21
ubottuscarspy: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic17:21
grummundHi all, after "iwconfig wlan0 essid MyEssid" the essid reverts to ESSID:off/any within a second or two...  why would it do that?17:21
gplikespieHey, is there a good actionscript3 and compiler that I can use in linux?17:21
cfhowlettCantWinn: greetings17:21
CantWinnDoes anyone know of a great "exchange" style open source server?17:21
dagerikI am having this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1248999 Solutions?17:22
oCeanCantWinn: investigate Zarafa (zarafa.com)17:22
manoxso does enyone here know how to configure vnc ?17:22
sedekiwhat is the command for the compiz settings manager?17:22
grummundWith a ficticious essid it persists, otherwise it reverts to ESSID:off/any almost immediately.17:22
macmartineI'm trying to test my SSL cert but getting this error: https://gist.github.com/1760822 Any ideas?17:23
ikoniamacmartine: key miss-match17:23
macmartineikonia: is that my password?17:23
CantWinnoCean thanks17:23
scarfaceHow can I forcibly log off another user on my system?  I've got root...17:23
ikoniamacmartine: either your password or the key password17:23
macmartineikonia: oh, the key doesn't mathc the one in the cert?17:23
llutzscarface: pkill his login-shell /not nice/17:24
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
scarfacellutz, I'm looking for a "nice" way.  Something that would simulate if the user chose to logoff normally, except I want to do it from the CLI.17:25
jroggehi, i'm on a macbookpro (intel-based) running os x 10.7.2 and i want to dual boot it with ubuntu 10.04. I tried using rEFIt but the menu doesn't show up on the second restart and it either gets stuck in the loading screen before login or goes straight to the login screen. I;ve had to restore my computer twice now because it's gotten stuck at the login screen and I want to know is there a different way other than using rEFIt to dual boot or17:27
h00k!mac | jrogge17:27
ubottujrogge: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:27
manoxhow would I access (vnc) current session on lxde desktop ?17:28
compdocmanox, does it have vino?17:28
Dr_williswith a vncclient and the ip#:session number  if you got a vnc server running17:29
Dr_willisTheres other vnc servers out then vino. it depends on how you want to do it.   You dont normally just take over the current desktop however. (except in vino's case since its part of gnome)17:29
manoxcompdoc: nope I'm using vnc4server17:29
compdocvino is easy and built in17:30
compdocmanox, thats cool - I use vnc4server too17:30
Dr_willisvnc4server does NOT take over the current visible desktop. You run it and it spawns its own 'hidden' session17:30
Dr_willisYou could have a dozen+ such sessions17:30
compdocmanox, do you have a script for vnc4server in /etc/init.d/   ?17:30
manoxcompdoc: no I haven't edited init.d17:31
Dr_willisYou can set up vnc to start a login session at boot you connect to. but then you can lose some of vnc neater features17:31
compdocDr_willis, yes, vino lets you connect to a desktop session17:31
Dr_willisvino is a special case of vnc. (just making that clear)17:31
compdocwith vnc4server, you can connect even when no one is logged onto the console17:32
Dr_willisOnly a few of the vncservers out there you can share the 'current visible' desktop.   most of them have their own private hidden desktops you connect to.17:33
MonkeyDustcompdoc  with ssh too17:33
Dr_willisI tend to use tightvnc these days.  Theres a few others out there.17:33
=== ephelion_ is now known as ephelion
jroggeanyone have any experience with rEFIt?17:33
MonkeyDust!fr| Fost66617:34
ubottuFost666: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:34
scarspywhy i get that ?gnome-session-fallback is already the newest version.17:37
scarspy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:37
scarspyand wen i restart it i get the some view :/17:38
scarspyi did it :D17:42
cfhowlettscarspy: http://imagebin.org/19626917:43
Ahmucki'm looking for a calandering solution17:43
Dr_willisI just use google's calander these days.17:43
Dr_willisWhat features do you need in a solution?17:43
compdocgoogle apps have some amazing abilites17:45
Dr_willisI just like how they sync with my phone :)17:45
Ahmucksomething portable, without need for inet access17:45
Dr_willisGood for all the wifes Dr. Apointments,  that way her and my phone both show the same Appointments.17:45
Ahmuckgroup by week and/or month for school17:45
Ahmuckthat is ubuntu & windows compatibal17:46
Ahmucki was using sunbird, but it's no longer developed :(17:46
Ahmucki have no phoen17:46
Ahmucksomething a little more private.  i know that evolution was a solution, but then ubuntu moved to tbird for e-mail.  with all the changes it's hard to keep consistency17:47
Dr_willishow are you going to get it to sync btween windows and linux with no internet connection?17:47
danikhello may i talk ?17:47
iceroot!ask | danik17:48
ubottudanik: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:48
Dr_willisdanik:  ask your supportquestion and hafe fun17:48
qo_opHi i installed the ati drivers from amd.com webpage, do i need to activate the grapichcard on Additional Drivers?17:48
iceroot!ati | qo_op17:48
ubottuqo_op: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:48
icerootqo_op: try to use the drivers from the repo instead (see text from ubottu )17:48
Dr_willisnormally one just uses the ones from the addational drivers tool. byt they may not bas as up to to date.17:49
Dr_willisThe ones from the ati site can cause issues however.17:49
danikOk i installed ubuntu server and i can connect to my router (i ping and see the reasault) but when i try to ping google,com or ip address of google its says host is unknow or network unreachable whats my problem ?17:49
qo_opiceroot, no no no no... the addational drivers i got problems whit....17:49
tux_boa tarde17:49
danikalso i have set dhcp server on router and have given my mac to the router to give me a static ip17:50
Dr_willisqo_op:  theres some guides out there on the proper ways to use the ati .run instaler drivers.  I found some on askubuntu.com i had to use for a problem box.17:50
urlin2uAhmuck, this is ubuntu support if what your looking for is a 3rd party device you might try other channels. :)17:50
w30danik, It's refreshing to have someone as polite as you join our little group here *smile*17:50
Ahmuckgtg ... perhaps spicebird17:50
rhyshave a question if anyone is familar with Ubuntu's ejecting thing. I have a drive 'ejected' but still plugged in. I need to mount it remotely.17:50
danikw30 did i fail anything ? :(( sorry17:50
Ahmuckurlin2u: it is ubuntu support, specifically what ubuntu is packaging and it's consitinaty over long term for solutions17:50
Dr_willisqo_op:  you use One OR the other.. addational-drivers tool installs differnt driver versions then the .run drivers most likely now a days17:51
rhyswhat does Ubuntu's eject do that makes the drive unable to be accessed?17:51
Dr_willisrhys:  eject here spits out the cd tray..17:51
Dr_willisrhys:  what eject are you refering to?17:51
Dr_willisIm refering to the  'eject' command.17:51
qo_opDr_willis, .run? dont understand what that is, sorry.17:51
w30danik, No, No, just the opposite. Welcome17:52
danikw30 thx dude :)17:52
Dr_willisqo_op:  last i looked the ati drivers came as a whatevername.run  that you run to install.17:52
Dr_willisthe ati drivers here. did not work very well with gnome-shell for me. ;(17:53
qo_opDr_willis, yeah now i understand :)17:53
Dr_willisthey worked on with unity. but still had a few issues with them. Im back to using the open sourced drivers.17:54
qo_opopen sourced drivers = additional drivers rigth?17:54
Dr_willisqo_op:  NO.17:54
qo_opDr_willis, what is the command for pastebin your lsmod output17:55
Dr_willisaddational-drivers tool installs the ati/fglrx drivers from the repos. but they are an older version17:55
Dr_willislsmod | pastebinit17:55
eggsbyHi.  I'm having a problem getting custom keyboard shortcuts to work... when I run a command via 'alt+f2' it works fine, but it refuses to map to a custom keyboard shortcut apparently17:55
rhysDr_willis, put in a usb drive. hit the 'eject' button in nautulis. i have no idea what that eject does, but it makes the drive inaccessible to the kernel.17:55
eggsbywhat might I try?17:55
Dr_williseggsby:  give it a full path perhaps?17:55
eggsbydid that :(17:55
Dr_willisrhys:  i always use unmount. :) i think eject actaually powers off the device , untill its reinserted.17:56
rhysDr_willis, exactly. happen to know how to do that remotely?17:56
eggsbyI should just be able to make a shortcut to say, /usr/bin/google-chrome to open chrome, right?17:56
Dr_willisrhys:  never tried or needed to.17:56
rhysDr_willis, me niether. until rightn ow17:56
Dr_willisbed time for the doctor. gotta run.17:56
Dr_willisrhys:  perhaps check askubuntu on 'how unmount and eject differ' ?17:57
rhysDr_willis, ty.17:57
Dr_willisit may be using the eject command, or some other thing17:57
danikOk i installed ubuntu server and i can connect to my router (i ping and see the reasault) but when i try to ping google,com or ip address of google its says host is unknow or network unreachable i have a dhcp server on my router and also given my mac addr to have a static ip address. my /etc/resolv.conf is empty anybody knows my problem ?17:57
dbuggerhey guys I have a webserver and im using a dynamic ip with no-ip. When computers outside my local network try to access it, works great, but when I write the dynamic ip  inside the local netword im redirected to the router configuration page. What is failing?17:58
compdocdanik, because your /etc/resolv.conf is empty17:58
Pumpkin-danik: sounds like you don't have a default route, what is the output of netstat -nr ?17:59
danikcompdoc as far as i know its just for dns server but when i try to ping with ip address it also wont work :(17:59
Pumpkin-oh, or maybe DNS too, sorry, missed that /etc/resolv.conf was empty17:59
w30danik, ping an actual ip number; if you can then you probably need to set a dns server to convert names to numbers18:00
danikpumpkin- i will now loginto the linux and tell u18:00
danikw30 sir actually i tried this too18:00
danikw30 i saw network unreachable18:00
Pumpkin-(you said you could ping your router, but not things off the local lan ?)18:00
daniknothing on internet18:01
icerootdanik: local lan is not internet18:02
danikiceroot sir on local lan i can ping all devices18:02
ringz3roHello , while installing freeradius , i get this error : E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)18:02
ringz3roE: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/18:02
danikbut not in internet18:02
ringz3roCan anyone help ? The solutions i got by googling don't seem to help18:02
icerootdanik: is your route set to the router? so is the router set as a gateway?18:03
Pumpkin-danik: netstat -nr output, does it have a line with in the destination ?18:03
Pumpkin-I suspect you will find it doesn't18:03
danikpumpkin- just a moment sir18:03
danikim danik_18:04
=== danik_ is now known as danik
DLabzhi guys.. Having problem removing gnome-pannel from autostart18:06
DLabztrieg removing key usin gconf-edit18:07
DLabzbut, doesn't seem to work18:07
captainjamieOk, something really wierd is going on and I don't know what to do. I was playing Supertuxkart (It is an epic game) but it crashed to the login screen when I enabled vsync. So I logged back in but gnome-shell goes to the old gnome 2 look and unity looks like this:18:07
captainjamieSo I tried to run unity in a terminal and the screen flashes then shows this:18:07
captainjamieAny ideas?18:07
FloodBot1captainjamie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:07
mbeierlcaptainjamie, haven't seen that recently, but sometimes an X server crash can leave the video card in a state where it thinks something is already using the 3d GPU (or something?) and only a reboot can convince it to let go.18:11
captainjamiembeierl: thanks, I'll reboot now.18:14
captainjamiembeierl: I thought doing pkill X would be enough...18:14
NickHuHey guys, wondering if you could give me some help18:15
NickHuHave a ubuntu system that I just upgraded18:15
NickHuAnd it seems to be frozen on boot after "Checking for running unattended-upgrades:"18:15
NickHuHow long does this process take?18:16
captainjamieOh yeah, a reboot fixed it. I tend to assume that if pkill X doesn't work rebooting won't fix it. Well you live and learn. Thanks again18:16
amitkeretHi all. I can't seem to get a temp. read from my GPU in the gnome-panel applet. tried psensors, but also no read. Anyone know how to get lm-sensors to recognise my GPU?18:17
mangochutneyNickHu, hardware frozen? like does pressing the caps lock key get any LED response?18:17
urlin2uamitkeret, gnome 3 or 2 or the fallback?18:18
amitkeretgnome2 classic18:18
amitkeretusing GNOME Sensors Applet 2.2.718:18
urlin2uamitkeret, cool hopefully someone will know. :)18:18
amitkeretthanks... :(18:19
urlin2unsd_, howdeeeee. :)18:20
Scarra3what are some good reasons to go with ubuntu18:21
luciatar xvzf buduscript_3606_xchat2.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat218:21
lucia  cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript18:21
lucia  ./install.sh18:21
mangochutneyScarra3, easier to learn than slackware?18:21
urlin2uScarra3, autonomy. :)18:21
nsd_Regarding the temporary gdm session scripts, I've noticed that at some point they seem to populate the temporary home directory with /etc/skel, yet when I place files in there, they are not copied. iirc there is also a script that is responsible for changing certain directory names (like Desktop and Documents and Photos) appropriate to the user's language. Anyone know what that script is?18:21
Scarra3well my current problem is disabling my integrated graphics card and there is not option to disable it in my bios18:22
mangochutneyScarra3, that's not linux's fault18:22
urlin2uScarra3, with ubuntu?18:22
Scarra3I know lol I just don't know how to disable it threw the OS18:22
Scarra3for windows its the device manager for ubuntu I have no clue18:23
luciatar xvzf buduscript_3606_xchat2.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat218:23
luciacd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript18:23
oCeanlucia: ? do you have a support question?18:24
luciainstall plugin18:24
urlin2uScarra3, if you hang somebody will probably get you set up. :)18:24
dbuggerhey guys I have a webserver and im using a dynamic ip with no-ip. When computers outside my local network try to access it, works great. It redirects to my computer. But when I write the dynamic ip  inside the local netword im redirected to the router configuration page, in What is missing?18:24
mangochutneylucia, just curious, why are you typing commands here?18:24
xslguys is it ok to have /var with nodev,nosuid,noatime,noexec mount point options?18:24
Scarra3urlin2u: alright thanks18:24
luciato install plugin18:24
xslnot sure if ubuntu uses /var/run for something18:24
llutzdbugger: you need to enable nat loopback/writeback on your router18:25
pangolinlucia: you run those commands in a !terminal18:25
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal18:25
dbugger llutz, I dont know what that is... could you please tell me how?18:25
llutzdbugger: read your routers manual, check if it has such an option.18:26
dbuggerI dont see it. Its quite a cheap one. If its a advanced feature, it never has it...18:26
dbuggerllutz, thats the only options?18:27
llutzdbugger: then you're lost. you need to enable this option to access your LAN via external IP from LAN18:27
llutzdbugger: or you have to use a proxy outside your LAN, should work too18:27
dbuggerllutz, damm...18:27
nsd_I guess a better question is, is anyone familiar with the scripts in /usr/share/gdm/guest-session?18:28
nsd_that could perhaps tell me why the contents of /etc/skel don't get copied?18:28
urlin2uScarra3, no problem, here on this channel if you have a exacting description, including the graphics card your more likely to get help as well.18:28
jdoe_hi, does anyone know which files from my home I have to remove for unity-2d to be 'clean'? unity-2d works okay for the rest of the users in my PC but it crashes on my user upon login18:29
jdoe_(the same happens with regular unity)18:29
luciatar xvzf buduscript_3606_28.08.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat218:29
lucia  cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript18:29
lucia  ./install.sh18:29
pangolinlucia: for help with buduscript click on http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/jchat.html18:29
auronandacelucia: please stop doing that18:30
=== Earl_ is now known as Guest82936
nsd_jdoe_ I don't know, but you could create a test user account and install a program called xxdiff which lets you compare directories. Run 'xxdiff ~ /home/testuser` and find out what's different.18:31
urlin2ujdoe_, you might describe the crash for help. You would not be removing something from home to fix it as far as I know.18:31
jdoe_nsd_: yes, I thought about that but it would be a bit inconvenient18:31
jdoe_urlin2u: after I input my password and login on LightDM I go back to the same screen18:32
jdoe_urlin2u: the other sessions (like Xfce, Openbox, etc) work fine18:33
luciatar xvzf buduscript_3606_2808.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat218:33
urlin2ujdoe_, same user it is the desktop that is loping?18:33
jdoe_urlin2u: I guess unity's config got corrupted somehow18:33
pangolin!it | lucia18:33
ubottulucia: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:33
zykotick9lucia: IRC is not a terminal!18:33
pangolinpatience people :)18:33
qo_opneed some help, i just got half way helped, what is --build-package?18:34
qo_opi only get this up http://pastebin.ca/2110897 not --build-package18:35
whoeverhi all is ther a db server that is lighter then mysql ? I intend to use in withe a webserver , so I guess a better way to phrase my question is mysql my best opton in terms of functionality ,reliability18:35
qo_opcan some one help me whit ^18:35
mbeierlcaptainjamie, sorry - went afk.  yes, there is something there, perhaps unloading the video driver module might do the trick too.  It's not the X server, it's the kernel module itself that somehow keeps the reservation on some internal resource18:35
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
Scarra3The integrated graphics card on my HP pavilion is an Nvidia GeForce 9100 and the one I have in the PCI slot is an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and I have no clue how to disable the integrated one in ubuntu 11.1018:36
mangochutneywhoever, postgres sql is also well respected and somewhat lighter than mysql18:36
urlin2u!build | qo_op18:36
ubottuqo_op: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)18:36
iktwhoever: sqlite is good if you only need limited db capbilities18:36
whoevermangochutney do you happen to know differences between postgress and mysql18:37
goedeckeHi any body speak spanish?18:37
ubottugoedecke: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:37
mangochutneywhoever, here's one comparison, but it's a few versions behind the times - http://www-css.fnal.gov/dsg/external/freeware/pgsql-vs-mysql.html18:39
oCeanwhoever: for specifc questions, there are also the #postgresql and #mysql channels18:40
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Jeeves_Hi all18:41
Jeeves_How can I set a custom mailhandler in Oneiric?18:41
Jeeves_I can only choose between installed mailclients18:41
=== svensk_a1 is now known as Dubaco
Jeeves_but I want it to launch firefox with a certain url18:41
=== nak_ is now known as nak
MonkeyDustJeeves_  you mean only that url with firefox, any other url with a different client?18:42
dicannamasi am trying to record output from my sound card and i install pavucontrol but when i start it i get this error (pavucontrol:2197): DEBUG: Failed to initialize device manager extension: No such extension18:43
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:43
Jeeves_MonkeyDust: I can't enter anything. I want the 'custom' option back :)18:44
whoevermangochutney: do you use a db server and if so what one do you use ?18:44
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:44
mangochutneywhoever, it's getting increasingly off-topic for this channel, but I've been using postgres for php in a web server18:45
Scarra3The integrated graphics card on my HP pavilion is an Nvidia GeForce 9100 and the one I have in the PCI slot is an ATI Radeon HD 5770 and I have no clue how to disable the integrated one in ubuntu 11.10 does anyone have an idea?18:45
NickHuAny way to check whether I'm using nouveau?18:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:45
NickHuI have no idea whether I'm using that or the restricted nvidia one18:46
oCeanhellas: no warez here18:46
whoevermangochutney: ok, thx, since it seems to be getting of topic in channel can I pm you or are in in #postgress now ?18:46
amitkeretHi guys, so does anyone know how to get sensors.conf to recognise my AMD GPU?18:46
mangochutneyNickHu, the X log file might tell you18:47
mangochutneywhoever, no pms please18:47
bronaughok, so question.18:47
bronaughhow does one disable wifi roaming in 11.10?18:48
dicannamashow i i add myself to the sound group?18:48
llutzdicannamas: sudo adduser yourusername sound18:48
llutzdicannamas: you have t o re-login after that18:48
amitkeretanyone? I only have the core temperature, and the HDD. I want to see the GPU's temperature18:49
Lunar_LanderI remember there is a site like Pastebin by Ubuntu, it was white, had the ubuntu logo and then the field to paste something to18:49
Lunar_Landerwhich site is it?18:49
Lunar_Landerthanks :)18:49
MonkeyDustamitkeret  was faster :)18:49
dicannamasllutz, the group sound does not exist18:49
amitkeretyou can use pastebinit, nice for pasting straight from the CLP18:50
llutzdicannamas: sudo addgroup sound18:50
mangochutneyamitkeret, does the gpu temp show up in windows?18:50
amitkerettrigger-happy :)18:50
amitkeretmangochutney: no windows installed here, only linux18:50
zykotick9dicannamas: are you actually looking for the "audio" group?18:50
Lunar_Landerthanks again MonkeyDust and amitkeret18:50
amitkeretLunar_Lander: should check out pastebin18:51
webroastershi guys. is there any software that will inspect different text files for differences and comparisons (mostly I'm looking for comparisons)??18:51
mangochutneyamitkeret, are you sure gpu temp monitoring is supported by your hardware?18:51
amitkeretsorry, *pastebinit18:51
dicannamasllutz, the issue is actually with pavucontrol18:51
Lunar_Landeramitkeret: what does it do?18:51
Lunar_Landeris it a program?18:51
amitkeretmangochutney: how do I check this?18:51
amitkeretLunar_Lander: yes, sudo apt-get install pastebinit. then to use: <command> | pastebinit18:52
Lunar_Landerah, thanks18:52
whoevermangochutney: thx18:52
mangochutneyamitkeret, you'd have to go read the specis manuals etc for your video card, I suppose18:52
iktwebroasters: diff18:52
jdoe_in case anyone is interested... I fixed my unity crashing issues by removing the file $HOME/.config/monitors.xml18:52
dicannamasllutz, i did install pavucontrol with xvidcap to be able to record audio but when i open pavucontrol i get this error (pavucontrol:2197): DEBUG: Failed to initialize device manager extension: No such extension18:52
fishcookerthe best iso mounter @ubuntu?18:53
zykotick9!iso | fishcooker built in ;)18:53
ubottufishcooker built in ;): To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.18:53
amitkeretthanks mangochutney, searching for card's monual now...18:55
fishcookerzykotick9 thanks for quick response18:56
llutzdicannamas: sry can't help you, i don't even know what pavucrontrol is ;)18:56
fishcookerhw abt rsync frontend?18:56
bronaughso, back to my question...18:56
bronaughdisabling wifi roaming.18:56
bronaughI want to do it. there was a UI to do it back in 2008. where the fuck is it now?18:56
pangolinbronaugh: please no swearing18:57
darren_any staffers in here?18:57
pangolindarren_: how can i help?18:57
darren_I need a nickname release :D18:57
bronaughpangolin: waa.18:57
pangolindarren_: #freenode for that18:57
=== testing is now known as Guest26551
darren_Sweet... check pangolin18:57
bronaughI'm just a wee bit frustrated to have 8 hours of my time wasted by wifi hopping out from under me because someone decided that enabling wifi roaming by default was a great idea.18:57
bronaughand then losing the control panel item to control it was an even better idea.18:58
newguizhey guys...I was wondering if there is any type of keystroke encryption tool for ubuntu...also if there is any HD encryption tool that can act as a bootmanager like truecrypt.18:58
newguizI don't need the stuff, only interested in experimenting with it...to answer questions before they are asked.18:59
amitkeretmangochutney: found this in my GPU's specs: Central thermal management – on-chip sensor monitors GPU temperature and triggers thermal actions as required18:59
pangolinlucia: /join #ubuntu-it18:59
fishcookeris beagle replace google desktop?19:00
mangochutneyamitkeret, then it seems likely it was up to the writer of the video card's X driver as to whether they support the function or not19:00
Jeeves_Found it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11221327&postcount=2019:00
bronaughoh fs.19:03
pangolinbronaugh: acronyms are also not welcome.19:04
djQuerydang flash runs like crap19:04
pangolinbronaugh: i get that you are frustrated but please try to keep it under control :)19:04
djQuerycpu spiking to 55%19:05
mangochutneydjQuery, maybe apple made the right choice to prevent it19:05
bronaughflash is a turd.19:05
bronaugheven Adobe is abandoning it.19:05
bronaughhopefully we'll be rid of it in ~5yrs.19:05
djQuerymangochutney, close out flash and it drops to 5%19:06
djQuery4core 32gig ram19:06
bronaughdjQuery: use flashblock or equiv?19:06
djQuerybronaugh, this is for stuff I actually wanted19:06
bronaughthen you're screwed.19:07
djQuerybronaugh, just use it to do what I need then close it out19:07
bronaughok, to be fair, maybe not entirely. it could be spinning because of a crappy gfx driver or the like, which might be slightly resolvable.19:07
wildc4rdIs there a way I can set Ubuntu to automatically close an app (VLC in this case) on a timer?19:07
bronaughie: if you've got nvidia, you could try the proprietary driver.19:07
* djQuery starts working on html5 replacement for the stupid flash app19:08
gartral_Hey all, I'm having an issue installing ubuntu server 11.10 in a vm, it isn't letting me hit enter after selecting a keyboard layout..19:08
mangochutneywildc4rd, you could set up a shell script to wait N amont of time and then do a process kill.19:08
llutzwildc4rd: sleep 90m;pkill vlc19:09
gartral_I didn't have the window selected19:09
wildc4rdcheers llutz, assuming the 90m is a 'number of minutes'?19:10
llutzwildc4rd: yes :)19:10
wildc4rdnice one19:10
zykotick9wildc4rd: i'm not sure pkill is installed by default, killall would be a built in replacement19:10
llutzwildc4rd: it also takes h/d if your movie lasts longer19:10
llutz!info procps19:11
ubottuprocps (source: procps): /proc file system utilities. In component main, is required. Version 1:3.2.8-10ubuntu5 (oneiric), package size 219 kB, installed size 772 kB19:11
llutzzykotick9: should be there by default19:11
zykotick9llutz: sorry, i think you're right19:12
wildc4rdllutz: Its more for music, to have on in the background running the playlist, then just get killed off when required19:12
urlin2uzykotick9, good morning you exacting user you. :)19:12
kapzHey guys! I need help sharing my printer connected to ubuntu via LAN on another ubuntu machine. Thanks19:12
wildc4rdllutz: not that I can get the playlist to work in VLC, but that's a whole other problem, lol19:13
ekaleidois there a utility, maybe similar to ifstat, that would show per-connection or per-flow connection stats?19:13
llutzekaleido: iftop?19:13
Piciekaleido: nethogs?19:13
fean0rkapz: try cups19:14
eldubiousmungUbuntu noob question, can anyone help?19:14
fean0rkapz: localhost:63119:14
kapzfean0r, how do I try it?19:14
urlin2ueldubiousmung, ask and we will all know. :)19:14
Jahcroseldubiousmung: Just go ahead and ask the question, nobodys going to bite.19:14
ekaleidothanks, iftop is perfect19:14
kapzsorry am new to this sharing/networking stuff19:14
auronandaceeldubiousmung: not until you ask the question19:14
urlin2ueldubiousmung, and thanks for the noob image, let the projections begin. :)19:15
eldubiousmungAlright, I'm running a win7 wubi install, and I want to move it to a non-wubi install (on its own partition, etc). I remember seeing a tutorial for doing so but I can't find it anywhere.19:15
fean0rkapz: if this page not exist cups is not installed19:16
Boikotayuda porfavor!19:16
theadmineldubiousmung: It used to be possible with lvpm however that doesn't work anymore, so, well, you can't do that19:16
graftyo, why is there no way to report a bug from bugs.launchpad.net?19:16
Boikotalguna persona ke hable español19:16
zykotick9eldubiousmung: reinstalling using a livecd, using !clone for programs, and moving your files "might" be easiest/safest.  Good luck.19:16
Pici!es | Boikot19:16
ubottuBoikot: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:16
wildc4rdllutz: just done a 2m test, perfect, cheers!19:17
urlin2uFor the record you can still move a wubi to a partition.19:17
ChrisGagnongraft: you have to select a project to write a bug against, then you can click the link report bug19:17
graftChrisGagnon: i apparently can't do that from bugs.launchpad.net19:18
dwarderdoes a big command exist that will allow me to remove gnome|or turn it of, so that i could only run my google chrome within X?19:18
eldubiousmungI'm also trying to do so without using CDs. Don't have a drive anymore since I discovered steam :(19:18
urlin2ueldubiousmung, you see the link?19:19
graftdwarder: you could install a very minimal window manager that just starts chrome and does nothing else19:19
henry_hello all..19:19
djQueryI find it kinda hard to grab the edges of windows to be able to resize them. Is there a setting that can adjust the thickness19:19
eldubiousmungLooking at it now, thanks!19:19
RyuGunsWhat is a good sandbox program for ubuntu?19:19
graftRyuGuns: sandbox for what?19:19
auronandaceRyuGuns: a vm is always a great sandbox19:19
urlin2ueldubiousmung, read carefully the user bcbc is on daily ask questions if needed on the thread.19:20
graftdjQuery: try alt-right-mouse-click19:20
RyuGunsI got to run some java file, I don't want risk.19:20
RyuGunsI suppose I can run it in VB.19:20
graftdjQuery: or maybe alt-middle-mouse-click19:20
dwardergraft: which one?19:20
ChrisGagnongraft: if you select a project like ubuntu -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu you can then select the report a bug link to write a bug19:20
i_is_brokedjQuery, you might be able to go into system settings and change in there as well.19:21
djQuerygraft, alt-right brought up some options to be able to resize19:21
graftdwarder: try openbox19:21
urlin2uRyuGuns, you are not in the root with ubuntu like you would be in a windows admin account basically, if that helps, of course unless you run that java in root.19:21
graftdjQuery: hmm, well i know if you do alt-right-click-and-drag, it can be used to resize without having to grab borders, but it might be mapped to alt-middle-click-and-drag19:22
RyuGunsurlin2u:  You don't always have to be root to screw yourself over. :D19:22
graftChrisGagnon: ugh, i have to do it through ubuntu-bug19:23
i_is_brokedjQuery, sorry had to look, its under pref. custom look and feel19:23
graftChrisGagnon: one wonders how you report bugs with ubuntu-bug19:23
zykotick9dwarder: do you mean Chrome the browser, or ChromeOS the operating system?19:23
dwarderzykotick9: browser19:23
urlin2uRyuGuns, kind of a broad statement but the really you only have to worry about rootkits or being hacked in ubuntu.19:23
djQuerygraft, well it was realy for my wife whom the concept of using keyboard and mouse at the same time is ///19:23
zykotick9dwarder: why do you need to disable gnome then?19:23
loganrunis there a way to make the search bar not show music albums. don't know why they show up19:23
dwarderzykotick9: 'cause i don't need it?19:24
graftdjQuery: if your wife isn't prepared to do that, she should stop using computers, frankly19:24
urlin2uRyuGuns, and not much danger from either if you use safe practices.19:24
dwarderzykotick9: i run in in vbox, i need it to use as little resources as possible19:24
sandra_jest ni w stanie ktoś pomóc z drukarką?19:24
i_is_brokedjQuery, if you look under pref. you will find a setting that says look and feel. you can change the window boarders in there.19:24
graftdwarder: try openbox, it is pretty basic as a WM and you don't need to run gnome or kde to use it19:25
dwardergraft: thanks19:25
i_is_brokedwarder, i use openbox for my lxde session.19:26
i_is_brokegood wm19:26
dwarderi_is_broke: thanks19:26
dwarderwill run openbox in vbox ;)19:26
graftargh. ubuntu-bug has a bug! seriously, how do i report a new bug?!?19:26
syddrafI'm looking for some kind of compression file system (such as squashfs) that would be good at compressing video files. Squashfs barely makes any impact on the size.19:27
zykotick9graft: are you using "ubuntu-bug $PACKAGENAME"?19:27
mangochutneysyddraf, some things just don't compress very well19:27
Jordan_Usyddraf: Video files are generally already compressed. Re-compressing already compressed files rarely makes sense.19:27
loganrunsyddraf, video is already compressed19:27
syddraf*sigh* yeah, i figured as much. I was hoping there was something that would work. Thanks, everyone.19:28
yan_hmm lightdm is not starting on boot and X is stuck on a reset loop.. as soon as i see a mouse pointer, it resets back to text and back.. anyone have a clue of what it can be? (ubuntu's running under fusion)19:28
loganrunsyddraf, using special algorithms so it is unlikely you can do much to it19:28
mangochutneysyddraf, bigger harddrive?19:28
graftzykotick9: ah, thanks, that helps19:28
djQueryi_is_broke, cant finger out how to access that under unity19:29
syddrafmangochutney: On the way. Newegg has a 2TB drive on sale for V-Day. At least Newegg loves me.19:29
doollyHey i'm at the ubuntu repositories. I'm a bit dissapointed that i have to manually dl dependencies for some packages. I'm doing this away from my linux desktop and I can't check to see if I have all the dependencies. Anywho, is there a way I can accumulate all packages i need and dl it all at once?19:29
graftalthough i don't know what's wrong with just doing this on the internet, dammit19:29
syddrafdoolly: Use aptitude?19:29
i_is_brokedjQuery, be under system19:29
mangochutneynewegg loves everyone's money19:29
doollysyddraf, isn't aptitude needed w/ a box running ubuntu?19:29
doollyI just said I was doing this from a different box19:29
zykotick9doolly: if you're manually downloading dependencies, something is wrong19:30
i_is_brokedjQuery, then pref.19:30
marcelCHello ! Can someone help me with a DD command?19:30
zykotick9doolly: ahhh, from another computer.19:30
doollyzykotick9: ikr19:30
doollyzykotick9: yes from another comp of course....19:30
djQueryi_is_broke, thats just it under under system setting I dont have a preferences19:31
zykotick9doolly: is it an ubuntu computer?  you might want to see !aptoncd19:31
=== mauricio is now known as Guest89920
syddrafdoolly: Not sure if there's a way it can be done on the site, but I can run the package in aptitude here to get the depends list for you.19:31
doollyi forgot about that... lol.. but no i odn't have ne disks..19:31
theadminmarcelC: Yes?19:31
doollyCould i just dl the disk19:31
i_is_brokedjQuery, i dont run the unity desktop. hate it. you will have to see if anyone else can help you.19:31
doollyand mount it from a usb drive/19:32
marcelCI need to modify some parameters to make a bootable USB stick with a bsd sys. http://paste.ubuntu.com/833033/19:32
marcelCNow I am in knoppix, I can boot in ubuntu but the dd command will be the same19:32
theadminmarcelC: you want "bs=1M", not "1m"19:32
i_is_brokedjQuery, http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/ubuntu-11-10-upgrade-missing-your-system-menu-preferences-administration-launchers/19:33
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
marcelCtheadmin, THANK YOU ! ! ! It's working! :-D19:34
theadminmarcelC: :P19:34
html_5install the ubuntu 10.10  its has less boot problems19:34
moesUbuntu-10.04..Try to use send to to send a file via thunderbird..getting error message..unable to open temporary file:/tmp/nautilus-sendto-ray/1328641/christmas%20%20.zip..check temporary directory settings.Whats wrong ??19:35
=== doolly is now known as k3n
syddrafmoes: What are the permissions on /tmp19:35
syddrafthe permissions? rwxrwxrwx?19:36
webroastersguys i need help. I've been playing around with the sim_text command. What I'm trying to do is compare 2 files to each other, and find out if any of the words (separated by spaces, i would assume) match. How do I do that? If there's a better way, cool..19:38
zykotick9moes: "ls -ld /tmp" in a terminal will show you the permissions, and it should be drwxrwxrwt19:38
o0splitpaw0oHi there. Setup a LAMP setup & Bind DNS on a webserver here from home. However, I don't know if this is a DNS or Apache redirect problem. from my dynamic dns, it is reachable, but as soon as you hit the /subpage, it points to the local hostname & then can load the page.19:39
LABcrabHello!  What is a good graphic calculator for Ubuntu?19:39
mangochutneywebroasters, it sounds like an easy job for perl, if you ask on #perl they might know19:39
zykotick9LABcrab: can xcalc really be improved upon?  I'm joking, i have no idea.19:39
israel gcalctool19:40
webroastersi dont' have the slightest experience with perl. Bash commands, yes19:40
syddrafLABcrab: If you don't mind online tools, I'd suggest Wolfram Alpha for graphing. Simple calculator, gcalctool19:40
ohzieI've used perl for running regex on large text files19:40
dwarderhow do i enable openbox over gnome19:40
ohziebut I've never like coded a thing in perl19:40
LABcrabsyddraf: Yeah, i sort of mind them.19:40
mangochutneywebroasters, you might be able to do it with grep too19:41
LABcrabi've always considered wolf to be a search engine of sorts.19:41
zykotick9dwarder: at the login screen, select openbox19:41
webroastersok. let me look for that real fast19:41
o0splitpaw0oHi there. Setup a LAMP setup & Bind DNS on a webserver here from home. However, I don't know if this is a DNS or Apache redirect problem. from my dynamic dns, it is reachable, but as soon as you hit the /subpage, it points to the local hostname & then can load the page.19:42
dwarderzykotick9: there is no such thing19:42
=== Dora[TDO] is now known as idrum4316
LABcrabsyddraf: It doesn't let me change X/Y max/min.19:43
VelvetJwhy not just use sclilab, octave or R to graph?19:43
LABcrabAnd i can't find Eigenmat for Ubuntu.19:43
LABcrabWhich app?19:43
syddrafOctave would be a good pick. It's basically MATLAB.19:43
dwarderzykotick9: i can't select thin on my login screen19:44
VelvetJwolfram by the way, i wouldn't use for this anyway... its great for certan things (search isn't one of them) but it'd be much slower for graphing than something local...19:44
html_5how do i use more swap ,hoping that the ram will free up a bit19:45
moeszykotick9, The permissions are the same as what you gave me??19:45
llutzhtml_5: add a swapfile19:46
zykotick9moes: that's good, well, i'd check that christmas file inside /tmp then19:46
zykotick9dwarder: "thin" whereis that coming from, i though you where looking for openbox?19:47
webroastersmaybe if I explain it better. I'm trying to look at 2 access log files, and determine the ip addresses that show up on each one, how would I do that?19:47
=== kmel is now known as kmels
moeszykotick9, It is a group of photos and opens in nautilus19:47
html_5llutz,  i have a almost 10 gb swap partion  ... how do i use much more of it then 3%?19:48
dwarderzykotick9: i typoed sorry19:48
zykotick9moes: sorry, i don't have any suggestions.  good luck.19:48
LABcrabWhat should i sudo apt-get so that i can use a graphic calculator?19:48
recon_lapwebroasters: would guess using grep would be a start19:48
qo_opwere can i post a picture like pastbin?19:48
dwarderzykotick9: i can't see anything that will allow me to select openbox19:48
syddrafhtml_5: Linux will prioritise RAM over swap because RAM is so much faster. Why do you want to use more swap?19:49
zykotick9dwarder: sorry, i've never used lightdm so can't guide you (but it should be there)19:49
mangochutneyhtml_5, I could be wrong, but I think the linux kernel is set up to preferentially use real ram before starting on diskswap19:49
LannHow do i go about configuring /usr/bin/mail on my system? right now it does not actually successfully send mail to an external mailbox on gmail19:49
designbybeckLABcrab, how about Extcalc19:49
zykotick9!atemyram | html_519:49
ubottuhtml_5: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html19:49
llutzhtml_5: "cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness"19:49
whoevermangochutney: is there a postgres channel19:49
LABcrabdesignbybeck: case sensitive.  :)19:50
recon_lapqo_op: imagebin maybe19:50
designbybeckI'm installing it now to see19:50
mangochutneywhoever, #postgresql19:51
Lannwhat config does /usr/bin/mail use?19:52
dwarderzykotick9: what is lightdm?19:52
zykotick9dwarder: the login screen19:52
dwarderthe login screen?19:52
dwarderahh i see19:52
rpg32anybody here familiar with setting up LIRC??19:52
amitkeretmangochutney: ok, I used aticonfig, and I have temperature monitoring. also figured out that "$ sensors" doesn't recognize my motherboard monitoring either... could this be another problem?19:54
DriipHello Ubuntu Community! I was wondering if any of you know any Web interface Firewall for ubuntu. Cant seem to find any decent once which is "easy" to port forward etc19:54
mangochutneyamitkeret, I can't get anything to recognize the sensors on my m/b either19:55
LABcrabWould anyone know how to type a logarithm on the computer or in Ubuntu?19:55
amitkeretmangochutney: really?... that sucks... no way to configure this?19:56
llutzLann: mail just uses any local listening smtp-server. so check what mta you've installed (postfix, exim4, ssmtp, msmtp, ... <long-list>)19:56
rpg32calc advanced mode19:56
amitkeretmangochutney: also, what do you think about the fact that I do have GPU monitoring? when I use aticonfig to get temperature, I do see values19:56
LABcrabAny math whiz here?  Nope, ln doesn't work.19:57
rpg32are you using the basic calc?19:57
mangochutneyamitkeret, consider yourself fortunate?19:57
gabebuganyone know the status of ubuntu's fix for PHP remote code execution http://packetstormsecurity.org/files/cve/CVE-2012-0830 ?19:58
ubottuThe php_register_variable_ex function in php_variables.c in PHP 5.3.9 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a request containing a large number of variables, related to improper handling of array variables.  NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incorrect fix for CVE-2011-4885. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-0830)19:58
=== mohammed is now known as Guest2187
Lannllutz: thanks19:59
israellet's eat19:59
Guest2187Wireless internet is too slow!!19:59
Guest2187I am using alfa ++19:59
Guest2187 IEEE 802.11bg19:59
mangochutneyGuest2187, the technology isn't good enough20:00
Guest2187UBUNTU 11.1020:00
mangochutneyGuest2187, wireless is slow for every OS20:01
trismgabebug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/91029620:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 910296 in php5 (Ubuntu Hardy) "Please backport the upstream patch to prevent attacks based on hash collisions" [Medium,Confirmed]20:01
rick__hey friends i installed the program that monitors system temp and a person on here told me to check the bios for the temp readings and compare with the ubuntu system readings to find out witch is witch so i looked in the bios and thier is nothing that tells the temp20:03
Guest2187No it is slow for UBUNTU and other linux only20:03
rick__and what do i type in terminal to check temp i forgot20:04
Guest2187It is good in Winxp & win720:04
gabebugtrism: thanks for that link. is it common to take 1+ month to patch a DoS vulnerability like this?20:04
rick____> hey friends i installed the program that monitors system temp and a person on here told me to check the bios for the temp readings and compare with the ubuntu system readings to find out witch is witch so i looked in the bios and thier is nothing that tells the temp20:05
rick__15:03 -!- The_Pugilist [~pug@c-24-63-187-0.hsd1.vt.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]20:05
DriipHello Ubuntu Community! I was wondering if any of you know any Web interface Firewall for ubuntu. Cant seem to find any decent once which is "easy" to port forward etc20:05
fishcookeris there any safe idea to install nvidia current driver20:07
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:07
Guest2187Any Idea , Freands?20:07
rick____> hey friends i installed the program that monitors system temp and a person on here told me to check the bios for the temp readings and compare with the ubuntu system readings to find out witch is witch so i looked in the bios and thier is nothing that tells the temp20:07
rick__15:03 -!- The_Pugilist [~pug@c-24-63-187-0.hsd1.vt.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]20:07
mangochutneyrick__, yeah, some bioses are lame like that20:08
rick__mine is very old20:08
rick__what do i type in to terminal to get readings20:08
mangochutney13 year old award bioses from 1999 still showed cpu temp20:09
zykotick9rick__: "sensors"20:09
rick__mine dont20:09
mangochutneyhow many temp levels do you have to figure out?20:10
rick__ok well anyone got any idea how to make sense of what sensor is what20:10
trismgabebug: the cve you mentioned it only from a few days ago, the "fix" for the cve about a month ago introduced it20:10
Guest2187Any solution for rtl8187 drive for alfa + + ?20:11
Guest2187Internet is too slow!!20:11
rick__it just lists temp 1 - 16 and fan rpm20:11
mangochutneyrick__, what speed is your cpu chip?20:11
rick__1.78 ghz20:11
mangochutneyrick__, it's an easy bet then that the highest temp belongs to the cpu chip20:11
razorfishBased on the uptime of my Ubuntu Linux box, my epeen is 88.14 inches (223.86cm) long! 88hrs 8mins 6secs uptime20:12
gabebugtrism: true, and i do see there was action on it yesterday too.  the link seemed also directed at a DoS vulnerability from a month ago.  I was just realizing that I hadn't done much in the way of researching ubuntu's historical turn around time on vulnerabilities20:12
rick__thats what i thought but wasent shure20:12
dlentzrick, i like to run something cpu-intensive and ee which ones rise20:12
dwarderopebox rule20:12
=== thibaut is now known as Imustack
rick__and temp 1 is hottest and the only one that says 99deg celcius is critical20:13
=== Imustack is now known as Imustak
mangochutneyrick__, if you're running your cpu at 99c, you'd better shut down20:13
rick__no its 67 c20:13
rick__it says if its 99 its critical20:14
mangochutneyrick__, that would be an understatement20:14
rick__how many ferinhieht is 99 c20:14
mangochutneyat 99c/212f, you'd be ready to set things on fire20:15
rick__how hot is 67 c in ferinheight20:15
mangochutneyrick__, 153f20:16
=== iqpi|afk is now known as iqpi
Picirick__: Use a calculator.20:16
Gentoo64google 67c in f20:16
rick__lol thats funny pal20:16
rick__me use a calc20:16
rick__shcrodinger hello20:17
mangochutneyrick__, to convert c to f use "(9/5)*c+32"20:17
graftgoogle's units conversion is one of my favorite features, i wish krunner was as simple and robust20:18
rick__so any idea what the other temp readings are for20:18
mangochutneyrick__, probably the northbridge/southbridge chip temps20:18
__import__Ubuntu Server 11.10 CD is kernel panicing right after selecting "Install Ubuntu Server" on a machine I have.20:19
__import__Any Ideas on this?20:19
Gentoo64__import__: pretty hard to say20:19
KaratyusHy all20:20
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:21
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:23
faryuscand I get some help with a problem?20:23
Coreyfaryus: Ask.20:23
CoreyIf I want to point at a package that I have locally (not in a repo), is there a sane way to have apt-get or aptitude satisfy the depends for it?20:23
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:24
yan_hm ok so i can get gdm/lightdm to start, but once i try to log in i don't get my session, gdm's auth window goes away and the system sits there with an empty background.. any steps i can take to troubleshoot? (11.10)20:24
faryusI have a fileserver, running a ubuntu net install with just the basic OS + samba and openssh20:24
faryusafter boot, my monitor shuts down, like there's no output coming from the GPU20:24
faryusbasically I can only work on the machine remotely, via ssh20:24
faryuswhat's wrong here?20:25
newbiezhey guys20:26
newbiezI am on an older version of ubuntu, and I can't seem to get compiz to work...20:26
newbiezIts there20:26
newbiezbut I get this as a response, "~$ ccsm20:26
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:26
rick__any takers???20:26
newbiezTraceback (most recent call last):20:27
newbiez  File "/usr/local/bin/ccsm", line 68, in <module>20:27
newbiez    idle = ccm.IdleSettingsParser(context)20:27
newbiezTypeError: __init__() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)20:27
ashmew2A constant "duck duck" sound is coming from my ubuntu box  , how do i stop it ? Its like the water drop falling into an empty bucket sound20:27
ashmew2how do i know whats causing it ? thanks20:27
reisiothrow bread crumbs at it20:27
reisioit's either a fan or a hard disk20:27
newbiezI got kicked20:27
reisioask #hardware which20:27
newbiezdid you all see what I pasted?20:27
faryusno idea on why I have no video output / prompt?20:28
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:28
trismCorey: a deb? dpkg -i package.deb; apt-get -f install; or gdebi package.deb;20:28
ashmew2reisio, its coming from the speakers , its geenerated by the OS20:28
ashmew2not hardware20:28
reisiothen it's the speakers :p20:28
newbiezThis is my issue ^20:28
newbiezI have an older version of ubuntu20:28
ashmew2reisio, can i see what's causing it somehow ? What's using pulseaudio or something ?20:28
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:28
xanguanewbiez: by older you mean?20:29
newbiezxandua: 10.1020:29
ashmew2reisio, i figured out OMG20:29
newbiezxangua: any ideas on why it responds that way?20:30
ashmew2reisio, its the system alert i think , every msg im receiving on XChat as well is accompanied by it20:30
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:32
urlin2unewbiez, you have to give more than 2 min for people to respond, patience is the key word here. :)20:32
=== vojta_ is now known as vojtech_t
urlin2urick__, randomly, any background to this, the devil is in the details.20:33
urlin2uor logs hehe20:34
=== Ram is now known as Guest69297
rick__yup when ever genoius starts to happen it shuts off20:34
=== Imustak is now known as keizhor
Guest69297This is my first Chat on IRC since many long years20:35
c_smithhey, I'm trying to mount my Acer Iconia Tab A100, and their guide doesn't work for me.20:35
recon_lapGuest69297:  might want to pick a nick20:35
urlin2urick__, please use nics. :)  do you mean genius?20:36
c_smithis there someone that can help20:36
Guest69297Yes, I do, but i dont know how ;(20:36
recon_lapGuest69297: /nick <pickanick>20:36
Guest69297will try20:37
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:37
urlin2urick__, cool just trying to get you on the right track for help. :) also use the tab complete to show the nic the user your answering then gets a notification like you are from me of an answer.20:37
Coreytrism: I have a deb locally, yes-- but its depends are in an apt repo.20:37
c_smithGuest69297, but replace <pickanick> with a nick20:37
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
=== Guest69297 is now known as Mario_Anony
rick__how do i do that20:38
urlin2urick__, type a few letters of the nick and hit the tab to complete, tis also works in the ubuntu terminal a swell.20:38
Mario_Anonyrecon_lap Thanks for the help, I got my nick>20:38
rick__urlin2u: like this20:39
urlin2urick__, you've got it man :)20:39
rick__urlin2u: so you think you can help with shutdown issue20:39
=== r is now known as Guest62058
trismCorey: if you have the repo in sources.list then apt-get -f install; after dpkg -i should pull them in (or using gdebi will do it in one step)20:39
recon_lapMario_Anony: now you got a name, ask a question20:40
txomonhi, can anyone explain me which is the state of bug 928193 ?20:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928193 in nam (Ubuntu Oneiric) "nam doesn't start on oneiric: Tcl version mismatch" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92819320:40
urlin2urick__, I wish I could I'm not familiar in this area, but exacting details will get you closer to one who can.20:40
lucia#ubuntu - it20:41
rick__urlin2u: well i dont have any details it just shuts down like i clicked shutdown im shure its not overheating20:41
scarleolucia, /join #ubuntu-it20:41
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:42
=== ubuntu is now known as newboy
auronandace!es | newboy20:44
ubottunewboy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:44
rick__english please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!20:45
=== erth64net is now known as info
=== info is now known as erth64net
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:46
mgaunard_rick__: "the majority of ubuntu channels are in english. If you want to talk in spanish join #ubuntu-es." Can't you tell it means that?20:46
urlin2urick__, you do actually the process that causes this is a ghood start it sounds like a pen or touchpad set up as well, these sort of details along with the desktop and distro release are helpful to get past the 20 questions to get there. :)20:46
rick__i dont know spanish mgaunard_20:48
mgaunard_rick__: me neither20:49
rick__mgaunard_: i do nt know spanish its the guy stealing my life speaking for me in spanish20:49
theadminrick__: ubottu is a bot, don't bother her with english xD20:49
rick__theadmin: ok20:50
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:50
mgaunard_your laptop shuts down when you click the shutdown key? seems normal to me20:51
theadminrick__: Power button stuck? (happens actually) Something weird in cron?20:51
scarleorick__, what is your hardware?20:51
rick__mgaunard_: thats not what i said20:51
rick__ibm r5220:51
mgaunard_what you said didn't make sense.20:51
mgaunard_it's not grammatically valid20:52
rick__power button realeases20:52
urlin2ulol here come the 20 questions I warfned you about. rick__   :)20:52
rick__its ok20:52
rick__20 questions is better than nothing20:52
mgaunard_start by clarifying what your problem is20:52
rick__well my actual problem is my laptop shuts off like i click shutdown any ideas  ??? temp looks ok20:53
urlin2urick__, but does not help you or the channel when you can succinctly provide that info and been informed of this.20:53
scarleorick__, looks really old, are you sure everything is ok in it, hardwarewise? And please stop repeating that same thing20:53
auronandacerick__: repeating the same thing isn't going to clarify your problem20:53
rick__well im reapeating it for the new users that dont know20:54
scarleorick__, that line doesn't say anything20:54
rick__when new people come in they dont know20:54
urlin2u!details > rick__20:55
ubotturick__, please see my private message20:55
Maria94hi all somebody help me please to fix a bug in google earth at start20:55
Maria94rr.com) has left #debian (Leaving)20:55
Maria94 Python interface unloaded20:55
Maria94 Tcl interface unloaded20:55
FloodBot1Maria94: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:55
Maria94pls pls pls ^^20:56
blitzwhat do you get for man google-earth20:56
blitzshould tell you what signal 11 means20:56
Oerrick__, this sounds like your issue, i guess like answer #4 it is an ACPI bug > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160898820:57
auronandaceMaria94: checked the file in .google-earth?20:57
EruadanI'm building my system from a lucid install, with minimal features.I have xorg and openbox, than i installed lxdm.Why it installed the whole LXDE desktop?I just wanted the lxdm.20:57
mgaunard_rick__: that still doesn't make sense.20:57
urlin2uMaria94, what happens if you use the app start in the menu?20:57
mgaunard_"like i click shutdown" ?20:57
mgaunard_like you click shutdown?20:57
mgaunard_is that some kind of local slang maybe?20:57
rick__my laptop shuts down like i clicked shut down button the temp seems ok its a ibm r52 laptop running ubuntu 11.10 intel 1.78 processor centrino 1.5 gb ram 80 gb wd hdd 5200 rpm20:58
rick__is that better20:58
blitzhow long does it stay on20:58
Maria94urlin2u: it doesnt open at all20:59
auronandaceMaria94: have you read the crashlog?20:59
blitzMaria94, run "man google-earth"20:59
rick__Oer: what is acpi bug please explain20:59
mgaunard_Maria94: take the crashlog and report it to google20:59
Maria94auronandance: yes20:59
urlin2uMaria94, have you tried just purging it and getting the deb that is available?20:59
auronandaceMaria94: care to share its contents?20:59
Maria94$ man google-earth21:00
Maria94No manual entry for google-earth21:00
Maria94See 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.21:00
Oerrick__, a problem with the sensor-driver or bios21:00
mgaunard_rick__: the only thing I understand from your sentence is "my laptop shut downs when I click shutdown". That is normal.21:00
mgaunard_shuts down*21:00
Maria94i dont know what to do and im very scared :S21:01
rick__i did not say that i said its like i did that21:01
auronandacemgaunard_: he means his laptop is shutting down for no reason, as if he had pressed shutdown21:01
LjLMaria94, blitz: signal 11 is a segfault, it means the program crashed. it's not something you'll find on any specific program's manual page.21:01
Oermgaunard_, "shutsdown, like i clicked shutdown..."21:01
rick__how do i check sensor driver???21:01
Maria94ljl: so what i have to do? ^^21:01
blitzoh yeah, I guess I knew that21:01