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hobgoblinI know it's not a 'xubuntu' package - but shortcuts appear to have just stopped working in clementine - anyone else lost shortcuts at all in the last 24 hours12:53
micahgochosi: BTW, thunderbird icon issue seems fixed now :)19:36
knome"seems"? :)19:40
knomemicahg, did you close the bug?19:41
knomemadnick, ?19:50
knomemr_pouit, where can i follow the status of shimmer-themes being accepted/not accepted to repositories?19:51
mr_pouitknome: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue19:51
knomemr_pouit, thanks!19:51
knomeochosi, how does gathering a set of wallpapers with xfce look?19:52
mr_pouitknome: when you can't find it in this page anymore, it's either accepted or rejected :p19:53
knomeheheh, so what do i do then to know?19:53
mr_pouitif it's rejected, I will receive a mail with the reasons, so you can ask me :P19:53
knomeok :P19:54
mr_pouithttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shimmer-themes << and when it's accepted, you'll see a package here19:54
mr_pouitknome: btw, shall I add alacarte to the seeds?20:10
knomemr_pouit, do we have space?20:10
hobgoblinEvening - anyone using clementine or at even have it installed but not using it ;) If there is - do your keyboard shortcuts still work?20:12
Unit193^^ 12.0420:12
mr_pouitknome: yes and no :P20:12
hobgoblinindeed - thought this was the channel for that Unit193 :)20:13
knomemr_pouit, no because... ?20:13
Unit193hobgoblin: No, this is the devel channel, #ubuntu+1 is +1 support :P20:13
mr_pouitI think we're oversized on desktop/amd64 and alternate/*20:13
knomemr_pouit, does it look like we can fit it in for release in amd64?20:14
hobgoblinwrong channel then 20:14
mr_pouitknome: let's see again once we replaced murrine-themes by shimmer-themes20:15
knomeokay, i'd say postpone seeding until that20:15
ochosiknome: well i hope we can get it into 4.10, but that doesn't mean much for precise23:42
ochosiknome: so i'd say for precise that ship might've sailed23:42
knomeheh, so, do you have *any* wallpapers gathered?23:43
knomewant to try to include them?23:44
ochosino, we do23:45
ochosibut we haven't finalized the selection yet23:45
ochosii think we have ~6 wps atm23:45
knomeaha, right23:45
ochosihave to talk to stephan about it first i guess23:45
ochosihalf are his, other half are mine23:45
knomebtw, we're under the mainline \o/23:46
knomei talked with iain farrell today23:47
knomethe guy who was leading the canonical design team23:47
knomehe's left canonical, but he's still running the competition to gather good looking community wallpapers to ubuntu every release23:48
knomei don't know if it would make sense to collaborate with him on that too23:48
knomeafaik they're getting lots of submissions, and we could gather our own of them23:49
ochosiyeah why not, as long as we get to decide what we want to include autocratically, that is, without public voting or something23:49
ochosii thought that was pretty annoying the last time :p23:49
knomewhy wouldn't we be able? :P23:50
ochosiyay, what happened? madnick marked his stuff as done? :D23:50
knomeno, marked some of the menu managing stuff as postponed23:50
ochosiwell actually if we have working alacarte i don't see much use for writing our own stuff23:50
ochosii mean it works ok23:50
ochosiand it's maintained elsewhere (or at least: was)23:50
knomeyeah, i agree23:50
ochosioh, while we're on that subject (items on burndown):23:51
ochosii pinged Cimi again today about the merge request23:51
knomebut of course, if something is lighter and works better than alarcarte...23:51
knomeaha, right23:51
ochosiwell not sure how _much_ lighter you can be, if the deps are reduced23:52
knomehe was loggeg in to IRC? 23:52
ochosiyes, he even replied23:52
knomeyeah, i know23:52
knomelxmenueditor too23:52
knomeif that's in the repos for PP23:52
ochosiyeah, we don't need yet another menu-editor (in a way)23:52
ochosias long as the others don't fully fail23:52
ochosithe merge request23:52
knomei'm listening23:52
ochosihe simply said that the merge-window closes on the 16th23:53
ochosiit was a 3 word answer to my question23:53
ochosithat's all23:53
ochosihe didn't say anything else23:53
knomeis there ANYBODY ELSE who can do that?23:53
ochosidon't think so23:54
ochosibut i kinda haven't given up hope that that means he'll merge it23:54
ochosii mean he always acted as if23:54
ochosihm, anyway, i really tried to be nice about it and all, but i feel a bit annoyed/ignored23:55
knomemaybe i should mail him23:55
knomewhat's the merge url23:55
ochosinah, not sure23:56
ochosithat might just annoy him and not really raise our chances23:56
ochosihe's aware of it, that's all i wanted to make sure of23:56
ochosiif he doesn't merge it for precise there's _precisely_ nothing we can do about it23:56
knomeif that's not done more close to the freeze, i can mail him then23:56
ochosiso anyway, i still have the stupid bluebird-gtk3 port ahead of me... :/23:57
ochosithe shortcut-keys mostly need discussion, right?23:57
ochosihow come the discussion about the lightdm theme hasn't been started yet? (i mean the mockups have been out there since november or something and the theme would really look like them)23:59

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