SpamapSjodh: https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/upstart-cookbook/clarify-complex-start-stop/+merge/90379 ... bump16:40
jodhSpamapS: merged! I tweaked the content a little so let me know if its still unclear.16:55
SpamapSjodh: no, looks good.16:56
bencerhi dudes, i'm writting upstart scripts for some packages we use in zentyal, like dansguardian, isc-dhcp-server, bind9, slapd, etc... i'm migrating all the features present on their current init.d scripts20:36
bencerdo you think we are still on time to upload these changes? would be anybody interested in sponsor the uploads?20:37
JanCI can't sponsor anything, but would love to see more upstart jobs  ☺20:38
JanCBTW: upstart jobs aren't "scripts"  ;)20:39
bencerthey still have script magic between the script stanzas ;-)20:39
JanCbencer: also, this is not really the place to ask for Ubuntu package sponsors (this is the upstream upstart channel)20:40
JanCasking comments on your upstarts jobs is okay of course20:41
JanCa good review by an upstart developer might help getting it into Ubuntu20:42
JanCand yes, some upstart jobs contain script fragments20:43
bencerwhat is the upstream suggestion on where to add things like mkdir /var/run/named , in the  pre-start or in the script section? what's the recommended usage of each one?20:59
bencerwell, this is the approach i took: http://paste.ubuntu.com/833162/21:05
JanCbencer: pre-start exec/script is defined as “This process will be run after the job's starting(7) event has finished, but before the main process is run.  It is typically used to prepare the environment, such as making necessary directories.”21:05
bencerso according to that, the mkdir-like things, should go to the pre-start21:07
JanCbencer: so I guess creating directories is best done in the pre-* part21:07
bencerthat not what i saw in other upstart scripts :) but, okey21:08
JanCexcept if there is a good reason to do it elsewhere  ;)21:08
JanCbencer: feel free to file bugs for those other *jobs*...21:09
bencerok, good, with that i will review what i did and i will file the bugs21:09
JanCeither those jobs or the manpage is wrong  ;)21:10
JanC(or there is some exception to the rule involved)21:10

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