holstein[lsd] is my go-to MIDI guy in #opensourcemusicians00:22
artaoseems JACK does NOT get along with YouTube ... just had my browser open, and played a youtube link my brother had shared .. no audio .. so i stopped my studio in LADI, and Lo! I could hear the YouTube audio00:22
artaoso when done, I went back to LADI to restart my studio, and JACK wouldn't start .. had re-load the webpage to cancel out the loaded YouTube ...00:23
cfhowlettartao: believe jack seized audio priority - or maybe it's a function of RT kernel.  at any rate, it prioritizes ubuntu audio builds over download streams00:23
artaorighto. .. i got it sorted. t'was interesting z'all00:25
artaothe subleties of linux audio00:25
holsteinwe are working on having pulse route though JACK in 12.04 and on the live CD00:26
holsteinwe'll see00:26
holsteini personally could do without it00:26
artaoit would be nice if audio just worked regardless what was trying to use it00:26
artaonot complaining, don't get me wrong00:26
holsteinbut, im OK with JACK only on my audio rig00:26
holsteinsome folks dont have separate boxes though00:27
holsteinand shouldnt really have to00:27
holsteinbut, i sure prefer that00:27
artaoi've got 3 now .. this here li'l ol' P2 400Mhz notebook -- for this and astronomy00:27
artaomy old desktop, now relegated to media server00:27
artaoand the new desktop, relegated workstation ... mostly CG but I like messin around with audio too00:28
holsteinits good to have more non-audio folk around00:28
holsteini just dont have the gear, or the idea of how the workflow is supposed to be to realy test00:29
artaoand i've got the workstation line-out to the media server so i can hear BOTH over my sound system simultaneously00:29
artaofair nuf00:29
artaou mean re: CG?00:29
holsteinartao: well, non-audio in general really00:30
holsteinim not that savvy with video or graphics00:30
artaoI've got an old dual P200 with about 400M RAM that I'm trying to think of SOME reason to run .... ... can't come up with anything ;))00:30
holsteinand we dont really have a "guy"00:30
holsteinthere are some folk on the mailing list00:30
artaofair nuf00:30
holsteinartao: try crunchbang on it :)00:30
holsteinive been running crunchbang for a while now00:31
artaoi can tell kinda that US is weightier on the audio end00:31
holsteini think its going to be benificial for me to learn more about ubuntu by running debian00:31
holsteinrunning debian and trying not to break it, and learning about how it works00:31
astraljava That's not the way.00:32
artaoah, u mean OS ... I mean I just can't think of a reason to actually run the old machine at all except for the geekiness of it00:32
astraljavaYou really _have_ to break it, to see how it works. :)00:32
artaomakes sense00:32
holsteinastraljava: hehe00:32
astraljavaartao: Isn't the geekiness reason enough?00:32
holsteinastraljava: im *almost* ready to do that :)00:32
artaolong as ya don't break it so bad ya can't figure out how to fix it00:33
holsteinartao: also, just a server install... something without X on it00:33
artaoheh .. almost ... alllmost00:33
holsteinan ssh server or whatever00:33
astraljavaholstein: debian support channel is the shiznits, anyway00:33
artaobut it's already pushin 78 degrees fahrenheit in here WITH00:33
cfhowlettpainful way to learn but it does work00:33
artaoWITHOUT my heat turned on!!!!00:33
holsteinthese are fun http://www.turnkeylinux.org/ and ubuntu based00:33
artaosure. file server. could do that00:34
artaooh! btw .. in the screensavers list is a bunch of greyed out ones that aren't installed .. how do i do so?00:35
astraljavaMight be a problem. You kinda want a file server to have fast discs, but a box that old probably can't handle anything _fast_.00:35
artaoat least not modern fast00:36
artaoit was a pretty damn good machine in its day00:36
holsteinyeah... something to play around with samba on though, or whatever00:36
cfhowlettarrrgh!  Eternal Ubuntu Studio plugin for xscreensaver doesnt' seem to like my virtual US 11.10!00:37
artaotyan tomcat iv MB .. good load of ram .. elsa gloria synergy 8M gfx card WITH video in and out (only under win 95/98)00:37
artaohmmm .. how do i determine if an app can use level 1 or if it has to use level 0 when starting it in LADI ??00:39
holsteinill have to look at ladi and see what thats all about these days00:40
holsteinim just old school with my connections00:40
astraljavacfhowlett: virtual might have problems with screensavers, yes. Can't say anything about it at the moment, but could try it on my oneiric box tomorrow. Well, today, but not before I sleep a little.00:40
cfhowlettastraljava: ok.  I'll send the right links to you.  Very much appreciated.00:41
* astraljava is watching Oilers @ Leafs, and after that Flames @ Ducks, before he gets some sleep. :)00:42
cfhowlettastraljava: on another topic, are the proposed US logo etched wallpapers on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialOneiric going to see the light of day?  They DO rock.00:46
holsteinim not crazy about them00:47
holsteinbut, ill go with whatever00:47
holsteinjust not that cat head or whatever00:47
astraljavacfhowlett: I really don't know. You should talk to ScottL about artwork.00:47
cfhowlettastraljava: tyvm00:48
astraljavacfhowlett: No worries. Glad to see more traffic in here. :)00:49
holsteinyeah... this is great!00:49
cfhowlettEternal Studio & Eternal Ubuntu Screensaver00:50
holsteincfhowlett: i like those alright00:50
holsteini was saying i wish it had a little more attitude00:50
holsteinbut i think it fits the five best so far00:50
holsteinthough, i dont want a screensaver00:50
holsteini dont want something automatically coming on taking resouces 20 minutes into any audio task00:51
holsteincfhowlett: is that yours?00:51
cfhowlettholstein: I wish!  Garry Parker did those00:51
cfhowlettI've been using it since he issued them and hoped to continue wiith 12.0400:52
holsteinsure... no reason why you cant :)00:52
holsteinno matter what we do00:52
holsteinanyways.. i gotta run home... BBL00:52
cfhowlettJust need them tested on a real machine since my virtual box doesn't like them00:52
holsteincfhowlett: yeah, we can do that00:52
holsteini can test them on precise or whatever00:53
cfhowlettholstein: on precise would answer all my questions00:53
artaocool! Nature is about wolverines tonight on PBS :D helluvan animal woverines ... woonna wanna cross one01:02
astraljavaYep, they're like the rest of the world's equivalent of Tasmanian Devil. :)01:07
rimpHi, I bought a new sound card and I cant get my input to work. I can here it through the speaker, but I can't record it. Can someone help please?05:40
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wxlhey folks trying to get pa->jack working07:19
wxli get errors trying to load module-jack-sink/source re: rtprio07:19
WaltherFIHi - I'm wondering if Ubuntu supports bit-perfect audio via USB DAC11:29
WaltherFII don't care whether it would be on Ubuntu or UbuntuStudio, currently on Ubuntu but I've used studio before and can install it again11:30
WaltherFII'm looking for 24bit/96kHz output through usb, with the audio skipping the internal soundcard and re-sampler11:31
astraljavaWaltherFI: No need to install Studio separately, you can just add all the relevant packages by installing the various ubuntustudio-* metapackages.11:34
astraljavawxl: Sorry to hear you got problems. If you can't find help on this channel, you could also try #opensourcemusicians, they're a lovely bunch.11:35
WaltherFIastraljava: ...by installing those packages, would it be possible to get bit-perfect 24bit/96kHz over usb?11:41
ailoWaltherFI: You need to make sure your usb device supports those specs with the alsa driver11:42
ailoI assume you're talking about a usb audio device here11:42
WaltherFIUSB DAC; ESI Dr. DAC nano11:42
ailoWaltherFI: You should check with alsa about that device11:43
WaltherFIisn't alsa the one in use by default?11:43
ailoUsually usb devices only work according to usb 1.1 specs11:43
ailoCause there's only  a generic driver11:43
ailoA few will work with usb 2.0 specs11:44
ailoI know of one device that has custom drivers for alsa11:44
WaltherFIAssuming the device does what it is supposed to do, is Ubuntu capable of using it properly?11:44
ailoWaltherFI: Sure. But, if you want pro audio, use jack11:45
WaltherFIAnd, what do I have to do to make sure everything is working properly11:45
ailojack will use the alsa driver, but you can use it in realtime mode11:45
WaltherFIailo: JACK gives near-zero latencies, but is it capable of 24bit/96kHz and using USB devices?11:45
ailojack will also let you know if there are any dropouts11:45
ailojack uses the alsa driver for usb drivers11:46
WaltherFIis jack any better than it was back in 2009? I remember it crashing like hell11:46
ailoWaltherFI: That is a very subjective opinion of jack. I find it to be very stable, and superior to anything else11:46
ailoWaltherFI: If you want to know about support for your audio device, you should search the alsa page for info, or ask on the alsa user mail list11:47
ailoIf you want to use jack, make sure you know how you make use of it11:48
ailoI'd say linux audio user mail list is a great forum for all kinds of questions11:48
WaltherFIsorry if I sounded arrogant, I just had so much trouble with it back then11:50
WaltherFIanyway, probably going to order the USB DAC today and see how it functions when it arrives11:51
ailoWaltherFI: It's not very easy to get into linux audio. So, I'm sure first experiences can be like yours. The forums I'd use to get info apart from homepages for alsa and jack is "lau", linux audio user mail list, and perhaps the alsa user mail list as well.11:52
WaltherFIbtw, is it necessary / recommended to install ubuntustudio-* or is it enough if I just install some packages e.g. related to jack and alsa11:52
ailoWaltherFI: alsa is already installed11:52
WaltherFIhence "related"11:52
ailoNo need to install ubuntustudio-*11:53
ailoJust install jackd11:53
WaltherFIhow about the realtime kernels and such?11:53
ailoBut, to get realtime priv, you need to add yourself to "audio" group11:53
ailoYou'll probably get by with the generic kernel11:53
WaltherFII'll be back when the thing arrives11:53
ailoThere will hopefully be a lowlatency kernel in the repo for the release of Ubuntu Precise11:54
astraljavaThere are already plenty of lowlatency packages available @ https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+ppa-packages12:44
astraljavaBut, be aware that they do not receive any official support. It is, after all, a PPA.12:44
astraljavaJust FYI if you're in a hurry.l12:44
artaodang it!! what was that fricken console command i used yesterday to change the gamma on my secondary display?!? GAH!!!!13:49
artaoactually, i'd LOVE it if anyone could recommend a monitor calibration utility, preferably with a GUI13:55
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holsteinWaltherFI: i personally wouldnt expect perfect anything VIA usb16:11
holsteinbut as ailo says, if the drivers support the device, JACK'll do it right16:12
wxlastraljava: thx17:12
cfhowlettCaptainKnots: greetings17:46
CaptainKnotsso, I'm installing ubuntu studio for my brother18:25
CaptainKnotsI'm glad to see that it's switched to xfce18:26
cfhowlettI had some hope that we'd see US on LXDE. but the community has assured me that xfce is the more viable option.  Of course, you can always roll your own.  :)18:28
CaptainKnotsI don't even use ubuntu myself18:29
CaptainKnotsI'm a fedora guy18:29
cfhowlettfedora spin or pure fedora?18:29
wxli more or less run us on lxde. more clearly, i have most of the us stuff on lubuntu ;)18:30
wxli like having everything trimmed down. means more resources for a/v ;)18:30
CaptainKnotscfhowlett: I setup a headless fedora 16 install and installed KDE myself18:31
CaptainKnotsdidn't use a spin18:31
CaptainKnotsSysinfo for 'deskt0p': Linux 3.2.3-2.fc16.x86_64 running KDE Development Platform 4.8.00 (4.8.0, CPU: Intel(R) Core 2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz at 2400 MHz (4787 bogomips), HD: 275/923GB, RAM: 5231/5970MB, 168 proc's, 12.17h up18:31
cfhowlettI found the fedora design spin interesting but noted that it's pretty much graphics focused...18:32
CaptainKnotscfhowlett: my brother is going to school for sound engineering....think ubuntu studio will fit his needs?18:47
CaptainKnotshe also has a mac18:48
cfhowlettCaptainKnots: sound engineering?  I would think so, although the Planet CCRMA/Redhat package seems to be more academically inclined: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_CCRMA18:49
CaptainKnotscfhowlett: I think that would be cool for him, but he's still getting used to linux18:56
CaptainKnotsso ubuntu seems to be the way to go18:56
CaptainKnotsif he didn't have the mac, I'd definitely set him up with CCRMA18:56
cfhowlettmight want to have your brother ask the university about this...18:57
artaooh dear21:15
artaoi just discovered the openArtist distro21:15
holsteinif i were going to run something based on ubuntu, id run KXstudio21:16
holsteinif i wanted something that was not based on ubuntu, id run AVlinux21:16
holsteini'll have to load up open artist though and give it a look21:17
holsteinartao: custom repos? packages?21:17
holsteinhmm... seems kind of old21:17
artaosome compiled himself (apparently a one man project "up til now", whatever that means)21:17
holstein10.10 based21:17
artaoplus pulls in packages from various other distros, including ubuntu studio21:18
artaohe says he chose that for LTS21:18
holsteinyeah... but its not the LTS21:18
holstein10.04 is the LTS21:18
holsteinnot that any of that matters21:19
holsteinif its maintained, who cares21:19
holsteinbut, that core is about to be dead21:19
artaothe mind-map documentation sounds attractive21:19
artaothere's another one i found called artistx21:19
artaohis goal is to include EVERYTHING audio, video, graphics, multimedia, animation21:20
artaoi'm sure he'll upgrade the core ;)21:20
artao:to be seen:21:20
holsteinhttp://www.musix.org.ar/en/ was well supported21:21
holsteinhttp://gnuguitarinux.sourceforge.net/ is relatively new21:21
holsteinhttp://dream.dickmacinnis.com/forum/ is the US graphics guy21:21
holsteinhe might be MIA though...21:21
artaoer .. righto, that is21:22
* artao fings fingers21:22
holsteini havent looked at artistx in a while21:23
holsteindoesnt really matter so much for us... with the production apps21:23
holsteinthey are all the same anyways21:23
holsteinlittle rev's here and there21:23
holsteini say, go with whatever is closest to whatever you want out-of-the-box21:23
artaoplenty easy to install too, whatever i want21:24
artaoinstead of being bloated with 2500+ packages21:24
artaoof which i'd only use a fraction21:24
holsteinthat download link is broken though, but puppy studio is fun21:25
holsteinnice live21:25
holsteinalso.. dynebolic has a new live CD21:25
artaoi played with dynebolic years ago. pretty cool.21:30

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