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Len-liveastraljava: are you aware of a maximum size of usb stick that can be used to put an iso image on?06:40
Len-liveI had been using an 8G, but today tried a 16G. It booted for a bit then fell back to busybox.06:41
Len-liveThe 8G still worked fine with the same image.06:41
Len-liveI was able to install US on the 16G memstick though. I think this is probably better than live with persistence.06:42
Len-liveAnyway, I repartitioned the 16G to 3G and 13G and was able to boot live from the 3G partition.06:43
Len-liveI guess when it looks for a DVD/CD it checks all drives under a certain size.06:44
astraljavalen: I don't know of such limitations, but you could check your motherboard manufacturer, or the BIOS provider for that model. It wouldn't _totally_ surprised me if there were some.10:56
ailoI usually use a 4GB sized usb stick. Don't think the size matters that much. More to do with how large the image is11:07
ailoI would think 2 GB should work11:07
ailoBut, I've heard some models don't work well to boot with11:07
ailoI have no idea why11:07
lenI think it is the code that looks for the "cd". It boots fine, but when it looks for the software to load it can't find it.15:02
lenPerhaps I will try some different sizes to find out where the max is... but it really isn't that important.15:04
lenIt works with 8G which is bigger than a real DVD.15:06
lenI think installing to a USB device is great for testing. I can leave my hard drive alone.15:07
ailolen: Ah, you're installing onto the usb stick15:08
lenThe drive is limited to USB2 speeds (in my case) but this doesn't seem to have been an issue15:08
ailoIt should only work on the PC you install with as far as I know15:09
lenI have been installing on to a 40G USB drive.15:09
lenI havn't tried running the installed drive on a different machine... my only thought was to have a second drive for test installs15:09
ailoI guess 4 GB is probably minimum15:10
ailoBut, maybe a little too small for a standard installation?15:10
lenI just noticed that usb sticks are getting ever bigger and sooner or later someone is going to print the iso to a 64G usb stick and complain it doesn't work...15:11
ailoWhy should it not work?15:11
lenI used a 16G to install to That worked fine and left 9G of space free.15:12
lenWell my 16G din't work...15:12
ailoYou weren't able to create a live usb that was 16GB?15:12
lenIt did work when I shrunk the partition I was putting the iso on though.15:12
ailoI've made live usb's with a 16GB stick before15:13
lenThat is correct. It booted but then couldn't find the "cd" to load from.15:13
ailoProbably needs a little more investigation to figure out what the problem really is15:13
lenMaybe I will try a again. Gotta go to work now though.15:14
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Len_liveailo: you are right. 16G works fine. I wonder if my memstick came with no partitions and was formated like a floppy.22:01
Len_liveWhen I formated this one it was sdd1... I am thinking before it was sdd.22:03
Len_liveOnly one way to find out. Though it shouldn't make a difference.... if I can mount it and read/write on it... it should work.22:05
Len_liveI'll try it.22:05
lenThat was not it. The iso installer added a partition and reformatted.22:52
len-liveUmm, someone has been playing with ubiquity... or maybe a theme. Ubiquity background is black... text too.23:42
len-liveThe other apps seem ok23:45
len-liveSo far, if I hover over a link it goes black on gray, but any other text is invisible.23:50
len-liveThe slide show looks ok, but on slide change it now has black bands flashing through it.23:54

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